The Americans at their baddest best

The main media are quite reticent about the developments in Venezuela and the dirty parts played by the Americans to conduct regime change to bring down popularly elected President Maduro. The latest, all are options on the table, meaning an invasion and war. This is how lightly the evil Americans treat war, death and destruction of other countries and their people. The Americans are addicted to war.

After imposing trade sanctions against Venezuela to cripple its economy and bringing hardship to the Venezuelans, including destroying the value of its currency, it is now pressuring its allies to stop trading with Venezuela. India has been told to stop buying oil from Venezuela and the leverage, to remove India from the most favoured nation in trade with the US.

Is this what you called influencing the policies of another country? Is this not interfering with the domestic affairs of another country? How more bad things would the Americans do to convince the world that it is an Evil Empire? I think every country knows that but are living in fear that they would be next. So the next best thing to do, other than coming out openly to support the mischief of the Americans, is to shut up.

No country is going to tell the Americans that they are breaking all protocols and decency in international relations, not following the rule of law. No country would say anything in the name of rule of law when the world’s number One Outlaw is doing its evil best to destroy another country.

In the meantime the Venezuelan people are suffering from the sanctions with inflation running at record level, not due to mismanagement of Maduro but trade sanctions and the conspiracy of the white regimes to steal and rob their wealth, their oil, their assets and money in the western country’s banks. And the Venezuelan people did not have a clue who did it to destroy their country and their lives. And the western propaganda machine is putting all the blame on Maduro and praising the unknown CIA trained Guaido as the legitimate leader.

The latest, a week of nation wide blackout due to power failure done by you know who. People died. People that were hooked onto machine when their lives depended on power supply just died. Who were behind this? Maduro told his people he knew who did it. No need to guess. And who suffered from it? No need to guess. Who got blamed for it, Maduro of course.

Take heed, when the Evil Empire is at its baddest, the whole world cringed and hid themselves under the table, not to be seen or heard, or they would be the next victim of the Evil Empire. No one would be brave enough to open his big mouth to tell the Evil Empire to obey the rule of law based on principles.

Be frightened of the evil white men when they are out to kill and destroy. They are extremely vicious and hostile, and very destructive at their best.

How many idiots out there still claiming that the Americans are peace loving people, to be invited to be the policemen of the world, the guardian of peace, not the perpetrators of wars?


Anonymous said...

Why is Singapore so quiet about this whole affair? Maybe the Singaporean Government does not read the news. Maybe RB should educate the Parliament.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 8.46

Singapore Parliament is quiet because she is listed under The Crony-Capitalism Index as number Four (4). Number One very soon.

Sources: Forbes :IMF; The Economist.

Malaysia and Singapore are Ranked 2nd and 4th Respectively in the Crony Capitalism Index of 2016.

What is Crony Capitalism ?

"Crony capitalism abounds when governnment leaders, usually in exchange for political support routinely bestow favours on private-secfor individuals or businesses. That is not capitalism"

It is called CORRUPTION



Anonymous said...

Blood thirsty Americunts!

Starting a war in their own backyard. Hope Putin gives them a bloody nose.

Anonymous said...

No lah Americuns not as bad as Lightning Goon-Jinx Pair leh.
Ex ENGINEER, with big fake balls, big gambler with nation's money retiring, and replacing with 2 ex-lawyers. The top appointments of lightning old-boys, pappies, engrs, lawyers PLAYing big time with global seasoned fund managers & speculators....TELL US HOW TO WIN? how not to buy high sell low???
This red dot got no experienced expert fund managers meh???
This is Baddest for sinkies.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.11

Like America 9.11 kena B737Max on Twin Towers.

See so rich also no use.Scared of own shadows and people harmed them.

Driver just curious the BOY and took video of him and they ran wild make Police Report on him.

Aiyo, like them very chaim. See shadows also shake in fears.

Got monies also no peace.

That's why I said Best make a fortune, just lie incognito, be humble and people think you poor and enjoy your life.

Cannot even go to the City 7Above the Clouds and Geylang to see China girls.

Poor souls.

Anonymous said...

How come Shamemugam never stand up in the Parliament to say things as he used to say, e.g. "We do not apologise for our stand in ......"?

The silence by all the ministers is deafening. Silence means consent. That means the present PAP leadership agrees and support US Aggressions and Intimidation of another country. Where is the frequently uttered, hue and cry, rule of law? International Lawa? Or international laws only apply to China?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ War Stocks shoot to the moon!

Unfortunately, Trumpis not a war hawk. He fights with and insults people, but compared to Clinton, The Bushes and Obama, he's been very restrained with using the American military to invade and occupy other people's shithole cuntries.

Venezuela is an opportunity for Trump to change, and to senf the military in to invade and occupy the place, give the people "foreign aid", commandeer the oil,and install a puppet dictator...a process known as "American democracy export program".

C'mon Mr Trump, do your thing and send the war stocks to the moon. Plus, y'all need to "keep practicing" if you are ever going to stand up to China. China has increased its power and military might, in case you fuckers haven't noticed.

b said...

