Shimun Lai's facebook comment

Shimun Lai, a 19-year-old at Nanyang Polytechnic, posted a racially insensitive comment about smell and race that has gone viral. This kind of insensitive remarks will be repeated by the less sensitive and will irk those being targeted. People get offended by all kinds of things, some genuine, some imagery, some real, some unreal, some unjustified.

One aspect of Shimun Lai’s complaint is genuine and can be minimized, that is bad body odour, or unclean body. This problem is not race biased but affects all races, local and foreigners. All human beans have body odour and it smells badly if not wash properly. Then there are some with bad personal hygiene and do not take bath regularly. Some tend to sweat profusely and smell foul. Some have bad personal habits that produce very unpleasant bad odour.

And in the close proximity of trains and buses, even inside working areas or offices, really bad smell is a problem. And the person with the smell may not know it when people start to avoid them and stay away from them. The polite ones affected by the smell will endure quietly or walk away. The less intolerant will show their displeasure and may even tell the person off.

This little irritating problem calls for a public campaign to educate everyone to adopt simple personal hygiene routines to keep themselves clean and be less offensive to those around them. It may be a bit too much to ask for from manual workers as their work demands will make them dirty and smelly very quickly. And you have the foreigners with their own standard of personal hygiene and habits which they are used to without knowing that they smell and irritate and even offend those around them. We don’t have to live with their dirty smell.

For friendly co existence and acceptance, the offenders should be educated or briefed to keep themselves clean. It is not too demanding a request or expectation. It is actually very rude to walk around smelling and forcing it on others. In the train and buses, it can be unbearable. It is rude and offensive. The ministry should do its part to reduce this social stigma. What is the point of nice clean buses, beautiful restaurants and theatres, when the person next door did not bother to clean himself or herself. And I say this again, it is not a racial thing but affects everyone. Anyone who does not keep himself or herself clean will smell and will be unwelcomed.

Let’s do something to prevent this social problem from becoming an irritating issue. Everyone can spread the word around to their friends, and friends to their friends politely. It does not cost much to wash and bath and be clean. This is a first world country and first world habits, culture and social graces must be the norm. We should not go backward to accept and accommodate third world social habits by lowering down our standard of simple hygiene. We have allowed spitting and littering to return to our midst. It is a sorry state of affair.

Why do you think politicians irked when shaking hands with people? It is not fair to blame the politicians. Why should a pair of clean hands be dirtied by a pair of soiled hands? The politician is not impolite to want to wash the soil hands quickly. It is the other party that is rude and offensive.


Anonymous said...

Yes, by bringing in race is a bad and insensitive thing and she deserves to be whacked.

What she should say is just about smelly bodies. Nothing to do with race. Anyone walking around with an unclean or unwashed body is rude, very rude, and must be told off.

Peacemaker said...

The quick fix solution to this eternal human problem is simple.

SMRT should install air fresheners and ionizers that puffs out nice scents like lavender, mountain ice, rose petals, gentle daisies and strong sunflowers.

The ionizers will also send out much needed ozones to keep everyone, cool and sedated so that they don't get offended like what this young girl did.

Also, some nice meditation music will complement the whole pleasant world class train trip.

That is, if you are not slapped with another breakdown somewhere in some dank tunnel courtesy of the provider of our world class transport operator.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

I have got a lady colleague always applying tons of perfume on her body. Whenever we take over the train from her, the whole driving cabin - usually smelt foul and stale will be left with her residue perfume. We nick named her "walking air refresher!' Imagine if everybody inside the packed like sardines train is a walking air refresher ? Lol ! Langgar !

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Peacemaker, welcome to the blog.

A little scent is always pleasant. But the overpowering kind can be too forceful to bear. Then, as
Gintai has said, the lingering stale taste is like sour wine or stale beer.

What we need is for everyone to observe a little personal hygiene, take a bath in the morning before leaving home. That is all that is needed. Out humid climate makes thing worst.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The human body produces many noxious substances. Most of the time, good hygiene helps with the smell factor, but sometimes certain humans just smell strongly all the time, no matter what they try to alleviate it.

