The injustice against our own citizens

There are still some Singaporeans questioning why PRs do not want to become citizens. The underlying assumption is that if PRs want to be citizens, we should quickly embrace them as citizens. This is a dangerous thought.

We do not need more citizens. We only need more heads to contribute to the economy and the CPF, just like we need more babies. PRs can remain as PRs and should remain as PRs. Citizenship must be closely guarded and issue only to deserving ones.

Many PRs chose not to be citizens for obvious reasons. And even having to serve NS is likely to be a waste of time and effort as their hearts are not here. Would they stay and defend this country in a war? The employment pass holders and work permit holders need not bother. There is no reason for them to die for this country.

Our citizenship comes with many privileges and should be as citizens should be treated thus. Citizens must be treated differently from PRs and others, and should not be disadvantaged. The privileges of citizenships are gradually returning to the citizens. A PR that turns citizens will immediately have a windfall. Buying HDB flats means savings of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars immediately and may profit more if they eventually sell out, and sell out the citizenship. Then there are all the ‘subsidies’ in education and medical benefits, and the national bonuses. To the lesser foreign talents, the reward is very substantial, enough to make them rich should they choose to return to their previous country after a few years.

The injustice done to Singaporean citizens is the denial by govt policies to buy a HDB flat, the biggest investment of any individual. Many citizens are deprived of this privilege while new citizens could benefit from it over night. How more silly can it be? This is the thoughtless policy that should be struck out immediately. The true blue citizens are still suffering from such a flawed policy and treated worst than new citizens.

Would the govt think that this is wrong and focus on doing the right thing, and remove this injustice against its very own citizens immediately? Or should the govt continue to do the wrong and claiming that it is right, to do the right thing? Maybe they are so talented that they could not see the wrong in this unjust policy.

The history of Malaya and Singapore is full of rubbish interpretation

The latest drama of the Japanese Occupation of Singapore was replayed by a school teacher, Malcolm Tan of Chung Cheng High School. He rushed into the class in full Japanese uniform and samurai sword to a stunned class of secondary 2 students. It was a novel and interesting way of teaching history.

This was followed by a letter in the ST forum by Liew Khai Kuin asking for a more balance understanding of the goodness of the Japanese people. He was looking at the good and kind Japanese fallen victims to an act of God, the tsunami and their own nuclear bomb in the name of nuclear energy. He never suffer under the hands of Japanese beasts.

History must be told fairly, and the goodness and badness of war and the barbaric acts of human beasts must be enacted and not erased from the history books. I am not sure if Malcolm told the story of Japanese soldiers cutting sugar canes at an angle and throwing babies into the air to fall back on the sharp end of the sugar canes, like meat on skewers. The meat was live babies. This was recounted by a Filipino soldier in a documentary on the survivors of the Second World War in the Philippines. And the atrocities on women and children in all the countries the good and kind Japanese committed, gorging out unborn babies, were they fiction or unfit to be told?

And the factual accuracy of the heroism of the war was twisted by every side to glorify their own interests. In 1940s, Malaya and Singapore were not countries but colonies of the British Empire. The people did not even know that these were their countries. Can’t blame them. They were stateless, owned the British Empire. And rightly many go on as normal, nothing to defend. Singapore and Malaya were not their countries.

As for citizenships, the locals probably didn’t know what that word meant. For the Indians and Chinese, the Indians were also subjects of the British Empire, the Chinese were Chinese and their country was China, being invaded by the Japanese. It would be foolish for those without a nationality to be defending what was not theirs. At that point in time, Malaya and Singapore belonged to the British. Anyone thinking of claiming the two pieces of land as their own? If they did, why didn’t they take up arms to defend their countries? The fact was that they were in a state of limbo, stateless. Only the migrant Chinese had a country of their own in China.

It is foolish thinking expecting anyone defending British colonies other than the British themselves. But the British scooted, yes scooted, when the Japanese came. And Malaya and Singapore became Japanese territories, conquered land! No owners to defend them. What citizenship? No, Japanese subjects, all the residents became conquered people.

How to write about stories of heroism, nationalism and defending a country when there was no country to talk of and no citizenship or nationalities to be proud of? But historians bungled everything together as if there were an independent state of Malaya and Singapore and nationalities like Malayans and Singaporeans. The state of Malaya only existed in 1957, and Singapore in 1959 as a self ruled state but still under the British rule.

Who was there as citizens of Malaya and Singapore to defend these states? Or why should they be defending the land when they were not even citizens? For the residents of Malaya and Singapore in 1945, what would they be defending, their countries, their nations or the British Empire? The best thing to do is not to defend anything as there was nothing to defend. Many of the locals did that. None of their business. The British got their Empire and colonies to defend but they too chose to scoot. Funny isn’t it?

Today we have a country we called our own. We are Singaporeans and would defend this island as our own. We must not be confused by the fact that there was no country called Singapore and any misgivings about Singaporeans not defending Singapore can only come from a twisted mind. Such distorted perception of history is warped.


The Ferrari guy and the 5 ninjas

This is now another interesting story in the net. A young couple at a zebra crossing was almost hit by a Ferrari. The young guy, like all young guys with a girl, would naturally want to protect his girl and might have shown his disproval in some ways. I did not have a chance to see the video.

The macho Ferrari guy returned some rude gestures and came out of the car like a kungfu expert to confront the young man. After a few arguments he threw a punch at the young man. Then out of the darkness 4 ninjas appeared from nowhere to defend the young victim. The kungu expert was no match to the 4 ninjas and ended lying flat on the ground, knocked out.

The next day, the constable of Kaifeng county rounded up two ninjas and charged them in court. This became the talk of the town as the eye witnesses saw the earlier script and found the kungfu expert to be the aggressor and should be punished instead of the heroism of the ninjas who came to the aid of the young victim and his girl friend.

The judgement is something that everyone is waiting to know. Who would the judge find guilty and guilty of what? Would the kungfu expert be found innocent and walk away a free man? Or wound the ninjas be found guilty and ended behind bars? This story is gaining a wide audience and the judgement is anxiously being watched. The verdict can cause an uproar in the net.

The next episode will be aired in Channel 5 sometime later, maybe next week, maybe next month.

All politicians must sit and pass a module on national security

Politicians and political leaders are there to look after and protect the country and people. No matter what portfolios they are holding, there is a need for them to know what is national security and the security of the people. National security involves not only defense matter, but police matter, financial products, health products, etc etc. It is good for them to know and to upgrade themselves and be more professional. A module on national security must be developed and politicians must sit and pass the module every three years. And they must pay a fee to sit for the module. If they failed, they shall be disqualified from dealing with such matters.

I know, the above is a tongue in cheek comment about doing the unnecessary at unnecessary cost and effort. The ministers and MPs have matters cut out for them to do. But asking them to do the extra is so easy to say and implement, if it can be made compulsory, for the politicians. Who can argue against such logic of good to know, to upgrade, to be more professional? Never mind if most of the ministers and politicians need not be directly or are marginally involved in such matters.

The requirements for remisiers to be more professionals by sitting for an examination involving dangerous derivatives and toxic products have been met with great unhappiness and anger. A letter by Allen Tan and signed by 327 remisiers is now appearing in the ST forum today on their grievances for being compelled to do the unnecessary, studying about products that they are not dealing with and refused to touch. For the remisiers to put their signatures onto the letter, it only shows how pissed off they are to this requirement.

Would Chee Hean talk to those responsible on doing the right things and doing them well? And doing the right thing is definitely not doing the unnecessary excessively. But of course, doing the right thing is very subjective. And when god says it is the right thing it must be the right thing. Who is there to tell god that god is overdoing things or going overboard?

Time to use the ISA

The reckless influx of foreigners into the country is showing its ugly and dangerous side. Singaporeans have been battered quite often by foreigners like a past time. The streets and fields are dirtier. More crimes are surfacing. The latest is a spate of reports in cyberspace about attempts to kidnap children. Finally these cases are reported in the main media today. Parents are told not to be alarmed as investigations are on going and police are treating these cases seriously. Police also advised parents to keep a close watch on their children and not to let them out of sight.

Prostituting to the world and the two casinos are going to bring along undesirable elements into the country and some are very difficult control. And the due process of the law can be tedious and at times difficult to deal with crimes or attempted crimes with the criminals or would be criminals allowed to go free to commit their criminal activities.

The ISA is not only for Singaporeans. It is time to use ISA on foreigners that are here to commit crimes and to beat up Singaporeans. If there are enough ground, even suspicion that are reasonable to the police, just deport them immediately. No need to waste the legal resources while risking the safety of the people. ISA is for internal security of the people and country.

The police should make an example of a few cases, blow them up as front page news as a clear warning that foreigners are not welcomed to commit crimes here, and definitely not allowed to beat up the locals. The punishment is immediate deportation. And this shall apply to PRs and new citizens as well.

We need to make this place safe as a first world country, an oasis in the third world. A list of deportable crimes should be published to keep the potential violators at bay. Those that have beaten up Singaporeans and are still here should be served a notice that they will be deported immediately if they repeat their offence.

And for those involved in the suspicious kidnapping attempts, deport them immediately. There is no need to be soft and sissy about it. They are dangerous and can inflicted pain and hurt in the most dreadful ways on their victims. Have no mercy. A little suspicion is good enough reasons to send them away. We don’t need this kind of foreign talents here.

We welcome all law abiding foreign talents and will treat them well. Criminals are a big NO. This must be the message. Foreigners must not get the wrong message that they can kick the asses of Singaporeans and get away with them. The message, this is Singapore and Singaporeans are the owners of this island. The foreigners are guests at our pleasure and must observe the law of the country.


