Defence of Singapore cannot be outsourced?

Desmond Lee, the Senior Minister of State (Home Affairs) said this. This is like a changing of tune. First we have Lim Swee Say saying that we must nurture local talents which is something they had forgotten. Now we have Desmond Lee saying another thing they have forgotten, outsourcing defence of the country to foreigners. What do you think the auxiliary police force are doing at the check points, and who are they? Are they defending the country and are these officers, or many of them, are foreigners?

We have people taking our national defence, Total Defence, for granted. In fact some of the policies are undermining the very precepts of Total Defence. Not only that foreigners, and many from highly terrorist proned countries, are brought in to work here, to live among us, in the heartland, and many were even working in sensitive positions and trades. We have this silly notion that all foreigners are friendly and would not do harm to Singapore. Oh, they have evidence that the foreigners are only using Singapore as a base, not to harm Singapore, like the discovery of Bangladeshi terrorist cells. They are only planning terrorist activities in their home country. So it is ok. Foreigners are very nice to Singapore and Singaporeans.

Why is Desmond Lee saying something so fundamental and crucial to our nation’s defence, that we need to rely on our own citizens to do that, not to outsource to foreigners? How many policies are there, like hiring and bringing in foreigners indiscriminately and employed in industries and positions that could compromise our safety, security and the defence of our nation?

We exposed our citizens by letting foreigners of dubious backgrounds to live among them, and plenty of them are now living in HDB estates. We allowed foreigners to be employed in highly sensitive IT jobs, to guard our checkpoints! How thoughtless can this be? The checkpoints are the first line of defence and these foreigners guarding them could be the holes to let the terrorists through.

What are the people in security and intelligence thinking or doing that today, after so many years of flooding the island with potentially dangerous elements, and many already in positions to do harm and damage to our defence, the damage could have been done, that we have a Senior Minister of State (Home Affairs) raising the alarm? Did he just realize that this is a dangerous path to go forward? Is he just another swallow and the rest are still happy dreaming or sleeping and allowing the foreigners to take charge or be in position to create trouble to the defence of our nation and people?

Do they know what Total Defence is all about? Have they forgotten or is Total Defence just an aspiration, not meant to be anything? No need to take Total Defence seriously? It may be too late now with half the population comprising of foreigners that have no good things to talk about us and would do us in if they could.

Defence cannot be outsourced, or should our defence continue to be outsourced? What do you think? The whole of Home Affairs and Defence Ministries, only one junior minister is awaken by this sorry state of affair and think it is necessary to talk about it. It is not a problem to the rest of them in charge of defence of the country? Can it be said that since they did not say anything about it, they are happy with the situation except Desmond Lee? Or is Desmond Lee expressing their concerns in the open as a politician?

The thing that pissed me off most, and I believe every NSmen, is to be checked and harassed by foreigners in police uniform at the check points like we are potential terrorists when we are the ones trained to defend this country, to fight and die for this country. Why are we subject to interrogations and checks and the rude glare of foreigners that could be the real terrorists or potential terrorists that would do us harm?  This is our country and our country trust foreigners to check on us, the defenders of our country?

How silly can we get? Yes Desmond, wake them up.

South China Sea gunboat diplomacy – A divergent establishment view

We heard Bilahari and Ong Keng Yong’s view, one official and one personal, attacking China for trying to divide Asean in the South China Sea island disputes. Last Saturday, the ST published a divergent establishment view about the South China Sea, this time giving it another spin. Instead of a dispute between a few South East Asian countries, claiming islands and coral reefs in the South China Sea, the veil was dropped and the naked truth was exposed. It was an open contest for control of the South China Sea by the Americans, to reinforce its hegemony over the region in the name of Freedom of Navigation.

Leslie Fong, the former editor of the ST, an establishment men, or used to be a part of the establishment. His views must still be a reflection of what the establishment is thinking. But he put it that what he wrote was not his views but the view of a Taiwanese lady by the name Ms Oh Beigong through a letter to the Japanese Admiral in charge of the American Pacific Fleet by the name of Harry Harris. A yellow banana for sure, very like the Singaporean banana, but a very dangerous one.

In brief, Ms Oh Beigong, or in Hokien Ms Black White Said, the Americans were just pretending about Freedom of Navigation but using it to pick on China while the American allies like Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam have been doing exactly what China is doing but no Freedom of Navigation to their reclaimed and militarized islands were conducted by the Americans.

The bottom line, in Leslie’s article, through Ms Oh Beigong, is this. ‘Might is right. The US is out to stymie the rise of China and prevent it from challenging American dominance, if not hegemony. We get that. So do us a favour, please stop talking about high principles and international law. However, if you wish to regain at least a modicum of respect from clear sighted people in this region, here is something you…can do. In the name of asserting freedom of navigation and upholding international law, send your destroyer or whatever to an atoll in the Philippine Sea which the Japanese call Okinotorishima and claim as their territory….the atoll lies 1,700km south of Tokyo, …but less than 500 km from Taiwan itself.’

The American hypocrisy in the South China Sea is exposed by this dear letter to the American banana now called Harry Harris, no Hiroshima or Nagasaki. It is all about gunboat diplomacy, about control of the South China Sea, about American hegemony.

What shit is the talk about splitting Asean countries by the other side of the establishment? What is the real issue? China claiming the islands, Asean countries claiming the islands, or the American claiming the whole South China Sea?

Thank you Leslie Fong. Oops, thank you Ms Oh Beigong.


Americans and American Exceptionalism – Some quotes

Below are some quotes on American Exceptionalism from the information clearing house that are self explanatory. In a few words, they are saying that the Americans are the overlord of this world and can do anything as they like. They are above the law.

In the case of the United States, seeming high-level leadership self-perceives that the U.S. is “exceptional” (i.e., unusual or unusually good in possession of the ability to act) and does not need to conform to normal rules or general principles. In worldly terms, the U.S. exits the brotherhood of nations and is empire among middling servant states.  see http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article44743.htm

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts -- not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution." Abraham Lincoln

"When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous." --Thomas Jefferson

"The people are the ultimate guardians of their own liberties. In every government on earth is some trace of human weakness, some germ of corruption and degeneracy . . . Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone." --Thomas Jefferson

Nurture local talents to become global talents, says who?

