Retrenchment of DBS remisiers – The Story continues

The pitch for DBS remisiers to join other broking houses has gone up another level. Red carpets, refreshment, wines and generous hospitality came with offers to bring every DBS remisiers into their folds are a great contrast to the way DBS so casually wanted to retrench all its remisiers, offering
those that they found suitable, with good job fits, subject to market practices on retirement age, jobs they have not done for the past 20 or 30 years. Remisiers being offered new jobs would likely be treated like fresh graduates entering the job market. DBS has circulated a list of job vacancies and many remisiers found themselves out of circulation due to the qualifications needed. Needless to say, the older remisiers would be out of contention because of age. Some of the offers by the broking houses are just too good to resist and made the remisiers feel so wanted.

The remisiers have been with DBS for a very long time and DBS is home. Many have grown very fond of DBS and would not want to move to another broking house. Many would want to be with DBS till they are no longer contributing positively to the DBS bottom line when they have to part company with DBS unwillingly.

The remisiers are asking for a meeting with Piyush Gupta to discuss whether this restructuring could be modified and the remisiers could still stay with the DBS family and continue with their trade. The objective of the meeting is to seek an amiable settlement with both sides looking good, comfortable and honourable, with little acrimony after the retrenchment exercise. 

If this is not possible and does not fit into DBS’s plans for the future, maybe, in recognition of their long service and their contribution to DBS’s revenue in the past and present, and also for taking over their client base and the business developed over the years, DBS may think it is appropriate and fair to want to consider offering some kind of compensation to them.

The contribution of remisiers may be small today relative to DBS’s huge profits of billions every quarter, but still substantial. On the average, each remisier could have contributed at least a million or more to DBS revenue, easily more than $400m in total in the last 20 or 30 years. And this is all without taking a single cent from DBS as salary, no staff benefits, no annual leave, no staff insurance, welfare etc etc.

The client base and business conscientiously and tirelessly developed by the remisiers over the years cannot be worthless, unappreciated and NOT compensated. There is value in the client base and business. All the broking houses are eyeing DBS remisiers with great anticipation. Is it fair banking practice for DBS not to compensate the remisiers when taking over their client base and their business?

Would DBS live up to its reputation as a good employer, the best employer, a caring employer, and in all fairness, offer a compensation package to the remisiers due to this unilateral decision by the bank in the interest of the bank?

At the moment, other than the offer of trying to find employment for some younger remisiers, subject to job fit, DBS is not talking about any other form of compensation, just bye bye to the remisiers and wish them all the best in a new journey to nowhere. Some of the remisiers may have to call it a day. Some, if not able to find alternative employment or offers from other broking houses, may face joblessness, premature retirement, and even financial difficulties if they have families and children to look after.

The ball is now in the DBS’s court. Would DBS be so cold, heartless, mean and calculative to retrench all the remisiers that have contributed so much and for so many years to DBS with nothing but fresh air?  Did DBS remember that during hard times, when they needed remisiers, they paid remisiers to join DBS? DBS even paid the big remisiers just to retain them and not to join other broking houses. Now that the stock trading business is not desirable by DBS, is it fair for DBS to wipe its hands clean and tell the remisiers to go under the excuse of restructuring?

On another note, this retrenchment exercise would contribute to the unemployment statistics of PMEs when it is totally unnecessary but because DBS has a new business model that it claims does not need remisiers.

Is DBS a good employer, caring employer, the best employer? Is DBS a fair and honourable business partner? These questions would be answered by how DBS treats the remisiers that are in the process of being retrenched.

Would there be an amicable settlement with DBS and with the remisiers parting company with good feelings for DBS and goodwill, and with DBS living up to its reputation as a great and responsible company, a good business partner and a good  employer?

To be continued.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ morning toilet surprise:

Like many people, I read the news on my phone when taking the morning shit. This morning, an interesting article appeared in my news feed:

The Awesome Hotel.

Fucking rocking lah. Holland V rocks!

Virgo49 said...

My Old Prewar Kampong Kaki with just a "O" or Senior Cambridge, not Woodbridge Cert as Harper by UG even had nearly half a million in compensations when he was been entrenched from even one Mat Head Office Tractors Bhd.

Just only a Grade I clerk after nearly 45 years of service.

Pay Union protection monies to toothless Pro Employers NTUC for all these years.

At least at his time, still have have some condom protection under their what's collective agreement.

One month or more for one year's of service. Plus retrenchemnts hardships benefits plus in leave of notice and balance of unpaid leave.

His bro, just poly grad in Mobil as oil tech. Also about 500K when they ware merged with what's Exxon.

These are the safeguards to protect the workers from errant bosses who wishes to get rid of their employees on their whims and fancies.

Nowadays, workers with the blessings of our Incompetent Imbecile Govt had no jobs security.

Been get rid of just like trash at their whimps and fancies.

They must always remember that the workers gave their whole life of work to their prosperity and Chinese saying :No Honour to Company also got hard labour for Company.

Cannot simply discarded them like trash.

What's has the Employment World come to?

How you gonna to inspire the Young from having loyalty and raise their families here if this is what's happening.

Don't follow the Dotard evil ways of lives.Follow the more ethical Principled Asian Way of Life.

Especially the Chinese. Unfortunately our Chinkee Chinese are mostly chiap cheng and have no such upbearings

Anonymous said...

Ya lah, Singapore garment bank some more and don't want to pay after retrenching staff.