Making sense with numbers

Are we better off today than in the 1970s? In 1970, many average people could earn $600 pm. And that amount, $7,200, was enough to pay for a 3 rm flat in a year.

Today, what is the average income, per head, not household? $3000? Can that pay for a 3 rm flat in a year, ie $36,000? Even with two persons income of $6,000 pm, it is only $72,000. How much is a 3 rm flat, new?

Are we really better off than before? Or are the HDB flats really affordable?

Gangsterism in the world stage

Small states are vulnerable and have natural enemies more than big states. Every neighbouring state is a natural enemy of small states, and bigger neighbours make bigger threats. The geographic fate of states is like a congenital disease, like not having the choice of parents. That is the lot of states, and having to live with the neighbours is geographical no choice.

Other than the natural neighbours that can be friends or enemies, states may choose to have more friends or have more enemies. Sometimes such choices can be as congenital as in geography, in a way. Choosing friends in the international arena is as good as choosing enemies. Some states are forced into choosing friends, some willingly choose their friends and end up having a set of enemies delivered in a neat package.

Singapore has chosen to be a friend of the US, an ally. The choice comes along with a package of enemies, all the enemies of the USA. We acquired their enemies. The best that states like Singapore can do is to maneuver itself to be as friendly as possible with the USA’s enemies and not to paint itself into a corner. Singapore has avoided being a natural enemy of China or Russia through its association with the US. Singapore is also quite successful in some peripheral areas by walking the tight rope or round the fence to shake hands with Myanmar, North Korea and some other enemies of the Americans.

Not every situation is Singapore that lucky. When we join the big gang, we become part of the gang. And big gangster at times will want to dictate terms with the little gang members. And when big gangsters commanded that if you are not with me, than you are enemy, and demanded a stand, small states would have little choice but to join the fray, make enemies and become enemies of the American’s enemies. This is the American smear or sticky glue.

The state or the political leadership is clearly aware of the situation they are in and live with the compromise. At the same time they will do everything possible to minimize the risk and potential damage. What is troublesome and stupid is that the Sinkies embraced all these enemies of inconvenience as enemies. Imagine Sinkies talking about North Koreans as if they were arch enemies and will strike us with their nuclear bombs tomorrow. Or imagine Sinkies speaking bad about Iraq, Afghans, the Al Qaeda, the Talebans like enemies. Unfortunately they are, as we have joined the Dark Side. We have aligned ourselves on their enemy’s side.

States can claim permanent interest and temporary friends or temporary enemies. The mindset of people is difficult to switch sides so easily. And while enemies and friends of states are temporary, during the period of friendship or as foes, they can be rewards and there can also be harm, and we can be in harm’s way.

Do states have a choice in being neutral or not taking sides with the big gangsters? The ideal option is to be able to stay neutral in a multi polar world where the power is shared by several power centres. The lesser evil is to become a small gangster, but not to behave like small gangsters.

Income ceiling raised for 2 rm flats in mature estates

The income ceiling to buy 2 rm flats has been raised from $2000 to $5000 for the affordable HDB flats in mature estates. But the ceiling of $2000 will stay for new estates to keep them affordable for the lower incomes.

This policy change is funny in many ways. If people can afford to buy a flat with only $1000 pm income, the raising to $5000 seems to be unnecessary. And if it needs a $5000 income to be able to afford a 2 rm flat, should not the other categories of ceiling be raised proportionately to make them affordable as well?

The official reasoning is that raising the ceiling would provide those earning $5000 another option to buy down instead of being forced to buy more expensive but still affordable flats. This is a dramatic change in policy direction from the HDB. In the past or current, the policy is to make sure that the buyer will expend whatever he has in his savings or his income to buy the most expensive flats available. If he earns a bit more, force him to buy from the sharks in the private sector. And this policy has singlehandedly led to the present situation whereby many did not have much left in their savings for retirement, and a 30 year mortgage repayment that eats up their disposable income. Oops, think I make a mistake here. Someone was reported in the main media that many Singaporeans have enough savings in the CPF for retirement. Believe me, it is true.

The old thinking of doing things right may not be right in this particular case. The little change in direction may help a little in allowing people to buy what they really can afford and still with some savings and a little more disposable income to go with. To focus on doing things right, HDB may want to seriously look at the old policy of forcing people to buy more expensive but still affordable flats and extend this policy change to all the other categories of affordable HDB flats. The right way to go is to remove the ceilings and build more flats to meet the demands. Don’t interfere with the people’s income and how they should spend their money. Many would want to buy smaller and really affordable flats and save at the same time for their retirement and a little luxury with the extra cash available.

The flawed policy of not building to frustrate the people by creating a false demand is obnoxious and definitely not right. Would HDB do the right thing and do it right by going all the way instead of just stopping at 2?

And believe me, some daft Sinkies will still argue that by not putting a ceiling on the income, there will be so big a demand for smaller flats that the lower income will be deprived of their chances of buying one. And some great talents will superimpose this view, when the simple thing to do is to build what the people want. If the demand is for cheaper 3 rm or 4 rm flats, then build it for the people.

Why insist on people spending all their money to buy more expensive affordable flats, or why not follow the private developers and build 650 sq ft flat to sell at $1m? Then keep harping that the quality of life will not be affected. Can do or no can do?


Lady got hit – acid in MRT train

According to media reports, the woman boarded a SMRT train at Raffles Place on her way home and sat on an empty seat which appeared to be wet.

Thinking that the transparent fluid is water, the woman sat on it only to discover a stinging sensation to her buttocks. The pain got worse and worse and she eventually alighted at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station to check...

To her shock, she discovered her buttocks was ‘burnt’. On admission to the hospital, she was told she required skin grafting due to the extensive damage. The transparent fluid is likely to be highly concentrated sulfuric acid.


Is the above just an accident or something more ominous? The authority needs to get to the bottom of this. Someone must have seen who left the acid on the train seat. Pray that it was just a minor accident. If not, things could get nasty.

Malaysia - A refreshing and innovative initiative

Malaysia boleh! The latest news or rumour that Malaysia is going to charge tolls on the new eastern highway from the immigration only on Singaporean cars is the most brilliant thing that I have heard on governance. The tax burden of the country should be borne by the foreigners benefiting from the country. This is a notable principle for all govts to consider, especially Singapore.

And this kind of taxation policy can only be applicable and effective when the foreigners form a large percentage of the population, or users of the highway in the Malaysian case. Why not, these foreigners are here because they know what is best for them and should repay the generosity of the host country. Singaporeans driving into Malaysia must pay generously to the host country for their enjoyment there. You cannot fault such a thinking and cannot even try to fight it. Why have to pay to go into Disneyland? It is their country, silly you. You visit someone’s country, you play by their rules. Only silly countries will bend down on their knees to welcome foreigners and treat foreigners better than their citizens.

In Singapore, we have almost 50% foreigners in the country and rightfully they should share a bigger tax burden for the opportunity to be here, to get rich and to enjoy all our hospitality, and to litter everywhere. Why are we paying for them to be here using our tax money instead?

And this is paradise that the whole world is queuing up to come in. Those who refuse to pay need not come. Many are waiting in line to come in, to smuggle themselves in, to pay to come in. Or this is a myth, no one wants to come?

Malaysia is doing the right thing. Country and citizens first. Imagine what it would be like if the tax burden of the citizens is transferred to foreigners, PRs and temporary workers? Simply brilliant! Chee Hean should have mentioned this to his govt officials yesterday and make them think of better ways to tax the foreigners as a substitute to taxing the citizens.

Teo Chee Hean - The paradox of governance

Chee Hean made a keynote speech to the elite civil servants, or shall I called them govt officials, on the role of govt last night. His key point was the role of government, and the paradox is that some people want more govt some want less. This is nothing new and is really not an issue. He also mentioned about doing the right things and doing them right.

What ever paradoxes there are, the worst paradox is a govt doing what it should not be doing and not doing what it should be doing. Put it in another way, things that the people did not want to govt to be doing but the govt insists on doing and things that the people want the govt to do but not doing. This is the paradox that the govt cannot see. It only believes in the proverbial ‘I’. It is always the ‘I decide, I say, I do’. The govt is the authority to do what it likes and to draw the OB markers.

The govt has never thought that the people also have their likes and their rights and also their OB markers. I recommend that all civil servants, not govt officials, should read JS Mills and try to understand what he meant by the rights of individuals. This may help them to understand that they must not cross into the rights of individuals though the govt has all the power to do so, to violate individual rights in the name of the common good. Think how many individual rights have the govt violated and think how not to do so.

Chee Hean also talked about the govt as a regulator, enabler and provider. As regulator, ‘the govt acts to safeguard the interests of the people, to find the right balance in its intervention’. Think housing policy, think influx of foreigners and population growth. Has the govt failed badly in these areas as a regulator?

Similarly, as an enabler, the govt is to ‘create a conducive environment so that “desirable activities can flourish”.’ This, the govt has succeeded in some areas and not in some other areas, depending on the beneficiaries and the losers.

As a provider, the ‘govt shall provide where there are societal needs non government players are not able to meet, such as national security.’ He agreed that there were debates or unhappiness in areas like education, public transport, housing and healthcare which should be provided by the govt but privatized. So the govt need not be the provider that it should be. And is the govt providing for the aged? Currently to some extent, but eventually may be zero as the aged are compelled through all the compulsory schemes in CPF and Medisave to provide for themselves. This would make the govt’s job easier or even redundant except to be the regulator to ensure the aged provide for themselves.

Very paradoxical indeed. Doing the right things and doing them right are as controversial as affordability. What is right and what is wrong can be very subjective and personal.


