MOM does not want to see a concentration of workers from a source or nationality

 Tan(See Leng) told reporters last Saturday that the government would examine the diversity of the workforce in sectors that need a lot of foreign workers. He said that MOM hopes not to see a concentration of workers from a certain source or nationality.

“From the perspective of this Covid-19 pandemic, one of the painful lessons we have learnt is that if you overly rely on one particular country, whether it is labour or for your talent, and if something happens and you get disruption, then you are going to be in a much more difficult position,” he said.

During the debate, Tan disclosed that the proportion of Indian nationals among EP holders had increased from 14% in 2005 to 25% last year. That is to say, among the 177,000 EP holders last year, one quarter came from 1 single country alone – India. He didn’t disclose similar figures for S Pass holders.


The above is from the correspondent and posted in TOC. What Tan See Leng said is like MOM does not want but has no choice, whatever that means, and so there is a concentration of workers from a certain source or nationality for so many decades or more than one decade. There is no choice, only India has the talent Singapore needed, other countries did not have, and so is no talent Singapore. Singaporean talents are only good to be grab driver and security guards or to deliver food. And the govt could not do anything about it, could not diversify, and still figuring how to go about it. By the time they come up with a solution, maybe another decade would have gone by and MOM would be run by a new batch of people...maybe from India.

What I find it puzzling is that the number of EP holders had increased from 14% to 25% last year. Why is this puzzling? If you turn left and turn right, or go to the central business district or go to East Coast or Chennai Business Park, all you see are foreign workers from one source or nationality. And they made up only 25%? Why is that so? If 25% is already filling everywhere, where is the 75% that could not be seen? Is it that our eyes are deceiving us or the numbers are funny? Should not we be seeing the 75% everywhere instead of the 25%? Is there a concentration of Ceca Indians in Chennai Business Park and Mumbai Financial Centre? Dunno there, no body knows. It just happen last night.

Something is not right. Who are the 75%, angmohs, pinoys or China Chinese? And together they are drowned by the 25%. Real or not?  Maybe 25% is bigger than 75%.

Would the imbeciles take a walk in Chennai Business Park and Mumbai Financial Centre, without putting on their sunglasses?

PS.  A country with no local talents. A country that badmouth its own citizens as no talents. A country that everyday bragged about how good foreign talents are even if they came from funny universities with funny or fake degrees. A country that told its graduate PMETs to retrain, to upskill as drivers, cleaners and security guards, and food delivery boys and girls. A country with no citizens, afraid to talk about citizens, only referred to them as locals or residents. Should be called a hotel instead of  state if citizens are a shame to be mentioned.

Covid-19 Is Driving World Leaders Mad


Devoid of ideas, ways and means on how to arrest the Covid-19 Pandemic that is going on for almost two years now, many world leaders are very desperate and panicking. They are drowning in the most strange turbulent ocean of disaster - causing havoc to the national and international economy as well as to their reputation and competency, to their stature and political careers. Under such prolonged conditions, some of them, if not all, are going bonkers.

Many of them are simply following the leader. The blind following the blind. Whoever is blinded first is the leader. The rest are the followers - the Fellowship of Blinds is formed naturally and voluntary, without the need to motivate and organise.

In the meantime, some cunning and unscrupulous big scammers are reaping huge profits, both monetary and fame. By the tune of US$53 Billions this year and a projected US$93 Billions in 2022, they happily and openly boasted. Windfall of the Century! Heaven-sent or deliberate heinously created opportunity of evil people, no one is the wiser.

No investigation led by preconceived, bias, corrupted minds, a mix of scientific and political hags, is going to discover the origin of the A,B,C,D,E Variants of the Contagious and Deadly Coronavirus (CDC) - with an acronym same as the CDC of USA, a highly political and politicised entity that is exerting its presence felt throughout the World of incompetent leaders grasping at last straws. Even the Israelis, the best brains on Earth, are not spared.

At the rate this madness is going on and on, as long as the abnormal, stealthy and invisible Coronaviruses are uncontrolled and uncontrollable, the Global Vaccination Program is going to become the Mockery of the Centuries. No politicians dare to admit. No leaders even dare to make a squeak. Perhaps some do, in private with their wives, in bed.

As long as one country is not safe, all countries are not safe.

As long as one country is spreading the viruses continuously to the rest of the world - a world that cannot do without trade and interactions, commerce and communications, banking and finance, travels and adventures, eating and banging - no corner of the world will be safe. All earthlings will be infected one way or another.

This may be divine intervention or human-created to restart the broken system of reform of an over-populated Earth, a deeply corrupted evil human world of greed, power-hunger, injustice, devious-plots and heinous deeds.

Vaccinated or not, all are going to be infected, sooner or later.

Some will fall sick and recover.

Some will fall sick and die.

Some will not fall sick but not die, especially the children.

Some will not fall sick and will not die immediately but may die in the not too distant future - dying of organs failure or heart-attacks, strokes or heartbroken because of loss of loved ones, or commit suicide because of loss of sole breadwinners and benefactors.

The toll will be great. The burden heavy. The costs immeasurable. The responsibility unavoidable. The leaders are going mad under immense pressure to perform and out-perform. This is the price of having incompetent leaders masquerading as world-best talents who are God's gift to Mankind.

God only helps those who help themselves!

Irony of ironies.

SSO - 30 October, 2021.


Covid19 - Singapore on the way to herd immunity

 Wednesday's 5,324 cases of  infection is good news for Singapore. If the number were to include those infected but not reported and staying home to recover, the total number of infection could be much more. Assuming that the total daily infection is 10,000, in 10 days it would be 100,000 and in 100 days it would be 1m. 

At this rate of infection, Singapore could be 100% infected very soon. The faster the rate of infection, the faster would all Singaporeans be infected, meaning Singapore would attain full herd immunity naturally, without any more need for vaccination or unending booster shots. Is this not what Singapore is trying to achieve?

Singaporeans thus must pray that more are infected and full herd immunity be achieved earlier. When this happens, there will be no more need for all the clumsy restrictive measures.  Singapore can then simply open up and live with the virus as a common cold.

Life will be normal, no need to wear mask, dine everywhere, party everywhere, no tedious processess of testings and VTLs.  Everyone is welcome, business as usual.

Well done MTF, well done Singapore for being the first to achieving full herd immunity and doing away with all the vaccines and unecessary encumbrance of the Pandemic.