Amateur said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ “Oh still my bleeding heart”, RB

I don’t understand why rimisers are painted with gold as if they are a “special” gift from the heavens. I also don’t understand why DBS or any employer who is running a business for profit needs to give a flying fuck about the fragile feelings of e-employees.

Hopefully, we are still living in an adult world of commerce --- where adults work in cooperation and competition to ADD VALUE so that their worth and their job is “justified” in the eyes and balance sheets of employers.

I don’t see a reason to “compensate” people who’ve not bothered to upgrade their skills, and have kept their heads buried in the ground in denial about the changes in their respective industries. Why should any employer “pity” their less productive employees? How about having “pity” to the investors who depend on dividends and stock values for their passive --- specifically retirement income? These people deployed their capital in good faith to have the enterprises’ managements run their companies for not only profits, but growing profits, and hence dividends...or amassing lots of cash for share buybacks, to return money to investors.

The Attribution Bias
This is one of the more interesting of human cognitive biases, and once you understand it, you will notice it all over the place. It is very common --- you are probably doing it now, or have done so recently, and you will definitely be doing it later today.

An interesting feature of the attribution bias is that we humans tend to overvalue our own worth, and the level of our competence. We also tend to believe that our “version” of the world (as made up completely by each of our brains) is THE world; we are never wrong and other people are fucked because they lack our level of “thinking”. And the attribution bias has interesting consequences:

When people succeed at something, they attribute it to their own savvy, skillfulness and superior wisdom. When people experience failure they attribute it to someone else’s bad everything --- thinking, action, lack of skill….

For e.g.: On the road --- When you make an error driving, it’s “Oh well, I made an error...I guess I’m human”
If someone else makes an error it’s ”KNN...Kopi license lah!! People like that should be banned from driving! Call police lah! Reckless driver!!”

e.g.: In the markets: asset moves with expectation goes up “Wah, I’m a genius lah! I knew it, and that’s why I bought / shorted it!” Asset goes against expectation: KNN, market is manipulated lah! The Fed raised interest lah! The CEO is kayu lah”

e.g.: In the workplace: ”Wah, I got good job, fantastic pay because I am a fantastic person doing a fantastic job for a fantastic employer!”
Sekali kena retrenched:
”Fuck the asshole company! They treat people like shit! They are heartless...I provided so much value, so much sacrifice...Are they blind? Don’t they realise how SPECIAL I am? Fuck the government for bringing in so many foreigners”

….you get the drift. “The World Owes Me A Living”.

And off to Hong Lim we go! 😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Free spending millenials:

Millenials love spending money. Everytime I go to Orchard, I see them spending --- Apple Store, $10 fancy coffee at cafes with equally expensive "ciabattas", "panninis" and deserts, Armani clothes, Prada shoes...wah piang, moh tuck ting lah. 🤑

I wonder how many of them have at least (minimum) 6 months living expenses socked away and LIQUID just in case they experience "joblessness"? Or are they living paycheck-to-paycheck because of "lifestyle" and the dreaded credit card debt trap?

Hmmmm... "Job security" is already an old idea. If you're not "protected", you could face real difficulties. No oneos job is secure anymore. If you don't add value, or a machine or cheaper labour can add more value than you can, you will soon need those 6 months of SAVED living expenses.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, FYI, the last few days we have been invited to several broking houses and listening to their pitch on why we should join them. If remisiers are not worthy, no one would bother to lay down the red carpet.

One thing for sure, I am spoilt for choice, and with joining fees as toppings.

Remisiers are still earning their keeps and would be in demand for some time to come.

All the sour grapes out there, let me tell you right in your faces, many of you are not earning anything near what the good remisiers are earning. Anyone want to show me he is earning more than me?

Anonymous said...

Uncle, I think the IBs here believe they are earning more than you because very post they posted they get $2. And they think this is big money.

Anonymous said...

Take DBS to court! What DBS ( now under an Indian from India but worked in USA previously) is doing is not only against the law and good industrial practhices. It is cheating. Outright cheating. And that is a criminal offence.

Alternatively, collectively the remisiers should report to the Police as a case of cheating ir robbing (their client bases).

Or complain to the Commercial Crime Division.

Or report to CPIB. This is also a form of corrupt practice. I.e. corruptly manipulate company policies to benefit DBS at the expense of the remisiers.

Or complain to the Unfair Practices Tribunal.

If everything failed, bring the matter to an International Court for justice to be done.

At the same time, bring in the Human Rights Groups at the International level.

Only then will DBS compensate for what they have taken without permission.

When you take away something from someone against his will or withour permission, that is called THEFT.

Anonymous said...

Problem is that remisiers not even staff, so the bank technically don't even need to compensate. I think go Hague or international court of justice or United nations also no use.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB,

If liife is so good for remisers, then why are you writing what is essentially a rant? I don't get it.

And BTW, what are you? 5 year's old...challenging people "I earn more than you lah!" Please, I didn't know there was a contest going on.

Anyway, my point will always be: If you create VALUE, you'll be IN DEMAND. Obviously you create lots of value, which is why you're a top-earner. You should be DELIGHTED that the lazy remisers have been given the chop-chop....it raises the bar on your industry, and focuses on the importance to the "value-creators".

Singapore is a haven for the world's wealthy and their capital...so there's plenty of money looking for proper lovin', for one purpose: to make more money. If you can aid that process, you will be in business and offers will be banging on your door.