Shimun Lai's facebook comment

Shimun Lai, a 19-year-old at Nanyang Polytechnic, posted a racially insensitive comment about smell and race that has gone viral. This kind of insensitive remarks will be repeated by the less sensitive and will irk those being targeted. People get offended by all kinds of things, some genuine, some imagery, some real, some unreal, some unjustified.

One aspect of Shimun Lai’s complaint is genuine and can be minimized, that is bad body odour, or unclean body. This problem is not race biased but affects all races, local and foreigners. All human beans have body odour and it smells badly if not wash properly. Then there are some with bad personal hygiene and do not take bath regularly. Some tend to sweat profusely and smell foul. Some have bad personal habits that produce very unpleasant bad odour.

And in the close proximity of trains and buses, even inside working areas or offices, really bad smell is a problem. And the person with the smell may not know it when people start to avoid them and stay away from them. The polite ones affected by the smell will endure quietly or walk away. The less intolerant will show their displeasure and may even tell the person off.

This little irritating problem calls for a public campaign to educate everyone to adopt simple personal hygiene routines to keep themselves clean and be less offensive to those around them. It may be a bit too much to ask for from manual workers as their work demands will make them dirty and smelly very quickly. And you have the foreigners with their own standard of personal hygiene and habits which they are used to without knowing that they smell and irritate and even offend those around them. We don’t have to live with their dirty smell.

For friendly co existence and acceptance, the offenders should be educated or briefed to keep themselves clean. It is not too demanding a request or expectation. It is actually very rude to walk around smelling and forcing it on others. In the train and buses, it can be unbearable. It is rude and offensive. The ministry should do its part to reduce this social stigma. What is the point of nice clean buses, beautiful restaurants and theatres, when the person next door did not bother to clean himself or herself. And I say this again, it is not a racial thing but affects everyone. Anyone who does not keep himself or herself clean will smell and will be unwelcomed.

Let’s do something to prevent this social problem from becoming an irritating issue. Everyone can spread the word around to their friends, and friends to their friends politely. It does not cost much to wash and bath and be clean. This is a first world country and first world habits, culture and social graces must be the norm. We should not go backward to accept and accommodate third world social habits by lowering down our standard of simple hygiene. We have allowed spitting and littering to return to our midst. It is a sorry state of affair.

Why do you think politicians irked when shaking hands with people? It is not fair to blame the politicians. Why should a pair of clean hands be dirtied by a pair of soiled hands? The politician is not impolite to want to wash the soil hands quickly. It is the other party that is rude and offensive.

Spirit and intent equal nobility

24.(2A) In respect of any group representation constituency, no writ shall be issued under subsection (1) for an election to fill any vacancy unless all the Members for that constituency have vacated their seats in Parliament.

Uncle Yap posted in his blog on the legal provisions in our Constitution about holding of by election. The specific article of interest is posted above. I can understand why he is so furious with the provision. I too do not feel comfortable with it. And I believe every layman would be staring at it very hard, and very skeptical as to why the law is such. The immediate reaction is negative for sure. And no one can blame the lay people for their thoughts and reactions.

How can? What if kena langgar and 5 out of 6 or 4 out of 5 mati how? Superficially it would seem that a single MP would not be able to do justice to represent a whole GRC which by law is provided with 5 or 6 MPs to do the job. But the law is not something that is suka suka written by the unthinking lay people. The law is drafted carefully by very learned people and passed by very talented people in Parliament with good intention and the spirit of serving the people and country. It is meant to be good. The basic nature of the law is good. The law and the reason behind the law must be noble and with good intention. So how can this be seen so negatively?

I sat down and went into quiet contemplation and after several hours I was enlightened by the wisdom and beauty of the law. Now I understand why the lay people are called lay people, because they don’t have the wisdom and intellect to see beyond the tip of their nose. This law is very cleverly crafted to serve the interest of the people and not the leaders as some may think so. All the apprehension of flaws in this law is unfounded. If not, the talented and noble law makers would not have passed it.

Let me explain. The thinking behind this law is very far sighted and practical and has taken into consideration all the reservations and contingencies like 5 die and only one left to run the show. The first practical consideration is that you don’t suka suka hold by elections because someone got sack for a little indiscretion or someone wants to replace another one. Holding a by election is a very serious matter and involves a lot of people, logistics and money. So, unless very necessary like all the MP dies, one left standing should be good enough. Further, he can call on the support of other grassroot leaders to help out. So the people would not be deprived of being served by MPs. And not to forget, the MPs of today are so talented and full of energy that running around a GRC to serve the people on an OMO basis is a piece of cake. They don’t mind the sacrifice. And they are damn good at multi tasking.

But the truth is that it is unlikely that 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 6 MPs can kena langgar all at one time. The probability is so low that there is no need to worry about it. The reason and wisdom of the law maker cannot be doubted on this. For it to happen is more difficult than striking toto, or maybe once in 50 years. No, make it once in 500 years.

The people need not be unduly concerned about the law. It is very well thought out and the spirit and intent are definitely good and noble. You can have faith and confidence in the law makers for doing the right thing. If you don’t agree with my interpretation, please find a quiet corner to do some deep contemplation and you will see light at the end of the tunnel, and believe me. The law is as good as it can be.


Theme 2012: Honouring the Heroes, Resisters and Survivors

"They will remember that we were sold, but not that we were strong. They will remember that we were bought, but not that we were brave."
William Prescott, former slave

The tragic transatlantic slave trade, which marked one of the darkest chapters in human history, lasted for 400 years, despite a spirited resistance by the millions of enslaved peoples.

The transatlantic slave trade, often known as the triangular trade, connected the economies of three continents. It is estimated that between 15 to 20 million people, men, women and children, were deported from their homes and sold as slaves in the different slave trading systems….

The UN remembers the slaves of africa with the above carefully crafted statement. It was so well crafted that you do not know who were the slaves and who were the slave traders and owners. The statement is so decently worded that no one is offended except the descendants of slaves and the slaves.

But they are still killing niggers. They don’t lynch them anymore. They just shoot them when they go to the convenience store to buy sweets. Trayvon Martin, an African American teenager, was shot by a white man much bigger than him claiming self defense. Zimmerman is 28 and armed, and claimed self defense against an unarmed 17 year boy. The reason for his shooting the boy was simply because he was suspicious and... The boy weighed 140 lb and his killer weighed 250 lb.

Was there any evidence or signs of crime, or of Trayvon attempting to attack Zimmerman? The policemen found no evidence to arrest Zimmerman. The blacks in Florida rose to demand the arrest of Zimmerman. Who is this Zimmerman? His records, arrested for battery and violence against an officer, domestic violence and given license to carry arms. The boy was in high school, no criminal record, an ‘A or B student’ majoring in cheerfulness.

Now the boy is dead and the killer walked free. And we are remembering slavery in America with black slaves and black lynching that ended less than a century ago.

Obama to China: Rein in N. Korea

The title should be changed to ‘China to the world: Rein in the US’. An article by AFP, AP and REUTERS in the ST today reported that ‘…Obama yesterday urged China to use its influence to stop North Korea’s “bad behaviour” in a nuclear stand off with the West…if the reclusive state goes ahead with a rocket launch next month.’

Where is the nuclear stand off? A rocket launch of a satellite is not launching a nuclear missile to the US. The Americans are distorting the whole picture to deceive the world of a nuclear threat when the real nuclear threat is the US. The US, with its nuclear arsenal and capability, is threatening to nuke anyone at will or attack any country at will. And the sick joke is that it is warning other countries that North Korea is a threat when it is just going to launch its satellite in space.

The next thing the US would want the world to believe is that the North Koreans are poisoning the air by farting and must be stopped from farting and shitting. The shitting and farting are disguises of chemical warfare that the North Koreans are testing.

‘They need to understand that bad behaviour will not be rewarded.” This is what Obama said. Shouldn’t Obama look at the mirror? The bad behaviour is the US, regime change and interference with other countries domestic politics. In this case it is using this as an excuse to prevent the North Koreans from developing its rocket and satellite industry. What a big bully, trying to suppress other country’s progress.

The big bad wolf is the US, not the North Koreans. And stop all the provocative war games at the North Korean borders. It is in secret negotiation with Israel on a preemptive strike on Iran. Keep doing the good work and point the fingers at other countries as bad.

First step in taking back the country

The fight to retake Singapore for Singaporeans has been a long and arduous task and appearing to be a fight in vain. Many were resigned to the fate that they will lose their grip on their country and foreigners will replace them in every field. And the foreigners have been on the upper hand with the govt on its knees begging them to come, and laying the red carpet to welcome them. And the demands by the foreigners grew louder, some even telling the Singaporeans to move out of their country if they are not happy. They are the talents to help the daft Sinkies, to bring prosperity to the island. And they threaten to leave if they were not granted privileges like the citizens.

Today’s ST front page headline reads, ‘Singaporeans first in new P1 registration rule’. Some reported that it was a generosity of the govt, to accord the citizens this privilege. Would you believe that they think it this way? This is the basic right and privilege of all citizens and should not be questioned or downgraded. It was given away and the returning of this privilege is nothing to crow about.

What is significant is that the enemy is on the retreat. The enemy has given up a small hill. Singaporeans must keep on pushing to reclaim their country and all the rights that are rightfully theirs. No one, no political party, must think that they can put Singaporeans as second class in their own country. Anyone, or political party that thinks otherwise should not be elected to undermine the interest of Singaporeans.

There is no need to say thank you. It is like giving you a few dollars as handouts and keeping tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in your CPF savings and expecting the people to be grateful. When you can have your savings at your disposal, not necessary that you would throw it away, you don’t need handouts and crumbs. And you can really feel richer.