Ya loh. Everything blame the americans. No need to blame those corrupt rulers (maduro, papists, ceo, cfo, etc) who spent the people money like water, isit?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo,

As this shit-storm continues, it seem that Brenton Tarrant the "alleged" shooter, is emerging as the "winner". Of course ISIS is going to be pissed off. That's one of the ideas lah...

On 4 and 8 chan /pol/ (the politically incorrect board) they are calling him "Saint Brenton". The horrific video has been sliced and diced in keeping with the internet's "remix culture" to yield all manner of jokes, hero-worship, with cartoons being spliced in, and funny music and narration being added in the soundtrack.

It won't be long when one of these "free speech activists" make a video game. 1st person shooter, of course.

Anonymous said...

.. con't from Part 2 (18 Mar, 10.26pm)

Part 3

In Part 2, it is stated:

"BOTAKNOMIC can call PIC by any other name but it is still plain vanilla capital accumulation exercise coupled with reversed Robin Hood socially regressive policy?"

As our designated future PM used to relate after his former boss passing in 23 Mar 2015, the late founding PM like to ask the piercing 2-letter word:


The PIC scheme is done not without leaving behind at least two major problems for future generations (which basically is typical of the irresponsible behaviour of opportunistic politicians kicking of the can further down the road for future generations to clean the shit?) ?

The short term boost to the GDP growth of the Botaknomic PIC scheme is not without lo(ooooo)ng term costs?

The problem with capital accumulation driven growth is best personified in the example of the production of a laptop or construction of an MRT line.

The more the capital accumulated, the bigger the future problems and such issues are often glossed over or neglected in eCONomics textbooks or courses?

Assuming say n numbers of profitable firms received approval for PIC funding. Assuming the fund paid for by taxpayers including the GST collected from the poor and reimbursed to these firms from the government kitty amounted to $3,000,000,000 and all are used to purchase new laptops.

What will happen to this $3,000,000,000 in the 2nd year onwards?

Similarly, say in the case of Japan. To stimulate the economy, after the current PM came back to power in late 2012, he implemented the famous Abenomics or the so called 3 arrows economic stimulus policy to revive the ailing Japanese economy which was since 1990 more often than not on perpetual life support in the ICU after its implosion?

The current Japanese public debt is at about 300% of GDP and still growing. But what happened to the original goal of bringing about sustainable lo(oooo)ng term growth in their economy?

The temporary boost to GDP growth came in the first 3 years after Abenomics was implemented to jump-start the ICU prone Japanese economy but at diminishing growth rate each year. By the 4th year the economic growth was non-existent and another round of steroid... Oops... Abenomics was injected into the economy to artificially support it from falling into a coma in the ICU?

If this cycle persists, how many more rounds of steroid... Oops... Abenomics can the Japanese economy undergo?

Now back to PIC. How many years of boost to the GDP growth did it bring about? Botaknomics is more potent than Abenomics?

If the fate of Botaknomics PIC was worst than Abenomics 3 arrows economic stimulus policy, what is the future implication on growth?

How about the new funding? Where is it coming from? The poor again? GST need to be raised from 7% to at least 9%?

If the full mathematical economic explanation is laid out here, easily at least 50% of the MSN oldie readers might "faint" and the ambulance services inundated with countless emergency calls?

With this vicious cycle, will GST stop at just 9% for future generations?

Assuming Angkor has a grandchild now and he is in preschool and barely 3 years old. Now all his expenses incur a 7% GST. Before he goes to P1 when he reaches 7-yo, the GST rate probably is at 9%? When he finishes his air-level at 18-yo and enlist for national slavery,... Oops... service, how many percent would the GST be? Still at 9% or much higher (9+T)%?

Think about the future generations. What is going to happen to them? If by 18-yo, he/ she is facing a GST of (9+T++)%? By the time he/ she reaches Angkor current age of 70-yo in 67 years time, how many rounds of GST increase would he need to bear? 10 rounds? By then, how high would the GST be? 30% or even higher?

To be continued in Part 4 .....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ burn the fucking world, now! Reset everything!:


If youove read Brenton's "manifesto", you'll notice that he's an accelerationist.

Anonymous said...