I think that's what meritocracy is all about.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 11.08

Right the Devils now have workers as Contract, Free Lance, Ad Hoc, Part time and No time if you want to play time with me.

So that they can have their millions and you pittance.Also they can hire and fire at will without compensations. As what's New Norm.

Souless And Greedy Creatures like some anons and matilah like to live in. For they are the Ones parasitiing on these practices.

Mr RB, we have encounter a Remiser husband and wife team brought a Melaka Condo Penthouse unit facing both sea and city view with CASH.
At that time each @1.65.

Three of us with full time employment at that time can only share to own an ordinary unit on installment basis.

Remisers you be surprised earned much much more than those even so called Top Echelon Managers or Silly Serpents.

That's why the PAPies ministers red eyed with green jealousy raised their Million $$$$ salaries.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

A must read:

Where are The Customers' Yachts? Hilarious! 😂 hint: it's about remisers.

Full book here (free!...no need to pay remiser's commission🤣)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo

>> Souless And Greedy Creatures like some anons and matilah like to live in. For they are the Ones parasitiing on these practices.<<

Yeah. Guilty as charged lah. Like I said --- "attribution bias"...when people win, it is due to themselves. When they lose, they blame "greedy souless creatures". But when they win and someone else loses, they --- the winners --- are not guilty and souless, they judge th losers as "dumb fuck losers".

You could do with some lightening up and enjoying human nature's built-in-by-design "entertainment" 🤓😂

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB,

If liife is so good for remisers, then why are you writing what is essentially a rant? I don't get it.

And BTW, what are you? 5 year's old...challenging people "I earn more than you lah!" Please, I didn't know there was a contest going on.

Sometimes you need to put the silly boys and girls in their proper place.

As for the couple that bought Malacca condos, I think I know them, my Karaoke mates. They are doing very well.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you earn too much, makan into DBS profits. That's why they let you go lah. Or the CEO kept on hearing you say India Indians and fed up liao lah. Maybe you can transfer into compliance dept and spot check all those black ants depts.

Anonymous said...


"As for the couple that bought Malacca condos, I think I know them, my Karaoke mates. They are doing very well."

Hahaha I don't think your karaoke kakis will complain much about this thing if they're in DBS Vickers or if this happened to them in other brokerages.

Hmm, why Malacca?? I thought Penang will be a better choice?

I mean if you HAVE to buy in Matland in the 1st place. All my friends wouldn't touch Matland with a 100km pole.

Anonymous said...

@ 1108 am:

"Problem is that remisiers not even staff, so the bank technically don't even need to compensate. I think go Hague or international court of justice or United nations also no use."

Precisely, it is because the remisiers are not DBS staff, or employees, that DBS can be accused of stealing their clients.

The remisiers are similar to taxi drivers renting a taxi from the taxi company in order to operate their own business. The remisiers, like taxi drivers, paid a deposit to get a place in the office of DBS to do their own stock trading business, and pay a monthly fee for services rendered by DBSVickers. Therefore, actually, the remisiers are DBS's CUSTOMERS!

DBS cannot simply change company policies or rules and GRAB the remisiers' clients (customers) away in broad daylight without the remisiers' permission. This is called ROBBERY, STEALING or THEFT!

DBS needs to negotiate with the remisiers for compensations to take away their client bases, which they have painstakingly built up over many years. Until and unless DBS pays for what it takes away from the remisiers, DBS is committing a CRIME IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!

This case must be brought to Court for JUSTICE to be DONE! It is a Police Case. Period.

Anonymous said...

Virgo69 9.22am: //How you gonna to inspire the Young from having loyalty and raise their families here if this is what's happening//


那一个家长能放心, 安心, 宽心, 无忧无虑, 放一百个心早晨送孩子到学校门口, 在下午孩子却躺在医院里?

现在每一天到每一间医院的紧急部门(A&E), 不难看到无数的在级学生遍体鳞伤, 有些更加严重, 受的伤影响终身?

有那个家长愿意看到孩子早晨还好端端的, 在学校里校方不知在搞什么, 过后孩子就躺在医院了?






接下来的日子家长每一天早晨需以非常沉重, 非常焦虑, 非常不安的心情, 战战兢兢, 惶惶恐恐万二分不愿意的把孩子送到校门口?


Anonymous said...


"This case must be brought to Court for JUSTICE to be DONE! It is a Police Case. Period."

Don't think much help will be done even if all the remisiers demonstrate & march down to istana for the makchik to intervene.

Anonymous said...

Ask them.......

Who did they voted at last GE?

Who will they vote at next GE?


Virgo49 said...

Even SIPU- the most vocal and powerful Singapore Airlines Pilots Union kena muzzled by them.

Now have Indian MIG21 Pilots who boasted down Paki F fighter planes. Local pilots either Fired or asked to take long leave.

That's why you have screw ups even in Scoot. They just said Sorry.We messed up.

Anyone still dared take SIA planes? Got survilleance cameras some more.

Virgo49 said...

Should be SIAPA. -Siapa deh? Siapa deh?

Singapore Airlines Pilots Assocation. Union too low class.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Today in Singapore if you lose your job, you will be furiously typing application letters and sending them out by the hundreds hoping for a reply for an interview.

We have at least 6 companies queuing and with open arms asking us to join them. No need to write application letters, no need to wait for interviews and hoping to get a job. The positions are waiting for us with incentives. We can start work immediately.

