Mahathir trying to influence Duterte against influx of foreigners

Mahathir went to the Philippines to teach Duterte to such eggs, warning ‘the Philippines against letting in foreigners who could “disturb” the country’s domestic political stability’ in view of the influx of Chinese workers.  During an interview this is what Mahathir said, ‘Foreign direct investment should not involve brining huge numbers of foreigners to live in the country, because that might disturb the political equations in the country,…If huge numbers of any foreigners (come) to live and stay in the country…you have to do some rethinking as to whether it is good or bad, of the limits that you have to impose on them.’

Duterte has different considerations based on the Philippines own situation. Last month Duterte said that ‘Chinese workers should be allowed to continue staying in the country as Beijing also hosted hundreds of thousands of Filipinos.’ This kind of reciprocity is not in the thinking of Mahathir. To Mahathir it is one way, can only benefit Malaysia and not the other party, like China pouring money into Malaysia but must be according to Malaysia’s term and interest and China must be the Santa Claus. Duterte sees it differently, win win for both parties.

Why doesn’t Mahathir share his warning with the Singapore govt but only to the Philippines? Singapore would likely show him the middle finger, other than telling him to mind his own business, not to influence Singapore's policy making, Singapore would tell him that the more foreigners the better, and Singapore woud be most happy to give citizenships to foreigners, not just staying and working here. Mahathir probably did not know that Singapore is now not a country but a hotel for everyone who wants to be here. Everyone can come here and own Singapore, no problem. A hotel is not a country and has no misgivings about losing a country to foreigners. Singapore is happy to share this piece of rock with anyone that comes here to work. Citizens are now called locals, just like the foreigners living here as PRs, NOT citizens. In fact citizen is a bad word, 'local' is the new favoured word for those living in the island.

This is a new model of state corporation, not nationhood, except that it has not been officially spoken in this way. All the sensitivities and things like disturbing the political equations in the country are none issues here. Singapore does not see any problem with changing the political equation or demography of the country.  There is no race issue here, everyone is Singaporean. Any race can become the majority and become the Prime Minister or President. Singapore can be taken over by any race, no problem. 

This is better than the theory of black cat or white cat as long as it can catch mice it is a good cat. I am waiting for our political leaders to utter this great catch phrase as the new Singapore slogan to the locals. Singapore simply loves to have foreigners, the more the merrier, wildlife also can.


Anonymous said...

Sinkies welcome foreigners?! Or izzit the G welcome the foreigners?! It's becos 69.9% dafts Sinkies wan it this way, they kena walub by the FT Pino nurse also ok mah. But 1 brilliant pretend pretent to be Honor 1st Class & got 38 jobs leh, such talent kena caught & it's a pity he go 2+ yrs jail, many to come la.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir is not just telling the Pinoys. He is cautioning the Asean countries. He is also directly or indirectly telling Singapore.

The influx of undesirable elements into Singapore can affect not only Singaporeans but also Malaysians, especially Johoreans. Dr Mahathir is setting the stage for a legitimate reason to take back Singapore when the need arises.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Dr M did not tell Duterte the real reason why Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia. Too many Chinese will reduce the percentage of Malays in the country. It was a dilemma for Dr M and the Malays. Dr M did not realise that one-third of Pinoys living in Manila have Chinese ancestry. Dr M advocates Ketuanan Melayu. Duterte does not. He is aware that the Chinese are enterprising and hardworking. Duterte wants the Chinese to help his country becomes prosperous. Dr M prefers to see bumiputraism triumphs even if the country stagnates.

Virgo49 said...

TCJ, as the Speaker of Parliament said "That's not the Way We Are" in Pork barrel politics.

Speaker of Parliament can joined in the Fun meh of hypocrisy talks?

Thought they onmy acts as Meditor or the Controller and shouted "ORDER, ODOUR, ORDER" as seen in the British Parliament when things became rowdy.

Singapore is already a HOTEL to everyone as everyone is welcome to stay and working here stealing all the jobs of all Singaporeans due to their cancerous maganmity of the imbecile Millioniare Papies.

These Nincoompoops with silver and golden spoons in mouths and CBs who does not have to work for a day honest work does not know the hardshships of the citizens.

Now crossing to Matland, you can see so many instant half baked and wildlife creatures on SinkieLand Red Passports giving troubles to the Mats ICA.

