Ukraine - The irony of it all

 The plague of WW2 in Europe was Nazism, Nazi Germany. The Nazis invaded the whole of Europe and almost overrun UK. And it took the effort of the whole of Europe, including the US and Russia, to defeat the Nazis and stop this racist menace from killing the Jews. And for the last few decades, the Jews have set up special task force to track down every Nazi officers of Hitler's Germany to bring them to justice. The genocide and atrocities committed by the Nazis in the holocaust had carved a deep mark in the psyche of all living Jews today. Never would the Jews forget the horrors brought upon them, to terminate them from the face of the earth once and for all.

The irony of the Ukraine war today is that the whole of Europe and the Americans and the Canadians are supporting a bunch of neo Nazis to massacre the Russians and now supporting them in a futile war with Russia. The Europeans are willing to sacrifice their good life, peace and prosperity, to support the neo Nazis that were once a plague, a disease to them. Can you believe it? And the Americans and Canadians have been secretly training and funding them for years to build up a fighting force in the Azov Battalion comprising mainly Nazis, white supremacists!

And to top it all, Israel, the arch enemies of the Nazis, the lucky few survivors of the holocaust, is also supporting the Nazis against Russia.

What is happening? What is the persuasive reason, the bigger hideous agenda for all the white men countries to be supporting the Nazis, the white supremacists? What is the secret agenda?

The white men have reasons to support a white supremacy group to kill the coloured people. What have the coloured people of the world got to be supporting the Nazis in Ukraine against the Russians? Has it sunk in to their minds that they, the coloured people of the world, would be the eventual targets of the white supremacists if they succeeded in defeating the Russians? Are they willing to live under the hegemony of white supremacists led by the Nazis? Or they think it has nothing to do with them, that i would not happen to them, just like the Jews in Israel similarly thinking that this time the Nazis would love them and would not genocide them a second time?

What do you think? Are you thinking?


Putin's quote


US planning incidents in South China Sea

In rather alarming wording, Assistant Secretary of Defence for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Ely Ratner warned at a think tank's annual conference in Washington on Tuesday of the "unsafe and unprofessional behavior" of the Chinese military in the South China Sea, and said that "it is only a matter of time before there is a major incident or accident in the region."  Global Times

Putin has put it aptly that whenever the Americans accused anyone or country of any crimes or misdeeds, or of something that is going to happen, it is about the Americans having done it or about to do it. In this case, the Americans are accusing China of unsafe acts and about a major incident about to happen in the region, it is as good as saying that the Americans are going to provoke and cause such incident or accident to happen. 

The mischievous and trouble making Americans sailed their warships thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean to China's front yard to agitate and provoke China and claimed that it is peaceful freedom of navigation exercise. No decent law abiding and peaceful countries would behave in such a provocative and aggressive manner other than the Americans and the Anglo Saxon tribes and their military allies. If China or Russia were to do the same, the Americans would be crying father and mother that the Chinese and Russians are acting in an aggressive manner. But what they did, despite being clearly aggressive and provocative, were played down as non aggressive but peaceful.  It is like a hostile neighbour daily driving his car to a distant neighbour's gate daily, honking or parking in front of the gate and claiming it is friendly, not aggressive, freedom of movement to do what he likes.

This is what the Americans' so called rule of law. Anyone uttering rule of law, rule based order, debt trap, etc etc, are parroting what the Americans want them to say, and are obviously in the pocket of the Americans, controlled by the Americans, puppets of the Americans.

Photo credit to Global Times

At any time, the trouble making Americans would be creating an accident or incident in the South China Sea and blame it on China. This is the nature of white savages and their desire to create instability and even wars in the region. Period. The white savages are up to no good. They have been exploiting differences among countries all over the world to get them fighting one another in order to control them and selling arms to them. 

This is the basic trick in their playbook to remain as the world hegemon. Create trouble everywhere, wars everywhere, to keep everyone busy quarrelling and fighting, far away from American homeland. It is a matter of when such incidents or accidents would happen in the South China Sea. 

The Americans even openly talked about attacking the Chinese islands. In today's context this is foolhardy thought.  The Chinese would be using them for target practice. Today China has the whole of the South China Sea and all the waters within a 4,000 km radius under its control, including the Indian Ocean. All the American warships in these waters are sitting ducks.
Pelosi is flying to Taiwan. If the Americans can take down the Twin Towers with several thousands of victims in them and blamed it on terrorists, on Afghan tribesmen, it would be chicken feat to take down Pelosi's aircraft and blame it on China. After all Pelosi and that big piece of lard, Pompeo, have all out lived their usefulness. There is also good reason to take out Pompeo to keep him out of the Presidential race. This is like killing 3 birds with one stone. And China would be blamed for it. 
And the silly Taiwanese would end up as roast meat like the Ukrainians.


Hong Kong to England - Asking for it


This is a short 1 min clip of Hong Kongers that found out the hard way, that after the Brits had made used of them and found them no longer useful, would dump them like rubbish into the sewers. It is a good lesson for the stupid to wake up and know how smelly the Brits are and how silly they are to believe in their colonial masters.

Who is to blame? No pity for such stupidity.  Serve them right.

American savages pushing for war with China - War is imminent

 War between the US and China is imminent. The Pelosi plan to visit China is not a joke. It is not planned by Pelosi alone but definitely with the consent of Biden. A dementia old man and a feckless old woman are putting on their last dance together, behaving like silly young brats. In their dying days, they want to act as tough young man and woman. They did not care about the consequences of a disastrous war between two nuclear powers. 

Biden as the commander in chief of the USA could act silly, that he had nothing to do with it and could not stop Pelosi from flirting with death. And the old woman acted as if she is above Biden and could do anything she wanted. The intent of these two old fools is crystal clear. The trip is conceived and coordinated at the highest level. Only the naive and clueless would think that this is not a sinister act by the savages in the White House. The stake is so high and no matter how senile or flirtatious the two are, they cannot be so ignorant of the destruction and the lives that could be lost if a war between China and the US erupts because of this ill intended visit.  This is irresponsible behaviour taken to the extreme!

China has all the reasons to take down Pelosi. She must not be allowed to land in Taiwan. Accident or incident, by all hell, Pelosi must be prevented from landing in Taiwan. China could do it more cheaply this time with a drone or a missile firing from a drone instead of crashing it with a fighter aircraft and losing a pilot.

Enough warnings have been given to the treacherous and reckless Americans. Enough been said. This is the mother of all provocations and would be the last provocation to end all restraints and niceties.  All the pent up anger and frustration on the Chinese side would be let loose and the Americans might not even have the chance to recover the bodies of Pelosi and the crew on board. It would be nice that the lump of lard, Pompeo, be on board as well.

The whole world would bear witness to this final provocation by the Americans before WW3 breaks out. All the lies and propaganda would end on this day when Pelosi would be burnt in the air like a witch on the stake. The sea would be her burial ground.

Do not blame China for it.  The Americans started this just like they started the Ukraine War. American savages would not be allowed to shit in Chinese territory and walked away unscathed. It is payback time. All the blood debt the Americans owed to China would be settled. China would be all ready for this moment, waiting for this moment, come what may.

And Taiwan would be reunited with China immediately, by the might of the PLA. No more the need to delay or to be nice to the secessionist Taiwanese and Japanese in DPP trying to cede Taiwan from China.

WARNING:  No one can guard against a third party wanting a war between China and the US to create a false flag incident, to shoot down Pelosi's aircraft and blame it on China. When that happens, war is a certainty. 


War on Terror and the Empire of Lies

 We are all familiar with the phrase war on terror but not too often heard of the Empire of Lies. The latter is expounded by Julian Assange, after his exposure of the Americans as a nation of liars and being persecuted in the land that proclaimed to be the champion of free speech and freedom of expression.  Assange is hounded down as a dog by the Americans and has just been repatriated to the US from UK. And his govt, Australia, sheepishly ignored his plight and afraid to protect him as a citizen of Australia.

Assange has exposed the biggest liar, lying country of all time, the USA. And he has all the proof to show it. And the world does not need any more proof than to read what the Americans said and did all over the world and the infamous WMD accusation against Saddam Hussein. On the other hand this Empire of Lies has been spreading lies after lies against all the countries it chose to made enemies off, especially China and Russia and all the countries it has made victims of its sanctions, and without any proof or flimsy rhetoric. For decades, it has thrown everything at China to brand China as a cheat, a liar country that cannot be trusted when the Americans is the epitome of lying from the top to the bottom. The Empire of Lies, infamous for all the lies about other countries, is accusing others of lying.

Then there is the war on terror. Many countries and people were alleged and made into terrorists and terrorist states by the  Empire of Lies, that they are threatening the safety and security of the biggest hegemon in the world with unmatched military power. Peasants and poor farmers in the Middle East and Afghanistan were also accused of being terrorists and a threat to the Empire of Lies.

