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Strong core of Singaporean academics needed to ask ‘critical questions’: NMP

“Singaporeans must be in charge of asking the critical questions about who we are, what the problems in society are, and how to solve them. We have always said that no one owes us a living. But no one owes us an answer either, about the key questions of our society and economy," said Associate Professor Walter Theseira. Today paper

What did Walter Theseira mean by this? Singaporeans must be in charge and asking critical questions about who we are, what the problems in our society and how to solve them?

Look around you will know that many foreigners are in charge in the govt and in govt linked companies. And when they asked critical questions or tried to solve our problems would they be thinking about the interest of Singaporeans or about their comrades in their homeland, especially for the new citizens? How many of these foreigners turned new citizens are using the power given to them to hire more and more of their former countrymen to replace Singaporeans? Are they solving Singapore’s problems or the problems of their former countries?

What about asking critical questions? Look at the editorial pages, the supposedly important pages that dealt with serious issues, domestic and foreign news, and who were the writers, Singaporeans or foreigners with their biased and mischievous agenda and thoughts that may be actually undermining the interests of Singapore and Singaporeans. Yes, they are foreign agents trying to influence our minds and policies and paid knowingly or unknowingly by Singapore to influence Singaporeans and even govt policies.

Why must the serious pages of our main media be written by foreigners with their agenda that may not be to our national interests? No one owes us a living, would these foreigners think they owe it to us to think in our interest? We don’t owe these foreigners a living to pay them to write and think for us. And looking at their biased views, and often western tainted views or propaganda, it is money wasted that could be put to better use paying our Singaporeans to write and think for us. Though many Singaporean writers may still be young and lack the depth, if we don’t give them the opportunity, how are they going to earn their spurs?

This is like the banking industries, if we don’t give Singaporeans the chance to be CEOs and keep on giving such chances to foreigners, how are Singaporeans to be CEOs of our local banks? Give foreigners Singapore citizens to call them Singaporeans is a farce, a sell out of Singaporean interests.

Theseira has a very serious point to make. Singaporeans must think for ourselves and not allow foreigners to think for us. Singaporeans must be in charge, not fake Singaporeans, not instant Singaporeans whose loyalty is questionable.


Anonymous said...

A very anti-foreigner post from RB. Foreigners and new citizens are vital for the survival of Singapore. Your annual GDP depends on these talented people from overseas. Without these import Singapore will not progress. Singaporeans need expertise from overseas for education, banking and other major industries. Lets face it, where would Singapore be if not for foreign knowhow?

Anonymous said...

Not that I want to pour cold water this morning.

Early early sg is already like that liao!

The masses given-up and bochup chenghu!

Sg chenghu oso bochup!

All bochup! All bochup!

You die your business!

Now.......very very very difficult to U-turn.

What can we do now?

Nothing! Nothing!

Can only kpkb kpkb and more kpkbsssss...,!

You tell me lah.....what can you do now?

This is sg!


Virgo49 said...

Our Sex in small space MOM Lady Minister had said in Parliament that 610 but now reduced to 350 Companies were in their Watch list of unfair employment of NOT employing Singaporeans.

Wow! 650 Companies on their Watch list of NOT hiring Singaporeans and they simply kept MOM (Ministry of Manpower) mum for so long.

Now still had 350 on their

Just imagine how many thousands or rather hundred of thousands Singaporeans from been gainfully employed? This happening had bean ongoing for long to have the figure of 610. They shwould have nipped the problems when there is even one company doing this.

Ministers on musical chairs and half past six do not solve their problems just fade away.

Sinkies as many Anons here said Make what's 3MS first. No point Kpkb are in the Majority.

They think that as long as they OK, the rest will be also OK.

If you were to lose your Country, you will be like the Rest NOT OK.

You think that they will spare you for not speaking up or kpkb and protect your nation with your felow countrymen?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.02 must be a Foreign Trash who leeched on the blood and flesh of the Daft Sinkies.

Ya, Talented locusts with false qualifications to oust the Sinkies
of their Rightful liviehoods

Talents my foot.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ misguided and fake “patriots”

Today’s foreign worker is a new citizen in-waiting. New citizens become the parents of new, true locally-born Singaporeans. This is how the trend of Singapore’s steadily ageing society is slowed down.

Immigration and a pool of educated and competitively-priced labour is one of the ways Singapore might prevail in the future --- of which there are NO guarantees.