Even the barbaric Whites, black ants and Mafias look alike Pinoys behaved badly and inconsiderately thinking that they are Talants new Breed Singaporeans to save the. Sinkies from their doom as praised by the Papies.

Now, true blue Singaporeans are also been scorned by them as created by the Foreign Trash citizens. That's included Matilah who disgraced us by his pompous arrogant behaviours.

Thus, Mahathair is indirectly telling the Papies of disturbances in their backyards.

b said...

Actually foreigners are not welcomed anywhere but the gov that let them in want $$$. The world should stop all division and define everyone as earthlings or humans and not by nationalities. When aliens attack us, we then can counter it as one people.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ It's a number's game

Dr M has neglected the math. ChIndia makes up 35% of the global population. That means if you throw a rock or shoot a bullet at a large random sample of the world's people, you have a better than 1/3 chance of hitting either a Chinese or Indian.

So, just get used to it. Your cuntry is going to have Chinese and Indian immigrants whether you like it or not. And they are hungry for financial success and willing to work for it, and some willing to take "short-cuts" to get what they want. "Short-cuts" can be legal and illegal, but humans who are motivated and incentivized are going to "do their thing", and they won't give a shit about you if you get "left behind".

What's more, like it or fuck off and cry in a corner screaming for your mother's tetek...China is going to get it's 21st century Silk Road by fair or foul means...and as it turns out, a combination of both. (Pragmatism, dummies!). India has also started by exporting its "brain power" in IT, Finance, engineering, medical services etc. Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft both have Indian CEOs.

But like I said before, what I can't control, I don't give a shit about. The only "choice" I have is to choose my own actions to respond to the changing environment. When it rains, use an umbrella; you have that choice, and other alternatives. One great alternative would be to invest in their growing economies. OK, at the moment, times are shakey...but recover they will, and it'll be back to two digit growth for the long-term.

Dr M has limited time. All his anti-immigrant, anti-Chinese rhetoric can only go so far. The main driver of any economy is the private sector, and the private sector employs the talents of many Indians and Chinese, because of their numbers, levels of education and skill, work ethic (they'll work harder than any local from any cuntry)...i.e. they are "value" for money.

Sure, we hear of a few duds here and there --- fakers, fraudsters and other examples of ugly humanity. But if you look at the numbers, the "goods" outweighs the "bads".

Chinese and Indians are good at science and engineering. Again, the numbers are HUGE. So, of course, "locals" will feel the heat. Or as LKY put it: "Put a spur in their sides"

I am all for open, toe-to-toe competition. And there's money to be made from it, as well as having massive new infrastructure built to accomodate the numbers...which makes modern cities more happening and awesome.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is for anyone who can contribute to the GDP. Whether you are PRC. Indian, Pinoy, Angmoh or even African, you can come to Singapore to get a job. If these foreigners break the rice bowls of the true blue Singaporeans, then it is too bad for them. The Singaporeans, as LKY said " need spurs in their hide " to spur them on. I am of the opinion that LKY was right when he said that. Too bad for those Singaporeans who feel that Singapore belongs to them. Too bad because this little rock belong to the population of the world. Good job PAP.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Science discovery

Chinese scientist conducting physics and female behaviour experiment --- For every action.... ...you know the rest lah 🀣

Anonymous said...

Before Sarawak and Sabah formerly known as North Borneo joined Malaysia the native or indigenous population consists of about 60%, the Chinese 25%, the Malays 10% and 5% others. However during Mahatir's tenure of 22 years as Prime Minister he abused his power by taking in over 3 million Philippine Malay muslims and granted them instant Malaysian citizenship. Thus henceforth the proportion of the racial groupings changed drastically in favour of the Malays. It was no surprise then that the Barison National under Mahatir won election victories in both Sarawak and Sabah because of the sudden influx of new Malay citizens from the Philippines.

Mahatir , forever a caustic schemer and trouble maker is not against taking in new immigrants per se but there is no limit so long as the new citizens are muslims who can add in and enhance his political power.

When Mahatir talks about debt trap he must not forget how many debt traps he had created and left behind for Malaysians to burden for decades to come. Also people must ask him how his sons become billionairs controlling huge commercial conglomerates.

Eagles Eyes

Virgo49 said...

Black Ants good for Maths?

Indian con maths. I owe you one you owe me ten. Or one for you and ten for me.

They have only have glib tongues and can talked till the birds from trees to boiling pots.

Good for Maths?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

>> Good for Maths? <<

Absolutely. The ones who got conned are lousy at maths! πŸ˜‚

Aiyah...you ah...