To: b @940
There is valid blaming and unfair blaming. The RB article is focused on a very real event which by right should have gotten international attention and critique, and should also trigger mass demonstrations against imminent American invasion and direct political interference in an (oil rich) country Venezuela. But no, mainstream media from the Ang moh countries all pretend nothing bad is happening, Fox reporter Trish Regan, especially churns out Extremely biased views condemning Venezuela corruption and extolling the virtues of Trump's ongoing evil venezuela strategy.
As RB pointed out, Venezuela is in bad shape because USA in 2018 imposed sanctions and crippled their economy. Now USA say they are sending aid to them. (Just like pap increase in taxes, then after that gives gst vouchers, but then we are all operating within Singaporean boundaries, whereas USA is whacking and entire external country!).
Fortunately China and Russia is strongly supporting Maduro, and Regime Change strategy of USA is retarded to some extent.
You may say Maduro is also a bad guy. Look, in politics, there is no such thing as good or bad guy. The most important thing is , you must respect a country's sovereignity. Maduro was legally elected last year. The opposition Mr Quaido boycotted the election and after said Maduro election was faked. What kind of proof? International observers also never had proof! Quaido Suddenly declared himself interim president, and UK, France, etc agreed, whilst China and Russia disagreed. It's very big news you know? Singapore is so pathetic, it's news reader recently was caught saying "china.. one of the few countries still supporting Maduro..". Heck, this is hell of a subtle support for illegitimate puppet USA buffoon Juan Quaido.
It is like, say, Tan Cheng Book suddenly declared himself President, then USA come in and said yes to Tan Cheng Bok. At the end of the day,this is a local matter. USA get lost,mind your own business.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Alamak!

Aiyoh China! Don't piss off ISIS lah!


Anonymous said...

Both Russia and China have increased their military power and prowess in the last two decades.

USA has been busy conducting heinous wars and executing covert venomous operations for regime change. Until the cuntry is bankrupt many times over. But keep printing banana money to service its humongous debts and cover-up foreign exchange deficits.

Trump knows it's not sustainable. Therefore, used MEGA (Make Americans Grieve Again) to reign in the economy - cut costs, reduce unnecessary spending, increase jobs and productivity, collect protection money from allies like Japan and South Korea and NATO.

Trump is eyeing Venezuela because of her vast reserves of oil and gold. Venezuela is actually a very rich country. What you read in the news about Venezuelans suffering from hunger is all bullshits generated by Evil Empire USA's propaganda Adolf Hitler psychological warfare machine.

The invasion of Venezuela is imminent.

Anonymous said...


ITA, my favourite war stocks ETF, is retesting its 200d MA & looks to be successfully holding. No thanks to Boeing in the last 2 weeks hahaha!!! Anyway BA is now in a holding pattern (no pun intended) while they put in resources to fix the mess.

I also exited half my punt into gun stocks last night for a small 4%-6% kopi money. Let the other half continue running -- still showing +ve upside trend.

Anonymous said...

Hi WSG 121

You must be an expert in trading of stocks!

Any tips leh?

Good for you!


Anonymous said...


Wah yew so clever one. Must have made a lot of money. Now billionhairs already?

Anonymous said...

"Although we hired foreign management, MAS still faced losses. Therefore, one of the options is to sell," Dr Mahathir said.

Sell your Malaysian Airlines now shares if you have.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:34pm

Nope I'm still a poor millionaire. Not everyone has the temperament & patience to grow wealth using stocks. Took me 20+ yrs.

If today is 1950, my amount of portfolio would make me filthy rich. But today in 2019 it just provides for comfortable work-free living.

Anonymous said...

War = buy gold and oil stocks.

Anonymous said...

The whole world, especially small countries, must be united and take on the Evil Empire. If there is a will there is a way.

Anonymous said...

RB in his article mentioned that the "Venezuelan people did not have a clue who did it to destroy their country and their lives."
This is not true. Venezuela people are not necessarily stupid bo-chup citizens like Singaporeans. They know that Chavez (predecessor of Maduro) carried out reforms which boosted the economy of V. But they also know Maduro the successor designate (just like LHL) isn't as capable, and the Americans are enlarging his incapability to create more tension so that an American puppet president may be soon pushed in forceably to rule venezuela and giving concessions to American oil companies..John Bolton openly admited it would be great if USA could exploit the oil reserves in venezuela!.
Thanks to youtube videos, you can actually see that many venezuelans love their country and dislike American influence. Yes they know their history and evil politics of USA imperialism. They are willing to die for Maduro because Maduro is a symbol of anti-colonialism, and any other misdemeanor of Maduro is not relevant. Keeping their country truly venezulan is better than succumbing to USA imperialism.
RB is mistaken to assume that Venezuelans don't know. However within venezuela itself there are factions which benefit from supporting Americans, and they are usually the Elite the rich people who care more about money than country.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Although we hired foreign management, MAS still faced losses. Therefore, one of the options is to sell," Dr Mahathir said.

Sell your Malaysian Airlines now shares if you have.
March 20, 2019 3:43 pm

Just like Spore hiring foreign coaches. When the players have bad attitude, just like the MAS workers, no amount of foreign coaches or management can turn them around.

Right decision to sell, sell all bumi companies.

Anonymous said...

.. con't from Part 3 (20 Mar, 10.23am)

Part 4
In Part 3, it is noted:

"Think about the future generations. What is going to happen to them? If by 18-yo, he/ she is facing a GST of (9+T++)%? By the time he/ she reaches Angkor current age of 70-yo in 67 years time, how many rounds of GST increase would he need to bear? 10 rounds? By then, how high would the GST be? 30% or even higher?"

