Foreigners - How many more to bear before the problem goes out of control?

Referencing an editorial published in Chinese-language daily Lianhe Zaobao on Feb 22, Mr Chee said that the number of S Pass and Work Permit holders in the services sector has increased by 34,000 in the last three years.

“The editorial hit the nail on the head by observing that if we do not control the total number of foreign workers, it will affect the employment outcomes of local workers and lead to socio-political problems in Singapore,” he said. “We have seen this happen in other countries.”

This, he said, was the key reason why the Government proceeded with the tightening.

“On balance, we decided that it was better to make a move now to moderate the overall number of foreign workers in Singapore before the problem gets out of hand,” he said. “As the Zaobao editorial said, the DRC tightening is necessary bitter medicine.”....

Also known as the Dependency Ratio Ceiling (DRC), the quota tables the maximum permitted ratio of foreign workers to the total workforce that a company can employ.

The DRC for that sector will be further cut – in two stages – from the current 40 per cent to 35 per cent by 2021.

The S Pass sub-DRC will be lowered from 15 per cent to 10 per cent eventually in 2021.

Above are quoted from Channel News Asia articles.

The above are measures that the govt is going to take. Does the govt know how easy it is to overcome these changes and restrictions? Would the govt also be tightening the approval of foreigners to become citizens? If not, then they simply apply to be citizens like they used to do over the last few decades and no one is wiser with all the foreigners now becoming part of the statistics as locals.

What about the DRC, does the govt know that many companies in Chennai Business Park in Changi employed almost 90 or 100% foreigners, mostly from India? Or the govt is still sleeping, never been to that part of Singapore or simply does not want to know? Turn to look away? The enclaves of Indian nationals in Singapore, in companies and in private housing estates are so stark that no one can miss them and nothing is being done to it? Would the few comments in Parliament make any difference or just end in Parliament once Parliament goes into recess?

Look at the numbers from MOM below. No one knows what is happening? Everyone on holiday, never read these reports for so many years? Or because their balls are stuck in the CECA and afraid of being sued by India?

'The latest foreign workforce numbers released by MOM last week, however, showed that the number of foreign PMETs in Singapore has continued to rise.

The latest figures show that even though the number of foreign PMETs on Employment Pass (EP) has decreased slightly in the last 2 years from 192,300 to 185,800, the total number of foreign PMETs (such as those on EP and S Pass) has been increasing.

In 2013, the total number of foreign PMETs was 336,000. This number rose to 349,000 in 2014, 366,500 in 2015, 372,000 in 2016, 372,100 in 2017 and finally, 381,300 last year.

In 2018, the number of foreign PMETs on EP decreased by 1,900 compared to 2017 but the number of S Pass holders shot up by 11,100 in 2018, reaching a new high of 195,500.' Posted in theindependent.sg

The total number for foreign PMETs has been going up and up, from 349,000 in 2014 to 381,300 in 2018. The most painful thing is that more and more Singaporeans PMETs are being retrenched. What does this say for the pro Singaporeans or pro foreigners policy? Singaporeans, you die your business, foreigners can come and take over your place and your jobs.

Who voted the govt to do this to Singaporeans?

There is no lack of good jobs for Singaporeans, counting the 381,300 jobs given to foreign PMETs and probably another 200,000 given to new citizens. There is no good reasons why Singaporeans PMETs should be retrenched, formed the bulk of retrenched workers and with many young Singaporeans partially employed ie on part time or short term contract jobs.

This is a very serious problem affecting ordinary Singaporeans, not the millionaire politicians.


Anonymous said...

All blame for this extremely distressing situation is on the Singaporean voters. They get what they voted for. Period.

Anonymous said...

Reduced DRC does not apply to E Pass or PR, so these 2 methods will be used by foreigners & companies to bypass. Of course govt will say it's OK as salaries will go up. Problem is that evidence doesn't show this will result in hiring more S'porean PMEs at good salaries. E.g. IT or banking industries. The DBS IT division is almost 100% foreigners or new citizens, and their average salary is $10K/mth -- even higher if count their annual bonuses.

Anonymous said...

Rb all my kids work overseas cause hard to get decent jobs here. In any case when they were interviewed it's by foreigners anyway so little chance. However I must say its probably only affecting a small minority cause we can not explain they can get 70% of the votes if it affects the majority.😰

Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean is here again so anti-foreign talent. We need foreigners, especially from India to help us with our GDP increases. Singapore needs to entice more expertise from India to come here to help us grow. CECA is a blessing for Singapore, PERIOD.