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Duterte is more worried about poverty trap than debt trap which has seen his people working as maids and cheap labourers all over the world. Even Dr M is aware that if forced to choose sides, he would pick China over Uncle Sam. He knows Uncle Sam is unpredictable and China is rich.

Dr M is making his second visit to China in April to learn more about the BRI. He angered the Chinese when he put HSR projects on hold. It will not be a surprise if his present visit to the Philippines is to leverage on Duterte's good relationship with China and seeks his help to get China to revive the projects.

PH lost in a recent by-election and the wily nonagenarian knows that voters are beginning to get disillusioned if the economy stagnates.

Anonymous said...


Is not Dr M doesn't want to tell Sg.

Because he knows that sg is already for everyone from all corners of the world.

Furthermore he 0so see sg no up!

Anyway next GE is actually the opposition parties Vs the 70% rather than Vs pap.


Anonymous said...

"Too bad for those Singaporeans who feel that Singapore belongs to them. Too bad because this little rock belong to the population of the world. Good job PAP."

Too bad for the 70% who keep voting for PAP. Good job PAP.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Philosophical conundrum:

>>Too bad for the 70% who keep voting for PAP. Good job PAP.

So is this the case of The WISDOM of Crowds or The MADNESS of Crowds?

Hahaha...no one can say.

Anonymous said...


Many many many many have been cry father cry mother about FTs stealing away their jobs or their children jobs, but come to voting.......pap!

Why? Why? Why like that?

Cannot blame someone for saying...we DESERVED it!

Do you think we deserved it?

Virgo49 said...

Many do not understand the Mentalities of the MATs of Matland.

They are unlike Sinkies bred with materialistic values and kill for one cent.

They would prefer to be less well off and have their Cultures and way of life not affected by these foreign trashes

Their main Preoccupation is their Religion. Not Wealth.True. there are Skoundrels of their own kind who exploited them.

But majority preferred not to have their Lifestyles like Sinkieland who had alreadly lost their Souls.
In their pursuit of Wealth.

Anonymous said...

Singapore simply loves to have foreigners, the more the merrier, wildlife also can.

What to do, when not enough Sinkies want to be nurses.

So even if it is wildfire, Singapore also have to take what, if that is the best available to make up the numbers.

Not taking any is also not an option, as we cannot have no nurses, correct or not?

Even if opposition become govt, they will have to do the same too if they want nurses.

Anonymous said...

Even if opposition become govt, they will have to do the same too if they want nurses.
11:36 am

Well said.

Sinkies will not want to become nurses just because opposition is the govt.

No wonder PAP always win because majority Sinkies do not think opposition can do better, especially when Sinkies no enough due to below fertility rate and also no interested in those jobs.

Anonymous said...

What Mahathir is trying to say is just like Malaysia, where a particular race is highly favoured and hence rendered handicapped for generations, more foreigners will dilute the votes of that particular race that supported him and his gang.

People who need crutches will forever want to depend on crutches instead of working hard, so just vote for a party that can promise that, and that is what Mahathir wants.

This vile old man has all the bad thoughts and can never change. He is vindictive, bad hearted, wears a sly smile and has crooked thoughts written all over his face. He does not care whether Malaysia goes back to the stone age. He has single-handedly destroyed generations of Malaysians with his 'Ketuanan Melayu' policy which he is unable to get rid off now. All he cares now is how to help his sons become richer.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1111 & Virgo

>> Do you think we deserved it? <<

Yes, absolutely without doubt. The People Get The Govt They Deserve

Schadenfreude shah-den-froy-duh --- enjoyment from the failure and suffering of others. C'mon, we all do it. It's normal and healthy

Your pain makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

This old Mat will crawl to China for help for now.

But let China beware of this snake, or it will one day bite China when he turns around, when the wind blows in the other direction.

If Trump's America is unpredictable, how about he himself? The pot calling the kettle black!

Anonymous said...

This vile old man has all the bad thoughts and can never change.
11:48 am

Vile but he is still needed for peace and political stability in Malaysia.

That's why the Chinese based DAP want him as PM to ensure it.

And also for the same reason why majority Sinkies want PAP to be govt to ensure peace and political stability in Singapore, even though PAP is also getting vile but in different ways and circumstances.

Virgo49 said...


What's a SADIST!

Look into the mirrors and smile your Evil Looks.