When I heard this over the news I thought it was someone quoting the old guards. The newsreader said this was Lim Swee Say’s call. To me it was a wake up call, a wake up call in the sense that a minister has woken up to realize that it is important to nurture our local talents to compete internationally, to become global talents. Have we been doing this? There have been so many news and complaints that the govt has been spending billions to nurture foreign talents and telling our local talents to fend for themselves, got money go overseas to get the degree of their choice. No money ask papa and mama to sell homes to finance them, and all ended up in debt.

And to take it one step further, the govt has been blowing their trumpets about how many foreign talents they have attracted to our shores to replace our degenerating local genes. Just open your eyes and cannot miss the foreign talents everywhere, in GLCs, in ministries and in Parliament.

What would happen to our local talents if this process continues unabated? What would happen if no minister is going to speak out about nurturing our local talents? Or what would happen now that Lim Swee Say is saying it? Would it matter, would it make any difference? Would the no need to grow our own timber policy continues?

Take a step back to some 30 years ago when the policies of the old guards were still in place, that was, to nurture our own local talents. If that policy was not in place then, ministers like Lim Swee Say and many other ministers, our CEOs in the GLCs, permament secretaries, deputy secretaries, generals, commissioners, judges etc etc, would they be where they are today? Or would their places be filled by foreigners and they be like the PMETs of today, being replaced prematurely by clever foreigners and have to be retrained to be cleaners or security guards? Or would they be self employed, be their own bosses as taxi drivers?

How many of our ministers and natural aristocrats benefited from the old guards’ policy of growing our own timber, nurturing our own talents to be our own leaders and head honchos? Why would those who benefited from the nurturing own talents policy turned around to say, better to nurture other people’s talents and fill our top positions with foreign talents? Why are they so ungrateful, that after crossing the bridge they cut the bridge, to say our local talents no good, no need to nurture them?

Is Lim Swee Say the proverbial one swallow in winter, or was he making a politically correct statement and with no intent to follow up? Would there be other ministers coming to say the same thing and then come up with policies to nurture our own talents for real?

Just wait and see.


Lawrence Khong – Belief versus Conviction

It is a message to the Church that we must arise and move as one on our convictions regarding personal purity and public morality, Marriage and Family. Howard Hendricks said: “A belief is something you will argue about. A conviction is something you will die for.” This was quoted by Lawrence Khong in his sermon on the LGBT.

I am not going to discuss Lawrence Khong’s crusade against the LGBT in Hong Lim Park and the wear white movement, to wear white as a sign of purity, as a sign of support for the PAP, family and morality and all the jests. I will just touch on the difference between belief and conviction as quoted by Lawrence Khong. He rightly said that a belief is a belief and is something that is for people to argue about. A belief is never the truth and you can argue till the cow comes home, it is still a belief.

What is important is a conviction, something that one can die for. One can have a conviction to want to defend a country like being a Singaporean and believing that this island belongs to Singaporeans. On the other hand one can have a contrary conviction that this island belongs to anyone that comes here. There are thus two elements, believing and conviction. Of course conviction is more important. If Singaporeans only believe but do not have a conviction to want to defend this island, the island will go to those who are here to take it. And the job would be much easier if the Singaporeans are willing to give the island away, or happily inviting the foreigners here to share their island.

One can also have a conviction on the right to free speech and may even die for it. One can have a conviction against gambling or any kind of crimes and wanting to fight and die for it. And of course one can have a conviction for a belief and wanting to die for the belief, like the crusaders and the IS believers.

The important thing is the conviction, not the belief or the cause one believes in. No conviction there will be no cause, no belief to die for.


China warns G7 to stay out of South China Sea dispute

The G7, group of nations comprising Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States are meeting in Japan, is told to stick to their economic agenda and stop meddling with China’s affair in the South China Sea. Co incidentally, the G7 countries, other than Canada, were the same mafia group that invaded China and splitted China into concessions under their control after defeating the Manchu Dynasty. And these same countries are telling China to observe the fundamental importance of peaceful management and settlement of disputes without commenting on the Americans’ provocations in sailing warships to within the 12 nautical miles of Chinese islands. The European Council President Donald Tusk even said, ‘the G7 should take a “clear and tough stance” on China’s contested maritime claims.’ Is he suggesting that the G7 should launch another invasion of China like the 8 allied powers under the pretext of the League of Nations, invading China in 1901?

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has warned the G7 to ‘adopt impartial and fair positions, and not apply double standards or strike alliances, and especially not take actions to escalate or provoke regional tensions’. He should remind them of their crimes against China of the 19th Century and that China would not forget this evil deeds. China would not tolerate a repeat of their gunboat diplomacy.

Under Obama and Abe, the G7 is being led to challenge China and thinking war with China is a good game to play. Abe and the Japanese have not learnt a thing about the tragedies of war despite the recent reminders of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the sufferings and pains of the young Japanese victims of the atomic bombs. The Japanese only think that they were the victims of the atomic bombings and wanting the Americans to apologise but totally wiped away the memories of the millions killed by them and the many more millions that were wounded and suffered under their brutalities.

Abe and the Japanese are preparing for war and eagerly wanting to go to war. The only few Japanese that regretted the war were those victims of the atomic bombs who felt the pain and saw the pain. The rest of Japan still think war is a glorious thing and are tearing away their pacifist constitution and getting ready for another war.

They are so wild and crazy that they did not know the world has changed. The victim countries of WW2 are no longer hapless and weak. If Japan is to start a war, these countries, particularly China and the two Koreas would be landing in Japan to exact the revenge of their forefathers that suffered under the Japanese brutality. They would do everything the Japanese did before and more. No Japanese would be spared. There will not only be Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and all the big Japanese cities would experienced the fate of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japan and the Japanese must repent and not indulge in another war. Make peace and live peacefully with their neighbours. Do not remind their neighbours of the Japanese barbarism and give their neighbours a chance to inflict the same on the 100 million Japanese of today. Make peace, not war.