There will always be the selfish few who continue to hold onto their view that the world owes them a living, and thus are imbued with the tendency to overvalue their importance and their worth in our vibrant, diverse and smokin’ economy. When they fail to get their way --- because they are not that important and are uncompetitive when stacked against the foreign competition --- they blame their 2 favourite bugbears the combined “VILLANY” of the government and the “foreign invaders”. But even those with only a modicum of economic understanding pays these loud complainers no heed, which seems to make them more mad and louder in their “irrational claims” and bigotry.

>> Theseira has a very serious point to make. <<

I can summarize what Prof Walt said in one pithy sentence:

The Sheeple Get The Cuntry They Deserve

Anonymous said...

Today's Singaporean core are locals, ie new citizens and PRs in politics and top management, in the banks and ministries.

Wait for the politicians to be ousted by the new citizens only then would they wake up.

b said...

Sg is a migrant country just like oz, nz, usa etc etc. If no migrants, sg is long gone. Politicians serve those that pay $$$, whether local or not.

Anonymous said...

Think that the Sinkies got the Garmen they deserves so don't complain anymore - KJ ( a Sinkapoorlang gave up & migrated to overseas ) , talented Sinkies mostly r migrated overseas, see how bad the situation.
Yesterday Min Ah Kang already announced no more streaming to the Sinkies education system after 4 decades, finally the whites elites seem to do some revamp juz b4 the erection ( it's a copy cat of the SsDeePee), maybe Ah Kang knew that no point stream here n there as ultimately Sinkies will be replaced by the FTrash in their future career life, its telling Sinkies go overseas la.

Anonymous said...

V 915am

Good morning sir.....

What can we do now!?

Just look around you.

Everyone smiling and everyone bochup!

Tell me what can you do now?

Vote opposition parties?

So tiny tiny city state, so many many opposition parties!

Anyway.....Where are they NOW?

Vote with both eyes closed?

You tell me lah! How? How?


Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans must be in charge, not fake Singaporeans, not instant Singaporeans whose loyalty is questionable." - RB.

There are already fake Singaporeans and instant Singaporeans in the government, everywhere. They have even infiltrated into the PAP's inner circle and the kitchen cabinet.

Moreover, other than the fake Singaporeans and instant Singaporeans whose loyalty is questionable, today even the loyalty of some of the top ministers in the kitchen cabinet is questionable. Persistently and continuously adopting the policies in favour of foreigners (foreign talents and foreign trash alike) is already a SELL-OUT, a clear indication of questionable loyalty to Singapore and Singaporeans. Perhaps those ministers in favour of foreigners have interests in foreign land such as investments and properties? Perhaps those same ministers might have been badly influenced by foreigners, fake Singaporeans, in the top government and banking positions?

I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hi 951am

U are not wrong!

Don't be so humble.

Early early sg is like that already liao.


Virgo49 said...

The Papies wouof never admitted their blunders.

All these wayang are Preplaned by their Parrots in appealing to the Minister to scrap the Streaming

Next day, wah straightaway had all the details lay out nicely in Parliament.

So brillant.No need 30 man years to plan the Blueprint.They knew that it is all wrong in the first place that created the Social Divide in Singapore.

Off topic: Png Eng Huat asked JT whether our CPF savings is like a FD and due to us when Maturity.

She answered Mr Png you are Right.
Why Png did not ask her further; then how come they are not returned to us aged 55 as agreed on Maturity.

Follow up lah like JBJ.

Anonymous said...

Read the Yahoo news today a local use forged certificates ( 1st Class Honour in Civil Engineering from Nus) to obtain 38 engineering jobs while he is only a PSLE qualified. Whoa a talented cheater local, tot he was a foreigner, local also cheat lah.
Not only the degree cert he forged, he also forged MOM Sup safety cert, GCE A level cert, driving license, woa a forgery master ( probably learn from the ah neh or foreigner) , was finally caught at Woodlands checkpoint when probably he wanted to run road.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Frog Outside Glass:

So you "question" the loyalty of ministers and foreigners?

I question the "value" and "ability" of people who question the govt and foreigners. It would seem to me that these "questionable" folks tend toover value their worth, and when reality bites, they don't fess up to their own shortcomings, choosing instead to BLAME the foreigners and the govt for "foreigner-centric" policy.

ATTRIBUTION BIAS --- a cognitive bias present in ALL humans.

When they "win", it is due to their diligence, intelligence, wisdom and savvy. When they "lose" it is always someone else's fault.

Anonymous said...

