Am I amused?

I was reading some of the comments in TRE on Shanmugam’s fame statement of not wanting to burden our young with more taxes. One trend of thought shone through the deluge of angry voices. The PAP has lost touch with the ground, did not know what is happening, did not do its homework. Now, now, now, can’t make such sweeping statements about the crème ala crème of our super talents. They would not be where they are and earning millions, if they did not know what is happening or did not do their homework.

I hate to disappoint the losers. They are in control and know exactly what is happening and what they are doing. Period. Do not under estimate the super talents. They are brighter and smarter than the losers for sure. The main difference is that both are existing on the same piece of rock but living on different planes of existence. One is apple and one is buah long long. One lives a lifestyle whereby $50k a month is too pressurizing. The other must be grateful to be able to buy a 2rm HDB flat with $1000 pm income. You cannot compare the two as both are deserving of what they have. Don’t be unreasonable. The rich poor gap is only natural and would get wider as we progress. The rich must get richer and the poor must get poorer. There is nothing that can be done about it. It is the law of nature. Darwinism!

The losers must accept their fate that they are simply not good enough. Why then must the govt bring in more foreign talents? Isn’t that clear enough that the losers are unable to make the best of their lives in such a conducive money making environment and should only have themselves to blame. Look, look, all the foreign talents are so happy here, making so much money and not complaining. If there is anything wrong, it must be the local losers.

Want another spur on your hike? The whole world is being invited to be here to get rich. How could the locals be complaining that they could not make it? This is the freest economy for the meritocratic, regardless of nationalities. The third most competitive country in the world ot do business. I mean do business, not selling bak chang or nasi lemak. If you are good, you deserve to be rich. If you are no good, don’t kpkb. The govt does not believe in a welfare state, not even with your CPF money for your own charity.

And don’t complain that the govt is not doing anything for the people. $1.1b to subsidise public transport. What more do you want? More parks will be built for the people to enjoy. Fresh air and landscaped environment. No good meh? There will be more upgradings and SERS to give more money to the people. Cannot complain lah. The govt is doing everything it can for the good of the people. And the hundreds of billions in national reserves are for the people. Don’t you feel rich? See, all the western countries are in debt and going bankrupt. We got hundreds of billions to buy up fire sale companies for a song. Soon they will be turned around to double the money invested.

The future of our country is in good hands. They know what they are doing. The losers don’t. The writing is on the wall but the losers failed to see. Every policy is carefully fine tuned, targetted for the desired results, by the best talents money can buy.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why people invest in gold. I for one think gold will be worthless. The future of money shouldn't be that heavy.

Anonymous said...

Sham is more lucky than smart.Like all so-called elites,their fortune hinges on one man,just one man

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Everyone takes a loss now and then. In that sense we are all "losers" because we act on (usually faulty) pre-suppositions or facts which change rendering our original decision to act worthless or sometimes even dangerous.

It is both worthless and dangerous to expect the govt to "look after" you -- even, and ESPECIALLY when you are old. When you are old, you have no more power, and politics is all about power.

People in cuntrees which delude themselves into helping the older folk better grab as much as they can, when they can. That system cannot go on. Especially with baby boomers coming on-line to the welfare system.

And the young people certainly resent paying taxes to fund old farts. I have a 20-something cousin -- wicked little shit that she is (unfortunately you cannot choose your relatives) -- who proposes old people be culled ala the movie "Soylent Green"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You think she is wicked? Have you been to hospices and nursing homes and see how those lifeless bodies hanging everywhere or lying in beds day in and day out, some for years, without doing anything, doing anything, knowing anything?

I think it is more merciful to let them go naturally than to keep them alive. Culling is not the right word. Just let them go peacefully. They have lived their lives and waiting for a little mercy to be free from their wretched useless bodies.

It is terribly undignified to be alive.

Anonymous said...

Euthanasia? Religion is standing in the way.

Anonymous said...

But the hard truth is that inequality is here to stay; the divides can be shrunk but never healed. The right fiscal policies can do much to promote inclusive growth. An inclusive identity will go hand-in-hand with this visionary Budget to fostering unity in the midst of disparity - Dr Leong Chan-Hoong is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies. 

By inclusive identity he meant that we should share a common pidgin language or favorite ah beng commercial etc and then drop some bread crumbs from the rich man table to shut your mouths

Anonymous said...

Another elite uncaring face.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I fully endorse the idea of physician-assisted suicide aka euthanasia.

Watching these poor souls (actually there's no such thing as "soul"...) hanging around with no more "sense of life" is more painful on the living .

However you can still live ok even if you have to take heaps or drugs and go for regular doctoring. This is what my 20-something wicked cousin is against paying for...sick, but not quite ready to go ...yet. And they can hang on for years.

IMO the problem is not taxes per se, but a public healthcare system, which of course is run off the taxes of those young and productive.

Bad idea. Cousin? Still a wicked little shit.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Anyway...back to the article:

Meritocracy is the most "level" of all playing fields.

...but no one is forcing you to play. You want to have a chance of "winning", then choose to play.

Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

...and more liberalisation, means more and more business.

The latest great idea.

Nice to see the local lawyers get some free market "competition".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good idea to have more competition in all areas and let them feel what it is like being chased out of one's own house for being less competitive or less talented.

There are two views with regards to healthcare. A personal problem or national problem?

When there is an epidemic, govt says it is personal problem. Every one must pay for their own drugs. Some cannot afford and the epidemic continues to spread like fire.

Or ageing and most of the aged cannot afford to pay for medicare, and all sickly and dying everywhere. Whose problem?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Aiyah, the basic problem is believing what the govt says without any proof.

The govt takes your money leading you to believe that the govt will "look after you when you really need it".

But it offers no proof that it can or will do so.

But you still believe, and unfortunately you have NO CHOICE but to PAY.

But instead of moving on, and making other contingency plans, when the crunch comes, it is easier to play the victim and blame the government.

Playing the victim won't get you very far. People "believe" (again, with these fucked up beliefs) that the universe is "just" and that they are entitled to "fairness", or the mechanism of "karma". There is NO EVIDENCE to support such claims. Yet believing in karma makes people HOPE or feel themselves SUPERIOR to those "unenlightened fools" -- mostly skeptics and atheists, and other negative spirits :-)

They've committed the Just world Fallacy.

Sometimes you can get justice. When you cannot, just accept the loss and MOVE ON, or you will waste your life crying over spilled milk.