American rules based order overrides German rules based order

Addressing the chancellor in the German parliament on Wednesday, Bystron argued that Scholz would “go down in history” as a leader who had negated the “never again” tenet long espoused by Berlin. According to the AfD lawmaker, this principle was taken to mean, among other things, abstention from weapons exports to conflict zones.

He went on to remind fellow MPs and the chancellor that Germany bears special responsibility for the victims of World War II, including those in the Soviet Union.  RT

In the interest of the Americans, rules based order can be applied selectively. The mischievous Americans would based on their own rules to dictate to other countries what the Americans can do under their questionable rules based order. They simply passed a law, like the Taiwan Relations Act, without the need to consult or the consent of Taiwan, to interfere into Taiwan's domestic affairs, claiming this law authorises them to defend Taiwan.

In the above example, the Germans have a law that forbids them from exporting weapons to conflict zones. Why didn't the Germans used this law to say they have to abide by their own laws? Or why didn't the Americans respect this German law? The Germans must have told the Americans about it. Actually the Americans could have a part in drafting this law after defeating Germany and turning it into a semi colony of the American Empire, just like Japan's Pacifist Constitution. Anyway, the Germans are sending their Leopard tanks into Ukraine against their own laws, to follow American rules based order.

In Japan's case, the Americans happily support the remilitarisation of Japan and the violation of Japan's Pacifist Constitution. This is American's rules based order, as long as it suits the American interest, the rules can be applied or ignored. Together with the Americans, Japan has been beating the war drum about coming to the aid of Taiwan. Both the Americans and the Japanese have been ratcheting for war using Taiwan as a scapegoat. And after raising tension in the region, the warmongering Japanese is using this tension, caused by them, to remilitarise, to return to the WW2 days as a military power. The latest, the peace loving Americans, never invade countries, never bomb any allies, are going to start a war with China in 2025. Not to worry, China would be waiting for the Americans. Just don't make the Chinese wait too long.

Japan can initiate and use this excuse to remilitarise. China, Russia and the Koreas are waiting for this excuse to terminate Japan to dust, forever. And this is all China, Russia and the Koreas need. Period.

The Americans are escalating the war in Ukraine to a point of no return. WW3 is as good as has started. A war over Taiwan would be next. And if the Taiwanesse are stupid enough to go along, they would be quashed like Ukraine. The Americans and Japanese would be no match to the combined force of China, Russia and the two Koreas. All the centuries of colonial debt and war crimes committed by Japan would be settled once for all. The three countries having suffered under Imperialist Japan would not hold anything back should war breaks out. There will be no mercy against the cruel and barbaric Japanese.

The Americans are dragging the two WW2 monsters, Germany and Japan, into WW3. And both are willing partners. The German Nazis can reconnect with the Ukrainian Nazis in the Azov Battalion and turn it into a Nazi division to start another holocaust. The Japanese have forgotten about the blood debt of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and can combined with the Americans to attack China, Russia and the Koreas, to recolonise the Koreas. The wish of Japan would be granted by China, Russia and the Koreas.

Below are comments from RT

Declarations not to re-arm have been ignored by Germany before, likewise Japan. No repercussions because the USA/UK want to use them against the rising opposition to the Zionist bloc.

Chad Loeven
Abbie Hoffman, Oh Abbie. You are so close. You've almost got it. Yes an autocracy attacking a democracy is an attack on all democracies. And we all unite to defend against terror and unprovoked war. Hey Iran's not a democracy in case you were wondering.

'' This, however, was solely the result of “Russia attacking Ukraine,” according to the chancellor. He accused Moscow of waging an “imperialist war.” He must not know that Merkel spilled the beans on the filthy deceit of the sham Minsk treaty, and the 8 years of slaughter of 14,000 ethnic Russian's, the West wrote book on Imperialism, history is nothing but Imperialist propaganda.

The majority of people dont want this part in the conflict. The majority wants PEACE talks, but many politicians are completely blood thirsty to escalate the conflict further and further. They think they look "tough" , but all the women are pathetic and incapable to be anywhere near a battlefield, these politicians sell out the country and run it into the ground. Real German people dont want war with Russia, especially in eastern Germany, Russian are our brothers and friends, people learned Russian in the school and they have only good relationships with Russians .. its the disgusting political elite from the west (and western Germany) that somehow believes Russia is the devil incarnate and they will sacrifice their people (not themselves) to push the conflict till it hurts them specifically.

Covid19 - This is unimaginable, totally inhuman, to make profits from this crime against humanity


Clayton Morris: This is even WORSE than we imagined
A 28 minute clip that exposed everything, on how it could have started. The truth is creeping out when responsible and honourable scientists and individuals start to take this seriously and want to expose the truth and save human life. CIA is mentioned, Moderna is a CIA creation.

Whoever is working with Pfizer, better run and hide in some mountain caves that you would not be found.

'An executive with the drug firm previously said that the company was creating more potent strains of the virus in a laboratory

US drugmaker Pfizer admitted on Friday that it “engineered” treatment-resistant variants of Covid-19 in order to test its antiviral medicine. The admission partially backs up earlier claims by an executive with the company who told an undercover reporter that Pfizer was deliberately “mutating” the virus to “preemptively develop new vaccines.”'  RT

India in the crosshair of the Americans


Would Trump decide to roll down the conflict in Ukraine, as he is a close buddy of Putin, a fact that the world knows, and pivot USA's warmongering attention towards China should he regain power?

The intended visit of Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, to Taiwan is a clear indication of where the Republican Party stands, and what Trump will have to do if he comes to power. The signs are already there.

Suffice to say, the same foreign policy playbook is used by both the Democrats and Republicans. They do the same stuff, whoever sits in the White House, so countries must be clear about hoping for a change with a change in the Presidency of the USA. That will not come and can never change, and cannot change. A two party democracy is, under the surface, no better than a Socialist State. It is just a cover, with the left hand opposing the right hand for show business sake, but both hands belonging to one person with one brain and all moves controlled by the Deep State.

Take the Debt Ceiling debate for example. There is no way, or that it ever happened, that it will not be raised, so what is the debate all about? In fact the Debt Ceiling has been raised 90 times before according to statistics. It is just putting on a good show by Republicans and Democrats to pull wool over global and US citizen's eyes and much ado about nothing. Not raising the debt ceiling means funding stops for all services in the USA. Is that really possible?

The world must wake up and wake up now. And, in apologising on touching on a seperate issue, India particularly must also wake up fast, as it is now obviously not in the good books of the USA at present. The Adani Group issue gives an indication of what the West is trying to stir up to put India down before it rises, as it eventually will. The USA would not want another China happening with India and is giving India the stark message.

The fact that India is not towing the line on Ukraine and going against the sanctions on Russia, is a slap on the face of the USA, being an ally and also a member of the QUAD. Whether Hidenburg Research is right or the Adani Group is at fault is now not the point, but that they are targeting India's financial sector now is telling, amid the stand that India is still dealing even more with Russia, and even dealing with Russia outside the US$ in Rubles and Rupees on energy imports, as the intention or already a done deal.

The same medicine is now being given to Elon Musk - demonising, accusing and trying to push down Tesla. Hope Elon Musk will not eventually end up being 'suicided' in prison, a point he highlighted and indicating that he is not suicidal by an means.


American Empire clinging grasping on a straw

 Everyone seems to be on a trajectory to reject the US dollar. India is buying Russian oil for Rupees and Yuan; Brazil and Argentina — two largest economies in Latin America — are discussing a “common currency” for trade; and Putin is talking about BRICS+ creating a currency based on commodities. President Xi’s visit with Saudi and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) marks the birth of the petroyuan. By 2025, the GCC may be paid in renminbi for all of the oil and gas.

“If less trade is invoiced in US dollars and there is a dwindling recycling of dollar into Treasuries, the “exorbitant privilege” that the dollar holds as the reserve currency could be under assault,” says Credit Suisse’s financial guru Zoltan Pozsar.

Meanwhile, the United States will be spending $800 billion this year on just interest payments on its untenable debt.

U.S. trade deficit for goods will be $1.2 trillion in 2022. Meanwhile, China had a record trade surplus of $877 billion. Which economic model is sustainable?

America’s decline will certainly be quite precipitous globally after its loss of dollar hegemony. The world is at a crossroads. The 500-year-old Western domination — that started with Europeans landing in the Americas — is now coming to an end.