Who is the threat to the world? Who is the greatest terrorist of all time today? Just because the western media deliberately ignored this reality does not mean that no one knew about this truth. The biggest terrorist and terrorist state is none other than the USA, the Empire of Lies. And it is conducting a war on terror to terrorise small and weak states all over the world.

The war on terror must be turned against the biggest terror and a clear and present danger to the countries of the world, the American Empire of Lies. The rest of the world must be united to take down this number one world terrorist, the American Empire of Lies. The world would not be deceived any more. The world is looking straight into the eyes of the Empire of Lies and telling it as it is, the Terrorist of the world. 

A coordinated strategy must be worked out to start a war on terror against the evil Empire. The American terrorists must be stopped from accusing innocent people and states as terrorists.  The Empire of Lies must be stopped from calling others as liars.

Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is the most dangerous act of aggression and provocation and could lead to war. The reckless and irresponsible Americans are risking war with China. China is all ready for this day. China will sink every American ship in the western Pacific Ocean. And if those ships based in Japan dare to leave ports or intervene, it would mean all the bases in Japan would go up in smokes. This is a highly inflammable situation that would lead to WW3.

The terrorist Americans are testing it, gambling on it, that they could get away unscathed. with this irresponsible behaviour. The warmongers cannot lie anymore. Ukraine is not enough. They want a war in East Asia.

China offering the alternatives, the West chasing from behind

If we take away the military bases, the veiled threats, the sanctions, we will really see how strong is the support for the Axis of Evil Anglo Saxon Whites. Right now, some small countries are just held hostage by the Evil Empire, but beneath all that, they are yearning to tear themselves away from associating with the White Curse. The Pacific Islands fall into this segment, still under threat if they move away from the Axis of Evil and have to stay put.

The rise of China and Russia is a godsend. Countries in Latin America, Africa, South Asia, Central Asia and Middle East are rethinking their alliances, and many have moved away from supporting the Evil Warmongers. That has caused the Axis of Evil Whites to gang up after realising their predicament and have lead them to go all out to take down China and Russia.

Why would countries opt for proxy wars created by and that benefits the Whites, but will bring destruction, waste the country's resources to buy arms, fight the war on their own soil and later have to rebuild everything, which will benefit the Evil States by borrowing from the IMF and World Bank and be subjected to the debt trap, like so many South Asian and Latin American countries.

Now China is providing loans for those poor countries, not for buying weapons from you know who, but for infrastructure development, that will help those countries rise above poverty. Those loans are extended in recycled US$, accumulated by China over the decades from trade surpluses, and will eventually be repaid in Yuan. Rubles and Yuan will effectively be more in demand as time goes by. That is bad news for the Anglo Saxon Whites and they are going all out to demonise the BRI with fake accusations of debt traps and even using terrorist elements to sabotage the BRI.

The Whites are planning to counter the BRI with their own infrastructures, just wild ideas plucked from the air without planning or thinking and uttered on the spur of the moment. Just like the Build Back Better plan that never sees the light of day. Let us see on what basis they are countering the BRI and what benefits they hope to bring to those countries unfortunate enough to be suck into their real debt traps. 


Russia quitting International Space Station

Following Russia's decision to quit the International Space Station in 2014, lots of doomsday predictions are rising against Russia's future space program. I am not surprise the least bit.

Russia is planning to go on their own, building their new space station, but lots of cold water are now being thrown at the prospect of their ability. They forgot that Russia had been running the Space Station for decades and produced the first man in space. That is the mental sickness of the USA and the West. Always think they are above everyone else, until they wake up from their arrogance and find themselves about to be taken over. Then they start to throw spanners into the works of their opponents, or create fake accusations to stop them, like what they did to Japanese firm Toshiba and French company Alstom.

And the West is saying that Russia will now have to ride on the coat tails of the Chinese in their space program. This ostensibly is to create friction between China and Russia. Where are these people living on and on which planet, to say such things? Everyday they are spinning trash and rubbish that Russia is broke, not realising that Russia is now reaping in US$900 million a day in oil and gas sales. They are in fact selling oil to the USA via Saudi Arabia, at undiscounted prices mind you, which the Saudis bought from Russia at steep discounts.

By the way Putin's giddiness and nausea is even big news today. What a joke! I am sure one day he farted too many times and that will also be big news. 



Professor Brown - White men want to tear China to pieces


Professor Brown has been living in China for more than 40 years and a pioneer foreigner to be given permanent resident status in China. He has been highly honoured in China for his contribution to the Chinese people. He is also an honorary citizen of China.

When the Europeans first came to China they were awed by the advanced civilisation and were willing to kowtow to the Chinese Emperors in their courts. Never had they seen such an advanced civilisation, more advanced than Europe than. But quickly they brooded an evil plan, to invade and destroy the Chinese civilisation. After the wars, China was looted, plundered and bankrupted by all the war reparations and unequal treaties. 

That was not all. They suppressed the Chinese and created many myths to diminish and demonise China, condemning the Chinese into poor subhuman beans from a glorious civilisation of several thousand years. They created the Yellow Peril threat, that the Chinese were a threat to them when they were the threat, invaded and destroyed China and the Chinese civilisation.

For more than a hundred years after the West defeated China, China was no longer a normal state or a player in the world stage. Even after Mao drove out the invaders and restored China as a republic in 1949, China was isolated by the West from the rest of world. China had to survive on its own, to rebuild everything from scratch. 

China only rejoined the world community in 1972 when the US found it necessary to wean China away from Russia. Only in 1972 that China was legally admitted to the UN.  From then till now, China was busy rebuilding its own country and establishing trade and economic relations with the rest of the world.

Throughout this period, till now, when has China ever been a threat to any country? When has China invaded a country other than for self defence against Vietnam in a border conflict in 1979 or an earlier border conflict with India in 1962. In both incidents, China retreated immediately to stay within its own borders.

On the other hand the Americans and the West were at wars all over the world, non stop, invading this country and that country, threatening and sanctioning this country and that country. Who is the real threat to the world and to peace? Who are the real warmongers, the aggressive invaders of countries, bullying small countries, conducting regime change, assassination of national leaders etc etc?

The Americans and the West are still very busy fabricating all the lies to smear and demonise China as an aggressive and expansionist power when they were the ones that are guilty of aggression and expansionist behaviour and wars. Nato is expanding all over Europe and going to expand to East Asia.

The main objective of the Americans and the West is white supremacy, white men to rule the world and China is one of the few countries that could stop them from this aggressive ambition. And they would do everything they could to tear up China like they did in the 19th Century and would want to do it all over again.  China is a threat only to their world hegemony ambition, not a threat to small countries. I

When Sunak talked about China threat, he totally forgot about the white men's invasion and colonisation of the world, including 500 years of occupation and ruling India, his motherland. The white men were and still the threat to free nations, ruling them and controlling them, meddling with their internal politics, invasion, wars, conduct regime change and assassination of their leaders to control them. In fact China's rise is a heaven's gift for the small countries, to prevent them from being bullied and threatened by the white men countries. With the rise of China, the white men's hegemony and control of the world and bullying would be stopped. The smaller nations can now breathe easier and freer, without having to been hammered and threatened by the white men.

China is the saviour of the world against white men's aggression and oppression, not a threat to the world, but a threat to white men's hegemony and supremacy. Countries threatened and bullied by white men's hegemony are looking to China to destroy white men's rule over them, to be free from the shackles of the white men, to be free to decide the fate of their people, not to be dictated and controlled by the white men.

The little islands in the Pacific Oceans are standing up to decide their own future in their own terms, not to be the neglected backyard of the white men, to be kept under bondage, not to progress, not to be able to build a better life for their own people. China is there to help them to grow and prosper as free and independent states.


Emperor Hirohito was a rogue, a scoundrel, a monster, a devil incarnate and the Number One War Criminal

     China and the Chinese people now rightfully denounce and condemn Emperor Hirohito as the culprit of the Second World War and the Japanese War of Aggression against China from 1931 to 1945.
Hirohito was the N0: 1  Class A War criminal. He called the shots in the War. Hirohito had absolute authority over the Japanese armed forces, the army, the navy and the airforce which reported directly to him.

The Japanese revered him as a living God. But he was actually a rogue, a scoundrel, a monster, a devil incarnate and a Class A War Criminal who got away from death sentence because of the United States self-interests in wanting to make use of Japan in its struggle against the Union of the Soviet Russian Republic.