If China shuts its door to the Little Red Dot

Up to the 70s, Singapore citizens could not visit PRC freely. There were conditions like being seniors or getting special approval from the govt should Singaporeans want to visit China. Likewise it was not easy for a Chinese citizen to visit Singapore unless being sponsored. What we have taken for granted today, the free movement of people and trade are not normal during the days of Cold War when communism was Enemy Number One and China was a communist country, and also very poor.

Things changed in from mid 1970s and after the visit of Deng Xiao Ping in 1978. Diplomatic relations took a dramatic change with LKY making visits to China and a special relationship and rapport were developed between the two leaders. There was an understanding to work closely for the benefits of both countries. Singapore was a shining example of what a new country could do and to transform itself into an economic miracle. Many Chinese delegations came and gone, to study how Singapore did it, and Singapore delegations too visited China to share our experience.

Singapore was special to China and Lee Kuan Yew and his senior ministers had very close relationships with their counterparts with Goh Keng Swee stationing himself in China as special economic advisors after his retirement from political office. Today, both these men have gone. Relations between the two countries are still very good. But no one in Singapore has the same kind of rapport and relationship that LKY had with China’s leadership.  There were a lot of admiration and respect and deference to LKY when he was still around.

With the departure of LKY, would the relationship between China and Singapore still be on the same level or plane, that China would still have a special place for Singapore, to listen to what Singapore is saying? LKY could say anything he wanted about China, encouraging the Americans to be in the region to counter the influence of China to the chagrin of China’s leadership. They kept quiet and at times gave a silent smile to the position of Singapore, standing up to China and snuggling closely in bed with the Americans. Could this state of affair continue without LKY?

If we are to read the media and the speech by Bilahari Kausikan, the position of Singapore towards China and the balancing act with the Americans are still the same, business as usual, only the personalities have changed.

In the absence of LKY, in the absence of that special rapport between the top leaders, is Singapore taking China for granted, that this lovely state of affair, the special place of Singapore, to stand up to China and expect to be embraced warmly by the Chinese leadership will continue? Who in China is going to embrace who in Singapore, to be able to engage in deep four eye discussion at the highest level on the most sensitive issues?

Would the new China leadership turn around and say that things are getting out of hand, that Singapore is taking them for granted, that Singapore thinks it can still ruffle up China and challenging China’s core interests, taking the side of the Americans, that this has to stop? LKY could get away with anything he said and done. He was no ordinary off the mill politician or political leader. Leaders of the world listened to him and tried to make out what he was saying, not necessarily agreeing with him. Does Singapore today have the same kind of politician with the same stature and deference to say the darnest things, and get away with it?

IS War of Words

The IS and terrorist organizations are getting smarter and making full use of modern technology and cyberspace to conduct wars cheaply and very effectively. Eng Hen’s disclosure of the IS training children from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, burning their passports and taking up arms and the message that these countries are potential targets of these young terrorists have a lot of implications. In the first instance, it shows how sophisticated the terrorist organizations are in the art of psychological warfare.

The revelation of the presence of these young terrorists from the three countries is to give notice to the countries that they better take the threat seriously. And these countries have no choice but to bolster up their defensive mechanism and organisations to prepare and counter the threats. Manpower, equipment and time would have to be allocated to prepare for the inevitable, and as they said, it is a matter of when. So, a simple act of flashing the video in cyberspace would have the effect of making countries tying down their resources and manpower for something in the dark that may or may not happen and without any idea when or where they will hit. The IS is having the upper hand, they have the initiative, when and where to strike.

On the international scale, such wars of words would put big countries like the USA and its allies, participants in the Coalition of the unWilling shitting in their pants. All IS needs to do is to post a few threats in the net and their anti terrorist organizations would be kept very busy shadow fighting. And it would be worse when the threat is more specific, with time and place revealed.

This psycho warfare could drive many countries crazy, wasting time, resources and manpower for apparently nothing. The cost to IS and other terrorist organizations is practically negligible, but not to the countries they are targeting. No country can ignore the threats and Singapore is deploying the Army boys and the Home Teams and NSmen and whatever available to be ready, and cannot afford to be caught with the pants down. Then everyone will be pointing the finger, they told you. Why didn’t you do something?


Obama, the great ‘White’ leader of the US

Obama, in his own way, is really a great leader. To those who did not know him or the history of American violence and excesses they would believe in everything he said in Vietnam. He is a black President who could tell a white lie and still did not turn white in the face.

This is what he told the Vietnamese, ‘Vietnam is an independent and sovereign nation, and no other nation can impose its will on you.’ And the Agencies in its report cheekily sneaked this in, ‘And despite a history in which the US tried violently to impose its will on this nation, Mr Obama said no other country should try such a strategy.’ Maybe Obama was saying it out of the experience of Americans trying but failed to do so.

But he did not give up. He added, ‘the US was not trying to impose its form of government on Vietnam but said some values were universal.’

Did he managed to convince the Vietnamese of the American virtues or was it a case of two countries finding a common enemy and a common interest so everything is fine and lovely? Did the Vietnamese say ‘walla, walla’ behind his back? But that is not important. The media are all praising how successful his trip was to Vietnam, to bury 50 years of war trying to impose an American rule over Vietnam.

Oh Obama also said inter state problems must not be solved by wars but by negotiation. Who is starting wars, agitating wars and fighting wars all over the world? No prize for guessing the right answer. And Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for being a President for Peace! Stop laughing ok?

Japan deserves an apology for the Atomic bombs?

Three articles appeared in the Today paper on 25 May discussing the merits of an apology from Obama to Japan. The three forumers looked at the issue from different perspectives. All referred to an earlier article ‘Atomic bombs unnecessary as Japan had plans to surrender’. 

A Japanese, Shigeru Ichige and a Mohammad Ali Aziz, took on a similar angle though the Japanese brought in the point that Russia had invaded Manchuria and Japan was about to surrender. Mohammad’s main point was the loss of innocent Japanese civilian lives. What is the important factor to both was the face or personalities involved.  To Shigeru, it was important that the Emperor’s title was safe and he was pleased that the ‘United States’ foresight to safeguard the emperorship’ that ended the war, with the help of the two Atomic bombs.