The Ukraine war is all about saving the American world order and extending Pax Americana. The USA is hoping for an escalated proxy war that destroys Russia, which will then be occupied by US military and ruled by pro-US puppets. Repeat of what happened to Europe, Germany, Japan etc. after WW2 or to South Korea a decade later. The only solution for the US to extricate itself out of this spiraling crisis is wars where others destroy themselves.

The US is not going to stop the proxy war, since it’s an existential crisis for the American Empire. Russia’s victory means the surge of a multipolar world that is now nascent, and end of the dollar hegemony as well as the American Century. Thus, the US will keep escalating — sending more tanks, drones, rocket launchers, long-range missiles, missile defense systems, and even fighter jets.



US trying to start another Ukraine with McCarthy's impending visit to Taiwan

Despite the fact that China places strong emphasis on its own territorial integrity, a strong reaction from Beijing over McCarthy’s visit would work against its long-term interests. It has been made clear by US politicians multiple times that they are ideally seeking to replicate the “Ukraine model” in East Asia. This means provoking a rival state into a conflict which allows Washington to exert military influence in the region, break up regional economic integration, and rope in allies.

The US is actively using the Taiwan issue to foment instability in Asia. For example, it is forcing the Philippines to take a positionon a potential Taiwan conflict. In doing so, it seeks to thwart Manilla’s increasingly “non-aligned” attitude towards China and break growing economic ties between the two. The more insecurity and instability the US can create around Taiwan, the more leverage it will attain over others. The US does not want Asian countries to pool their economies with China, it wants to create a NATO-like system of containment whereby its hegemony is forced on them through dependency.

Therefore, if Beijing reacts forcefully, even to assert its position, it gives momentum to other anti-China causes. It is no coincidence that, after the Taiwan crisis in August 2022, scores of new anti-China sanctions were pushed through by both the White House and Congress. Likewise, the misleading comparison between Taiwan and Ukraine will be used to garner greater sympathy, support and attention for Taipei in other Western countries. It is a lose-lose scenario for China to overreact, especially if, thanks to Western media scaremongering, Beijing is all but expected to pursue war – anything less than that will then depict China as spineless (as happened following Pelosi’s visit). RT

The above is from RT explaining how the US plan to provoke a war with China using Taiwan as the scapegoat and an excuse to coerce countries into another anti China military alliance in East and SE Asia. Asean states would be under tremendous pressure from the Americans to take sides. American stooges in Asean would be the first to join the American camp and the region would be as good as in a state of war. The 'friendly and peaceful' American savages would point the finger at China as the aggressor. And American stooges would say aye aye. And they would blame China and even accused China for coercing them into a war. It is definitely not the Americans' fault.

However, the geography of Taiwan is different from Ukraine. China is different from Russia. Taiwan would be cobbled within a few days. Any silly American stooges would face the same fate. The geography and the Chinese weapons would put the Americans at a great disadvantage. The Americans cannot win a war against China in this region. The first two casualties would be Japan and South Korea. Next would be the Americans stooges in Asean. Their economies would be in ruins.

And the Americans would love it as all would become wounded doggies and desperately needing the Americans to protect them for their anti China stand, coerced or not by the Americans and partially also being willing partners of the anti China camp. They deserve to suffer the consequences for moving away from their neutral not taking sides position.

Would the countries in Asia and SE Asia like to be like Ukriane and Europe now, nothing better to do than to be baited by the Americans into another world war?

Washington Circus - New season starring Trump for Presidency

Now the circus is starting again in Washington with Trump firing the first 2024 campaign shot. Watch the fun put up by the clowns!

And guess what he is saying - 'This is the last shot to save America (USA actually)', meaning only his re-election in 2024 will save the USA. Did I read or hear wrongly? Didn't he already made America (USA) Great Again during his four years in the White House? Why is there a need to save the USA now being already great? Didn't he won the trade war with China, claiming that trade wars are easy to win. And Biden is doing a great job as well, following in his footstep of confronting China to make China small again.

With all that winning, I would think the USA is already very great and still shashaying all over the world, declaring proxy war in Europe against Russia, confronting China, creating chip alliances, rallying doggies as partners to solidify its US$ hegemony, bullying Africa and Latin America on the pretext of helping them even today.

So much winning that the USA can afford to keep pouring money into Ukraine to be stolen by all the most corrupt men in Europe presiding over there, including Zelenskyy as the Corruptor in Chief. Now Zelenskyy has purged them, after allowing them all this time to enrich themselves beyond imagination, with him taking the cream of the cut. Robbing Hood is probably telling his merry robbers that enough is enough for retirement and keep their mouths shut. But robbing the rich to help themselves is no crime I guess. What help that comes in for Ukraine after this, which is not for long, is all for his own pocket and he does not have to share a penny. Now, are those who kept pouring money into Ukraine be feeling silly, or stupid that they had been conned? I guess not, since stupidity has no cure.

Oh, by the way, there are so many domestic problems in the USA itself that cannot be solved, but helping Ukraine is the most important priority above all that. Pity demented crazy old Joe, having so much to chew. Some say this is an 'abuse of the elderly'. Solving the debit ceiling is actually the easiest problem of all. Actually no problem at all, and is just a show put up to fool the masses. One hundred and one percent sure it will be raised, after some high and low notes being sung in the operatic circus. What is difficult to solve, and has been around for ages is homelessness, falling infrastructures, drug additions, fighting inflation, and trying to keep the US$ hegemony alive.

Perhaps Trump was right talking about his re-election in 2024 as 'the last shot to save the USA'. Trump knows best. The ease he expressed of winning trade wars, the confidence he espouse about COVID19 going away in summer can testify to his futuristic acumen, LOL. Holding that Bible upside down before his term ended last, for a photoshoot outside a church in front of the White House, cements the believe that the man only tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, LOL again. Wonder whether he talks directly to God as well like George Bush Jr. Never mind about the more than hundred million infections and more than a million deaths. All will be forgotten come 2024. 

African countries welcome Chinese investments and infrastructure development


I understand Chinese loans to African countries are mostly collaterised by China having a secure hold on those African country's commodities, which China will have priority to extract and import as well, like Uranium, Cobalt and Copper. Even if these are priced in US$, China does not need paying the African countries, but just offsetting their import of such commodities against those loans. Just quite alike with China's deals with Russia and Iran, with oil for infrastructure, all avoiding payments having to go through the US$.

China is not that stupid to give US$ loans and asking to be repaid back specifically in US$, if no other way is possible. Being repaid all loans in US$ serves no purpose when China is already trying to recycle those surplus US$ accumulated from trade with the USA. That is the beauty of recycling the trade surpluses by China via the BRI projects, and that certainly rattled the USA. Some said that such loans have also been structured to be repaid in Yuan, but I am not so sure about this.

Lending to African countries and even getting paid back in worthless US$, can still always be recyled as loans to others later on, is still safer than keeping toxic treasuries that can afford the USA to have a hold on China in case of war. China may lose a huge sum if that happens, as shown by the US$300 billion stolen by the West from Russia.

Sure, give and take a few defaults by African countries of some billions, but it is still safer than losing all the trillions in treasury holdings in one big gamble. Countries will learn from what they see after the Russian experience.

Of course, nothing good has been written about those Chinese loans to Africa on MSM, all plain exaggeration like the debt trap hubris. But listening to the Africans themselves, you will get a diametrically different perspective. Straight from the horses mouth is way more trustworthy than believing in fabricated gloom and doom. China has been a great competitor to IMF and World Bank, with the formation of the AIIB and coming up with the BRI idea, and we can expect no different reaction from the West, media and all. 


WW3 has started


Why is no one STOPPING this? Germany and US leading us to WW3 | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Watch this silly and insane German girl declaring war on Russia in the first few minutes of this 20 minute clip. She is an empty head. And she is a German foreign minister, elected by the Germans, just like the rogues in the USA. The US/NATO have just escalated the war in Ukraine and we are seeing the beginning of WW3. Russia has gave notice that the nuclear option is on the table and they will use their nuclear weapons.

Many of the small states in Europe either willingly or are coerced by the Americans to be part of the warmongering mob to contribute weapons to fight the Russians like the Coalition of the Unwilling in the invasion of Iraq. Putin is at the verge of declaring war on Europe. The sending of tanks into Ukraine is putting the Americans, Germany and Poland directly into the conflict. What then when Putin is pushed to declare war on Europe?

