Please send this article to all peace loving people round the world. Let the world know that USA, the Evil Empire is a satanic country creating all wars, troubles and terrorists acts in every corner of the earth. Ever since its independence from Imperial Britain in 1775, the Evil Empire has been run and control by evil politicians who believe in military might to carry out permanent wars of aggressioin against other countries so as to preserve and maintain supreme power and hegemony over every country in the world.

 North Korea’s Justifiable Anger 
April 10, 2013
Does Obama Want More War?

North Korea’s Justifiable Anger

The corporate media reduces the DPRK (North Korea) to the Kim family and prefaces their names with the terms “madman”, “evil” and “brutal”. Such vilifications of foreign leaders are used here not only to signify they are target for US overthrow. They are meant to intimidate and isolate anti-war activists as being out in left field for ever wanting to oppose a war against countries ruled by “madmen” – be they Saddam, Fidel, Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Qaddaffi.
Yet to a sensible person, it is crazy that the US, with nuclear weapons thousands of miles from home, in South Korea, denies North Korea has a right to have its own nuclear weapons on its own land – particularly when the North says it is developing nuclear weapons only as a deterrent because the US won’t take its own weapons out of the Korean peninsula.
Missing in what passes for discourse on the DPRK in the corporate media is that the US was conducting month-long war maneuvers last March in Korea, now extended into April, using stealth bombers, undetectable by radar, capable of carrying nuclear weapons. And this year these are not “deterrent” war maneuvers, but “pre-emptive war” maneuvers.
Would the US government and people get a little “irrational” if a foreign country that previously had killed millions of our people, sent nuclear capable stealth bombers off the coasts of New York City, Washington DC, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, there to fly around for a month in preparation for a possible nuclear attack on us? For what is called, in warped US language, war “games”?
The US may have killed 20% of the population of Korea, said General Curtis Lemay, who was involved in the US air war on Korea. If so, that is a higher rate of genocidal slaughter than what the Nazis inflicted on Poland or the Soviet Union. The Korean War may be unknown ancient history to us, but it is no more ancient history to Koreans than the Nakba is to Palestinians.
North Korea knows that history, and it is warning the US they know what to expect and are arming themselves to prevent it. Are the DPRK leaders “paranoid” or taking justifiable precautions?
What kind of deranged people call war preparations a “war game”? North Korea doesn’t think it’s a “game.” Over 4 million died in the last war to reunify their country that the US divided. If men had an annual rite called “group rape games” wouldn’t we think it a criminal misogynist pathology, and wouldn’t women be justified in being outraged and arming themselves in self-defense?
An accurate reading of the events leading up to the present situation shows that North Korea is responding to US military escalation, and in particular to US refusal to negotiate. This includes a peace treaty to end the Korean War, any steps towards reunifying Korea, the end to the US occupation of South Korea and ending the annual month-long US-South Korean war maneuvers. Even today, it includes US refusal to talk in order to lower the tensions.
North Korea was hit with US/UN Security Council sanctions for a missile launch last year. South Korea sent off a missile this year; were there any sanctions?
Since World War II there have been 9000 missile launches. 4 were by the DPRK. There have been 2000 atomic bomb tests. 3 were by DPRK. No country was sanctioned by the UN Security Council for this. No country except the DPRK. Why wouldn’t the North Koreans be incensed by this double standard, especially when the US has nuclear weapons in South Korea?
The US kill rate in the 1950-53 Korean War equaled more than one 9-11 every day, day after day, for the whole 1100 day war. US people had a scar from one 9-11.  So what kind of war scars do Koreans have?
Korea is divided because our country invaded and divided it after the Japanese surrender. The leaders of the DPRK had been fighting the Japanese since the early 1930s, and 200,000 had lost their lives. When Korean liberation was at hand in 1945, the US intervened and blocked it.
The US was supposed to leave in 1948, along with the Soviet Union, but because Kim Il Sung was likely to win planned nation-wide elections, the US made the division permanent and blocked national elections, just as it did later in Vietnam. This lead to the Korean War, the cause of the present militarization: A foreign country divided and occupied their country against their will.
We should play our part to improve the human rights situation in Korea, not only in the North but in the South as well. Both societies are more closed and controlled than our own. Whether being occupied by foreign troops, threatened with war and war maneuvers, or subjected to harsh economic sanctions, this does not facilitate free and open societies.
If we really want more rights for the people of the DPRK then we should stop pointing a gun at their head. If we listened to Kim Jong Un’s message delivered a month ago, ignored by President Obama, “We don’t want war. Let’s talk,” that would only foster a more open society there – and in South Korea, just as we know it would  here in the US.
Stansfield Smith is an anti-war and Latin America solidarity activist in Chicago who recently returned from a trip to North Korea [Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK)], with Koryo Tours. He can be reached at: stansfieldsmith@yahoo.com

6.9m, try feeling the weight

What is 6.9m going to be like in 2030? A 4 member family unit will mean 400,000 flats to house an increase of 1.6m people. This could mean two Tampines estates or equivalent land needed at least. And assuming 10% of these 400,000 households will be car owners that will be 40,000 cars on the road and more roads and parking spaces needed, and 40,000 more COEs.

If each household has a school going child, there will be 400,000 more school children running around, needing transport and schools. How many more polytechnic and university places are needed?

If each of these household is a two income family, 800,000 more jobs will need to be created.

If each family eat 4 eggs daily, 1.6m more eggs must be laid by the chickens, daily.

Just think about the consumables and multiply them by 1.6m, a lot more consumption will add on to the economic numbers.

And all this will be piled on to the already congested little islands we are living in.

Are these what we want, progress, growth, well being? Or it is all about congestion, inflation, competition, stress and strains, working and working and working for a little shoe box apartment? By then the size of flats will be determined by the hard realities around us, 6.9m will dictate your life and decide what kind of life you will be living.

Tomorrow is the Protest Rally at Hong Lim Park, 4pm. Will you be there?

Remisiers rushing to pass exam?

This is the big title, I mean printed in very very big fonts in the ST, of Goh Eng Yeow’s article about remisiers rushing to sit for an exam that probably will not be held again. The exam, called Module 6A, is needed if remisiers are to execute trades for their clients on Specified Investment Products, which also read as dangerous or highly complex products. This requirement came about after the Lehman bonds or toxic products sold and many investors got badly burnt. The MAS now wants to ensure that investors and remisiers are fully aware of the complexities of these products and the high risk that they are taking when trading in them.

So remisiers must pass this exam, to equip them with sophisticated knowledge of these products, and to be in a position ‘to advise their clients’ when trading these products. This advising role of remisiers, with the passing of the module, they would be more professional in executing such trades. And since both clients and remisiers are professionally qualified, they should bare the risk should things turn foul and don’t go and kpkb with the authorities. This is now not a case of willing buyer willing seller, but informed and professionally trained buyers and sellers, and with equally professionally qualified remisiers to make sure things are handled professionally. I am also not sure how would these changes make the trading of SIP products safer. But it must be a good step forward.

What I am puzzled is that if passing an exam on this module is essential to executing SIP products, shouldn’t the exam be held regularly, maybe once or twice a year, or is this the last time that such an exam will be held?

The other matter that is new to me is that most brokerages have central buyers that execute trades like foreign stocks for the clients of remisiers as part and parcel of the system. And there has never been an issue about the commissions going back to the remisiers. Why is it that should central buyers have to assist in the trading of SIP products, that the commission becomes an issue, who should the commission goes to? The general sharing formula is 60:40 or 55:45 in favour of the company with the remisiers bearing the bad debt risks. So, with SIP products, new commission sharing formulas were being floated with some brokerages hinting to taking the full commission for themselves or maybe a higher percentage than the 60%. And there is also a question of risk, who is going to bear the risk of bad debts?

Why shouldn’t the brokerages continue with the central buyer system to assist remisiers in the execution of SIP trades, incidentally trading foreign stocks in overseas bourses used to be classified as SIP for a while, and maintain the same commission sharing formula? The other point is that such trades, now mainly high risks derivatives and ETF products need well trained professionals who are dealing with such products on a full time basis to be able to provide the level of expertise to their clients.

Passing Module 6A and executing derivatives and SIP products as a part of the main business to me is grossly inadequate relative to the full time traders or central buyers handling such businesses. The highly complex products and the high risks expected would really need very much more care than just passing an exam. It is a full time thing, requiring a lot of expertise and attention and complex computations and monitoring of the movements of such products unlike stocks and shares. A little exception is the ETFs which are technically safer products as they are derived from a basket of blue chip stocks in a market. Of course some of these products could be designed differently and can be risky and complex as well.