What do you think?


Obsolete ASEAN And The Brainless Gaffe By Some Pro American Western Oriented Intellectuals.



It is time for Asean to close shop and for the pro American stooges to stop their illicit comments .Asean should be disbanded and discarded now as it is a very anachronistic organisation which  no longer serves its noble aim . From day one when Asean was infiltrated by the Evil Empire - USA , it has been losing its credibility and bearing. Asean has been hijacked by USA to serve its agenda of divide and rule and its grand strategy of containing China's peaceful development. The belief that Asean countries are still running the organisation is a self deception and a disillusionment . The unseen hands of the Evil Empire behind the steering wheel is setting the direction and calling the tune. The intrigues of the Evil Empire has already undermined the peace, security and stability in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.The problem is that since many of the Asean leaders have their own selfish national interest to serve they become divisive and  an easy target for USA exploitation for its own agenda. Asean leaders and politicians and intellectuals in Think Tanks and institutions of higher learning are willing to be politically anaesthetised and numbed by USA that they become incapable of independent rightful thinking.

 They become subservient to USA dictates and like plasticine their pigeon brains are now controlled and moulded by the manipulative hands and political chicanery machines of  deviant and devious USA 's massive  insidious propaganda. Asean leaders and politicians choose to ignore the horrible painful history of violent USA wanton aggressions and invasions against other countries. They  ignore the historical truth of the real and rightful owners of the island territories in the South China Sea. For thousands of years since the Han Dynasty of 250 BC China had traversed and reigned these islands which was interrupted only by the arrival of the plundering marauding European buccaneers in the 1800s and later joined in by the savage Japanese  and American imperialists. Even then all the South China Sea islands inclusive of the Paracels, Pratas, Spratleys and others have always been recognised as Chinese territories by both East and West including USA and Japan and even the Viets and Pinoys prior to mid 1970s. It was somewhere around 1975 after China announced the discovery of large deposits of oil and other mineral resources under the seabed that the littoral states like Philippines , Vietnam , Malaysia and Brunei began to lay claim unabashly to many of the islands and of course with the instigation and support of USA. Their illogical claims provide USA with an unwarranted opportunity to create trouble and conflict among the claimants. USA's interference to stir up instability , turmoil and conflict is part of its overall evil scheme  to ultimately assume full hegemonic control of the East China Sea and the South China Sea. This is actually the scenario of USA strategy of pivot to East Asia.

 Before USA appeared on the scene there was peace and tranquility in East Asia and the South China Sea. For decades USA has left trails of blood and suffering in the Middle East with its plots and plans of endless wars among the divisive  Arabs where their deviant faith of many divisive denominations led to easy exploitation by USA for its own selfish interest of ultimately holding undisputed control and hegemony over the whole Middle East .


Having created all the wars and misery in the Middle East USA thinks it can do the same in East and South East Asia. It is now bent on adopting the same wicked strategy of divide and rule in East and South East Asia.  USA is exploiting the greed and illogical claims of territories against China by some silly Asean countries and Japan.

Adding to the reverberations are the silly  comments of many anti China intellectual psycophants who are addicted to the sweet swelling farts and the special flavour of the American shit.Their silly anti China remarks will have its pay back politically and economically  and is of no benefit to their countries. They just regurgitated the wild vicious American propaganda which USA is used to hurl at a peaceful China. These moronic characters do not acknowledge their ancestral roots but choose to believe they are white and identify themselves culturally, mentally and ethnically with savage white people of the West. The white Americans and the Europeans must be laughing themselves silly thinking of these  deranged moronic Asian bananas. It is a disgrace that these pro American bananas are working in higher institutions supported by the government with tax payers' money.Their constant wild anti China utterances expose their utter ignorance of even the most basic history of China and Asia and may be the whole world. They should be removed from the government supported institutions  so as to save tax payers money and at the same time prevent them from bringing harm to the the country from their brainless gaffe. In a recent commentary a shameless nutty intellectual cast uncalled for aspersions on China and disparage China with irrelevant remarks which is anathema to Asean's interest. Remarks like "shoot itself in the foot" and "Trojan Horses" should apply more aptly to the intellectual's country and to Asean for inviting a satanic USA into the grouping and for acting as Trojan Horses on behalf of USA.

I would urge the self esteemed intellectuals to delve more deeply and seriously into history and especially on the history of savage American wars of aggression and conquests before they show their ignorance in their wild utterances.. The utterances that Asean survival as an autonomous body rests on its ability to neutralise external influence in its affairs" is hogwash. How can that be when Asean openly welcomes an outsider, a distant non Asian monster,a warmonger and world trouble maker into the grouping and allows this monster to hijack the agenda and call the dictates. All this while China look askance with disbelief at the folly of Asean. True to expectations USA began to create waves of crisis, instability, hostility and insecurity in the South China Sea region.US has seen fit to to indulge openly in issues between China and some individual Asean countries in a hostile and detrimental manner to China.The issues is between each individual Asean country and China and not between Asean as a group and China. It would appear that USA has succeeded in bribing some non involved Asean countries to use Asean as a block against China. Free passage is not an issue in the South China Sea and has never been an issue  But why is Asean on stasis and so dumb on USA harping on "Freedom Of Passage" knowing that Freedom of Passage is not an issue. Asean does not and should not assume the right to interfere in territorial claimant issues between China and a few of the other individual Asean states. It is a bilateral issue. Asean interference is bad enough and it is worsened by encroaching USA's interference. It clearly shows some Asean countries are conniving with USA to create trouble with the motive of getting some benefits from it.

In conclusion it is strongly advised that ignorant political commentators should keep their mouth shut to save them from contempt and disdain by the general public and to free the public at large from irritation and poisoning.


Wednesday, 22nd June, 2016
Republished on Friday, 29th October,2021

Logically speaking, India is the most advanced and talented country, Singapore next, China least

 China may be building space station, 5G, 6G, ghost cities, high speed trains, quantum computing, going to Mars, but if you look at China carefully, it is just a contractor, or merchant. China did not go to any country to teach them how to be a modern and advanced city or country. China just ask these countries if they want bridges, airports, seaports, trains, bridges etc etc, and if they said yes, China would build for them.