When as citizens, you are the real owners and masters of this land of yours, then only can the people live more confidently and be proud of their country and citizenship. This is our country, this is our home.
PS. If more citizenships are thrown at the foreigners liberally, it will be LPPL.


Sunday is a time to remember the commandments

Ten commandments of Paradise

Thou shalt only believe in one party
Thou shalt not worship soap parties
Thou shalt not misuse the party’s name
Thou shalt work 6 days and rest one day
Thou shalt honour the father and mother
Thou shalt not kill your enemies
Thou shalt not commit adultery
Thou shalt not tell falsehood as truth
Thou shalt not steal the people’s money
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s CPF

Notable quote by Josephine Teo

‘Many realise that with the same skills, they can find more attractive jobs, such as driving tour coaches or delivering goods for logistics companies.’ Josephine Teo, Minister of State

Josephine said this when propounding the idea of paying more to bus drivers to attract Singaporean. Just don’t forget about train drivers. I am thinking of my train driver friend. But then he cannot jump ship to drive tour trains. There is no such thing as tour train, only tour coaches. It will be nice if all the bus drivers decide to join the tour coach companies. Singapore will instantly become a tour coach country, or logistic hub.

The concept is valid though. If we don’t pay our politicians well, they can go and be politicians in other countries that pay better to their politicians. Ok, ok, I admit this part of the argument is flawed. No other country is paying their politicians more than ours. But there are other hedge fund companies that can pay much more, like Goldman Sach, Citibank, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch. The options are plentiful.

Now I got carried away. Let’s get back to manual workers. Are security guards in this category? We are not getting the best able Singaporeans to work as security officers and what happened is that many are toothless Ah Peks or some may even be wearing yellow ribbons when applying for jobs. Of course there are many foreign talents waiting to be employed as security guards too.

I think the most dreaded profession must be construction workers or machine operators. The former is hot and tough. Understandable that our highly educated and qualified Singaporeans will give it a miss. Maybe change the working condition and the terminology to construction specialists and pay them triple. No, no, tripling their pay is against the CBF mantra. Maybe should try to lure them as machine operators if there are still factories operating here.

Whatever, the concept is simple. Pay them well if you want to employ Singaporeans or they will work elsewhere that pays better. Some may not even want to work until the next best job comes along, or waiting hopefully to become politicians.


Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize

This is the latest initiative from the city state that has yet to become a country. It is most appropriate and complementary to have a city giving out a city prize. This prize would eventually be as famous as the Nobel Peace Prize for recognizing talented people across the world for their contribution in city management. It would put the city state in the world map of recognizable names and another first for the city.

This is the kind of initiative and creativity that this city needs, not paying money to change a name and then have a change a mind and change back to the original name. Money must be well spent.

The famous Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is in the city to receive the honour on behalf of New York City, or is it on behalf of himself. The publicity value to have Bloomberg here, and got printed all over American and other international papers is really worth it.

Below is a quote from the official website of the LKY World City Prize.

‘The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize is a biennial international award that honours outstanding contributions towards the creation of vibrant, liveable and sustainable urban communities around the world. It recognises individuals and organisations responsible for urban initiatives that display foresight, good governance or innovation in tackling the many urban challenges faced by cities. …
The Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize Laureate will be presented with an award certificate, a gold medallion and a cash prize of S$300,000, sponsored by Keppel Corporation.’

Now which other third world country aspiring to be first world would want to create another prize in a similar vein? It is not easy to copy the act though. First they need to be first world and have the personality to lift the prize in high honour so that recipients will feel honoured to be honoured.

North Korea is going to send a satellite to space

This kind of message used to be great news, great achievement, jubilation. It is a big leap forward for any country to achieve such a feat. The North Koreans should be praised for this ability. Asians should stand up and say Asians can.

What we are seeing are a few gangster nations accusing the North Koreans that it is testing its missile capability and the next stage will be to attack them and the world with nuclear weapons. Are these countries sick or mad? The number One sick nation, is the US, the country that is conducting wars everywhere. The number Two sick nation is Japan, the one that colonized and brutalized the Koreans and other Asian countries. We remember! The number Three sick nation is South Korea, conducting provocative military exercises with the US almost daily at the North Korean’s border, and of course the lackeys like the UK, Australia and some other countries.

Is there any other Asian country that thinks the North Koreans are planning to nuke it? I can think of one that will believe anything the Empire said. Would all the Asean countries stand up in horror and fear, and shout, down with North Korea? The North Koreans are planning to invade South East Asia.

Creepy isn’t it? Why can’t another country develop its rocket technology, send its own satellite to space, or send its own men to space? Why some war mongering countries are allowed to do that and point the fingers at countries that have never invaded another country?

The North Koreans are dangerous. They are planning to conquer the world like the Germans and the Japanese and the Americans. Ha ha ha. How believeable? The joke is on the unthinking believers. What has North Korea’s launching of its satellite got to do with the world? Oh, after this they are going to play a new computer game called Fireworks. They are going to light up the world for fun.

Quick, quick, duck, hide in the bomb shelter. The North Koreans are going to rain their bombs on us. For what?

Money is not an issue

There is an article by a Gordon Lee on his recommendations to improve the public transport system. His title is ‘Why fares should double and other ideas for a better transport system’. He also made a comment, ‘As many people noted, the main issue that commuters have with public transport is not price, but levels of service. Nevertheless, I will propose ways to keep public transport affordable.’ Okay, I think he thinks differently from many people, and price is important. I just don’t like it when he used the word affordable. Affordable is a four letter word. Affordable to A may not be affordable to B and C.

If he sticks to his title, then fares should be double and many problems will be solved. That I agree. More problems will be solved if fares is tripled or quadruple. Everyone or many people are only interested in the quality of service.

Sinkies are mostly cash rich if one is to read the front page headline of the Today paper yesterday. COEs of big cars hit or nearing the highs of 1994 when the stock market was having the once in 50 years bull run. Actually it was more a once in a life time bull run as the confluence of all the favourable factors is unlikely to be repeated.

COEs of big cars, ie 2000cc and above and the Open category went pass the $80,000 mark. And COE is only a certificate of entitlement to buy a car. This amount is more than enough to buy several cars in other first world countries. Here, you need to cough out another $100k or more before one can buy a 2000cc car. The COE for cars below 1,600cc is $56,000.

Singaporeans are stuffed with cash, cash rich. Big cars are really affordable, more affordable than smaller cars. When the alternative to own and drive around in private cars is so cheap, the price of public transport is definitely a steal and people can afford to pay more. I think many people would not mind paying $6 to $10 daily for public transport when ERP charges could be more than that to drive a car. And taxi fares are now getting nearer to London and New York, but still very cheap. This could be good reason for the cab companies to think of raising fares more often. Just do it every six months or a year and people will get use to it.

They can learn from the pricing of public flats, from $7,000 in the late 60s for a 3 rm flat to $300,000 today. Overtime people will get use to it and would not mind paying more and more.

Everything is still relative cheap to cash rich Singaporeans. And everything is affordable.


Child snatching is here

PRC couple attempts to abduct local children in Ang Mo Kio Hub
inSing.com, 21 Mar 2012

A woman has complained on the internet that a Chinese national couple tried to abduct her child at Ang Mo Kio Hub.
Ms 'Allison Goon' shared her experience on her Facebook page, explaining that she was at the AMK Hub Fiesta on Sunday (18 Mar).
She had just fed her son and walked away to throw some rubbish when she turned back and found another woman taking her son away by his hand.
She shouted after her son and asked the woman why she was holding her son's hand.
The woman, who spoke with a China accent, replied that she had "the wrong child", then walked away with another man while pretending that nothing had happened.

All Singaporeans must raise this alarm to alert the daft to be more aware of the dangers around them. Child snatching is common in China and it is coming. Be aware and be very careful with your children. The public and the police must be more alert to prevent such incidents from happening.

Spread the word around. Better be safe than be sorry.

Complicated or dangerous products

A Loke Siew Keong had written to the ST forum raising her concerns at the new requirement from MAS for remisiers and futures brokers to take and pass a Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services Module 6A. The complexities of financial products especially derivatives and ‘other embedded terms and features’ are difficult to understand by retail investors and even financial advisers, including remisiers and future brokers. The problems do not lie in just understanding the products and derivatives but the high risk involved in wrongfully selling such products to clients who did not know what they were into. Serious consequences can result like the Lehman Bond and toxic notes incidents.

Attending and passing the module is one thing, understanding the complex products and risk is another on the part of the advisor and the buyer. Many of these high risks and complex products are simply not suitable to the ordinary retail investors and should not even be in the market.

The main issues thus is for the authority to first identify the risks of the products and their suitability for the local investors, retail or sophisticate investors. The latter can be further divided into highly intelligent or highly stupid investors but both are highly qualified to trade in such products as they are considered highly sophisticated. Goldman Sach and other big funds have plenty of such investors. And also they have highly trained and highly sophisticated advisors who specialized in such products.

It is necessary and simply being responsible to set these highly risky products aside and tagged them with warning labels like those on cigarettes, that they are not suitable for consumption by the ordinary guys. Only good for the sophisticated investors.

The second part is to allow the remisiers and future brokers to choose if they want to be in the party to advise and sell such high risk products. Many responsible remisiers and future brokers know how risky, treacherous and flawed are such products that they would not want to touch them with a thousand metre pole. They must be given the option to stay away from such dangerous products and need not try to be clever to pass an exam that would even floor CPA trained graduates. And passing a module is not going to make them any wiser.