Would the sitting and passing of Module 6A be a game changer that makes the risk in trading SIP products more bearable or the remisiers be more professional? More knowledgeable is not necessary the same as more professional. Would it be better for such trades to be done by the central buyers?

Is there really an issue in the apportioning of the commission? Would the business or income of remisiers who missed taking this exam be affected? How many clients are really active in trading SIP products? Would the livelihood of remisiers be affected if they did not sit for this exam?

Selfish Meritocracy – Goh Chok Tong

“We do not want a society whose citizens seek to advance their own interests without a care for others, or worse, at the expense of others. I call this ‘selfish meritocracy’. It is up to those of us who can, to reach back and help those behind to climb the ladder with us, and not to pull up the ladder behind us.”

“Those who have risen to the top owe the greatest responsibility to help the weaker in society. A ‘compassionate meritocracy’ can help us build a resilient and inclusive society. A ‘selfish meritocracy’ will divide us and ruin our society.” – Goh Chok Tong

What is Chok Tong saying? Why did Chok Tong make these remarks? Is he saying that some people are practicing selfish meritocracy? Or is this just a general comment, there is no such thing but just a warning that this can happen and should be avoided? The consequence is a divided and ruined society, he said.

Assuming that Chok Tong is acknowledging this problem, what is he or the Govt going to do about it? Would those that are advancing their own interests without a care for others be taken to task and the process be stopped? It must be as the consequence according to Chok Tong is a ruined society and surely he and the Govt would not want that to happen.

And there is this complaint by many concerned Singaporeans, by the retrenched or out of job PMETs, even by the MOM, that FOREIGNERS are practicing selfish meritocracy here with Singaporeans the silent victims, losing their high paying jobs to foreigners being brought in to replace them. Actually this is more than selfish meritocracy. It is a concerted effort to get rid of Singaporeans and replaced with their own kind and has nothing to do with meritocracy.

Can I say that there are now two problems, one, high achieving Singaporeans are practicing selfish meritocracy to benefit themselves at the expense of less able Singaporeans and the question is, why is this allowed to happen? And why allowed to happen if the Govt knows about it?

The second problem of FOREIGNERS practicing more than selfish meritocracy, intentional and preconceived acts to replace Singaporeans with their own kind is now being tackled by Tan Chuan Jin and the MOM. How much has been done and how effective were the measures taken to improve the lot of Singaporeans that fell victims to this is yet to show itself in a big way. How long will it take to get rid of FOREIGNERS guilty of this malpractice in our own country against our very own citizens? Or is the Govt adopting a gentle touch and hoping that things will improve, and how long will it take to improve? Would the jobless PMETs see their problems removed or would it be too late and they become history by the time something is done?

By not acting fast to tackle these problems is itself a form of selfish meritocracy. Let’s see whether Chok Tong can do something while he still can and what he said is not just lip service, spoken and forgotten, no longer his problem. He already said that those at the top have the greatest responsibility to curb such abuses. It could be his last generous and righteous act for the people who have supported him and placed their trust in him to make him the PM for so many years.


China should learn from the USA

Xinjiang was hit by terrorists last Tuesday and 21 were killed by China’s security forces after the violent clash. As usual, though the US was under attack by terrorists in Boston, it attacked China for the way it handled the terrorist strike. A US spokesman, Patrick Ventrell, ‘called for a thorough and transparent investigation and expressed concern over discrimination against Uighurs and the practice of Islam.

I think the Americans have a point. The Chinese have very little experience in the handling of the minorities. China should seek the American’s help in how to deal with minorities’ uprisings against the authorities. The Americans were very successful in the uprising of the Red Indians and China should approach the Americans to learn how they decimated the Red Indian Uprising and brought peace to America. The second American success story is that after exterminating almost all the Red Indians, the Americans were very generous and compassionate in setting up reservations to protect the remaining few Red Indians that were still alive.

Actually the Red Indians were a majority but after the killings they became a minority in North America. China’s minorities, the Uighurs, are an historical minority and maybe there is no need to conduct a genocide to terminate them. China can skip this, just set up reservations and march the Uighurs into them to be protected. That would do the job like the Red Indians in the US.

China should send a high level delegation to the USA to seek advice on how this can be done efficiently and gain lasting peace in China. It is a great piece of American recipe that should be shared with countries around the world, in keeping the minorities under control and no more troubles from them forever. Make sure that only a few are left, too few to make any difference anymore.

One more thing, for those caught elsewhere, set up prisons in the model of Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo to lock them up without trial. If any western media or American senator or congressman is to question these prisons, just said they were recommended by the Americans. Ask them to go back and ask their Administration.

FT Myth 2

Hi all, the earlier Poll on this is behaving very weirdly and the numbers could not go up but keeps shrinking after every new high. It is now less than 20 respondents. I have sent a note to Bloggers to investigate and track why the Poll is behaving so badly. Hopefully they can reveal the problem facing this the earlier Poll.

I have created another similar Poll, FT Myth 2. Please vote again and see how this Poll will behave this time. Also, After you voted, please use the 'comment' in this post to indicate A for the first choice and B for the second choice to allow me to do a tally on the fictitious missing numbers. Just an A or B will do.

Thanks for your assistance.


Tharman the untarnished, a possible next PM

Tharman has won praises from many quarters for his press interview last week and the balanced comments he made on several key issues that are hot in town. This has prompted Seah Chiang Nee to devote an article on him and sounded the possibility of Tharman becoming the next PM.

This could really be a reality as Tharman is possibly the only key minister that is relatively unscarred by controversies over govt policies. His eloquence and cool cucumber demeanour has stood him well with the people of all races. And who knows, come 2016, if some of the key ministers were booted out during the GE, Tharman could be a natural choice as there would be no one good enough left on the table.

Tharman could be a good choice for many reasons. He comes across as a fair and decent minister, not racist, very Singaporean and a strong believer of meritocracy. So the other races would not have anything to fear that he would fill the cabinets with ministers based on racial affinity. And even if he does so, it would definitely be based on meritocracy, that he could not find enough good ministerial candidates from the other racial groups and he has no choice but to take the difficult choice. And who can fault him then, even if hypothetically, 50% or 70% of his ministers are Indians but chosen based on meritocracy, the pillar of Singapore’s success formula? And being sensitive to the other racial groups, he would not take such a route if he can avoid it, and a more balance cabinet with some moderate changes is the likely outcome. Or he could fill his cabinet with the dream team in politics, by bringing in the best in America and Europe. We could have Obama, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condolezza Rice, George Brown, and whoever in Europe. Just issue them a pink IC and they would be instant Singaporeans and can become ministers. Then there will be new a meaning to the term PMET, M would stand for Ministers and MPs that were replaced by these FTs. Our unique meritocracy policy is simply the best, the most flexible and practical solution to a borderless world and a progressive Singapore.

So far Tharman’s star is shining bright and providence could have its own way to propel Tharman to be the next PM no matter what people may think that the population is still not ready for an Indian PM.

My read is that 2016 is going to be an interesting year and anything can happen, the PAP losing power or losing its two third majority in Parliament, including Tharman becoming the next PM and a cabinet of newly minted citizens as ministers are not far fetched.

Now you are thinking.


Night Festival - A piece of RAR Art

Night Festival series. A painting created by Mother Nature.

Worried for Boon Wan and the HDB

Since Boon Wan’s revelation that HDB was losing money for every flat it sold and the amount was a scandalous billion dollar annually, he has been questioned and ridiculed by many bloggers who simply could not believe in what he said. Some of the attacks were quite personal and very unpleasant. What is more worrisome are the losses incurred by HDB now and later on.

According to Boon Wan, the annual losses over the last few years were about a billion, ie every year but not sure how many years he was referring to, no matter how many flats were built. The building programme was ramped up only last year after he came into office. The number of flats built was very small during the watch of his predecessor that led to the current housing problem and high property prices. So, how much is HDB losing for every flat that it sold? And how much will HDB be losing if the population increases to 6.9m? At 6.9, HDB will need to build another 400,000 units to house the increase of 1.6m people at 4 person per flat.

Let me hazard a guess. Taking a best case scenario to do a rough calculation, the building of 50,000 units under Boon Wan, and using his annual $1b loss, HDB should incur a loss of $20,000 for every unit sold. Tiok boh? If $1b is the loss when only 10,000 units were sold, then the loss per unit should be $100,000.