Some aspects of being human sucks. Body odour especially in crowded places, in a hot climate...oh well...just have to put up with it and bitch about it once in awhile.

Personally, I find the whole thing fucking funny.

Veritas said...

The suicide FT policy has over the years, increasingly changed Singaporeans, the most hospital and tolerant people.

If PAP still insist on FT policy, I will not be surprise we will see racial riots.

Anonymous said...

if the young girl's 'tweet' was just about body odour, we wouldnt be here commenting would we? Comparing a particular race to 'fking dogs' is what caused the stir. Kids nowadays should be cautious when posting on social networking sites. Such racist comments are- if im not wrong an offence in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

WHAT is a "human bean". it's a "human being" get it right.

Sid said...

Hi Veritas,

Am not too sure if u saw the comment. But the comment said indians in general. It could refer to local indians as well. I mean, i have been growing up here all my life (am a citizen). And even before the large influx of indian professionals (the so-called FT u r talking about) as well as unskilled labourers from India, in the early 90s, there were racial jokes about local indians. Those stereotypes were here all along. Cutting on FTs is not the solution. The problem lies in the racially chauvinistic, sino-centric mindset some of the local chinese have. I have seen it, heard it. The local Chinese here will NEVER admit that there is racism here (with the exception of some of my chinese friends and maybe a few others). They want to think that this is some meritocratic paradise that treats everyone equally. Maybe in the law, in the book. But in actual practice, the institutionalized racism that exists here is only realized by those who are affected by it.

Veritas said...

Re Sid

I do not doubt racism exist in Singapore. But I am certain that Chinese are the least racist among the major race.

But over the pass 10 years, every Singapore Chinese are kicked out from Citibank CBD by FT Indians. PAP who are bastard peranakan even praise these toxic racist as foreign talent.

This is rampant n racism against Chinese.

Not to forget, most Singaporeans Indians are low caste Indians that were despise by higher caste.

The Chinese here give Indians our daughters. So many Chinese girls married low caste Indians man.

In Indian, the couple would be lynched. I am not exergeratting. Many such couples are lynched every year.

And before accusing Chinese of racism, Indian should soul search their even more toxic racism, and very much masked in the form of caste system. Indians are more racist than Chinese.

Anonymous said...

another campaign?
human bean?

agongkia said...

Talking about Bawoo.I just taught myself to apply coconut oil if I want to take public transport.I know many dun like this smell and will stay metres away from me,giving me a chance to find a seat easily.I am going to encourage the elderly to apply it,if young people still dun give way to them.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Our own minister has said derogatory remarks (MRT incident anyone?, and he still gets to keep his job. Getting paid exorbitant amounts of money. Did he issue a proper apology? No. He just included the other race (that he neglected in his earlier statement) to the list. If our own government cannot keep their own "people" in check, why such a big fuss over what Shimun said? Aren't we supposed to follow our leaders? Hypocrites. All of you. If you say you're not racist, that's bullshit.

Veritas said...

Chinese is the least racist probably scoring 1 on the scale of 10.

Indian, would score a scale of 9 in racism. Look at Citibank at CBP. FT Indians kick out every single Chinese.

When you google "Chinky (Indians derogatory name for Chinese) India", you get numerous results.

I have gone to many forums of India. They simply spew hatred against Chinese especially on topics like South Tibet, Sino-Indian war.

Today, India are conducting culture genocide against the yellow especially on Leh and extra-judicial killings on Sino-Tibetan in the north east.

This is racism on unprecedented scale. Even KKK of USA wont do that.

Anonymous said...

Many comments been made. In short the crux of matter is we need more EQ, not IQ.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the Chinese were victims of racism in the old colonial civil service, they never did they complain about racism.

Racism is inside the head of racists. Racists think, eat and sleep with racism.

The young are rash and often do first before they think and reacts angrily in the heat of the moment. That is why they are called the young.

Anonymous said...

In citibank they cannot stand the BO of Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Surely you're not serious about your blog posting on smells?

That's taking the issue to its extreme.

When did we start turning on each other and policing how people act/talk/smell?