 As emperor and head of the Japanese government and the military Hirohito ordered and commanded the Japanese army to invade China from 1931 to 1945. The Japanese proclaimed openly that they are a superior race the 'Komato' while all other people are inferior people and the Chinese people are sub-human fit only to serve the Japanese as slaves. With such savage thoughts the Japs invaded China and carried a holocaust on the Chinese people worst than Hitler's holocaust on the Jews. The Japs carried out unforgiveable  brutal atrocities and endless wanton killings of the Chinese people  during their occupation of China. Men and women were brutally beheaded or their stomachs pierce with bayonets while still alive. Babies and infants were tossed sky high for bayonet practice. Men and pregnant women were tied inside big sacks and pierced with swords before setting them alive on fire. Thousands of Chinese men, women and children were rounded and forced to dig deep holes before they were shot and buried while still alive. Still thousands were forced to walk into rivers and shot while others were cut with swords and thrown into the rivers turning the rivers into flowing streams of red blood. 

Emperor Hirohito is N0: 1 Class A War Criminal: President Xi Jinping and China is not holding back any more in patience and perseverance in tolerating fascist Japan's diabolical plots against China.

Below is an article forwarded to me by a netizen concerning the vile psychopathic Japanese inherent savage unchangeable traits and behaviour towards China and the Chinese people.

"After 70 years of waiting, the Chinese government finally has the first leader who has the courage to stand up and settle the heartaching grievance. 

President Xi Jinping on behalf of the mainland and Taiwan has achieved a big change in the issue of Japan. He said that only by remembering history can we cherish peace. Xi Jinping believes that if everyone only enjoys peace and does not maintain peace , peace will cease to exist. If China and Japan cannot reach consensus on the most basic issues of right and wrong , historical crimes and wrongs and the so-called peace that China unilaterally tolerates and compromises in exchange, the Chinese people will not agree to it in the end. This kind of peace is terrible.

The first thing Xi Jing did : In response to the nationalization of the Diaoyu Islands started by Japan's Noda, he declared the baseline of the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands in a tit-for-tat manner , implemented normal patrol of ships and aircraft and delineated the East China Sea Aviation Identification Zone to cover the Diaoyu Islands. For the first time,the issue of the Diaoyu Islands is Japan's blatant challenge to the post-World-War 11 order. It suddendly raised the issue to an unprecedented height and Japan was caught off guard.

The second thing Xi Jinping did : High-profile commemoration of the September 18th Incident, high profile commemoration of the July 7th comprehensive war of resistance. No longer worry about the so-called problem of stimulating Japan and affecting Sino-Japanese friendship.

The third thinng Xi Jinping did : Hold a national memorial to commemorate theNanjing Massacre Rememberance Day, and for the first time listed the Nanjing Massacre, the Katyn Massacre and the Auschwitz massacre as the three major massacres during World War 11.

The fourth thing Xi Jinping did : He raised the Nanjing Massacre to the height of a common tragedy for mankind and attracted worldwide attention. Through this arrangement, China expresses a strong belief that the crimes against humanity committed by Japanese militarism in China will never be forgotten by the Chinese people, and the Japanese should be afraid of the crimes of denial.

The fifth thing Xi Jinping did: Officially determine the Victory Day of the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression. This year, as the 70th anniversary, a military parade will be held. And for the first time, China's War of Resistance against Japanese aggression was regarded as the main battlefield of the anti-fascist East, so as to more clearly connect with the consensus of mankind on a global scale, and comprehensively won attention and recognition. The military parade was held to demonstrate the PLA's mighty strength and belief in victory. Of course, it is a great deterrent to those fascist remnants who are immortal, deny their crimes and try to resurrect.

Xi Jinping's general idea is to speak in Esperanto, stick to the bottom line on issues with Japan, and be unambiguous on issues of principle. Not long ago, Xinhua News Agency published an article that cllearly stated for the first time that psychopath Emperor Hirohito of Japan was the culprit of the war, and he never apologized to the Chinese people for his grave sins. This reflects Xi Jinping's strategic thinking and is the fifth major thing China has done.

What about China? Considering that the emperor's reservation is a fait accompli, and the emperor also involves the feelings of the entire Japanese people, it also avoided to talk about the responsibility of the emperor. But China's great kindnness and forgiveness have not been rewarded. For a small Japan that does not recognize the Nanjing Massacre and does not care about the feelings of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, is it necessary to save face for the despicable emperor, the first criminal of the war?

Therefore, when China officially raised the issue of responsibility for the Emperor's war, it was a spring thunder and a major breakthrough in its policy toward Japan. This means that the last restricted area on the Sino-Japanese issue has been broken. 

China decided to resolve the grievances between China and Japan by itself. China's determination does not count on anyone, and it will not even take into account the attitude of the Japanese people on issues of principle and will beat Japan with unprecedented strength. This is thus the real reason for the Chinese people to remember history. "

If this article doesn't have millions of shares, the Chinese will really fail. Let's act and let each of us spread the message to at least 50 or more people so as to win the war without gunpowder smoke.

As the abominable  and despicable Japanese refuse to own up to their atrocious war crimes against China and the Chinese people as well as against other Asian countries and had never apologized for their crimes against humanity it is essential for China and every Chinese to seek revenge and destroy Japan completely since the unrepentant Japs are now conspiring with the evil empire of the United States to impose another war on China and thus to destroy China and the Chinese people. 

China and all Chinese people must make sure that the Chinese people will never be bullied again and will never be subjected to another trauma of foreign aggression be it from the Japs or the Anglo-Saxons US and their Western mafia pack of warmongering allies. China is now strong enough to turn the table and bury these foreign aggressors and eradicate them forever from the surface of the earth.

I wish everyone good health, peace and happiness. 


Tuesday, 26th July, 2022

Covid19 - The days when they took control of your bodies

The War on the Unvaccinated was lost

If Covid was a battlefield it would still be warm with the bodies of the unvaccinated. Thankfully the mandates are letting up and both sides of the war stumble back to the new normal.

The unvaccinated are the heroes of the last two years as they allowed us all to have a control group in the great experiment and highlight the shortcoming of the Covid vaccines. The unvaccinated carry many battle scars and injuries as they are the people we tried to mentally break, yet no one wants to talk about what we did to them and what they forced “The Science“ to unveil. We knew that the waning immunity of the fully vaccinated had the same risk profile as others within society as the minority of the unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution. You see we said they had not “done the right thing for the greater good” by handing their bodies and medical autonomy over to the State.

Many of the so-called health experts and political leaders in Australia admitted the goal was to make life almost unlivable for the unvaccinated, which was multiplied many times by the collective mob, with the fight taken into workplaces, friendships, and family gatherings. Today the hard truth is none of it was justified as we took a quick slide from righteousness to absolute cruelty. We might lay the blame on our leaders and health experts for the push but each individual within society must be held accountable for stepping into the well-laid-out trap. We did this despite knowing full well that principled opposition is priceless when it comes to what goes inside our bodies and we let ourselves be tricked into believing that going into another ineffective lockdown would be the fault of the unvaccinated and not the fault of the toxic policy of ineffective vaccines.

We took pleasure in scapegoating the unvaccinated because after months of engineered lockdowns by political leaders blinded by power, having someone to blame and to burn at the stake felt good. We believed we had logic, love, and truth on our side so it was easy to wish death upon the unvaccinated. Those of us who ridiculed and mocked the non-compliant did it because we were embarrassed by their courage and principles and didn’t think the unvaccinated would make it through unbroken and we turned the holdouts into punching bags. Lambie, Carr, Chant, Andrews, McGowan, Gunner, and the other cast of hundreds in prominent roles need to be held to account for vilifying the unvaccinated in public and fueling angry social media mobs.

The mobs, the mask Nazis, and the vaccine disciples have been embarrassed by “betting against” the unvaccinated because mandates only had the power we gave them. It was not compliance that ended domination by Big Pharma Companies, Bill Gates and his many organizations, and the World Economic Forum… It was THANKS to the people we tried to embarrass, ridicule, mock and tear down.

We should all try and find some inner gratitude for the unvaccinated as we took the bait by hating them because their perseverance and courage bought us the time to see we were wrong.

So if mandates ever return for Covid or any other disease or virus, hopefully, more of us will be awake and see the rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our well-being and is more about power and control. The War on the Unvaccinated was lost and we should all be very thankful for that.

Source: AFIPN

The above article appeared in TRE.

The main issue is not how the pharma companies and the states coerced, discriminated and intimidated the unvaccinated, how they made life very difficult for the unvaccinated. 

It was a battle of resistance against oppression. It was a battle by the unvaccinated to protect their bodies from invasion, forceful violation of their bodies by questionable experimental drugs. In a way it was a battle against colonialism, a battle for freedom and independence and human rights.

The unvaccinated finally won. The coercion to violate their bodies supposedly for the common good has proven to be futile and baseless. The whole war was based on false scientific data and assumptions, false or weak premises that have now proven to be untenable and doubtful vaccines.