Virgo49 said...

Whatsoever whether All shits Passes, Farking PAP is sick to have these Trashes in our once Peaceful and Serene Country.

Yesterday's Report by CNA of an Indian Trash in a 60 person riot outside Sheik Temple at Kampong Silat.


This Mother farker committed crimes since 2015 and still allowed to stay here and caused riots.

Sixty people fight and only thru cameras on a bus just charged three persons.

Farking cardboard police JLBs.

Why? Indians Papies Ministers and MPs give chance to Indians?

Just behind our Estate backyard and everyday can see hundreds of them scavenging to the Temple for free food and many soujourned to our estates becoming a nusiance.

Farking RCs grassrots been sounding to them and they kept deaf and dumb.

One fine day hope their sons sodomized by these walked two steps and rubbed their balls with a jump black ants.

Daughters, wives and grandmothers raped by them.

One time gang fights here and they pretended nothing had happened.

Waiting for a murder to happen on these apathetic sinkies.

Stay in Melaka safer.

Anonymous said...

Hi all

We deserved it! We deserved it!

The 70% yes-ed at the last GE!

So no point kpkbsssss and kpkbsssss now!

We deserved it! We deserved it!


Anonymous said...

The most painful thing is that more and more Singaporeans PMETs are being retrenched.

I agree it is most painful. And they also could be the poorer quality but expensive Singaporeans PMETs so of course got retrenched lah.

But maybe despite more and more retrenched, these retrenched Singaporeans PMETs are still less than 30% of all Singaporeans PMETs.

Could this be why PAP could still get 70% votes in GE 2015?

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

"Foreigners - How many more to bear before the problem goes out of control?"

No problem and no out of control lah, I mean for PAP, as long as the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt.

Because if the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, majority Sinkies for sure will still vote for PAP to be in control.

It had happened all the time in the past so why not coming election too, u tell me lah.

Virgo49 said...

These Trashes are Miniority?

90% Good? Very Good.

Waiting for the day. Hopefully for me not to see it that they become the Majority and sodomised you dafts.

Slaves forever.

This Anon 11.17 liked to mock those axed as Poorer quality and expensive.

Hopefully you not be one of them time to come.

Wah, superior in quality.

Man proposes Heaven disposes.

Think he invincible.

Anonymous said...


If you want to sell your HDB high high, you better quickly call your MP, ask him to tell Sham (in charge of ICA) and Jo Teo (in charge of MOM) to open floodgates wider for more foreigners. Many millionaire & billionaire ahnehs want to settle here. Since so many black ants like to sojourn your estate, should be no problem selling high to these rich foreigners coming in.

Forget about SERS or enbloc, many hundreds of other old central HDB estates also waiting for 20 years liao. What for PAP pay billions when can just wait for you to die & take back old flats?!? PAPies are in no hurry to redevelop old HDB estates --- still got so many ulu wild lands haven't build yet, and everytime ulu BTOs all sold out like hot cakes, plus another 50,000 unsold condo units need to lelong slowly over next 10 years. Singapore has too much new & unsold housing and no urgency of land shortage for redevelopment.

Anonymous said...

This Anon 11.17 liked to mock those axed as Poorer quality and expensive.
Virgo49 11:35 am

There is also some truth in what this Anon 11.17 said lah.

Sometimes u have to face the truth, mocking or unpleasant it may be, and do the necessary adjustment, eg driving cab to earn living lah.

Having live to old age, u should know this, right? Unless u r getting senile as u grow older, but doesn't matter if u are rich so no need to work. Come here to TCSS. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi 1117am

Thank you very very much for trying to analyse.

But..... we cannot escaped from the very fact that 70% did ok-Ed!

So don't waste time now.

We deserved it! We deserved it!

You think the 70% will change?

You tell me lah! Anyone?

b said...

Aiya, only 30% not doing ok and most of them probably living or will live in other countries. Gahmen policies are all geared towards having foreigners otherwise no one will buy those smelly, tiny, dripping apartments.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has too much new & unsold housing and no urgency of land shortage for redevelopment.
11:40 am

This why PAP need to have more foreigners to come here to buy and rent these new & unsold housing lah

And PAP will take in more foreigners if they think they can still win big next election which I believe they will.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.53am, U think they will win BIG at next GE?