There are many skill levels and professional training required to handle more difficult products and procedures in various profession. And those who are not up to it or who choose not to engage in dangerous games are only exercising their right and moral responsibility not to get involved or get their clients involved. They cannot be forced to take poison. It should be voluntary. Let the brave and clever take the plunge.

The best alternative is for them to go through an appreciation course if understanding of the financial market is important, without examination, unless they want to deal with such products. There are things that are good to know but not to be consumed. And the authority has to clearly redefine what is dangerous and what is not dangerous and not simply lump them together in one basket.

Many overseas products listed in foreign markets like stocks and shares are not dangerous, or at least the blue chips. As we open up our investors to the world, we are exposing them to more risks and uncertainties. The right to say no to high risks and complex products must lie not only with the investors but also the remisiers and future traders.

The whole concept of the requirement to pass Module 6A and the introduction of high risk products must be rethink through carefully. Many people do not have the appetite and the intellect to play with unknown dangers. Who is responsible to protect the ordinary investors from being exposed to poison and snake oil if they are not filtered out at the first pass? Is it a responsible thing to do to allow dangerous and high risk products into the market? Shall we sell poison by educating the buyers and sellers that it is poison and claim it is their fault if they are hurt?

Gemini Cheat Fund

Many of the older generations would remember the fame Gemini Chit Fund of the 1970s when depositors were promised high returns for their savings. Like all cheat funds, once an institution goes down the road of cheating, its days are numbered. No cheat funds can last for long.

The cheat funds operate on a very simple business formula. Get in as many depositors as possible like the Ponzi game. The fictitious payout can continue from getting more new depositors even if the investments of the collected money are not making good returns. Making lesser returns than the payout is making a loss. And some may wonder if the collected money were actually invested. There is no need to if more new money is flowing in. And in those days the cost of rental and payroll were minimal unlike today.

Cheat funds are limited in what they can do. If they can as they please, cheat funds can really go on in perpetuity as long as the conditions for more funds to flow in is non stopped. Cheat funds would be very pleased if they could keep on increasing their contributing members from 1m to 2m to 5m to 10m and ever increasing. This is the first part of the equation.

Cheat funds could also stop or delay their payouts by encouraging depositors to reinvest their profits ala bucket shop. One sound product is housing. Cheat funds can sell housing in short leases of 30 years or 60 years. The shorter the better as the money invested in these leases will eventually come to zero at the end of the lease even if the property prices could peak at several millions in between. There is an end game in property leases.

Other products that cheat funds can sell to their depositors include insurance for life and medical. In the case of life insurance, they must attempt to convince their customers that their lifespan is forever, or the longer the better. The trick is to keep the money in. And innocent laymen would love to hear that they can live forever, undead, and would need to park more money for their days of being undead.

Medical insurance is also a good product when medical bills are getting more expensive. The cheat funds could even set up their own hospitals and sell their own insurance. It is kind of ‘pau ka liau’ business. And the effect is the same. Every cent collected will be kept inside the vault.
Today, cheat funds could actually operate more effectively and efficiently with more products and schemes to entice and trap the depositors. It is a good and very profitable business as long as there is no run on the fund and the number of depositors keeps on increasing.

Time to revive the Gemini Cheat Fund and calling it any other name will do. A rose is a rose whatever you call it.


How to justify or defend a mass murderer?

Robert Bales is a good man. He is a wholesome family man who loves children. He is also the man who massacred 16 Afghan civilians, including children, in a killing spree. And the American public was shocked. They could not see it coming, just like they could not see the American soldiers killing hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Afghans in the two wars, including civilians, old folks and children. And they are still killing them today and tomorrow and until they stop the massascre. They only think that it is a war and the casualties on the other side, they called it collateral, a term the bankers used, inanimate.

America is country of murderers, committing murders everyday in the name of their national interests. And killing their tagged enemies is a way of life. The whole nation has been taught and fed with the doctrine that war is the right of the Americans, and killing other people is only a natural thing. But killing Americans is abnormal, unacceptable. Robert Bales will not kill American children. He will carry them and kiss them. As for aliens who are branded as enemies, it is fair game.

According to an article in mypaper today, David Brooks of The New York
Times, I quoted, ‘The monstrosities of the world are caused by the few people (like Hitler or Idi Amin) who are fundamentally warped and evil.’ How blind can he be? No, he is not blind. He is just American. He could not see the real monsters that were killing the Iraqis and the Afghans were George Bush and Obama and their colleagues.

Maybe they were in Iraq and Afghanistan hunting for bears. Who are the warp and fundamentally evil people today?

Cyberspace a threat to national security

Chee Hean is talking about the danger of cyberspace as a threat to national security with bloggers posting all kinds of vicious remarks on race and religion. So what, clamp it down? The problem is not really cyberspace but race and religion themselves, and of course the individuals who are there to propagate hatred and mischief. And they are out there, with or without cyberspace. Race is divisive and so is religion. But race is something that is a natural development and without provocation, without politicization, different races can live peacefully together. The most successful country in peaceful racial coexistence is China. Ha, all the eyes popping out.

China has 56 ethnic racial groups and all have been living fairly comfortably together for centuries. The stereotyping of China in the West as a country where minorities are victimized and discriminated is a Western myth that the dull have been fed with for the last few centuries of colonization. Their minds and thinking are still subjects of the colonial powers. The truth is far from it. Tibet and Xinjiang were often brandished as examples of domination and suppression of minorities in the two regions. What is happening is politics and also religious antagonism. Books can be written to discuss such issues into perpetuity.

What were more troublesome are the entrenched and etched beliefs of religions in their holy books. Only the three proverbial monkeys would fail to see the destructiveness and divisiveness in these books. Unless they are edited out from the ‘holy’ books, religion will be the main source of conflict and intolerance. They are not the words of Gods but words of vicious bickering men of the past, for self preservation, self righteousness and the destruction of others as their enemies. Be with us and like us or you shall be killed or destroyed. But many choose to lie that such doctrines are non existence. They are just like the blind monkeys.

And it is exactly the presence of such doctrines that made religious conflicts unavoidable and peaceful co existence difficult. Those who succumbed to political pressure to co exist are violating the very true teachings of their religions that preached mutual exclusivity. Don’t tell me that I am lying. The truth is ugly. Until the ugly truth is acknowledged and done away with, man is just deceiving themselves that there is no evil.

It is not the internet or cyberspace that is at fault. And what have been posted in cyberspace against various religions is unstoppable. Those who want to view them to seek justification and assurance that their evil ways is the right way will seek them with or without regulations. And the vicious and dangerous will find their way, and cyberspace is not to be blamed. Without cyberspace, there are many printed material available and many walking interpreters and authorities of religious books will be there to spread the good news.

The education and emancipation of the mind from the medieval thoughts of old when killing on religious ground is righteous, is God’s will or God’s command, is the only solution. Free the people from the clutches of the primitive past. Update their thoughts and values to that of modern and more civilized world. It is so sad that modern civilizations are still entrapped by the small minds of ancient illiterates and ignoramus and to live by their evil words.

Who are we bluffing? The internet is now the new devil?


Before Uncle Sam starts a new war…

This is the title of an article by Bill Keller, a New York Times columnist, appearing in the Today paper. Though he admitted, in his view, that America was wrong in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, his approach is that it is America’s right to start wars under whatever assumptions or false assumptions. Starting wars to the Americans is like having a basketball game. They called it military ventures, regime change or whatever, but not killings, murders or genocide. And he quoted with a bit or regret, the cost of the wars to the Americans, US$3 trillion at least, and the thousands of Americans killed or disabled and the stress on the American soldiers. Not a hint of regrets or sadness on the destruction of countries and the hundreds of thousands of foreign civilian casualties. The foreign deaths maimed don’t matter. They are not Americans or not even humans.

And what were the reasons for the Americans to start wars to kill innocent people? The first justification, 911, was a good reason if they knew who did it, and a righteous shoot. But what other reasons? An obligation to defend an ally, right or wrong. Fighting for economic reasons. This one is very dangerous like accusing countries for blocking sea routes when nothing of sort actually happened. Start wars in the name of American values, promoting American doctrine, freedom and way of life which are alien and have nothing to do with the invaded countries.

Helping rebels to topple govts. This one is just as dangerous as every country will have a small group of dissidents and rebels that opposed the legitimate govt. The ‘freedom agenda,’ overthrowing of dictators, or opposing countries that are hostile or unfriendly to America. The latter can mean anything. A country that refuses to trade or support American agenda can be hostile to American interests. Actually anything under the sky can be a good reason for the Empire to start a war and invade the country. And the Empire is accusing other countries of being aggressive, expansionist and trouble maker, cannot be trusted, irresponsible, and even having their own technology for rocketry and military weapons are reasons to be attacked.

And America can do that, talk like an asshole, a big gangster, because it carries the big stick and can hit at the small countries knowing that they are unable to hit back. The safest thing that small countries can do to avoid being attacked or invaded is to develop the nuclear capability. But this is risky as any attempt to do so would lead to a pre emptive strike by the most responsible and friendly nation on earth. Ha ha ha.

But what else can the smaller countries do? Send hit squad to kill Americans in all corners of the globe as long as they are Americans and conduct a brutal borderless war on all Americans any where, any time? The only way to deal with the Empire is the ability to hit back, to strike back where it hurts. Appeasement and weak defense capability will be seen as weaknesses and inviting for more attacks. The Empire will be trigger happy knowing that it can hit anyone who cannot hit back.

Competing estates

Stop snatching away my estate in the name of progress. Stop destroying our history in the name of convenience. Stop violating my right to rest in peace. These are some of the cries rising from the ground of Bukit Brown. The estate of the dead and their descendants are being encroached for some stupid road to smoothen traffic flow and convenience.