On the other hand, you often hear of Singapore sending missions to China to help China to build cities, eco cities, how to manage cities, how to run ports or trains, supply chains etc etc. As a result China benefitted from Singapore tremendously. Without Singapore sending delegations to teach China, China would never progress so fast. Dunno what else is Singapore going to teach China to be a more modern and advanced country?

On the other hand, Singapore is benefiting from India and India's talents. Without India and Indian talents, Singapore would not be what it is today. No financial centres, no big banks, no modern and clean infrastructure, no IT industry, no professors and scientists, everything would be backward and run down. Thanks to India and Indian talents for coming here to take over the running of the city state, now there are so many Indian talents helping this city state to be in the first world. And thanks to Indian talents, Singaporeans now have a lot of opportunities for skills training and skills upgrading, to become taxi drivers, cleaners, hawkers, etc etc. The politicians must be very grateful to the Indians to do all the work for them in running the city state and corporations, and free them to tackle the difficult task of Covid. If only the MTF are filled with Indian talents, the pandemic would be over. See how successful India is in tackling the problem?

India's superiority in technology would be the saviour of no talent Singapore. Singapore would cling onto the tail coat of India to become a modern high tech city state. Without India, Singapore would be doomed.

You can see the pattern, Indians training and helping Singapore, and Singapore helping China, in that order of merits. China is so lucky to have Singapore and Singapore so lucky to have India, The skills and expertise were passed down from advanced and talented India to Singapore and then to least advanced China.

Did anyone know that China got 5G ad 6G and building space station? Did anyone know that China has the most advanced high speed train system, electric vehicle cities, etc etc?

Logical or not?

PS. It takes a lot of guts or stupidity to go to China to tell the Chinese you can teach them modern technology or how to run or build their country. Even the Indians would not have the audacity to do so.

ASEAN's Credibility At Stake?

The slow progress in resolving the political crisis in Myanmar would have real consequences on its people, as well as the credibility of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as a Rules-Based Organisation, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Oct 26, 2021.

Mr Lee urged the military authorities in Myanmar to cooperate with the ASEAN-appointed Special Envoy, Brunei's Second Minister for Foreign Affairs Erywan Yusof, who has not been able to enter the country since his appointment in August.

Speaking at the 38th and 39th (?) ASEAN Summit, which takes place virtually for three days starting from Tuesday, Mr Lee said that ASEAN leaders remain concerned about the situation in Myanmar.

On Feb 1 this year, Myanmar's military staged a coup, deposed elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and arrested several of her party's political leaders.

Contrary to its long Standing Principle and Practice of Non-interference, ASEAN leaders have been criticising Myanmar's military Junta’s actions this time round.

Last week, four Asean leaders had pushed to exclude the Myanmar Junta Leader Min Aung Hlaing from attending the ASEAN summit.

It was then decided that a non-political representative from Myanmar be invited instead. However, Myanmar did not send anyone to the submit.

Mr Lee said that Singapore strongly supports ASEAN’s efforts to assist Myanmar in a positive, peaceful and constructive manner and is committed to implementing a five-point consensus, a plan ASEAN had put forward to the Myanmar Junta in April to halt the ongoing violence, send humanitarian aid and facilitate dialogue among all parties involved.


Myanmar's Military Junta has rejected the proposal and refused to allow any representative of ASEAN to enter Myanmar.

As such, there is an impasse. No progress has been made.

Unless ASEAN sends a combined military force, with the help of the USA, to invade Myanmar, any talk about progress in taming the Myanmar coup leaders through political rhetoric is frivolous.

By not living up to ASEAN's openly declared Principle of Non-interference in the internal affairs of member states, ASEAN has already lost its credibility and sincerity, and destroyed its one and only fundamental Principle - the Principle of Non-Interference.  



Singapore politics - Misplaced trust, misplaced priorities

 In a democratic political system, the people are given the right and power to elect their representatives to Parliament to look after their interest, protect their interest, speak out for their interest. And the elected govt is supposed to do the same, to look after the interest of the people that elected them to be the govt.

What if the elected representatives are more interested in speaking up for those that did not elect them as their representatives instead of the people that elected them? What if the govt is always thinking and planning for the interest of foreigners other than the citizens, the people that elected them?

It is disgusting to see how vocal and zealous of MPs wasting their time and effort speaking out for foreign workers, we understand their plight, as if these are their main responsibilities, not the interest of their constituents, the people that elected them to Parliament. Likewise, some are speaking out for animals, accepted that animals also need to be taken care of, but what about the people that elected them for the very purpose of looking after their interest?

Similarly, what shall you say of a govt that have been peddling to the interest and well beings of foreigners and not the citizens? Jobs for foreigners, good jobs for foreigners, shitty jobs for the people that elected them? Free vaccines and freebies for foreigners?

Why elect representatives that think your interest is less important than those of foreigners and dogs and cats? Why elect a govt that panders to the needs of foreigners and make you grab drivers and food delivery boys and girls?

Might as well don't vote for them. This is misplaced trust and misplaced priorities when there are so many issues and problems facing the people but they chose to talk and speak out for people that did not vote them to represent them. Animals are more important to them.

How outrageous!

What do you think?

End Of ASEAN - Playing Into The Hands Of Lucifer

A Zone of Peace and Neutrality. That was ASEAN 's aspiration. That was the mission of all the ten member states of ASEAN. United we stand, divided we fall. Unity is strength.

Unity in the face of Big Power rivalry.

Strength against the persistent and powerful onslaught of the only Superpower's coercion and intimidation, blackmailing and interference, influence peddling and bribery, in order to divide and rule in Hegemonic Fashion throughout the whole World.

Formed for that purpose. Became successful in a limited way. Stood up as a torn in the neck of the Evil US Hegemonic Empire, which has been plotting to destroy or dismantle it for a very long time now.

Then, all of a sudden, there was a military coup in Myanmar and the opportunity came. The chance for the Evil Schemer Lucifer to destroy ASEAN came. Like a terrible blood-sucking vampire, it never let go its bite. Its bite has infected and transformed the ASEAN states into little vampires. The rest is history.

It took them so many years and so much deliberate and concerted efforts to stand together, to unite for one common cause and to chart a course for the creation and maintenance of that precious Zone of Peace and Neutrality.

It took them so many years of pains to stand together in order to uphold the Principle of No Interference in the internal affairs of member states. Yet with a moment of indiscretion, just like committing adultery, and most probably influenced by an itchy urge to satisfy a desire to please a certain Big Dick in the Western Hemisphere, they abandoned that Principle of No Interference in the internal affairs of member states.

