All politicians must sit and pass a module on national security

Politicians and political leaders are there to look after and protect the country and people. No matter what portfolios they are holding, there is a need for them to know what is national security and the security of the people. National security involves not only defense matter, but police matter, financial products, health products, etc etc. It is good for them to know and to upgrade themselves and be more professional. A module on national security must be developed and politicians must sit and pass the module every three years. And they must pay a fee to sit for the module. If they failed, they shall be disqualified from dealing with such matters.

I know, the above is a tongue in cheek comment about doing the unnecessary at unnecessary cost and effort. The ministers and MPs have matters cut out for them to do. But asking them to do the extra is so easy to say and implement, if it can be made compulsory, for the politicians. Who can argue against such logic of good to know, to upgrade, to be more professional? Never mind if most of the ministers and politicians need not be directly or are marginally involved in such matters.

The requirements for remisiers to be more professionals by sitting for an examination involving dangerous derivatives and toxic products have been met with great unhappiness and anger. A letter by Allen Tan and signed by 327 remisiers is now appearing in the ST forum today on their grievances for being compelled to do the unnecessary, studying about products that they are not dealing with and refused to touch. For the remisiers to put their signatures onto the letter, it only shows how pissed off they are to this requirement.

Would Chee Hean talk to those responsible on doing the right things and doing them well? And doing the right thing is definitely not doing the unnecessary excessively. But of course, doing the right thing is very subjective. And when god says it is the right thing it must be the right thing. Who is there to tell god that god is overdoing things or going overboard?


Anonymous said...

Would the people who demanded that the remisiers be more professional sit for the test themselves to set a good example in professionalism?

Anonymous said...

LOL ... this is really good.Pl think of more tests for our politicians as they have the most impt job in the whole country.They must also attend compulsory classes on impt issues, sign in before the class starts & sign out after the class ends to make sure that they really attended the class!!!

Anonymous said...

It's now 60% Sinkies less 327 voting for the Pro Alien Party.

Anonymous said...

Dear Singapore 327.
327 votes not sufficient.

Include your wives then= 327x2 = 654 votes

Include your wives, parents and parents-in-law, then you have;
(327x2)+(327x2)+(327x2)=1,962 votes

Next, you also ask your brothers & sisters to help with the votes.

And then if you have one or two good friends, ask them to help too.

Together, we can make a difference for Singapore.

jjgg said...

RB....so why shouldn't hawkers/stallholders take tests as well....??? Surely they are more important to us than the occasional parlimentarians..( I oso know how to say YES!!! wot)...hehehe:::

other groups required to take tests:
cleaners (what is clean )
civil service (what is civil service)
Temasick (what is transparency/how not to sell at the bottom of the market)

and the list goes on....and on...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Only god no need to take test. God is god and god knows everything.

Anonymous said...

Politicians from the Pro Alien Party does not need to take any test.

Even when they fail, 60% Sinkies will still give them a passing grade.

Sinkies need to take a test before being allowed to vote.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I would like to see politicians pass a module on Basic Human Decency.

They needn't take it every 3 or so years. Just being able to pass ONCE, would suffice.

I doubt anyone would even come close.

Motherfucking dogs, not worth wasting spit on!