You're just opening a can of worms with your comments and it's not addressing the real question of good manners.

You do not bad mouth people just because you can. She expressed her feelings publicly on a social media platform.

She could have chosen to do it the old fashioned way by complaining to friends she know.

Instead she put it in words and we know how words help.

Admonishing her in public is not going to change her attitude and this incident is not going to change her mind about those 'smelly' people either.

But to claim that the real emphasis is on getting 'smelly' people to freshen up is just silly.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Smell, poor hygiene, filth, littering, spitting, loud chattering, are all social problems. Singaporeans must be conscious of what their country is turning into. Singaporeans must be home proud and the country is their home. Everyone must take care of their home and their country. Only then can the country be a pleasant and liveable place.

If we don't care, if we accept the filth and smell of third world and accept them as normal, soon we will be back in the longkangs. I have discussed this matter before. We were once from the longkangs. Do not feel nostalgic about longkangs and grow an emotional attachment to the bad stuff.

Our parents were immigrants of no choice and don't think that because we were immigrants, we can open our doors wide open to all immigrants. Our position has changed.

The Japanese is a good example to emulate. Everyone feel Japanese and the country their home. They clean their homes and the streets voluntarily to keep them clean. This is not only civic minded, civilised, but a great sense of ownership and pride.

Alas, many sick sinkies are treating this island as a public toilet, no ownership and no responsibility. Some may even think it is cool to be like third world, dirty, unwash and smelly is the way to go.

My comments are harsh as this is my country and I do not want to see it being turned into a public toilet.

Veritas said...

Indian racist shut up. Go look at the massive killings you done in the north east India targeting sino-tibetan. These people are cousin of Chinese race.

Everywhere Indian migrant critical mass the local woman are made prostitute.

The Nepal Tharu are the cleverest people in the whole world before the arrival of FT Indians. They give the world Buddha.

Today, racist Indian kicked them out their land, exploited them, threaten them with violent so much that now the best career for their woman is brothel in Mumbai and Calcutta.

1000 years before the misfortune of Tharu, the Dravidians who are the most clever people in the world kana same shit from Indian.

The pre-verdic Dravidian built the Mohanjo Daro and Harapa, till this date, still viewed as miracle by historian.

The wicked Indian come make them slaves. Today, due to 5000 years of exploitation, Northern Dravidians so call Dalits are the most stupid people in the world.

I am now seeing PAP trying to gang up with Indians, to create a career of prositution for our woman prostitute in the timeline of few decades.

Anonymous said...

@Veritas needs to have his brain checked.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The lesser we point fingers at one another the better. It is very easy for the racists to accuse others of racism and provoke a heated argument.

Maturity and sensibility will help to avoid creating more animosity. The beating up of the Ferrari driver is a good example. No one is using the racist line of thought. It should be kept that way.

Ashveen said...

Hi, I'm Ashveen Nair, I was the one who made a report on Shimun Lai. I'm just here to seek justice for my community as a bad remark was thrown at us despite the fact it was in a crowded train or not.I take the train everyday and I do complain when such incidents happen, but i don't condemn the other race or religion saying they have to be separated and they are dogs.We would very much appreciate a public apology from Shimun Lai. This is exactly what we are expecting. The authorities will handle what needs to be done after that. If you can publicly embarrass the Indian Community then you jolly well apologize for your actions in public, similar to taking your dog for a walk, if your dog takes a poop, its the owners responsibility to clear it, simple as that...We have built the nation to this level, living in a multi-racial society we do not need these racist characters to create mess among us. I seek the assistance of all Singaporeans, regardless of race language or religion to share this thought....Thank you (Im no freedom fighter, just seeking justice and doing the right thing)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ashveen, welcome to the blog.

What Shimun Lai has done is wrong. I hope she apologises.

All races here should be more conscious of the sensitivity of passing uncalled remarks at other people. We are one country and one people. We need to live as one people in harmony.

Ashveen said...

Thank you MR Chua Chin Leng, Thank you for undersatnding.As for the facts which Veritas are saying are not in context to the current issue.Pls understand where Im coming from, not here to create a mess, Im just seeking an apology as thats what we deserve.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Racism is like cancer, it grows. And if one is in the wrong company, they feed on each other and encourage each other to reinforce the anger and hatred.