Like committing adultery, one moment of pleasure, one moment of indiscretion, one's dignity, integrity, reputation and righteousness are destroyed forever. One's efforts in the maintenance of celibacy and purity for the entire life are thrown into the gutters.

That is what ASEAN is doing collectively to itself for the last three months, as if they have never experienced military coups before. The dignity, image, integrity, reputation and moral standing of ASEAN are gone forever!

Instead of going after those who are trying to turn the Zone of Peace and Neutrality into a War Zone with the introduction and proliferation of nuclear submarines into Australia, to destabilise the region and to cause conflicts, ASEAN turned its uncalled-for attention into meddling in the internal affairs of Myanmar.

Once it has bent backwards to discard that Principle of No Interference, it has opened its backside to the whole world to screw it right and proper.

There is no excuse. No matter how their respective Foreign Ministers tried to explain, using whatever clever and cunning words to defray the criticisms and change others' perceptions and conclusions, it won't work. The die has been cast.

There is no more Principle to uphold. There is no more Principle to talk about. You have only one Principle. Very simple and straight forward Principle, yet you screwed up. You are unable or unwilling to uphold it!? What human rights and democracy are you talking about? You don't even have any moral standing to talk about yourself. Go look into the mirror first.

Now, what is there left for the rest of the ASEAN member states, except Myanmar?

Myanmar can now hold her head up high and look straight into the eyes of every other ASEAN countries and show them the middle finger and tell them to shaft it up!

ASEAN is now divided. There is no more unity. There is no more credibility. There is no more trust. There is no more strength. That is the tragic end of ASEAN!

Stupidity has no cure! 



China - From Land of little opportunities to Land of many possibilities

 The country was poor, not many jobs available in an agrarian society without industrialisation and the modern factories. What were the jobs and occupation available?

The best jobs that paid well, and extremely well for the corrupted, were the govt officials. That was the dream of all the poor peasants. Study hard, became a govt official and the future would be made, fame and fortune and money. 升官发财。 The other available jobs would the civil service, iron rice bowl. Even the low level officials could provide a decent life for their families, and if they were willing to cahoot with the top officials, they too could be rich, as part of the cronyism of the govt service.

The rest of the people were likely to be farmers, planting and growing food in little plots of land to feed themselves, or they would be jobless. Then the cooks in the tea houses, the waiters, the salesmen peddling their wares, and pulling passengers in their two wheeler carts, or food delivery, and of course the cleaners and dishwashers. Village doctors, shop keepers were reasonable occupation, but they would not become rich.

There were also the merchants that made it rich travelling the silk routes and sailing the high seas. But there were not many professionals or PMET jobs around. Living was hard but bearable.

Then came the foreigners with the guns and cannons. And they took over the country. Most of the top jobs were taken over by foreigners. The one holding the real power were the foreigners. And the natives had to suck up to the foreigners to be their assistants and lackeys just to earn a living in their own country. The rich and powerful continued to live their decadent and corrupt lives. The quality of life of the people went down a few notches. New professions like bandits, cheats and conmen, thieves, kidnappers were aplenty when normal occupation were hard to come by.

Then came the peasant revolution. The corrupt officials and landlords were executed and a new order was established. It took decades to eradicate inequality and to rebuild a new order that is more egalitarian with the wealth spread wider and further down the social ladder.

70 years passed and a land that was lack of opportunities is now a land of many possibilities. The people could work hard and believe they could be better tomorrow. The land is theirs and they affectionately called it their motherland. No more foreigners be allowed to rule over them, to take the top jobs, especially those in the govt service or govt related companies. The country and jobs were for the people of a self respecting country. No need to suck up to foreigners, no need to disgrace themselves as less able than the foreigners, no need to depend on foreigners for expertise or to create jobs for their own people. No need to be cheated by fake talents.

Foreigners are allowed in the country but under their terms and laws. Foreigners were there to complement and to contribute in their own ways to the country, but not there to steal their jobs and their lunches. This is the pride of a self respecting people that believed in themselves, their ability to achieve greatness on their own steam. They do not have to be humiliated by foreigners in their own country. No foreigners would dare to have the audacity to tell them they have no talent and the foreigners were there, invited, to help them because they have no talent. Such shameful and self deprecating statements would never come out from the mouth of a proud civilisation that is equal to the best in the world.

They have created their own order in their own country and all the opportunities and possibilities for their people, and travelling the world with heads held high, with dignity not bought by paying themselves millions for doing nothing useful or worthy. They paid themselves pittance for what they contribute to their country, and uplifting the quality of life of their people to be the best in the world.

Their motherland is theirs, always theirs, and would not be taken over by foreigners, a land of endless opportunities and possibilities for them to pass on from generation to generation...not to pass to foreigners.

The CIA's Mission Against China

The CIA had expanded its mission against China. This has been openly announced by the Biden Administration as well as the Chief of the CIA.

A new specially organised and huge unit with its own headquarters has just been set up to focus fully on China like previously during the US-USSR Cold War.

The US has now changed its stance against China, from strategic competitor to that of ENEMY.

Joe Biden repeatedly said that the US is not going to start a Cold War with China. In fact, the Trade War, Technology War, Legal War, and Propaganda War have started during Trump's Presidency already. Therefore, that means the Cold War had already begun.

Joe Biden is correct to say that the US is not going to start a Cold War with China because the Cold War has already started!

The US is in fact preparing to start a HOT WAR with China.

That's why the US troops in Afghanistan and the Middle East are being pulled out to pivot towards the South and East China Sea, for future deployments in Australia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. And possibly also to Myanmar and Cambodia.

That's why the CIA has been expanded to confront China in a more aggressive, deliberate, extensive and all-encompassing way.

In addition, a special budget of US$300 million per year has been allocated to smear and demonize China and spread falsehoods and false flags against China. All the US mass media (including the BBC of UK) and AFP. AP and Reuters - the three main news distributors - have also been engaged and paid to research and produce articles detrimental to the good name of China.

China must think of how to arrest the imminent threats of the CIA and be prepared for an all-out war with the Evil US Empire and Allies.

Better be prepared than to be caught with pants down like 150 years ago.



