21st Century has no place for Evil American Empire

 The Americans are still trying to expand their Empire to all corners of the earth. They have about 1000 military bases all over the continents, mainly in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.  The Americans also maintain a fleet of 11 aircraft carriers and hundreds of warships and thousands of aircraft to maintain this Empire, using their military weapons to threaten countries to obedience, sanctioning countries and their people into poverty. And their ultimate weapons of mass destruction is the arsenal of thousands of nuclear weapons and tons of chemical and biological weapons.

In order to maintain this military dominance, the Americans have been finding all kinds of excuses, fabricating lies, labelling countries as enemies and conducting wars of oppression against any country or anyone they conveniently called threats to their dominance. They freely and unilaterally conduct military wargames and fake 'freedom of navigation' to send their warships to threaten other countries, all because of the Empire.

With their obsession to support this Empire, they are spending nearly US$1 trillion annually just to maintain the soldiers and weapons, excluding the trillions in unceasing warfare.

The world cannot have peace with this Evil American Empire threatening every country and faking lies to oppress and suppress other countries. The countries of the world must come together to put an end to this Evil American Empire. Say no to the American Empire. Say no to their overseas military bases. Japan and South Korea should stand up to break free from their status as semi colonies of this Empire.

The British have given up their Empire decades ago and many countries have regained their independence. Why should Japan and South Korea, to a certain extent Nato countries like Germany, continue to be the semi colonies of this Evil Empire?

There is no reason for Empires in the 21st Century.  The so called military alliances of the Evil American Empire are not for peace but oppression and suppression of other free nations and threatening them with wars. There is no need for fake policemen of the world. The American military bases and warships are like gangsters threatening the world, not to protect the peace and security of the world. Without them, there will be no major warfare. The differences between tribes and countries could be settled peacefully among themselves, no need for the military might and interference of the Evil Empire.

The world must put an end to the Evil American Empire for the good of humankind. No country is a threat to the Evil American Empire. It is the other way round.  The Evil American Empire is a threat to everyone, to every country. Any country that dares to attack the Evil American Empire would be turned into smoke. The evil Americans have been spreading the lies that everyone they deemed as enemy is a threat, including tribesmen in Afghanistan. Do not believe in the evil American lies.

Go home Yankees, you are not wanted, you are the real threat to the rest of the world.

To preserve their Empire, these hypocritical rogues would flatter the Communist Party of Vietnam, court them, when their fundamental policy is hate Communist Party and communists.

To preserve their Empire, they court Taiwan, a Chinese province, when deep in them they hate Chinese. In the same vein, they pretend to love and support the pro independence Hongkongers, pretending as if the Hongkongers are not Chinese.

To preserve their Empire, they pretend to be speaking out for the Uyghurs in Xinjiang when they are killing Muslims and Arabs everyday, still doing it in the Middle East and Afghanistan and several African countries. These evil white rogues have killed millions of Muslims and made many millions homeless and these Muslim countries dysfunctional. 

Who would be silly enough to believe in their lies about genocide in Xinjiang when the population of Uyghurs are tens of times more than the native Americans they genocided to near extinction!

For the sake of their Empire, these white rogues would lie and lie, and kill and kill and agitate and incite wars everywhere.

Covid-19: Singapura Is Begging For Trouble

 Covid-19: Singapura Is Begging For Trouble

Today, (Saturday 30 Jan), Singapore has detected an additional 58 cases of COVID-19 infection.

This brings the total number of infection cases to 59,507, plus 89,000 that has been excluded from the total counts.

Out of the 58 infected people. 55 have been happily imported in order to take unnecessary risks of further transmission of the COVID-19 infections.

“Based on our investigations so far, the cases are in the community, and there are no new cases in the dormitories,” said MOH happily.

The 55 new imported cases, have been placed on Stay-Home Notice or isolated upon arrival in Singappre but not centralised in proper quarantine at the Communicable Diseases Centre, again taking unnecessary risks.

This is the highest number of imported cases in Singapore since 24 January 2021.

Among the imported cases are four permanent residents and 32 foreign domestic workers. The other 19 cases could be aliens from other planets, as MOH could not or refused to divulge where they come from and why are they welcomed here to help spread the Covid-19 disease.

From the way things are going in, it looks like Singapore is deliberately begging for trouble, before trouble troubles us.




Covid19 - Unusually high adverse cases in Pfizer vaccine in Singapore


SINGAPORE — A total of 432 adverse events from the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine were reported by healthcare professionals in Singapore to the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) as of Wednesday (27 January), of which three were cases of anaphylaxis, a rapid onset of severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reactions....

The three individuals, in their 20s and 30s, had developed multiple symptoms such as rash, breathlessness, lip swelling, throat tightness and giddiness....

 More than 113,000 people in Singapore have received the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. This currently brings the incidence rate of anaphylaxis locally to about 2.7 per 100,000 doses administered, said the MOH.

The ministry also noted that incidence rates reported abroad are around one to two per 100,000 doses administered, after they have administered millions of vaccine doses. In the US, allergic reactions are occurring at a rate of 11.1 per 1 million vaccinations, according to local health officials. By comparison, flu vaccines cause about 1.3 such reactions per million doses administered.  Yahoo News

The adverse cases in Singapore seem to be abnormally high. Is it because we are reporting the truth and others were reporting half truths, hiding the adverse numbers? Singapore's 2.7 against lying US number of 1.11 per 100,000, this is more than twice the number.  With the American track records, proven millions of times during Trump's lying Administration, the number for the US is likely to be very much higher. This nation of liars cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Only the sillies still believe in their lies.

With the congenital liar Trump and professional liar Pompeo gone, including the swamp in the White House, the new Administration under Biden is not going to be more trustworthy. 

Compare to flu vaccines, the adverse effects of Pfizer vaccine has 10 times more adverse effects for the world. And Singapore's number is more than 20 times that of the world. Are the numbers really safe or acceptable? 432 adverse cases and 3 could be deadly cannot be taken lightly.

When these vaccines were first approved for use, they said that the young and old should not be vaccinated as a precaution. What they meant was that the vaccines would be safe for the adults in between the young and the old. The adverse cases in Singapore were young people in their 20s and 30s. This creates another doubt about the danger of these vaccines.

The 33 cases of death in Norway are not so innocent as the West would want the world to believe. Not related to the vaccines?

Latest from CNA.

PARIS: French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday (Jan 29) that AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine appeared not to be effective for people over 65 years of age.

Speaking to reporters only hours before the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended the vaccine for adults of all ages, Macron also questioned Britain's decision to delay the second dose of Covid vaccines to inoculate more people.

Macron said there was "very little information" available for the vaccine developed by the British-Swedish company and Oxford University.

"Today we think that it is quasi-ineffective for people over 65," he told the reporters, his office confirmed to AFP.

'German panel advises against AstraZeneca Covid19 jab for over 65s. '

Is Singapore using AstraZeneca vaccine on its senior citizens?


The big strategic game in Asia isn’t military but economic - posted by KM

 The big strategic game in Asia isn’t military but economic

Australia, India, Japan, and the United States will be uncomfortable living with a more powerful China. It’s legitimate for them to hedge by cooperating in the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, informally known as the Quad. Unfortunately, the Quad will not alter the course of Asian history for two simple reasons: First, the four countries have different geopolitical interests and vulnerabilities. Second, and more fundamentally, they are in the wrong game. The big strategic game in Asia isn’t military but economic.

Australia is the most vulnerable. Its economy is highly dependent on China. Australians have been proud of their remarkable three decades of recession-free growth. That happened only because Australia became, functionally, an economic province of China : In 2018-2019, 33 percent of its exports went to China, whereas only 5 percent went to the United States.

This is why it was unwise for Australia to slap China in the face publicly by calling for an international inquiry on China and COVID-19. Now Australia has dug itself into a hole. All of Asia is watching intently to see who will blink in the current Australia-China standoff. In many ways, the outcome is pre-determined. If Beijing blinks, other countries may follow Australia in humiliating China. Hence, effectively, Australia has blocked it into a corner.

And China can afford to wait. The problem for Canberra is that China holds most of the cards. Power in international relations lies with the country that can impose high costs on another country at a low cost to itself. This is what China can do to Australia, but Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his colleagues do not seem to understand that.