Anonymous said...

This is a very serious problem affecting ordinary Singaporeans, not the millionaire politicians.

Very serious? If very serious,

then why 70% still voted for PAP?

Why no protests even in Hong Lim Park which is legal too?

Why the Sinkie opposition is not even ready to be govt to take over PAP, let alone do a better job than PAP?

Why true blue Chinese Sinkie Chee Soon Juan could not even win a by-election against a PAP minority race candidate in a Chinese majority SMC? If cannot even win by election, u think SDP can win in General election?

Anonymous said...


No! No! No!

Anonymous said...

Why the Sinkie opposition is not even ready to be govt to take over PAP, let alone do a better job than PAP?
12:08 pm

If even Uncle Redbean did not join the Sinkie opposition, let alone contest as candidate, all these years, it says a lot why the Sinkie opposition is still not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

If even Uncle Redbean did not join the Sinkie opposition,...
12:14 pm

Uncle Redbean did joined lah, I mean he attended a NSP dinner some years back. It was reported in the media, that's how I know.

Maybe that's about it lah. LOL

Virgo49 said...

Anon 11.40

Millionaire Ah Nehs my foot!

Ah Nehs trashes to sodomize your arses more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Do u all think that 9.55am anon needs to be sodomized? Please share your view.

Anonymous said...

The CNA article has been removed leh

Anonymous said...

Ah Nehs trashes to sodomize your arses more appropriate.
Virgo49 12:19 pm

No chance lah, unless it is Ah Neh company or Ah Neh is your boss.

But normally Ah Neh will also take their own kind, u know.

But there are also good Ah Neh bosses lah, some I know personally.

So don't learn to be vulgar lar, especially at your old age.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ cry babies

PAP, heed my request: Keep the motherfucking borders open. Let's bring up the heat. Competition lah. Target: 7 million. Achieve that, then proceed until we hit 9. Let's get this place rocking harder and become so awesome, more and more of the world will get jealous!

Anonymous said...

Singapore has about 1m units of HDB flats. Bring in 2m foreigners and let them buy these flats. All Singaporeans sell them at high prices and take the money and all moves out to Batam, Bintan and JB to live like emperors.

How, good idea or not?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hahaha, now you can tekan the Indian nationals. How to tekan the Indian national who "stole" you job

Anonymous said...

Hello 1.38pm

You have a very very good idea!

Very very sorry......you are not Minister Wong!


Virgo49 said...

Anon 12.24

The Riots in 2017 not even reported in the MSMedia. Now Court case so have to report.

What's clever cover up!

Cardboard Police even have to get video from passing bus to nap the culprits.

Wow, 60 black ants riots only arrested three on cameras.

Why, lim kopi at Silat Road coffeeshops or buying 4Ds at Sinpools.

Must understand who is the Home Affairs and Interior Defence Minister.

Go to the skunks soon. Just now and then heard Police Baring sirens near the temple. Telling them go away don't make us boh eng. We off duty soon.

Sinking Land.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Actually, I think we could use a few more riots. French people have been rioting for months. They want a complete removal of the current govt.

In Singapore assholes like you complain, but just kick back in your luxury and talk a whole lotta shit. So fuck you and your hypocrisy lah.

If Singaporeans talked less and acted more, maybe they will get the changes they are seeking. I'm just sayin...

PS: I won't be rioting. I like Singapore. I'm saying we should have more of the same! 😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Use CPF to buy HDB.

Stay in HDB shiok shiok, use computer connected to HDB fibre to complain about HDB and CPF.

My question: How's that working out for you? 😂🤣

Anonymous said...

If Singaporeans talked less and acted more,....
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ 2:20 pm

Hahahaha. Matilah, u r right lah.

If only Singaporeans talked less and acted more, the Sinkie opposition would have been ready to be govt.

And RB may not even be blogging so much, or having so many TCSS jokers coming to his blog. LOL

This one PAP knows, and PAP also knows they will sure win next election because of the above.

In Facts We Trust said...

Foreign PMET in 2018 = 381,400.
Their dependents comprise spouse, maid, 3 children, 4 in-laws (some also bring brothers, sisters and mistress) = 9.

Multiplying 381,400 by 10 = 3,814,000.