U.S. should stop interfering in Taiwan and get out of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guantanamo, Guam and Diego Garcia instead of talking hubris about 'Democracy & Human Rights'

                                                                                                                                                                                 The Anglo-Saxon United States should get out of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guantanamo, Guam and Diego Garcia and give back these lands to the indigenous natives instead of hypocritically talking and preaching hubris about democracy and human rights  in which they commit the worst criminal travesties. They should henceforth give back Guantanamo to Cuba instead of holding it as a torture slave camp whereby political victims who fought against American aggressions are brought there to face intolerable incarceration and most brutal inhuman torture.

The world has long known how the Anglo-Saxons used dirty intrigues, deception, subterfuge and military might to wrest away Hawaii from the indigenous Hawaiians. Now they are trying to use the same deceptive tactic on the Chinese island of Taiwan. For decades the US has interfered in the Chinese internal affairs and in the Chinese civil war. The despicable Americans have openly supported Chinese separatists and secessionists in Taiwan claiming they are supporting and protecting democracy and human rights in Taiwan. But Taiwan is an inalienable Chinese territory and it brooks no foreign interference more so from the evil empire. The Chinese and the world know that US purported claim to support democracy and human rights in Taiwan in which they have no business to poke their nose in is actually their diabolical objective to ultimately occupy Taiwan for setting up their military base and bulwark for aggression against China. The evil empire has constantly villified the meaning of democracy and human rights for all the countries in which it claims to support democracy and human rights eventually end up being swallowed by the evil empire in regime change under the full control of the United States.

As per usual sinister performance of their traditional modus operandi, their intrigues started with sending Christian missionaries to Hawaii in the early 1800s to convert the native Hawaiians to Christianity. This was soon followed by merchants and businessmen who went to exploit the native Hawaiians. This fit in with the American politicians, the military and the USA government objective of carrying out the New Manifest Destiny of expanding the American empire overseas.

From the 1820s American settlers, traders and businessmen began to descend on Hawaii in droves. They began to buy up all the good fertile lands at a give away price for their fruit and sugar plantations. They plundered and grabbed hundreds of thousands of hectares of land at no more than ten cents per acre. They were really robber barons, bandits, brigands and plundering buccaneers who robbed and killed without mercy.

The arrival of these newcomers, the missionaries, merchants and planters was devastating to native Hawaiian society. They brought in infectious diseases which decimated the native Hawiian population as what had happened earlier to the indigenous native American Indians.

By the 1840s American planters had spread throughout the islands of Hawaii. The missionaries and the American decadent way of life introduced into Hawaii had eroded the traditional character of Hawaiian society who live a  peaceful life very close to nature. 

A deceitful American businessman and settler G.P. Judd soon worked his way into the confidence of King Kamehammeha I. Judd was a secretive representative of the US government. The US was able to con King Kamehameha III, to establish a constitutional monarchy with Judd as the prime minister. Judd was a defacto ruler of Hawaii and he ruled Hawaii on behalf of the United States for over a decade. 

In 1887 US established a naval base at Pearl Harbour. In the meantime trouble and injustice was brewing in American fruit and sugar plantations. Sugar had become Hawaii's main economy and main sources of income. The American planters had treated the thousands of Hawaiian plantattion workers like slaves who lived in depravity with the most minimal slave labour wage while they the planters reaped all the profits. When the Hawaiian workers protested they were beaten up and replaced with workers from the Philippines, Japan and other slave labours from USA, the Caribbeans and Central America. 

Native Hawaiians protested against these arbitrary changes. In 1891 the Hawaiian Queen Liliuokalani , a staunch nationalist strongly opposed the illegal usurpation of the Hawaii government by the Americans and challenged the growing American control of the islands. But her government which was under American control came under siege from the white rulers in her government. In 1893 the American planters staged a revolution and soon Queen Liliuokalani was dethroned by the American military from the American marines in Pearl Harbour. The United States then established a provisional government dominated by the Americans. This government then sent a delegation to Washington to persuade the United States to annex Hawaii . So ultimately the Evil Empire managed to acquire Hawaii through subterfuge and military force and coercion. The same scenario of aggression, coercion and occupation was to be repeated time and again in other parts of Central America, South America and the vast Pacific Ocean native island kingdoms like Guam, Samoa, Marshall Islands, Wake Islands and a few more others.

The US officially annexed Hawaii and incorporated it into the US as the 50th State on 4th July,1964. However diehard native Hawaiian nationalists  have always flown the US flag upside down as a way of protest to  show to the world their painful distress.`Then over the years endless streams of white settlers, the Anglo-Saxons and the caucasions swarmed into Hawaii and overwhelmed the native Hawaiians. Though the native Hawaiians are now a minority in their own lands they have never given up hope to drive out the American white invaders to achieve independence and form their own indigenous native government. This noble objective is where the world and the United Nations Organisation must pitch in seriously to help the native Hawaiians to achieve their goal of an independent indigenous Hawaiian nation and country. If the evil empire, the Anglo-Saxons are sincere about democracy and human rights they must help the native Hawaiians to fulfill their wish and not just hang the two words of democracy and human rights in their lips.

As for Taiwan if the evil empire persists to interfere it would ultimately mean war with China in which they will without an iota of doubt face their nemesis and utter destruction.


Tuesday, 26th October, 2021

Covid19 - China battles Covid19 outbreak?

 China battles Covid19 outbreak!!! Wow, this must be very serious. How many cases recorded in this outbreak? 39!  What, what, 39? Not 3,900 or 39,000 or 390,000, is there a mistake? 39 is causing such a big alarm? And 39 in one city or in an area as big as Europe? Can anyone picture out what it is like to have 39 cases in the whole of Europe?

In little island like Singapore, having more than 3,000 cases daily and dunno how many more stay at home without being counted, there is no alarm. In a continental size China, 39 cases is so alarming, so big news like China is going to down into another basket case country.

It is true that China is treating this outbreak very seriously. Even one case is one too many in a country that is working to maintain a zero Covid status and China is going all out to prevent further spreading from the 39 cases.

Mass screening, contact tracing, mass testing, lockdown etc etc would be enforced. China is trying its best to nip the problem at the bud. China is showing to the world that it can be done despite the huge borders, land mass and population and the possibility of foreign sabotage, to spread the virus in the country. The first time in Wuhan failed and it would not be allowed to succeed in any other parts of China.