The critics would argue, what is more important, the flow of cars or the history behind the once people buried there? Every one of them was a part of our history, something gone but preserved only waiting to be bulldozed away.

The livings are now competing with the dead for their estates. And the dead obviously would lose unless they unleash their unseen spiritual power to make the livings go down on their knees. This is what we called disturbing the peace. Why can’t we let them live in peace?

We do not have to come to such a state if we have been more prudent, less greedy, and more sensitive to our past and our future. The human greed of today, in the name of progress, is going to destroy everything that will allow the human beans to live a little longer. Destruction of mother earth, unrestrained consumption of resources and livestock will deplete them doubly fast. We are still clamouring for more.

We want more progress. Progress is good. Don’t you want progress? The sheep sheepishly say yes without knowing what progress means, what progress entails. In its simplest form, it is like a glutton eating himself to a faster death with all the associated illness of fat, obesity, high blood pressure and cancerous growth. That is basically what this material progress is all about.

It is not a wholesome thing. It has nothing spiritual, nothing about the general well being of the people and the land. It is stupidity at its highest unthinking level. Progress to them is material acquisition, material well being, money, concretes and every little invention that are really worthless to a holistic and fulfilling life. What is so great about owning the latest ipad or iphone, to play games and watch TV? What is so great about that expensive pet? What is so great about the tenth luxury cars? Things in excess become meaningless. Gates and Buffett knew.

Living and the meaning of living, the well being of the human beans is not just a mad scramble for money, for economic growth, for more concrete infrastructure, for lesser space to live on.

If we have stopped this crazy progress thing earlier, we would not have to quarrel with the dead for their little piece of real estate. There will be plenty to go around. Now we say not enough. And at the same time we keep bringing more people to stake their claims for more space and real estate.

Progress is really wonderful when you don’t think about it. Unfortunately the dead could not offer their real estate at market price. They and their descendants should sell the piece of real estate en bloc to the highest bidder and benefit from the profits of the sale. Why should they give up their real estate to benefit the motorists in the name of progress?

Robbing the dead or disturbing the peace?


Real Estate Ransom

Real Estate/Monopolies 4 Ransom


The above video clip is posted here by Political Beng. It tells of the problems that we are living with, and the problems that could destroy everyone of us except the minority real estate owners. And the real estate owners know where their interest lies and how to abuse the system to perpetuate their gains and perpetuate the misery of the ordinary citizens. It will get more difficult.

Though the clip is talking about Australia, it is applicable to us, every inch of it. All daft Sinkies and clever Sinkies who are making decisions to exploit daft Sinkies are highly recommended to view this video clip. It is a problem that is being created by those with vested interest in real estates.

All daft Sinkies should spend a little time to view this clip for their own good, to understand what is the problem that they failed to see.

Hougang will test the intelligence of opposition parties

I read that Goh Meng Seng is considering sending Nicole Seah to contest Hougang to take revenge on WP for muscling into the Kallang Moulmein GRC in the last election. The thinking is rational and logical and will be good, as they say competition will end up with the consumers getting the best deal. And with the popularity of Nicole, she stands a good chance of winning some votes.

NSP is perhaps the second strongest opposition party after WP. They should challenge WP for the position of being the top opposition party and pave its way to win a GRC in the next GE. A good showing in Hougang will seal that fate. I must say that opposition politics is very healthy and their thinking to out fox each other is very fertile and needs to be encouraged. They are quite predictable in a way.

My assessment is that the opposition should gain around 60-65% of the Hougang votes. And Nicole should easily command 30% and the WP another 30%. These will be reasonably good results for the NSP and it can tell the WP not to take it for granted in the next GE.

As for the PAP, it can sleep walk into Hougang with its hard core 35-40% supporters without having to do anything. No need any big name minister to blow the trumpet. Just let the opposition fight it out and do the job for them. PAP’s strategy can be very simple. Blow the ego of the opposition parties and let them stand up to prove who is the better loser.

I like what I am hearing. Go opposition parties. Go and prove that you are the better of the second best. And I have better reasons to say that. Give the voters more choices. And Nicole is a star and sure got chance to win a lot of votes. And there are many excellent independent candidates like Jee Say to fall back on. Hougang will be an interesting circus in the making.

I think Hsien Loong must be smiling quietly to himself. He may be encouraged to hold a by election quickly given the bravado of the opposition camp.

Time to regret the high property prices

Medical bills in tens of thousands are increasingly common. How many average Singaporeans can afford to cough out this sum of money at one go? And bills of several hundred thousands are just as common in terminal cases or cancer treatment. What to do, everything is getting more expensive. And the medical professionals are humans too and need the money to pay for all the expensive things they need for a good life. The rentals for their office space do not come cheap. The $20m bungalow is something that they need for a more comfy life, and so is the $1m Lamborghini. It is not their fault and there is nothing wrong with them wanting the good life.

When the cost of everything goes up, especially housing, properties, the good life, someone must pay for it. And in professional services, the cost will be passed to the consumers, plus more profits added for good measures, or for the next property or the next car. The inflation game will be nice to play if money is available to everyone, especially the average Singaporeans who form the bulk of consumers. Unfortunately their income does not grow in the same rate and every little increment will be eaten up by the little increases here and there. And when a big medical bill drops into the mail box, it will clean up everything, and some may end up in debt.

Gan Kim Yong is going to make medicare more affordable. No one will be deprived of medicare. The cost will be manageable. Don’t be shy to ask for help. Don’t be shy when they mean test you. They mean well and you may be lucky the govt will provide some assistance through Medifund. And for the fortunate, the bills may end up as arrears in the hospital’s account. Did the patient abscond, in debt and unable to pay, or simply die? Whatever, it is a happy thing that so many people cannot pay their medical debt. Maybe the hospitals will close an eye. Surely they will not paint O$P$ on the debtors’ doors.

And since people have more money in their Medisave Accounts, more will be made available to pay for their affordable medical bills. This reminds me of the money in people’s Ordinary Account. Since they have so much money, HDB prices will be made affordable for them to pay through their CPF savings, and so affordable that nothing much is left for retirement.
I thought a better solution will be to stop people from accumulating too much savings and have more money to spend on other things. If the affordable bills will inflate according to the fattening of the Medisave Accounts, I am worried that it will end up like the empty Ordinary Accounts.

Every time the word affordable is mentioned, it sends a chill down my spine.

God is might, Japanese version

The cocky Japanese and their warlike nature cannot be concealed for long. No Asian country that suffered the unprovoked invasion in WW 2 and suffered the beastly Japanese atrocities can ever forget what the true nature of the Japanese was and is. Today it is hidden under coat and tie and a superficial external manner of politeness.

Do not be deceived that the Japan Defense Force is for defense. It has all the capabilities to invade another nation and the Koreans would be easy meat. The North Koreans are now being targeted as a possible little boy to be whacked. Japan has declared openly its intention to shoot down the North Korean rocket delivering its satellite to space. And the excuse, similar to the Israelies and the Americans, it poses a threat to Japan’s national security. And it has the backing of the international mafia gang of the US and the UK shouting the same slogan.

The rocket sending the satellite to space can be converted for military use. So can any aircraft/ships the North Koreans intend to build eventually be turned into long range bombers and warships. And if there are uranium ores found in North Korea, it cannot mine them as they have potential for making nuclear bombs. This is the logic of international gangsters.

On the other hand, it is alright for the mafia and the war mongering nations, and those that have been conducting aggression against other smaller countries, to own all the nuclear weapons and big invading forces. Those who own the big guns can then dictate to those without the guns, how to behave, what they can or cannot do. And in the name of its national security, no matter how far fetch, it gives them the right to attack another country, in this case to shoot down a satellite carrying rocket.

Yes, God is might and weaker countries must acquire nuclear weapons and a big armed force to avoid being dictated and treated like semi colonies of big powers. Their only road to freedom from oppression by the big powers is exactly the acquisition of nuclear arms and more arms, to keep the international mafia at bay.

Every country has a right to its own defense force and the judgement is not by pointing a finger at the other party of possible intent. It is the act of aggression, naked aggression that makes a country guilty of crime against another country. The mere acquisition of weapons is no crime and not necessarily an act of aggression. But when one has all the weapons, and acts like God, it is all a different matter. God is might and God is right when it has might.

Japan is thinking that it can still bully the Koreans and master over them like their old colony. It is inviting the wrath of God if it dares shoot down the North Korean rocket. It is an open act of war, unprovoked. And let the North Koreans rain down all they have on Japanese soil. The Japanese love war and have no fear for war and destruction. Another few Hiroshima and Nagasaki are small matters. Such an open war cry is nothing different from that of the Israelies.

Let God be the judge and deal the aggressors the judgement they deserved.


Is Parliament a new playground for MPs?

The background of MPs in Parliament is as varied as the people in the market. We have people from all kinds of professions, the rich and the not so rich, the old and the young, those that have grown up, those who still think they are in schools. And with the introduction of NMPs, we have people representing different interest groups and niche circles.

Now, how would this diverse group of people interact in Parliament and how would they use Parliament to serve their agenda. I believe they would be there to promote the interest of the people or their professions and interest groups.

Would an actor or actress go to Parliament to practise acting? Would a lawyer go to Parliament to practise how to become a better lawyer? Or would a soldier go to Parliament to play shooting at your enemy since he likes to play with guns? Or should a school prefect go to Parliament to role play as a prefect as he misses the fun he had as a school boy? Some may go to Parliament to fly kites as that was their hobby and they love flying kites.