Cantonese said No need make up people alreday know your Evil Face.

Anons 11.36 and 11.42 talking thru
their arses.

You think without these influx of trashes we need so many nurses.?

Singaporeans don't want to be nurses?

My Elder sis and cousins had spent their whole lives as Nurses till retirement.

One of the most highly paid jobs besides teaching. Somemore iron rice bowls with Ah Gong cards for life.

Better than what's PG or Meredka Cards.

Spouting nonsense. Only have to pass theis stringent exams.

Foreign nurses do not half past six or not.

Anonymous said...

Singapore would tell him that the more foreigners the better, and Singapore woud be most happy to give citizenships to foreigners, not just staying and working here.

Not say Singapore is happy to give citizenships to foreigners, but rather no choice lah because Sinkies no enough.

Some more these foreigners by becoming citizens, will be grateful and also vote PAP lah.

So for PAP, why not, even though PAP in their heart may not be happy doing it.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

He said....The people get the government they deserve!

So the next GE is actually between the opposition parties and the 70%, not Vs pap !

Correct? Pls tell me lah!!!

Anonymous said...

My Elder sis and cousins had spent their whole lives as Nurses till retirement.
Virgo49 12:06 pm

Aiyo, how many Sinkies are your sis and cousins?

I think u getting senile lah as you getting older. LOL

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.08

Before reading your comments, I know what you will say. Nothing works without the 70% ingredient. Like Chinese rojak needing the 'hei tow kor'.

Correct? Please don't tell me lah!!!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a nation state.

Singapore is a corporation state .

China, India are civilization states.

Anonymous said...

US, Canada, Australia are rouge states.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1218pm

U are 108% correct!


Virgo49 said...

How the hell you know now sinkies don't want to be nurses.

Many even switched mid careers to be Health Workers. For now this be the most stable iron rice bowls jobs in Sinkieland without been fired at the whims and fancies of unscrupulous employers.

You must be one of those half past six nurses from overseas with no know what's qualifications to prescribe wrong medications and no sterile dental equipments or killing that poor old lady with overdose.Or your pinoy girl friend is a nurse that's why you blame sinkies.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1218

I ❤️ love Chinese rojak!

Virgo49 said...

Anon 12.07

Sinkies not enough?

Not enough to be unemployed?

Not enough to drink Sai Chwee?

Planting vege on rooftops to feed the 10 millions?

Hoping for a big lession to teach the dafts that we need 10 millions as Sinkies not reproducing enough.

Wah, lots of monies. With out other resources go and eat your monies. Water don't sell to you already die of thirst.

Anonymous said...

You must be one of those half past six nurses from overseas with no know what's qualifications to prescribe wrong medications and no sterile dental equipments or killing that poor old lady with overdose.Or your pinoy girl friend is a nurse that's why you blame sinkies.
Virgo49 12:33 pm

I am not any of your above TCSS lah.

Your TCSS shows u are more senile than I earlier thought. LOL

Anonymous said...

Water don't sell to you already die of thirst.
Virgo49 12:40 pm

U senile or what, where got don't sell water? U heard from where?

We got strong SAF u know, they dare don't sell?

I tell u lah, if they dare don't sell, they would have already did that long time ago already.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Dr M may be forced to eat humble pie. He has been quite critical of Chinese investment. Soon, he has to plead with Beijing to build the East Coast Rail Link. The HSR to Singapore is likely to be on hold indefinitely. Dr M will see to it that Singapore will never be a part of the BRI as long as he is alive. It is a strategy he is using against Singapore. His forthcoming trip to China is bound to include an attempt to convince China to build a HSR from KL or JB to Thailand. No package deal to include Singapore. Dr M has become an existential threat to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Dr M has become an existential threat to Singapore.
Titiana Ann Xavier 1:03 pm

Don't worry lah, Dr M how old already? 94 this year, u know.

So how long can Dr M be an existential threat to Singapore, u tell me lah?

In fact Dr M is a threat to Malaysia political stability after he is gone, and this will affect Singapore too.

Anonymous said...

Virgo I agreed with you lar on Matilar. I think u should just go sodomize him so that he can wake up larπŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

Anon 109, dont play play.

Dr M can easily live till 109 yr old and beyond.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

1.09pm, I tell you lah. If Dr M got a dishonourable son, of cos no worry lah. But if he got an honourable son or minister, then his legacy may live on lah. Hope Anwar and HSK can hit it off lah. Then really no worry lah. Correct or not.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1.03p

Dr M is not stupid!