China is well prepared, experienced, and with all the resources and a cooperative people that share the same interest to eradicate the virus from their land.

Many countries have been defeated by this virus and having a few hundred thousand cases or a few tens of thousands of cases as normal, but not China. Not 39 cases or even 1 case is acceptable in China.

Why would other countries be alarmed that China has 39 cases when they are living with thousands of daily cases, when the number of death cases in their countries are many times more than 39 infected cases?

What is the motive or agenda for screaming out loud, for being hysterical over 39 cases?

The CIA Clandestine Operations In ASEAN and Asia

The CIA is now operating actively everywhere within ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region. It has its agents, operatives and tentacles in China, India, the Kistan Countries in Central Asia, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand.

It has Branch Headquarters in five countries: Australia, Hongkong, India, Singapore and South Korea. In the other countries, it has Cells Headquarters, a smaller version of the Branch Headquarters, to facilitate communications, finance and coordination.

It has now set up a militia base camp in Myanmar, near the border of Thailand, recruiting, training, organizing and arming Aung San Su Kyi's faction to fight and topple the present Myanmese Military Regime.

The UN has now been used by the Evil USA to demonize and condemn Myanmar, giving a false flag warning of genocide in Myanmar. Actually, in reality on the ground, the Myanmese army is going to destroy the CIA base camp before it can expand further.

The CIA is also inside Cambodia trying to ferment descent, protests and uprisings, just as what they are doing to China by using a small group of Uighurs in Xinjiang.

Thailand's military junta and the new Thai King have already been bought over by the CIA infiltrators recently, in the last few years.

Singapore and Malaysia, I believe have been 'bought over' long ago probably during LHL's and Najib's early years.

Indonesia and the Philippines are on the way towards capitulation in the not too distant future.

The present President of Indonesia is not keen in embracing the US fully but his Deputy and the some of the military commanders may have already been on the payroll of the CIA.

Once the present President of the Philippines stepped down, the Philippines will probably be inside the gloves of the CIA.

Next on the list of CIA's schemes are Laos and Vietnam.

China must work extremely fast to counter and stop these trangressions and transformations before it is too late.

China has to expand and further develop her intelligence and security organisations and operations worldwide.

China must also improve and expand her counter-intelligence organisations to challenge and outsmart the CIA, especially in cyber security, and aerial and satellite surveillance.




Countries that followed in the footsteps of USA by passing laws to prevent interference by another country in their internal affairs, and then go around interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, are not only hypocritical but also suicidal because, as time goes on, other countries will also do the same to them.

A typical example now is Singapore and other ASEAN members ganging up to bully fellow member state Myanmar. These countries, less Myanmar, have now become COUNTRIES OF NO PRINCIPLES.

These No-Principles ASEAN countries will soon have a taste of their own medicine from Myanmar and other countries, especially China, India and Russia.

Their standing in the eyes of bigger countries has been shattered by their own hypocrisy and idiosyncrasies. Their words cannot be trusted anymore.

Bye bye ASEAN.....


Covid19 - Stuck with white men's lie but cannot complain


In the early days of the pandemic, coming out with a cure is a statement of victory, just like landing on the moon. It was a race for supremacy and pride. The Americans did it, as they said, by hook or by crook. Today with increasing evidence that the Americans just did not have the technology to send men to the moon, it is increasingly clear that the moon landing was the hoax of a century, waiting for the final nail to confirm this when China puts land on the moon in the exact spot Armstrong was said to have left his mud cake footprint on the moon.

The Americans again shortcut all processes, did away with all scientific procedures, to rush out mRNA as the magic cure the world was waiting for, ahead of China's inactivated vaccines using traditional vaccine technology. It was a big success and the whole American propaganda machine went full steam, 95% efficacy or was it 96% efficacy in preventing infection and spread of the disease. But the Americans also knew that it was a big white lie. So they added conditions for the buyers. No claims, no responsibility, non indemnity, buyers bear full responsibility for its use, cannot bad mouth the manufactures, all ill effects or deaths must not be admitted as due to the vaccines...and non disclosure of the terms of purchase agreements. Also, once bought, must pay fully even if the vaccine did not work or kill the users. And forbidden to use China or Russian vaccines, only can use American vaccines.

Can you believe that there would be silly suckers willing to sign such agreements to purchase these experimental drugs?

The Americans up the ante. The vaccines were so good, only for American allies or crony countries. Not to be sold to China and Russia and their allies. This must be the cream of the cake. The Americans also bought it, line, hook and sinker. They hoarded the vaccines in the USA, American First and to a few favourite cronies. The cronies must be feeling so elated, so privileged to be given such an honour and special treatment by their masters.

The truth is all out there for the world to see. Are the mRNA vaccines working, effective, as they were first made known to the world? If they are, the pandemic would be over in US, UK and European countries. Are they?  Look at the evidence and ask yourself a few pertinent question and find your own answer.

Many countries are still living with this white lie, and still paying for this white lie, and still poking their citizens with this white lie and would be poking them till the cow comes home. It is a never ending story of getting poke and poke with something that did not work or at best works temporarily.

But none of these countries would dare to breath a word that it is not working as it should be. None would do a comparative study to confirm their fear and the evidence on the ground. Why? Why when faced with a different answer, an answer that is wrong, no one is brave enough to stand up to say so? Why is this magic cure not working and the US and UK and their allies are still losing control of this virus? No signs of the virus receding?

If the first generation leaders were still around, if Goh Keng Swee was still around, many heads would have fallen. He would not risk our limited resources on something that is untried, worse, experimental. The whole roof in Mindef would have been blown off if he knew that silly buggers would sign to purchase an experimental vaccine and allow their hands and legs to be tied, their mouths to be sealed, and their pockets to be empty, and cannot back out from the contract, cannot seek a different alternative solution. The mRNA purchase agreement is like a life sentence.

Could this happen to modern Singapore with super talented ministers in charge? I don't think so. How could it be?

The most dangerous disease in Singapore is not Covid19. It is Stupidity. And Stupidity has no cure. The vaccinated, vaccinated with 95% efficacy wonder vaccine, are afraid to be infected by the unvaccinated just to be around with them? Not infected, mind you, not fearing the infected, and some said, not the fear of the virus but the fear of the unvaccinated!

