Govt can do more…

Front page news of Today paper is about building an inclusive society and the message is that the Govt can do more. At a glance this should be the case but really, when the Govt is going to do more is really a frightening proposition. The problem of this country is that the Govt is doing too much, to do everything for the people, even to keep their CPF money and when or how many children to have. The Govt is doing too much and this messing around with the people’s money and life is the main cause of many social problems.

What the Govt should do is to do less. Please, do not help the people when it is not necessary. Leave the people alone to live and manage their own lives. There are many things that the Govt can do to help the people without having to do anything. Imagine some kids in Parliament telling the whole population how to make people, how to be good?

One major curse of the Govt is how it is trying to manage and control the people’s hard earned savings in the CPF as if they belong to the Govt. For goodness sake, lay off, and return the money to their rightful owners. A stronger word would be ‘fuck off’. Leave the people’s money alone! So much saving and still not enough for retirement! Why? Why?

The next major concern of the people is the influx of foreigners that the Govt claimed is good for the people when the people are getting really pissed off, getting hurt. Why is something that the Govt claimed is so good is seen to be so bad by the people? Maybe the Govt is only thinking economic and money while the people are thinking social, our society, the way of life, how they want their country to be. The people must have the final say as to what the country should be and not a few individuals who are just as human and would not be in Govt forever. The country belongs to the people, not to a few individual who want to decide what they think is good for the people without consulting the people. Ask the people, consult the people. No need to?

The Govt can do less and allow the real market forces to determine housing demand and supply without controlling the supply and increasing the demand unnaturally.
The Govt can do less with the taxpayer’s money by not giving it to foreigners that have nothing to do with us. Do just a little or better, don’t do anything in this regard. Give the money to the children of the taxpayers that are more deserving.

The Govt can do less by allowing the people and country to develop naturally towards a freer and more inclusive society.
The Govt can do less in limiting the supply of professionals, especially medical so that the market forces can work to lower the cost of medical services.

The Govt can also do less in not raising the GST to help the poor. No, no need, the poor don’t need this kind of help.

There are many things that the Govt can do less and end up helping the people more. Property enhancement to inflate property prices is a double edged sword and one profits from another. What is really bad is for foreigners to profit from the citizens. This is detrimental to the well being of our own people.

The Govt can also issue less licences to foreigners, including PRs for small businesses that the locals can do without having to compete with mercenaries who have no stake in this country.

My call to the Govt is to do less in areas that the people can look after themselves. Please, don’t. The daft Sinkies are really not that daft that some leaders make them out to be. A second upper foreign scholar is not better than a second upper local scholar. Not deserving of scholarship based on merit.


Anonymous said...

Redbean well analysed.
Do less, control less. Give the people more space mentally & financially.

Anonymous said...

There is a limit to every thing and there is a saying every dog will has his day . Just wait and see what will happen to these dogs ...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Yes, the government should do more, and send everyone the bill for providing such "goodies".

Seriously though, can you believe the size, cost and POWER of the government...of a tiny (smaller than small) island city...which is turned into a state through a republican constitution?

It started off with a small, inexpensive government running a bustling, thriving free-trade island.

Now the govt corporations dominate the stock market, the cost of government is astronomical, and the government power reaches into every area of life.

Let this brother from another mother preach to us all... Fuck The Government!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Government "assistance"

jjgg said...

Hi RB ..here's a poser..." will fat cats become fatter if they don.'t do anything?"

jjgg said...

Hi RB ..here's a poser..." will fat cats become fatter if they don.'t do anything?"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Creating more jobs to justify more pay?

The people must go down on their knees and pray and say thank you to the govt for working so hard and doing so many things for them.

Anonymous said...

I like that stronger word, i also have a strong word for allowing too many too fast into our shore (Prostitution)