I can pick and choose which one I feel more comfortable and meets my business requirements.

This is how 'bad' and 'unwanted' remisiers are. If you have value, people will queue up to invite you to join them.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 12.12

Penang, NOT Matland?

In Auss Land? Or Dotard's Land.

Cheng Ho also visited Melaka.Only Francis Light Penang.

Melaka, Gateway to all the Matland States.Also less Black Ants than Penang. Just from Melaka Sentral to all various states as you wish.

Medical Services at Mahakota MC one third Sinkie charge and just as good.Even now Indons come here and not Sinkieland for cut-throats.

Condo,apartments half Penang's and one third Sinkieland's cut throat over jacked up prices.

Pop still scarce. Move around easily and the Melakans are congenial and humble. No cut throats like JB and KL.

To Genting just few hours. Penang to Genting as far as Sinkieland.

Half dead already reached there.How to win monies.?


Anonymous said...


More good news for war stocks.

Sinkies spending $15.5B in FY2019 for defense.

$623M to buy 4 F35s.

With option to buy another 8 more F35s -- that's another $1.25B.

You add together both the pioneer generation package & the Merdeka package (both meant to be spent slowly over the next 40 yrs) -- also cannot compare to just 1 year of war spending. :)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 1229 & Virgo

Wah piang. You fucking dinosaurs really fancy yourselves, and over-value the importance of your "life experience".

The kids don't need your "inspiration lah". They have new worlds, new stuff, new beliefs, new ways of living. If you are as wise as you allude to be, you'd be paying attention to today's young people and learning the new stuff from them.

The problem with the old fucks of my generation and the one before (who are still drawing breath) is that they live in the modern world facing backwards to eras long gone and no longer of any real relevance to today.

Millennials today also have better "bullshit detectors" than their forebears. They won't trust or respect you "automatically" --- you'll have to EARN that from them, and if they detect bullshit or "superiority" in your manner, they will cancel you, and you old farts will DESERVE it. 😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Don't forget the new submarines too! Go RSN! 😎. Funny ah, ST Engineering shares...not impressive lah. And still too dear. :(

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Today in Singapore if you lose your job, you will be furiously typing application letters and sending them out by the hundreds hoping for a reply for an interview. <<

Yah lah. If you are mature age and been working for a few decades, and still typing resumes...you missed the class on "networking". No one past the age of 45-50 should be typing resumes. They should have high-worth networks already cultivated over the decades, so that they can MOVE UPWARDS when they have to leave their current employer.

>> I can pick and choose which one I feel more comfortable and meets my business requirements.

You are indeed fortunate and have earned your "gloating rights" because whatever it is you've been doing is appreciated as "value" to others. I don't shit on people's success. Congrats RB. (but I'll still disagree with your reasoning)

>> This is how 'bad' and 'unwanted' remisiers are. If you have value, people will queue up to invite you to join them. <<

They're making offers based on INDIVIDUAL ATTRIBUTES OF VALUE, not the fact that you're just a "remisiers". It's the same with PMETs --- they are re-hired on an INDIVIDUAL basis, not because they "just happen to be" local PMETs.

VALUE is an INDIVIDUAL quality

Anonymous said...

DBS is no longer our national bank just as Singapore is no longer our nation. It is a ruthless, arrogant, uncaring, selfish and greedy company run by a foreigner for foreigners. Not unlike PAP running Singapore. So don't have any misplaced trust, loyalty, pride or sentiment towards it.

Virgo49 said...

Matilah talking cock again. He together with the Locust Trashes which capitalised and suck on any country's blood and strived on the misfortunes of others definitely supported this Greedy Way of life or norm.

Then why are you critising the Millenials spendthrift lifestyles
wondering whether they have six months savings to tide away their unemployment is they need to?

You are like the Papies painting a Rosy Mirage for them to their graves.

At least we oldies had the hearts to sound the Evil Hearted Evil Ones not to go beyond as Retributions would hits them soon.

Anonymous said...

DBS remisiers have been betrayed.

Virgo49 said...

When you are sick arguing with Fools.
This video https://youtu.be/5YZuAZ_zLiE
Never argue with Fools will brighten your soul.

1.never poke a person/thing lying peacefully

2.never argue with a fool

3.never try to prove your point to a fool.

Life's three golden lessons.


Alana Ang Moh said...

Reality vs Optimism

When optimism and hope finally collide with reality a few of the .01% will take a hit,
but even after losing a great deal of wealth most will remain wealthy and basically unscathed,
while the average man or woman is decimated.

If you view the economy as an economic battlefield, then the rich and powerful are carrying M16s while the rest of us are armed with only sticks.

A total lack of investment options will leave the majority of the people extremely vulnerable when an economic crisis does occur.

As most have continually underestimated both the breadth and size of the global intervention from central banks and governments, those of you who have repeatedly predicted the collapse of this so-called recovery have remained wrong.

Though, under such unfair circumstances, timing the collapse of the market is difficult but, as sure as the sun sets every evening, it will occur.

Anonymous said...

Evil US Empire's Next Most Probable Move In Venezuela

After attempting to get the UN Security Council "on board" but failed, what do you think the Evil US Empire will do to get an excuse to launch the invasion (that is festering in three places at this moment) of Venezuela?