No countries can compare with China and Japan in terms of the length of their historical contact: 1,500 years.” China and Japan maintained deep cultural ties throughout much of their past, but China, with its great civilization and resources, had the upper hand. If, for most of 1,500 years, Japan could live in peace with China, it can revert to that pattern again for the next 1,000 years. However, as in the famously slow Kabuki plays in Japan, the changes in the relationship will be very slight and incremental, with both sides moving gradually and subtly into a new modus vivendi. They will not become friends anytime soon, but Japan will signal subtly that it understands China’s core interests. Yes, there will be bumps along the way, but China and Japan will adjust slowly and steadily.

As two old civilizations, India and China have also lived side by side over millenniums. However, they had few direct contacts, effectively kept apart by the Himalayas. Unfortunately, modern technology has no longer made the Himalayas insurmountable. Hence, the increasing number of face-to-face encounters between Chinese and Indian soldiers. Such encounters always lead to accidents, one of which happened in June 2020. Since then, a tsunami of anti-China sentiment has swept across India. Over the next few years, relations will go downhill. The avalanche has been triggered.

Yet China will be patient because time is working in its favor. In 1980, the economies of China and India were the same size. By 2020, China’s had grown five times larger. The longer-term relationship between two powers always depends, in the long run, on the relative size of the two economies. The Soviet Union lost the Cold War because the U.S. economy could vastly outspend it. Similarly, just as the United States presented China with a major geopolitical gift by withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement in 2017, India did China a major geopolitical favor by not joining the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Economics is where the big game is playing. With the United States staying out of TPP and India out of RCEP, a massive economic ecosystem centered on China is evolving in the region.

[ K M ]

Attack on Capitol Hill - More white lies to cover one big lie


 The fumbling and confusion in the line of command and control of the National Guard during the invasion of Capitol Hill start to flow and becoming clearer as to why it was so ridiculous and dangerous and a level of incompetence unimaginable in the world's most powerful military country. How so?

Two points stood out glaringly that were just unbelieveable even to a novice or layman on the deployment of the National Guards in an emergency situation or national crisis. The first point was that when Capitol Hill called for military assistance, when violence broke out, shots were fired, rioters inside the Capitol Building and the lives and safety of the senators and representatives were on the chopping block, the commander of the National Guards would not move, because he needed an order from the Pentagon or the White House.

Can you believe that, a clear and present danger of lives at stake, not ordinary lives but the leaders of the country, no military commander would step out and take action. They sat on their asses, refused to move, would only move if ordered to?  Anyone that is familiar with the myths of Hollywood and how it glorified the dare daring and gungho military commanders to rise above the call of duty during an imminent crisis, risking personal safety and acting without orders when the ground situations demanded, to just do it, would have their mouths gaping wide in shock. Huh, the lives of senators and house representatives on the line and they would not do anything? Is this America, are these American soldiers, the National Guards?

Secondly, another general tried to explain the inaction away, saying that it was super fast, the fastest they could ever do, to get to  Capitol Hill in 8 hours. Could not do it earlier. Credit must go to the Guards for acting so fast?

His justification, when an order was received to move the troops, they must assess the threats, the type of threats, then to decide what kinds of arms to bring along, then to draw arms from the armoury, get all the logistical support, get them men dressed before moving.  All these took times, no matter how urgent, how serious, the soldiers must go through their routines before they could march to Capitol Hill?

Can you believe this crap? Were they preparing to attack Iraq or Syria? The Capitol Hill was attacked and breached by a mob. What special considerations and special equipment and arms do they need, they need to assess the threats and equip themselves? What were soldiers on stand by for if they were not prepared and fully equipped for such an emergency? Even one hour was too long. The soldiers, the Guards on standby were expected to move almost immediately when the alarm was raised to move out.

Who was that clownish general trying to bluff? Why was he lying about the readiness to answer an emergency situation, and claiming that 8 hours was reasonable and creditable? The Capitol would be taken in 2 hours in a real situation.  The senators and representatives would have been lynched by the mobs.

It takes many white lies to cover a white lie. And this certainly was what happened on 6 Jan 21. If the National Guards needed 8 hours to activate, the war is over. The USA would be been bombed to the ground. And to think that the generals refused to move the National Guards when their assistance was called for by Capitol Hill.

How many more lies would the Americans want to tell the world, oh, in this case, to their daft Americans? Of course those in the know would not be conned by such cheap excuses. Lives were at stake!

PS. Lt Gen Charles Flint, brother of 'pardoned' Lt Gen Mike Flint, Trump special confidante, was there when the order to move the Guards was received, but the Guards were not ordered to move until several hours later.


Why are Singaporeans so upset about FTs coming to this little red dot?


Anonymous said...

Why are Singaporeans so upset about FTs coming to this little red dot? Is it because Singaporeans are jealous when they see others earning good salary? If you are as good as these FTs then you too will be able to earn that kind of money. The fact that they are here means these FTs are needed to do the jobs that are beyond the capability of Singaporeans. Let us look at banking. The FTs from India are definitely much more capable that Singaporeans. They are better in the banking sector. Also in technology, the Indian and the PRC FTs are miles better than the Singaporeans. Singapore often boasts that the country has the best education system. But when it comes to thinking out of the box, Singaporeans are miles behind the lean and mean FTs from India, China, Malaysia and most Asean countries. So, please remember that FTs are needed to oil the machinery of Singapore. Without FTs Singapore cannot survive.  

January 22, 2021 2:04 am

The above post by Anonymous merits serious reflection on the fate of Singapore and Singaporeans. If what were said are true, a mismatch or outdated education system that could not prepare our young for the new world, unsuitable for employment, that all the boasts about how good our education is, how expensive it is and value for money, are all hogwash.

If it is true that the foreigners are better than Singaporeans, because their education system are better or they are better, then the future of Singaporeans is cooked, finito. There is no fight and Singaporeans should rightly choose to take on jobs as hawkers, PHV drivers, food deliverers, security guards, cashiers, sitting at the entrance of buildings and shopping centres to take temperature and check in people. These are about the best jobs remaining for the unsuitably qualified Singaporeans. 

If it is true, then with these neighbouring countries overflowing with talents that are better than Singaporeans, these countries would be more developed and better managed than Singapore. Is that the case? And the talents that came to Singapore are not their best as these are the unsuitable talents in their home countries, unable to find jobs there as their jobs are taken by their better talents. These are their rejects.

Can you imagine that Singapore is only taking their rejects and their rejects are better than many Singaporeans. And the funny thing is that their countries are still struggling to climb out of the third world label, many still filled with slums and dysfunctional govts?

Singaporeans are doomed, and so would Singapore when these rejected talents take over this island, for sure they can't do better than their home countries. They could only pluck the low hanging fruits and after these are gone, they would run out of ideas, like the one trick ponies.  Singapore will then join their home countries as third world slum countries.

What do you think?

In the eyes of Western elites, Westerners can have the privilege to eat meat while Chinese should just eat grass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the eyes of Western elites, Westerners can have the privilege to eat meat while Chinese should just eat grass.

Time magazine on Friday posted an article entitled "How China could change the world by taking meat off the menu." The author draws a connection between Chinese eating meat and global environmental problems. It said: "Livestock farming produces 20 percent to 50 percent of all man-made greenhouse gases… Halving China's animal-agriculture sector could result in a 1 billion metric-ton reduction of CO2 emissions."

In 2018, the Atlantic published a piece with the headline of "China's love for meat is threatening its green movement." In 2019, the Economist released an article entitled "The planet needs China to curb its appetite for meat." It is reported in June 2020 that Pat Brown, chief executive of Impossible Foods, a company developing plant-based substitutes for meat products, even said, "Every time someone in China eats a piece of meat, a little puff of smoke goes up in the Amazon."

Chinese people's eating patterns remarkably differ from people in the West. Chinese mainly eat grain and vegetables, supplemented by meat, while for Westerners, meat has been their staple food. The proportion of meat in the diet of Westerners is much higher than that of Chinese.

The Time article states that China consumes 28 percent of the world's meat. This data has been cited by Western media outlets since 2016. Western media tend to criticize China by referring to the total amount. As China is the most populous country in the world, using a total figure as a benchmark is unfair to China. Yet based on meat consumption per capita, the West far exceeds that of China.

In terms of beef, the OECD shows in 2020 that China's consumption of 4.2 kilograms per capita lagged behind the world average at 6.4 kilos. The figure for Argentina was about nine times as much as that of China, and the US more than six times that of China. The consumption of many Western countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK, was also much higher than China's.