Your beloved peace loving, non aggressive, non expansionist America has just ignited the fuse to end Civilisation. The stupid would still believe the Chinese and Russians are the aggressive and expansionist powers that are going to conquer the world!

Why is no one stopping her? Because savages love war, love killings, thinking and behaving like animals. What, anyone saying they are very nice people, very peaceful, very loving, very sweet, non violent, not aggressive? Caveat, not all whites are savages. There are sensible whites, but not many.

She forgot that the Germans killed 45m Russians in WW2. Russia would not hold anything back to drop nuclear bombs on Germany to avenge the 45m Russians killed by the Germans in WW2.

We are watching an unnecessary war, supposedly limited and controlled war, creeping into an all out world war, possibly into a nuclear war. When would the Ukrainians replace Zelensky to end this madness and massacre? When would Europe stand up to say know to the murderers in Washington?

Who are the devils that started these wars?

The UN is a farce, an American tool

I could not help feeling sick and tired of the UN showing such bias openly against Russia but turned a blind eye when the Anglo Saxon whites did the same thing elsewhere.

There is a war going on in Ukraine and death of children and their taking refuge elsewhere during bombing can never be avoided. How many children died under Russian attacks anyway, compared to USA's mission accomplised in Iraq alone? What is the UN doing about the millions of Yemeni refugees dislocated by the war with Saudi Arabia, supported by the USA? Is the UN Refugee chief telling the Russians they cannot bomb Ukraine as there are children around that have to seek refuge? Please be fair and shut the fxxk up about following 'Principles'. It is all horseshit.

Why is the UN Refugee chief so critical, saying that Russia has violated the 'Principles' of child protection in Ukraine? What about the killing of children by carpet bombing in Vietnam, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Syria? Did the UN take a closer look at those atrocities the USA committed? And what did the UN say about Madeleine Albright's comments that killing 500,000 Iraqi children was worth the price to pay for the USA's invasion of Iraq? Just forget it! Oh, I understand, those were notblue eye Whites, and therefore different and expendable and are just collateral damage. Am I right UN Refugee chief?

By the way, when they genocided the Native American Indians, were there children killed as well? What about those religious schools in Canada that commited grave mistreatment of children and who were buried in mass graves? Just forgive and forget? Oh, lest I forget too, the UN was not yet in existence, so no crime committed. Is that it? 

The Americans running out of cards to play

The USA is asking partners or doggies to support USA's economic plan. Believe me, that plan is all about supporting USA's interest, nothing beyond that, and the most important objective of which is helping to keep the US$ hegemony alive.

The USA knows the US$ days are numbered, not immediately apparent yet, but the tsunami will come, either when the Arab states officially starts accepting other currencies in the oil trade. Or when BRICS gets it right in having a new global reserve currency and a new settlement system in place, as a viable alternative to the US$ and the SWIFT system.

It may take time, like China waiting thirty years to rise to what it is today. China did not just rise up yesterday, did it? And I believe the USA was so confident that China could never rise in the face of all those hurdles like poverty, backwardness on the surface and discontentment abounding due to poverty. Now, with China rising too fast, they are nervous and panicky, desperate and incoherent in their countering.

Never mind that the BRICS new system does not totally replace the US$, but that will give countries the impetus to hold less US$ to do the oil trade in particular. Now, is that going to mean anything? Oh yes, countries will sell off most of their Treasuries and hold less of the toxic asset. You never know when the USA clowns will change their minds about repaying. The world has seen robbery, piracy and other acts being commited right in front of their eyes - in Venzuela, Afghanistan and Russia by the Mafias.

They have not done it yet against any Treasury holders, but that does not mean it will not happen. If they should do it by just seizing just one country's Treasury holdings, that will cause the collapse of the whole house of cards. This is why they have not done it yet, but the signs are there during the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, with China being openly identified as a target country with Treasuries of more than a trillion to be seized, as advocated by hardliners in Washington.

Should China be worried. They should. 



American mischievous plans being scuttled by HIM

 The storms in the American states, especially California, would just create a few more distractions for Biden to grapple with on top of a big bundle of troubles he is in, personally, domestically and internationally. Poor old man, how is he going to cope with the mounting problems of America when he cannot even find the toilet?

Ukraine is enough to give Biden sleepless night with his silly advisers messing up every plan they had to break up Russia. Instead of gaining trust and confidence and support from the European allies, he is screwing every one of them with his selfish American interest first policy. He is turning the Europeans from allies to enemies. And all the cronies and stooges are watching in alarm at how the Americans are turning against the Europeans, twisting their arms and bankrupting their economies. Never if some European countries have their own agenda and wanted to destroy Russia like Poland and the 3 small ex Soviet states.

In Latin America, the game plan is falling apart. The Ukraine War has forced the Americans to throw Guaido under the bus as well, hoping to get some concession for oil from Venezuela. The comic Guaido didn't see it coming and now out in the cold, overstaying his usefulness to the Americans. The plan to do a regime change in Venezuela has to be shelved, at least for now.

Next is the Donald Trump double in Bolsonaro. This rogue tried to do a Donald Trump march to the Brazilian capitol like the 6 Jan Capital Hill assault. He read his cards wrongly, or he has no better choice now with a bad hand. Biden and the Democrats are going to skin Trump for the 6 Jan assault on Capitol Hill. There is no way for them to support this rash move by Bolsonaro to let Trump off the hook. No matter how much they want to use Bolsonaro to control Brazil to go against China, Biden and the Democrats' hands are tied. They have to hang Bolsonaro in order to hang Trump.

Newly elected Luiz Lula da Silva, a leftist, must not be allowed to be the President of Brazil. The Americans would prefer a fake democrat in autocrat Bolsonaro, a wild and unpredictable firebrand like Trump. But what choice did Biden have when it is Trump in prison or Hunter Biden in prison? Between the devil and the deep blue sea, Lula is a safer bet and Biden is throwing his support behind leftist Lula to the chagrin of the rightist Americans. Yes, Biden has to back a communist President in Brazil. The game plan just has to be aborted. Bolsonaro must be sacrificed. And they are going to deport or arrest Bolsonaro and send him to Lula. Can anyone expect this? Why not? They had murdered two of their pets in Osama and Saddam, who else would they not sacrifice when the situation demands it?

The invisible hand is working beautifully to scuttle all the evil plans of the Americans. When HE does not agree, it would fail by one way or another. HE would fix it. And China has gained a new supporter in Lula and Brazil.

The other pieces would fall in together to bring down this evil Empire. The man created Covid Pandemic and fake vaccines have now been fully exposed. The de dollarisation has begun and gaining pace. The Arab oil producing countries are brave enough to cooperate with China and has no fear of becoming another Iraq, Libya or Syria. The Arabs are united to break free from the evil Americans' control. 

And the rabid dog in Australia had been booted out of power. Japan and South Korea are just irritants trying to mess around with China. China has every it needs and does not need Japan and South Korean anymore and it is a matter of time before China closes its door to these two silly brats and their economies would be baked.

All the wars started by the Americas are failing. The war against Russia in Ukraine is failing and the Americans are twisting the arms of their European allies to go 'all in', meaning Europe would be nuked to the Stone Age. China is going to give black eyes to the Americans if they dare to start an open war. All the economic and tech wars are also failing and China is getting stronger everyday to end the game for the Americans.

HE has decided that the Americans must be dealt with and dispensed with forever. In the home front, the two parties and plotting and scheming to murder each other and have no time to spare to look after the crumbling economy and country. There is no one with a little ability or intelligence to save America to take over from the present bunch of clowns and crooks in Washington.

The game is over.

Japan, like the USA, has no way out of their oncoming financial armageddon...

Japan, like the USA, has no way out of their oncoming financial armageddon, and war is their only untested salvation. But that mentality of being able to rise from the ashes only holds true in the past, when China was weak, poor and broken by civil war. Then the whole world was drunk in the propaganda of democracy is good, communism is bad. Now, the tide has turned and the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Which system runs best can be seen with China, Russia and Vietnam rising and showing the world that communism is not loosing the race. And what the world sees in the USA democratic system falling apart is a lesson they must learn to differentiate wisely. The Africans clearly have already probably seen it, warts and all. And the rise of China, Russia and Vietnam was ongoing despite all the propaganda unleashed against the communist system. Nevertheless, the West is now actively trying to stifle Vietnam, as its rise mirrors China.

