Good strategic thinking

The decision to spend $1.1b to buy more buses is turning out to be a wise one. It is strategic and good foresight to be able to think one step ahead of problems. The regularity of train breakdowns is no longer a serious matter but a matter of inconvenience to live with. And the additional trains will come in real handy when breakdowns happened. Yesterday was a case in point and disrupted passengers were quite pleased.

Now there will be more buses and drivers to step in to transfer passengers quickly from MRT stations to their next destinations. Displaced passengers can count themselves lucky to have more buses to minimize the disruption and go on as normal. And the transfer from trains to buses is also free which will make the little inconvenience that much bearable.

Good decision. Good foresight and hindsight. Anticipating what can go wrong and preparing for the fallouts.


Anonymous said...

Trains can break down.
People also can break down.

Give me back my CPF before I break down.

Better still, give me $1.1 billion dollars (or a million dollar salary) so I never break down!

Then I can emigrate and break down in USA.
But then I would be USA problem and not your problem.

Frustrated Train commuter said...

Why anticipate the What can go wrong and prepare for the fallout and not do the right thing right the first time? Is it not possible? Then why pay yourself millions?

Anonymous said...

hmmm complicated...!!

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Frustrated Train Commuters, welcome to the blog.

Like they said, count your blessings. It could be worst : )

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Yesterday at NEL, breakdown lasted about 12 hrs from early morning to late afternoon nearly 5 pm if I'm not wrong.
Those poor old folks and handicapped taking a train to SGH for medical appt suffered the most. Taxis are expensive and buses not so convenient. The train breakdown paralysed the whole spectrum of social economic activities resulting in so much frustration, inconvenience, productivity loss and angst among the travelling public whom rely heavily on the train system.
12 hrs breakdown is no laughing matter. Next time it will 24 hrs complete shut down! It will get worst cuz the system is breaking down in the name of profit maximization!
Free buses on ad hoc basis will mitigate, dilute or appease the public?
The question is have the public reached a breaking point? Will it turn into a political issue?
Why so stubborn to resist calls for nationalization ? Is nationalization a dirty word? Is it a taboo to explore this option?
I don't know. You pls enlighten me. Really langgar dah!

Anonymous said...

If they can recruit and pay foreigners bus drivers such high pay, why dont we mobilise our NS boys to be drivers and pay them the same rate as those foreigners, and at the same time training them to be become drivers after their National Service.

What "strategic thinking."

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

: )

patriot said...

Each time the train breaks down, thousands of worker, student and other commuters are affected.
Those workers that are supposed to take over duties from others who after working a whole night, wont make it on time. This results in the night shift staff having to work extra with shorter time for rest. He/she then suffers and probably will see the doctor or performs poorly for the next few days/nights.

Those who have appointments will have to miss them. Parents with infants going to infant/child care centres will have to struggle with their toddlers in tow.

Much inconvenience and anxiety are caused on top of lost productivity. Thousands or more of man hours are lost each time a train breakdown occurs. And this is for simple break down, imagine the consequence if there are casualty and fatality.

So far, it seems that train breakdowns are perceived as normal liked human falls sick.
For planes and locomotives, they are no humans. The people running them better make sure that they are in perfectly safe working condition before people are killed due to poor maintenance and NEGLIGENCE. So, please wake up!


Victor said...

Good strategic thinking is also legislating a form of female NS that can take some load off our current medical care issues.

How about maybe nursing or simple physiotherapy or even just spending time with elderly or young children as a dutiful role alongside their male counterparts?

Make it 12 months or 18 months without the need for reservist and pay them the same rate we're paying the NS boys.

Apologies for digressing.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

This is serious shit. WTF is the Hotel Management doing?

I'm going to have to kick their asses and fuck them upside down.

How dare they sleep on their well-paid jobs and become negligent!


However, on the plus side: this highlights that something has to be done to the system so that it can accommodate larger capacities in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

Having the girls to do NS, the best suggestion I have heard yet. More of my countrymen will be coming this way.