God is might, Japanese version

The cocky Japanese and their warlike nature cannot be concealed for long. No Asian country that suffered the unprovoked invasion in WW 2 and suffered the beastly Japanese atrocities can ever forget what the true nature of the Japanese was and is. Today it is hidden under coat and tie and a superficial external manner of politeness.

Do not be deceived that the Japan Defense Force is for defense. It has all the capabilities to invade another nation and the Koreans would be easy meat. The North Koreans are now being targeted as a possible little boy to be whacked. Japan has declared openly its intention to shoot down the North Korean rocket delivering its satellite to space. And the excuse, similar to the Israelies and the Americans, it poses a threat to Japan’s national security. And it has the backing of the international mafia gang of the US and the UK shouting the same slogan.

The rocket sending the satellite to space can be converted for military use. So can any aircraft/ships the North Koreans intend to build eventually be turned into long range bombers and warships. And if there are uranium ores found in North Korea, it cannot mine them as they have potential for making nuclear bombs. This is the logic of international gangsters.

On the other hand, it is alright for the mafia and the war mongering nations, and those that have been conducting aggression against other smaller countries, to own all the nuclear weapons and big invading forces. Those who own the big guns can then dictate to those without the guns, how to behave, what they can or cannot do. And in the name of its national security, no matter how far fetch, it gives them the right to attack another country, in this case to shoot down a satellite carrying rocket.

Yes, God is might and weaker countries must acquire nuclear weapons and a big armed force to avoid being dictated and treated like semi colonies of big powers. Their only road to freedom from oppression by the big powers is exactly the acquisition of nuclear arms and more arms, to keep the international mafia at bay.

Every country has a right to its own defense force and the judgement is not by pointing a finger at the other party of possible intent. It is the act of aggression, naked aggression that makes a country guilty of crime against another country. The mere acquisition of weapons is no crime and not necessarily an act of aggression. But when one has all the weapons, and acts like God, it is all a different matter. God is might and God is right when it has might.

Japan is thinking that it can still bully the Koreans and master over them like their old colony. It is inviting the wrath of God if it dares shoot down the North Korean rocket. It is an open act of war, unprovoked. And let the North Koreans rain down all they have on Japanese soil. The Japanese love war and have no fear for war and destruction. Another few Hiroshima and Nagasaki are small matters. Such an open war cry is nothing different from that of the Israelies.

Let God be the judge and deal the aggressors the judgement they deserved.


Anonymous said...

Japan will feel more secured and can sleep better if the two Koreas are their colonies one more time. Then they can determine all their internal policies, and run their military programmes and defence for the Koreans. The Koreans may even be allowed to build nuclear arms under the command and control of the Japanese.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

redbean is right.

This perverted, slit-eyed, dirty-schoolgirl-panties-sniffing culture, is never to be trusted ever again when it comes to military matters.

Nip culture is one of the weirdest examples of human culture -- in whatever era.

Learn how the sick-nips engage in burusera.

On second thought, it would be quite shiok to see Japan smash those shorty-arsed, malnourished, mentally underdeveloped zipperheads. Finish off the job the US started 60 years ago , and bring some entertaining "shock and awe" to Asia once again.


Anonymous said...

Your tiny dickhead needs to be shocked and awed by slit eyed dirty school girl panties sniffing japanese too

Anonymous said...

I am constantly amazed that nobody has ever written about Germany and Japan. Compare and contrast how each of these countries responded after they lost World War Two.

To my understanding and knowledge,
the German people adopted the stand;
a. Just tell us what war crimes we are guilty of. We will not dispute it.

b. The Germans maintained a fairly stoic silence over the rape of Berlin by the Russian troops.

The scale and magnitude could possibly have been on the same scale as the Rape of Nanking.

Try googling "Rape of Berlin"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@anon 1059

You are so lacking in originality, no wonder S'pore needs to import "talent" in order to carry on.

I think you better seek a refund from your school or college, and return the money to your hard working parents. It seems that the attempt to educate you was an epic failure.

Anonymous said...

Ay...I gladiage from Yale..you? Japenis junior high is it?

Anonymous said...

The world has changed much since the last world war. An era of peace and true prosperity is possible. If nations are still besetted by wars and religious conflicts despite our progress, it is because of...666.

Anonymous said...

Marilah is Sick Sick Sick. He needs to enter his mother hole and be born again.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hahahah, a born again Matilah? I think that will be very dangerous.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

No one but an oriental can mangle the English language in infinitely charming ways.

Hai! Doumo arigatou gozaimashita!!


Anonymous said...

Dont worry about NOTHING!