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Malaysia boleh! The latest news or rumour that Malaysia is going to charge tolls on the new eastern highway from the immigration only on Singaporean cars is the most brilliant thing that I have heard on governance. The tax burden of the country should be borne by the foreigners benefiting from the country. This is a notable principle for all govts to consider, especially Singapore.

And this kind of taxation policy can only be applicable and effective when the foreigners form a large percentage of the population, or users of the highway in the Malaysian case. Why not, these foreigners are here because they know what is best for them and should repay the generosity of the host country. Singaporeans driving into Malaysia must pay generously to the host country for their enjoyment there. You cannot fault such a thinking and cannot even try to fight it. Why have to pay to go into Disneyland? It is their country, silly you. You visit someone’s country, you play by their rules. Only silly countries will bend down on their knees to welcome foreigners and treat foreigners better than their citizens.

In Singapore, we have almost 50% foreigners in the country and rightfully they should share a bigger tax burden for the opportunity to be here, to get rich and to enjoy all our hospitality, and to litter everywhere. Why are we paying for them to be here using our tax money instead?

And this is paradise that the whole world is queuing up to come in. Those who refuse to pay need not come. Many are waiting in line to come in, to smuggle themselves in, to pay to come in. Or this is a myth, no one wants to come?

Malaysia is doing the right thing. Country and citizens first. Imagine what it would be like if the tax burden of the citizens is transferred to foreigners, PRs and temporary workers? Simply brilliant! Chee Hean should have mentioned this to his govt officials yesterday and make them think of better ways to tax the foreigners as a substitute to taxing the citizens.


Anonymous said...

No lah.
Malaysian politicians very stupid.

They should learn from our Party Against People.

1. They should only tax Malaysian cars.
2. Set up 10 immigration lanes for the exclusive use of Singapore cars.

3.Offer free car servicing and oil change.
4.Invite a Singaporean to lecture the Johor public that;
"Nobody owes them a living.
Just because they are Johoreans and they pay their taxes, does not mean that they are entitled to use their roads freely."

5.If a Singaporean beats up a Malaysian, the Singaporean should be allowed to keep his passport and leave Malaysia freely.

6. Johoreans should also do national service for 2 years.
To protect Singaporeans and Singaporean owned property from from foreign threats.

7. The elderly in Johor are also too idle. They should be working as cleaners or scavenging for rubbish that Singaporeans are throwing away.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say your argument is equally brilliant. Things can be seen in many different angles and look equally good, depending on where one's interest lies. : ) Or what is the agenda.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia can do that because they know Singaporeans need them more than they need the Singaporeans. With many Singaporeans having purchased property in JB, they LPPL lah. Either pay to visit their houses or leave them empty. Even those without properties still have to go to JB to get their regular fix of good food and cheap groceries. Where else can they turn to? Batam?

For the FTs in Singapore, it is unfortunately the other way around. Singapore needs them to boost the population and consequently GDP. You antagonise the FTs and they will all cabut, then you will quickly see what will happen to the value of all your HDB flats and condos, not to mention GDP growth rate.

So, in conclusion RB, your comparison is not apples to apples.

Anonymous said...

"For the FTs in Singapore, it is unfortunately the other way around."

I disagree.

A lousy salesman will always blame his products.
A lousy politician will always blame the citizens.

The Pro Alien Party's Position:
The problem with Singapore is the Singaporeans.
Singaporeans are the problem.
Therefore Singaporeans need to be fixed.
And Singaporeans agree.
Or at least 60% of the Sinkies do.

The Opposition Party's Position
The problem with Singapore is the Pro Alien Party.
And their lousy policies.
And their lousy execution of their polices.
The solution is to vote Opposition.
And Singaporeans agree.
Or at least 40% of the Sinkies do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.58am,

Well, unfortunately (for all Sinkies), we live in a democracy so 40% can't do jack shit against a 60% majority.

Anonymous said...

A funny thot just occurred to me.

If Singaporeans were prostitutes.
And we needed to be sold to foreigners.
So that our government will have money to pay themselves a salary.