Voice of America quotes Dany Bahar, a Venezuela expert at the DC Think-Tank, the Brookings Institution, as saying that the next steps for Washington in its pressure campaign on the “Maduro regime” is “to try to get the United Nations on board, which has not happened yet.”

Ominously, the Lima Group has issued a statement claiming to have credible evidence that Juan Guaido’s life is seriously threatened by Venezuelan state security.

US Vice President Mike Pence also warned pre-emptively (as if he knows that something is going to happen to Guaido and his family) that Maduro would be held responsible for Guaido and his family’s safety.

Last month, Juan Guaido, the usurper and traitor of the Venezuelan people, made claims that his wife’s family was menaced by state agents who allegedly visited their home. It was an unconfirmed claim, which the Venezuelan authorities denied.

Usurper and traitor Juan Guaido defied a travel ban to attend the summit in Bogota earlier this week. It is not clear if he will return to Venezuela as he is liable to be arrested on charges of violating the travel ban, inciting violence, chaos, civil unrest, sedition and treason.

In reality, Trump’s Group of Hawks' game plan does not seem to be going well. Through a series of miscalculations and foolish overt over-reach, the gambit in Venezuela is at risk of becoming a debacle.

That very situation, however, could tempt a desperate throw of the dice by the Trump Administration to salvage its losses so far.

A major, shocking event is needed.

It may be calculated, in order to get the Latin American and European lackeys into line on regime-change policy, specifically the military option.

As the Brookings Institute pundit said, “to get the United Nations on board.” Because so far, the majority of the UN members, including Russia and China, key UN Security Council veto powers, are not complying with Washington’s dictate of de-legitimizing President Maduro and recognizing the US-backed puppet opportunist Juan Guaido, the traitor.

What could such a shocking event entail?

Somebody is telling the Lima Group that Guaido and his family are in grave danger of being assassinated. Guaido’s Popular Will party is known to engage in violent subversion and allegedly has links to the American CIA, as reported by Abby Martin and others.

As easily as they are lionized, US puppets can be just as easily disposed off. Guaido playing the dirty game of regime change with the most criminal organization in the world – the US government – is in a very dangerous game.

He’d better watch his back.

Anonymous said...


@@@ WAR STOCKS!!! @@@

ST Eng is more of old man stock --- mainly for the consistent dividends. Yeah, it's on the expensive side now. This stock can only get when it drops -20% or more, and the div yield hits 5% or higher.

RSN latest submarines being built by Thyssenkrupp --- German war stock. But the stock's performance sucks. I don't own it.

Most of my war stocks are US companies plus a war stock ETF (also on NYSE). US war stocks are par excellence without peers in the war business!

I've also been nibbling on BAE Systems (UK war stock) as it's price has been trashed over the last 1 year due to Brexit fears & is looking cheap. It's more of a special situations buy, as it's not as profitable as the US companies.


Anonymous said...

Trump is pulling US troops out of Syria and Afghanistan completely and only a token of about 400 soldiers to be left in Iraq.

He cannot afford to start another prolonged war in Venezuela. The price is going to be too costly, even though there are plenty of oil and gold in Venezuela. Moreover, Russia and China cannot see the US destroy the world order, taking one country after another at will with impunity, without any resistance from the rest of the world. The US has to be put in its place. The self-claimed policeman of the world is actually the most heinous criminal of the world.

Russia is moving nuclear weapons into Venezuela. Another Cuban Missile Crisis on the table soon.

Anonymous said...

Is It Right To Make More Money At The Expense of The State?

The US House of Representatives’ Committee on Oversight and Reform has issued a report on a plot to make billions of dollars by selling Saudi Arabia sensitive American nuclear technology that could allow the Kingdom to develop nuclear weapons. The scheme required breaking US law, which forbids technology transfers that might allow nuclear proliferation.

The plot was pushed by a “company” formed for this express purpose called IP3 International, which doesn’t seem to have actually existed except as a sort of shell for lobbying the Trump administration. IP3 was, according to the committee, helmed by “General Keith Alexander, General Jack Keane, Mr. Bud McFarlane, and Rear Admiral Michael Hewitt, as well as the chief executives of six companies— Exon Corporation, Toshiba America Energy Systems, Bechtel Corporation, Centrus Energy Corporation, GE Energy Infra structure, and Siemens USA—“ All “signed a letter to Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The letter presented ‘the Iron Bridge Program as a 21st Century Marshall Plan for the Middle East.’”

Bud McFarlane? That is Ronald Reagan’s National Security Advisor who was up to his elbows selling arms to Khomeini in the Iran-Contra scandal, and thought up the idea of sending Ayatollah Khomeini a cake shaped like a key and a Bible (along with a few T.O.W. anti-tank emplacements)! Like Elliot Abrams, he was pardoned by George H. W. Bush, who seems to have created a factory for 21st century further scandals.

The point man for the plot was General Mike Flynn, who called for Hillary Clinton to be locked up at the Republican National Conference in late summer of 2016 and glommed on to Trump, becoming his first National Security Adviser. Flynn had visited Saudi Arabia in connection with the IP3 plot to transfer nuclear technology to that country that could help Riyadh make a bomb if the royal family felt they needed to do so to remain safe (e.g. if Iran went in that direction or if relations with nuclear-armed Israel tanked). The cover story was that the US corporate front would just make 6 nuclear reactors for electricity generation.