Imagine a current 70-yo sinkie bean has to foot a 30% GST for every single purchase he makes every day including his very first meal in the morning? Even pang sai or PJ first thing in the morning he /she also has to kena at least 30% GST on top of all the extra tax levies and excise duties such as water borne tax...?

How is life going to be by then for your grandchildren when they are 70-yo?

What kind of future has you given them?

What kind of legacy?

Is it better or much worst than what your ah gong and ah ma left behind for yew?


It was so easy for Botaknomics and Laogonomics to claim all the credit and kick the can down the road?

When was GST started and at how many percent?

3% @ 1 April 1994 under the chatao Laogonomics?

Under Botaknomics, GST was jacked up twice till 7%?


How many billions of GST collection was spent on BOTAKNOMICS PIC?

What was the fate of Botaknomics PIC?

Was it any better than Abenomics three -arrows economic stimulus policy?

As far as Laogonomics and Botaknomics selfish and self-centred thinking, just think of eat eat eat and feel very shiok?

Dun care what happen after that to future generations?

Leave the consequences of pang sai and the disposal of the massive shit from the current feasting and eating binge to future generations???


Botaknomics PIC on paper painted such a beautiful picture, VERY good de ...

Billions of GST collection here, billions of GST collection there ...

Botaknomics PIC... how many billions only... sap sap water...


Aiya... Capital accumulation very important la to drive GDP growth... Just build build build spent spent spent?

Just kick the cans down the road lor ...?

So easy?

MRT just spend the billions and billions build build build lor...

No need worry de... ?

Capital accumulation got no future problem, no worries ...?

If MRT lines cumulatively costs $200 billion, no worries, there won't be any need for future massive taxes to pay for at least yearly 10% depreciation (wear and tear, and thus maintenance costs?

No need set aside at least 10% each year for capital depreciation (wear and tear) and maintenance?

The PIC computerisation once spent can last forever?

No need work in next 5 to 20 years of capital depreciation and maintenance?

Money not enough for PIC maintenance how?

Easy lah...

Got ATM mah...

Walking ATM lah...

The lao ah pek, lao ah ma confirmed everyday need to pang sai, eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, take lo(ooooo)ng term medication etc etc?

All these are $$$ leh????

Every dollar they spent just levy x% GST jiak baey liao lo...?

Easy peezy?

Just tax and spend?

No need crack their brains on what drive sustainable lo(ooooo)ng term economic growth?

After GKS stepped down, never bother to look for new engine of growth?

Just make motherhood statement based on Botaknomics can le?

The future of the younger generation has never been brighter after the bouts of economic (mis)management under Laogonomics and Botaknomics?

Goal2010 not only never materialise but now in 2019 Laogonomics envisaged FOREIGN TALENTED team's FIFA ranking is now double that in 1998 (from 90th to 180th) which is near the bottom behind even traditional Balik kampung countries like Cambodia?

To be continued in Part 5 .....

Anonymous said...

USA has evacuated all its diplomatic corp personnel and their families from Venezuela. In addition, US President Trump has ordered all US Airlines to cease flying to Venezuela. These two actions are very clear indications that a military aggression, offensive, invasion to rape and rob Venezuela is imminent.

US's military built-ups in Brazil, Colombia and Puerto Rico have been completed.

The one-week black-out of the entire country of Venezuela was a covert operation conducted by CIA agents and operatives, using local people trained by CIA, and members of a SEAL Team. This is a rehearsal to test the effectiveness of the sabotage to cripple the communication systems (both military and civilian) of Venezuela in the event of an invasion.

The invasion of Venezuela will be executed in six phases:

Phase I - Raids and sabotage to cripple command, control and communication of civilian leadership and military commanders.

Phase II - Destruction of Anti-aircraft weapons and radar systems.

Phase III - Air Offensive to achieve air superiority for the purpose of air support for the ground troops.

Phase IV - A three-prong attack by the army and marines on Venezuela, with the aim of capturing the capital, key military installations and the oil fields.

Phase V - The destruction of the Venezuelan Armed Forces and/or forcing an unconditional surrender.

Phase VI - Mopping-up operations to capture the political leadership, especially President Maduro, his family members and his lieutenants.

After that, the US military forces will administer and maintain security in Venezuela until a civilian government headed by the US puppet Usurper Guaido is in place.

Russia and China cannot do anything. They are too slow, too late, too little, too weak and too reluctant to help thebVenezuela people.

The Evil US Empire is still King, albeit an Evil King.

Anonymous said...

Part 5

Capital accumulation without certain "ingredients " is a dead END?





--- THE END ---


Anonymous said...

Above commenter said "Russia and China cannot do anything. They are too slow, too late, too little, too weak and too reluctant to help thebVenezuela people.".
I just came across below article written by Chinese (not USA ), it stated that actually China is bleeding billions of dollars from unfulfilled businesses dealings with Maduro administration due to corruption in the last few years. The article quoted a Chinese source giving an official statement which clearly has a nuance of change in stand of support of Maduro. According to the article, working with Quaido may be a better business value proposition, and Quaido has actually contacted China to offer some goodies too, so it is not just the Americans who will benefit if Maduro is toppled. Please click below links. Any comments?