Both, USA and Japan, or master and slave, are so deep in debts today, that there is no way of changing their course heading towards disaster, except the thought that only war can do it. Japan, tried all kinds of tweeking and stimulation, but still remained bogged down in stagnation over the last twenty years or more. Even Abenmonics, the highly touted game changing move that they shouted about so loudly just years ago, failed miserably. Just forget about the Kishidomics hot air being able to succeed. Even Confrontomics against China is not going to save them. It could even sink them for good.

And the USA, with US$31 trillion in debt, having to perform the usual soap opera of raising of their debt ceiling every now and then, and with US$ quadrillions of derivatives swimming in the books of the big banks, with all the money generated therefrom mostly invested and propping up Wall Street, new property launches galore that only the super rich can afford to buy, to rent out at exhorbitant rentals beyond the reach of the ordinary workers, supporting the Pentagon with ever more funding, fighting wars on more fronts, supporting their almost a thousand military bases worldwide, maintaining their military logistics and their military personnel as well.

But one thing misses the eye of most onlookers outside and seldom highlighted on MSM - the crumbling infrastructures, homelessness and drug addictions, which were seldom or never discussed or debated inn Congress, except on social media. The world is still fed the propaganda that the USA is still the richest country in the world, the land of plenty, gold paving the streets. Look deeper and they will see the oncoming runaway train approaching.



Covid19 - Should all the nay sayers against the mRNA vaccines be POFMAed or sued?

Below is a comment in TRE in a post 'Should Elon Musk be POFMAed?' after he said this in his Twitter and Facebook accounts. The allegations that the mRNA vaccines are ineffective and dangerous are like spreading fake news. So, as suggested by many commenters, not only Elon Musk, but all the named medical professionals and scientists, and also Paul Craig Roberts, must be POFMAed or sued for spreading fake news. If not what they said would become truth because they were not sued and not POFMAed.

What do you think?

Harder Truths:
January 23, 2023 at 9:55 pm (Quote)

The Scientific Facts Are In: The Covid Virus and Pandemic are Man-Made. The mRNA “vaccine” Is More Deadly than the Virus

Paul Craig Roberts


One of the top medical practitioners and medical scientists of our time confirms under oath in the one hour deposition here — https://odysee.com/@Video_di_KasperCarlo:d/COVID-CRIMES-Dr.-Richard-M.Fleming-MD-sworn-testimony-that-C-(sub-ita-COMPLETO):a — that Covid is a bioweapon developed with US government money in contravention of the Bioweapons Convention, Nuremberg Laws, US Constitution and as such is an act of treason. Richard Fleming, M.D., J.D., Ph.D. (physics), also testifies that the mRNA “vaccine” is useless. It does not prevent Covid or its spread. To the contrary, the “vaccine” aids the spread of Covid by disrupting the body’s immune system. The evidence is clear that the “vaccine” has caused more death and health injury than the made-in-the-laboratory Covid virus itself.

From early in the orchestrated “pandemic,” I reported the skepticism and warnings of leading medical practitioners and scientists. These expert warnings were censored. Everything the independent practitioners and scientists said has turned out to be true. Nothing Fauci, CDC, FDA, WHO, Biden, Big Pharma, and the media said is true.

Dr. Fleming spells out the facts so clearly that if you pay attention, you do not need to be a scientist to understand the criminal deception that has been fostered on the people of the world by Big Pharma, public health authorities, politicians, and media. And these criminals are still at work hyping boosters for babies.

As I have repeatedly emphasized, our time is one in which propaganda has prevailed over science and truth. Lies spewed out by Fauci, Biden, and dumbshit talking heads on TV reach more people than hard medical and scientific fact voiced under oath by the top scientists of our time. As George Orwell said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

In Europe there is a movement to hold accountable those responsible for mass murder. In the US the government and complicit medical boards and HMOs are desperately trying to criminalize those who tell the truth about Covid and the “vaccine.”


True Believers

Do not worry. The Regime loves you. Bill Gates and Charles Schwab love you.

They have the Precious and the Upsize for you. Just for you.

Go to them now. You cannot refuse. Can 95% of the population be wrong?

When Trust is lost - The American Empire of Lies

 Any govt that loses the trust of its people would be shown the exit door in a general election. New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern seems to be preempting this and has resigned prematurely. Is that the real reason, or is she being forced to resign by unseen hand for her neutral policy for not taking sides in the American hostile behaviour against China?  The report that Jacinda Ardern's popularity vote has fallen could be just a red herring.

The country that has lost the most trust in the world is the USA. The words of American leaders are now seen as farting, smelly and noisy and untrustworthy. They have broken many international agreements and flushing them down the sewers like toilet papers. No country is going to trust the words of American Presidents and leaders. They have walked away from international organisations and international obligations like the TPP, Climate Change, the Minsk Agreement, nuclear agreements with Iran, and refusing to be signatories of major UN laws and regulations like UNCLOS and resolutions against the sanction of Cuba. 

American dollar as an international currency is also losing trust in the world when the dollar is being weaponised. In addition, the Americans are behaving like rogues, mafias, gangsters in seizing money of countries and their nationals left in American and allied countries' banks arbitrarily with the flimsiest and unjustifiable excuses. The combination of both factors have led to a 'bank rush' against the US dollars. Countries are starting to dump US Treasury Bills for fear of a declining and eventually worthless dollar as well as fear of being seized by the Americans.

The world is also coming to terms with the prospect of the Americans failing to honour their debt. The reckless printing of the dollar and building up of American debt to more than US31 trillion is a sign that the Americans did not intend to repay their debt. They are deep in debt but still printing money to fight wars and publishing propaganda. As such, countries are also shunning away from buying American Treasury Bills when the risk of default is as good as guaranteed.

Everything associated with the Americans or coming from the Americans are no longer trustworthy. The lies of the effectiveness of American mRNA vaccines are now open secret backed up by American statistics of hundreds of millions of infection on Americans that had been vaccinated with the vaccine. This does not include the hundreds of millions of non Americans that were infected using the mRNA vaccines, once touted as 96% efficacy.  And the situation is getting worse. Biden is going to reintroduce mandatory masks and more boosters. What else can the Americans be trusted?

And they are lying everyday using the major American media to print lies daily about wars, about threats about enemies, about how they are winning the war in Ukraine against the Russians  when they are losing, about Covid virus when all signs and fingers are pointing at the Americans as the originator of this deadly virus. Despite all their lies to accuse China as the originator of the virus, wanting to pass the buck to China, more and more eminent Americans are saying out loudly that it was the Americans that created and spreaded the virus to the world with convincing evidence to prove their case.

Americans as a people, especially their political leaders, have the word 'LIE" written all over their faces. Remember the shameless admission by Michael Pompeo, the ex CIA Director and ex Secretary of State proudly saying in Congress that 'We lie, we cheat, we steal and we kill'?  And he is wearing that as a badge of honour!

The Americans still believe that they can lie and lie and the world would believe them. They even allocated US$300m annually for the next 5 years or US$1.5b in total, to fabricate lies and propaganda against China and Russia without batting an eyelid, arrogantly going about it as an American way of life, way of lies in conducting international relations. They are not called the Empire of Lies for nothing.


The Europeans really had it front and back. Raped from the front and sodomised from behind!

On the front side, they are dumping weapons into a black hole in Ukraine. Every time they send different weapons they claimed it is a 'game changer'. Nothing changes. The only thing that changed is Ukraine losing more territory. Do we honestly believe those animal named tanks will change the game? And Russia will forever remember what Nato did, just like Asians not forgetting what the Japanese did during WW2. That is baggage that Nato has to carry forever for trying to threaten Russia by aiding Ukraine.

On the back side, the Europeans are solely bearing the brunt of the energy crisis. Sure, the USA is supplying energy to fill the Russian gap, but at what price? On the surface, the Europeans are sanctioning Russia's energy exports, but discreetly, they are still buying Russian energy via the back door from China, India and even Saudi Arabia.

China, India and Saudi Arabia actually have no necessity to even go to that extent of trying to resell Russian oil to the Europeans by stealth. China for example is in fact using the cheap discounted Russian oil and gas for domestic consumption, while reselling their oil sourced from the USA under long term contracts, and reselling them to the Europeans at big profits. The USA oil does not even have to be shipped to China, but goes straight from USA ports to Europe. And that is also what the Saudis are doing, using cheap discounted Russian oil for domestic usage, while selling their own oil production to the Europeans. There are always ways of getting around man made problems and hurdles. It is only a question of thinking out of the box.