Derek Harvey, the Senior Director for Middle East and North African Affairs at the National Security Council in the first half of 2017, is alleged to have adopted the IP3 plot as US policy, dubbing it the “Middle Eastern Marshall Plan.” Mr. Harvey seems confused. The Marshall Plan was an aid program where the US gave out hundreds of millions of dollars to poor societies after WW II to promote prosperity and fight Communism. It wasn’t a money-making scheme whereby we would sell nuclear weapons technology to an absolute monarchy that uses bone saws on journalists in return for vastly enriching private individuals and a handful of corporations.

Remember, all these retired generals and CEOs and Republican bigwigs were calling for Iran to be bombed back to the stone age on the pretext that it had a civilian nuclear enrichment program that was potentially dual use and could maybe someday perhaps lead to an Iranian Bomb (the Iranians never decided to go in that direction and in 2015 mothballed 80% of their program). Apparently what the US economic elite really minded was not so much possible Iranian proliferation but that they would not get a few billion dollars as a payday for being the ones to supply the technology.

IP3 was not in a position to do an end run around the Atomic Energy Act, the law preventing an administration from handing over top nuclear secrets to another country without congressional approval. But the National Security Council could be a vehicle for secretly making such a deal.

The Congressional report says that the IP3 plot was closed down at one point but that NSC whistle-blowers are afraid that some Trump administration personnel in the NSC and elsewhere may still be working on the illegal technology transfer.

Anonymous said...

Is It Right To Make More Money At The Expense of The State?

Continues from above:

Note that it might actually have been possible for Trump to get the scheme through the Republican House and Senate before last November but that the current legislators are unlikely to want to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear-bomb-making technology.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, appears to have picked up the scheme once Flynn was fired for having lied to the FBI over his contacts late in 2016 with the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The committee report says that whistleblowers allege that in March, 2017, a meeting was held…

“Also present was a career NSC staffer who later informed colleagues that Mr. Harvey was again trying to promote the IP 3 plan “so that Jared Kushner can present it to the President for approval.”

For all we know, the plan to give the Saudis a nuke is still in play, with hundreds of billions of dollars at stake. This scheme is the ultimate in criminality, where US government resources (remember the Manhattan project?) are given away to another government by the white collar criminals now running the US government so that they can scoop up private massive fortunes rivaling those of the richest persons in the world such as Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

One thing you may be assured of is that Iran is going through this Congressional report with a fine-tooth comb. If there is one thing that really could crash the 2015 Iranian non-proliferation nuclear deal, it is the prospect of a Saudi Bomb. That people would try to destroy that deal on the one hand and slip Riyadh world-destroying secrets for personal enrichment boggles the mind.

If Saudi Arabia can be given nuclear weapon so readily and easily, why even bother to demand that North Korea be striped of all her nuclear capabilities and facilities? "No hurry, no hurry, no hurry," Trump said before the Kim-Trump Summit in Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Ehhh just post the url to the articles lah. Don't copy n paste grandfather story.

Anonymous said...

Ehhh you can always skip reading it unless you need to be sodomized?

Anonymous said...

Oi, no need for you to post so many times lah. If we want to know the stories, we can just google lah, bodoh. Think you so smart and very up-to-date it. Pui

Anonymous said...

Actually, he shiok sendiri lar that's why keep posting old/new stories.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Great article, thanks it was an enlightening read.

>> US war stocks are par excellence without peers in the war business! <<

Yes, I have the ETFs on my watchlist. Damn good, but bro...expensive lah. Dunno can go some more or what. Maybe I try, just a small stake.

Today I heard on this program about a China start-up which owns "emotion surveillance" system --- at the moment it can gather the emotions of 100,000 people at one go thereby able to determine the "emotion of the crowd". It also can detect micro-expressions to tell if a person is LYING. The startup is valued at 6 billion at the moment, with estimates, it could go to 8. Of course, I haven't checked it out, and I dismiss forecasts mostly as "wrong"...you never can be sure if there's a "pump and dump" going on. Oldest trick in the book, but it still works; especially now when people are greedy. But, still, it is worth finding out the real picture here. Could be something there. The name of the company is in the podcast somewhere, and there's a downloadable transcript.

I think you're right. This sector encompassing defence, offence, security, surveillance, counter-measures...just might go thru the roof! Still, if many people jump in, I get nervous. I want something everyone thinks is a piece of shit, and can not / will not see the intrinsic value so it's a bargain. Can't find anything. Everything is expensive lah.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Trump is pulling US troops out of Syria and Afghanistan completely and only a token of about 400 soldiers to be left in Iraq.

He cannot afford to start another prolonged war in Venezuela. The price is going to be too costly, even though there are plenty of oil and gold in Venezuela.

He has to pull out troops because he needs them in Venezuela. The warmongers would want to have wars and wars everywhere.

UG said...

My Old Prewar Kampong Kaki with just a "O" or Senior Cambridge, not Woodbridge Cert as Harper by UG even had nearly half a million in compensations when he was been entrenched from even one Mat Head Office Tractors Bhd. - KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.

How you gonna to inspire the Young from having loyalty and raise their families here if this is what's happening. - KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.

Someone got it. Clap clap clap. So slow. Daft. 50 years later than got it. TCB number 3. LHY number 2. LKY number 1. LHL become most smartest. World journalist and academic should interview a lot with LHL like in LKY times. If not our country no world cup soccer team, now I want blame world journalist and academics already. You all are daft. Fail. Want to know why? Dr Thum got different academics list to back him up?

UG said...