They don't invent the word 'TRAITOR' for no reason.

Another similar word is 'BETRAYAL'.

For now they only screamed betray when their personal interest is affected. National interest is not important. The interest of Singaporeans is not important.

You die your business.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, I agreed with you and I suggest that you go ahead to sodomize that dude.😀

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1006 "cheaters everywhere"

Whenever there is "gain" to be had in a system involving human actors, you can count on human nature to work as predicted.

Humans live in short timeframes, because "time" is a FINITE and thus valuable RESOURCE. Hence the idea of "short cuts", where some people will attempt to maximise their return for minimal or no expenditure of time and effort.

Therefore if there is value to be awarded for those who "qualify", there will be those who will game the system or just outrightly CHEAT and DEFRAUD the system and others in order to score a "win".

Clearly, this "fake qualifications" phenomenon is happening in Singapore, and it is THE GOVERNMENT to be blamed ENTIRELY for this.

Their failure to enact proper oversight, checking protocols, identity checking have made what began as a small problem into a much larger one. The solutionnnnnn is simple: implement hack-resistent methods of verification, and follow-up. That's it. SIMPLE.

Once that is in place, Singapore can rest easy as the foreigners who will be eventually granted permission to live and work in Singapore will be mongst the best less money can buy, which means the competition of over-priced whining locals is going to get even TOUGHER.

The moment you raise standards, quality goes up too.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, Anon 10.06

This clearly shows that the Sinkies Employers are just equally DUMB.

This guy is working in the Civil Engineeing Field not as a clerk where they can bluff their way in their jobs.

They don't discover that he is not qualified when given an assignment or project which required special enineering skills.

Real dafts sinkies indeed.

Also, for how you know he might be once a foreign trash.

Yahoo and ST loved to report Singaporeans on trials.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo:

Government mistakes:

In the private sector, you make a mistake, you take a financial loss or worst case, you go OUT OF BUSINESS.

Government makes a istake? No problem...tax payer pays for the mistake. Tomorrow business as usual...and often someone gets a PROMOTION , also funded by the taxpayer.

If you are the chenghu, cannot lose lah. If you are The Sheeple, you'll eventually be slaughtered to make "mutton curry" for others to makan 😂

Anonymous said...

Why do we need a Singaporean core, when we already have a PAP core?
- we also have the SAF core of army generals tio bo?

PAP is also Singaporean tio bo?
SAF is also Singaporean tio bo?

So what for we also need a Singaporean core?

To respectfully paraphrase KBW:
"If SINGAPOREANS cannot find jobs, what is the point?
You own a SINGAPOREAN i/c, but so what? That you can't eat it.
If that cannot give you a good life, a good job, it is meaningless,"


Virgo49 said...

Haha. Matilah, that's a Good One.

Loved your Real reasoning


Anonymous said...

Core Problems In Red Dot & of Singaporeans:
1. Incompetent & grossly over compensated politicians & paper scholars: Poor Value for money. Root is no real political competition. Fault lies with ignorant & fearful citizens. Our fear gets what we deserved.
2. Inexperienced & irrelevant but connected elite group kakis appointed to top fund management & GLCs positions. Kakistocracy at full speed & paper general meritocracy at work for the top jobs. Fault lies with Old Man & his Son & Eunuchs. But what can you expect, ownself, family & kakis 1st mah, normal selfish human nature. Old Man is worshipped like a god by eunuchs & propaganda.
3. Govt loves to collect money as much as possible in as many ways as possible, and play with them with half transparency & little real accountability. So overtime performance cannot be good but screwed. Very, very well paid and need not be globally competitive, and still have lots, lots of capital, and will not be really held accountable with a Big Boss protecting them with an iron-bowl no blame culture on top.

Its a gross failure of public service at the Top, but a home run for those on the Top, without any real downside risks on their part. This is the real Huat Ah!!!, and for Sinkies you die your own business. More FTs, more levies to squeeze and shake & shape u up all the time.

Solution: Be very competitive globally or be very brave to vote them out or be very contented & quiet or migrate to Thailand (single male) or Auzzie (middle income gp) or Penang (hokkien women), etc.

Anonymous said...

@RB says:

///Why must the serious pages of our main media be written by foreigners with their agenda that may not be to our national interests?///

Becoz sinkies dunno how to write serious stuff liao --- they can only write about football and also draw cartoons, especially those cartoons teaching sinkies that CPF is good, better, best!