The unvaccinated may have stood their grounds and protected the sovereign rights of the sanctity of their bodies. Their bodies belonged to them, not to the state.

But have they won? Or the state and the pharma companies have tested and found that they could take control over the bodies of the people under whatever excuses by using the legal power of the state?

Would there be more state coercion to violate the sovereignty and integrity of the bodies of the people? Has any laws been broken, or the state has won the right to violate the bodies of individuals? Has a precedence been set to allow the state to do so again in the future? Or has the failure of the vaccines to protect the people has made this whole war a mockery, that the forced vaccination mandated by the state/pharma companies was unnecessary from the beginning, that the theory was unfounded or has now been proven wrong?

What do you think?

USA - the greatest violator of human rights

An online poll launched by the Global Times on Saturday asking respondents whether the UN Human Rights Council should conduct a field investigation into US human rights violations has drawn more than 247,000 participantsas of press time on Sunday, with over 96 percent supporting the proposition.

Specifically, about 81 percent of respondents voted "yes," saying that the issue of US human rights violations is very serious and requires further investigation. Another 15 percent of respondents also voted "yes," saying that the investigation would not happen as it would be strongly hindered by the US government. Around 4 percent of respondents voted that the US has long been plagued by human rights problems, saying an investigation will not change anything.

In answering the poll, many netizens left messages on the page to voice their support for a thorough investigation of the US' gross human rights violations. Some netizens said that "the US is doing a lot of things against humanity in the name of humanitarian actions" while some said "the US government is indifferent when its own people suffer from systematic violations of human rights but is keen to attack other countries under the guise of 'human rights.'"

On the Global Times Twitter account, some netizens said the so-called beacon of human rights does not shine a light on its dark history, and the US' move presents a vivid image of "a thief shouting to catch a thief."

It should have been, an Online Crook shouting, "Catch the Crook!"


Covid19 - The moral story of horse thieves

When horses were so important to the lives of cowboys, the only effective and efficient solution to stop horse stealing is the death penalty. Many countries learnt this lesson and make death penalty mandatory for drug peddling and smuggling offences. But many have gone soft on the legs and have done away with the death penalty.

Is the creating and patenting of viruses dangerous enough to be banned like horse thieves? Has the world had enough of pandemics? The creation and spreading of computer viruses have also reached a point when they could cripple the whole process of internet communication, ie kill the international communication network in industries and between nations. The failure of the internet caused by viruses could bring the whole world to a standstill. The proliferation of organic viruses could bring a natural disaster that would destroy billions of life forms.

When the risk and destructions are of unimaginable and unacceptable scale, would it be time to bring in the death penalty for anyone creating, spreading or transmitting viruses, organic or computer viruses, to remove these plagues against human civilisation once and for all?

No more creating, patenting and production of viruses of any kind, no need to keep creating and producing unproductive anti viruses softwares or vaccines unnecessarily. The only viruses that need to be dealt with would by from mother nature, not from human nature. Patenting of viruses must be banned, make a crime. The intent and purpose of patenting viruses are up to no good.

Hang everyone that produce or create viruses for the purpose of profit making. There would be lesser need for computer anti virus businesses and the resources can be better deployed in more productive areas. Same as in the creation of organic viruses that could lead to death and destruction of lives.

No more horse thieves, no more creator of viruses, organic and inorganic. Reduce the need for anti virus vaccines and softwares.

In my previous article I wrote about the clear signs and evidence that the covid19 virus was created by the Americans. Today, with the surge in Covid19 cases in countries using mRNA vaccines, it is enough evidence that this fake vaccine did not work, did not prevent infection. How many silly buggers are still calling for more booster shots using this fake vaccine?


10 Downing Street welcomes PM Sunak


Snap shots from Hindustan Times.

All wares and cutlery would be auctioned off. Dining would be banana leaves and by hands. No more Yorkshire pudding and pies or fish and chips. It would be masala chicken, curry and rice.

Singapore looking at third world country as role model

IN FOCUS: Experiencing Rwanda's plastic bag ban, and whether Singapore could adopt a similar approach

Rwanda's approach of banning plastic bags with stiff penalties in 2008 has reaped environmental rewards. What lessons could Singapore learn in its own push to cut its massive amounts of plastic waste?
IN FOCUS: Experiencing Rwanda's plastic bag ban, and whether Singapore could adopt a similar approach

A supermarket cashier in Kigali putting groceries in paper bags. (Photo: CNA/Aqil Haziq Mahmud)

Above CNA article by Aqil Haziq. 'But the white sign that confronted me as I cleared customs in Rwanda’s Kigali airport last month presented a rather unusual message: "Use of non-biodegradable polythene bags is prohibited."'
Let's say Singapore is so inspired by Rwanda and forbid use of non biodegradable polythened bags not only for carry items but also the packaging for all items, rice, instant noodles, instant 3 in 1, frozen seafood etc etc, everything must use paper wraps like in the above photo, what would life be like in Singapore? Coming home from the market would leave a trail of water all the way. Putting the items in the car boot would mean water dripping as well. How about wrapping all your rubbish and swill in paper bags to throw into the rubbish chute?
Singapore must also send a notice to all the suppliers of goods to Singapore, all items must now be packed in non biodegradable polythene bags. All the frozen stuff must be wrapped in paper bags? Brilliant. 

Let's see how the super talents respond to this since everyone is earning millions and must come up with million dollar solutions to justify their million dollar salaries. Saving the use of plastic bags would be miniscule. The effort would probably cost more than the savings.

My solution to lesser waste, lesser use of plastics, lesser demands for housing and cars, just stop exploding the population. Just by cutting down one head imported, it would save one year of waste effort. Pardon the pun. Imagine how much would be the savings if Singapore cut down importing 100,000 foreigners annually!


This world is getting more wicked, just for the sake of making more money

 The American hegemony all boils down to money, to control the world, to dictate to the world, to create instability and war, but within their control, just to sell more weapons. War is big business to the Americans, the biggest manufacturer and exporter of weapons. Other than wars, a corollary is forming gangs, gangsterism, and offering every member weapons and weapon systems, not building infrastructures to benefit the people and economic activities.  Everyday, everywhere the Americans pop up, they would be offering to sell more weapons to whoever that they could sell to by stoking fears.

The Americans always look for easy way out to make money. Other than wars and printing money, they have found another lucrative ATM, selling vaccines, fake vaccines also can, as long as they could find enough suckers or collaborators to go along. Better still if the collaborators are governments that can compel or mandate the consumption of the vaccines by its citizens. With their control of the media, and with many silly and willing suckers that believed anything West is good, there will not be shortage of buyers, even after being proven they have been duped wholesale.

Traditionally, and correctly, medicine, vaccines, drugs etc must be prescribed by the medical professionals, not by pharma manufacturers or government institutions. Increasingly we are seeing this changing, that it is the pharma companies or the governments that are prescribing the use of drugs or vaccines, not the medical professionals. How could this be?

When this insanity is accepted as the norm, that governments and pharma companies are given the god forsaken right to not only prescribe the use of drugs and vaccines, but even to make them mandatory, it becomes a license to kill, oops, a license to make money indiscriminately.

Does anyone feel it strange that viruses, or new diseases, or diseases that were thought to have been wiped out for good are resurfacing again, and not in unhygienic slum countries but in clean and developed countries like China, US and Europe? We have seen how quickly Covid19 started in Wuhan, China and then overnight, every nooks and corners of the world have Covid19 virus. This is not ruling out the conspiracy that it all started in the USA, in Fort Detrick and also in Ukraine, Europe.

Now what, monkeypox Made in USA, not in Africa. And the latest, polio, Made in USA, thought to have been eradicated. How convenient, to have these diseases in supposedly hygienic and clean environment USA? And how convenient that the pharma companies have all the vaccines and drugs ready and recommending and prescribing them for mass vaccinations. No need second opinion from the medical professionals. 

How's that when compared to the proliferation of computer viruses one after another, and the proliferation of anti virus companies. Is this another chicken and egg theory, which comes first? Is Nature or the virus the culprit in the spread of viruses, computer viruses and organic and inorganic viruses? Why is it that all conspiracy theories point to the same direction, all man made?

Follow the money. Yes, who is going to make easy money out of these viruses and vaccines? It seems that this is an endless story of viruses appearing one by one, and pharma companies are all going to laugh to the banks.

By the way, with the explosion of Covid19 cases in Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and many countries using mRNA vaccines, what would anyone be saying of the effectiveness of these vaccines in preventing infection? If this were to happen in the earlier phases of the pandemic, these countries would be called epicentres. And the cases are growing and growing and they have all been numbed by the numbers and pretended that it is the new normal. 