Linkwhy China may no longer object to regine change in Venezuela


Anonymous said...

Western propaganda in support of putting the traitor of the Venezuelan people, the US puppet Usurper Guaido is very widespread. That is sheer fake news. China has openly denied that the most hated person in Venezuela, the CIA-trained spy known as Usurper Guaido has never contacted China nor the China Government ever want to have any dealings with such a TRAITOR, who doubled-cross his own people (means he can also double-cross others).

CIA seems to be plotting the assassination of this Traitor Guaido and blame it oc President Maduro or his Military Commanders. Then use this ss sn excuse to invade Venezuela.

So, China is not that stupid to deal with a known traitor and a potential dead man.

Don't subject yourself to one sided propaganda. Better to read widely, covering three sides of any issue - left, centre and right; or pro, neutral and against. In academic terms, they say Thesis, Anti-thesis and Synthesis.

However, for those who are inclined to side with the White Supremacists led by Dictator Dotard Trump and the Evil Empire, their heads are already burried in the desert sands. So, it is very unlikely that they would accept other viewpoints. It's similar to casting pearls to swines.

Anonymous said...

The official China website actually did mention that Geng Shuang China spokesman did actually did not deny that they have been in contact with Quaido. Take a read below, 1Feb press conference:
Q: I have two questions. First, is the Chinese government now in contact or has it had any contact in the past with Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido or any of his associates? And the second question is, is China concerned that if Guaido takes power, his government will try to renegotiate or refuse to pay Venezuela's outstanding debt to China?
A: Regarding your first question, China has made clear its position on the situation in Venezuela. So instead of repeating it here, I'd like to stress that the Chinese side has been in close communication with all parties in various ways on the situation in Venezuela. We stand ready to work with all parties to promote peace talks and create favorable conditions for the proper settlement of this issue.

As for the debt issue you asked about, China-Venezuela relations are normal state-to-state relations. Our practical cooperation has been long-standing and is based on equality, mutual benefit, common development and commercial principles. It complies with laws and regulations and should be above any harm no matter how the situation may evolve. Upholding the principle of equality, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation and common development, China will continue to boost its exchanges and cooperation with Venezuela in various fields.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 20, 2019 4:56 pm
>>>>>Just like Spore hiring foreign coaches. When the players have bad attitude, just like the MAS workers, no amount of foreign coaches or management can turn them around.

Right decision to sell, sell all bumi companies.<<<<<<<


Are you cursing Matland or the PAPigs?

Analytically sinkieland thrive in entrepot trade since day one with blessings from its strategic geographical position?

Yet the management still COULDN'T make use of such overwhelming advantage as well as that of a shipping hub with more than one trillion worth of goods of its own shipped in and out, and lost its sea-based crown jewel namely NOL within a few years?

How pathetic can a record get?

It is a matter of time other GLC could end in same fate?

It is clear as DAYLIGHT the problems plaguing the future viability of sinkieland just as what RB saw in the moribund local stock market?

After 50+ years of nation building and possessing so called world class universities as boasted by many uni professors, sinkieland still couldn't find a handful of people capable to run its handful of companies?

So WHAT were our WORLD CLASS uni training all these years?

Some duds?

What was old man doing all these years before his passing in 2015?


Oh, he lo(ooooo)ng ago already passed the baton in 1990 to one lanky chatao who dropped the baton and now sinkieland and GOAL2010 are in such pathetic state?

Chatao paid himself millions and millions and also squandered arguably billions on the local football scene and after coming up empty handed, he just abandoned GOAL2010 like that?

Just get up, pat his backside and walk away?

As for the local stock market, employing the foreign guy some years back to head SGX leading to the current conundrum could have been the beginning of the end and now too little too late already even if he is being sacked by not renewing his tenure in recent years?

The damage is done?

For local football, there were so many foreign players beside the foreign management but as each year passes, under Mabok Tan S League stewardship and Laogoa miscarriaged GOAL2010 fiasco, the local football FIFA ranking got worse and now is near the bottom? 180+th ranking out of about 200 nations?

Anonymous said...

...continue from above

Before Laogoa used the 1998 French World Cup winning multi-national team to CON the daft and sold them the idea to open the leg big big and let open the flood gate, the local football FIFA ranking was in the top 100 and arguably the best in the region?

Now even the worst footballing nation in the region such as Cambodia also cannot beat?

When the problems plaguing the local football scene is so clear as daylight, people chose to look the other way and trying to find the root cause looking down and counting their pubic hair or worst stick their head like the ostrich into the sand thinking nobody can see the problem or their body sticking out like sore thumb from the sand?

Just like NOL and the local football team, there is only that much time yew can backstop and sweep the obvious problems under the carpet?

How lo(ooooo)ng more can sinkieland hang on?

Just less than 4 years that old man departed and problems are popping up like overnight mushroom?