Is the old leaders starting to be just awake? That why we got no Oppo, Huawei, Xiao Mi? Is TCB just awake? Is Virgo49 just awake? What is Red Bean talking about? What how DBS going to treat the remisiers? Mai Chio Si Lang la. Who is the Strawberry? Still kooning ah? The word remisiers itself, I type here, my England so lan, the word remisiers also got red line below it. Ho seh boh everyone?

So ah, if we peasant neng kar neng jiu ah, dunno how to do manual work, dunno how to make fighter plane or submarine ah, must buy ah. Than scholar brain should be damn ho even they are neng kar neng jiu. Erm, did any scholar in Singapore invent Microsoft and sell world wide a not ah? Million salary leh. We get paid $1000, we neng kar neng jiu is logical leh. The salary millions one, invent what app or software sell world wide ah or data leak skill tok kong one?

What would DBS this, would DBS that, is DBS this, is DBS that? LKY put Uncle Red Bean in fear mode is it? Police hide in Little India Riot? Lucky I admit I am strawberry. Remisiers so li hai, just leave, ignore DBS. Pay higher than me some more leh. Now do you all know why ministers like that?

Chio Si Lang. I must go Malacca find one safe house also. Better dont find one that sell tau sar piah than nearby got coffin shop one. Kia Si Lang. I walk pass still wonder what that man. Eh. Who say what got problem, Malacca still got safe house ah? Contribute what to Singapore? Of course, if I am hungry, I am Ang Moh, my only skill is to fight war, I will go to war also. 6 smoke bomb sack already?

UG said...

So is this new citizen?

Is the Liu Kai new citizen die in army?

Is Aloysius Pang elite die in army?

DBS Ah Neh ripped Singapore flag?

Native in Singapore long ago awake?

Management fail. Ask Rothschild go home sleep. Ask Xi Jin Ping come. Putin come ask Xi Jin Ping treat him eat Putien.


I am quite nutty right. So I got free education, got millions salary, relax, maybe can be Einstein right?

So who is going to be Patriotic now? Foreigners? Native? Or only PAP cadres? Some ppl still dont get it LKY iron fist is very important. LKY also go in public shout pilot thingy. So after shout liao, who dare take SIA? Told you all LHL is the smartest liao. Dont believe.

UG said...

"Is It Right To Make More Money At The Expense of The State?"


You ask me, I ask who?
Confucius? Lao Tze? Buddha? Moses? Mohammad? Aristotle? Plato? Thucydides? Voltaire? Einstein? Machiavelli? Carl Marx? Adam Smith? LKY? - All dead la, cannot reply liao.
Ask Rothschild? Sure say "RIGHT" one, can make more money at expense of everybody.

Ask in PAP Parliament? Sure say "RIGHT" one, can make more money by paying ministers more salary la. Better still each minister get 10,000,000 dollars every year, plus bonus of 5,000,000 dollars every six months - based on their loyalty and obedience, and the number of "Yes Sir" they shout everyday. KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA.

So who is going to be Patriotic now? Foreigners? Native? Or only PAP cadres?

Now do you all know why ministers like that?

Election come, I go vote or stay at home?

Virgo49 said...

Haaaaahaaa UG- Suddenly you also awake from your slumber.

I had awoke long time ago seeing the slow rot and demise of Sinkieland long time ago.

That's why even thirty odd years back my two enlightened just "O" level Prewar old houses kakis and me already planned Safe houses in Melaka.

One Anon together with my. Dafty other friends and kins laughed that they would not touched Matland with a 100 meter pole.

So, let's see who will laugh best when laugh last.

Now Mathathir is poking Sin Leaders about the unreasonable price of free water at S$0.01 cts per 1000 litres? Selling to its people at few S$ and to ships bunkering services at more S$$$$$$. Now ask Sinikies to say whether we fair or not to speak up. Sinkies been bred and brought up eating their shits and drinking own shits and urine water will in unison "FARK Mad Hater lah"

For donkey years making tons of monies and said because we must followed the laws. Always chai lan (balls)oops people but don't want to ho lai ho kee. Just like Sim Lim Tower those scoundrels. Hello you already agreed to my price and signed on the paper, how can you say I cheat you.

Now JB MB next step, they will tried to be dependent on Sinkie's water. Guess what's be the next step they be taking after not dependent on Sinkieland's processed water?

Agreement null and void hor! Don't kept shouting follow the laws. Then we shall no want to supply you further water. Just go and drink your own sai chwee.

Now you itchy backsides kept calculating how much you shall made having ten millions in. Own people enough water for us, don't one. Now your balls stuck on wooden horse. Want to dismount also cannot. Want to move forward also cannot.Having now a POP of six millions. Like drugs addict fall into traps of pushers.

Let's see whether you go on the knees and beg us or not.We also according to law don't want to sell you, cannot? Our wish prefer to dump them into the Sea than sell to you, cannot?.

You got monies, so what's we don't want to sell to you cannot?

Alternatively, now we catch your balls at $100.00 Sin per 100 litres, you want or not ?

Papies simple one trick pony. We shall charged to the Daft Sinkies
No problems.They won't protest one. No fears.Already under our balls. Too daft to understand.

So, let's see who will laugh last laugh best in this Situation.

Hyflux old unkos/aunties perpetual shareholders pls vote to have the Company still viable in operations
as your now S$100 plus for S$1000.00.payback. Shares can be 10000 times more value in future with projects in Matland. That's why this Salem Group wants to buy over. They have foresight in this.Or maybe it is already in their pipeline with the Mats.