Russia sells its oil to China and India at 40% discount, which is well below the US$60 a barrel price cap. China and India are making hay while the sun shines, being able to consume cheap discounted Russian oil and gas domestically and laughing all the way to the bank by reselling oil from other sources to Europe at huge profits. Don't blame them, as the USA is doing the same thing as a close ally of the Europeans. Europeans are not allies of China or even India, just trading partners.

And that is causing serious problems for European industries and hollowing out their industrial base for good. This will be a long term problem for Europe, because the European energy market now belongs to the USA, and energy will no longer be as cheap as piped gas from Russia. Moreover, Russia is unlikely to divert cheap oil and gas sales back to Europe, even if the war ends in Ukraine. Russia, even if it does do so, will not sell energy so cheaply anymore to Europe. That is a given, in order to compensate for the unreliability of the Europeans as a market for energy.


Mariupol today in pictures


Photo credit to RT

Any silly leaders want to turn their country into another Mariupol, Ukraine? Very easy. Just join the American camp and start another war. The sight of their country would be as beautiful as Mariupol, Ukraine. What a beautiful sight to behold! Taiwan's DPP want to turn Taiwan into one?

Independent reporters' tallied, Ukraine has lost more than 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers dead and 150,000 incapacitated.  Russia lost only 25,000 soldiers. Many of the soldiers fighting for Ukraine are foreigners with the Poles among the majority. So, Ukraine winning the war? 

Now crying father and mother for more weapons. If they are winning, no need to cry. The Americans would be the first to blow the trumpet. Now at best only produce fake news.

The Americans believe in peace. See how peaceful Mariupol, Ukraine is today.

Anyone still believe this is a war between Ukraine and Russia? Or is this a war between NATO and Russia? Or an American Russian War?

PS. Today's report on Germany and US sending tanks to Ukraine is good news. Ukraine is asking for fighter aircraft. If the request is granted, it would be better news. Now every NATO country has contributed in kind in all kinds of weapons. 

Let's hope the war keeps escalating. The Americans love it, the Europeans love it. Make it a bigger war. But just keep it in Europe. This is what the rest of the world is waiting for. Thank you very much.

Covid19 - Is this fake news?



Is this fake news? If it is, then they should be 'pofma'. If not, those jabbed with mRNA vaccines be warned. 2 minute clip on the nurse that fainted after a mRNA jab. Do you know what happened to her? Why was this hushed up? No main media reporting about it.


NASA declaration - US going to claim the Moon

China could claim parts of Moon – NASA

Beijing’s space program has achieved "enormous success" over the past decade, agency chief Bill Nelson acknowledges

China may try to gain control of the most resource-rich locations on the Moon if it wins the competition against the US for Earth’s only planetary-mass, NASA administrator Bill Nelson has said.

"It is a fact: we’re in a space race," Nelson said in an interview with Politico on Sunday.

"And it is true that we better watch out that they [China] don’t get to a place on the moon under the guise of scientific research. And it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they say, ‘Keep out, we’re here, this is our territory,’" he warned....RT

The above is from an article in RT accusing China of wanting to claim the Moon. The world has been preview to many of such American allegations and accusations of what others are going to do when the Americans had already done it or are going to do it. It is the American way of declaring their intent.

The Chinese are going to claim the Moon. So the Americans must claim it first. The Chinese are going to the Moon. So the Americans must get there before the Chinese.

Not to worry. This time no more Hollywood studio production of a moon landing. This time is for real. China is going to land on the Moon ahead of the Americans. The Chinese have the knowhow and the functional rockets to get to the Moon. The Americans can continue to con the world with their make belief rockets to take them to the Moon, ahead of China, just like they conned the Russians that they beat them to the Moon.

This is further proof that the Americans had not been on the moon. They wanted to colonise and claim the moon but were unable to do so. After their hoax of landing on the moon, they tried many years with many failed attempts to make their hoax to turn real. But they failed miserably. Finally they gave up, knowing that they did not have it to land on the moon.  Then they spread the rumour that there were aliens on the moon warning them not to go to the moon. Now they forgot about their lie of aliens on the moon and desperately wanting to prove that they are better than the Chinese, and wanting to land on the moon first.

What else is new?

The 2023 Chinese God of Wealth - Italy joining BRICS?


'After Germany and France, Italy is the third largest economy in the Eurozone. Due to COVID, the EU suspended the SGP in May 2020 for an indefinite period. In March 2022, the Italian government called for the suspension to be continued because of the situation in Ukraine. Italy’s government debt to GDP ratio is currently over 155 per cent, well beyond the 60 per cent stipulated in the SGP. The country would default if the EU stopped funding its public debt. But under current circumstances, for how long would this support be forthcoming? Should Italy withdraw permanently from the SGP, the Euro would cease to be a viable currency. Some analysts believe that if Italy defaulted, the future of the EU itself would be at stake.

Enrico Colombatto, a professor of economics, has suggested that Italy would be better off seeking financial rescue from China, in exchange for some strategic assets, in particular access to the port of Trieste. A move towards stronger links with China would imply a shift in Italy’s foreign policy from a continental focus to a Mediterranean one.'

EU sanctions against Russia have increased the cost of gas and pulverised Euro exchange rates, both further depressing living standards in Italy and increasing manufacturing costs. Italy’s gas prices have thus increased by a factor of five since 2021, prices of food and other essential goods have increased between 10-25%, and its economy could be facing approximately a 5 per cent drop in GDP next year.

This is creating a situation where, according to Indian ex-diplomat and commentator M.K. Bhadrakumar: ‘The plain truth is that the European integration project is over and done with’.

Should Italy distance itself from NATO or leave it altogether, particularly in the light of Turkey’s ambivalent stance and the possibility of a Russian victory in Ukraine, it is doubtful that the alliance would be able to survive.

If Italy’s economy and its energy security deteriorate further due to the embargo on Russian energy supplies, or should NATO troops intervene directly in the conflict, it is increasingly likely that the Italian government will consider realigning its international orientation away from a continental strategy centred on the EU and NATO and towards a Mediterranean-focused one that is closer to BRICS. It could even become the third ‘I’ in the BRICS after India and Iran, as one analyst has advocated, creating a tipping point in the global economy.

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Reuter - Another piece of fake news

BRUSSELS: Russia will remain a threat to NATO even if its forces are defeated in Ukraine, a top military official in the Western alliance said on Thursday (Jan 19).

"Whatever the outcome of the war, the Russians will most likely have similar ambitions ... therefore the threat does not go away," Admiral Rob Bauer, the chairman of NATO's military committee, told reporters at the alliance's Brussels headquarters. Reuter

How many people believe in this piece of shit?  Nevertheless, western media would keep publishing such narratives, that they are the good guys and Russia and China are the bad guys.  Who is threatening who? What is the purpose and mission of NATO? NATO is a military organisation of European countries ganged together to confront the former Soviet Union. Now it has grown into a monster to attack and destroy Russia and wanting to expand to East Asia to attack China and North Korea. But they would keep on blowing hot and cold about the Russian threat when they are threatening to invade and break up Russia. They have expanded into former Soviet Union states and Russia is now left with only a couple of friendly states as its neighbours.

NATO is now encroaching into Ukraine, wanting to take in Ukraine, a former Soviet Union state, into the military organisation aim at Russia. Finland and Sweden would be joining NATO as well, a gangster organisation out to impose white imperialism on the rest of the world, to be the biggest white Empire. NATO is the expansionist military organisation with an ambition to control the whole of the Asia continent. They are the aggressive and expansionist international gangsters led by the Americans. They will remain a threat not only to Russia, China but to all the states in Asia, the Middle East and subsequently the whole of Africa. It is morphing into an Anglo Saxon European mob to be a world Empire. It is the threat to world peace and countries of the whole world.

Russia as a single country is not a threat to the European states, not a threat to NATO. The lie is to demonise Russia with the intent to take over Russia like the AngloSaxon took over the continent of North America, and the fate of the Russians and Slavs would be the same as the fate of the native Americans, the Red Indians, with extinction staring into their face should NATO succeeded in taking over Russia.  Another genocide of untold proportion is in the making, by NATO.