In the 2011 erection, was it not Admiral Lui Tuck Yew who said at a rally that they are the rainforest trees and Mr Teochew, Aung Juan Soon Chee are the overnight mushrooms after the rain?

Where is Lui Tuck Yew now?

Can he come out to clarify who is the rainforest tree and who are the overnight mushrooms ?

How come in 2011 he said they are the rainforest trees but now it is only 2019 and he was lo(ooooo)ng gone from the political scene?

Who was the mushroom?

Incidentally Mr Teochew, Aung Juan Soon Chew etc are still hanging in there despite all the stumbling blocks they have to face and overcome all these years?

Talk is cheap?

Trying to talk their way out of their problems like Anon 4.56pm and sweep under the carpet is self defeating and not unlike the ostrich sticking its head under the sand?

How can sinkieland and sinkies have any future if that is the approach to problems such as GOAL2010 and NOL?

Just get up, pat their backsides and leave the future generations to clean the shit left behind?

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 5.00

Excellent summary of what's actually happened in Sinkieland.

You left out mentioning that the Football foreign talents even fixed matches and one even absonded without our first class Cardboard officers and our ICA knowing. Maybe to save embrasswments to many others involved who may be PAPies cronies.


Anonymous said...

@virgo49 March 21, 2019 7:11 am
"Hi Anon 5.00

Excellent summary of what's actually happened in Sinkieland.

You left out mentioning that the Football foreign talents even fixed matches and one even absonded without our first class Cardboard officers and our ICA knowing. Maybe to save embrasswments to many others involved who may be PAPies cronies.


Uncle Virgo 49,

You are wrong!

The best articles written so far in MSN summarising and documenting the real world problems are those written by none other than the lo(ooooo)ng time resident of MSN namely Matilah Singapura.

His Lo(ooooo)ng fan namely Patriot is not stupid or senile but spot on too for idolising Matilah Singapura.

Even his moniker "Matilah Singapura " speaks volume of his foresight and wisdom. (This fellow most likely is born in the Year of Monkey. Usually these people like the late Mrs Lee Juan Yew are very bright and intuitive. They can smell an opportunity even if it is hundreds of miles away.) By his moniker, obviously back then more than 20 years ago, he could see vividly the demise?

If you have a few weeks of patience and persistence, during your free time you can read through whatever MS had posted since 2006 in MSN.

He is the one who is spot and calling a spade a spade?

What is the name of that spade?

"Matilah Singapura"?


Anonymous said...

To the old generation, probably the echo of "Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!" in the podium at the Padang in 1959 reverberate in their head?

What about the younger generation?

In 2019 (60 years after attaining self-government, what reverberates in their head everyday when they drag their weary bodies out of the bed to face the world, face tommorow ,face the future?






Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ War Stocks Guy,

Hey man. I must thank you for giving me that final “push” to get me back into the markets, after missing out on an 11 year bull, due to my “gun shyness” after having lost a bundle.

Thankfully, the Aussie fund managers who handle my pension fund have delivered 8%+ so at least all is not lost. However, if I was doing it right on my own, I could have boosted my wealth substantially if I invested in the market. Oh, well, hindsight bias is always 100% correct, but that’s all in the past now.

Started an account with a 0% brokerage Aussie mob called “Stake” which does US stocks. They beat Robin Hood to the punch into the Aussie market. RH, with its backing from Google, just couldn’t get their shit together, and so the Aussie millennial startup-upstart Stake got to the market --- which is huge.

I don’t know a damn thing about Singapore’s SGX or what public companies are like in Singapore. Until about 1990 I didn’t even know what “remisier” was. Singapore, Malaysia and France are the only places using this arcane term. The rest of the world uses “stockbroker”. Anyway, back to Singapore...and Malaysia. I looked at the MCSI ETFs, and found that both Singapore and Malaysia are quite cheap now.

As for ITA, I see that they’re ~ 19% Boeing exposure. And Boeing is tanking again. But I think that ITA is “expensive”, although it appears that historically this is one solid ETF.

I’ve looked at Singapore REITs too. I’ve noticed that Temasek part-owned public companies are dominant in the REITs as well as the MCSI indexes for Singapore. I have no idea what this means.

Anyway, thanks again! Happy investing mate!

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura is one learned person who probably has read through the whole sets of the Britainica and Americana Encyclopedias, Wikipedia, Google and any literatures he has got time to spend on.
Patriot had revealed he is a lower secondary school dropout. Hence, is not in the same league as MS.
He was jeered and sneered by the owner of MSN for being a security guard and even taxi driver sees him no up.
He himself had also said that he lives by intuition as he lacks the intellect and education.
MS and Patriot share much on their view about the prospect of the barren rock.
lt is likely due to their intimate living experiences as they belong to the same generation. The intellect level is different, however, they have similar experiences.
lf their pronouncement is anything of substance and material, this tiny rock is heading for doom.
Just think about it; how do an intellect and an intuitive being can have such an uncanny reading of their own country.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1032

You are very mistaken. I consider myself a very very average guy, nothing special. This is not a "humble boast", it is something I know.