The fiction of the white men's lie continues to be written daily, that all is well, it would be over soon, free to live with the virus. And the smearing of Chinese vaccines and ignoring the success story of China in controlling the virus continue. China is going to suffer because it cannot live with the virus? Really?

Who is living a life that is freer and normal as before, and who is living in fear of infection and dying everyday, and still has to wear mask and restrictions? Living with Covid can only be safe if there is herd immunity and the infections under control and no longer severe.

This Covid19 is the reset key to change the world.

COVID-19 Singapore: Why Make Vaccination Voluntary When You Mean Vaccination Is Compulsory!?

During a press conference on 23 Oct, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung, who is also Co-Chair of the Leaderless Multi-Ministry Taskforce, said:

“I think such selective quoting of data — 40 per cent of ICU beds occupied by vaccinated individuals, therefore vaccines don't work — I think this is selective use of data to mislead people. And it's a disservice to people.

As I've said before, if the whole or 100 per cent of our population is vaccinated, every single ICU case, every single death case will be vaccinated. It doesn't mean vaccines don't work. What you need to look at is the incidence rate, what is the base.

Unvaccinated seniors make up 1.5 per cent of Singapore’s total population, but they accounted for two-thirds of occupancy in ICUs and deaths over the last 28 days.

So do get yourself vaccinated, and be careful of misleading WhatsApp messages and poor math.”

From that speech, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung has again told people to get themselves vaccinated.

In the past one year, the PM, the PM's Wife, the Multi-Ministry Task Force, the Experts Committee and the Health Ministry have been painstakingky advising, encouraging and pointedly telling people (especially those who have not been vaccinated) to go and get vaccinated.

So much efforts and restrictive measures have been deliberately put up at discriminating against those who are unvaccinated (for their own protection?) to make life more difficult for them living in Singapore.

Why go to such a great extent to advise, encourage and persuade Singaporeans and Residents to go and get themselves vaccinated?

Why don't simply declare that VACCINATION IS COMPULSORY?

Why go round and round in circles and make all of us look like clowns in a circus?

What is there to stop or prevent the powerful government of Singapore to chicken out from declaring "VACCINATION IS COMPULSORY FOR EVERYONE!"???

There are so many things that have been made Compulsory in Singapore. This is nothing new. Adding one more Compulsory Decree in the Long List of Compulsory Decrees will not make any eyebrow raised.

Come on, for goodness sake, for simplicity, just say what you meant to say, i.e.


And everything will be alright. Everyone will understand. Everyone will go and get vaccinated. And the Ministers and Government will have good sleep every night.

Please reconsider.

If you can reconsider to include Sinovac in the National Vaccination Program, why not reconsider this? I believe our leaders are very flexible and adaptable people. Please think again.

Cheers! Have a nice day!

P/S: Of course, those who are medically unfit to take the vaccines can be exempted from this compulsion.

LIPS At Your Service.


Asean slipping down dangerously into the path of political interference

 Asean's position on Myanmar has toughen and getting louder and more audacious as if it is another godly organisation enarmoured with infallible virtues and telling Myanmar what and how to behave as a honourable and respectable country, what it can do and what it cannot do. This smack of hypocrisy smells strongly of political interference in the likes of Americans poking into the internal affairs of every country in the world in the name of freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law, racial equality, etc etc.

The Americans did not believe in any of these values when applied to coloured people even in their own country. Americans declared themselves to be above the law using the mischievous lies of American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny.  They are the chosen race by God to rule over the world, to teach the world how to live decently. But they themselves need not live decently. They can commit all the crimes in the world against humanity and decency, murders, massacres, genocides, cheating, lying, stealing, creating the most fearful oppressive organisations like the CIA, nuclear arsenal, mightiest armed forces, military bases around the world to control and oppress the world to do their biddings, while they remain as the master race. They can do no wrong, violate no law, they are above the law. Their laws are for the ruled, the subjects of the American Empire.

What is Asean but a mixed bag of mud, not clean white sands. Asean has all the elements of the dark side in their history and even today, with practically every country harbouring all kinds of political sickness and inequality of one form or another. Asean is not the best organisation to think it is the right organisation to pass judgement on its fellow members, violating its own charter of non interference in the political affairs of member nations. This act is blatantly an interference in Myanmar's internal affair.

The Americans are using all the fake values they did not believe in or live by to control and dominate the world for American supremacy and the American Empire. Using these as excuses, they poke their fingers into every country's internal affairs, to mess up countries, conduct regime change, wars of invasion, political assassination, economic sanctions etc etc....all to manipulate and control the world.

Why is Asean doing this to Myanmar? Is Asean now under the control of the USA and using the American political playbook of interfering into the internal affairs of Myanmar to control Myanmar? When this unethical code of conduct is accepted as Asean's way of inter state relations, Asean is no difference from the Americans and the Europeans. Once Asean accept this and let it become a precedent, there is no end to political interference among Asean states. Asean states must look into the mirror and see the flaws in their domestic politics and stop the hypocrisy of playing white Gods like the Americans, that they are so clean, beyond reproach. 

The politics of every Asean country is so fragile and full of controversies and it is best that Asean countries should stop meddling in the internal affairs of fellow Asean members. Just examine the hands of Asean leaders, you will know they are not clean. Whatever they think they are accusing Myanmar of, or unhappy with Myanmar, it could happen to them tomorrow. Some of the political injustices are already existing in the present moment in some Asean countries but chose not to see, now to know.

Asean must stop its hypocrisy and immediately ceases its hostility towards Myanmar, very likely playing according to the American master mind behind the scene. The puppet master is very happy with the performance of Asean, behaving and acting more and more like the puppet master.  It is a voluntary or stupid act in interference and control of fellow member states, opening the door to internal strife and division, weakening the foundation of Asean, of what and why Asean was started in the first place.

Is Asean allowing the Americans to use some of its members to sow discord among themselves and undermine its unity as an unique regional organisation? If so, it would soon be torn apart by internal conflict and disagreement. Meddling with another member's domestic politics was taboo but now some seems acceptable and a new norm for Asean.  

Soon Asean could be renamed as SEATO, if it is not careful.

COVID-19 Singapore: Why Is The Healthcare System Still So Unprepared For A Major Health Crisis?

“At the current situation, we face considerable risk of the healthcare system being overwhelmed,” said Lawrence Wong, Co-chair of the Multi-Ministry COVID-19 Task Force.