To build another 400,000 units, the loss could be in the region of $8b to $40b depending on which number one is using. This is a serious amount to lose and a big sum to save if the population is not increased and there is no need to build the 400,000 units of flats.  Would it be prudent and make more economic sense not to increase the population to incur more losses? But this is not all. Boon Wan is trying to bring down the prices of HDB flats from an average of 5.5 years of the buyers annual income to 4 years. This would definitely add to the losses that HDB would have to incur. I am terribly worried as to where the Govt is going to find the money to subsidise these losses. Yes, this is a lot of money and it must come from somewhere and someone would have to pay for it.

Maybe Boon Wan has already worked out the sums and the public need not have to worry. The flats will be cheaper and the losses would be taken care of, somehow.

PS: The original $80b to $400b is wrong and should read $8b to $40b. I have amended the text above.


Leslie Chew, would a gentler touch be better?

As expected, the social media and the opposition would have something to say regarding the arrest of Leslie Chew, the cartoonist. Cherian George has spoken and so has SDP, calling for a gentler touch and no need to use the sledgehammer to smash an ant. Unfortunately their calls could make things worst.

It is not right for Leslie to use the term ‘racist’ on the Govt as it is accusing the Govt of a very serious act. The part on the judiciary is also touchy as the integrity of the judicial system is being questioned. But the reaction by the Govt is seen as being too harsh, over reaction. The question is whether a call to retract the statement would be good enough, and for added measures an apology in his comic front page.

Leslie Chew is just a small guy, ok his cartoons are rubbing people up the wrong side. What I feel is necessary is for Leslie Chew to do some damage control by cleaning up the false or wrong image that he has painted of the judiciary and the Govt, to right a wrong and close the matter. Arresting him just make the matter looks so uncomfortable for a first world country. Other than the converts who would believe in anything, how many would really believe the accusations by Leslie Chew? Many would brush it off as some wild accusations. It is as good as calling an angel a rapist when it is obvious that that is not true.

Going too hard on Leslie Chew may send a message, 杀鸡吓猴, and many messages to the world the kind of society we are living in. What happens to the kinder society and the gentler touch?
Yes, Leslie Chew has printed something unsavoury. How much damage is done by Leslie Chew’s comment to deserve a police arrest? The whole world is watching. After this, the Govt may need to mount a bigger PR exercise for the smear that came with the handling of this case.


More PMETs retrenched

The majority of people losing jobs last year were PMETs, forming 54% of the 11,000 made redundant. The percentages for 2010 and 2011 were 35% and 42% respectively. The other interesting point is that the PMETs that were retrenched were getting younger, in the 20s, 30s and 40s, not necessarily the 50s or older.

The dicey part of this information is that without job security in Sin City, these PMETs that were retrenched are going to have a hard time, really bad time. Not only they have a family to look after, school going children, there is also the 30 year mortgage to pay for. 

Job security in Sin City is a top most concern to all Singaporeans. They cannot afford to go without work for at least 30 years. And for these PMETs to lose their jobs at such early ages this is troubling even if they could find a replacement job fast. Any long break without an income is dire.

Isn’t this frightening? And we have several hundred thousand foreign professionals being employed here while our locals are getting the butts every now and then. This is no joking matter. As a country we cannot afford this kind of situation to get worst. It will only aggravate the already big pool of unemployed PMETs and will cost a heavy strain on the social fabric of our society.

The Govt and MOM cannot be cavalier with this problem as it will hit more and more citizens across all industries. The govt service may be affected too, including those in uniform or in civilian if the direction is not reversed.

Mysterious things happened to the FT myth poll

I am certain that the number of respondents to the poll was more than 90 last night. I dunno why the number has dropped to 22 now. Google system must be suspect, unsteady, unreliable.

Good news, 71 F35s on the way

According to My Paper today, an US Air Force Lieutenant General Christopher Bogdan has said Singapore is close to a deal to buy 71 pieces of the yet to be operational, yet to be combat tested leading edge multi role futuristic combat aircraft from the USA. It will cost only $11b or about $155 mil a piece. Now that is cheap. The US must have slashed the price to make it so attractive that we are going to get more than the earlier rumours. Or maybe we have gone there and drove a good bargain, for cash, 50% discount, take it of leave it.

The best part of this deal is that the aircraft is still on a developmental stage and would definitely be the most modern and fresh out of the oven aircraft that any country can hope to buy from the Americans. Often the Americans would sell only aircraft that have been in service for 20 or 30 years so that the buyer would not get the state of the art technology and aircraft. Singapore must be in a very enviable position to seal this deal.

With 71 of the finest and most advanced aircraft available in the future, no delivery date mentioned yet, may 10 or 20 years, we have positioned ourselves as the mightiest air force in Asia. North Korea and even China would not be a problem if they dare to launch an air attack on us.

Singaporeans can now sleep in peace. Our sky is safe. Good buy.

Would Singaporeans behave as one like the Bostonians

Hsien Loong wrote in his facebook, “If ever Singapore encounters an incident like this, may we have the courage and the humanity to respond with the same grace and unity as the Bostonians.”

This is a big if. In America, other that then the rich elite feasting on the country’s wealth, the rest of the Americans are fairly equal as one people despite the myriads of nationals that made up the Americans. The stratification of the Americans is not institutionalised like what we have here. I am not just talking about the CMIO division, and I am also not talking about the citizens versus foreigners when the latter is now nearly 50% of the population. In any crisis, 50% of the population, or the foreigners, can be ruled out, they will say not their business, and scoot.

What about the Singaporeans? I think this is increasingly becoming a big issue with the Singaporeans being pigeoned hole into so many categories. Would the Singaporeans ask themselves, how much should I contribute in a crisis? I am the low income earner and expected to take public transport, so how much should I contribute compare to those who can afford expensive cars? I am the average Singaporean and this is how much I should contribute, with or without subsidies. Then the higher income earners may ask how much should they discount their contributions when they are being deprived of so many things, like housing, and made to pay more for more expensive hospital wards and higher tuition fees with no subsidies for their children. And what about the super rich that have so many good things in their way, would they say, sure we are the biggest beneficiary of the system and we will contribute the most?

The Govt has been dividing and subdividing the Singaporeans into so many categories with all kinds of subsidies and penalties, in monetary terms. Would the Singaporeans be just as calculative as the Govt and say, all the calls and pledges to defend and die for country are just nice sounding aspirations. Now if there is a real crisis, what and how the Govt pigeon holed and treated me will be how I repay and contribute to the country?

Those who are given lesser or no subsidies may say, let those with more subsidies be the first line of defence. And those who are not even allowed to buy public flats may say, those who are entitled go first?

Did I hear inclusiveness, inclusive society? Or did I hear a country and people divided along the lines of incomes, entitlements and subsidies? Compare this with the Bostonians who are not stratified into so many layers and classes, can our people react and unite as one in times of crisis, standing together as one people? Or would they be bickering, that fellow earns more, that one earns less and that one gets more subsidies? Or would they be competing with each other to be at the back line? Where are those who are angry that those who earn a few dollars more should not be allowed to compete with those who earn less in public housing and screaming unfair advantage?

In times like this, many would want to say all is equal and all contributes the same. Would it be too late to say so? Would someone earning millions contribute like someone earning a few hundred dollars? Is it all about how much one was given or what one can afford? Those who have to sell homes to finance children to study overseas, what would they say? Those with low or no priority in public housing, what would they think? Are we one people or many people in a country separated by the rich poor divide or entitlement divide?

Making May Day at Hong Lim a non political event

Nizam Ismail mentioned that his participation as a speaker at Hong Lim somehow has become an issue. I think this is not good for the May Day Rally at Hong Lim which I would like to see it as a people’s event, a non partisan event, a political party neutral event. And after reading Gilbert Goh’s list of speakers, it dawns on me that speakers from one big party are not represented. This is no good.

I would recommend Gilbert to make a serious effort to invite speakers from the ruling party to Hong Lim. That would help to neutralize the image that it is anti Govt or anti PAP. This is a people’s movement and every citizen from every political party should view this as a national event and participate in it freely like the National Day Parade where all political parties are invited, supporters of all parties will come forward as one people one nation.

There is still time for Gilbert to do the necessary to make all political parties happy. How about trying out Tan Cheng Bock or Inderjit Singh? Those ministerial grade would be a bit difficult to invite I think as they will be busy with their May Day commitments.