PS. US identifies first cases of monkeypox in children 

Speaking on a conference call, Dr Jennifer McQuiston, deputy director of the CDC's division of high consequence pathogens and pathology, said it is not a surprise that pediatric cases of monkeypox have emerged, but "there is no evidence to date that we are seeing this virus spread outside of" the communities of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men. CNA


Biden in Saudi Arabia


Warm greetings for Biden. And Biden was delighted by the show of love and intent.

High cost of living reveals how stupid politicians can be

Buttigieg suggested that people who are currently struggling to pay over $5 per gallon of gas could offset their “pain” by purchasing an EV instead, the average price of which is over $65,000 according to automotive research company Kelly Blue Book. RT

This Buttigieg was a candidate for the Presidency but lost to Biden. Not sure Biden is more stupid or this Buttigieg.  In his statement he said he said anyone struggling to pay over $5 per gallon of gas should go buy a EV to save cost. Who cares about paying $5 per gallon for gas if he could splurge on a $65k EV? Was Buttigieg thinking, was he logical?

The Americans are so lucky that he is not their elected president. Well, it does not make much difference with Biden in charge. The Americans are scrapping the bottom of the barrel when the best man or woman available were Buttigieg, Trump, Biden, Kamala or maybe Pelosi. The Brits can sing, God Save the Queen, what can the Americans sing? God, please have mercy on the Americans.

And at the national level they are threatening China when China is providing them with cheap and good products to stretch their dollars, especially the American poor, oops, I mean middle class.  China is not only writing the paycheck for the Americans, but also helping them to lower the cost of living. And they got the stupidity to be quarreling with China, raising tariffs and tension with China?

The same applies to the political leaders in Europe. Russia may not be their paymaster, but Russia is their main supplier of cheap oil and gas and also many other essential goods and products. How could they be so stupid to want to start a war with Russia, to threaten Russia and ended up paying more for everything?

These politicians cannot be stupid. They must be insane. Need to send them to the shrinks.

Oh, they are pinning all hopes on Zelensky to defeat Russia when Napoleon and Hitler could not do it with bigger and better trained soldiers and weapons.


Pelosi flirting with Taiwan and war with China

... visiting Taiwan is definitely a red line that Pelosi must never cross. China is resolute in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and has the right to take forceful measures against "Taiwan independence" secessionist forces and extraterritorial forces at any time in accordance with changes in the situation, including against the trip and Pelosi herself. China has asked the US side not to arrange Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, and stressed that "the US must be fully responsible for all consequences caused by this.  Global Times

The above comments in Global Times cannot be more clear of what China would do if Pelosi dares to visit Taiwan in her trip to Asia. This is the most serious provocation coming from the Americans as they keep ratcheting up their aggressive behaviour against China.

The Americans must be reminded that in 1950, China was a very poor nation, just recovered from a civil war with the KMT, without an industrial base to support any war effort against a foreign enemy like the USA, the most powerful military power of the day. But China bit the bullet and went in to defend North Korea in a war that no one believed it had a chance with its peasant soldiers with no modern weapons against the mighty Americans. The peasant soldiers kicked the asses of the Americans and sent them fleeing.

If China was willing to risk fighting the US for North Korea, Taiwan is a non issue when coming to its defence and reunification. A Pelosi visit to Taiwan would be crossing the Red line and everything would be on the table. How about an interception of her aircraft and bringing it down to a Chinese airfield, or risked being shot down? It is war for sure. And in this case, China would have no choice but to go for it. Xi Jinping too would have to act firmly against the Americans. This would be a big straw that broke the camel's back.

The Americans have no chance against China in a war in the western Pacific Ocean. There is no hinterland to support the logistics and supply chain for the Americans in such a war. China has full control of the sea and airspace in the western Pacific for sure. No one would dare to fight on the side of the Americans against China. Japan would not risk being bombed to the Stone Age. China is waiting for a reason to flatten Japan. Just give China one reason to do it. Australia, the silly little country is as good as useless to think of supporting the USA with its toy weapons of war.

The Americans would have to fight China alone. NATO is too far away and trying to stay in one piece against Russia. This warmongering evil Empire must have wars to support its war industry and to control the world by destabilising the world. They are fighting so many wars at this moment, threatening so many nations, poking their dirty fingers in the domestic affairs of so many countries and spreading the lie that China is the threat, is the aggressive state when China is not doing any of the darn and hostile acts of the Americans.

The world must wake up to this hostile, aggressive and warmongering evil American Empire. This is the real devil, the threat to the rest of the world. Having turned Ukraine into a war zone is not enough, now wanting to turn Taiwan into another war zone. Taiwanese, please wake up and throw out the pro Japan and pro American traitors and stop this provocation. It is you that would be killed.

To hell with the white savages.

Ukraine - The unnecessary war that would bring an end to European powers

 The war in Ukraine would be long lasting. The USA wants it badly, as their Military Establishment needed that, though Zelensky wants it more. And as more weapons are sent in, Ukraine is suspected of selling them and claimed they have been destroyed by Russia. Who knows? As they openly admitted, they are said to have no record of tracking those weapon's whereabouts the moment they are moved into Ukraine. Many are guessing where those weapons really ended up, with some even suspecting they are being sold elsewhere. Again, who knows?

Putin, of course, already knew this is going to be a long haul, which is the Russian way of fighting wars. Never mind, since this is almost home ground to him, so all he has to do is just dig in and let the enemy get mired in the mud and unable to extricate itself, even if they want to. Hitler and Napoleon found that out the hard way, mired in deep snow, and met their Waterloo.

Never mind too the Western Media having a field day speculating recently about Putin's ill health, which, as someone commented, is just wishful thinking of trying to create chaos. Russia has capable people to take over from Putin, even more hardcore leaders in waiting, unlike the USA scrapping the bottom of the barrel, with Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi, two female clowns vying for power. Looks like the two dinosaurs. Trump and Biden, are not going against each other again. One destroyed by the court over the January riots and the other progressively more mentally unsound and deranged.

Right now, who is really suffering the most? UK and Europe are now cooked by high temperatures. Oil and gas prices are still high and amid the high temperatures, air conditioning is said to be rationed in some European countries. Why do they choose all this when they could easily have continued with good relations with Russia and get cheap oil and gas. They dug their own graves without thinking of the consequences.

We have not seen Putin's nuclear option yet, as Winter is closing in and heating becomes the next big problem for Europe. Putin is making sure they have little avenue to stockpile oil and gas, by keeping Nord Stream 1 in hibernation, and Germany choosing to strangle itself by stopping Nord Stream 2's operation under orders from the USA.

How bad it is in Europe, just do not believe what their Government and MSM is trying to say, by arrogantly claiming they are capable of being able to cope with Russia's total cut off of energy by year end. Russia is not going to wait until year end! Putin is one step ahead of those European morons in his strategic planning. Ursula von de Leyen should stop trying to engage Putin in Russian roulette. Putin is treating their actions as child's play.

We should know perfectly well by now that Governments wants their own people to know only what they want them to know, and not what people really wants to know. Same with the MSM news. All are selectively propagandising, not necessarily lying per se.


Derivatives would cause US banking collapse

Before they can deal with inflation successfully, they have to resort to very serious measures like reining in money supply with the Fed increasing interest rates more aggressively, which they are contemplating. I would say that that is more likely a high certainty and with it a big recession is on the way globally. Oil and gas is just one factor contributing to the high inflation around most of the Western economies. There are much more to tackle than just starting to speculate that inflation would ease by 2023.

We are just having a glimpse of the tip of the economic problems plaguing the world. There is the larger problem of the Western Banking System's preoccupation with derivatives over the last few decades, and Big Banks are now in deep shit over the derivatives issue that has yet to be seen in perspective.

How much more money is generated with those derivatives is beyond imagination, and it looks a doomsday time bomb waiting to explode. Nothing about that is touched yet, because they think that by not discussing it, the problem is not there. It is there and how it will unwind is waiting to be seen. That will come when the US$ hegemony comes to an end. Then the shit will hit the fan in all it's glory. Lehman Brother's and Freddie Mae's collapse will feel like a Sunday walk in the park.



World War 3 already started, very clinical

The Ukraine conflict is in fact already a world war, given that the West is fighting Russia via its proxies in Kiev, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told local media on Wednesday.

“We should understand that amid the world war – because all the talks that it is a regional or a local war must be dropped – the entire Western world is fighting against Russia via Ukrainians. It is a global conflict,” he said in an interview with Pink TV.  RT

In a way it is true. Serbian President Vucic said the Ukraine War is a world war. Depending on the definition, the whole of western world, US and Europe, is now at war with Russia. It is not just Ukraine at war with Russia.

In a way this is the best way for fighting WW3. Ukraine is the chess board and the combatants just dumped their weapons there, using mercenaries, ie Ukrainian neo Nazis and western contractors and soldiers of fortune to fight on one side, and Russian soldiers on the other side. And the battle zone must be kept within Ukraine with both sides agreeing and abiding to this unwritten rule.