In the wrong company, everyone is racist as they think and believe so. In general, things are not that bad.

agongkia said...

Certain people are just too sensitive.
Please call me names or anything if it can make you happier.
Call me chinky ,banana...I like coconut oil...call me coconut oso can.

Anonymous said...

In my observation, I find that Indians are the most sensitive of all the races. Malays are more sensitive about their religion. The Chinese are the least sensitive of all the races in Singapore. This is my personal experience and opinion. Feel free to disagree.

Anonymous said...

They are the most racist. But they accused others of being racist. That way, others would have to defend against the accusation and make them look right. We all know the trick.

Veritas said...

I am not here to tell the complete truth. I am here to highlight salient points of racism in Hindostani culture.

I state facts. The killings of Sino-Tibetan in North East India by Indo-Aryan is fact. These Sino-Tibetan are our cousin speaking a language related to Chinese.

The caste system which in actual fact is racism is a fact.

The systemic marginalization by Hindic people against Sino-Tibetan is a fact. We all know Sherpa Tenzin Norgay is No 1 mountaineers.

Very few people know the Sherpa tribe, which belongs to the Tibetan race are rank low caste by Brahmins that control the powers in Nepal.

Everywhere the Hindic culture goes, we see massive racism aim against the native. Be careful, these people are invited against Singaporeans by PAP.

Out of context or not, I don care. I am here to warn my fellow Singaporeans against racist who feign victim.

Uma said...

To the Great Less Sensitive people,
agongkia March 28, 2012 12:26 PM
Anonymous March 28, 2012 12:47 PM
Anonymous March 28, 2012 12:59 PM

Posting hurtful comments on a particular race such as "fucking Indians & fucking Dogs" is a shallow act. And you expect them to keep quiet. Of all the responses on this matter, a huge number came from the chinese communtiy as well. And they too feel that Shimun's behaviour was unacceptable so are they not sensitive also? I'm a Singaporean Indian. If such a remark was made on a Chinese, from an Indian, i would have been equally frustrated and have stood up for my fellow Chinese friends. Being sensitive is not the issue over here. It's her inappropriate and indecent words. By the way, her Twitter was locked. So obviously, the person who would have exposed the tweet would have been a friend of hers. And most probably a Chinese too, as i doubt she has any friends from the other races. If you are going to say that this matter is being made a mountain out of a molehill, please bear in mind that such comments have heard throughout the years. We all know that. But everyone has just been brushing the matter off and trying to be ignorant, so as not to create racial riots. Do not take that silence for granted. This goes to all the other races as well.
And Dear Veritas, caste system was common in all races and religions, not only in Hindu. However now, after hundreds of years, these systems are barely in practices. Anyone can just google, get the info, copy and paste here. Your aboce post is totally irrelevant to this issue. Stop trying to create disputes among all the communities over here.
The fact that Shimun's tweet had been highlighted, so that everyone would be careful on what comes out from their mouth.

Anonymous said...


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Uma, welcome to the blog.

All communities please take note that a rude and callous remark by a 17 year old can be very hurtful. So please understand other people's sensitivities before calling anyone names.

For those who think that Shimun needs to be lynched, please visit 3in1kopitiam and see how bad things can be.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, I forgot, some of you may want to go there and kick some asses for the racist things posted there.

Veritas said...

Posting hurtful comments on a particular race such as "fucking Indians & fucking Dogs" is a shallow act. And you expect them to keep quiet.

While a 17 year old girl may be hurtful, I am kind of puzzle that so many mature adults are depressed by a ignorant kid.

I see more terrible racism in Citibank at CBP, and many people simply keep their mouth shut and pretend nothing happens.

Now is a good chance for FT Indian to show they are color-blind. They can protest in front of Citibank CBP and ask them to hire non-Indians. They should voice out against these racist what injured the most hospitable Singaporeans that accommodate them. They should condemn these racist who tries to import racism to Singapore.