How Gilbert, you can do it. Quickly send out the invitations and make a few personal phone calls. It will be good for all politicians to be there as they will be seen as championing the cause of the people, speaking for the interests of the people, as leaders of the people. Not being there could be seen in a different light.

Isn’t this May Day Rally what democracy is all about? It is the people having a say of their future and the future of the country. Can this be wrong?


Self imposed silence

Today I am on a self imposed silent mode, appalled by the things that are happening right before my eyes. I will leave you with a poll on the right and this saying to ponder about.

人有人道, 鬼有鬼道,人鬼不同道


Nizam Ismail ‘forced’ to resign from AMP?

There is an article in Breakfast Network today on the circumstances leading to Nizam Ismail’s resignation from AMP. This news is also carried by the main media. Nizam is a lawyer and had spoken at the first protest rally at Hong Lim and is scheduled to speak again on May Day in a sequel to the first rally.

It was reported that ‘AMP had informed him over the weekend that two ministers had “expressed concern” about some critical views he had put forth online and his participation in two events….He said he was presented with two options. One, if he did not “tone down” his activities, the Govt would withdraw funding from AMP. Two, dissociate himself from AMP if he wanted to continue with civil society activities.

So Nizam has resigned as a Director of AMP. Looks like Nizam will probably launch his political career after this episode as he is obviously a concerned Singaporean who is passionate about the affairs of the state and people. Now, which political party will he join? Or would he be invited for tea and join the ruling party? He is definitely a good catch for any party given that he is a rare minority intellect. Good for Nizam to take up politics as this looks like a natural thing to do.

All the best Nizam.

Demon-cratic Singapore cartoon strip author Leslie Chew arrested

The author of this political comic strip, Leslie Chew, 37, was arrested by the Police last Friday and is out on a $10,000 bail. His offending acts were two cartoons, one that undermined the judiciary and another raising racial tension by stating that the Malay population was suppressed by a racist Govt. Both are seditious in nature and come under the Sedition Act.

Leslie Chew claimed in defense that his comics were fictional in nature and now it is up to the prosecutor and the court to decide his fate. Race and religion are very sensitive in this island and playing them up with the consequence of raising inter racial and religious tensions are serious in nature and the Govt is particularly sensitive to them.

Veritas has also been very vocal in his racial comments, including some posts in this blog. I would like to suggest to Veritas to be more circumspect in his postings and not to stray too near to the Sedition Act. We should comment fairly and objectively without getting too racist in our posts and avoid inciting hatred among the races and religious believers.

Everyone should take this seriously and take note that freedom of expression comes with responsibility too. And the more freedom we enjoyed, the greater is our responsibility and the more careful we should be with what we write and post.

I wish Leslie Chew well in this brush with the law.


The Japanese reviving their militant past

The Japanese parliamentarians trooped into Yasukuni to pay respect to war criminals that invaded, raped, looted and murdered the Asian countries during WW2. Abe skipped the visit but donated a pine tree to the temple. This is the first major affront to the invaded and colonized countries during Japan’s Imperial conquest of East and South East Asia.

China was furious and so was South Korea. The rest of South East Asia the reaction was muted. They could not feel the importance of the visit nor the impact and pain of the Japanese Occupation. Prime reason, all these countries were not countries then. They were all colonies of European Empires and Japan was just another empire. Only the deep cultural roots and nationalism of China and Korea could their people felt the grief and anger. Even Taiwan too could not feel much as many Taiwanese were recruited to fight for the Japanese Imperial Army.

The Japanese banquet at Yasukuni was followed by a flotilla of 10 ships and more than 80 Japanese attempting to land at Diaoyu Islands. China sent in 8 Surveillance ships to intercept them and prevent a landing. The Japanese sent in 13 Coastguard patrol craft to intercept the Chinese ships. And Abe threatened to use force if any Chinese should land at the islands. He did not threaten his Japanese for wanting to land in the islands nor try to stop them from landing.

The stage is set with an embolden Japan thinking that it can whip the Chinese and starting to talk down to the Chinese like they did in the days of Imperial Japan. Japan still thinks it is a more powerful country than China and would use the stick like it used to do. Of course the Americans are behind them.

Can China stand still and allow the Japanese to slap its face, left and right, and do nothing? For all its national pride and historical humiliation by Japan, China would have to stand up to the Japanese provocation with or without the Americans backing the Japs. China would have to repel the Japanese advances. It could also be a time for exacting revenge on the defeat by Japan in 1894. It could be a conventional warfare, a limited warfare involving air and sea, provided the Americans did not come in. If the Americans dare to meddle and raise the stake, a nuclear holocaust is the next offering.

The game of chicken is about who dares and who blinks. But this chicken game involves more than just being seen as who is more gungho. There are many national issues at stake and there is the risk of a nuclear war that would change the future of human civilization. Would the Americans think it is acceptable to go on to embolden the Japanese and engage in this war? This is not playing with fire and starting small fires. When lighted, it is beyond anyone’s control.

HDB income ceiling should/should not be removed

This has become another pointless controversy with Singaporeans splitted. Some have valid and logical reasons to take their stands. Some are making a stand for flawed or superficial logics.

As all citizens should be treated on an equal basis regardless of wealth, why should some be deprived of a basic right to buy a roof over their heads? A roof is a necessity and every Singaporeans need a place to stay. And every male Singaporean is expected to serve NS to defend his stake in this country. By depriving him from buying a home to stay, there is nothing for him to defend and to do NS.

Maybe the Govt should retain the income ceiling and any Singaporean that is not allowed to buy a public flat, ie no stake in the country, need not have to serve NS as he has nothing to fight and defend for. And for those who have stupidly completed their NS and found themselves being suckered, at least the Govt should exempt them from reservist liabilities. I think this is only fair. Why should they be made to defend a country when the country barred them from buying a public flat to live in?

Why should new citizens be allowed to buy public flats without even having to serve NS and citizens who have served NS cannot buy public flats? And many daft Singaporeans are still singing the stupid tune that the richer Singaporeans will be competing with the lesser well off Singaporeans for flats when it is plainly the fault of the Govt for not building enough and thus causing this mismatch in supply and demand. Instead of blaming the Govt, they are blaming other Singaporeans. How silly!

Would the Govt own up and tell the daft Singaporeans that it was the Govt’s fault for not building enough and not to blame other Singaporeans for it? This is the same thing as demand for C class wards in hospital when the demand is high but C class wards are under provided.

Daft Sinkies, please think clearly and address the source of the problem and stop bitching and blaming other Singaporeans. Singaporeans are divided to fight among themselves without knowing why. How pathetic. And no one, not the Govt or the media take it upon themselves to explain and educate the people on this fallacy. Daft Sinkies cannot see further than their noses or think further than 1 plus 1.


The precarious nature of investing in Malaysia

When Mahathir scuttled the CLOB shares trading in SGX, billions of Singaporean dollars went up in smokes. Hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans simply got burnt with their investment in CLOB shares turning into waste papers. That was how precarious and unpredictable the changes in policies dished out by the Malaysian leaders.

With Mahathir out of the picture, things get a bit better, a bit of normalcy returns. Then with Najib doing a Deng Xiaoping by establishing better relations with Singapore and in a way opening up Malaysia for investment, things get to look more rosy with Singaporeans becoming the biggest investor in Iskandar Economic Zone. Billions are likely to be invested in this project alone and also in other parts of Malaysia. Everything is looking fine, till yesterday.

The Malaysian Generation is a national affair but with cross border implications. Anwar sent an awakening call to foreign investors yesterday by saying that though all agreements will be honoured should his party won the election, things will not be the same. There will be changes to favour Malaysians. Now, what is Anwar saying? What would he do or change to the investment climate in Iskandar and how would it affect the Singaporean investors? The latter are now sitting back and watch and wondering what would happen to their investment if the changes turn out to be unfavourable. Would it be another CLOB of a different kind?

Just when one thinks everything is fine, dark cloud is forming. Investing in Malaysia is precarious and subject to the changes in political fortunes.

Controlling the media, controls the minds and thinking of the readers

The Americans and Japanese have been drumming up the fears in Asian countries of China’s nuclear arsenal as if China is a real threat to them and the Asean countries. And with the control of the media, even the media of their proxy countries, they could regularly perpetuate the thought and belief that China is an aggressive and dangerous military power. The truth is far from this. Just look at the nuclear arsenals possessed by the USA, Russia and China and their nuclear doctrines.