If WW3 can be fought this way, leaving the rest of the world out of the conflict, this is great. Just keep on fighting, keep on pouring more weapons into Ukraine. The rest of the world can watch and enjoy the fight from afar. No country needs to be involved unless their silly govts volunteered for it or being volunteered by the US to be in it, with us or against us.

With the destructive nature of nuclear weapons in a world war unlimited, the Ukraine War should be the recommended way to slug it out by willing combatants. Just leave the rest of the world alone. They happy, the rest of the world happy. Nice. The Americans and their military industrial complex would be very happy, can squeeze more money from Congress to fund the war and buy their weapons. Zelensky and his Nazis would be happy collecting more money from the Americans and the West. Russia would be happy to just lob bombs into Ukraine in areas outside of its control. No need to send too many Russian soldiers into battle fields and with tacit support from the rest of the world.

What more can the world ask for? Just keep the world war in Ukraine, like playing chess. The rest of the world can go on life as normal. But beware, the Americans are all out to start a war with China.

The sick world of American rule of law

The world is really, really sick when some countries can get away with murder of millions of innocent civilians, while creating hysteria over a dozen dead in Russian missile strike on Ukrainian military targets hiding inside shopping malls. Such hypocrisy is getting worse by the day. And they had the gall and audacity to order the UNHR and ICC to investigate what the Russians did in Ukraine, with haste and furiously, probably fabricating evidence, while forgetting to look at themselves in the mirror.

How many did they killed using carpet bombing in Vietnam and Yugoslavia among others? More than 70 days of continuous bombing, day and night, in Yugoslavia by NATO. How many did they kill? On top of that they sprayed biological agents in Vietnam that killed all vegetation and rendered the ground unusable for ages, besides doing serious harm to civilians that came into contact with such biological agents decades down the road. Thousands of children in Vietnam were born heavily deformed as a result, generations down the line. How cruel was that?

The UN, the ICC, the WHO dared not touch the perpetrators nor managed a squeak, because the perpetrators have the financial and military might to subdue them like mice. These spineless world bodies are as good as non existent. Just a waste of money contributed by smaller countries hoping to see them do justice over the crimes committed clear and documented. But the world bodies shirk their responsibilities and only know how to bend over backwards to accommodate the demands of the Evil Empire.



The Pathetic State Of US Law Enforcement

The shocking mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on May 24 - was only released this Sunday (17 July 2022).

The most shameful detail revealed is that nearly 400 law enforcement officers rushed to the school after receiving reports. Despite that, they still could not stop the mass shooting by an 18-year-old gunman. It resulted in the tragic deaths of 19 students and two teachers.

The Investigation Committee could not find any "villains" in this horrifying massacre.

It explained, "There is no one to whom we can attribute malice or ill motives. Instead, we found systemic failures and egregious poor decision making."

It is utterly ridiculous that the US law enforcement officers couldn't even protect the children who need protection from harm the most. This is more of a systemic crime than "systemic failures."

How can a country that cannot protect its own children have the gumption to call itself a "human rights defender"?

The so-called systemic failures are the consequences of the US's systemic problems, including the inability to institute gun control and end institutional racism.

A 2018 report shows that US civilians own about 400 million guns, more than the whole US population. Against such a backdrop, US police officers have to worry about possible gun violence from others, especially what they see as suspects. Therefore, they are highly likely to use guns when they feel such threats.

Data from Gun Violence Archive shows that as of July 16, there have been 352 mass shootings in the US this year. On average, 1.8 shootings occurred every day in the "land of the free." At this rate, this year's number is likely to exceed that of last year, which was 692.

In contrast to the poor US law enforcement shown in the Uvalde mass shooting, the country's law enforcement officers have excessive use of force against racial and ethnic minorities, especially African Americans.

For example, just last month, Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old black man, was killed at the hands of the police in Ohio. A preliminary autopsy report found at least 46 gunshot wounds and 26 bullets in his body. This is extreme police brutality!

From George Floyd to Jayland Walker, all these cases highlight the systemic racism entrenched in the evil US law enforcement system.

A US report released in May revealed that African Americans as a community are at least four times more likely to be killed by gunshots from the police than the total US population and 12 times more likely than white people.

The statistics speak for themselves loud and clear.


Covid19 - The truth is undeniable, all out there for the world to see


After two years of fake news and disinformation from the Americans, the truth is beginning to appear. The lies spread by the Americans to blame China for this pandemic are falling flat on its face. All the evidence is pointing at the Americans as the culprit in spreading the Covid19 virus to the world. The bioweapon labs in Fort Detrick, in Ukraine, the conspiracy to reduce the world's population, the pharmas' role in producing fake vaccines to make billions of dollars in profits, etc etc, all says the Americans started this pandemic.

Well respected and serious intellectual like Jeffrey Sachs now also came to the conclusion that it is the Americans, with blood dripping from their hands.

The world must settle this score with the Americans. Make them pay for all the damages and loss of lives due to this Covid19 virus.

What happens to the call to investigate Fort Detrick? Just because the Americans refused to open up for investigation, so it is over, no need to push for its opening while the Americans have been pushing for the investigation into war crimes in Ukraine? No one, not even the UN dares, to talk about investigating war crimes in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen. WHO also dares not talk about investigating Fort Detrick.

After more than two years of Covid pandemic, it is crystal clear that the source of the virus is from the Americans, Fort Detrick and the labs in Ukraine.

The world must not stop investigating the Americans and must make the evil Americans pay for this crime against humanity. WHO and UN, stop being American lap dogs, push for investigation on the cause of this pandemic starting with Fort Detrick. The Russians have plenty of evidence from Ukraine and must not be ignored or flushed down the toilets.

UN and WHO must act responsibly to settle this score for the human race. The criminals must be brought to justice.


Julian Assange - The hypocritical persecution of Assange in violation of human right, democracy and freedom of speech


Assange just prior to his escape from the USA

Picture credits to SCMP.

Assange being dragged in such an undignified manner by British policemen or American agents to be extradited to the USA, and very likely to suffer inhuman torture by the Americans, and likely to die in their hands, hanging on a piece of bed cloth and claimed as suicide. His families and friends have resigned to the fate that they would not see him anymore, knowing how evil and cruel the Americans are in treating their enemies.

And Assange's crime was to blow the whistle and called out the lies as a professional journalist, doing what he was expected to do.  He would be treated like a hero if he would to parrot all the American lies without conscience like what all the western journalists and western media are doing. 

The saddest part is that his own country Australia has abandoned him, not daring to take up his case against their master, the USA. Pet dog Australia has totally and shamefully given up saving the livesof Assange and his freedom.

Where is justice, democracy, freedom of expression and human rights? You are with us or against us.  The Americans must be very proud of the way they are treating Assange. Not a word has been heard from him since the extradition.


Japanese savages in China - 1937 Rape of Nanking(Warning: gruesome scenes)


No one of Chinese ethnicity can forget or forgive these savage crimes against the Chinese people committed by the Japanese savages when they invaded China in WW2.

Shinzo Abe not only would not apologise for these abominable acts against the Chinese people, he was even very proud of these acts, visiting and praying annually at the Yasukuni Shrine of war criminals, and showing thumbs up sitting in a warplane with the bioweapon lab Unit 731 conspicuously and specially painted on it.

The Japanese today wore suits and bow and bow as if they are very civilised. This is a record and a reminder of what they were and could become when war started again.

Do not be deceived. These cruel acts were not committed by a few radicals or insane Japanese, but by the whole Japanese people. It showed how cruel and evil they were and could be again as a people.

Shinzo Abe a very evil and wicked Jap rogue and scoundrel is assassinated: Good riddance.

I watched with disbelief when this monster Shinzo Abe was assassinated, many numbskull politicians in Southeast Asia and Singapore felt so sad with grief as if one of their love ones was gone. Don't they know every member of Abe's family and clan related  families from his grandfather Nobusuke Kishi downwards have stains of Chinese blood in their bloody hands. Even now PM Fumio Kishida and most of his cabinet members are clan related to Shinzo Abe's family through traditional clan marriage system and by which every member of the extended family is guilty of having Chinese blood in their hands.

Oh! what a pathetic sight seeing them showing respect and sympathy with  thoughts and prayers to a monster whose ancestors and whose grandfather the notorious Nobusuke Kishi had committed horrible crimes and atrocities which had killed and genocided  millions of Chinese and Koreans without mercy. To add insult to injury a book of condolence was on display and the public was asked to sign their condolences. I would have thought a book of condemnation and curse would have been more appropriate. Just let the world know my father was profiled, arrested and tortured in prison for many months.  I am sure many of the netizens grandfathers and  great grandfathers must have been similarly profiled, arrested and thrown in prison. Several tens of thousands of innocent Chinese in Singapore and Southeast Asia  had died a painful and agonizing death in this manner. Yet some of the  the present political leaders in  Southeast Asia shed tears in sympathy with the death of the Japanese monster. Have they no shame at all? Oh! Goodness , really numbskull.