According to media report, beef production causes five times more climate-warming emissions than pork. If having less meat is essential to "change the world," it is more than fair to urge the West to reduce its beef consumption. The US consumed far more meat per capita in 2020 alone, so how can they pass the buck of Amazon destruction to China?

When interviewed by an Australian media outlet in 2010, former US president Barack Obama said, "If over a billion Chinese citizens have the same living patterns as Australians and Americans do right now, then all of us are in for a very miserable time. The planet just can't sustain it."

In the eyes of some Western elites, Westerners can have the privilege to eat meat while Chinese should just eat grass. They are reluctant to see Chinese are living an increasingly abundant life, and that the living standards of the Chinese are getting closer to the Westerners. They feel their sense of superiority including the one toward their political system challenged when they see Chinese, whose political path and values sharply differ from them, can also enjoy a better life.

January 25, 2021 12:20 pm

By Anonymous


White Australians celebrate Invasion Day as their National Day, just like Thanksgiving Day. What a shame!


Thousands protest ‘Invasion Day’ amid pandemic - "Decolonize! You are on stolen land"

Thousands of Aboriginal Australians defied coronavirus rules on Tuesday to protest the country's national day, held on the anniversary of British colonization of the vast continent that its Indigenous population brands "Invasion Day."

Officially recognized as Australia Day, January 26 also sees annual rallies drawing attention to the injustices faced by Indigenous people and calling on the government to change the date of the national holiday.

The celebration of the origins of the modern nation is a time of mourning for Indigenous Australians, who have inhabited the land for 65,000 years and view the arrival of British settlers in 1788 as the beginning of two centuries of pain and suffering.

January 26, 2021

By Anonymous 

PS.  The insensitive white supremacist Australians totally disregard their crimes against the aborigines, the natives of Australia, for killing them, abusing them, discriminated against them, and stealing their continent.

Australia's National Day is a Day of Shame.

Chan Chun Sing - Tracking progress of Singaporean core not meaningful?

 In response to Gerald Giam’s question on tracking of Singaporean core in companies, Chan Chun Sing (CCS) replied that ‘it is not meaningful to track Singaporean core in companies’....‘Our economic schemes are meant to encourage companies to upgrade their capabilities and expand their operations in Singapore to create good jobs for Singaporeans’- Chan Chun Sing....

I will be blunt here. To me, CCS is nothing more but a book-smart idiot and a highly educated fool who is totally devoid of human ingenuity, cunningness and street-wisdom....

CCS’s answer is another hard knocking head lesson for our hardcore and often unthinking suckerporeans.

Simon Lim - in an article posted in TRE

Before we discuss on this issue, I disagree with the PAP's definition of the Singapore core, ie Singaporeans and PRs. A nation and its citizens must not simply be dumped together with foreigners in the form of PRs. PRs are not citizens but foreign citizens and must not, cannot, and should not be included as the Singaporean core.  Most of them are economic migrants and fair weather migrants and would go back to their home countries when conditions are favourable there or not favourable here. They do not regard Singapore as their country or home. 

Recently I posted a piece of a troublemaker wildlife hanging his full size bicycle in a moving train and no one in the train would dare to tell him off. In fact everyone in the train dared not even look at him, turned to look elsewhere. Why? Because this is not their country. Most of them are foreigners, PRs etc. Why should they bother about the incident or mess in this country that did not belong to them? It is not their business. How then should they be included in the Singaporean core, to be treated as one of us and their interest protected by the govt like Singaporeans?

Back to the question why tracking the progress of Singaporean core not meaningful or not important. I would agree that tracking the progress of PRs or so called residents is not important as they are not Singapore citizens. They are non citizens. Period. But tracking the progress of Singaporeans is definitely important.

Why is it not meaningful to track the progress of Singaporeans? What is the purpose of tracking the progress of Singaporeans? As Simon Lim put it, the PAP must not forget that it is the Singaporeans that voted for them to be the govt and they owed it to the Singaporeans to look after the interest of the Singaporeans, not the interest of foreigners like PRs. Looking after the interest of PRs could be a by the way thing, that after looking after the citizens, it is ok to take care of PRs as a collateral side interest, not the main objective of the govt.  These foreigners have their own countries and govts to look after them.  They don't need two govts to look after them. Why are they so special to have their own govts and Singapore govt to look after them?

It is important that the core business of the Singapore govt is to put the interest of Singaporeans as top priority over the interest of foreigners and PRs. A Singapore govt that thinks it is important for them to look after the interest of foreigners, to the same level as the interest of Singaporeans is not deserving to be the govt of Singaporeans and should not be voted to be the govt of Singaporeans. 

Does this make sense? Does Singapore belong to Singaporeans or to PRs?


USA, the vicious warmongering rogue country - All the ugly truths you need to know


- "If the war does not significantly change the world's political map, the U.S. will not achieve its aim" (Donald Rumsfeld on the Global War On Terror)

- "I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz [when] one of the generals called me in..... [He said] "They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.” ..... So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” ...... he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” -- meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office -- “today...... This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” (US General Wesley Clark)

- "It was at the July meeting.... [Ambassador] Tom Simons suggested that Afghanistan could face an open-ended military operation..... if it didn't accede to U.S. demands. "Ambassador Simons stated that if the Taliban wouldn't agree with the plan [relating to the proposed strategic Trans-Afghanistan pipeline], and if Pakistan was unable to persuade them, the United States might use an overt action against Afghanistan..... The words used by Simons were "a military operation".... Another participant reportedly said the Taliban's choice was clear: either accept a "carpet of gold" riches from the pipeline or "a carpet of bombs," meaning a military strike.... [Ambassador Tom Simons] confirms that only a few weeks before Sept. 11, American diplomats warned of military action against Afghanistan if its leaders did not meet U.S. economic and political demands." (Al-Qaida monitored U.S. negotiations with Taliban over oil pipeline, A memo by military chief Mohammed Atef raises new questions about whether failed U.S. efforts to reform Afghanistan's radical regime -- and build the pipeline -- set the stage for Sept. 11., 05/06/2002)

- "We think the price is worth it." (Madeleine Albright in a 1996 interview regarding the death of over 500 000 Iraqi children due to sanctions).

- “You have 24 hours to leave the organization, and if you don’t comply with this decision by Washington, we have ways to retaliate against you. We know where your kids live. You have two sons in New York.” (John Bolton threatening Jose Bustani [then OPCW Director General), if he didn’t resign from his position), etc.....

The criminality of successive US governments is well documented. A nation that shows disregard for international law, engages in successive wars of aggression, is subjecting numerous nations to economic strangulation (through 'sanctions', the resultant deaths conforming to genocide in the case of Iraq), is involved in the theft of foreign resources (currently in Syria) and the seizure of resources from commercial shipping (accurately described by Iran and Venezuela as piracy), etc., can easily be described as a rogue nation.

PS. See how the evil Americans threatened others to do their biddings or be killed or destroyed. They have no qualms about killing Muslims and Arabs. And they are trying to con the world that they are fighting for the rights of Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Muslims that they have been killing and destroying all over the world. The Americans are protectors of Muslims and Arabs? What are they doing in the Middle East, in Syria, Libya, Iraq, in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Morocco etc etc


Covid 19 - Aryans being infected most


United States25,109,148418,982
United Kingdom3,647,46397,939
South Africa1,412,98640,874
As of 8:34am Jan 25, 2021

Above from CNA 

What are the common factors in the top 10 most infected countries?  Ex colonial powers is one. Most of them were ex colonialists and this virus is like a punishment for their past crimes against victims of their brutal and uncivilised colonialism. But this factor alone makes India and Brazil stood out as exceptions as they were not in the same league as the European colonialists.

The other factor that is common to all of them is race, the Aryan race. Many Brazilians are also Aryans, descendant of Spanish colonialists. Indians are also Aryans though not Europeans.

Why are the Aryans most infected by this virus? 
According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, three researches, Pei Hao, Institute Pasteur of Shanghai. the Chinese Academy of Science, Wu Zhong, National Engineering Research Centre for the Emergence Drugs, Academy of Military Science, Xuan Li, Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology, CAS Centre for Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences, published a joint article on 21 Jan 21 in China Life Science journal, written in English, on the discovery of 4 Amino proteins that were changed in the Sars virus to create the Covid19 virus. The change in the S proteins in the Sars virus would give the impression that the victims were down with Sars, not a new virus, a deception that would have killed many more if not discovered early. The second important discovery is that it is designed specifically to kill Chinese people.  Thirdly, though 4 S proteins have been changed, the infectious rate is still very high, in fact higher than Sars, and more deadly. Fourth, the Covid19 virus is man made. It would take hundreds of years for a bat virus to mutate to this state with 4 S proteins changed.
This is a scientific paper and stands to be corrected or disputed scientifically, not white lies spread by the Americans. Scientists would be studying this in detail and make their comments and observations based on science.