The Russians have 8,000 nuclear warheads followed by the Americans with 5,000 and the Chinese with 800. The sheer size will say that China will be vaporized if it dare to engage in a nuclear war with any of the adversaries. And China rightly adopted a No first strike doctrine. China has openly made this doctrine know to all the nuclear powers that it will not be the first to launch a first nuclear strike on any country. But this was not enough as the Americans and western media continue to brand it as a dangerous nuclear power despite its No first strike policy. And for China, to make this policy more realistic, it does not seek to compete with Russian and the USA by amassing parity in numbers of nuclear warfare. China’s position is a deadly second strike that is enough to deter any country from launching a first strike.

Compares this position with the Americans, the US is only willing to say, without much commitment, that it would not launch a nuclear strike on any country that does not possess nuclear weapons. It tacitly reserves the right to deliver the first strike against China and any other nuclear powers. So, who is the aggressive and dangerous one? Who is more willing to strike first, and who has armed itself with the numbers to destroy the world? But because the USA is controlling the western media, and the media of its allies, together, they keep singing the same tune, that the USA is peace loving and China is dangerous.

The fact that China refuses to increase its nuclear forces is an admission that it will not be the dominant nuclear power and is only good enough to respond to a nuclear attack by retaliating. A country with a small nuclear strike force cannot afford to adopt an aggressive first strike position as both Russia and the USA have enough second strike capability to wipe China out of the face of the earth. In the balance of nuclear power, China has conceded to be the number 3 and with far lesser warheads than the Russia and the USA. This is a self imposed policy not to threaten the dominant positions of the two. China thus is in no position to challenge the military power of the USA and Russia and is not in a good position to think of being aggressive, expansive and world hegemony. With a very inferior nuclear arsenal, it is just not in the right position to do so. So how can it be threatening and aggressive when the USA and Russia could wipe it out clean?

The USA is still pointing the finger at China, just like it is implanting the belief on the rest of the world and to the American people, that North Korea is dangerous and would launch a nuclear strike at American mainland. This is based on the assumption that the North Koreans and their leaders are all lunatics. And this is what the American Administration wants the world and the silly Americans to believe so. In so doing, keep on spending more on more weapons and military equipment and military forces.

The hostile and aggressive doctrine of the American nuclear strategy is manifested by its refusal to state categorically that it will not be the first to use nuclear weapons, and also it’s amassing of a huge nuclear arsenal of 6 to 7 times that of China, while the Russians have 10 times more. And both the USA and the Russians are not aggressive, so innocent, but China, with a nuclear force that is far from what the Russians and the Americans have. This unilateral decision not to have a big nuclear arsenal is a clear statement of China’s nuclear defense strategy, a defensive stance vis a vis the two bigger nuclear powers. How then could a smaller power threaten two bigger powers, or how could an even smaller country like North Korean that may not even have the ICBMs to reach the USA, be a threat to the Americans?

But those reading western media and listening to the Americans crying wolf will believe the American story. China is dangerous, North Korea is dangerous. Their leaders are mad, crazy. The countries that possess 8,000 and 5,000 nuclear warheads and refuse to declare that they will not be the first to use nuclear weapons are not, are friendly nuclear powers. How silly the people of the world can be? Any wrong move by China will make China history. Are the Chinese that stupid to want to be history by launching a nuclear attack on anyone, on America or Russia?

The national leaders of China and North Korea are not mad. Only people who branded them as mad are mad, including those who believe in their madness story.

Two minutes interval train

Is this possible? Can our MRT train arrive at 2 minutes interval? No way, but yes. The last time someone brooded this subject that trains can travel at this interval to move more people I remember that it came with a price tag of $6b or some several billions of dollars. To achieve this remarkable and difficult task of 2 minutes interval safely, a highly sophisticated computerized time keeping system is needed to keep the trains safely apart.

Nothing has been heard of this possible multi billion dollar purchase of a top of the art control system. But if we want our train to operate at such peak intervals, this is the money that needs to be spent and spending with glee, after all it is OPM.

Lately, I am pleasantly surprised when I took a peep at the monitors at MRT stations and, yes, trains can arrive in 2 minutes interval, and sometimes within 1 minute. How could this happen? Has the MRT bought the multi million dollar control system and already implemented it? I doubt so. I think if such an expensive system would have been bought, the news would have spreaded across the front page of the media, and fares would have gone up definitely. Spending several billions for a more efficient running train system must be good reason, valid reason to up the fares.

Since nothing is heard, I can safely presume that the wonderful control system has yet to be bought. But then, how could the trains arrive in 1 or 2 minutes interval? The normal internal is 3 minutes at peak hours. And the 1 or 2 minutes interval did not happen all the times, only at some intervals. Even then, it can be done. And 3 minutes interval seems quite normal.

But it will be good if we spend the few billions to shorten the intervals from 3 minutes to 2 minutes on a regular basis with a sophisticated computerized system for peace of mind. It will be money well spent.

What do you think?


PM, please give us peace and security and not danger.

PM Lee's statement, "We cannot take peace and security for granted" . That is a strong statement with serious implications and it cannot go unanswered. Singaporeans want peace and security . But does the PM and his government share the same view of what constitute peace and what constitute security for Singapore. The Pappie government has created enough uncalled for internal problems which give the Singaporeans no peace of mind and burden the people with a great load of insecurity. The government has yet to solve and clear the internal problems to provide the people with peace of mind and security. But instead of doing just that the PM like his father is adding external problemsto Singapore by persuading and supporting the American insidious stance in Asia. Everybody knows that the Evil Empire, USA  has been creating trouble, choas , instabilities and wars at all corners of the world every year for the last seventy years since the end of the Second World War just to maintain its satanic supreme super power status to hold hegemony and dominate over all countries big or small. As an excuse for a preamble to start wars US will always create incidents , troubles and instabilities and blame them on the country or countries it intend to attack either directly by itself or through unsuspecting selfish proxies. We know the Evil Empire hold debts both internal and external to the astronomical figures  of several hundreds or thousands of trillions dollars. US has no intention to honour these debts especially to China which it owes the most . Therefore it tries to abscond with the debts to China by trying to start wars against China through proxies like the Japs, Pinoys and Vietnamese which it has been instigating and inciting all the time. Yet theven moree PM and his father for no unknown reason or reasons have always encouraged and persuaded the Evil Empire to stay in Asia to balance and contain China's peaceful development. By openly siding with the Evil Empire isn't the PM adding external troubles to Singapore for it will arouse the suspicion of our neighbours and thus post  even more insecurity to Singapore. What if a desperate US initiates a war against China , won't Singapore be a target for a nuclear bomb since US operates its navy and airforce in and out of Singapore as a military base. This scenario portends great disaster for Singapore and we Singaporeans shudder at the thought of it. So PM please think before you open your mouth and think before you and your government act to side with the Americans. Give us peace of mind and security and that is all what we people want.

My enemy’s enemy is my friend

Tamerlan Tsamaev, one of the two Boston bombers was under investigation by the FBI. House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul asked the FBI why Tamerland did not raise any suspicion after the Russians asked the FBI to investigate him two years ago? The Russian security service wanted Tamerlan to be investigated as possible Islamic radical.

The FBI said it had no further comment after saying it ‘did not find any terrorism activity, domestic or foreign, after speaking to Tsamaev and checking his travel records and internet activity’. And less than a year after being interviewed by FBI, Tsamaev did make a trip to Dagestan, a predominantly Muslim region where Islamist militants were active.

Now the American House of Representatives are asking a lot of questions and kicking themselves crazy for FBI not following up on this vital lead from the Russians. And the FBI is under the spotlight for its handling of this case. Why was the FBI so cavalier in its handling of this Chechen immigrant that was tipped off as potential Muslim radical? Is it because my enemy’s enemy is my friend and that this guy has potential to give the Russians more trouble in the future, an American asset to give problems to the Russians or to support the Muslim insurgency in Russia or elsewhere? Or is it that this supposedly top notch intelligence agency is slip shod and its professionalism in question.

The FBI has a lot to answer as the House of Representative is unlikely to let this matter rests. They are asking for all information the US Govt had on Tamerlan Tsamaev before April 15.