Chinese New Year Extravaganza 2023


A happy people celebrating Chinese New Year, without masks. Western media and Channel News America have been happily spreading the news that the virus has spread to 80% of Chinese population, quoting Chinese sources and implying China is a sick nation. Look at the video and see if the Chinese people are sick and suffer thing and dying? 80% of 1.4b is 1.1b Chinese infected and how many would be dying? Believeable?

What about western countries that have not put any restraint on the virus? How come their infections are so low, like America and India? Is it because the virus only attacks China? Is it because their health systems are better, their people's habit and social activities do not allow the virus to spread? Or is it that they just lie about their infections and not reporting? What is the truth?

What do you think?

PS. Look at the carefree life of the young people of today's China. Cast your memory back to the years 1950/51, the young men and girls of China of these age groups then were fighting and dying in Korea, defending their mother land, suffering cold, hunger and extreme deprivation, many did not return to China, RIP in Yun Shan, Changjin Lake or Chosin Reservoir, Shangganling or Iron Tiangle, the 38 parallel....China has come so far to bring peace and prosperity to its people and a better future awaiting them.

Many generations of China's youth did not have the luxury of enjoying their teenage world, fo growing up, all suffocating from hardship and poverty. Those days are now passe. The new China is here and life can only be better despite the Americans and the West trying their evil best to stop China from growing and from becoming rich and prosperous. The Chinese want to live a good life like everyone else. No one is going to stop them now.

WEF and the pursuit of a new Utopia

 By the scenario's 2030 endpoint, anything that had once been a product was now a freely available service, obviating any need for personal ownership of goods or real estate.  The article, originally titled "Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better",... WEF, Wikipedia

The above words sum up the goals and mission of the WEF led by Klaus Schwab and his team of some the riches and most powerful men and women in the true. They are looking for a solution to the crisis the world is facing today, climate change, inequalities, extreme Capitalism, wars, unequal growth, over population,  etc etc

The WEF has come under intense criticism for wanting to control the world, to decide what is best for the world, even linked to the Pandemic and vaccines as their tools to reduce the population of the world. Some of the key features and values of the WEF are the creation of a more balanced, equitable and sustainable world when the wealth of the world is more evenly distributed regardless of race and with the workers getting a fairer share of the pie. Ownership of factors of production ie factories, corporations etc would be under a collective govt, a world govt. All goods and assets would be common properties instead of being owned by the few super rich.

In a way, the values and future world would be very similar to a Communist Utopia. All men are equal, common ownership, communal living, absolute equality of men as in, 'from each his best, to each according to his needs'. Communism's doctrine of total equality when all men share the wealth of society without considering the different abilities and individual contribution have proven to be a failure in the Communist states, leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the changing course of the Chinese economy and social system. The WEF seems to think that it is still workable, without calling it the Communist Utopia but in another name, The Great Reset, which is like returning to ground zero, when everyone is at square one, equal under a world govt, everything is own by the world govt with no individual property or ownership.

Capitalism is doomed and Communism is the way to go.

What do you think?

No need to pay for exorbitant COEs to drive a car, likely no good class bungalows, and every one would be living in the same kind of accommodation, and no inequality in salaries when some earn in the millions and some can't even feed themselves. No fear of countries dragging their feet about climate change.

Welcome to 2030, though this date may be a bit too optimistic to change the world into a Utopia.

All men are equal, but some are more equal than others.


Spring Festival Gala: 'Glorious Tapestry'

 Tang Dynasty Dance

Happy Chinese New Year 2023 year of the RABBIT - 新年快乐


《时光音乐会第十四期 纯享》:凤凰传奇《发财发福中国年》 Time Concert【好歌情报站】

[CHAMPION] Singapore 艺威 (藝威)- 1st Southeast Asian Lion Dance Championship Acrobatic Category

CNY 2023 - Khuan Loke New Lion Acrobatic Double Lion Dance Performance By Khuan Loke @ 1 Utama



Chinese New Year Reunion - 我回來啦!


 5 min clip on family reunion in China. The undescribeable joy of familial love and bonding. After missing two Chinese New Year Reunion due to the Pandemic, the Chinese exodus has started again with millions heading home to reunite and reconnect with their families, loved ones, parents and children....

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone.


USA - We bombed everything, we protect human rights, democracy and properties


2 minutes of painful American hypocrisy. But the fools would still believe the white gods did no wrong and these dastard things can be forgotten, not to be mentioned, just simply ignored.

Fiddling while the US Empire burns to the ground:

'So when is the Russian winter offensive going to begin? Some thought it would be in December, when the ground had frozen. Now we are nearing February.

Russia is not in a hurry. The only ones in a hurry are in the West. They need this conflict to finish and soon, because the West is on the verge of social, economic and political chaos.

As a result, the Kiev regime is pleading with certain countries in the West for more tanks.Right now the divided West is reluctant to give the Ukraine anything, apart from sweet words. Promises, promises…they are so cheap, especially when you are so short of cash and you know the Russians will probably destroy most of your donated equipment before it even gets to the front.

While Washington and its NATO allies have no strategy to win the war in the Ukraine, let alone an exit strategy, the Russians do. In the four months since Russia ordered partial mobilisation, 300,000 additional reservists have joined their units in the east or along Ukraine’s northern border. Meanwhile in the south the Russian Black Sea Fleet patrols. So far Russian infantry have not really taken part in this war. So far most of the work has been done by local anti-Kiev Ukrainian (Donbass) freedom-fighters and the Wagner contract group. The stage is set for a ground war, either from the east, or from the north, or from the south, or maybe all together. Washington’s nightmare. For nobody in Washington, used to fighting ill-trained, suicidal fanatics armed only with kalashnikovs, ever foresaw this. 500,000 + armed Russians are waiting on the borders of Kiev-held territory to liberate their Ukrainian brothers and sisters from the US puppet regime in Kiev. And the only ill-trained, suicidal fanatics here are the Kiev forces.

Let us not forget that the conflict in the Ukraine is about the struggle of the United States to maintain its dinosaur’s status as the world’s last superpower. More exactly, it is about America’s attempt to destroy China as a rival. For since China, allied with Russia, is unbeatable, China has to be attacked through Eurasian Russia. In this crazed neocon video-game fantasy, the USA has overlooked Western Europe. In one sense that is understandable, since its leaders are just a pack of mindless Pavlovian dogs, intent on copying their master in Washington – and a pile of dollars greatly helps their salivating capacity for imitation. However, the US mistake is as usual to look only at its puppets. This was the same mistake as in Baghdad and Kabul, or for that matter in Tehran and Saigon, not to mention in Manila and a host of capitals in Latin America. Appoint an English-speaking yes-man, give him a Swiss bank account full of dollars and a US passport, ensure he has control over the capital and its TV and radio station and then you will control the whole country. Only Hamid Karzai didn’t and you won’t either.

Once Western Europe, including even the UK, has gone, the end of the short unipolar era will be here. The domino effect, from Kiev to Dublin, is surely only a matter of time. Remember the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989? Within twenty-five months the whole of the Soviet Eastern European Empire fell, one country after another, until in December 1991, the Soviet Union itself fell. Berlin to Vladivostok. Well, the time is now up for the American Empire in its turn. It will also fall, and for the same reasons. The SU (Soviet Union) went. So will its reverse, the US (United States). Red stars, white stars, they have both had their time. Keep your eyes on Western Europe.

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Emergence of a brave New World Order minus the US dollar

Why the sudden lethal threat to Global South? It's the economy stupid!
BRICS are going to create gold-backed currencies to replace the US dollar:

First: One of the key take aways from the World Economic Forum annual shindig in Davos, Switzerland is when Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan, on a panel on “Saudi Arabia’s Transformation,” made it clear that Riyadh “will consider trading in currencies other than the US dollar.”

So is the petroyuan finally at hand? Possibly, but Al-Jadaan wisely opted for careful hedging: “We enjoy a very strategic relationship with China and we enjoy that same strategic relationship with other nations including the US and we want to develop that with Europe and other countries.”

South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor has just confirmed that the BRICS do want to find a way to bypass the US dollar and thus create “a fairer payment system not skewed toward wealthier countries.”

It is virtually certain that the Chinese yuan will be prominent right from the start, taking advantage of its “already advanced reserve status.”

Potential candidates that could become part of the R5+ currency basket include the Singapore dollar and the UAE’s dirham.