Despite of shortcomings of racial policy in western countries, we often see white people protest and fight for non-white. Such things don happen to Indian in India or Indian in Singapore. They still enjoy the fact that only Indians can be hired by Citibank CBP.

Do you know that Citibank in SG is poisoning our atmosphere? Why bother with a harmless girl too young even to have sex, while racist in citibank are destroying life.

Best, High caste Indian should start match-make and married Dalits woman and shout it out on the roof. To the liars who say caste system dont exit, recently, even major Indian newspaper publish article that taunt Rahul Gandhi to marry a Dalits.

For Chinese, marrying someone even from the lowest status is such no issue and prevalent among elites.

That goes to show who is racist.

Rikesh Supra said...

To Veritas:
Your comments are simply pointless....and irrelevant to the situation....Also, you actually mentioned that Singaporean Indians are of lower-caste despised from the higher-caste......Pls get your facts right and stop shooting-out your words blindly...I grew up with many Chinese friends..... Yes, PRCs do crazy things too - like squat on a toilet bowl to do their business / smell too / talk loudly and rudely / don't understand simple English / eat dogs / etc..... But I don't voice it out in a vulgar manner... I was taught racial harmony and tolerance in schools.... I respect my Chinese friends' motherland no matter how it is........ But you don't seem to pay attention to even the national pledge and meaning in it.....

Veritas said...

Say whatever you want about PRC. They are none of my business.

Rikesh Supra said...

To Veritas:
Your comments are basically pointless....You mentioned most Singaporeans Indians are low caste Indians that were despise by higher caste - YOu really have to get your facts right / dont shoot-out words blindly....

I grew up with many Chinese friends..... Yes, PRCs do crazy things too - like squat on a toilet bowl to do their business / smell too / talk loudly and rudely / don't understand simple English / eat dogs / etc..... But I don't voice it out in a vulgar manner... I was taught racial harmony and tolerance in schools.... I respect my Chinese friends' motherland no matter how it is........ But you don't seem to pay attention to even the national pledge and meaning in it.....

Rikesh Supra said...

You are missing the point.....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Rikesh, welcome to the blog.

Growing up in this island and going to the same school, all of us have friends from various races. The school is a good melting pot especially when we were children and not tarred with any prejudices.

Then came NS, another good place to mix with other races and working together as one.

Today, with the influx of so many foreigners, what we have achieved in the last 40 years have been messed up and things are getting a bit untidy. We need to renew out effort to minimise the differences.

Our parents generation and my generation we don't seem to have that much problem. It looks like we have to go thru more remedial classes to get things right again.

Rikesh Supra said...

If you have a personal vendetta against Citibank, take it up with them - don't connect problems unnecessarily and create a bigger one..... what i propose is Racial Tolerance & Racial Harmony...

Rikesh Supra said...

Hi Chua Chin Leng - Yes, i totally agree with you.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can still remember some of the names, the subramaniam, kanapathy, visualingam, viknes, moorthy, singam, balakrishnan etc etc. Today the new Indian names are pretty alien to me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

And of course we have the vincents, the peters, the johns,...

Veritas said...

Spot on RB. Singaporeans are generally the most color blind people in the world.

Suddenly we are accused to be racist. This is the most wicked lies. Why not these "victims" go and look at what is happening across the causeway.

These hypocrite and liars don make a noise about the bumi policy but keep on accusing the most hospitable Singaporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We have 5m and about 3m citizens. There are bound to have a few individuals with extreme views. We just need to manage them and make sure they don't go over board and think it is ok.

What we are afraid is institutional or group racism. Then it will be intolerable. A pimple now and then should not be allowed to spoil our day.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I used to call my Indian friends mama but not keling. And they taught me on ner, ren ner, nar rer, ar rer, an ji, yea ler, wa ler, leh ter, wam pa ter, part ter. Not sure of the spelling but think the sound is about right : ) And no swear words.

Veritas said...

What I am afraid most probably came true. The support of foreigners by PAP against Singaporeans.

Over the years, ST has been exaggeration the crazy grievances of foreigner against Singaporeans to paint Singaporeans as racist.