Count down to May Day Rally at Hong Lim

10 days to the protest rally and I have this nagging fear that the rally may not happen. The little activities last week, NPark also involved, so innocuously, advising the organizer to apply for permit, the hints of foreigners at the rally, part of the organizers, not sure if being there as spectators will count, is making people nervous. Would there be a last minute cancellation by the authority that no permit was applied and some members of the organizing team were PRs or foreigners? Or because a lot of foreigners will be at the park, some specially ferried there by tour agencies for a new experience of peaceful demonstration inn Sin City?

The call so far is for Singaporeans to be there, rain or shine. For safe measures, Gilbert may want to add another call, be there no matter what. Even if the rally is cancelled by the authority, Singaporeans can still be at the park, with no speeches or stage or shows. Would there then be a case when the park will be barricaded to keep Singaporeans out? It will be really weird won’t it?

The message from the people against the big population is loud and clear. Would the Gang of 77 hear or get notice of it? Would anyone of them be bothered to say, hey, the people did not like what we are going to do? Let me try to put myself into the Gang of 77 and try to sense or feel what are they thinking, if they do bother to think about it.

In the first place, are all 77 in full support of the 6.9m population? I hazard a wild guess that maybe 50% are not in favour but bo pian, got to toe the party line. They did not see it as a national issue that affects the lives of all Singaporeans and their children and grand children and more. They only see it as a party position. It is what the party wants. No care what the people want.

Actually, how many of the Gang of 77 are in support of it? 10, 5, 3 or 1? How many are really in favour of the 6.9m? Whose idea is it? Who really wants to push through this idea? Is there someone that has the omniprescient power of God to guarantee that this is the only way forward, there is no other way and Singapore will be finished? Or someone really believes that this is the mandate of heaven and his will is the way, all the peasants can kpkb, no matter. My way is the way. What I say goes?

Until today, it seems that this 6.9m deal is already cast in stone. No one would want to take a step back to say, hey, the people don’t want that, or at least a significant number of people are unhappy, shall we go and ask them again, maybe a referendum? Or it is case of ignoring the people as the people’s view are just not important, the people are daft and cannot see the goodness of the 6.9 position?

What does this whole episode say about the Govt? The Natcon is still ongoing, going into stage two. There are still plenty of opportunities to talk about this 6.9m. Or is this something that cannot be spoken about? Why is this issue so sensitive that it must not be discussed further, no room for discussion?

A different kind of World Cup

Not too long ago Singapore was aspiring to be in the World Cup by buying foreigners to play football for the country. It was a wet dream that was best forgotten. Now Singapore is in the World Cup of a different kind. NUS is ranked number Two best university in Asia after Tokyo Unversity and 29th in the whole wide world.

This is indeed something to cheer about. Maybe next year Singapore will be number One in Asia and up from the 29th in the world. It is a mean feat, a great achievement. So, how is Singapore going to benefit from this ranking? Is NUS now recognised as a great academic institution of higher learning? Must be. Is NUS producing some great intellectual minds to do Singaporeans proud? Must be. And there must be a lot of great professors in NUS to give it the ballast it needs to be recognised as one of the best in the world. No need to ask if the great minds there are Singaporeans or foreigners. NUS is even better than Tsinghua and Peking University.

Maybe in 30 years time we will hear and read about great names like Emeritus Professor Tan Khee Giap, or Emeritus Professor Eugene Tan, or Emeritus Professor Yaacob Ibrahim, or Emeritus Professor Kishore Mahbubani. Never mind if the renowned professors now have foreign names and credentials. We will make it there, in 30 or 50 years.

And also we could look forward to some Nobel Prize winners in Physics, Engineering, Medicine or Humanities. Hope they will be Singaporeans. New citizens also can. That is what great universities are for. I dunno how much have been spent to acquire such a brand and how much more to produce more world renowned local professors and Nobel laureates. It is money well spend, every cent of it.

And don’t forget, we have two think tank schools in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and the Rajaratnam School of International Studies staffed by some of the best brains money can buy. Together, Singapore will become famous as an intellectual centre where great minds meet to talk about great stuff. We can forget about being the top casino centre in Asia. This is the Singapore Renaissance. We have the best universities, the best intellectuals all in this island. The only reservation, an unthinking population that needs the help of Third World talents to help it to progress or it will return to Third World very soon. We are still dependent on Third World talents to provide the talents for our economy and industries.

Thus, despite the high rankings of NUS, I remember making a suggestion that Singapore students should enrol in Indian Universities if they intend to seek employment in Singapore. The Indian Universities may have rankings far lower than NUS but they have the right formula and their graduates are in great demand here, and institutions and big companies have greater preference for their graduates than local graduates, or at least the head hunting companies. The general comments are that our local graduates are only good in grades but daft and lack motivation and EQ. Now I am not sure if my suggestion is the right thing. Perhaps with this high ranking, the employers will now look more favourably at graduates of NUS in preference of graduates from Third World countries. I really hope so, I really hope the ranking makes a difference, a meaningful ranking.

But never mind, when NUS becomes number One in Asia, we should have a national holiday declared and street celebrations in town. Looks like China’s and India’s universities would have to start spending more money to employ western professors if they think they want to beat Singapore’s universities in ranking. Money is all it takes to up the ranking.


A piece of RAR Art - untitled

A series of RAR Art with primary colours in red, white and black. A painting by Mother Nature.

911 Revisited - The truth by Emeritus Professor Morgan Reynolds

Are you ready for the truth? Or have you been sold a fabricated truth by the American Administration? Listen to this Sunday sermon and be your own judge. Don't let anyone plant any 'truth' in your head.

Morgan O. Reynolds was a professor emeritus at Texas A&M University and former director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis headquartered in Dallas, TX.
He served as chief economist for the United States Department of Labor during 2001--2002, George W. Bush's first term. In 2005, he gained public attention as the first prominent government official to publicly claim that 9/11 was an inside job, and is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Reminiscence of the good old days

Just a generation ago, the 70s and 80s, which was not too long ago, the average citizens were not rich and so was the country. I am not looking at the 60s as those were the formative years of our nation, rough and tough and life was very basic.

In the 70s and 80s, though the average income was not that great, when the average white collar worker took great pride in earning a four figure salary, below $2000, life could be good. With that income, many could lead quite a decent lifestyle, own a car and a 3 or 4rm flat. Those with double income could afford landed properties, semi Ds, at worst 5rm HDB flats. And they had very little financial worry as debt to income ratio was small.

We progressed, the country progressed, bigger and better housing, better quality of life till the 90s. Today we are still progressing and people are getting richer in their income, 5 figure salaries or more, and some are getting extremely rich. But the signs of strain and pressure are showing among the average Singaporeans. Many are high in debt because of mortgages and housing loans and study loans for their children. And the axe over their heads, a big medical bill waiting to drop on them. Superficially, things are still looking very good.

The question is whether this life style and the cost of living are sustainable? Are the lives of the average people getting better or going down? The salaries are much bigger, the quality of housing are better, but people are starting to buy into smaller and smaller homes. Car ownership is getting to be extremely expensive. Quietly the govt is starting to sell the message that life without a car is good. Smaller flat is good.

Should not progress comes along with better quality of everything, that the higher income should be better, bigger housing and easier to own cars and better cars, and lesser financial worries? The growth formula for the country looks right, but the quality of life formula for the average Singaporeans is starting to look wrong.

Could the rapid growth be slower, smaller population, lower cost and better quality housing and easier car ownership be part of the growth formula instead? Can the economic growth formula be tweaked to enable the average Singaporeans to live in bigger and better housing, with smaller debt and many more be able to own their cars and with less financial worries about bring up children and making ends meet? With so much growth to show, so much wealth in display, with so much good things in the offering, why are people finding it difficult to give themselves better homes and to be able to travel in the comfort of their own cars? Aren’t these good things a part of progress and contribute to the well being of the people? Good homes and cars are the things that the people desire and aspire for. Depriving them of good homes and car ownership cannot be progress, cannot be a better thing.

Have the growth formula with unacceptable large population on limited land over extended itself and the flaws starting to show, and the benefits become marginal if not negative? What is the point of growth when the good things in life are no longer available or in smaller portion? And the mantra is still to pursue blindly for more people in the island. Can the policy makers really believe that this is the only way forward, progress and a better quality of life?


Robbing the young rich to pay the old poor

The legend of Robin Hood and how he robbed the rich to pay the poor and always fighting against the Sheriff of Nottingham who only knew how to protect the rich, was a favourite and must read comics of our generation. I don’t think the Y generation onwards bother with such wholesome righteousness. But the Govt still does, as many of them were of my generation or close to it. They are brought up with the same righteousness, of robbing the rich to pay the poor, not robbing to pay themselves for sure.

