NS allowances up $60

More recognition for NS men. There will be an across the board increase of $60 for all NS men beginning next month. Recruits will be getting $480 and a Lieutenant will be getting $1,180. This is a very handome increase given the fact that citizens with a monthly income of $1000 can afford to buy a 2 rm HDB flat.

From the above figures, a recruit can now afford such a flat if his girl friend is working for anything less than $1000 pm. A Lieutenant will definitely find it very comfortable with his single income to buy such flats. Only problem is that he may be disqualified if his girl friend is earning more than $1000. He could only by pass this ruling if his girlfriend stops working until they got their keys.

The NS men must be feeling very rich and smiling all over for their new found fortune. The quality of their lives will definitely be better, by $60. It makes their sacrifices so much more rewarding.


newhik said...

Anyone feels that 2-3 years of protecting the country is like being a cheap labourer for our Ministry of Defence.
Our Army is still paying us lesser as compared to domestic help, which including the levy comes up to about SGD 600-700.
This is why they are so happy for our NSFs to do sai kang for their career soldiers

Anonymous said...

haha, big deal $60 increase for NS men; but no big deal to double,triple ministers' pay. Poor NS men - cheaper than maids, construction workers , hotel bellboys, ... !!! How come ST managed to get an idiot to say 'its the thought that counts' .Maybe the quote is from a phantom!

Anonymous said...

Wow lau if current NSmen cheap...then we lao peng dirt cheap

Anonymous said...

There is ONI one rite thing
to do with CONSCRIPTION.

agongkia said...

Paiseh leh.How can you compare our respectable NS soldier allowances to that salary of a construction workers ,maids ,hotel bellboys.
This is only an allowance and serving NS is something we should be proud of.Not everyone can have such privilege.Also NSmen enjoy free accommodation,free food,haircut,free uniform maybe underwear oso,those lucky one can oso got a chance to play with....free.

We should be happy on their recognition of NS men.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Ok, I'm going to give away my vintage.

I'm so out of touch...NS now $480 per month ah?

Wah lau. I was paid $90!

newhik said...


Maybe you are right. National Service is a privilege and honor that is given to our youths.
No wonder the new immigrants do not feel welcomed at all into Singapore as they have been deprived of their chances to better integrate into Singapore.

Maybe the Gahment should institute a new law which makes Reservist training mandatory for all new citizens. This is so that they feel more involved in nation building and they would stay in for the long haul.

Maybe they can put in the 2 weeks of 包吃包住 to entice the PRs to convert

Anonymous said...

I was paid $120 or something like that. But no matter how much you pay them now, they will still grow up and complain and whine like the govt owe them a living.You pay them $400, they will ask why not $500. You pay $500, they will ask why not $600, $700 and so on. The higher the better like no tomorrow. But ministers salary, the lower the better. Best is, they work for free to show the sacrifice. Even if they work for free, you will still vote for LTK. Hahaha. Right ?

Anonymous said...

Why not pay $3,000/month?

No need to serve if you don't want to.
Male or female, all Singaporeans are welcome.

Then you get motivated people serving in the NS.

I'd rather give $3,000/month to our NS people first.
Than give $1.2 billion to a private, profitable bus company.
Who can raise the money themselves by issuing more shares i.e. a rights issue.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There should be NS for the brightest to serve the country as political leaders. People who are very able and successful, just conscript them as ministers under a NS scheme,and pay them $2000 pm as allowance for one term.

Anonymous said...

of course ministers' salary the lower the better. & of course they work for free even better. & of course will still throw them into the rubbish bin & vote LTK !

Anonymous said...

Any Minister not happy;
Can always join George Yeo and friends;
And quit politics.

Anonymous said...

The Suggestion by Redbean at 12.55pm is the best anyone can ever think of.

Ya, why not let the best to serve NS and give them the greatest honor as commented by Agongkia? Maybe Agongkia himself should volunteer to do NS for as long as he is fit.

Anonymous said...

That's why they should never have lowered ministers' salaries. LHL is too soft and should be more like his father.

agongkia said...

Good idea but why $2,000,mr Bean.Dun spoil the market..The new scale for a LTA is s$1,180.

Get a newly pass out LTA after his OCS to become a minister and pay him that allowance.I am confident that a 2nd Lta can even outshine an ex bg.Just that he cannot express his views or charge for insubordination.
I have confident on those last few batches of scholars and talents.
Good suggestion.But rather lose the NC than to let them have access into our Home Team or SAF even as reservist for a week.Sometimes information on how many 3 tonners we have can even cause harm to us.Ordinary folks cannot see the importance of this risk. We must not compromise security.Cannot play play.

agongkia said...

and anon.@2.20
Tell you one secret.My father oso dun know.
Not being able to serve NS forever is my greatest regret in life.
My OC ask me to consider to sign on as a regular becos I caught his attention but that would mean I have to draw a higher salary .
I am only interested in serving the country with a small token of NS allowance.Everything free some more what I want.You guys just dun believe that there are indeed people like me around.,because everyone see money so important.

Anonymous said...

"How does Singapore, a small country with little natural resources, defend itself against traditional and non-traditional threats?". Unquote

Is it not precisely the Above-quoted reason that Singapore needs not spend much on defense? Who want a resourceless tiny speck of land and for what??? Unless the enemy is out to teach the inhabitants of Sin a lesson, no one will spend a cent to attack it. Why would anyone waste a cent on it?

Spending that sinful amount on defense of the tiny dot is like spending one million dollars to remove the cancer of an 80 year old man. Much goes to waste too.", unquote

Any comment for the above?

agongkia said...

anon 4.11
That is why we need to have more NS men to bring down the cost of having an expensive army.
Do you want the powerful and rich to threaten to sue you over the slightest remark every time and tell you what to do,claiming they are always right?
No?Then you must learn how to defend yourself by producing more babies,have a strong family like the chopstick brothers ,stay united and the powerful and rich will think twice when they want to threaten to sue or bankrupt you.,because you oso have a strong family .
The same logic apply.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Conscription is a form of slavery. NS may have been necessary at one time, but not any longer and so the right thing is being done -- the service time is being decreased gradually.

I've also argued the case that Singapore odes not need a standing army, although a well-armed and trained citizen militia is still a good idea.

Take the Swiss example: Swiss male citizens are issued rifle and uniform, combat equipment which they keep at home at all times.

I don't think Lee Kuan Yew will allow Singapore male citizens to keep an automatic military weapon at home...for obvious reasons :-)