A few weeks back, ST throw shit into UOB because 4-5 jokers happened to paint their face black and cameo together on bollywood theme party. (I bet 99% of UOB staff appear whiter than 99% of Indian on that night)

UOB was accused insinuately racist by ST.

Today, the crackpot ST make use of a small little twitt by a young girl not even in college, to paint Singaporean as racist. The crackpot Indian who make use of the twitt to make whoo-haa online has really nothing else better to do than to pick a fight.

If Singaporean don fight, these trouble maker will probably take remark from a kindergarten toddler to accuse Singaporeans as the worst racist in the whole universe.

If you visit India forum, the poison they spew against Chinese are 100x worse than what our little girl did, especially if you google "south tibet", "1962 sino-indian".

PAP is really corrupt. They have to go.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree with your observation. A small incident should not be blown out of proportion. Anyone who wants to fight racists should go to those blogs where the flame is burning 10 storey high. Start by going to www.3in1kopitiam.com or as suggested by veritas and you will know what racism is all about.

Let's not get carried away and overkill a 17 year old girl. I am very sure she got the full picture and felt the wrath of her uncalled for comment.

Anonymous said...

Ya, let's not bully a little girl. Hope the media is not harbouring a bunch of racists wearing masks of angels but fanning racist sentiments.

Rikesh Supra said...

I don't think anyone is going overboard with this....the girl is feeling the wrath as this situation was aggravated by others who made worse comments than her.... She is getting it because she is the first one...Please go look at the others Jonathan Chan and Stanley Hart's comments. That were the real fire-starters......
To Veritas - Nobody is a crackpot here.....

Anonymous said...

I still think Indians are most sensitive people. You want example? Hear this.

A couple of years back there was a radio program on one of our radio channels. Two radio jockeys, a Chinese and a Eurasian, were making fun of the way Singaporeans speak English. One was mimicking the way the Chinese spoke English and the other was doing the same to the way an Indian and a Malay spoke English. Everyone in the studio was having fun and amusement.
But unfortunately, the next day some Indian listeners who happened to have tuned in to the program were far from being amused and took umbrage. They even wrote to the Straits Times Forum page complaining that the jockeys were rather insulting, insensitive and racist and demanded that they should stop all their insulting and insensitive behaviour.

What mystified me was how come Malay and Chinese listeners did not say a word about the 'insulting' mimicry. After all what was so offensive about the way Singaporeans speak English? It is Singlish is it not? Was it not because these two races and others were less sensitive? You be the judge.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Where can I read Jonathan Chan and Stanley Hart?

It is good that we can talk about such issues in a cool and controlled manner. Talking about them without getting personal is a good way to expose such issues and the misgivings and everyone can benefit from it by know how others perceived and looked at things.

Veritas said...

To Veritas - Nobody is a crackpot here.

Only maggots and nuts will go and fan hatred because of a small twitt from a 17 year girl.

I urge all Singaporeans to wake up and treat this matter seriously. A few weeks ago, crackpot Indians use 4-5 person cameo back face of UOB to accuse Singaporeans of racism despite that probably 99% of UOB staff at that time make up fairer than 99% of Indians.

Now, another bunch of crackpot Indians goes further. They take 17 years old twitt to accuse Singaporeans of racism. If such things progress, one day, Indians may accuse Singaporeans of racism when one of them happened to be killed 3000 km away by Taliban.

Or maybe Singaporeans to be blame for any earthquake, flood or drought in India, anything that is from God.

I see PAP cheering when that day arrive.

agongkia said...

I am one who is also against those making racist remark on others but read carefully,I say certain people are just too sensitive.Not everyone.So must be careful with racist remarks.I am just saying that I am one who is not sensitive and who do not mind others calling me anything whatever they like.I am referring to ME.Pls call me anything,if that can make you happier.I believe this rabbit girl had learnt her lesson.

I call myself chinky,banana,chinaman etc .I am proud.Sometime I am sad that no one call me that.You are invited to call me that if it can make you happy.But on ME only hor..