Housing is still a big pain to many Singaporeans, and the right to buy a public flat from the Govt is like striking lottery to some, or a big savings to many. Every Singaporean given the opportunity will want to buy directly from the Govt to save a few hundred thousand bucks of their hard earned money. With a monopolistic public housing scheme, the Govt knows how vital its role is and how they could make life easier or meaner to the Singaporean home buyers. By tweaking the demand and supply, by formulating rules and regulations, some will be cut out from the public housing schemes and be left at the mercy of the free market and the private property developers.

Many groups of Singaporeans have been deprived from the public housing scheme while the ‘Ginny come lately’ new citizens were graciously allowed to buy public housing freely. One of the groups that have been deprived from public housing is the young high income earners, ie those earning above $12,000. To the Govt and to many Singaporeans, this group is very rich and must not be allowed to buy public housing. So the Govt has in place an income ceiling to keep these rich young people from public housing.

What the Govt has done is like what Robin Hood had done in the past, robbing these rich young people to pay the poor. By not allowing them to buy direct from the Govt, these young people have no choice but to buy from the resale market or buy private properties. The effect is a transfer of their savings to those who are selling their public housing in the resale market. The difference in price can be a few hundred thousand dollars. Effectively the Govt is forcing these young people to hand their money to the HDB owners who bought their flats direct from HDB. This must be a well thought out scheme of the Govt, to ensure a fairer distribution of wealth among the average Singaporeans. The young and abler Singaporeans must share their wealth with the less able and older Singaporeans. Who can fault such a benevolent design?

If these young people refuse to share their savings with the HDB dwellers, they can share them with the private property developers and pay even more. In the latter case it will not be robbing the rich to pay the poor. It will be robbing the not so rich young people to pay the rich developers and rich speculators.

Whatever way you look at it, it is a good thing. The young people have the money and it is only right that they should share their hard earned money with those who are less able. Not sure if one agrees that they should share with the rich developers and speculators. The Govt is doing a righteous thing, a moral thing, a good thing, like modern day Robin Hood. We have a very caring Govt that cares for the poor.

The Govt should not remove the ceiling, for by doing so they would not be able to rob the young rich to pay the poor old. The moral of the story is that it is ok to rob the rich and pay the poor. But don’t touch the super rich. Their wealth must be protected at all cost and to grow and grow. Make the young rich buy properties from the super rich, who incidentally, many have bought many properties and waiting for the young rich to hand over their hard earned money for them. We have a good system in place. Don’t rock the boat. Be thankful and be grateful.

PS. I wrote this piece with my eyes wide shut.

In celebration of foreign tycoons

There were many headline news of the increasing numbers of foreign tycoons making Sin City their homes. These are the genuinely super talents that have made it good in life in their own ways and are filled with money and riches, and life was meant for living and pleasure. They are here for the right or wrong reasons but one thing for sure, they will not be here to take away plum jobs from Singaporeans. The only unsavoury sin they could commit would be the buying of a few ethereal priced properties. But this would not have too much negative impact on the general populace as their numbers, and the sale of landed properties is limited by legislation and a thinking Govt, are small and remote, a world of their own. They could in their own ways contribute positively to the economy if that is what the Govt desires. I don’t think anyone has any issue on these tycoons.

What this group of tycoons will not do is to feast on the success of the country built over the last few decades. They would not be parachuted down from nowhere to take over top jobs and be paid millions when the jobs could have gone to the local talents. Many Singaporeans see this as a betrayal. I am still scratching my head as to the number of top jobs going to foreign talents and watching what they are doing and what a local could not do much better.

The paying of millions to foreign talents for positions that were created locally is something that will not be taken lightly by the aspiring local talents. The question is why, after building up this place, the credits and benefits ended up in the pockets of foreign paratroopers and mercenaries. This is not just a matter of envy. There must be many local talents that can fill these jobs or be groomed to take over these jobs. I would faint if, after building up a banking empire like UOB, the top job ended up with a foreigner because no local is deemed good enough. It is plain silly to do so, all the hard works of several generations in building a business empire only to see someone coming from no where to reap the rewards.  What has this foreigner contributed to the creation of wealth and the business to have the good fortune of being paid in the millions, delivered on a silver platter?

We should welcome the tycoons and their businesses and the jobs they created for the locals. Why should we welcome foreign talents who are here for the feast?


How frightening to have your photos on the news

Two young men got the scare of their lives when their photos appeared in several newspaper as suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing incident. Both were middle eastern and fit the western stereotyping of what bombers are likely to look like. And the media were so happy to flash their photos across their pages.

Here are some remarks made by one of the suspects and his family and reported by AP. The two could have been killed or shot at just because of the news and their photographs. They were lucky that two other suspects surfaced. If not, they would have remained the prime suspects and living in fear with life threatening moments. Could they have saved themselves by turning up at the police station? Or could that become worst given the prejudice against them and the notoriety of some policemen in the US. They could turn up in good faith in a police station to clear their names but the whole episode could become a nightmare.

Yes, they were lucky, and right to stay indoors away from the suspicious eyes of people eager to take the bombers down. Thank God they are safe now.

‘REVERE, Mass. (AP) — A teenager said he is scared to go outside after he was portrayed on the Internet and on the front page of the New York Post as connected to the deadly Boston Marathon bombings.

Photos of Salah Eddin Barhoum, 17, and friend Yassine Zaime were posted on websites whose users have been scouring marathon finish line photos for suspects. The two were also on the Post's front Thursday with the headline: "Bag men: Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon."

The Post reported later Thursday that the pair weren't considered suspects, and the FBI has since identified two other men as suspects in Monday's bombings, which killed three people and injured more than 180.

But Barhoum, a track runner at Revere High School, said he is convinced some will blame him for the bombings, no matter what.

He said he was so fearful on Thursday that he ran back to the high school after a track meet when he saw a man in a car staring at him, talking into a phone. He said he won't feel safe until the bombers are caught.

"I'm going to be scared going to school," Barhoum said. "Workwise, my family, everything is going to be scary."

Attempts to reach Zaime were not immediately successful.

Barhoum's father, El Houssein Barhoum, who moved his family from Morocco five years ago, said he is worried his son will be shot and fears for his wife and two young daughters. He said he can't go to his job as a baker in Boston.

"Right now, we are not secure," he said. "So, the news (media), when they put something, they should be sure about the information."

The two could have been killed or shot at just because of the news and their photographs. They were lucky that two other suspects surfaced. If not, they would have remained the prime suspects and living in fear with life threatening moments. Could they have saved themselves by turning up at the police station? Or could that become worst given the prejudice against them and the notoriety of some policemen in the US. They could turn up in good faith in a police station to clear their names but the whole episode could become a nightmare.

Yes, they were lucky, and right to stay indoors away from the suspicious eyes of people eager to take the bombers down. Thank God they are safe now. It must be real scary.

Saving Ubin

The scientists around the world are worried at the destruction of rainforests and their ecology and the ultimate destruction of Gaia. The scientists are also worried about population growth and the consumption and exploitation of livestocks and mineral resources of Gaia as well. Both are destructive forces that could make life of earth difficult for human kind. Without the green lungs to cleanse the air and recycle oxygen and carbon dioxide, to cool the temperature and the cycle of rainfall, and the rapid population growth that is consuming everything at a rate must faster than their replacement rate, Mother Earth will have great difficulties sustaining life forms in the not too distant future.

The first sign of Pulau Ubin going the way of concrete jungle has been put up. We have lost Sentosa to all the ugly man made structures, we have reclaimed Marina South only to be turned into another ugly monster that needs hundreds of millions to maintain when the plants in them could grow in their natural habitat without costing a cent. And we claimed progress and money well spent, a big scientific achievement, a great human feat over Nature.

Pulau Ubin will be dug up and rebuilt for more human activities, more unnatural concrete constructs in the name of progress. Why can’t Pulau Ubin be left alone as another remnant of Mother Nature saved from the destructive forces of greedy men? There is no need to destroy Ubin if we are not crazy about filling our islands with more people. Our so called economic progress is our little contribution to the destruction of Gaia. When the world is trying to save the rainforests, trying to limit the growth of human beans, we are doing the reverse. We want to destroy Nature, we want more human beans disproportionate to the size of our islands. We are over consuming and over populating our islands for our own good.