He knows what he is doing.

U think he is stupid?

Please lah he is not stupid!

Anonymous said...

Dr M created political instability in Malaysia with his Bumi policy which he engineered during his first term as PM under UMNO.

Now that policy is an albatross around his neck. He cannot do away with that policy which will antagonize the Malays, who will gravitate towards PAS to protect their rights. One of Harapan's GE14 election promise was a New Malaysia, equality for all, not just the Malays.

UMNO and PAS thrive on their championing of Malay rights, which was the factor in the various by-elections so far, and come GE15, this race issue may be Harapan's waterloo, if Harapan cannot keep it's New Malaysia promise and therefore looses the Chinese and Indian support. Without the 1MDB issue, Harapan may even loose the Malay ground as well.

Anonymous said...

UMNO and PAS thrive on their championing of Malay rights, ....
1:33 pm

It's true but UMNO and PAS cannot form govt even if they together win majority seats in an election if non-Malay and multiracial parties like DAP and PKR are not or do not want to be part of govt with them. And UMNO non malay partners like MCA and MIC are gone case type and of no use.

In fact in their last GE, they had wanted to form a all Malay govt but they later abandoned the idea as this will create great political instability and even chaos that will break the nation.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 12.25

Hahaha just like the Papies want to flex your muscles.

Young calf do not know the wrath of the Tiger.

Strong SAF? Servicemen died in training rather than in real actions.

Learn't a few steps kung fool wants to show off.

Ah quai pengs want to fight Mats and Indons who are natural born bo tak chek soldiers.

Even police scattered like rats in controlling ah nehs just with woods and rubbish bins.

You think 2061 is century away.Agreement ended in 2061 or Matland refined their own water and said agreement null and void as we don't need your refined water so we also no need to sell you our water.

Even dumped into seas also shiok.Don't sell cannot even you want to pay $100 for one litre.

Dafts also blamed Matland for all their woes Brainwashed by the Papies. Never realise whether our side unfair treatments to them or not.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

@ Anonymous March 09, 2019 1:27 pm

Hi 1.03p
Dr M is not stupid!
He knows what he is doing.
U think he is stupid?
Please lah he is not stupid!

I commented at 1.03pm. Dr M is wily, racist, dictatorial, etc. But stupid he certainly is not. Wierd.

Anonymous said...

Hi 103 & 211pm

Ok! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Strong SAF? Servicemen died in training rather than in real actions.
Virgo49 1:56 pm

Servicemen died in training, everywhere also have lah. Only a few cases, so no big deal lah.

And don't forget, Changi Naval Base is host to American aircraft carrier, u know.

That is why nobody dare to attack and Sinkieland is peaceful and Sinkies want PAP to remain as govt, u know.

Anonymous said...

@Virgo, @All,

///Singaporeans don't want to be nurses?///

///My Elder sis and cousins had spent their whole lives as Nurses till retirement.///

///How the hell you know now sinkies don't want to be nurses.///

Today's nursing profession is 180-degrees different from the 1940s to 1970s. Previously nurses were civil servants with pensions & free medical. Their salary scale was also the similar to MOE teachers till the early 1980s (when they started mass recruiting M'sian nurses to replace Sinkie nurses).

Since 1991-1994, most nurses were stripped of civil servant status to become "Public Servants" under Restructured Hospitals (i.e. semi-"privatised" with major shareholder in Ministry of Health). No more job security, no more pension, no more free medical.

A LOT of Sinkie nurses drop out of govt hospitals during 1991-1994 --- become lecturers in polytechnics & private healthcare e.g. Parkway & Raffles, join private hospitals & medical centres, go overseas, change profession, retired.

The nursing salary became SHIT during the 1990s & 2000s. This was when S'pore mass imported from India, Philippines, China, Burma.

Even worse since 2000, MOH & the polytechnics (and now NUS) are going to China EVERY year to recruit students to study nursing. Sometimes even 2X a year. Many China MEDICAL students willingly give up their China medical school to come to S'pore as sponsored nursing student. I have 2 colleagues who used to be such China medical students, worked their way up 10-15 yrs to become nursing management in local govt hospitals --- 1 of them is already a deputy director. Their salaries minimum $8K a month or $130K a year.

Up till today, Nanyang Poly & Ngee Ann Poly depend on China students to sustain their Nursing Schools. About 60% of the nursing students in S'pore are DIRECTLY RECRUITED from overseas ON FULL SPONSORSHIP. Without China recruits, can basically close down the nursing courses in polytechnics.