It is not “what” you know or “how smart” you think you are. IMO it comes down to your own process: HOW you think. How you develop original ideas from the available data...which everybody else already knows I’m a perennial student on meta cognition, or “thinking about thinking”. I doubt anyone interested in meta cognition will ever arrive at “the end”.

I read between 50 & 80 non fiction books a year. But compared to many of the people I admire, I’m very below average. They do over 100 books a year (or more), or about 2 a week.

Patriot is one guy who claims to be “average” himself, but he is able to think quite clearly. I say this about people whose “ideas” I find original and they don’t spout the same-o-same-o as the crowd, but develop ideas of their own, or re-interpret known ideas in their way.

Please don’t think I’m anyone “special”. I assure you I’m not. 😂 ...and I’m very comfortable with that!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1032

Living by “intuition” is great, but “intuition” is actually learned --- through exposing yourself to years and years of “data” until you don’t have to think and analyse so much. You just know, or at least can give a damn good “guessimate”.

Classical learning can blind you to what is really happening. You tend to go back to text book and “analyse” the situation thru fixed models, mostly developed by ivory-tower intellectuals who are out of touch with the average Jo & Jane’s life, and have no fucking clue on the existential experience of how it is to be just one of the citizens going about their normal, “non-elite” lives.

In other words, if you are a book-learned person without street smarts, or practice in real world situations (lots and lots of them over long periods of time...your lifetime), you are just an Educated Fool.

The world is full of educated fools. They seem to know everything about everything. Everyone of them is hell bent on proving how “right” they are. Not one of them even bothers to consider the possibility of ”What if I’m wrong?” or ever think of ”There are UNKNOWN unknowns here. I’d better be a bit more careful”

The age of “knowledge” is over lah. everyone has Google/ Wikis in their pocket. The amount of NEW data produced every second of everyday exceeds anything humankind has experienced in the past. New data generated daily exceeds all the data generated in tens of thousands of years by earlier human civilizations.

Therefore is comes down to HOW WE USE this massive, growing amount of information, available to us anywhere, anytime. It must come down to PROCESS: HOW we think...and there’s nothing faster and more efficient than INTUITION...despite the obvious pitfalls. Since the nature of the world is changing so fast, so too does one’s intuition have to change to keep up and still be “accurate”.

No one has a monopoly of knowing everything at all times. Even on subjects they are trained in and more knowledgeable than the average layperson.

Anonymous said...

10.32am //MS and Patriot share much on their view about the prospect of the barren rock.//

Ha ha ha

What is funny is what rings in Patriot's head nowdays?

Merdeka or Matilah?

Anonymous said...

Since he is the Merdeka Generation as he is born in 1950?

Tiger Vs Monkey (1956 Matilah Singapura)?

In Chinese astrology, this is a deadly combination?

Maciam Aung Juan Soon Chee (1962) now combined force with BP (1968)?

In Greece , it didnt work for Alexandra Tsipras and he broke up with his economics professor after a couple of months of becoming the PM. SAME SAME TIGER AND MONKEY COMBI.

Anonymous said...

Matilda is Agongkia's idol and they both share a similar interest.
Patriot is a fan of Matilda as they share similar outlook for Singapore.

Gabbage Collector said...

American Empire or Absurdity Empire - Part 1

Uncle Sam has been putting up an elaborate charade to deny that it is a Global Empire, with the selfish desire to control, dominate and own or dictate to the world.

US senior policymakers repeatedly argued that the US can’t be an empire. They said, "Unlike the Romans and the British, America doesn’t annex territories outright." It did! And is about to do it again on Venezuela.

The US has moved from conquest, colonization, and annexation to the subtle form of Imperialism over the last two decades. Both Democrats and Republicans Presidents have used a range of tools: economic, military, political, and covert CIA operations to topple regimes, instigate coups, and starve foreign civilians en mass. Bullying foreigners and overturning uncooperative regimes have become a US President's compulsive personal hobby.

Uncle Sam, for a few more fleeting years, still can boast of being the world’s number-one economy, dominate the world with more than a thousand military bases, and its military still outspends the next ten competitors combined. Nonetheless, what constitutes the real story of 2019, is this:

The American Empire can’t seem to accomplish anything anymore, can’t seem to bend anybody to its will. It is a sad Shakespearean comedy with tragic ending. It is an Empire of Absurdity.

Today, USA, the ugly-looking oversized Hulk with sour-grape red-eyes and weakening green-back, the shameless bully, still stomps and struts about trying to grin as well as bite with its huge smelly rotten teeth, but most of the world simply ignores it.

Make no mistake, Washington hasn’t done trying, It is still happy to keep throwing good money and blood at bad decisions - to the tune of a cool $6 trillion, 7,000 military deaths, and 500,000 foreign deaths, excluding more than 250,000 collateral-damage innocent civilians. But what has it all been for? The world is no safer, global terror attacks have increased and more widespread, and Uncle Sam just can’t seem to achieve any of its preferred policy goals.

