What a horror story?

Chee Hean spoke in Parliament that the Govt will be relooking into its plans for a sustainable population for this island. A National Population and Talent Division of the PMO will be conducting a review on the ideal population size that is sustainable. My God, is this going to happen now?

For the last 10 years or so the Govt has been ramping up the population size from 3m to the current 5m plus and steadily growing. There were utters of 6m and 9m as good figures to hit. Now, were all these numbers guess works? Could the Govt be ramping up the population numbers without a proper view of what is sustainable and what is not sustainable?

Could all the things that were happening in loose immigration policies a haphazard process that is not coordinated, not carefully planned? And now there is a sudden realization that this needs to be studied and review and bottlenecks are appearing everywhere?

What are the proof that it was a thought through process or a policy that was left to the whims and fancies of individual ministries? The fact, a mess up of housing policies when demand grew exponentially and supply of flats were reduced by a decrease in building programmes. The fact, the transportation infrastructure is strained. The fact, medical facilities, hospital beds, etc were insufficient. The fact, many students were forced to study overseas when university places were not enough. And there are more.

Whether the study to be conducted is a frightening revelation or not, it is better late than never. And, very unlikely, that the findings would be that 5m or 6m is the max and more will be unsustainable. Very likely the results would be as expected, depending on who is expecting it. The final recommendations will be a perfect fit according to the assumptions or inputs in the brief, unless it is meant to be an objective and neutral academic approach. All the values and subjectivities of what this country is going to be or desirable by whoever is dictating it will likely be part and parcel of the review.

Though Chee Hean is calling for an inclusion of the views from the public, will it really matter if there is a bigger god with a final say of what he thinks is best? Would it matter that this country belongs to every citizen and not to a few individuals who know best and wanting their ways?


Anonymous said...

For a start, make NS obligations on the part of S'pore males a level playing field. They shd not be disadvantaged and SHD be protected in a certain sense, like getting a heavily subsidised flat. Why should a small % scarifice to uphold national defense so that foreigners can enjoy without contributing in any sense.

Anonymous said...

The housing policy was formulated by asses and the victims were the poor sinkies.

All sinkies must be allowed the first right of denial to buy a HDB flat. All the fucking silly reasons to forbid sinkies from buying a HDB flat but selling them to new citizens is not only idiotic but a deceitful act against sinkies.

Anonymous said...

I say pay our NS males $3,000 per month for doing their National Service.

It's better value for money than the million dollar salaries we are paying for all the ass#$%! in the Prime Minister's Office.

In war time, who is going to defend your million dollar condos OR the Ministers' bungalows?

The ass@#$% in the Prime Minister's Office or our National Service men?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are not only right but also logical. Last time they were paid $90 because the nation's asset were little and the value of properties and everything were very cheap. Today the national asset is so huge and the prices of properties so high. Even HDB flats are so expensive.

The NS men deserve to be paid more for protecting more expensive and high value assets.

Anonymous said...

As what one of the MP says, "Where is the money coming from."

Anonymous said...

@ ANON: March 02, 2012 11:18 AM
"As what one of the MP says, "Where is the money coming from."

This $3,000 per month salary is going to OUR boys.
Our fellow citizens.
Our defenders of OUR country.
Our young ones who will be looking after us in our old age.

Our NS boys will be spending most of the $3,000/month IN SINGAPORE helping OUR economy.

1. Medical bills for their parents
2. Helping their parents with daily expenses.
3. Entertainment like parties and discos in Singapore.

And guess which asshole government will be there to take advantage of our NS men's new $3,000/month salary?

a. GST on the purchases of our NS men.
b. income taxes of our NS men.
c. reduction in subsidies since the household income will go up.

Can some economist please do the calculations on the multiplier effect on our domestic economy?

Investing in our NS men is better than investing (actually losing) money in foreign bank shares.
There is no multiplier effect here for the Singapore economy.
It just allows a few selected people to earn a high salary under the "smoke & mirrors" of investment expertise.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
As what one of the MP says, "Where is the money coming from."

March 02, 2012 11:18 AM

$3000 per month for 20,000 NS men each cohort for 2 years = only $1.4billion. This is much less than the annual budget surplus, and only a fraction of MINDEF budget.

As the PAP like to say about water and electricity, if the NS men is correctly priced, they will be not be abused. Right now, the NS men are subsidizing the country through lost income, and getting abused since they are so cheap.

Anonymous said...

So who really has a welfare mentality?

The Singapore people who keeps paying & paying?
The Pro Alien Party government who seems to need constant sacrifices (i.e. subsidies) from Singaporeans to create this alleged economic miracle?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Whatever they are doing, I will be defending my position of (possibly) increasing the population by a free-wheeling "open-borders" policy.

And I'll be shooting down all the bad arguments made by people who claim "unsustainability" without providing any positive evidence for their claims.

As far as I am concerned, those who don't want Singapore to grow want to "hold back" national progress by adopting such self-serving, self-centered attitudes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mati-lah.

I like the new photo of you and your Geylang girlfriend.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Talking about welfare mentality? Who is happily taking the people's money from the CPF and when needing more, just legislate?

Is this not welfare from the people?

Anonymous said...

Singapore will reduce its population from 5m to 7m.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Without the implementation of "welfare mentality", it is impposible to politically control people.

People who don't need welfare are those who have made the choice to depend on themselves and their own private networks and enterprises. Modern govts HATE these people because they cannot and will not be controlled, and also have the resources, intellect and options.

Wanna be free? The be self-governed and responsible.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Mumbai has an area of 484 sq km

Singapore's land area is 479 sq km, say, 1% smaller than Singapore...for all intents and purposes, they are the same size.

Mumbai's population is 14.3 million, Singapore is just over 5 million.

Many engineers, city planners and architects-- people I consider to have knowledge I do not have all agree that 9-15 million population in Singapore is very possible.

No need to panic (like redbean)
or Scaremonger (like redbean)
or bullshit people into saying it is not possible (like redbean).

However, if the population does not INCREASE, there is cause for concern.

The Singapore birthrate is one of the lowest in the world. Around 1 - 1.1 children per woman's vagina. Not even "replacement" value. 2 pax per vagina = replacement, i.e. 2 kids for one male and one female parent.

So be smart. Support the idea of population increase, and be nice to the newcomers!