Shinzo Abe a very evil and wicked rogue and scoundrel is assassinated: Good riddance. However, there are many thousands more of anti-China's  Shinzo Abe's type or replicas lurking in Japanese politics .  More of his ilk should be similarly despatched by divine design less they cause more turmoil and death in this world.

Shinzo Abe and his present pack of just as evil Japanese leaders in the LDP and Jap government are descendants from a line of ruthless killers and murderers forebears from the Meiji emperor era  in the 1860s to the 1940s. 

Like the white barbarians the Japs invaded China and Korea and massacred the Chinese by the millions. But ironically they arrogantly claimed the Chinese people are inferior people cheaper than trash and fit only ro serve them as slaves. 

Let the story be told and the people will judge who are the inferior people. Like the Western white savages the barbaric Japs had for centuries been trying to invade China since as early as the 14th and 15th Century during the time of the Yuan Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty. All their attempts to invade China ended in failure as China was able to repel their attacks and chased them back to Japan. 

However by the turn of the 19th Century China descended into decadence that caused many European countries and Japan to invade China again. In 1879 Japan took away Liu Chiu Islands  ( Jap renamed it as Okinawa ) and in 1895 it invaded and took away Taiwan from China. Also in 1885 Japan invaded and occupied the Chinese island of Sakhalin to the north of Hokkaido which is now under Russia.

In 1931 Japan invaded Chinese province of Manchuria then under warlord Zhang Tso-lin and later his son Zhang Xue-liang. In 1932 Japan established the puppet state of Manchukuo and installed Pu-yi as a nominal emperor though the actual power of the government was under Japan's control which ruled it as a Japanese colony.

In 1931 Shinzo Abe's grandfather Nobusuke Kishi was posted to Manchuria as a minister with full power to take charge of the new colony. In Manchuria Nobusuke Kishi"s rule was extremely exploitative and he committed endless unforgivable heinous crimes and atrocities against the Chinese people. He exploited Chinese cheap labour practically for free to expedite industrialization of Manchuria especially heavy industry like iron and steel mills to help the Japanese empire war industry. He used the Yakuza Japan's powerful gangsters or mafia to supervise the Chinese workers who were frequently beaten or killed with the most flimsy excuse. 

He founded Biolab Unit 731 in Harbin as a branch of the Japanese chemical biolab the Shinkuju in Tokyo. Fom 1930s to 1940s his Unit 731 conducted lethal life experiments on Chinese and Koreans to develop chemical and biological germ weapons against China. He dissected his Chinese and Korean victims alive without anaesthesia to test the reaction and effectiveness of his bioweapons. Nobusuke was really inhuman and cruel beyond description. No wonder he was known as the notorious Monster of Manchuria.

In 1939 Nobusuke Kishi was appointed as Minister of Commerce and Industry as well as Vice- Minister of munitions. Under his full control coal, iron ore and grains were plundered from China while oil, tin, copper, rubber, timber and other strategic resources were plundered from Southeast Asia countries and transported to Japan to become the driving force of Japan's crazy war machines. 

At this time Japan imperial military government also appointed Nobusuke as Manchukuo's Deputy Minister of Industrial Development with full control of Manchukuo's economy. Nobusuke Kishi crash program on Manchukuo's Industrial Development was completely focused on the production of steel for the purpose of arms manufacture to meet the military's demand of building a strong National Defense State. Indeed he was the mastermind behind the industrial development of Manchuria to support the Japanese imperial empire. He was also one of the warhawks in the Jap's fascist regime to demand the launching of The Pacific War. Thus he was simultaneously known as the "Monster of the Showa Era."

In Manchuria Nobusuke cultivated opium on a large scale. He monopolized the opium trade. Opium became the largest source of revenue for the Japanese imperial government. He and his Japanese army stationed in Shanghai made huge profits from opium business.

In Manchuria and Mongolia he forcefully  evicted the Chinese villagers from their lands and promoted the Manchurian and Mongolian pioneering group to get Japanese immigrants to immigrate to Northeast China and Mongolia in large numbers. 

One of Nobusuke Kishi's diabolical sins was the  organizing of comfort stations in Manchuria, China, Japan and in Southeast Asia and the forceful capture or induction of innocent Chinese and Korean girls or women into the comfort stations to serve the savage sexual instinct of the Japanese soldiers. Kishi was really a devil incarnate.

After Japan's defeat in the Second World War, both Emperor Hirohito and Nobosuke Kishi were listed as Class A war criminals chargeable for death sentence. Nobusuke Kishi and Hirohito's stance changed immediately from being self-proclaimed superior people that overlords the Chinese and Korean people to that of a very low class cur with no dignity and self-respect at all when like accursed dogs they knelt down before General MacArthur and licked MacArthur's asshole.

Their shameful low class slavish demeanour was well rewarded later when both Kishi and Hirohito were shamelessly acquitted by the US government after some dirty illicit shadowy deals and trade off. Under the immoral shady deal Japan had to surrender to US all the blue prints, records and documents of the  Biolab Unit 731. Also all Japanese scientists involved with the work of 731 must serve the US government and be deployed in biolabs in both US or US military bases overseas. Further Japan had to surrender to the US the over 3,000 tons of gold plus all the diamonds, rubies and jewelleries which Japan had plundered from the people of China and Southeast Asia countries. 

Nobusuke in his wildest dreams had never thought he would be acquitted and thus to escape the death sentence. So after his acquittal he was so grateful to the US that when he came out of his cell he just wanted to lick MacArthur's ass again to show his loyalty all the time. 

When MacArthur observed his pathetic slavish attitude he assured Kishi that the United States would hand over the Japanese government to him and Japan in the future.

Indeed it was through CIA financial support that helped Kishi to establish the Liberal Democratic Party and to win the elections in 1955 after the official termination of US rule in Japan.

Thus with strong CIA support Kishi became the Prime Minister of Japan in 1957. As the prime minister of Japan Kishi pledged his infinite allegiance to MacArthur and his oath of allegiance to the United States. 

In 1959 he pushed vigorously for a new treaty with the US. In January, 1959 he went to US to sign the "Treaty of Mutual cooperation and Security" which stipulated that the US must defend Japan and that Japan must be defended by the US which clearly makes Japan a vassal state of the United States. There was very strong opposition to Japan becoming a colony of the US. But inspite of tremendous opposition Kishi signed the US / Japan Security Treaty. In signing the treaty Kishi swore allegiance to the US that clearly denied Japan as an independent country but a colony of the US

Later he wanted to revise the Japanese Pacifist Constitution to amend Clause 9 that forbids Japan to rearm the military and to involve Japan in overseas wars again. 

Shinzo Abe takes after his grandfather Kishi and openly shown his intention to delete Clause 9 so that he could rearm the military and restore Japan to resemble the Meiji Era's bellicose military regime of the 1860s to 1940s. Abe had clearly shown his diabolical intention of starting another war with China when he had Japan planned and prepared for the day. Abe may be dead but his evil intention is alive with the LDP leaders . In truth Abe had already planned ahead with a conspiracy with the United States to take down China in future. The present LDP leaders and PM Fumio Kashida will surely try to fulfill Abe's wild dream and evil intention. That dream hopefully  is just a pipe dream and in any case China is capable of kneading it in the bud.

But Japan's psyche is not just invading China. Japan wants to conquer the whole of Asia and eventually the whole world like what the white men did.

Japan now is a pathetic US colony and the Japanese still think they are a superior people. The Japs really stink. What do you think and what does the world think of the Japanese.


Sunday, 17th July, 2022

 Shinzo Abe's grandfather  Nobusuke Kishi was guilty of the murder and massacre of millions of innocent Chinese people during Japanese war of aggression against China from as early as late 1920s to 1940s or end of Second World War. This war criminal Nobusuke Kishi's daughter Yoko Kishi married Shintaro Abe another war criminal and through which marriage Shinzo Abe a monster was born.

Peaceful rise of China...in trade and business


Container vessels berth at the Port of Yangshan to clear cargo around the clock in Shanghai on January 2, 2022. In 2021, the Port of Shanghai handled over 47 million standard containers, ranking first among the world's ports for the 12th consecutive year. Photo: VCG  Global Times

The above photo speaks volumes about what China is doing daily and its peaceful rise through trade and trade and trade, not wars and wars that the Americans are engaged in. The Port of Yangshan is the biggest and biggest port in the world, a position Singapore and Rotterdam used to claim.