Gabbage Collector said...

American Empire or Absurdity Empire - Part 2

After all the overt and covert military adventures, what has the US achieved?

1. Russia and Iran have "won" in Syria;
2. The Taliban and Pakistan are about ready to "win" in Afghanistan;
3. Iran is more influential than ever in Iraq;
4. The Houthis won’t quit in Yemen;
5. Moscow is keeping Crimea;
6. Libya remains unstable;
7. North Korea is not giving up its nukes;
8. China’s power continues to grow in the South China Sea.

No amount of American cash, no volume of our soldiers’ blood, no escalation in drone strikes (from 50 to 506 a year) or the conventional bombing of brown people, has favorably changed the maths in any of these regional conflicts.

What does this tell us?

Quite a lot, I’d argue – but not what the neoliberal/neoconservative alliance of pundits and policymakers are selling. See for these unrepentant militarists the problem is always the same: Washington didn’t use enough force, didn’t spend enough blood and treasure. So is the solution: more defense spending, more CIA operations, more saber-rattling, and more global military interventions?

No, the hard truth is as simple as it is disturbing to red-blooded peoples. To wit, the United States (of Invaded America) – or any wannabe hegemonic aspirant – simply doesn’t possess the capability to shape the world in its own image. See those pesky locals – Arabs, Asians, Muslims, Slavs – don’t know what’s good for them, don’t understand (obviously) that there is a secret American zipped inside each of their very bodies, ready to burst out if given a little push, and don't want busy-body foreigners to tell them what to do!

It turns out that low-tech, cheap insurgent tactics, when combined with impassioned nationalism, can bog down the "world’s best military machine" indefinitely. They know the US all-volunteer military and consumerist economy can’t ultimately absorb the potential losses a prolonged war would demand. Even scarier is the logical extension of all the accumulated failures: the efficacy of US military in the world.

Cabbage Collector said...

American Empire or Absurdity Empire - Part 3

Rather than recognize the limits of American military, economic, and political power, Bush II, Obama, and now Trump, have simply dusted off the old playbook. It’s reached the level of absurdity under the unhinged regime of Donald John Trump.

Proverbially, blasting Springsteen’s "Glory Days" as its foreign policy soundtrack, Trump and his hawks of hawks team have doubled down, even more bold and shameless. Heck it, if We can’t get it our way in the Middle-East, Africa, Europe, or Asia, why not venture into our own Hemisphere, our traditional sphere of influence – South and Central America?

The Lunacy of the Current Venezuela Controversy

Trump’s hungry hawks saw a golden opportunity in this backwater socialist state, rich in gold bullions and vast reserves of petrol. Surely here, in nearby Monroe Doctrine country, Uncle Sam could get his way? Just topple the Maduro regime, and crown the ever-ready-to-sell-out-his-own-country Juan Guaido (young man in a hurry), the insurgent groomed and trained by CIA. Nothing new. It’s early 20th century Yankee Imperialism reborn. Everything seemed perfect. Trump could recall the specter of America’s tried and true enemy – "evil" socialism – cynically (and absurdly) equating Venezuelan populism with some absurd Cold War Era existential threat to the US (of Invaded Americas).

The idea that Venezuela presents a challenge on the scale of Soviet Russia is actually madness. What’s more, and this is my favorite bit of irrationality, we were all recently treated to a game of "I know you are but what am I?" from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who (with a straight face) claimed Cuba, tiny island Cuba, was the real "Imperialist" in Venezuela.

Next, in a move reminiscent of some sort of macabre 1980’s theme party, Trump resuscitated Elliot Abrams – you know, the convicted felon of Iran-Contra infamy, to serve as Washington’s special envoy to embattled Venezuela. Who better to act as "fair arbiter" in that country than a war-criminal with the blood of a few hundred thousand Central Americans (remember the Contras?) on his hands, back in President Reagan's days.

Despite all this, America’s military threats, bellicose speechifying, brutal sanctions, and Cold War-style conflict-framing, the incumbent Maduro seems firmly in control throughout the country. This isn’t to say that Venezuelans don’t have genuine grievances with the Maduro government (they do), but for now at least, it appears the military is staying loyal to their President; Russia and China are filling in the humanitarian aid gaps, and Uncle Sam is about to chalk up another loss on the world scene. Ultimately, whatever the outcome, the crisis will only end with a Venezuelan people's solution.

America’s impotence would almost be sad to watch, only if it wasn’t all so tragic for the unnecessary sufferings of the Venezuelan people.

So, Trump and his recycled neocon hawks will continue to rant and rave and threaten Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, and so on and so forth. America will still flex its aging, sagging balls – a reflexive habit at this point. But no one is giving a hoot anymore.

The opposite of love is isn’t hate – it’s indifference.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Americans love war heroes. And there will be many if they invade Venezuela.

And there will also be many American boys and girls coming home in black plastic bags, also decorated as war heroes, but dead ones.