How to justify or defend a mass murderer?

Robert Bales is a good man. He is a wholesome family man who loves children. He is also the man who massacred 16 Afghan civilians, including children, in a killing spree. And the American public was shocked. They could not see it coming, just like they could not see the American soldiers killing hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Afghans in the two wars, including civilians, old folks and children. And they are still killing them today and tomorrow and until they stop the massascre. They only think that it is a war and the casualties on the other side, they called it collateral, a term the bankers used, inanimate.

America is country of murderers, committing murders everyday in the name of their national interests. And killing their tagged enemies is a way of life. The whole nation has been taught and fed with the doctrine that war is the right of the Americans, and killing other people is only a natural thing. But killing Americans is abnormal, unacceptable. Robert Bales will not kill American children. He will carry them and kiss them. As for aliens who are branded as enemies, it is fair game.

According to an article in mypaper today, David Brooks of The New York
Times, I quoted, ‘The monstrosities of the world are caused by the few people (like Hitler or Idi Amin) who are fundamentally warped and evil.’ How blind can he be? No, he is not blind. He is just American. He could not see the real monsters that were killing the Iraqis and the Afghans were George Bush and Obama and their colleagues.

Maybe they were in Iraq and Afghanistan hunting for bears. Who are the warp and fundamentally evil people today?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the evil European invaders - the white Americans murdered and killed eighty-five million native Americans and illegally took over their land - the whole of North America. At about the same time the other white invaders - the Russians invaded continental Asia including three and a half million square miles of Chinese lands in the north of China and along the Heilong Jiang River right up to the Pacific coast facing Japan. Whether British, French, Germans, Russians or White Americans, they are all the same, all evil monsters, always justifying their evil deeds of murder, killings, aggression and invasion on grounds for their own security,ignoring the fact that their endless conquest for security is others insecurity.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Actually America is surprisingly a very peaceful cuntree. Sure, there are school shootings and gun violence. Still, it is quite peaceful.

The rouge soldier is an unfortunate incident. War or severely stressful situations make some people SNAP.

It's unfortunate, but it's hardly worth hoo-haa-ing about.

patriot said...

In one of the CNA New's Footage, a Caucasian Lady was saying that the United States does not know how many of their soldiers are not sound(sane).

So, could insanity be an excuse to exonerate the atrocity of the US Fighters?

And WOW, the US deploys madman soldiers to wars in other peoples' lands. Why did the mad soldiers not mad while at home?


Anonymous said...

In his neighbourhood he walked with a halo over his head. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

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