The fact that this virus was designed to target Chinese people, people with similar genetic stocks are the Japanese, Koreans, Mongolians, Tibetans, Vietnamese and to a great extent Thais and some northern Asean countries, might be the reason why a simple minded Trump did not act on it. Probably he believed whole sale in the intelligence briefings that it would only infect the Chinese. This lulled him to inaction and telling his believers that it would go away miraculously.

What the Americans did not bargain for, they could not believe or expect the virus to mutate to hit them and the Europeans so fast and so deadly. Now the Aryan stocks are the new victims and with more mutations like in Britain on the way. Things are going to get from bad to worse for the Aryans. This is called playing with fire and got burnt by the fire.

The above charts said it all. What you throw around would come around.

Why Do People Tell Lies?

 1984 George Orwell said...Why Do People Tell Lies?

There are liars everywhere, in every country, in every profession, in every walk of life, in the whole wide world and in the cyberspace.

Liars can be grouped into various categories depending on their motives. However, the main categories are:

1. White Liars - they tell white lies.

2. Black Liars - they tell dark, secretive, deceptive lies.

3. Evil liars - they plant poison into the minds of innocent common folks on a regular basis, day in, day out, relentlessly, persistently, continuously, using every means of communication and dissemination available to reach deep into the psyche of the unsuspecting common folks, to make sure that they are mesmerised into believing the lies and turn them into unshakeable truth, and into personal conviction.

Among these three groups of liars, the most common and outstanding ones come from the professions of businessmen, lawyers, magicians, politicians and religious preachers.

Examples of white liars are magicians and circus clowns.

Examples of black liars can be found in businesses and products advertisers, sales personnel, journalists and news editors, unethical lawyers, politically-motivated judges, all sorts of smart accounting and book-keeping service-providers and confidence-tricksters.

Examples of the evil liars are the religious crusaders and evangelicals, Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump.

There are numerous reasons why people tell lies. The most common reason are greed and gain.

Throughout the history of man, greed and gain have been the most destructive motivators. They had motivated countless people to do unimaginable things beyond logic, towards destruction of self and others, towards heinous crimes and towards unfathomable cruelty and colossal sufferings.

Greed and gain drive honest men to become dishonest politicians and dictators. They drive good national leaders to become cruel torturers and mass murderers. They also drive upright judges to give absurd reasons to support their politically-motivated judgements. And they make holy priests become holely priests (conscience full of holes).

In conclusion, whether it is white, black or evil, lies are lies. They do harm to others and yourself. They punch a hole and make a mark in your character. You have to live with it and carry the burden of guilt throughout the rest of your life, until your dying day and beyond, to the next generation.

Remedy: Repent, confess and promise not to tell lies again, and really do it.

1984 George Orwell.


Kamala Harris - Vice President of India, oops,... I mean USA

It is only natural for India to enjoy a wave of euphoria seeing one of its daughters becoming the Vice President of the most powerful country in the world. This is indeed a great achievement and something to crow about, something that is meaningful and not spurious.

Kamala is first in line to be the President of the USA should for some reasons Biden is incapacitated and unable to perform his duty as President. Then my prediction of India becoming the most powerful country in the world with President Kamala Harris in charge is coming true. President Kamala Harris of the most powerful country in the world, the USA and President Modi, the world's biggest democracy, India.  Wow.

And Kamala is not alone.  There are many House Reps and Senators that are also ethnic Indians. Not forgetting the hundreds of CEOs in American corporations. India and Indians have come a long way to be what it is today. 

Biden has made it a point to build a team that is representative of all the minority races except for Chinese and maybe no Koreans or Japanese as well. All the other colours and sexes are represented other than these exceptions that represent the most feared, Yellow Peril.

It would be interesting should the day come when President Kamala would hold a meeting in the White House with President Modi and President Halimah of Singapore accompanied by their spouses and cabinet members. Menu could be curry fish heads and chicken masala on banana leaves.  3 Indian presidents dining and partying in the White House. The image and status of India and Indians would rise to a new level beyond recognition.

And it could be a foursome if Sunak could join them as the PM of UK. How about that? One Indian ruling the most powerful Empire today. One Indian ruling the former number one Empire.

Congrats Kamala and congrats India.

The modern Indian Empire in the making.



The following was written on Josephine Teo's Facebook page on Tuesday (19 Jan):

"As we kick off 2021, our foremost priority is to keep Singaporeans in jobs and help displaced Singaporeans get back to work.

To achieve this, we are providing stronger support for employers to develop their Singaporean core. Through the Jobs Support Scheme, Jobs Growth Initiative and other programmes, employers of local employees get generous wage and training support.

While the Government has provided a range of support to help employers develop their Singaporean core, employers too must play their part in ensuring that they hire fairly on the basis of merit. This means that when a job is advertised, the best candidate should be considered. Attributes which are not relevant to the job such as nationality, gender, age, race, and disability should not be considerations. Jobs should also not be kept to a “closed circle of friends”. Ultimately, employers should keep to the spirit, not just the letter, of the Fair Consideration Framework and the Tripartite Guidelines for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices.

I am heartened that the Singapore Business Federation and the Trade Associations and Chambers Alliance have come together to pledge their support for fair hiring and progressive employment practices

(see statement here -> https://www.sbf.org.sg/…/786-joint-statement-on-fair-hiring…).

This represents the business community’s commitment in preventing workplace discrimination and adopting progressive human resource practices, so as to develop a strong Singaporean core. These progressive employment practices also makes business sense. When businesses hire fairly and based on merit, they will have access to the widest pool of candidates that can help them succeed. It will motivate their employees to give of their best, knowing that the company practices fair employment. Fair employment is not just right, it is win-win too. - Jo Teo."

1. Hooray! Employers "Teo Bey Pio" (strike lottery) again! All employers need to do is to either throw their weight around or throw tantrums, then the Mother of Labour will throw good money (from taxpayers) to the bad apples. What a brilliant solution! Yah, of course, win-win too!

2. It has dawned on me since once upon a time, long long ago, four or five MOM leadership changes ago, that since the ministry changed its name from the Ministry for Labour (MFL) to Ministry of Manpower (MOM), it became a softie in the face of employers. Why?

3. Is it because it actually has no Man and no Power? If so, who is the Man and the real Power behind it?

4. Or, is it because it is reluctant to behave like a man and afraid to exercise its power? If so, why?

5. I strongly believe it has something to do with the Tripartite concept. The Tripartite is supposed to be the three parties of Government, Trade Unions and Employers come together for the interests of the Employees, the Labour Force (actually the strongest force in any country, except Singapore). Why except Singapore?

6. In Singapore, if you care to examine deeply, you will realise that the Tripartite actually represents the Three Huge Groups of Employers coming together to join as a single "Unified Front" to safeguard the Interests of ALL EMPLOYERS against the interests of ALL EMPLOYEES. That means the employees have no real representation, no real protection, and no real clout, i.e. powerless and leaderless.

7. The Three Huge Groups of Employers are:

A. The Largest Group of Employers is the Government with the Civil Service, he Government Investment Corporation, he Government-Linked Companies, the Temasek Holdings and all its subsidiary holdings companies, like DBS, POSB, Singapore Technology, Changi Airport Group, and SIA. It has in effect growb to become like a Huge Banyan Tree with a huge canopy of leaves blocking off all the sunlight from above and sucking up all the nutrients from below. Under such circumstances, only creepers and parasites can grow.

B. The National Trade Union Congress, which has, over the decades, evolved from numerous actual labour-caring unions into a pseudo make-belief uncaring unrecognisable monster which mutated into a Super Giant Octopus with its tenacious tentacles of businesses stretching to every loop and into every corner of the island. It is now the second Largest Group of Employers. Unionism has become just a pass-time hobby and a springboard platform for certain people to navigate and transform themselves into Ministers and Presidents.

C. The third Largest Group of Employers in Singapore is represented by the Singapore Business Federation and the Trade Associations and Chambers Alliance. This group has the least power among the three. However, it has the most leverage because the other two groups dare not openly claim themselves to represent the interests of Employers. They have to act like the Government and the Trade Unions at least in front of all the watching eyes of the workers/employees. Therefore, whatever this group proposes, the other two groups will wholeheartedly support in silence, while the workers and employees suffer in silence (because nobody is willing to speak up on their behalf).