Quite diplomatically, Lissovolik maintains that, “the R5 project can thus become one of the most important contributions of emerging markets to building a more secure international financial system.”

The R5, or R5+ project does intersect with what is being designed at the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU), led by the Macro-Economics Minister of the Eurasia Economic Commission, Sergey Glazyev.

In his most recent paper, Glazyev makes a direct reference to two by now notorious reports by Credit Suisse strategist Zoltan Pozsar, formerly of the IMF, US Department of Treasury, and New York Federal Reserve: War and Commodity Encumbrance (December 27) and War and Currency Statecraft (December 29).

What Glazyev proposes now is for Russia to boost gold mining to as much as 3 percent of GDP: the basis for fast growth of the entire commodity sector (30 percent of Russian GDP). With the country becoming a world leader in gold production, it gets “a strong ruble, a strong budget and a strong economy.”

At the heart of the EAEU discussions, Glazyev seems to be designing a new currency not only based on gold, but partly based on the oil and natural gas reserves of participating countries.

Off the record, New York banking sources admit the US dollar would be “wiped out, since it is a valueless fiat currency, should Sergey Glazyev link the new currency to gold. The reason is that the Bretton Woods system no longer has a gold base and has no intrinsic value, like the FTX crypto currency. Sergey’s plan also linking the currency to oil and natural gas seems to be a winner.”

Both Glazyev and Pozsar know better than anyone that when Bretton Woods was created the US possessed most of Central Bank gold and controlled half the world’s GDP. This was the basis for the US to take over the whole global financial system.

Now vast swathes of the non-western world are paying close attention to Glazyev and the drive towards a new non-US dollar currency, complete with a new gold standard which would in time totally replace the US dollar.

One key takeaway is that energy-intensive major industries are going to be moving to China. Beijing has become a big exporter of Russian liquified natural gas (LNG) to Europe, while India has become a big exporter of Russian oil and refined products such as diesel – also to Europe. Both China and India – BRICS members – buy below market price from fellow BRICS member Russia and resell to Europe with a hefty profit. Sanctions? What sanctions?

Meanwhile, the race to constitute the new currency basket for a new monetary unit is on.

The Empire may have gobbled up Europe for now, but what really matters geoeconomically, is how the absolute majority of the Global South is deciding to commit to the Russia/China-led block.

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The Anglo-Saxon U.S./ UK lethal threat to China and the Non-White countries: PART TWO

     Before the 15th Century, the barbaric Europeans were living in the 'Dark Ages' of eternal internecine strives and savage warfare. It was later when they learnt indirectly from the Mongols and the Arab traders all the Chinese science and technology and the illuminating stories of the great Chinese Civilization from Marco Polo that awakened them and evolved as a catalyst that triggered and sparked The Renaissance of the Europeans in the Middle Ages. But too soon after whatever they had learnt from the Chinese science and technology they put them to evil use of invasions and destructions of other non-white people and civilizations. In the middle 19th century from 1830s, China was caught up in their uncouth behaviour of brutal invasions and lethal occupations. [ For detail information of ancient Chinese Science & Technology, please refer to the works of Professor Joseph Needham, who had written volumes of books and treatise on the subject matter ].

Every Chinese and for that matter every non-white country need to know why and how the evil West led by the Anglo-Saxon U.S./UK are doing whatever it takes to destroy China and all non-white people and countries.

Below is a reprint of an article "The Oppression of A Civilization" written by Chua Chin Leng, and first published on 4th April, 2013, in 'My Singapore News'. Mr. Chua Chin Leng had granted my request to post his article again for the benefit of those who had missed it before  as  PART  TWO  of my article "The Anglo-Saxon US/UK lethatl threat to China and the Non-White countries.

PART   TWO : The Oppression of A Civilization: 
The rise of China - A phoenix has risen from the ashes.

The world was turned into an ocean of colonies of subject people during the few centuries of ‘friendly’ European conquest. The Africans were turned into slaves, the natives of both Americas massacred. The ancient civilization of China was crippled and dismantled into pieces. After the Western powers brought down the decadent Qing Dynasty with the might of modern firearms, the Chinese civilization was turned into a pariah race of nothingness by the invaders in their country. The foreigners did not bring anything good but oppression, bullying and raiding China’s wealth and dignity by all kinds of deceptive means, and by the barrel of the gun. The Japanese joined in and even thought of conquering and ruling the whole of China as their colony.

There was a moment of salvation when Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and declared war on the Western power. China and its peasant soldiers were needed to open another front to sap the fighting power and resources of the Japanese. A large part of the Japanese Imperial Army was held down in China by the peasant soldiers. History would not be the same if the Japanese could run through China without resistance and conquer the whole of Asia.

After the war there was a brief moment of equality for China as a key member of the Allied Forces that fought against the Japanese. Chiang Kai Shek was seated with the Allied leaders like Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt in Potsdam and Cairo to divide the world among the victorious Allied Powers. China was lucky to have its lost territories back. Chiang was more like a flower vase, inconsequential, and would not be deserving of any war loot. His presence among the leaders of the big powers was a consolation that gave China a little recognition as a big nation.

This little moment of dignity did not last long when Mao Zedong defeated Chiang and China adopted communism as a state ideology. This turn of event led to a renewed and concerted Western effort to brand and condemn the Chinese civilization as peasants, rogues, dumb, uncivilized, aggressive and the pariahs of the human race, a good for nothing race that was lack of talent, unproductive and unimaginative, and unfit to join the advanced nations of the West. This was the hopeless China painted by the West. They kept repeating the misinformation daily in all western media, like they are doing to North Korea today that the whole world simply believed so. Chinese are useless, Chinese are lame, Chinese are bad.

Cold Wars, containment policies, encirclement, depriving China of its rightful seat in the UN, blocking China from joining international organizations like the WTO and the Groupings of rich nations, were history now. In the last 40 odd years, China came storming back on its own despite all the sanctions and barriers and threats against its rise as a nation, and the Chinese people as a civilization, old, ancient, but not useless and remote of talents.

Throughout the two hundred years of Western oppression and suppression, the Chinese civilization was not allowed to surface, no opportunity to break out and be the equals of other nations. The Chinese civilization was down and out, the Chinese in despair. Many Chinese had doubts in themselves, and were ashamed to be Chinese. The Westerners reinforced this belief by sneering at them, contributing negative literature furiously to debase the Chinese, discriminated against them in practically every human endeavour and industry. In the USA there were racist laws forbidding the Chinese from higher skill jobs. The image and perception of useless and untalented Chinese became a self fulfilling prophecy. The Chinese civilization was a joke, a condemned race that was lacking in industry and innovation.

On its own, slowly and steadily the Chinese rebuilt their nation and their civilization, with little foreign talents and assistance, China has over taken Japan and is closing in on the US as the number Two world power, economically and militarily. They have proven that they could match the West in every field of industry. The oppression and suppression of a civilization have failed, and a revitalized China has assumed its rightful place as a proud nation among nations. The Chinese civilization is no longer to be spitted at, to be kicked around by the Western powers or by teeny weeny little Asian states. It is now a force to be reckoned with and to be respected on its own merits.

The tag of being the Sick Man of Asia, a semi colony of the West, a broken country with nothing, no inventions, no modern industries, no talents except poverty and all the trappings of a poor and backward third world country vanished over a few decades. There is renewed pride as a people, a nation and a civilization in the new China. A phoenix has risen from the ashes. There is no turning back. The Chinese have found their way back and will leap frog over the West in science and technology and in all things, while the West are still trying to restrain their advances by hook and by crook.

Today, the overseas Chinese are also starting to rediscover themselves, their pride and dignity as a respectable people. They too find some renewed confidence that they are not rubbish and useless as the West wanted to hole them in, to be bullied by even little third world people, to be told to go home in western countries. They too share the pride of an ancient civilization seeking a second chance in renaissance, to achieve in whatever they seek to do, to be a respectable people and civilization on par with the best in the world. They no longer lower their heads in shame as they go about their lives. They are standing tall, heads and shoulders to the Western civilization with the knowledge that they are just as good if not better. The Chinese civilization is reviving and will no longer be oppressed and suppressed again.

Chua Chin Leng

Hopefully after reading this article "The Oppression of A Civilization" netizens would have learnt a short history lesson of the evil Western countries now led by the Anglo-Saxon Americans and their diabolical wicked actions that will affect our future generations to come, and that we all Chinese and other non-white people and countries will never be fooled and deceived by the evil West again. Please as usual do disseminate the truth of articles posted in 'My Singapore News' to as many people as possible.