Sinkies who end up in Nursing Diploma are the rubbish dump --- O level results too fucked up to go into other Diploma courses. Most Sinkies who graduate with nursing diplomas will only work as nurses for 3-4 years before doing non-patient-care jobs e.g. medical equipment sales, nursing lecturer, clinical instructor, or totally different industry etc. Many won't even work as nurses or in hospitals from Day 1. I know many of my classmates like that.

Since 2013, S'pore govt has been trying to increase the attractiveness of nursing. There has been 50% jump in nursing salaries in govt hospitals & polyclinics. But more can be done especially in work environment quality, better nurse-to-patient ratio, working hours etc.

Today a typical fresh diploma Sinkie nurse starting salary --- $2,500.
Fresh NUS degree 1st class or 2nd Upper Honours nurse --- $4,000.
But most other degrees have starting pay of at least $4.5K or $5K.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 2.41

What's you posted is the Real Scenario that happened to the Nursing Profession.

Few years back, one of my niece dropped out in the Nursing Course and had to pay quite a bit of compensation.

Now she is a now fully qualified SRN. Yes, other professions may have better renumerations but Jobs Security wise, think nursing is more secure and stable with the aging pop needs.

Also, many pragamtic Singaporeans even in mid careers from other professions now switched to Nursing. They were insecure of their other jobs due to the insecure environment of policies by our daft government. My neigbour from Business sector now in Health professions.

Anon 2.32

You think the Americunts would want to fight and die for your little Sinkies Red Dot?

They are just making use of Sinkieland to contain China.

Die for you Natives, Fat Hope.

So, don't yaya papaya, think you are Invincible wants to hantam Matland.

Kena hantam then you know.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies who end up in Nursing Diploma are the rubbish dump --- O level results too fucked up to go into other Diploma courses.
2:41 pm

Very true. Same for engineering too.

In my SME company of about 200 staff and with 90% of them in technical areas, 95% of these are from India, Philippines, China, Burma. Yes, some were graduates of our Poly or even U. And a lot are even recent citizens too.

And when we advertised for jobs, almost 100% of applicants have names which don't sound like true local and indeed they are not.

Anonymous said...


Ya nursing can be more "secure" than other jobs. But also need to bear in mind quite high chance of errors that can result in license suspension or termination. I can say with 1st-hand experience that almost all errors in hospitals are pushed to nursing staff first, and doctors & admin management are ALWAYS covered up as much as possible. Only when case go into high court & Court of Appeal then all the Shits come out. PROBLEM IS: 99% of patients cannot afford to go to court.

From my nursing lecturers' accounts & old birds' experience, now is much harder to cover up things in hospitals, unlike in the 1970s and 1980s. So standard practise is the nurses will become target scapegoats.

The govt has indeed make the salaries more attractive for nursing, but only mandated for govt-related healthcare. Thus certain private healthcare like Community Hospitals & Nursing Homes are still paying TERRIBLE SALARIES. That's why you only see 1 or 2 local nurses in Community Hospital wards, and ZERO local nurses in nursing homes (I don't count mgmt-level nurses or nursing officers (ward managers) which are locals or new citizens).

Nursing can be OK job, as long as you DON'T work in C or B2 Class wards in govt hospitals, or in Community Hospitals or Nursing Homes.

Anonymous said...

...and ZERO local nurses in nursing homes...
3:39 pm

No wonder lah, even foreign "wildlife" can also become nurses in nursing homes!

Pity those Sinkies in nursing homes. Pay to be cared but end up being "cared" by some "wildlife"!

Really no laughing matter, man.

Virgo49 said...

My Estate at least 50% Pinoy nurses renting the flats here. Plus Indian and some Chinese Ah Mahs. Just opposite SGH.

Now they have a New Community Hospital Up and soon be operating. Think most would be hemmed by Local nurses. (SGH Community Hospital_ now privately owned.

Anyway, as I often sat with my dog at void decks after walks and had quite a number of friendly Pinoy nurses in conversations with them. Mostly male, don't be mistaken.

Most of them are very friendly and congenial. I seen so many of them always kena Night Duties most of the times which is quite regular as they used to greet me on their way to work.