8. So, whatever MOM or MTI says, its all about strengthening the Singapore CORE OF EMPLOYERS. Don't be a fool to interpret that it is about strengthening the Singapore Core of Employees. Because the employees are inconsequential, easily replaceable and powerless. They are totally at the mercy of the Tripartite of Employers.

Wake up! 

SSO - 22 January 2021


The Destruction Of Our Nation

 SSO said...
The Destruction Of Our Nation

Truth is stranger than Fiction.
Fiction of imagination,
If stretched by business corporation,
Becomes absurdly in retrospection.

In the building of the Nation,
There was only one expectation:
A just, equal and fair consideration
For all our beloved citizens.

Today, after years of progression,
Many have different expectation.
So they resort to manipulation
To achieve greater division.

Divide and rule is their equation,
For they seek only damnation
And destruction, not salvation,
For our beloved Nation.

SSO - 21 Jan 2021

Warning - Trump's parting words and warnings for Biden


WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump, in a farewell address released on Tuesday (Jan 19), urged prayers for the new administration of President-elect Joe Biden but declined to acknowledge his Democratic successor by name.

"This week, we inaugurate a new administration and pray for its success in keeping America safe and prosperous," the Republican president said in the video remarks. "We extend our best wishes, and we also want them to have luck - a very important word."....

And the president, who former advisers predict has lost much of a political future after the riots, suggested his movement would go on.

"Now, as I prepare to hand power over to a new administration at noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning," Trump said.

"I go from this majestic place with a loyal and joyful heart and optimistic spirit, and a supreme confidence that for our country and for our children, the best is yet to come." Reuters


Till the last day of his presidency, Trump still refused to admit Biden won the election. What does this mean?  He would continue to live with his lie that Biden stole the election and egg his supporters to believe this lie and to fight on. 

He also talked about 'luck' that Biden needs to survive his presidency, not his ability to lead and to manage the country. If luck runs out, Biden may fall from all kinds of bad luck situation, like being hit by an assassin's bullet or unexpected accident. Biden needs to pray a lot for his own safety.

And his fight will go on.   

"Now, as I prepare to hand power over to a new administration at noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning,"  Biden is not going to miss Trump. Trump will be lurking in the shadow waiting for his downfall, plotting for his downfall. plotting to overthrown him. Biden cannot expect a day of peace of Trump like a wounded tiger in the wild and waiting for his chance to do him in...the best of Trump is yet to come.

Biden is not the only one that is facing the threat of Trump. Pelosi is also a priority target, if she could not get McConnell to nail Trump in the impeachment and put him in jail for good. Nancy, Trump is stalking you...with lots of forbidden love. And the 'traitors' republican reps that dared to vote for his impeachment, beware, be warned, your lives are at stake.

Trump did not leave in peace but in acrimony and filled with rage and revenge. Until he is put away, America and Americans would not have a day of peace.


McConnell also needs to watch his back. He was reported to have said,   

'WASHINGTON: Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday (Jan 19) explicitly blamed President Donald Trump for the deadly riot at the United States Capitol, saying the mob was “fed lies” and that the president and others “provoked” those intent on overturning Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory....“The mob was fed lies," McConnell said. “They were provoked by the president and other powerful people, and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.” AP

Trump is the biggest threat to America. He will divide America into white versus the rest. Biden must be wary of being assassinated. Some clairvoyance have seen an assassination in February 2021.


The white people in general and the Anglo-Saxon British and White Americans in particular are not qualified to talk or lecture to non-white countries and people about 'Human Rights' and 'Democracy'

 PART     ONE 

                                                                                                                                                                      The United States in its 242 years of its existence has been continuously instigating and fomenting wars inciting  instabilities and hostilities in other countries and carrying  out wars of aggression and conquest non-stop even to this present day. The United States has been too drunk with its experience and success in subjugating the native self-governing native American states. It took this as an established precedent for it to expand its colonial control over all non-white people and countries across the whole wide world and the oceans and in disregard of time and space. 

Also the United States looked at the frenzy of imperial European countries like England, France, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium and Italy in their imperialist fever of partitioning Africa among themselves to the exclusion of America. The United States also observed that imperial European countries like England, Russia, France and Germany were casting their covetous eyes to colonize counrtries in Asia especially the Far East and a precariously weak Chinese Empire. As America did not want to lose out it espedited its programe of aggressive wars of conquest to acquire colonies and to indulge in illicit trade in opium and heroin in China.

The United States also subscribed to the Darwinian theory that it is natural for strong nations to dominate weak countries and that only the strongest and fittest would survive while the weak deserve to suffer and perish. 

Other aggressive theories and principles were frequently added to America's foreign policy by American political leaders in cahoot with senior military leaders like the generals and the admirals. In 1890 Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan proposed that US must increase and strengthen its navy to protect its overseas colonies. He recommended that the United States establish military bases and naval stations in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean and that America should colonize Hawaii and other Pacific islands like Samoa, Guam, Wake Island and others if necessary. This forward policies of aggression and conquest were strongly supported by American presidents notably Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore Roosevelt and other white supremacist political leaders propounded the dogmatic idea that white industrialise countries are civilized countries while non-white countries are uncivilized and that the non-white countries must of nature submit to be subjugated and controlled by the white industrialized countries. The people of the non-white countries must treat this arrogant dogmatism with the utmost contempt and derision. It sure would have to face repercussions and Karma. As it is the United States and the European countries are now facing retributions with multiple whop of the Coronavirus and economic breakdown. Well, so much for their arrogance but the worst is yet to come .

                                                                                                                                                                      Being seasoned  traditional cheaters, liers, robbers, killers and murderers as well as unsurpassed hypocrites, trouble makers and warmongers the white people are not qualified to talk to non-white people about human rights and democracy. They are the greatest perverts and travesty of human rights and democracy for over five hundred years. During these over 500 years they have in their wanton invasions of other non-white countries  consistently applied the cruelest and most brutal atrocities on the natives in order to intimidate them to force them to succumb to their savage inhuman control and domination. To describe in full detail their meanest acts of cruelty and atrocities on non-white countries and people would take hundreds of volumes as they are really too many to tell. Suffice here I hope to acquaint my fellow non-white citizens of the world with random descriptions of these beastly and monstrous ungodly cruelties and atrocities of the white Americans, the British Anglo-Saxons and the white Europeans in general. 

Since 1455 under the 'Romanus Pontifex' the Catholic Pope had sanctified white marauders from Spain and Portugal to conquer and rape the Americas and under their militant religious 'Doctrine of Christian Discovery' they robbed and killed the native Americans without mercy. The killings and genocide carried out by Christopher Columbus, Cortes and Pizarro in the Caribbean islands and in Mexico, Peru and other parts of South America set the precedents for the Anglo-Saxon British, the French and Dutch to follow and excel in their atrocities to the natives of North America. What carnage Columbus did to the native Arawaks of the Bahamas was similarly carried out by Hernando Cortes on the Aztecs of Mexico and by Pizarro to the Incas of Peru.

The brutal carnage against native Americans carried out by Columbus, Hernando Cortes and Pizarro were repeated endlessly with equal or greater brutality by the British, France and the Dutch in North America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islanders down the centuries to the present.


The brutal aggressions and conquests of non-white countries and the wanton atrocities and genocide of the natives both in the past and present is clear enough that white people have no right to talk down on the non-white people about human rights and democracy.

White people aggressions in the Americas from 1455 to the present.

When white invaders first went to America, there were already many native American nations of various degrees of high civilization. A thousand over years before Jesus the Zuni and Hopi Indians of New Mexico were already living in large terrace buildings. They were using irrigation canals, dams, working with ceramics, weaving baskets and making cloth out of cotton.In the Ohio valley, around the Great Lakes, the far West and Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi valley and in the Pennsylvania and New York area the various local native tribes had advanced agriculture where people lived in thousands of villages in peace and harmony. The various tribes who lived here were the Iroquois, the Mohawks, the Oneidas, the Onondagas, the Cayugas and the Senecas and they all spoke a common language of the Iroquois. The people were ruled by tribal councils where men and women shared equal ruling power. Children were brought up and taught equality in status and the sharing of possessions as what the adult communities practised. The native tribes had as their traditional practice set for themselves clear and firm boundaries of acceptable behaviour and maintained a strict sense of right and wrong. But the arrival of whitemen upset their tradition when the white invaders insisted that the natives follow their bias insidious laws which always worked against the natives. The native Americans told the British governor of Maryland in 1635, that the whitemen being strangers who came to their country should  conform           themselves to the customs of their country instead of wrongly  imposing theirs upon their people.