Lee Con You already tekan those serious sinkies who can write serious stuff in the 1970s & 1980s. After that all these serious sinkies diam diam liao --- just focus on earning money and getting PR in Oz, or UK, or Canada, or US.

Anonymous said...

I can see a lot of not soooo
happy people here.

Gooooooood lah!

At least all of you can kpkb and kpkb here and let out your gas!

This is the best you all can do. Kpkb and kpkb! Nothing else!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Singaporean coders, hackers,nerds and geeks:

Outsourced and automated, AI-driven democracy (take out the human and human shortcomings)

RB hates algo traders (aka automated systematic trading) and HFTs. However there might be a place for data science and machine learning: DEMOCRACY.

Instaed of having POLITICIANS represent our preferences (which they eventually don't), why not create AIs to our own standards and let them (specially designed AI "politicians" who obey us, the creators) duke it out in "AI Parliament".

Surely this might be a better solution? We still have democracy...but the "representatives" are designed specifically to our preferences, needs, desires and requirements...and they will ALWAYS be "true" to us and not sell us out.

Democracy is such that not everyone gets "their way" everytime. Most of the time some "middle-ground compromise" is the outcome we all have to live with. But nothing is worse than a politician we CHOOSE to represent our positions not doing their job, because of political pressure or they are just weak in character or get "bribed" by some fucking lobbyist.

If those government fuckers can replace human workers with robots, we too should have the ability to replace those EXPENSIVE govt. "representatives" with a more effective and cheaper solution: ROBOTS.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.40

KBW is a ex-Malaysian Made Good in Singapore.

Previously, his Malaysian I/C is of no value to his Masters Bumis.
Cannot find jobs then as he said your I/C or citizenships is of no value to you. The Bumis do not give two hoots to them.

So now in Singapore made good either thru balls carrying or sucking now become ous Masters.

So, now he said the same thing. You hold Singapore I/C but cannot find jobs then what's the use.

Revenge is SWEET.

But he forgot that it is the Singaporeans fore generations who built up the Nation. Also, next Generations Singaporeans scratified thair lives to serve NS.

So how can they be holding Singapore I/C and no use cannot even have jobs as rightfully theirs?

So Sinkies had better be careful.

This is the Mentality of most Malaysians when they became your Masters

Speedwing said...

Don't worry, be happy, everything will turn out right.

Anonymous said...

/// If those government fuckers can replace human workers with robots, we too should have the ability to replace those EXPENSIVE govt. "representatives" with a more effective and cheaper solution: ROBOTS. ///
March 06, 2019 11:17 am

Don't you mean replacing the existing, EXPENSIVE robots with CHEAPER robots?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1130

Nice one!

These biological "robots" are defective. They're "fake robots" because they don't follow the "inputs"of their masters.

Knn, we pay you so much, you no listen ah? You're FIRED! 🤓

b said...

Sinkies must leave sg and colonise wa before wa colonise by others. Gov should also give a hand by creating job opportunities to sinkies in wa and attract more sinkies to wa. This is what happened when europeans colonised the rest of world.

Anonymous said...

Cow previously paid $8 for heart bypass.

Anybody know how much he paid for arm fracture? 80 cents or 8 cents?

Anonymous said...

Hi 1205

I guess....$o.88¢?


Anonymous said...

How abt PAP govt negotiate with Australia and offer free migration for Sinkies to Auz land, and we let them replaced us as much as possible? dreaming....

Virgo49 said...

Anon 12.05 and 12.12

This is how you made Good when you are in the Papies inner circles.

Operations first class straight away. Then follwed by Extensive Medical Leave.

Afterwards when you left the hospital, whole battalion of Drs and nurses will follow you like pet dogs out.

Virgo49 said...

And the Daft Sinkies do not realise that they are supposed to serve us and NOT us serving them.


Anonymous said...

Virgo why spent so much effort debating for what. Just proceed to sodomize them lar��

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ b

WA is going great --- if you're in the right business, away from the housing bubble and the downturn in China (WA's main customer).

However Youth Unemployment is higher than the national average, which itself is high.

As usual, journalists are almost as kayu as the govts who craft "economic policy" and blame everything under the sun, except themselves for lacking economic cow-sense.

The minimum wage for an 18 yr old is $16.07 per hour, or $509 per week, with 20% loading (annual leave) included. WTF? so fucking high. Who wants to pay an 18 year old with minimum or no experience fucking $16 an hour?? ��...unless they are super-productive (good luck with that), you have to be fucking nuts to employ young people at those wage rates, and not even get an equivalent (break even) in productivity for your company. e.g.: if you pay $16 and only get $8-10 productivity, you are a soon-to-be bankrupt.