I asked them, wah nights again? They said Ya. Actually, Sinkies Local nurses are given special treatments by the Nursing Management. Most of them had easy duties been most in charge as Staff or Nursing Sisters. They always bullied the interns Nanyang Poly student nurses in doing the menial duties.

My mother frequent past check ins and I can observed that this is the Norm. Now no more. I had an operation recently and I observed that it is so.

So, actually, the Foreign nurses and the Students nurses do the bulk of their menial works.
Only Senior Nurses will do the medications and whatsoever more complicated tasks.

Yes, Nursing to many is a "dirty" job where you see so much sufferings and pains. But Singaporeans been pragmatic that livelihoods always comes first will do these professions for Security.

Nowadays, the Employment Scene out of nursing is like a battlefield. Alive Today and Dead Tomorrow. The Sai Kar Tripartite what's BULLSHITS protections for the workers.

Anonymous said...

Nursing can be OK job, as long as you DON'T work in C or B2 Class wards in govt hospitals, or in Community Hospitals or Nursing Homes.
3:39 pm

U mean in private and atas hospitals nurses no need to clean up shit meh? If not, how OK is the job?

Or is it atas hospitals have lower level staff than nurses to clean up shit?

Anonymous said...

I opened two shops and all my employees are foreigners. Even the managers and the cashiers are foreigners. Only one Singapore New Citizen, previously PR, just got her Citizenship (3 years after PR). Her husband is only a delivery man previously from Malaysia.

How come SG Govt so lenient to foreigners?

Don't ask the government for answers. Ask the 69.9%.

Anonymous said...

I opened two shops and all my employees are foreigners.
4:06 pm

Because u cannot afford to pay Sinkies to be employee, right?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon, what a quick response.

Right thinking on the spot. Many Sinkies lacked this killer instinct now.

Been harassed till cannot think on the spot to solve problems and senile at very young age.


Anonymous said...

Swedish black metal band's gig cancelled by Singaporean authorities


"We have been touring around the world for nearly 20 years and believe it or not, never have we encountered such old-fashioned retardation," he said in a statement to AFP.

He described the decision as "self-righteous attempts to govern other people's lives and decisions, as if all our supporters in Singapore were incapable of deciding for themselves".

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I dunno about SGH, but at the govt hospital where I work --- many Sinkie nurses with not much family commitments also WANT to do plenty of night shifts. COZ the allowances are much bigger. Those who do mostly night shifts can take home >50% higher salary compared to those who only do morning & PM shifts.

The nursing managers need to be fair & roster night shifts equally. At most give slightly more to those who indicate preference.

From personal experience --- I like night shift the best --- least work & highest allowance.

Morning shift is the WORST --- wake up bloody early 4:30am and the BUSIEST & the LEAST allowance. Rushing for patients' bathing & toileting --- those wheelchair bound & bed-bound, rushing to serve morning medications, rushing to monitor & re-program IV drips auto-pumps and IV drugs, ensure all got breakfast & receive proper consistency --- wait those cannot swallow properly choke on unsuitable food or drinks, do NGT tube feeding for those cannot use mouth, record all vital stats, record intake/output, and do ALL THESE before doctors' rounds.

Worst is the doctors' morning rounds --- you really need to know your patients' conditions, & plans of care, and their clinical trends over the past few hours & past few days.

After that rush to implement any changes to patients' care plans, ensure newly prescribed drugs orders are sent to pharmacy, and start doing any wound dressings / cleanings.

If I can't get night shift, I always jio my boss to give me PM shifts. MUCH better than morning!!

As for bullying, depends on wards & the old birds there. Some got a bit, some a lot, some don't have.

BTW, giving medications is done by ALL RNs. Is not a senior nurse job. I was in-charge of serving drugs after just 1-2 months as new bird. You supposed to know all the common drugs & drug classes when you graduate. At the medication trolley, the laptop will have connection to drug database & hospital pharmacy intranet for the latest info on new drugs.

Nowadays nurses expected to do quite a lot of stuff previously done by doctors .... remove operation stitches, remove / pull out internal post-op drains, insert new IV cannulas (need to re-do new site every 72 hrs) etc.

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@Anon 4:01pm

///U mean in private and atas hospitals nurses no need to clean up shit meh? If not, how OK is the job? ///

Clean up shit is EASY part of job. If you pay me my salary to just clean shit for my shift, I'll be very happy.

Knowing medical care plans & how to carry them out is the SIONG part, in addition to the arrow at your head if anything cock up.