Don't fark around with the Mats with the Big Mat in charge.

I, be with my three bros drinking Melakan pure stream water while you queue for your water tanks to come with your own sai chwee

Wah. Many PBMs or PMBs be making war crys soon.

Rallying the Sinkies. But they themselves have they own escape routes. Laughing behind your backs. Daft idiots

Only way to save your arses. Complete change of Government. Thick thick skins have let go all baggage and friendly ho la ho kee relations.


Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, forgot to mention Better than than damn stupid what's War Stocks.

Living on the miseries of others what's wars wars wars like the Farking War Mongers Whites and Americunts

Beware of Karma and Retributions

Next life born in the wilderness to be hunted. Or babies without backsides. Only not afraid of Soto Mee


Anonymous said...

Dirty Secrets:


Anonymous said...


Aiyo hope you have your melaka condo well insured. Mats are ever ready to burn down or confiscate sinkies properties if tensions between Matland & Sinkieland go into red zone.

Anonymous said...

Good morning.....

Tcss and tcss so much for what?

Who did you all voted at last GE?

Hahaha......who will you all vote at the next GE?

All the best!

Virgo49 said...

You think the Mats are like Sinkies or Indonesians?

Always wants to cha lan (lam par the lan) and don't let others eat you?

Kiaso. Kiasee and always suspicious of Others. Overlooking over their shoulders.

You have not live long enough in Matland.


Virgo49 said...

See and hear what's Mr LTK said to the PAP.

Singapore should step up its engagement with ASEAN neighbours.

Singapore needs to deepen its ties with its ASEAN neighbours to correct that it is an arrogant nation that looks at developing nations with a condescending eye.

My own words and don't always show off we have F35s you know you know

Anti missles also can shoot F35s down. You punch me twice I can also at least punch you once in a fight.

So follow XI way - win without fighting. Not Americunts ways of agressions.Aiyo forget to mention that there is also a 30% tax water borne fee.

Wow, how much to pay if Matland charge S$100.00 per litre after agreement expires. Frightening.

Anonymous said...


If matland really charge S$100 per liter, better abandon your melaka flat & come home straightaway. Confirm situation will render any Sinkies still in Matland very unsafe.

But chances of matland hiking to S$100 damn low lah. Higher chance of Sinkieland becoming China 27th province.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, just lie incognito and don't ya ya papya that you are a Sinkie
Your one dollah to their 2.90RM.

Why shift back when you only pay RM100 per month for one month's stay there drinking their pure water and Property tax only at RM 300 plus 6 months.Plus free parking own apartment plus in most places.

Sinkieland pay S$100.00 per 1000 gallons, you gonna pay the PAP at least $1000.00 for your water bill excluding your 30% water borne fee if you exceeded usage.

The coffeeshop gonna charge you one cup coffee at $10.00 more than Starbucks now. Government up $1.00 we Coffeeshop up $10.00 PAP style.

Here only at RM1.50 the most and they still served you.Sit down sit down ok. We will served you. You can also pay later. No rush.We no Kiaso like you all Sinkies.

We also understand that in your old country, you have to queue up and given black faced looks by your hawkers. They prefer served the Foreign Talents saying you all no talents. Gong.Gong.like our Agong.

Then afterwards still have to return tray and if also the plates and spoons and farks and chopsticks too. If not kena ostracized not brainwashed.good Singapireans. Wah, very Chiak lat.

Poor souls.

UG said...

430am UG is not me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just bought a few bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon to celebrate when I sign on with another broking house. They are offering angpows for joining them, plus other perks. Not bad.

Virgo49 said...

Congrats Mr Chua.

Show them that you can earned much much more with the New broking house than what they do not value.

Hope also you can also one shot paid Hard Cash just like your remisers friends who brought CASA LAGO penthouse in Melaka. Buy one at HATTEN new Penthouse next to us.

Hopefully meet you there and can go for BiBi BaBa Nonya Food.

Plus Satay Ceroot.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Virgo, at this age, no longer need to invest and take any risk. Just feel comforted that one can retire any time and live for the next 20 years without depending on charity, self sufficient.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s services sector must bite the bullet and prepare for a day when there may be a dearth of foreign workers willing to work here for the sort of pay being offered for their jobs.

Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo says this is one of the main reasons why Singapore needs to reduce its dependency on foreign workers in this sector.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make. We had to mull over the decision many times,” she said referring to Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat’s Budget 2019 announcement on cutting the foreign worker quota for the services sector.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/appeal-of-singapore-service-sector-jobs-will-gradually-dim-for-11301900

Really? Ask all the Indians working in the banks here if their pay is miserable, especially the CEOs and top management. If pay is so poor, why are there so many thousands of them here. How many are in DBS and local banks?

Anonymous said...

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat had announced in his Budget speech on Feb 18 measures to ensure Singaporeans continue to have “good jobs and opportunities”, including reducing the foreign worker quota for the services sector.
Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/tightening-foreign-worker-quota-chee-hong-tat-budget-11291362

So, would Heng Swee Kiat interfere in the retrenchment of Singaporean remisiers in DBS?

Anonymous said...

They can convert all the foreigners by issuing them pink ICs to bypass this ruling, just like the simplistic job banks in MOM. Only daft Singaporeans would not see anything wrong and think the problem is solved.