In the same line of thought, Mohammad said that if Obama were to apologise, he would be elevated to the same ‘stature of great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy.’ So for fame and stature, Obama should apologise, not because of the loss of innocent lives or the right or wrong of the whole savage affair of invading Asia and SE Asia by the Japanese Imperial Army that led to 24 million lives loss against the few thousand Japanese cooked in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Americans.

Both took a very narrow view of the war and totally ignored the brutality of the Japanese, their acts of war and the killing of millions of innocent lives and destruction of the economies of countries affected by the invasion.

The third writer, Chen Jun Yi, gave a more rounded coverage of the whole issue, about the great loss of lives and how the countries were greatly affected and more lives would be destroyed should the war continue. He quoted, and many must have forgotten or not told, of tiny East Timor that lost 70,000 lives out of a population of 480,000 to the Japanese. Did anyone care about these innocent lives or did the Japanese bother to apologise to them, and the 24 million killed and many more millions suffered by the savages from Japan? Not important, no need to bother. The innocent lives of the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were more important?

And why should Obama apologise? Did anyone understand the state of mind of the Americans and their leaders like Roosevelt when the innocent Americans were bombed while still in bed, having their sweet dreams in Pearl Harbour?  From the day Pearl Harbour was bombed, the incensed Americans were fuming and waiting to avenge that darkest hours in their history, to deliver the same dessert to the Japanese in Tokyo.  The Americans were preparing for it since to avenge the death of their innocent fellow men. Anyone still think Obama should apologise? Obama would be kicked of out the White House in disgrace if he did that. There were more American boys and girls killed as a result of the unprovoked war inflicted on the Americans and the sneak attack on Pearl Harbour.

Commenting on the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki without understanding the unprovoked aggressive invasion of Asia and SE Asia by the Japanese Imperial Army and the atrocities and hideous crimes committed to the innocent people in these countries, the destruction of their lies, homes and countries, resulting in 24 m death and more millions maimed is like a three season man claiming that there is no winter. The savage crimes committed by the Japanese cannot be atoned by the two Atomic bombs. And the Japanese got the cheek to ask for apologies and ignoramus agreed that this is so.


Bilahari Kausikan's caustic speech at a policy forum in Tokyo

Bilahari Kausikan caustic speech at a policy forum in Tokyo

Singaporeans should take umbrage to Bilahari Kausikan's speech as Singapore's ambassador at large at a policy forum in Tokyo. If he was speaking in his personal capacity it was bad enough. But he was speaking as Singapore's official representative and that was a disaster .
Singapore officials should be very careful and more guarded in their speech when they touch on matters, relations or issues concerning big powers especially involving China, India, USA, Russia and Japan. This is diplomacy and what is expected of diplomats is to be diplomatic. You have shown the dark side of your mind , your biases and prejudices when you lash out at China though in a veiled manner. In your speech you have used innuendos and insinuations to unnecessarily paint China in a bad light. It is especially unnecessary for you to claim arrogantly that small countries like Singapore, Cambodia, Brunei and Vietnam should dare to challenge and go against China vis-a-vis the hegemonic warmongering Americans and at the same breadth shamelessly claim the need to get along with China hoping to supplicate China's help for economic survival.
Kausikan's speech is clearly pro American and openly hostile and anti China. Yes, Singapore is not a Chinese State as he frivolously state and by the same token we want to remind him that neither is Singapore a state beholden to any state.  Singaporeans are smart enough to read between the lines and smart enough to know you have agendas in your speech and are very riled with it. As a diplomat, a representative of Singapore, it is good that you stick to diplomacy and be diplomatic when dealing with foreign powers.
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Wednesday, 25th May,2016

BSI – Would Singapore teach the Americans how to run a clean financial system?

‘This will send a chilling message to bankers here, pushing them to ensure robust anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing strategies are at play as  otherwise the risk of losing their regulatory licences is now more pronounced. – Nizam Ismail, Head of Regulatory practices in Singapore law firm RHTLaw Taylor Wessing.

This statement came after the shocking closing of BSI by the MAS and the revoking of its banking licence for its part in the 1MDB case. It was also fined for $13.3m.  Several of its top executives including the CEO are now under investigation while one executive is facing several charges. Some have resigned and some suspended.

Could Singapore do better or just do what the Americans have been doing against rogue banks, not rogue bankers? The Americans have been finding the banks hundreds of billions of dollars for money laundering and improper criminal business activities. And the US govt is pocketing the money happily, hundreds of billions after so many banks were caught with their pants down. And the CEOs and top management of fraudulent banks are also happily continuing with their business, continue to do the same, not guilty of any crime and not having to resign or pay any fines. The heavy fines are paid by the banks, ie shareholders’ money.

Singapore in this case did a few things different. Find BSI a miserable $13.3m but closed the bank. Also one executive is facing charges, ok this is the same in the USA, junior executives would be charged. No big fish involved.  Would Singapore go further to charge the CEO and top executives? They must have known what was going on and approved the dealings. No?

Now, how would this affect this island’s financial system and reputation as a squeaky clean country?  According to a veteran market watcher Mano Sabmani, ‘the problem at BSI are not likely to be contagious…”It is probably the main rotten egg and the entire basket is not necessarily contaminated”.’ I like his confidence in the system. This is like there are negligible foreigners here working using fake degrees or forged credentials because so far only one has been exposed and accepted as no fault, just a slight error in judgement. And the few hundreds caught, small matters. With 2 millions working here, a few hundred is probably all the problem there is. The rest are clean.

So this thing is not contagious. The rest of the banks and bankers would not be caught for such vices. The system is sound and intact, like there are no more foreigners working here under fake degrees and forged credentials. Not to worry. If there is anything different, maybe the CEO and top executives in BSI may not get away too easily in this case. Other than that, all is fine. Singapore is a fine city. How can Singapore’s reputation be dragged down into the mud as one of those money laundering countries? This is only one rotten case.