Atas hospital & B1 and A Class wards in govt hospital are MUCH easier becoz higher nurse to patient ratio. No need to rush like mad & less chance to make medical errors.

In C & B2 wards, 1 nurse to AT LEAST 8 patients. You're responsible for EVERYTHING that happens to them during your shift. I always tell my patients --- you can die, just as long don't die on my shift.

In Community Hospitals, 1 nurse to AT LEAST 12-16 patients.

In IMH, 1 nurse to 15-20 mental patients. IMH rely on more healthcare attendants to assist the nurses. But these attendants are NOT really nursing or medical trained, many can't even do proper CPR or take blood pressure --- YES it's that bad. They're just muscle men or think they're muscle men garang garang.

b said...

Thats why loyalty is a shit thing and for the stupid.
Anyone can contribute $$$ to G is good whether black or white or colorless in the eyes of G.
Feel being con already?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 0751

What you said is correct. My sister maybe because of their age found that night shifts are really a strain but it's true that they rotate that fairness is ensured.

Maybe this Pinoy young nurse wants to make that extras and thus volunteer more of night shifts.

That's why I seen him so frequently on nights shifts. All nurses dispenses medications. Maybe those on special drugs are been delegated to more senior ones as they are more experienced.

Overdose of potassium chlorate can send you to your Maker. Health care professions are mostly on Permanent basis as they do not want the turnover to be high. Unlike now other professions where they offered ad hoc, part time and contract basis.

That's why so many want to even a switch in Careers for Jobs Security reasons.

At one time, my daughter, after her Research Lab job of neraly ten years was abandoned, tried to even apply in SGH as a Radiographer but was not successful.

I told her better at your younger age secure a permanent basis job as now the outside Jobs Markets is like a Jungle. Killing each other for survival.

The Best still at these Health Institutions like a Silly, Evil or JLB Civil Serpent or Servant.

So, Radiographers reserved for Foreign Talents. Maybe they thought she is too qualified to be one as she is formerly from "A" Star.

Singaporeans wants a secure lower pay jobs also not successful.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they thought she is too qualified to be one as she is formerly from "A" Star.
Virgo49 8:36 pm

Aiyo, why from "A" Star need to look for radiographer job?

Cannot go for another research job meh? If cannot, then something really not quite right leh, if she is really good in research work.

No wonder SGH rejected her for radiographer job.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans wants a secure lower pay jobs also not successful.
Virgo49 8:36 pm

Hahahaha, u want to know why or not?

Because Singaporeans who need to secure lower pay jobs are not the talented ones mah.

The talented ones will remain in their higher pay jobs and will even earn more in time to come.

Even a ordinary Sinkie like me almost 60 years old and drawing $7K per month do not need to go look for lower pay jobs.

Virgo49 said...

The way you talked is Hell of sarcastic.

When cannot apply for Radiographer or Lab Tech testing bloods in hospitals.?

Not all need to be in high paying jobs. Just secure jobs.

Permanent secure jobs and not contract,ad hoc is part time of no time.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.01

Who the fuck believe you earn 7K.

What's 7K a month salary man lime you when my Container truck driver earned more than you.

Just Pri 4 education. My monthly business as just Private Ltd company 100K a month.

Salary men forever salary men.

How lian.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add see how long you can remain in your satay, oops salaryman jobs when the blessed trash by the PAP took over your rice bowl.

How lian.

Anonymous said...

Virgo since u buay song Mahathir and you live in Malaysia, why don't u just go meet him and sodomize him so he wakes up larπŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

Lots of rich people with nothing to do but compare wealth and earnings.

I wonder whether Jeff Bozos or Warren Buffet did that too. Not jealous, just wondering only lah!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ sad day for freedom

>> https://www.thelocal.se/20190307/swedish-black-metal-bands-gig-cancelled-by-singaporean-authorities <<

Oh fuck. Now I will have to penalise my rating for The Hotel -- MINUS 30 percent for being willfully less rocking and downgrading the awesomeness.

Fuck the people in govt who did this. May Satan possess their children, may Satan's cock fuck their babies in the womb, may Satan's propensity for pranks (hey, even the prince of darkness needs "entertainment") play havoc with their lives.

Let's make their pain, our entertainment! πŸ˜‚

If shit like this continues, I might have to find a new hotel. 😑

Anonymous said...

Magi lar, just cancellation of a band performance, u need to react as if it the end of the world? Just do your normal entertainment in your incest activities but please spare your sisters lar.