Thus Columbus and subsequent European invaders did not come to an empty wilderness as they claimed but into a world full of people and where the culture was complex and where human relations among men, women, children and nature were beautifully worked out than any countries in Europe. Whitemen's arrogance make an excuse of progress in the annihilation and genocide of native Americans and justified their atrocities from the standpoint of conquerors and in the name of Western civilization. 

Whitemen adopted a genocidal policy as an excuse for progress. It is merely their greed, power crazy and a false sense of racial superiority and religious bigotry and divinity that they rationalize the irrationality that they did nothing wrong in their atrocities , murder, genocide and conquest by force against other people and countries. They justified all their abominable deeds in the name of their Christian God Jesus for spiritual and divine support by always quoting chapters and verses in the bible as they always quote the Bible, Psalms Chapter 2, verse 8: "Ask of me, and I shall give thee, the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession." And to justify their use of force to take the land, they cited Romans Chapter 13 verse 2: "Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation." Almost five hundred years ago Columbus and his fellow marauding conquerors had wiped out the native population of Hispaniola. This was followed during the next four hundred years by the methodical destruction of Indian native tribes by the United States government as it marched across the continent.

White people's brutalities, atrocities, illtreatments  and killings of the natives of all the lands they occupied and conquered has been ongoing since the 1,500 AD and is still continuing in North America, Central America, South America, Hawaii, Australia and Africa. In North America and Australia a systematic policy of genocide has almost exterminated the entire native population while in Mexico, Hawaii, Central America and South America white European invaders make up more than 30 percent to 60 percent of the population and in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Columbia, Uruguay and Paraguay they could constitute as much as 70 percent to 90 percent of the population. 

White men have lost their sense of right and wrong and their conscience. Even now they cannot let go the illtreatment of the few remaining surviving natives who are subjected to live in so-called native reservations which are euphemisms for concentration camps and where they are subjected to deprivations of the most basic human amenities and to injections to induce infertility to prevent native procreation. 


US perversion and abuse  of human rights and democracy.

When the United States got its independence from England it consisted of 13 states with a territory of about 650,000 square miles. But from the first day of its independence it already had detailed plans for aggression and conquest to expand its territories at the expanse of the many native states and Mexico. To carry out its policy of aggression and expansion it expanded the 'Doctrine of Christian Discovery', with a new more pervasive doctrine, 'The Doctrine of America's Destiny.' 

Under the pervasive Doctrine of America's Manifest Destiny', the United States planned the conquest and destruction of the hundreds of self-governing native states in North America which were given self-governing status under British sovereignty. Their ultimate objective was to expand the United States territory without limits from the vast territories to the west right up to the coast of the Pacific Ocean. To achieve this objective the United States carried out the most brutal and heinous atrocities and genocide against the natives in its march of conquest to the west.

To enhance its march across the continent to the Pacific coast the United States carried out hybrid warfare against the natives with stratagems like hypocritically making peace with some native tribes and making these tribes to fight against other native tribes, luring out native leaders for peace discussion and butchered them in the midst of the meetings, wiping out natives with germ warfare of small pox, chicken pox, measles, white men's veneral disease gonorrhoea and leprosy and mass destruction of native crops and cattle through fire and inferno especially in the midst of the night as well as through subterfuge. Also very often the United States army would cordon off native villages at night and set them on fire and when the natives both men, women and children rushed out of their dwellings they were easy targets and all of them were mauled down by the endless firing of the white men's guns.

What is the most goring sight is the white men's heinous practice of shooting unawared natives for sport. White men both soldiers and civilians very often would either in the dawn of the morning or dusk of the evening went close to native villages and hid behind trees or objects to observe the natives going out to the fields to work or returning home from the farms. The white snipers would shoot on sight any native be it men, women or childfren  that  came out of their house. The challenge among the snipers was to see who shot the most natives. Very often they had to scalp the natives as proof of their killings. Killing innocent people for sport. Such cruelty is in the DNA of the white people especially the Anglo-Saxons of the British and France.

The brutal conquest of Mexico is well documented in history. Half of the territories of the United States 3.6 million square miles is made up of lands taken from Mexico in its wars of aggression and conquest against Mexico from 1840s to 1890s. 

Having achieved its complete conquest of continental north America the United States began to eye across the Pacific Ocean under a 'New Manifest Destiny'  to look for further conquests. The United States acquired Hawaii through cunning and subterfuge. First it sent Christian missionaries  to Hawaii. Soon large numbers of white settlers and business men settled in Hawaii. American big business acquired huge swathes of fertile Hawaii lands for pineapple and sugar cane plantations. The local Hawaiians were paid meager paupers'salaries. Local Hawaiians were sidelined, marginalised and exploited to the bone.  In the meantime these big American business concerns were making huge profits without having to pay tax to the local Hawaii government. When Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani imposed some form of tax on the export of pineapple and sugarcane  she was forcefully deposed by the United States military with the full support of the American president and government. When the Americans wanted to annex Hawaii under direct American rule the Hawiians rose up in revolt and fought bravely  against the American invaders. It was a one sided battle for inspite of the courageous and fierce resistance of the Hawaiians they were defeated by the superior arms of the white American military. Over a hundred thousand Hawaiian resistant fighters were mauled down and killed in trying to drive out the marauding American invaders. Sadly and inevitably Hawaii was eventually annexed by the United States against the wishes of the Hawaiians who had strongly supported their queen and her government. But the determined patriotic spirit of the Hawaiians to drive out the American invaders to regain their pride and independence have not died or dwindled and hopefully their struggle and victory for independence will prevail in the not too distant future.

After their villainous occupation of Hawaii the United States appetite for more aggressions and conquests have hot been satiated. It looked over the horizon for new grounds new areas of aggression . US knew that the people of Cuba and the Phillippines were not happy with the Spanish occupation of their countries. They had been rebelling and fighting underground to drive out the Spaniards from their countries. These gave United States the excuse to help the Cubans and the Philippinos to fight Spain to gain their independence. US promised to help Cuba and the Philippines to gain independence from Spain if they were to join forces with the United States. In 1898, the United States  instigated a war against Spain. But when Spain lost the Spanish-American war the Americans reneged on their promise to grant independence to Cuba and the Philippines. The United States wanted to be the new imperial ruler of Cuba and the Philippines. Naturally the Cubans and the Philippinos rose up in rebellion to fight for the expulsion of the Americans, the new colonial masters. The wars in Cuba and the Philippines against the Americans were both violent and ferocious. Of course the Americans with superior military and weaponery prevailed and won the fight after the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Philippino resistant fighters. In the case of Cuba the Americans faced very fierce and stiff resistance from the Cubans and was forced to negotiate for peace. America granted independence to Cuba but retained a huge military base in Guantanomo. In the case of the Philippines the United States ruled the country as the new fascist imperial power with strong arm tactics till the end of the Second World War in late 1949. America was forced to grant independence to the Philippines after confronting a new Philippine rebellion which had strong support from the Philippino Communists.

American aggressions did not stop after the end of the Second World War. In the seven decades after the end of the Second World War America has consistently and perpetually foment wars, instabilities and hostilities throughout the four corners of the earth causing great suffering and deaths to millions of people in addition to tremendous destructions of properties. Look at the terrible mess it created in the Middle East Arab muslim countries and in Afghanistan. The United States started the Korean War and the Vietnamese wars but was shamefully and disgracefully defeated by the Koreans and the Vietnamese.

In Central and South America the United States has never stopped fomenting wars and instabilities in the region causing untold suffering and deaths to millions of innocent people. US persistently conduct regime change in Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Parnama, Costa Rica and El salvador. 