Friday, 20th January, 2023

The ganging up of the Butchers of humanity

Japan rearms for war: What it means for Asia  - By Timur Fomenko, political analyst

Tokyo is working to assert itself as a global military power and could destabilize its entire region in the process....

While the United States has always seen Japan as the bulwark of its power-projection in Asia, a position it consolidated during the Korean War, it is now allowing Japan to “escape the leash” of its post-war military limitations, hoping it will help in the containment of China. The Biden administration has established a strategy of creating coalitions to target Beijing, such as for example, the Quad and AUKUS. The US aims to counter the rise of China through granting allies extended military capabilities and capacity that they did not have previously. Such as, for example, allowing Australia to gain nuclear submarines through AUKUS or, in this case, giving leeway for Japan to expand its military reach, such as building new air bases in Okinawa.

In doing so, Washington increasingly understands Japan as a critical asset in a Taiwan-related contingency with China, with Japanese territory being effectively 100 kilometers or so east of the island itself. Thus, Japan now recognizes the island as a critical variable in its own defence policy, because if Taiwan falls to mainland rule, Japan will be militarily ‘checkmated’ by China, which will subsequently change the balance of power in Asia against the US....

What is notable is how Japan is not just turning to the United States for its own military expansionism, but to other countries too. This includes deeper relationships with the UK, Canada and Australia, amongst others. For example, Japan will build a “next generation fighter jet” with the UK and Italy which will involve the use of AI. While it is clear that the United States is pushing its allies to work together to try and contain China, on the other hand such moves also set out how Japan is attempting to reassert its own strategic independence with a view to establishing itself again as a military power in its own right, something it has not attempted since the 1940s.... RT

The above is from RT. The world's two most barbaric nations are ganging up together to start WW3. Oops, actually 3 most barbaric nations, the third is UK. Between the 3, many millions of people had been massacred and genocided during the colonial days and the two World Wars.

The lying savages of Japan invaded Russia, South Korea and China. South Korea was colonised, China almost colonised. None of the victim countries had ever invaded Japan. But the sneaky and dishonourable Japanese are faking threats from China, Russia and South Korea as reasons to justify its remilitarisation. This is reported in a slanted article by an ignorant western author in the ST on 19 Jan 23 by the name of Denny Roy, Hawaii. Or was the author lying and being mischievous. He cannot be so ignorant of the history of Japan against its neighbours. Typical lying Americans in cahoot with the barbaric Japanese. Japan was the threat, the invader of China, Russia and South Korea, not the other way round as claimed by Denny Roy. 

This time if Japan attack any of the three countries, hope they will finish off the Japanese for the good of humankind.

It is the same American fake logic that China or Russia is a threat to the US, or the herdsmen of Afghanistan are a threat to the US, North Korea is a threat to the biggest nuclear power in the world. The real threat is the US to the rest of the world. The world's number one terrorist state. Now the number one terrorist state is ganging together with another two terrorist countries, UK and Japan, to want to start WW3, to attack China, Russia and countries they lied and branded as their enemies.

And the whole world is dumb, not saying a word, cannot see how these butchers of humanity going to start another round of killings around the world.  White men and half whites have the right to start wars and to kill. No condemnation from the UN or the rest of the world.  Their wars are for peace?

Below are some comments in RT on the remilitarisation of Japan.

Isn't it clear what the US is up to? They let Europe take over against Russia and let the allies around the Pacific start a conflict against China. All are weakened vis-à-vis the US, which keeps its distance.

Good - China needs not seek any excuses or reasons to avenged the infamous of The Rape of Nanking!!!

Anyone not seeing how the west is arming itself for a world war is only kidding him/her self, it's on the cards people, and "if" after they let's pretend they beat Russia and China then we're all next.

"Japan rearms for war: What it means for Asia" Trouble again, that's what it means for Asia. When a warlike nation arms itself to the extent that Japan is doing it means they are not doing it for peace. The land of the rising Sun will become the Sun. Does anyone doubt they have been secretly working on nuclear weapons?

nobody realizes the WEST is in a world war with brics and friends, because russia doing great job at disarming the west in ukraine

It is highly necessary to send Japan at least 50 to 80 years behind…of course Japan would be the only country to be nuked twice by US and once by China …and of course to settle horrific past war crimes by imperialist countries..

Does the nips still lust for Empire in Korea and Russia far east? They still Believe they are superior and entitled to slaves in those areas?? Especially the women? They believe that other Asian people are sub human yet today their atrocities are forgotten and white washed. Westerners seems to admire their combat abilities and war- like culture as it fits our own. America - - - you are buddies with another type of Talibans.

Memories of Japanese military atrocities are coming back to Asia. Oh there’s lots and lots of people with axes to grind with Japan, and those deeds are never forgotten nor forgiven. No one took action against the Japanese solely because it committed to a pacifist philosophy, now it wants to rebuild an offensive military? Be prepared to face enemies from all directions in Asia.


Covid19 - Euthanasia or Genocide


A two minute clip on an alleged claim that vicious forces are using the Covid Pandemic as a plan to euthanathise the elderly or conducting a 21st Century Genocide. How true are these claims? These are prominent people that put their reputations on the chopping block if they are found to be lying or misleading the public. They could be prosecuted for creating a public hysteria against state governments.

If they were to tell their versions of the truth, or the other side of the coin, in Singapore, would they be 'pofma'?

What is the truth? Who is lying?

Bill Gates had patent rights for hundreds of deadly viruses. For what? To infect himself or the human race? Why were the deadly viruses not destroyed? Why paying to register rights of ownership of viruses? Rights or licence to kill?

The viruses are WMD, weapons of mass destruction. Where did Bill Gates got them from? Fort Detrick, Ukraine bioweapon labs? Bill Gates and Soros are key members of the Mariupol Command Centre, their photos were hanging in the commander's office.

US versus China - Fake Democracy versus Real Democracy

The West led by the obnoxious Anglo-Saxon United States always demonize China as an autocratic state which oppreses and suppresses its people unlike the Western liberal democracy in which the people has freedom and human rights.

Well let's examine the facts on the ground. China's leaders are selected through many layers or stratas of society. In Communist China's governining system there is no such thing as 'Natural Aristocrats' as one of ASEAN's countries prime minister like to claim and boast about. In China all leaders must go through many years and many rounds of testing and only the best and most capable are picked and chosen to be leaders to serve the country. Thus China's governing leaders come from all stratas of society and has the most democratic system.

In Western liberal democratic system all scums of society, like crooks, rogues and scoundrels, charlatans, cheats and imposters can at any time bluff their ways through and take office as President, senators, lawmakers as congressmen and members of the House of representatives so long as they have the gift of the gap in demagoguery. Once elected these rogues and scoundrels and charlatans can entrench themselves for years and decades in the government. It is a fake democratic system in which the elitist government only look after the interests of the elitists while the rest of the population can only hope to swim or sink in such dog eat dog society.

The difference can be seen in China lifting over 800 million people out of poverty whereas in the United States tens of millions of citizens live in abject poverty in homelessness.

In China the government builds first class infrastructures. Chinese cities big or small everywhere are very bright and shiny and glow with glorious splendour day and night. Chinese societies everywhere are full of high spirit, vibrancy, joy and happiness and the people feel safe to go everywhere and anywhere.The people are happy and satisfied with the government. Can the Western liberal demoracies dare to compare with China's Communist Party system of governance which centers around the well being of the people at large and really takes care of the country.

In the United States which practices liberal democratic governing system ( which is actuallly most undemocratic as it restricts only to two equally evil self-interest and self-aggrandizement parties of the Republicans and The Democrats ) only the one or two percent elites live in glory and splendour while more than 50 million citizens live in abject poverty of homelessness with no assurity of food on the table day in and day out. American roads are so worned out with full of potholes and the railways and trains are bone shakers very unsafe for travelling. American cities are old and shabby,dull and liveless and the people never feel safe everywhere they venture out.

America is a crappy society full of danger and unsafe to go out as you can be mauled down by gun fire at anytime and at any moment.

There is indeed no comparison between a broken down and out American liberal democratic system and the glorious Chinese Communist Party system. The former system takes care of the elites while the latter takes care of the people at large and the country.

Glorious China : Yang Rong Nan