I believe Parliament is for more serious stuff and MPs in Parliament are to discuss serious matters that will affect the lives of the people and country. I hope there are not anglers who carry their fishing rods to cast in Parliament. Or the little scientists to fly their paper planes across the house.

Does anyone have any idea why he is in Parliament or what he should do in Parliament, seriously, other than to have some fun?


44 men to make or break your life … and your country

Every 5 years our democratic system gives the citizens the right to elect 87 men and women to run the country and indirectly our lives. And by the rule of a simple majority, all it needs is 44 men to be elected from one party to form the ruling govt. In a normal democratic system they will manage the country under some platforms and ideas they sold to the electorate and are expected to work within those ideas and policies during their term in office. Varying from those consented ideas will be a violation of trust. Running away with new ideas that were not agreeable during the election promises would be a breach of faith and the people’s consent be sought again.

A mature democracy would have its checks and balance to ensure that the ruling govt does not get carried away with what they want to do and think that they can commit murders with total disregard to the views of the people. In an immature state, where the people are ignorant, depoliticised, fear of the govt and did not know their right to change govt, many trespasses, abuses and unilateral decision making in direct conflict with the wants of the people are often shafted down the people’s throats at will.

Are we still in such a state of immaturity or have we grown up as a well educated, informed and politicised people, aware of our rights as citizens, the OB markers that the govt must respect, and our right to shape our lives and the future of our nation? Or are the people still as naïve, apolitical, disenfranchised, to surrender all their rights to an elected govt of 44 men to do as they pleased with their lives and country?

In an era of ignorance and illiteracy, the people may by default allow the elite to rule them on the assumption that they know better. And sometimes the elite may get deluded or delude the people into believing that they are demi gods or immortals, and they are the best to drive their lives and country forward. I believe as a people calling ourselves first world, with many highly educated and qualified, such myths will long be thrown into the longkangs. The people are now as knowledgeable and well informed as the ruling elite, and have a mind of their own to know or to question what they want in their lives and where the country shall be heading. There is really little between the ruling elite and the people at large in terms of intellect and wisdom.

Assuming the latter is where we are today, should the people continue to dismissively take the edicts of the elite and let the elite rule them, interfere with their lives and take the country to wherever they want?

Do we want to have a 6m population or more, ever increasing housing prices, unable to own private cars unless paying with an arm or a leg, that we should be content to live in smaller and smaller high rise flats, lesser breathing and leisure space, to go around in public transports that the people have little control of and often at the mercy of operators’ interests and whims and fancies and with little privacy or privacy violated by the ill mannered and uncouth?

Would it be time that the people tell the 44 elected representatives that they are there, given the chance to run the country, only with the consent of the people, and if they failed or are not up to it in their jobs, they will be summarily removed by the people? Is it time the people take control of their country, decide where it wants it to go, and be in charge and not be ruled by 44 people who were only to do a job with their approval and not to think they can do anything they want without the people’s agreement, that they own the country, the people and the people’s life and wealth?

Isn’t it silly for 3m people to succumb to 44 men and women elected by them to do as they please and with the people only at best, crying out loud but helpless to do anything about it? Who owns this country and who should decide how the people are to live their own lives?


Israel awaiting the wrath of God

No country in the world other than Israel would dare openly shout that it would attack another country on the pretext of protecting its national interest. Iran cannot have the nuclear bomb. Only Israel can and can have many. Israel’s security or insecurity is to ensure that no one is allowed to carry a big stick other than itself.

The other country that should also suffer the wrath of God is the USA. It shares the same doctrine and logic. In the name of its national security or insecurity, it goes around the world attacking other countries or messing around with other nation’s politics and security. My security is your insecurity, your oppression and submission. Only the US can have the biggest military outfit to attack other countries. No one else is allowed to. Any country wanting to build a strong defence force must explain to Washington, to Hilarious directly.

How many lives will be destroyed in an attack on Iran in the name of Israel’s security? What if every country adopts this doctrine and policy? Every other weaker country would be attacked and oppressed and prohibited from building its own defence capability. Is this the logic of a civilized country or the logic of gangsters? I read recently a quote that the Red Indians of old America were savages while the Europeans were civilized. History said the savages were savaged and terminated by a series of coordinated genocides by the civilized Europeans to enable the civilized savages to take over the land of people of a different civilization, definitely not savages.

The Red Indians were branded as savages, and their homes, communities and husbandry, their land, were robbed from them. They were a threat to the lives of the Europeans and must be destroyed. Today the Iranians and Arabs are regarded not much different from the Red Indians, as savages, untrustworthy, dangerous and a threat to the survival of the Israelis and Western dominance. They need to be oppressed and shackled for their own good. They must not be allowed to challenge, or be strong enough to pose a problem to the West and Israel.

God is might.

Good strategic thinking

The decision to spend $1.1b to buy more buses is turning out to be a wise one. It is strategic and good foresight to be able to think one step ahead of problems. The regularity of train breakdowns is no longer a serious matter but a matter of inconvenience to live with. And the additional trains will come in real handy when breakdowns happened. Yesterday was a case in point and disrupted passengers were quite pleased.

Now there will be more buses and drivers to step in to transfer passengers quickly from MRT stations to their next destinations. Displaced passengers can count themselves lucky to have more buses to minimize the disruption and go on as normal. And the transfer from trains to buses is also free which will make the little inconvenience that much bearable.

Good decision. Good foresight and hindsight. Anticipating what can go wrong and preparing for the fallouts.

Goldsach Sach, the rot starts here

I was reading the revelation of financial rape by Greg Smith repeated in several of our main media today. Well at least they concurred that it is important enough to report it more than once. The editors must have their conscience pricked. Greg Smith was a top player in Goldman Sach, New York. He was so disgusted by the rot in the company that he called it quits. And he found it his moral duty to reveal the unethical practices of the company.

Any clients of Goldman Sach reading what he wrote would shudder at the risk they put themselves into, at the hands of their most trusted fund managers. What Greg Smith was saying is that there were no morals, no ethics, except make money, and from the clients against the clients’ interests. The strong culture and integrity of Goldman Sach, a company he once idolatised, has been transformed into a greedy bunch of white collar ruthless manipulators to satisfy their own greed. The clients’ interest is last on their list. Better, exploiting the ignorant clients is their forte and main business.

Among the few things that Greg Smith mentioned, selling products that the company had ‘axed’ to unsuspecting clients. Getting clients to trade or churn to bring in the most profits to Goldman Sach at their expense. And trading illiquid and opaque products.

The whole culture of trust, serving the clients and making decisions to help clients to improve their positions, making money for the clients, are thrown into the rubbish chute. It is profit for Goldman Sach and its traders that is of prime concern. And getting the most out of clients is the main reason for existence than making clients rich. Clients are referred to as muppets, to rip their eyeballs out and getting paid by getting clients to trade regardless of risk.

Is it surprising? Or is there anything new? This culture of greed and irresponsibility, unethical misconduct, is the wine that flows through Wall Streets and all the financial centres around the world. Govts too are caught up by this craze and greedily swim along. The greed of govts is no lesser than the greed of Wall Street financial cheats. They are sleeping partners of crime against the innocent investors who put all trust to these crooks they thought could be trusted and will ensure that the right things are done in the right way.

They believe morality is still a virgin. The truth is that morality has long been turned into a prostitute, sold into prostitution by the greed of these power brokers, the people they trusted most.


China hard landing

Confirmed, China had a hard landing. Clap, clap, clap. Finally, after so many years of doomsaying and praying, China had a hard landing. The analysts were right after all. China is going to collapse big time and go begging for help from the Western countries, the World Bank and the IMF. Zoeller would have his last laugh. See, we told you so.

Let’s look at the figures from Market Watch, WSJ, for October 2011. The latest figures could be more frightening but have not seen them yet. The trade surplus for August, September and October grew by US$17b, US$14.5b and US$17.76b respectively. The ‘slump’ in September was due poor demand in Europe. And the numbers really fell below the expectations of Newswires and Reuters, forecasting a growth of US$25.8b and US$24.9b respectively. These are dangerous numbers and signs of weaknesses and can become more widespread.

More dangerous signs, ‘Exports were 15.9% higher than a year earlier, though missing the average 16.5% growth projection from a Reuters survey of economists, and below the 17.1% rise in September.’

And according to ‘Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, Chinese exports grew 20.6% on average each month throughout the third quarter, while imports averaged 24.8% growth.’

The growing imports and shrinking exports must be troubling China and its decision makers. I am just wondering, would the US or European countries be happy to achieve these numbers? I bet many of them would love to have such a hard landing and probably asking for more. And I am sure many of the EU countries would love to switch places with China and celebrate every time the growth numbers failed to meet the forecasts of Newswires and Reuters but still registering a 20% average monthly growth. Even an average of 10% monthly growth would be like striking the biggest jackpot win.

I really love all these enlightening and frightening reports about China. And I don’t see why China should be crying with all these conjectured hard landings. Many would be so envious of these hard landings and would still crawl to China to ask for handouts. And they better pray that the hard landings would still allow China to be generous as there is no more Santa Claus out there except China or maybe Singapore.

Am I amused?

I was reading some of the comments in TRE on Shanmugam’s fame statement of not wanting to burden our young with more taxes. One trend of thought shone through the deluge of angry voices. The PAP has lost touch with the ground, did not know what is happening, did not do its homework. Now, now, now, can’t make such sweeping statements about the crème ala crème of our super talents. They would not be where they are and earning millions, if they did not know what is happening or did not do their homework.