In the last two hundred years the West, the Europeans and the white Americans for sure have been making strident advancements vis-a-avis the East especially China. They have been carried away by this achievement to consider themselves superior and civilize while labelling other non-white countries as inferior and uncivilize. And in the prime of their great power and amassing fabulous wealth due to the plundering of their colonies they always feel they are omnipotent and can forever hold the world under their absolute control and hegemony. Therefore they disregard and disrespect the dignity and sovereignty of non-white countries and trample on their democratic and human rights.  But it looks like the wheel of fortune is changing now and the East especially China are on the rise while the countries of the West are slowly dwindling in their fortunes awaiting the call of the last death knell. The United States has always been a racist and fascist duodictatorial state of the two diabolical racist Repubican and Democrat parties. The world has seen how white Americans discriminate and ill-treat the native Americans, the African and Mexican Americans and other minority non-white Americans. They can no longer hide their hypocrisy and pretense to the false practice of democracy and utter disrespect and disrefgard to others' human rights.  As it is the United States is now a showcase of the deception of Western democracy and their false pretense to human rights.

China has always emphasized that it will work and cooperate with all countries  to forge economic development and prosperity for all in a share future in a win-win situation for the common benefits and destiny  of mankind.

In addition to creating unnecessary wars and hostilities all over the world the US constant use of blockades and sanctions on so many countries have caused not only millions of deaths but also terrible painful suffering and agony to further millions. Together with the use of the toxic petro dollar to cheat, swindle and undermine the economy of other countries and the brutal use of its miliitary the United States has openly perverted and subverted the democratic and human rights of all countries in this world. The United States therefore has no moral rights and conscience to to talk and lecture to other non-white countries on democracy and human rights. 

The West especially the United States  hypocritical talk on 'Democracy and Human Rights' is hollow and a hogwash. The world knows America and its Western allies are using 'Democracy and Human Rights' as a chain to bind the non-white countries from development and progress while at the same time they consistently have been committing heinous crimes that flouts on democracy and human rights. They are the greatest perverts on democracy and human rights and their shameless perversion must stop for the world to have peace and harmony.


Friday, 22nd January, 2021.


"Fair Hiring and Employment Practices - BELIEVE IT OR Not?


1984 George Orwell said...

BELIEVE IT OR Not? - Comments to a joint statement on "Fair Hiring and Employment Practices" issued by 29 Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) under the TAC Alliance.+ on Tuesday, 19 January 2021.

1. This statement was made in the Trade Associations' website and was copyrighted. That means it cannot be republished without permission. That means it is not intended for widespread distribution freely. That means it is meant for only a limited number of people to read, e.g. the Government.

2. Why did they felt the need to gang up together as a large body in a concerted effort to make such a statement? Is it because unity is strength? The larger they are the more people will take their words seriously? Or is it because they ganged up together as a force to challenge the government and the people?

3. Words are cheap. Especially words coming out of business people's mouth and from business people's brains. Actions speak louder than words. They claimed that 99% of them have abide by the fair hiring and employment practices and only 1% of businesses are the culprits who are unfair. Can any person with a little bit of common sense honestly believe that?

4. The fact that many, too many, Singaporean PMETs and graduates have lost their jobs to foreigners cannot and must not be brushed aside, trifled and trampled with. We all not only know but can really feel that many Singaporeans have been unfairly perceived, assessed, treated and sidelined by employers over the last ten years, at least. There is no need to use statistics to prove otherwise.

5. If the employers are truthful and sincere to treat Singaporeans fairly, there is no need to come out and make such a statement. Words will spread by mouths of your employees and people will know automatically.

6. In fact, by coming to join force and make such a statement, it only proves that employers fear a backlash coming and therefore are trying to pre-empt it by making a strong collective statement. Not only that. Such a statement is counter-productive to what the employers are trying to achieve. Because people can see that it is merely a political window-dressing exercise.

Think harder, think deeper.

1984 George Orwell.

Americans genocided 100m native Americans got the cheek to pass fake lies against China

First country to declare China's acts as "genocide"

In a statement released on Tuesday, Jan. 19 (local time), Pompeo said he has determined that China, under the "direction and control" of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has "committed genocide against the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang". Mothership

In his parting shot before being kicked out of office, the big lump of lard called Pompeo, the most hideous and vicious liar of the Trump Administration, decided to use his office to accuse China of genocide of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Below are a couple of pics of Uyghurs attending classes in Xinjiang.  Do they look like a people being genocided? See how well dressed and fed and healthy these Uyghur children are. Go to the reservation and see the pathetic state and condition of living of the last remaining native Americans, no fresh water, no electricity in the richest nation in the world. The white men stole their land and left them to die in the reservation.

Today, there are 12m Uyghurs living a rich life in Xinjiang. How many native Indians are left in the USA today? Less than 3m, less than 1% of the population of USA's 330m population. Reflect on this, the native Americans were all over the continent of America before the white men came to terminate them.  According to American historians, they estimated between 70m to 100m native Indians were genocided by the white Americans and no compensation, no apologies, no one found guilty of this abominable crime against the original natives of America. And no sense of guilt, even celebrating Thanks Giving Day to remember the day they stole the land from the native Americans and killing them.

Did the fat slob Pompeo confessed of the sins of the white Americans against the native Indians, 100m of them? Is this not genocide of a gargantuan scale in the history of humankind? According to Wikipedia, the pathetic number of native Americans left is so miserable, nearly extinct, like the dinosaurs. They just pretend that it did not happen. Even today, with no more native Americans to bully and to kill, the white men turned their bullying and killing on the black men and Asians.

'78% of Native Americans live outside a reservation. Full-blood individuals are more likely to live on a reservation than mixed-blood individuals. The Navajo, with 286,000 full-blood individuals, is the largest tribe if only full-blood individuals are counted; the Navajo are the tribe with the highest proportion of full-blood individuals, 86.3%. The Cherokee have a different history; it is the largest tribe with 819,000 individuals, and it has 284,000 full-blood individuals.'  Wikipedia

The evil white men only know how to lie and accuse and allege others of crimes but not their own crimes against humanity, no white men being charged for war crimes or crimes against humanity. You can't do that or they will kill you.

Just in Xinjiang alone there are 4 times more Ugyhurs than all the surviving native Americans in the whole of USA.

Justice has caught up with the crimes of the white men against native Americans, Arabs, Muslims, Latin Americans, Africans and Asians. While no one can bring the evil white men to justice, to punish them, God will.  God has sent his army of Covid viruses to devour the evil white men, not just in America but also in Europe. Just you wait. Your time has come and you shalt face your judgement and punishment.

You can continue to lie, but there is no escape. HE knows and will punish you till kingdom comes.


Tesla Logistic Analyst based in Singapore must be fluent in English and Hindi


Above advert posted in theindependent. 


Fluent in English and Hindi, other local languages is a bonus
Tertiary education preferred
3 years’ experience working with Logistics in an automotive environment or in Logistics & Warehousing
High attention to detail and proven analytic skills
Ability to solve problems and make decisions autonomously
Ability to work independently and in a team
Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
Ability to work across multiple systems
Energetic and enthusiastic with can-do attitude
Must hold a full local Driver Licence with an excellent and safe driving history
Good vendor management skills

This advert by Tesla for a Logistic Analyst in Singapore has got many Singaporean furious. Why is a position in Singapore required the applicant to be fluent in Hindi? Tesla's main production factory is in Shanghai, China, not India. It would not be contentious if the position is in India.  

And why Hindi and not Tamil? Could it be that the CEO or HR is a northern Indian? There is no reason for the inclusion of Hindi as a preferred language in this post. Hindi is not that well spoken in Singapore while Tamil is one of the 4 official languages. Maybe there are now too many northern Indians speaking Hindi in Singapore that we the ordinary folks did not know. So it is important for the applicants to be able to speak fluent Hindi to cater for the rich Hindi folks that are going to buy Tesla cars here.

Maybe should ask Elon Musk about this.

According to theindependent.sg, Netizens, especially Singaporeans are furious, up in arms against this discriminatory ads against Singaporeans.

PS. Posted this to show what is fair hiring and what is discriminating hiring against Singaporeans in Singapore.

Entrepreneurship in PHV and food delivery with degrees and diplomas


It is apparently a fake promise of PAPi dreamland, purposefully drag over a long time of 1 year to quell public unrest over the unemployment situation in Singapore, clearing the street off the unemployed while unabashedly collect their sky high salaries with no shame.

If the educational system in Singapore have failed those poly-students who have wasted so many years of their time ending up taking further another more year just to be a “hawker”, then the question is why should anyone not doubt or be trusting the system anymore?

There is no reason unless those poly students are made so dumb as to not able to think for themselves. I don’t think so.

Who said “FT creates more good paying jobs for Singaporeans”? Hawkers? Food Deliveries? Taxi drivers?

Time for Change.