I wonder if our pimp, the Pro Alien Party, is selling us on the cheap?

jjgg said...

Mr RB....this is very serious...almost tantamount to act of war!!!! Here's a chance to show the Malaysians what our war machine can do..and that our defense budget is not only to buy laptops for computer games and to park fighter planes in the Ozzie desert...just thinking about it ah...if Malaysia and Indonesia growing by leaps n bounds..do they really have time to be our enemy??...maybe the planes are for strafing the terrorists...if we can find them...such complications...better go back to my Word Game....hehehe

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi jjgg, you are reading too many of my postings on American antics. Everytime someone does something quickly proclaim it as dangerous and provocative and threaten to strike.

I respect Malaysia for what it is going to do in its own territory. They also respect our decision on the 3/4 tank rule which is... you know what.

And some Singaporeans are very happy that the conversion rate to ringgit is very good. So noo problem. So who got problem?

If politicians got problem and go and bang table with them then see who would look more silly. Go to ICJ will definitely be thrown out. May be accused of interfering in Malaysia's domestic affair. : )

jjgg said...

Mr RB...here's how they really screw us up...rattle the sabre a little bit then all our little white men will go on the defensive..make us spend zillions of dollars on planes that will will see more sand than sky..eventually...we'll spend all our money on these things...then..who'll have the last laugh?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Seriously jjgg, I don't think that policy, if implemented, is meant to be anti Singapore. It is just their way of wanting to recover some revenue, and to them it is easier to make foreigners pay than make their people pay.

Anyway, Singaporeans are used to pay and pay and would not mind paying. I think it is a good thing as they too will be happier when Sinkies go over and pay for everything. It is definitely not meant to be provocative or to undermnine inter state relations.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are being milked dry at home. So what is a few more ringgits? Definitely affordable and cheap.

jjgg said...

Rb ...not suggesting that our neighbours being antagonistic..but ..what's wrong with having fun with ppl who's got siege mentality ah..anyway..good for the Malaysians..at least they know where to tap their money..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi jjgg, we must always respect other countries sovereign rights and not meddle with their territorial integrity.

We are not Americans. We can't behave like Americans and threaten to attack anyone on the excuse of protecting national interest, freedom of passage, and people cannot launch their own satellites.

Anonymous said...

first they charge Singapore cars, their next move is to charge any Singaporeans coming to Malaysia for $5.

Imagine how much they will earn per day.

Don't say never, it is just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

That is what happen to the world when PAP ideology is spread to the world.

PAP ideology is
"YOU MUST PAY" (at all cost)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

well, that is good for them. It is their country and they will do their numbers to price it right. You have to pay more to go to Disneyland right? We are paying much more to drive into Orchard Rd.

It is all economics. They will price it so affordable to Sinkies that Sinkies will find it a good bargain. The frightening part is when Malaysia is thinking like Singapore and performs like Singapore. Then we have a real competitor at our door step.

And our govt should do the right thing, tell the people, spend within your means. If going to Malaysia is cheaper than going to Orchard Rd, why not?

The important thing, it is their country. They welcome you, at a price. Unlike Singapore where we welcome foreigners freely and to some extent foolishly. Different thinking, different priorities and different interests.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The formula is easy to work out. There are those that have choice, must go for business or whatever. This group, sampai mati. Pay at whatever price.

The next group, price is right go. Price not right, don't go or go lesser.

The third group, irrelevant, don't go.

They only need to set a price to target the second group and look at the optimum price in the demand and supply curve.

The same formula is being applied in our housing policies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Inbred, inferiority-complex motherfuckers :-)

Anonymous said...

I hope the Malaysian government can collect enough money from Singaporeans to abolish road tax.

Chadrlyg said...

Joke: A funny thot just occurred to me. If Singaporeans were prostitutes. And we needed to be sold to foreigners. So that our government will have money to pay themselves a salary. I wonder if our pimp, the Pro Alien Party, is selling us on the cheap?