Who would lead Singapore in the next lap after LKY?

Some may think that we have had 3 generations of leadership in Singapore. To the discerning, Singapore has had only one leader. Now there is a vacuum waiting to be filled. Who would lead Singapore into the next lap of development? I really don’t know. When you see a leader, you know that he is a leader.

China has gone through a few changes of leadership since the days of Mao. Two leaders stood out among the few men that led the country. Every PRC Chinese and people of the world would know Mao and Deng. The rest are just administrators holding the fort for the next leader to take over the rein. Now there is a new leader appearing in China in Xi Jinping. Yes, you know a leader when one steps up on the stage to be recognized.

Where is the next leader that would lead Singapore forward? Not from the opposition camp for sure though a few of them really think they were great leaders of the opposition. They forgot about the story of the land of the blind. Every one eye jack will shine and think he is a leader. If there is a leader in the opposition camp, he has yet to appear or in the process of being forged. A new leader in the opposition camp is sorely needed to lead and maybe to replace the ruling govt should the time come.

In the ruling party camp, everyone thinks he is a leader and the best man or woman available to lead the country. And everyone has a second opinion. You know a leader when you see one. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them. Some think they are great and sincerely believe they are leaders.

Anyone think he has seen one? Maybe. But do not mistaken an administrator as a leader or someone given the title leader.  And yes, do not think a robotic conductor is the conductor leading an orchestra.


The shortest path to aristocracy

The general impression of aristocracy is a class of people that are rich and powerful normally by birth. They inherited their titles and wealth from a line of good fortunes. I am not sure what is the right definition of natural aristocracy? Is it natural in the sense of being an aristocrats by birth, by inheritance, or they achieved their status or nobility by merit?

This term natural aristocracy appeared quite recently in our vocabulary that used to be inundated more with terms like coolies, washer women, seamstresses, taxi drivers, or the slightly better off teachers and civil servants. The history of most Singaporeans, other than the babas, dated back only for a generation or two and were mostly of humble origins. Many babas too were from humble origins, leaving China to look for a better life but several generations earlier than the coolies lot. Some made it and prospered but would still not consider themselves as natural aristocrats, like the pioneers of this country.

So maybe this is a new beginning for this breed of people. From what I can gather, this term must be in reference to the political elite, not the old rich babas. They became rich and powerful in one generation in political office.

In Singapore it is one of the rare places where one can become a natural aristocrat in one generation, and from very ordinary beginnings, can be faster, two terms in political office would qualify one to be a natural aristocrat I think. The normal path is to get a scholarship, become a top civil servant, general or police commissioner, then join politics. No need to depend on birth. Oops, join politics must be joining the right political party. I don’t think opposition politicians qualify as natural aristocrats.

And like all nobilities, a natural aristocrat comes with many privileges but more important is the badge of integrity, of flawless character, honour, dignity, selfless devotion to public duty, to serve the people in public service. These qualities cannot be found in opposition politicians.

What are the privileges? The right to wear all white is one, a symbol of purity and aristocracy.  And once a natural aristocrat, one becomes omniprescient, all knowledgeable and all knowing and all powerful. Many would then become automatic advisors to anything, any organizations, or chairpersons or directors in organizations, private, public, commercial or social, even clans and sports associations or clubs.

It is too early to tell if this natural aristocracy is hereditary and will be passed down from generation to generation as this is just the beginning of an aristocracy class in this little republic. By the look of it, it will be. Once a natural aristocrat, forever a natural aristocrat, by birth, by hereditary, it is in the DNAs.

Would this be the beginning of a kingdom and more will be knighted as princes, lords, earls, dukes, barons, counts or what not in the tradition of European nobilities?

The American gangsters still treating the rest of the world as fools

This is a report in Channel News Asia coming out of Washington. China is using "coercive tactics" and fostering regional tensions as it expands its maritime presence in the South China Sea and elsewhere, but is avoiding triggering an armed conflict, the Pentagon said on Friday (May 13).’ Now should not this be read as The USA is using coercive tactics instead?  They have just lifted all arms embargo to Vietnam with China in mind, ie to sell more arms to Vietnam to counter China militarily.

The Chinese are reclaiming land from the ocean within their territorial sovereignty and turning the islands into usable land. And it is only natural for them to send in their military to secure the islands for their own safety. Compare this to what the Americans are doing in this part of the world, tens of thousands of miles from the American coast, sending their warships and warplanes to violate the Chinese territorial waters and airspace? Who is the rascal using coercive tactics but avoiding triggering an armed conflict? What right and business have the Americans in the South China Sea and provocatively sailing their warships into the 12nm territorial limits of Chinese islands? This is a perfect example of a rogue, a gangster come knocking and challenging the owner and telling the world it is the owner that is aggressive.

Why is it alright for the Americans to militarise Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and Guam in the Pacific Ocean, turning them in military fortresses with nuclear weapons for offensive missions?

But that is not all.  The Americans are building military bases all over the world, thousands of them, more than a hundred in Japan alone. Now in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore, more American bases are set up. And they are crying out loud that China has a military base or access to military facilities in Djibouti, in Africa where China has a lot of investments and the need to protect them, their nationals and their ships against piracy in the region. To the Americans, having a military base in Djibouti is unacceptable. One small military base with no nuclear weapons is not allowed in the view of the Americans. Only the Americans can have military bases all over the world.

The Americans are still thinking that the people of the world are stupid and must accept the rule of the Americans, that they are the Empire and owner of this planet. Oh, they are still wondering why they are hated, the most hated people in the whole world.  Other than the Arabs killed by the Americans, the Americans themselves are the next most killed people and soldiers in the world, for dabbling in mischiefs and starting wars all over the world….in the name of American peace.

Beware of the wrath of God. God has sent his chosen one, in Donald Trump, to get rid of the evil regime in America. Repent before it is too late. The Americans shall pay a very heavy price for the killings and destructions they are causing to the rest of the world. Wherever there is war, the Americans are involved, overtly or covertly. No need to look for proof. You know the Americans are the instigators, provocateurs and combatants in all the wars on this planet.