S Pass holders in 2018 = 195,500.
Their dependents comprise spouse, 2 children, 2 in-laws = 5.

Multiply 195,500 by 6 = 1,173,500.

Add 3,814,000 to 1,173,000 = 4,987,000.

The above figure does not those filthy rich who can easily literally buy PR or Citizenship through various "open-legs" and "assholes-offering" schemes deviced by MTI.

And also those special schemes for certain professionals such as doctors, nurses, teachers, pilots, bankers, etc. deviced by MOE, MOH, MOT, MAS, GIC, Temasek).

Though the official figure for Singapore's present population is about 5.6 million, in reality the figure is much higher now. I estimate it is about 7.5 million already. Plus daily cross-border visitors from Malaysia and foreign tourists, at any one time the number of people in Singapore is around 8.5 million!

Virgo49 said...

All these dafts had not been bashed by the Ah Neh as happened in the Lift in KL.

They will said KL lah. Not in Singapore. You think it won't happen here? Our cardboard policemen will not be like the Mats in KL. They will not even go for them without the help of videos.

Afterwhich, you think they will do what the Mats Police do to that culprit?

They will simply bring him to the scene of crime and told that culprit to reenact the same by having the victim bashed once more by the culprit.

Imbeciles procedures.

Anonymous said...

Hi 238pm

Talk so much for what?

Don't waste your time.

We deserved it! Sgeans deserved it!


Anonymous said...

They will simply bring him to the scene of crime and told that culprit to reenact the same by having the victim bashed once more by the culprit.
Virgo49 2:39 pm

Bashed once more by the culprit? Aiyo, this one u really TCSS lah.

Anonymous said...


I so happy! PAP letting more high-end foreigners into Red Dot!!

Ya I agree with PAP --- all those low-class low-salary Work Permit & S Pass should fuck off. Bring in MORE E-Pass foreigners & let them have PR & also convert to new citizens.

My 2 investment condos already up 20% in valuation since 2 years ago. And recently I signed tenancy agreements with my long-time tenants (all E Pass with >$15++K salaries) at much higher rentals!

Sinkies who cannot compete should just fuck off, just like those Work Permits & S Pass people.

Anonymous said...

Even as many Sinkies cow-peh about the unbearable huge presence of 2 million plus foreigners in our tiny island state, PM-in-Waiting Heng Swee Keat said Saturday that "We must continue to build Singapore as a global city and home for all."

Anonymous said...

Home for all. Global City.
Literally means any tom, black and hairy can infiltrate, infest and invade Singapore. That means 7.5 billion people will be competing for the jobs available in Singapore.


Virgo 49 said...

Anon 5.25

Only those gian png will rent out their still heavily indebted mortages just to roll over their unaffordable properties.

Be careful murders, prostitutions, gambling dens in your rented properties.

Rents collected cannnot even cover your refurbishing your pig stykes after they left.

Cannot afford tried to act like a Tua Ya.



Anonymous said...

Be careful murders, prostitutions, gambling dens in your rented properties.
Virgo49 6:43 pm

There are many good foreign talents to rent lah. So must be smart lah.

In Singapore if u stupid u will suffer.

Virgo49 said...

Wah very smart.

Can know who are the good tenants and who's not.

Good tenants wearing ties and you think wah good tenants.

They are the devils who sublets murderers. Prostitutes and earned a pile from you foolish gian png mortages up to your throats can hardly breathe how lian wah condoms owners.

Anytime kena fired sales by the banks.

Creating social nusiances to your other poor souls neighbours.

Beware HDB became brothels repossessed and slept at void decks.


Anonymous said...

Hi 732pm

Don't say like that leh.

I'm stupid.....
but so far ok leh.

In hockien they say...smart eats the stupid....the stupid depends on God!


Anonymous said...

Associate Professor Cynthia Chee and Professor Leo Yee Sin, writing for the Straits Times, asked: Why are tuberculosis rates here in Singapore not falling further?

They then answer their own question.

"The influx of permanent and transient migrants from high TB-incidence countries also contributes to the increased pool of persons with latent TB from which active TB cases arise."

eg Mumbai

Anonymous said...

Virgo for all you know when that fella goes to collect his rent, his black ant tenants may sodomize him lar thinking its part of the deal or package😰

Anonymous said...