Pap has the mandate:

Stinkaporeans have just screwed themselves, instead of moving up the ladders they are descending downwards, why waste your years in primary school, secondary school, ITE and Poly and then go and be a hawker, start early and work in the hawker from primary school. Wait, PAP Government is going to make mandatory to have degree or Poly dip to be the criteria for being a hawker…LOL Stinkaporeans remember you get what you voted for…lol..Stinkapreans are a bunch of yellow pansies and suckers.

Pinky is useless anyway:

The plan is to grow GDP and let foreigners rule Singaporeans, this plan was hatched more than 20 years ago. I saw it coming and told all my local friends. As usual, all brushed off and told me I was over-reacting. Today, many of these peers now driving PHV or doing menial jobs.

Foreigners coming to Singapore landing PMET jobs will end up at the higher rung of society and ruling locals. As the numbers get bigger, locals become poorer group while new citizens enjoy the pay and rank where locals once have. Some locals may still enjoy life but these are the few who outshined and survived but majority will be relegated to second tier.

The plan has been on for more than 20 years, it is like cancer in 4th stage, there is no way to recover. Local bornts need to make up their mind to vote them out to slow down the cancer growth. The new party will at least stop this nonsense and perhaps revert CPF to the old scheme.

61% of the voters consists of die hard, scared of everything and new citizens. These people are one accelerating the immigration. So if they dont have jobs or their kids cannot find jobs, it is all their votes. New citizens will have the same fate once they become citizens, karma will come back to haunt them, already found a lot of them driving PHVs too.


I feel compelled to borrow a few FAMOUS WORDS from MP TIN PEI LING to express my feelings.

* I dunno wat to say*!

From hawkers’ sons to PMEs n DOCTORS back to being HAWKERS?!



Elites screw Singaporeans:

Once the OLD BASTARD said that if “Opposition parties were to be in power our women folks will be maids in neighbouring countries “
The HARD TRUTH is if the reverse is true.If PAP is still in power our youth will all be hawkers, food delivery drivers, security guards and PHV drivers.All the good jobs will be taken over by FOREIGN TRASH who have questionable qualifications.SINGAPOREANS ARE ALREADY SECOND CLASS CITIZENS IN SINGAPORE.
Why should our youth give two years of their lives protecting Singapore while these foreign ASS HOLES come and steal our lunches while our youth become hawkers!!!
If PAP is still in power after the next elections the prediction old OLD BASTARD LKY a will become true.Our women folks will become maids in neighbouring countries and our men will be coolies.


Above are just a few comments in TRE to an article about the new and promising diploma course in Hawking.  Did anyone sense any signs of despair, regrets, or pains and disappointment?

Let me put a positive spin to it. There is opportunity when one looks at the bright side, looking for the silver lining in a dark cloud.  Do not despair, be positive. 

On this note I want to be a bit more proactive and entrepreneurial. I want to be ahead of time. Now that the diploma for hawking course is a reality, I am thinking of setting up a private school to conduct diploma courses for PHV drivers and delivery man. Also a diploma course in table and dish cleaning.

What do you think?  This is progress right?  I am trying to think like million dollar talents. Thinking of the unthinkable and doing the unthinkable. It takes a genius' mind to think out of the box. This is the new entrepreneurship.  Born a hawker's son, spent thousands to get a degree cum diploma in Hawking to become a hawker. Born a 'pah hong chia' son, get a degree cum diploma in PHV driving to drive 'pah hong chia' or now nicer term, PHV. 

There could be a flourishing of the education industry with more private schools being set up to cater for the demands for degrees for hawking, PHV drivers, delivery men, security guards, table and dish cleaning.


China: When The Dragon Is Threatened, It Grows Even Stronger


1984 George Orwell said...

China: When The Dragon Is Threatened, It Grows Even Stronger

China's GDP for 2020 hits more than 1000 Trillion for the first time in history.

The evil US's intention to destroy the Chinese economy by all means, through all channels, at all costs and beyond any human decency, instead of doing damage, has in effect propelled the Chinese People's resolve and determination to even higher achievement, expansion and progress in all fields, especially in its economic and technological endeavours.

Once the Chinese People are awoken collectively as One People, the evil US Empire will be history. How can a mere 330 million people fight and win 1.5 billion people?

No matter what the evil US leaders try to do to destroy China and belittle the Chinese People, they can never succeed.

Power may grow out of the barrel of the gun. But supreme power grows out of the collective wisdom of a civilization of more than six thousand years of hardworking people, who have never given up any struggle against all odds in their entire history.

A case in point is the 13 nations (8+5) that attacked China simultaneously during a time when China was weak and the Chinese government was dulled into complacency by the evil deceptive schemes of Western Devils, the double-crossingg and treacherous Russian Diplomacy and the cunning and atrocious Japanese Imperial Hegemonic Empire. China was then cut into pieces and almost destroyed.

Nevertheless, China and the Chinese People fought back and survived the coordinated and concerted attacks of the 13 evil aggressors.

After more than a hundred years of humiliation, China rises again to hold her head high and proud, and avoided conflicts with any country, except when provoked and attacked by the slimy and slippery Indians that still think that they are the Maharajahs that the evil British Empire had bestowed upon them.

Today, in the midst of a global pandemic and severe economic downturn, while every other nation is seriously affected, and their GDPs head south, China is the only country whose GDP moves upwards. This is the result of the collective resolve and wisdom of One People - the Chinese Civilization!

If 13 nations were not able to destroy China when she was weak, how can any one nation today destroy China when it is no more weak?

Should Singapore continues to kiss the feet of the Indians and lick the arsk of the White men of the evil US Hegemonic Empire?


1984 George Orwell

6 sex crimes a day in Sin City

Very sobering and shocking news

K. Shanmugam disclosed that between 2017 to 2019, there were 6988 cases of sexual assault, rape, sexual assault by penetration, outrage of modesty etc involving children and vulnerable persons.

Yes, in those 3 years alone, there were 6988 sex crimes in Singapore. On average, there were 2329 cases yearly, 194 cases monthly or about 6.5 cases every single day. I ask how many more unreported and unknown cases are out there?

Although these are very bad and shocking news, still, I want to put on record thanking Minister Shanmugam for his candid sharing.

Simon Lim posted this in TRE

No news not necessarily means good news. No news does not mean no crime, no sex crime. It was so quiet, so peaceful, like the Garden of Eden. With more than 2m foreigners here, many wildlife and nearly a million illiterate men in the construction industry from the south Asia, infamous for sex crimes, gang rapes, I was pleasantly surprised that there was hardy any mentioned of sex crimes on the rise in this sanitised island of peace loving people, contributing greatly by a kiasi, kiasu, kia chenghu and balless daft citizenry. And I thought the impact of drinking shit water could have neutralise or neuter the sex starved foreigners here.

Now the forbidden truth is out. 6,988 sex crimes in 3 years or 2,329 cases a year, or 6 cases per day! Everyday 6 of the fairer sex were attacked or raped in this Garden of Eden. Is this too much, is this alarming? Is this the new normal of a third world country?

Simon Lim thanked Shanmugam for finally revealing this slimy statistics. Is this acceptable? Can we live with such a high sex crime rate?  How many of these sex crimes were committed by foreigners and wildlife? Would there be an embarrassing breakdown on how many of such crimes being committed by residents and non residents, PRs, foreigners etc etc. They are supposed to be very nice people, commit less crimes than daft Singaporeans. What is the govt going to do about this?

Live with it, like the years that went by with loan sharks defacing and harassing innocent citizens with splashed paints, graffiti, chained doors etc etc with impunity.

6 sex crimes daily! 180 a month! Is this frightening?

Some comments to Simon Lim's article in TRE.

Too polite is not good:

If you want to be very polite to your relatives and friends, that’s your personal choice.

However, when you are too polite to politicians, it may have a negative impact on the public. What?

Here’s why.

It is the duty of the police and the minister to periodically release crime data. Why wait 3 years, and only when asked in Parliament?

You thank this minister. All ministers get the wrong picture. They forget their duties to publish data periodically, whether crime data or others.

In this case, instead of thanking the minister, we should follow up and ask why the data is not made public periodically?

Good countries make such data available publicly.



Why only tell now? This should be told during erections!

So what does the police do to reduce these crimes or for that matter what does shame do to improve the stats?

Come come shame……don’t Just sit there n collect pay or during erections called people dishonest……….repeat the word dishonest a few times and the hat sticks on the head like glue………remember you called psp rep dishonest?

Typical of oldcock ……calling out oppo dishonest every time erections is near…?