Malaysia is the most corruption free country

Singapore used to wear this badge of honour but now Malaysia is stepping up on the rostrum to be seen and recognized as the most corruption free country in the world.  I know that this is a shocking piece of news but I have my facts to prove that what I am saying is justifiable. There is a report in the Today paper this morning about the investigation on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s purchase of a bungalow in Penang. An UMNO MP Shabudin Yahaya asked in Parliament whether Lim Guan Eng’s purchase was below market price. This led to the MACC rushing into action to conduct a thorough investigation.

I don’t think there is any anti corruption agency in the world that is free, willing and transparent, not beholden, in investigating a Chief Minister of a state. I am sure if there is a similar corruption report against the PM or a minister or any MP, the MACC too would rush in to investigate with no fear or favour.  And for the MACC to investigate the Chief Minister of Penang, and no other ministers or politicians, it only speaks well of Malaysia as a corruption free country. In the whole of Malaysia, only one Chief Minister is being investigated, and for supposedly buying a property below market price. The rest of the politicians, ministers, PM etc etc are simply incorruptible as the MACC has no reason to investigate any one of them for corruption. They are all clean.

And the MACC is so professional and meticulous in this investigation against the Chief Minister. Both the Chief Minister and his wife had been interviewed several times by the MACC. And in total 65 witnesses had been called up to assist in the investigation. This is serious business and no stone is left unturned. Anyone, any minister or politician that is corrupt would not get away with such thorough and professional work of the MACC.

These two facts, a highly professional anti corruption agency that would investigate anyone, regardless of position and power, speaks very well of the MACC and Malaysia. And the way the MACC went about its duties also specks very well of the MACC.  And one more, since in the whole of Malaysia, only one politician is suspected of corruption while the rest are clean, how not to conclude that Malaysia is a corruption free country?

The thinkings behind Singapore’s relation with China

I posted an article a few weeks ago on Singapore China relations but somehow it went missing. I am not going to repost it for good reasons. The gist of that article was about top Singaporean diplomats commenting on China trying to divide Asean countries on the issue of South China Sea island dispute. This had riled China and there was protest as expected from China. One of the diplomat corrected himself that it was a personal view, not the official view of the Singapore govt.

In the Today paper on 19 May, the same issue was raised in Bilahari Kausikan’s speech as Singapore’s Ambassador at Large at a policy forum in Tokyo. The views expressed, I am not sure if it is Singapore’s official position or a personal view, more likely to be the former. The title of the speech was ‘Multiracial Singapore must resist being characterized as Chinese country – Standing up to – and getting along with – China’.

I am not going to repeat what Bilahari said in the speech, you can read it at tdy.sg/standupchina.  What I would like to point out is the choice of words used in the speech to describe Singapore China relations vis a vis Singapore USA relations, a kind of reading between the lines. The expressions or words used would give a good impression of the weightage and thinking behind the officials of the Singapore govt. I stand corrected, but presuming that the speech is official and a representative of the govt’s stand.

Take the first example used by Bilahari in describing Vietnam’s relationship with China in his conversation with a senior Vietnamese official. ‘Every Vietnamese leader, he replied, must be able to stand up to China and get along with China, and if anyone think this cannot be done at the same time, he does not deserve to be a leader… The two Asean members who currently seem to have forgotten this basic lesson of South east Asian history, Cambodia and the Philippines, may well come to regret it.’

Bilahari was referring to Cambodia that is too close to China and the Philippines that is too confrontational to China. What is the right position is to stand up to China and at the same time to get along with China, like Singapore, the ability to punch above its weight, to deal with a big power like China. This is like being able to criticize China for its intent to divide Asean and at the same time happily going to China to seek economic cooperation.  A win win formula.

Bilahari posed the question whether China is a friend and what does that mean.  He added, ‘Chinese friendship can sometimes be as overwhelming as Chinese enmity. The United States is certainly a friend. But it can be a very intrusive friend, too often unable to resist the temptation to whip the heathen along the path of righteousness.’  The key words here are that the Americans are friends, and Americans are righteous.  As for China, it is a big question mark. American righteousness? Hmmmm, I smell bananas.

He also commented, ‘It was never very realistic to expect China to passively be a “responsible stakeholder” in an order it had little say in establishing. This phrase is the favourite used by the Americans to tag on China despite the evil and wicked wars the irresponsible Americans have been conducting everywhere and none by China.

Ok, let me move on. Bilahari harped on the point that China ‘constantly refers to Singapore as a “Chinese country” who should therefore “understand” China better and hints at undefined but vast rewards if we should “explain” China to other Asean countries.  It is good to note that all countries, particularly the Americans too have been doing the same, ie, expecting other countries to “explain” American’s position. Is there anything unusual by singling out China other than the “Chinese country” part?

He went on to say Singapore politely and firmly told the Chinese we are not a Chinese country and we would not ‘obey’ what the Chinese meant as explain and understanding.  And here is the key to his thinking, ‘If we were ever foolish enough to accept their characterization and do their bidding, the multiracial meritocratic compact on which independent Singapore rests would be at least severely strained if not broken.’ Read this last sentence very carefully as it reveals a lot of the thinkings of the ‘We’ Bilahari is referring to.

His other choice words to describe Singapore China relations are ‘Chinese seductions’. You make your own conclusion on the use of these words and phrases to describe Singapore China relations as against Singapore US and Japan relations with words like ‘our partners’.

In his concluding paragraph Bilahari disclosed that the Americans and Europeans too made attempts to influence the internal dynamics of Singapore. The most important difference is that the Americans and Europeans and Japanese are friends, partners. In the case of China, the word ‘friend’ is a big ‘what’?

The fact that the whole speech is now deemed fit to be published in the main media says a lot. In the previous case that led to China protesting about the ‘dividing Asean countries’, to reprint the whole article again, is like making an official statement, that Singapore would stand up to China, we are not a ‘Chinese country’ but we also want to have good relations with China and be able to say what we want to say.