"The influx of permanent and transient migrants from high TB-incidence countries also contributes to the increased pool of persons with latent TB from which active TB cases arise."
8:18 pm

Sinkies sick or die from TB is their business lah. And Sinkies can also kpkb for all they want.

Why would PAP care when 70% still voted for PAP, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Good tenants wearing ties and you think wah good tenants.
Virgo49 7:45

Aiyo Virgo, u stupid or what?

What for check wear tie or not?

U check their documents and verify that it is not fake. This one not difficult to do lah.

And once in while also check your property lah.

Use some common sense lah and it should be OK.

Anonymous said...


U sore loser lah. Many landlords already fully paid all their properties, condos or bungalows. Easy to check good quality tenants lah. Besides valid passes & passports, also letter of appt with particulars & salary from company, regularly also check with company & obtain written confirmation. Also rent to expat families, avoid singles or youngish expats.

Aiyo you ever rent out before or not? Normal wear & tear & repairs part & parcel of rental business. Minimise with clear terms & cost sharing in contract, plus adequate security deposits & regular followups with tenants & properties. Any repairs & cleaning costs are tax deductible.

HDB or cheaper mass condo may need different tactics. My properties are higher end & I only focus on senior mgmt expat families.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkies like you are pathetic.

Olden days have to depend on Ang Mohs choons to serve them and even sold their arses for soft rice.

Now sixty years on still same mentalities served the Expats with renting their socalled properties for soft rice.

Slaves and subservients forever. Like I said those who rents their so called properties for incomes are gian png because they needed theses funds to roll over their indebtedness for their mortages.

Those who do not have to resort to these sources of income are better off than those who boasted to depend on these what's passive soft rice incomes.

Aiya, hokkien said ho kwa boh ho cheh.

Many boasting that they are earning on these sources of incomes ate just struggling to make ends meet.

What's high end properties.

Million hairs just leased out their whole blocks as businesses and not renting out their unaffordable what's high end properties for soft rice.

I leave my properties empty just for my getaway from the mostly gian png boastful sinkies as a retreat to keep myself sane from the hypocrites.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.38

What's check their documents? Once a while check your properties.

Behind your backs you know what's they are doing?

Many had sublets and even have your properties turned into brothels and gambling joints.

Became pigs stykes and if brothels, your three generations suay.

Better no more progate or your next generations may take over these professions as fore generations have their incomes as brothel orr kuay old tortoises incomes.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, already explained to you lar that is fully paid and rented out to proper people but u are like a broken record spinning the same stuff.u need to be sodomized lar to break your chain of thought. If u insisting that my tenant is that kind of people, may be u let him sodomize u lor😀

Virgo49 said...

Anon 3.49

No need to spin any what's broken record.

CNA commentary: Still paying off your housing loan at 65?



Sinkies, most bite more than they can chew and most choked on their own follies and spits.

Today Sunday. 4D day. Better looked away from sinkies as numbers will jump when you see their scary scorning hassled faces.

At least in Melaka you can still see smiling faces.

Wow wee, schools holidays over. Time to soujourn to Melaka and then to Genting.

They peak, I offpeaked.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

When it suits you, you hantam the MSM. Then when it also suits you in another way, you actually believe the bullshit.

You want to take "financial advice" or analysis from a fucking mainstream news outlet ah? Written by "journalists" who themselves probably earn below $10k a month, and have this and that loan to pay every month, go for it man, swallow their words hook line and sinker...you carry on lah. 🤣

You seem to have a real problem with Singaporeans who are and love making money, pay attention to their finances and work toward securing their future.

Are you fucking nuts or just jealous...or a bit of both? If you don't have or make money in Singapore, you're history lah. Are you cognizant of the hard, cold, realistic FACTS or not? Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world to live --- and it is a ranking we have held FOR YEARS. Which means unless you are blind or stubborn: there is a repeating pattern going on here.

If you go to any rich cuntry, which is enjoying sustained prosperity, you will soon find out that it will be EXPENSIVE to live there. That cuntry or city is rich because people are working hard, increasing their wealth, and eventually bidding up the prices of fixed-supply resources like LAND....and LABOUR. (in rich cuntries, people in the general population get paid more than people living shitholes).