I hate to disappoint the losers. They are in control and know exactly what is happening and what they are doing. Period. Do not under estimate the super talents. They are brighter and smarter than the losers for sure. The main difference is that both are existing on the same piece of rock but living on different planes of existence. One is apple and one is buah long long. One lives a lifestyle whereby $50k a month is too pressurizing. The other must be grateful to be able to buy a 2rm HDB flat with $1000 pm income. You cannot compare the two as both are deserving of what they have. Don’t be unreasonable. The rich poor gap is only natural and would get wider as we progress. The rich must get richer and the poor must get poorer. There is nothing that can be done about it. It is the law of nature. Darwinism!

The losers must accept their fate that they are simply not good enough. Why then must the govt bring in more foreign talents? Isn’t that clear enough that the losers are unable to make the best of their lives in such a conducive money making environment and should only have themselves to blame. Look, look, all the foreign talents are so happy here, making so much money and not complaining. If there is anything wrong, it must be the local losers.

Want another spur on your hike? The whole world is being invited to be here to get rich. How could the locals be complaining that they could not make it? This is the freest economy for the meritocratic, regardless of nationalities. The third most competitive country in the world ot do business. I mean do business, not selling bak chang or nasi lemak. If you are good, you deserve to be rich. If you are no good, don’t kpkb. The govt does not believe in a welfare state, not even with your CPF money for your own charity.

And don’t complain that the govt is not doing anything for the people. $1.1b to subsidise public transport. What more do you want? More parks will be built for the people to enjoy. Fresh air and landscaped environment. No good meh? There will be more upgradings and SERS to give more money to the people. Cannot complain lah. The govt is doing everything it can for the good of the people. And the hundreds of billions in national reserves are for the people. Don’t you feel rich? See, all the western countries are in debt and going bankrupt. We got hundreds of billions to buy up fire sale companies for a song. Soon they will be turned around to double the money invested.

The future of our country is in good hands. They know what they are doing. The losers don’t. The writing is on the wall but the losers failed to see. Every policy is carefully fine tuned, targetted for the desired results, by the best talents money can buy.

Uneasy calm over Hougang

The usual jostling for a right to stand in Hougang in the by election has quieten down. A few opposition parties have spoken, officially, that they would not undermine WP’s attempt to regain its lost seat. The few opportunists that were habouring the idea of joining the fray have taken a retreat as well. They have been warned, by the voice of the people, that doing so would make them look very ugly, and with eggs on their faces. The opportunist tag is heavy to wear. The image of unprincipled spoilers would nail them for life as non starters in local politics.

The heat has subsided in the opposition camp. The wild ambitions of gamblers thinking that running for election is like entering a casino, hoping to win without any principles or ethics, have been doused, I think. Just place your bet! As each day slowly passes by, reasons seem to have triumph for the moment. Or has it?

On the PAP camp, it is like a defeated army trying to avoid another big battle and risking a devastating and embarrassing blow that would signal that the end is near. No generals would dare to stand up and blow his trumpet to lead the assault to retake lost ground. No one would say the ground is sweet or the chiku is ripe. The best outcome is not to have a contest and sit it out till the next GE.

How long can they be on the bench? The suit by Mdm Muthu is due for hearing by end of the month. Would there be calls for further adjournment for another 6 mths or a year and probably more time to prepare the case as it will affect the nation’s future and security? This is how important this by election is taken to be. The nation’s interests will be a paramount consideration in deciding whether a by election will be called.

The people have spoken, or at least aired its view, that only WP should stake its claim against the PAP. The people are also waiting for a by election to take place soonest. Would this be heard or be ignored? There are other noises that would tell the contrary. No need for by election. The Hougang residents deserve to be in the shit for voting the wrong candidate and the wrong party. Such noise is likely to get louder to make a case for no by election, no need MP representation for the Hougang residents. They must pay for their folly.

While the WP is anxiously waiting to do battle, the opponent is making a quiet retreat, a surprising move from a party in control. Or it is no longer in control, except the timing to call a by election or not? The game has changed.


Everything is for sale – Uniquely Singapore

Put it in another way, everything can be bought in paradise. We can buy honesty, buy loyalty, buy talents, and of course everything else in Orchard Road. That reminds me of all the great properties there. All one needs is money, and you can have your pick.

The latest thing to buy is good character. Pay the bugger for showing good character. In no time Singaporeans will all have good character. Not sure about foreigners. Some have shown that good character cannot be bought even if we pay for their education, food and lodging and a good job waiting for them, even giving them citizenship.

Can everything be bought with money? Good character can? The goodness will go away once the money is not there. Loyalty and pride of being a people, citizens of a country, cannot be bought by money easily. Just issuing a pink IC does not guarantee that the person will want to be one of us. Many are just in transit, transient citizens. The most glaring evident is their children or they themselves refusing to do the little sacrifice that every male Singapore citizen does, National Service.

Please stop throwing tax payers money to the ingrates who are just passing through or waiting for better opportunities elsewhere. And don’t think people can turn good because of monetary rewards. The goodness of a person must come from within that person.

Incidentally we can't even buy a decent football team to compete against Malaysian state teams.

A critical time in our history

1963 we were part of Malaysia. Before we became independent in 1965, we were in an undeclared war with Indonesia that opposed the formation of Malaysia. Our two Singapore Infantry Regiments were sent to East Malaysia and Johore to defend Malaysia, and their barracks were occupied by new troops from Malaysia. Great musical chair strategy.

I could not remember the exact dates and details, but when the two SIRs returned, one or both could not move into their barracks and had to camp in the field in Farrer Park. The old soldiers could fill in the gaps on this part of our history. It was a precarious time when foreign troops were in our soil in a way, yes we a state of Malaysia then. We were once colonized by the British, then conquered by the Japanese and then became part of Malaysia. It was sheer good fortune that we were given independence without bloodshed. It was dicey that our troops could return to their barracks. It was like your flats being occupied by your FT tenants and you had to squat in the field.

The lack of a credible military force to defend our country was something that most scared the light out of our pioneering leaders. We then had the colonial masters around whose main interest was to keep us independent and friendly to their interests in the Far East. As long as they were around, we were safe within their protective umbrella, and as a semi colony. The stark reality of being walked over by a foreign power led to a hurried effort to build up an army of our own.

1967 saw the first batch of our local boys being trained in SAFTI by the Israeli advisors. The following years saw the dispatched of more young men to the UK for training for our future Navy and Air Force. And we thought time was on our side, to gradually build up our defence capabilities only to be hit with a double whammy. The British decided to pull out from their bases here in early 1970s. This was a big hit to our trading economy. And our national defence was still in infancy. We had just introduced National Service a couple of years back and everyone in uniform was still technically a trainee. Everything had to be short circuited to gain time. It was all a mad rush to put an army together out of nothing.

We were in a vacuum of sort as far as soldiers were concerned. Without the people willingly coming forward despite that it was called National Service, we would have a hard time building up an army. The people responded to the call of the nation and everyone played his part in a big jigsaw puzzle with blank pieces. And every piece had to fit or knock in to fit at the quickest time possible. It was that easy if we don’t think about it. It was DIY quick fix and hoped for the best.

Though we were fortunate not to have been in a war during our formative years, it was a critical time, and a treacherous time. The British were there holding the umbrella. But they could fold it up if the people and govt did not have the resolve to pull it through. If the govt was weak and could not rally the people to build a nation for themselves, we would have been doomed, economically and politically as a country. The British could give up and give the island to anyone able to hold it together. They could have abandoned us if we did not treasure the moment and the opportunity.

The early batches of NS men were there to fill up the void, to hold the fort for the time being while the bigger picture was being put into place. Their sheer presence was what was needed in those precarious moments of truth, to exist or to fade away, or be taken over. Our future would have been different if the people did not gel together to answer the call of a young nation in the making.

Those were the times when nothing was a luxury. Everyone was a piece of the big jigsaw puzzle in formation, the NS men, the workers, the entrepreneurs and the civil service and the govt. They were living for a strange new mission, to build a country, a nation. It was not starting a SME. And many things they were doing were completely alien to them. They were all learning on the job, doing things for the first time. Yep, like the blind leading the blind. It was only forty odd years ago. Many have walked in those days and have vivid memories of their experience.

We have forgotten. We have forgotten the difficult times, the times when personal sacrifices were part and parcel of nation building. Many civil servants and military officers were just told to get the job done with no issues of sacrifices. We forgot that at one time we were struggling to turn this island into a country. We forgot the price our parents paid for what it is today. $90 NS allowance and rubbery meat that bounced off the floor. The bread and kaya for breakfast were not much different from what prisoners got then. Today, we talk about sacrifices like having diarrheoa. Every little drop of shit is damn big sacrifice. If the NS men of then did not turn up at CMPB in Kallang, or if there were violent protest to NS, how would we have turned out today, an independent state or part of someone else’s state?

We have forgotten that together we have built a country, a nation. And still some would rubbish it as a state in the making. So we can give it away, invite everyone here and issue citizenship certificates like toilet papers. Come, take, it is no man’s land. We are migrants or descendants of migrants. You migrant, good, same same. Come share my home. Feed yourself and take all you want. There is no ownership to this land. No one feels that it belongs to the pioneering migrants who crafted it out as a country and wanted to make this home for their descendants.

And the daft descendants are calling themselves migrants and not owners of a country their forefathers have fought, worked and died for. They are willing to share with anyone, give to anyone. How generous!

How stupid can they be? No, they don’t think so. They don’t know that this is home, their country. When there is no ownership, you can expect what it will become next. Think public toilets. The daft Sinkies don’t deserve this country. And the new arrivals will tell them to go if they are not happy here.

When you lose your inheritance…or sell your inheritance away….