1. Shanghai, China.
2. Singapore.
3. Ningbo-Zhoushan, China.
4. Shenzhen, China.
5. Guangzhou, China.
6. Qingdao, China.
7. Busan, South Korea.
8. Hong Kong, China.
9. Tianjin, China
10. Rotterdam

China now has 7 ports ranked among the top 10 busiest ports in the world as reported in Feb 2022 by marineinsight.com. Not a single American port in the top 10. Only European port Rotterdam came in 10. Port Klang, Malaysia was in position 10 in 2020.

The Americans are trying to start wars everywhere to disrupt the growth of China's trade and business. And they mischievously accused China of being aggressive and wanting to start wars that would be detrimental to China's rise as the biggest economic power in the world. Peace is good for China, not war. Why would China want to go to war that would bring an end to its peaceful rise?

The Americans are the warmongers, everyday, everywhere, agitating and instigating for wars. They are the world's number one terrorist country, the world's number one trouble maker.


Americans using antique tin can to provoke and threaten China in the South China Sea


USS Benfold image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Chinese warships from Global Times

This American warship entered Chinese territorial waters in the Paracel Islands claiming innocent passage under UNCLOS, a UN sanctioned law but the US refused to sign to abide by its provisions. The slimy and mischievous Americans then claimed to be protected by this law and using this law that it refused to comply to attack China.

The American ship looks menacing enough alone, especially when encroaching a nation's territorial water and the latter has no means to defend against its weapons and firepower. But look carefully and one could hardly mistaken it for a museum piece. The Chinese naval ships are new, far bigger, modern and better equipped with superior weapon system and fire power. This American WW2 ship no longer strikes fear to the PLA Navy. It looks like an antique tin can, aged and tired and about to be sent to the museum. 

The Americans are still strutting this piece of 50 year old scrap iron and called it a warship. They could only frighten small and medium powers but not China anymore. A little miscalculation and China will sink it. Give the PLA Navy a good reason and this tin can would find its grave at the bottom of the South China Sea. It should count itself lucky that it did not sink half way across the Pacific Ocean due to leakages or metal fatigue.

Incidentally the Americans did not know that the missiles of Chinese submarine, fighter aircraft and warship are zeroing on it, tracking and tailing its every move. All it needs is for a Chinese soldier to pull the trigger and called it an accident, to avenge the bombing of Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. 

The Americans can continue to provoke China with their warships in the South China Sea. It is only a matter of when would China decide to sink one of them by 'accident', like the super sub USS Connecticut. When the warmongering Americans think it is ok to send their warships to the court yard of China to threaten China, they are just asking for it.


Peace or war depends on warmongering whites racist and supremacist behaviour.

    Whether there will be peace or war depends on the warmongering whites racist and supremacist attitude and behaviour. Judging from history since ancient times from the Roman Empire through the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German-Austria-Hungary and the British Empire to the present most evil and warlike Anglo-Saxon American Empire there is hardly any hope for peace in this world. 

The white people historically have a savage culture of aggression and conquest unlike the Asians like the Chinese who teach tolerance, mutual understanding and non-aggression. The white people's warlike culture is reflected in their religious books and in their literature. Read their bible:  Psalms  Ch 2, Verse 8, Romans Ch 13, Verse 2, literature like Homer, the Iliad, The Punic Wars, Herodotus and Thucydides on Persia, Athens and Sparta,  Julius Caesar,  Henry V and Taras Bulba and you will know how aggressive and warlike they are. On the other hand the Chinese teach tolerance and non-aggression and believe that throughout the four corners of the earth all men are brothers.

Throughout history the white people have never stopped to show the bellicose genes in their DNA. In the Punic Wars between Carthage [ present day Tunisia ] and ancient Rome in 264 -146 BC the Romans were relentless in their aggressive wars on Carthage. The Romans were just not satisfied with their victory over Carthage for after their victory they slaughtered the Carthaginians and then burnt down and destroyed  Carthage completely thus leaving no possibility of any trace of the ancient Carthage historical sites.

After their complete victory over Carthage the Romans appetite for further aggression and conquest were further enhanced. They continued their march of agressive wars against Greece, Egyppt and thereafter the Middle East in Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon in which they eventually had complete control over areas covered by what is now Palestine and Israel. 

From then on Roman Empire conquests had no limits. It went on to conquer Europe including England, France, Spain, Portugal and Germany. Rome ruled England from 43AD to 410AD. To maintain its grip and rule of its vast empire the Romans built forts in strategic positions garrisioned by a few hundred or a thousand or more of Roman legionaries and auxiliaries. 

The building of fortified forts were later copied extensively by all later Western and Russian invaders of foreign lands and countries. Then to intimidate the victimized countries Spain, Portugal,  England, France, Russia, Germany, Holland, Italy and the United States built sprawling military bases in all the occupied lands.  The most evil and threatening is the intimidation of the over 1,000 US military bases that dotted in all the continents  and seas of the earth.

From 1492 onwards Spain and Portugal began their marauding conquest of Latin America and Africa. Soon England, France, Netherlands or Holland, Belgium, Germany and Italy follow suit and conducted voyages of overseas conquests of non-Christian and non-white countries throughout Africa, Asia, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. All these illegal conquests were attended with looting of resources, killings, massacres, murders and mass genocide of natives in which many natives were genocided to almost extinction as happened in North America and Australia where as many as 98 percent of the natives were wiped off.

All these barbaric conquests, looting, killings, massacres, brutal atrocities and genocide were conducted and justified  under their militant religious doctrine, 'The Doctrine of Christian Discovery' in which they claimed their Christian god had empowered them to go out and conquer non-Christian lands and to take and rob all their rich resources for the European Christians and to kill them if they cannot be converted to their Christian faith.

Fast forward the white savages have already conquered more than half the world's land or almost 65 percent of the world's territories. What more do they want from non-white people and their countries. Now, let's look at their deceits and hubris.

The white people especially the Anglo-Saxon Americans and the British like to hype a lot of hubris about democracy, human rights and  the rules of law. This humbug about democracy, human rights and rules of law is just a disguise to exert white men's evil plan to continue to hold non-white countries under their total dominance and hegemony.

The whites , the  Anglo-Saxons and the Teutonics or Caucasians better be serious in walking the talk  about democracy and human rights. Didn't you whites travel ten thousand miles from Europe  since 500 years ago in the 1500s AD to steal the lands from the natives of the Americas,  Hawaii, Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. You white land thieves and robbers and invaders should now return all the stolen lands to the natives and go back to Europe to show you are sincere in talking about democracy, failing which you will still have the label on your face as land thieves and robbers and also confirm that you white people are all cheats, charlatans, rogues and scoundrels and unrepentant marauders and brutal invaders as well as great liars as the natives of America like to warn us that 'White men speak with fork tongues and cannot be trusted.' 

Also the Western countries led by the Anglo-Saxon Americans like to  falsely accuse other countries of being aggressive. No Asian countries are aggressive except Japan which shamelessly and without dignity and self-respect claim that they are also white and who had indeed brutally invaded many other Asian countries in the Second World War. 

The white Americans claim China is aggressive and expansionist. In her over 5,000 years of civilization China has never invaded even a single foreign country. On the contrary every of the western European imperial  country had invaded and colonized  practically all the non-white countries in Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America, Australia, NewZealand, Hawaii and Tasmania. China is the only ancient country in the world that has lost more than 3 million square miles or  one third of her lands to foreign invaders like England, France, Russia, Germany and Japan. China has yet to settle this score with the West and yet under the leadership of the bellicose Anglo-Saxon United States they keep on pressiing their aggression against China.

Western aggressions against non-white countries have not abated. The United States with its white allies is forming little blocks of mafias like Quad and Aukus to confront and contain China's rise. In the Middle East it has not given up its intention to destroy Iran, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Libya and Yemen. The US is stirring up trouble and turmoils in Central Asia and it is still working hard to destroy North Korea. In Central America and South America it is carrying out disastrous illegal trade and financial sanctions as well as blockades against Cuba, Nicaragua, Salvador, Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile.

The non-white countries must be on guard against the diabolical plots of the West led by the US which has every intention to subject all non-white countries under total white control and hegemony.

There will be no peace in this world as the West headed by the Anglo-Saxon United States and UK do not intend to have one.  The Deep State of the American Oligarchy of the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Rothschild Illuminati Cabal  that has full control of  the American politics and governance and the  Military Industrial Complex and NATO has vouched to carry out perennial  warfare as raw power to grab the wealth and riches of the world and to bring the whole world under the total dominance and hegemony of the one world government under  white rule. 

Nevertheless Russia, China and the SCO and BRIC countries will never allow that to happen and will fight relentlessly to destroy  these diabolical satanic US and its Western allies of warmongers.


Friday. 15th July, 2022