You need to get out more, and remove those apek filters from your eyes lah. I fucking can't stand most people I meet from the Baby Boomer generation; my generation. I prefer to hang out with Gen Y's and Millenials because they are motivated, full of vigour and vim and crazy ideas, some of which I believe will actually work. IMO, Baby Boomer should stop interfering with the world now, and hand the reins over to the youngsters. We (Boomers) are crafting the world in awful ways which are inconsistent with the changes of our societies and civilizations.

Sadly, you present yourself as one of those close-minded boomers who think they have the answers to every fucking problem.

Prostitution and gambling in domestic homes: WTF? Even without a bump in population numbers, that shit has been going on for donkey's years. I'll refresh you: Gentlemen's Messes. Every bloody towkay worth his Rolex and Mercedes used to be a member or owner of a gentlemen's mess. These are usually apartments where men of means go to screw, drink and gamble in private with their mates. Singapore guys are horny. Horny Singapore guys like to make money. How many of them you say? If you've ever been to clubs like Orchard KTV Karaoke in Orchard Towers , Chinese nightclubs like Dallas and Lido, and the current "flower clubs"...open your eyes, and mind, and then you tell me lah. These places are in business to service the "leisure requirements" of our horny, fun and money lovin' Singapore guys. The women also have their fun. Ever been to one of their "spas"? Or one of their Orchard Road exclusive hairstylists who charge $400-$1000 per visit?

You claim to know your cuntry. I submit that you don't know it that well. 🤣 And you really don't know the culture. Or let's just say, you have your own "unrealistic view" of the zeitgeist of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy majority of sinkies like Virgo -- makes it easy for the top 10% of us to create & earn enough wealth to last 3 to 10 generations. Common for my friends to have minimum US$20++ million in cash by the time they are 40. I haven't reached yet, but halfway there. Virgo keeps on talking about brothels, prostitutes, gambling dens, drug addicts etc because that's what he & his family normally associates with. If you're doing rentals & business at my level, it's like doing business with ministers & MNCs. The worse I encountered was a US colonel family who damaged quite a lot of furniture in 1 of my bungalows at the end of his assignment to the US Embassy here. They just fuck off back to US without even bothering to collect back their security deposit because they knew the damages cost more. Simple -- I had my lawyers initiate criminal proceedings in the US against this colonel & also served demand on the US military. Within 4 months they charged the motherfucker & garnisheed his salary to compensate me. Other than that, all my other tenants no issues over 20 years of renting.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Matilah.

Just tune in to Today's Mr RB article on the Wild life in Sinking Land.

Also just have the first comment by our Anon 9.10 on you first class conman and bullshiter on MSN resident since 2000s.

That's summarize all about you.

Sinkies making monies by renting their high end properties?

Need to, if not most will kena firesales less than three months.

Scooted off to enjoy my vacant resorts homes in Melaka and have all these rich high end properties owners who leased out their fully paid ones sleepless nights whether their properties are been used as brothels or gambling joints.

High end fully paid properties owners no need to rent out lah.

Just go anytime to your own and simply unlocked your doors to enjoy your stay anytime day and nights with no need to do any bookings.


Virgo49 said...

Just to add.

Matilah had to rent out his Aussie property in order to substain his living standard.

If not have to stay in Geylang shophouse cubicle with PRC and Sri Lanka possies.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo,

Hey, no problem lah. I don't have to prove shit to no one. All I have is but one task: to look after myself. In the 40+ years of living in 2 cuntries fairly comfortably, it's been generally OK...a few ups and downs, for sure, but hey, that's part of life.

You can say anything about me, or call me any name you like. I really, literally DON'T CARE. I look after ME.

Love and kisses, 🤣

sb said...

Do not get manipulate by politicks and always blame migrants. They are easy targets and also the victims in many cases. The real culprits for society woes are those parasite elites and politicians.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ sb

Easier said, and impossible to do.

Blaming migrants is a favourite, and one of the MOST EFFECTIVE political ploys. Whenever it is used, it has a high degree of success.

>> The real culprits for society woes are those parasite elites and politicians. <<

Yes, but the hairless, bi-pedal apes which are the human species are POLITICAL ANIMALS.

Humans are a social species, in that we have to be with other humans because we are biologically wired that way. A social species has a better chance of survival, because they cluster into groups. However, groups compete with each other for resources, and DOMINANCE...and so we have POLITICS, and the chosen or self-appointed "alphas" of each group, we know as "politicians".

That's never going to change. It can't. It's biological!