Bottom line.Dun pass racist remark but one must not be too sensitive too .

agongkia said...

and Veritas
Is that your photo?why do you need to dye and pull your hair this way?You caught my attention.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

All I can say is that you motherfucking cocksuckers are way too sensitive .

Everyone stinks -- to varying degrees. Animals can smell us. Sometimes it is so strong we can smell each other.

And let's not forget: all your mother's have CHOW CHEE BYES :-)))

Tip for the ladies: Wipe FRONT to BACK.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Zainudin Nordin, Chairman of national racial harmony body OnePeople.sg has done the most sensible thing. Rather than labelling her, he is extending an invitation to Shimun Lai to talk about her biases and help her understand things better.

One thing puzzling, she was reported to be 17 and today's paper stated that she is 21. Normal poly student should be 17 to 20 at most.

Veritas said...

She is just unlucky to have a small twitt picked up by crackpot racist. Before these FT indian flood gate open, Singaporeans are quite relax with one another. Its not unfrequent that students of different race taunt one another in schools. We treat it as a show of fraternity.

Now with all these crackpot racist here, everythings got tense up. People guard one another. We must think twice, thrice and 100x before we speak.

Fuck that crazy racist Indian who stir up racial hatred by cutting out a small twitt from a little girl.

Anonymous said...

And the innocent media blew it up so innocently.

Veritas said...

And the innocent media blew it up so innocently.

I dont think so. Few weeks back ST support the crazy lies of UOB racist against Indian.

Today ST support racist Indians again, based a small unwitting remark of a small girl.

I think there is a concerted effort to instill guilt in Singaporeans so as to open the flood gate further.

There are plenty of FT Indians from India in Malaysia as well under the racist Bumi policy. Everyday we heard across the causeway all the Malay racist incitation...etc

How come FT Indians keep quiet?


Anonymous said...

Sad to see a comment in Singapore which is one of the best place to live in a harmonised way . I guess even the local people were once migrants from mainland , malaysia and india . So i dont see a need for this comment .

Also the people referred here who has body odour are hard working labours working round the clock to build singapore to compete in the compettive buisness world , for us to live in a better place called HOME and to keep singapore clean . And hence I truely beleive they deserve some respect . It is them who clean your HDB, clean the litter you drop , clean the drinage pipes , help you all when you are struck in the dark tunnel during transport breakdown etc and the list is endless .

Hope the upcoming generation understand this .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My personal encounters are the white collars and foreign students. It is simply body stench from not bathing.

For the manual workers it is understandable but not acceptable. They need to be educated on personal hygiene for their own good and for the good of others. Our parents taught us many things, good habits, things to do, to make us a better person. We need to teach the manual workers to be better and cleaner.

If they are not cleaner and not smelly, people will feel more comfortable talking to them and sitting next to them. If they smell, can't blame people walking away from them or pinching their noses. And they cannot blame people as rude for the rudeness comes from them first.

We even teach dogs where to poo.

Anonymous said...

If this is racism and causing an outrage, what happened to the killing in Melbourne and the killing of Trayvon Martin?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have been calling Singaporeans daft sinkies. I will readily apologise to whichever daft sinkie coming here to demand an apology.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. Generally local Indians don't smell, with a few exceptions.

Malay Guy said...

More than Shimun Lai, I feel.. Veritas is RACIST to the core. She needs to GROW UP.. Also consult a doctor.. Veritas: Go meditate, think of what Buddha taught you!

And, read this:

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

hi Malay Guy, welcome to the blog.

Yes, Veritas views are very strong. She could say the same thing with a more moderate tone for her views to be more palatable.

In the net there are all kinds of views posted. I have posted a follow up article on Shimun Lai's lynching and you can sense the anger of bloggers. While everyone expresses his/her view, a less provocative view in such issues will help not to flame the divide. If everyone tries to up the ante, it can easily go out of control.


Anonymous said...

'All human beans have body odour and it smells badly if not wash properly.' 2nd paragraph

correction: 'human beings'

clandestinexistence said...

Hi Mr. Chua,

this is Anna, I'm a producer for Talking Point on CNA.

I have sent you a message on your yahoo email.

Pls send us a reply as soon as you read it, thank you so much!