When would China cut off Singapore’s participation in the OBOR and other projects in China to tell Singapore that Singapore can go stand up to China for as much as it wants and to punch above its weight?


ISIS is an American’ally on steroids’

The deceit of the American regime in creating the ISIS to perpetuate wars and disorder in the Middle East has finally been exposed by Putin. Putin cheekily but seriously proposed to the Americans for joint strikes against their ‘ally on steroids’ ISIS and expectedly this was rejected by the Americans. How could the American destroy this beast they so cleverly nurtured to be the destructive power they needed to keep the Arabs forever in conflict, forever killing each other and their countries forever in ruins, and needing to pay for all the food and weapons in their war torn countries? And sad to say, many Arab leaders and countries are part of the willing pawns to fuel the neverending conflict in the region and in their own countries.

ISIS will not be destroyed by the Americans. The Americans are fully behind them, supporting, feeding, financing and arming them to create chaos in the Middle East. Read what this author has to say about the Americans and their ISIS.  We know Hillary Clinton is the mother of ISIS, but hear this. Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.”  He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site athttp://empireexposed.blogspot.co.id/

Putin’s air strikes in Syria are doing what Obama’s fake efforts never could, actually killing terrorists and forcing 3000 of them to run for shelter back to their support bases in Turkey. In the first week alone Russian air strikes destroyed 40% of Islamic jihadists’ infrastructure. The highly touted buffer zone that US-NATO-Turkey insist on maintaining in Syria is no less than their cover to ensure that ISIS’ supply line from Turkey remains open and protected. But Syrian and Kurdish forces with Russian air support are closing in on even cutting off the buffer zone that in effect will leave a bruised and battered ISIS forces under siege. In a feeble attempt to save face earlier this month while Putin was eradicating Obama’s terrorists, Obama continued to defiantly keep his Islamic State-Al Nusra supply line open in Syria by airdropping yet 50 more tons of arms to the very enemy he is supposed to be fighting against for over a year now. The world is waking up and now onto the traitor president – Barack Hussein Obama.’

The only saving grace from the ISIS devil is that some ISIS members really hate the Americans and would kill Americans when they could. Not all ISIS members are traitors to their cause and would willingly die for the Americans and do their biddings. The Americans are happy as long as the problem with ISIS is localised in the Middle East, Arabs killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims. The fear is when ISIS spreads out to other parts of the world, to Europe and the US homeland. For as long as the ISIS remains where they are, they are a very useful American tool for chaos and destruction.

The phrase ‘ally on steroids’ is coined by Joachim Hagopian. There are many righteous Americans like Joachim that are writing furiously about the evil and wickedness of the American regime but the main stream media refused to give them the space to tell the Americans and the world the truth.

Hate quitters?

Let me quote a paragraph from BK’s article in the TRE titled ‘Race and Patriotism’. ‘In 2002, Goh Chok Tong had called young Singaporeans with no sense of belonging and only too willing to go abroad as ‘quitters’. “These people are fair-weather Singaporeans … I call them quitters,” he said. In 2008, PM Lee HL had revealed that 25% of top ‘A’ level students who had gone abroad to study never returned. There are 212,000 Singaporeans abroad as of 2014 vs 157,800 in 2004.’

Quitters are fair weather Singaporeans who left to go abroad? ‘I call them quitters’, in other words undesirables or something unworthy. Now we have 2 million of these undesirables, unworthies here, and we are bringing in more, at least 20,000 annually and give them jobs, good jobs, even as political leaders. We even encouraged other countries' quitters to be here by offering scholarships and jobs and all kinds of perks.

Is there a change of heart? Are quitters now the darlings of Singapore, that we are opening our legs to welcome the quitters from everywhere, good, bad, shitty, never mind, quitters are good, foreign quitters are better. We love quitters? So would we be welcoming our own quitters home? Or would we be throwing the book at them when they returned, some to go behind bars?

What is what? We scolded our Singaporeans who went abroad and kissed the foreigners’ arses for coming here? There is a saying in the US, spoken by the native Americans, ‘White men speak with fork tongues’.


Japan expecting an apology from Obama

Obama’s visit to Hiroshima is raising expectations in Japan that the American President should offer an apology to the victims of the atomic bombs.  More 140,000 were killed in Hiroshima and 70,000 in Nagasaki. No American President has apologized. What for?

‘We would definitely like an apology to people who lost their lives, those who lost loved ones, parents who lost their children.’  Terumi Tanaka was only 13 and survived the bomb.

Compare what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Rape of Nankin, just this incident alone caused more than 300,000 deaths, more than the combined death in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So what is so big deal about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The total death as a result of the Japanese Invasion of China and South East Asia came to many millions. There was no provocation but simply an act of aggression to conquer and control people and countries by the Japanese.

In the case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the atomic bombs were brought down on the Japanese as a response to their invasion and killings of millions of innocent Asians and South East Asians, including Americans sleeping in Hawaii, the Australians, New Zealanders and British prisoners of wars.  And the massacres of Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Indians, Singaporeans, Filipinos, Indonesians etc etc.

Why should the American President have to apologise for a miniscule act that the Japanese brought it upon themselves by slaughtering millions of Asians and Southeast Asians, Europeans, Australians, and of course the innocent Americans, thousands of them and the sneak attack in Pearl Harbour?

There is absolutely no reason for the Americans to apologise to the Japanese. It is the Japanese that should be apologizing to the Americans for the sneaky attacks at Pearl Harbour and the invasion of China, Korea and Southeast Asian countries.  Did the Japanese sincerely apologise to the victims of their invasions, the tens of millions of innocent people that died in their hands, that were brutalized by them, the comfort women forced to be sex slaves?

11 year old student commit suicide – So sad

Read this in the TRE.  ‘According to the Lianhe Zaobao, an 11-year old boy had committed suicide by jumping off a block at 470A Fernvale Link yesterday (18 May). … the boy’s mother was seen crying next to the his body while his father apologised continuously. It is unclear why the suicide took place but the boy was supposed to go to school to collect his exam papers so that his parents can acknowledge his results and sign it.’