Save Ubin. Say No to 6.9m.

Blow up my home, I blow up yours

In my earlier post on the failure of American Intelligence Services to gather prior warnings of the Boston Marathon bombings, the main point was for the Americans to stop their wicked acts of planting the seeds of war everywhere. The Americans could do that, and have been doing that, on the belief that all these destructive and bad things can be done in other people’s territories, far away from the USA. This false sense of security emboldens the Americans to start and perpetuate wars around the world for the last 60 years and still going strong. The new theatre of war and destruction will be Asia, starting with the Korean peninsula, and this will be followed up by Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea.

Before the Americans start a few more wars, the Boston bombing is a stark reminder that when the Americans go around bombing other people’s country and killing other innocent people, the victims will return to the American mainland to do the same. It is better for the Americans to reflect on their evil acts and pull back to avoid more disastrous bombings in the heartlands of America. The victims can hit back and will hit back and will bring the war into the streets of America.

Asymmetrical warfare is the alternative to fight wars against a superior aggressor in its homeland and around the world. The Americans, or any aggressor country that invades another country have to contend with a timeless guerilla war waged by the people of the invaded country, a war without a battle zone, with no battle lines, no enemies in sight. Asymmetrical warfare will take modern warfare to a new dimension, with a small group of men or women it can hold a super power in hostage and its people in fear, disrupt their daily life in every corner of the world. It can drain down the aggressor’s resources and wear down their spirit to fight an invisible enemy that has the advantage of initiative and surprise.

The moral of the story is that any country, super powers and their unwilling allies or coalition, must take note that they can come under attack anywhere, including their homeland. There is no where to hide and no place is safe. It is best to stop starting wars and make friends rather than making enemies. What is the main role of USS Freedom?

The mysterious disappearance of blogger Lucky Tan

I just visited Diary of a Singaporean Mind blog and read Lucky Tan’s last post on 14 Mar. And there were nearly 400 comments left behind by his ardent followers. Some were worried of his whereabout and his well being. Some were speculating that he was FeedmetotheFish. Some continued to post as if Lucky was still there.

What is clear and undeniable is that Lucky Tan has not posted again since that last article on 14 Mar. Lucky simply disappeared from cyberspace. In the case of Fish, his brother came into his blog to announce his peaceful departure from this earthly place. No one offered to say anything on Lucky’s behalf.

Where is Lucky Tan now? What had happened to him? Does anyone out there know anything about him and can keep blogosphere informed and kill the suspense? Someone must know Lucky and his whereabout.

For those who do not know him, Lucky is one of the vociferous writers in blogosphere and has a very big following for his insightful and thoroughly research articles. Many are feeling his absence and wish that he is well and will come back and continue to post and share his thoughts with all in social media.

Lucky, if you are reading this, please say something. Or anyone who knows of what has happened to Lucky, please tell. In the meantime we can all wait and pray that Lucky is well. The Darkside is ominously hiding behind the corner and making people guessing.



Bloggers who have nothing to say

Agree that bloggers blogged for many reasons, but in social political blogs, generally there are three types of bloggers. The first and natural bloggers are those that blog because they have something to say, something they want to share or get it off their chests. Just that, and may enjoy just doing it. The second big group will be those belonging to political parties or are supporters of certain political parties, have political inclinations. The third group are not bloggers or bloggers of the unwilling. These people don’t blog and do not want to blog. They blog because they are paid to blog, like paid workers, mercenaries. They really have nothing to blog about.

The first group is what blogging was designed for. It is a new way of conversation, a way of talking to the world, share views and chit chat with other people, maybe making friends. If every blogger is just a blogger blogging for his interest, things can be quite innocent and the blogging world will just grow for as long as the interest is there.

For the second group, blogger is a political thing, a way to support their parties, to convince others to their political ideas and to gain influence and votes, which is quite natural for political animals.

The third group, the nasties, or bloggers of the unwilling, is the pest in social media. They are not blogging. They are paid to be destructive, to attack bloggers and can be very personal and bitchy. This is the most disgraceful group of people that exists to attack people they don’t know, for no reasons except because they are being paid to do so, like paid assassins. No, assassins will be too honourable a title. They are willing to sell their conscience for a fee. They are like the computer viruses, best to be terminated.

The three groups are just simple generalizations. Some may criss cross over groups as their interests could stray or expand to other areas. Blogging can be a big thing in the socio political platform. Many are blogging for a passion, not being paid, but contributing good stuff to educate and inform their readers. We need more and well informed bloggers to contribute to social media to make it a force to be reckon with, a respectable alternative to the main media, to break the stranglehold of news and views of the main media. Social media is the place where people can speak openly, honestly and freely of what they think, and what they feel of things that are happening around us and what is becoming of the country.

The people who pay for thugs to attack people in social media are just as shameless and despicable as they are the ones behind the shameful act. It used to be just some wild individuals who have an axe to grind to be cursing and swearing at their victims. Now we have people paying thugs to do the same, cursing and swearing at bloggers just because the bloggers have a different view of things.

Boston bombings, failure of American intelligence

What is glaring about the Boston Marathon bombing incident is the total lack of intelligence from the American intelligence services that this was coming. In the 911 case, there were intelligence reports of something big brewing but not this one. There was absolute silence until it happened. Now all the security service personnel are running around like bull arse flies, turning over every stone, opening every letter going to the American President and Congressmen and screaming threats of all kinds. This incident will keep them busy for a long while to come.

Why is America getting such brickbats every now and then, and why is it that the Americans, including Obama, are so innocent, claiming that they did not know why America is a target of terrorist acts? It seems that Obama is probably thinking that he is Angel Obama and so were his secretaries and those of the previous regimes. They are all angels and walking with a halo on their heads. Who would have problems with angels and wants to bomb the homes of angels? It is simply unimaginable and unspeakable. The rest of the world must be insane, the terrorists must be insane to want to blow up such nice American people. They are the most peaceful and peace loving people, spreading love and kindness all over the world, a benign and benevolent super power….really?

One day after the Boston bombing, Obama was up to his antics again to lambast the North Koreans threatening this and that, that he would not tolerate the North Koreans for their provocations. And he also claimed that the North Koreans were still incapable of mounting a nuclear device on their ICBMs, and cannot hit the USA. So, why the hue and cry of threats from this little poor country? Are the North Koreans conducting war games simulating an invasion of the American mainland with Mexico or Cuba or with Canada? No? Are there any North Korean military ships or personnel within 1000km from the American coastlines? No?

Why are there so many American soldiers at the borders of North Korea, conducting war games to simulate an invasion of North Korea? Why are there thousands of soldiers there ratcheting and beating the drums of war? Why are nuclear capable war planes flying around North Korea? Are there for a carnival, American way of making friends or saying hello? Are these acts not provocative, no hostile, not unfriendly? Should the North Koreans sit back, fold their arms and watch the show and do nothing while the Americans and the South Koreans are rattling their sabres in their front yard?

The Americans cannot see how hostile, belligerent and warlike they have been, how provocative and aggressive to other countries. The Americans cannot see the hundreds of thousands of innocents being killed, maimed, children and old people being crippled by their soldiers and their bombs delivered by drones. The lives and suffering and pains of these other people are meaningless. The lives and pains of Americans are real, so painful. Maybe the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Syrians, the Afghans are droids, have no feelings, no sense of pains, would not feel anything when their limbs are blown away by shrapnel from bombs.

The American people must put a stop to their evil and wicked administration in connivance with the arms merchants and manufacturers to create a perpetual state of fear, of wars to server their interests. America is the source of all wars on the surface of the earth. Every war that is fought, or going to be started, is the result of American provocation and initiative. If the American regime and administration do not stop starting war, and refuse to acknowledge that they are the cause of wars, the Americans will continue to be the most hated people in the world, and likely more bombs will be planted in the soils of America mainland, and there will be more 911s and more Boston bombings. Only the Americans can put a stop to this carnage and suffering of its own people by putting an end to their hostilities and acts of war against other people and nation.

The American administration is evil to the core. They acted like an Evil Empire, starting wars every where to sell more arms and to control and manipulate the peoples to become subservient to the evil Empire. They agitate and provoke others and claim to be innocent and others as evil. The Americans may need more bombs on American soil to have a new awakening to their evil and wicked deeds. There are good reasons for the bombs and the bombings. Obama should wipe the stupid and innocent smile from his face and tell the truth.