If the youth (and everyone else's) labour rate was FREE MARKET, more people will be employed, although those at the bottom will earn quite little since they're not that productive.

Emigrate to WA? Ifyou're a greedy, over-valued, always-complaining, never-satisfied Singaporean wage earner, then yes. If you are a business owner deploying your own capital for your own enterprise...think carefully lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Singapore solves the youth unemployment problem by shoving all the 18 year old males into National Service and paying them a few hundred bucks a month, but they get free makan and medical and subsidized transport.

Therefore it is fair to say that NS pay sets the "benchmark" for how much an 18 year old is worth.

Anonymous said...

Govt finally scraps streaming, nearly four decades after Tan Cheng Bock criticised it in Parliament


Who says our PAP government does not listen to Singaporeans?
Who says PAP is not responsive?

Anonymous said...

18.00-20.99 year-old Sinkie males must serve NS but still cannot vote . . .

Anonymous said...

Chan Chun Sing: We need to take uncertainties in Malaysia very seriously so that economy is never held to ransom



If we don't have PAP Ministers like CCS to teach Singaporeans;
- how will we ever know that "We need to take uncertainties in Malaysia very seriously" ??

We need to continue to pay million dollar salaries for this type of valuable insights and vision.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 1.44 - Not debating lah!

Just Chastising the Papies and the Dafts.

Anyway, No interest in Soto Mee lah! Wah disgusting. Like Brochez and Ler-Husband And Wife?

Unnatural creatures -Females Ok lah! Males and Males- Chei???

Matilah, if Singapore Youths at 18 no need go NS you think they cannot earn more than $600.00 per month?

Many also need to supplement their poor families incomes. How can said ease the Unemployment Ratio.

Our times, most of us really need to go and work to supplement the families kitty. So many poor families and with "All" levels can be a Manager you know within a few years if you are
smart or shrew enough.

But only gets S$60.00 a month.

Worse than Harbour Board Causal laborers

Anonymous said...

So many traitors want to give Singapore to foreigners so they could live better now. The future generation can die never mind.

Anonymous said...

PAP listens to Singaporeans, but the only problem is they do not hear lah!

Anonymous said...


Don't be too happy when Sinkies are in-charge & asking the hard questions.

Walter Theseira is a long-time proponent of NOT using CPF money for housing. He blames this policy as one of the main reasons why CPF no enough.

In the recent Budget committee of supply debates, he propose PAP to setup a watchdog to look into this as well as other CPF issues.

Theseira also proposed a universal pension to be paid for those above a certain age e.g. 67 or 70, which should be big enough to support basic lifestyle, and also pegged to inflation rate. Oldies will love this if PAP adopts it. However younger ones may not be happy as Theseira himself acknowledged that some taxes may have to go up to provide this universal pension.

Video of his speech

MC said...

The PAP government's tragic failures:

1. The original aim of compulsory savings in order to enable the people to retire at age of 55 comfortably.

2. Providing low-cost affordable housing for the people according to their needs and income in a timely schedule (Equality).

3. Providing free education to each and every child in order to allow them to attain their full potential (regardless of race, language or religion).

4. Providing universal health care for each and every individual at affordable cost (not market price, and definitely not try to make money out of people's misery, such as insurance scams). (Equality).

5. Create and provide decent-paying good jobs for the people so that they can live a better life, one generation beter than the one before (Progress and Prosperity).

6. Many moree....... You care add on

Anonymous said...

The above now not true leh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Where is NTUC or MOM in all these? Is one waiting for the other to act? Our trade union and MOM must move ahead of the curve and not be languishing behind when fellow-Singaporeans are being exploited almost mercilessly by these profit-centred entities.

Take the case of the existing India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement “CECA” for example. This FTA literally opens the floodgate to the unrestraint flow of Indian professionals into our employment market to replace our own professionals. Over time, many cases of their “fake” qualification & expertise, and bad social-behaviours are beginning to surface, further compounding the issue, and in turn, eroded the Singapore brand....

When we realize that our working class is made up of our children, family members, relatives, loved ones, neighbours, friends, ex-schoolmates, religious-congregations, social groups, associates etc., can we remain silent in good conscience?

It is time for Singaporeans to wake up and start addressing this issue critically.

The above is posted in an article in TRE by Joseph Nathan