We are hearing more and more of such tragic stories of our young being stressed out and even committing suicide. We had Benjamin Lim, now this 11 year old, likely to be related to the stressful education system.

My advice to parents, please treasure your children. They are here for you to enjoy them, to share your love, joy, pain and unhappiness and whatever together. Love them and treat them well. Not every child will score straight As or do exceptionally well in school. A child is gifted in many ways, not just academically. Enjoy them, nurture them and look at their good sides and their blessings.

A child needs a lot of tender loving care and support from the parents and adults, including teachers in schools. The child is in the care of parents and teachers to grow up to be responsible and healthy adults, not just to score in examinations. They need to know that they are being loved and wanted by their families, precious to their families for what they are. And anyone that has no feelings or empathies for chlldren should not be teachers.  The MOE must get rid of them from the system.

Do not take it out on the children. Do not mistreat children, do not leave them in the lurch, in the hands of beasts when they are in trouble when they are  doing badly in examinations or socially. It is in such times that they really need the parents and the teachers. The last thing is for the parents and teachers to desert them like they are outcasts, lepers, to be left on their own in times of need when help and love are what they need most.

This 11 year old child and Benjamin would still be around if parents and teachers are there to give them a helping them in their hours of darkness and despair. Love your children, love the children. The last thing, do not treat every child as a hopeless case, a hardcore criminal. Only evil, wicked and irresponsible beasts would do that to hapless and defenceless children.

Do not let this incident and Benjamin Lim to happen again. Parents, adults, teachers, police officers, you better take note.  Young innocent lives are at stake. Do not be the cause of tragedies of young lives. Do not take it out on young children. Do not abuse your authority. Do not be irresponsible.


USA – the international gangster complaining

Other than sailing ‘freedom of navigation’ warships into China’s territorial waters, the American gangsters are flying reconnaissance spy planes all over Chinese islands and near to the coast of mainland China, claiming ‘routine air patrol’. And worst, the gangsters are accusing China of adopting coercive tactics against its neighbours.  What do they think they are doing, and thinking the world is blind and stupid? China is not going to swallow such infringement of its territorial waters and airspace quietly. It is taking the cue from Putin and would harass the intruders with aggressive counter measures. These defensive acts are only natural to defend a nation’s territorial integrity. There is no need for China to apologise, to explain or to be defensive in  their reactions to encroachment and intrusion into their territories. Just do it.

Turn it around, how would the American gangsters and the Japanese yakuzas behave when Chinese ships and aircraft get near to their coastal waters or airspace. China should mount similar operations into Guam, Hawaii or the west coast of the USA and see how the American gangsters would react and then use the same reactions/precedents to deal with the American gangsters in the East and South China Seas. Both can play the same game. If the American gangsters dare to take down a Chinese ship or aircraft, China should reciprocate and do the same in the East and South China Seas to the American ships and aircraft.

China is no longer a weak and hapless nation. China can hit back and deal with the Americans confidently in military encounters.  The gangsters only understand the language of force like what Putin is doing. Only then would they back off.  China cannot adopt a weak and passive stance and let the Americans run all over the East and South China Seas.  If the American gangsters think they can fly and sail their warplanes and warships into Chinese territories and waters, China should do the same.

The world is watching what the Americans are doing in the East and South China Seas and also in the Middle East and all over the world.  When China did the same, or when Russians did the same, the Americans would have to stuff their shoes into their own mouths. This is the reality of the 21st Century. The American gangsters are not alone to be able to strut their stuff around to bully other nations with impunity.

Seniors coping with job transition, boom or bane?

The topic of concern in the main media these few days is about how seniors are coping with job transition. Let me quote a few paras to give an idea what the discussion is all about.

‘A job change is not a disaster, it can open doors to opportunities to new fields…To profit from these developments and best tackle job change, we must first stay positive and motivated, trust in our abilities and believe there are more good years ahead.’

If I were a natural aristorcrat, the above is very meaningful. A job change is opening the door to new opportunities, to better and cosier jobs, to continue to get paid handsomely or even more.  This does not apply to the many PMETs who were laid off. What happened to them is more like this, ‘The next step is to get to work, research jobs of interest, apply for them confidently and not hesitate to seek help in doing so.’  And prepare to send 500 resumes with no replies over a year or more, and then give up.

And yes, how not to be confident when the next job is several notches down the line, from a PMET to a counter salesperson or a waiter. With the kind of experience PMETs have acquired, they must be absolutely confident in applying for the next job if they can get by their ego. This is the fault, forget about ego, a job is a job.  That is what many silly Singaporeans have been told and accepting this dreadful fate. Just be realistic with the expectations and ‘be receptive to other work as well as remuneration arrangements.’ It is not business as usual. All your training, degrees, experience is not worth a half baked, dunno got degree or fake degree foreigners. Do not question their credentials. You are expected to be stupid to accept them as your replacement even if they are fakes, with lower qualifications or degrees from Timbuktu.

Oh this part is best, ‘It pays to approach new jobs with the same hunger as we did our first job, except we have the benefit of experience and wisdom to accompany the application.’  I would say approach the jobs like those jobless from the third world countries. These people never have the same angst as our PMETs in job transitions. Our PMET’s job transition often is a nightmare except for the natural aristocrats when a shop keeper can end up as the CEO of a big corporation. The experience of the third world jobless job applicants is always a pleasure, from out of job to fully employed. From being paid in third world currency, at minimum wage scale to being paid in Singapore currency and at Singapore rate.  They are chasing their dreams and rainbows here but our PMETs are chasing to see who would accept the lowest rung job available, and temporary somemore.

Job transition for the foreign job applicants is such a great thing to happen, but a nightmare and humiliating experience to our PMETs. Why so lidat? Something is wrong somewhere? Something mysterious? Maybe the brains of our PMETs are overused, overtrained and no longer usable.  But must trained some more so that they can downgrade their expectations.

The demand is for clean, young and unused brains from the third world countries. To these third world job hunters, what job transition are they talking about? It is like a trip to paradise, a sweet dream turning into reality, finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.