MOH reported last month that about 100,000 people aged 60 and above were yet to be vaccinated.

About 100 of them are being infected each day. The numbers may seem small but with a health system limited in size, this is a big number.

Shockingly and surprisingly, for such a rich and advanced country, Singapore has only 200 ICU places!

Despite more than a year and half have past, the government has done nothing to expand the Hospitals ICU capacity and capability?

Moreover, Singapore has only about 1650 isolation beds and this limitation has also not been expanded.

There was a new daily high of 18 deaths in Singapore on Wednesday - as well as a near record 3862 new cases - and the unvaccinated elderly accounted for more than two-thirds of patients who had passed away from the virus or were in the ICU, Health Minister and fellow taskforce co-chair Ong Ye Kung said.

The fact is that out of the 100,000 seniors not vaccinated, the total number of recent deaths do not even account for 1% of 100,000. Moreover, those seniors who succumbed were those who have underlying medical conditions.

So, the focus on the unvaccinated seniors is a frivolous pursuit. All the energy, attention and focus, and propaganda and coercion, to get the unvaccinated seniors to go for vaccination, despite continuing to insist that Vaccination Is VOLUNTARY, could be better spent on how to improve the hospitals capacity and capability in taking care, treating and helping the seniors to recover and get well.

Every life is important. Every life is precious. No matter it's an infant or a 100-year-old person, every life deserves equal medical attention and treatment. Every life deserves to be saved, as far as possible.

The most ruthless, cruel and inhuman is to let the oldies die prematurely as a result of one's personal or national economic agendas.



Covid19 strategy - On hindsight

 On hindsight, being just a blogger, not our job to tackle the pandemic, not being paid millions to understand and come up with a sound strategy, with a team of experts to assist, it is fair that we can use the excuse of hindsight to look at what is happening and what could be the reason why we ended up here.

Anyone who thinks that we have done well must be out of his mind. And any silly bugger who said it could be worse, got to visit the IMH. We were the envy of the world, we were on the lips of world leaders in managing the pandemic and sitting pretty in Level 1, as one of the most successful country outside China containing the virus. Every country wanted to learn from us, wanted to have special entry lane for visitors with us. We could pick and choose who we want to let in under special arrangements. But that is history.

Where are we now, Level 4, a high risk country determined by our great friend the USA. We are as good as a basket case without admitting it. Countries are avoiding us. Level 1 and 2 countries would not want to have VTL with us as we are now high risk. It is a great achievement, like going from first world to third world and it needs very exceptional talents to make it happen overnight.

When we we sitting up there looking pretty and clean, what prompted the govt to choose between zero Covid or living with Covid, aka Level 1 or Level 4, between a safe country and a basket case country? Before the decision was made to go for living with Covid, what were the considerations in their minds? Why would we take the plunge into the mud hole when we were almost Covid zero? We were clean and safe, or was it a lie, that what the public knew was not the true picture and we were already in the shithole? This could be the main reason as the truth could not be hidden for long. We had let in too many Delta Variant visitors during the height of India's days of hell. For whatever stupid reasons, the Delta Variant is already in the community and there is no way out, it was breaking at the seams. So it was a case of no choice. There was no way to keep the infection down.

If we were really nearly Covid zero, who would be so stupid to suggest the option of living with the Covid and live with the huge spike in infection, hospitilisation and deaths? Any average person would have to insist on staying Covid free when we could and were almost there.

Imagine if we had kept it real low, maybe not Covid free but low enough, who do you think would be in the list of VTL countries? China, Hong Kong and Taiwan would provide us with enough Covid free tourists to fill up our hotels and tourist sites. Instead, we are now taking greater risk in including Level 3/4 countries to send their unsafe tourists here, and you know what, when many vaccinated are dangerous carriers of the virus but with no symptoms, are we being safe, being responsible to the safety and well being of our citizens?

Rubbish and highly dangerous visitors from Level 3 and Level 4 countries being let in to spread the virus if they happened to be carriers? High risk living and low thinking? I am not even looking at the numbers of fake certificates coming in. Were they able to verify the vaccination certificates as genuine?

Now who decided to go down this stupid path of living with the Covid when we were doing fairly well? Or who convinced or influenced MTF to go down this path? Any foreign interference or all voluntary, so self inflicted tragedy?

PS. With many countries in deep shit after choosing to go down the path of living with the virus, voluntarily, having lost control, or being influenced or mismanaged, a big part of the world would be together in this struggle for existence and pretending that this is the new normal, living with high infections, high hospitalisation and high number of daily deaths. They might even congratulate themselves for being 'able to live with Covid as a way of life' and sneering at China and some countries that are living inside their Covid free bubble. Poor China, still cannot live with Covid and have to be isolated from the world.

Two outcomes from this. The rest of the live with Covid countries can develop natural immunity and no longer be impacted by Covid, with Covid becoming a common flu, and infection, hospitalistion and death falling to insignificant level. That is the best outcome that living with Covid countries hope to achieve.

The second outcome, the herd immunity did not happen and the rest of the world would plod along like what it is today, restrictions on and off, lockdown on and off, infection, hospitalisation and death continue to be high.

China and Covid free countries would continue to live in their sanitised bubbles. Chinese people can travel out of China, but fully vaccinated. Foreigners going into China would be quarantined and to go through several stages of medical tests to make sure they don't spread the virus in China.

The world economy will chug along, China's economy would also chug along, but it would be a world divided, one free from the Covid disease, one diseased. Who is better off? China is big enough and does not need the tourist money and does not have to endanger its people with tourists from diseased countries flooding the country.

Covid-19 Singapore: Death Tolls Now Hit Double Digits - What A Wonderful Achievement!

The Minister of Health Ong Ye Kung and Multi-Ministry Task Force must be praising themselves for achieving such a wonderful (full of wonders) performance that everybody in Singapore (probably including the Prime Minister and the President) are wondering and wondering what the HELL is going on!!!???

Living with Covid-19 has become a nightmare to many old folks with underlying medical conditions. Some of them paid with their lives. They were killed by the COVID-19 via the courtesy of the very outstanding Millionaire Ministers staying in ivory towers, up in Cloud 99. The families of those "murdered" oldies must be thanking and also congratulating the Health Minister and the Multi-Ministry Task Force for doing such a wonderfool well-thought job.

Moreover, the daily casualties are now nearing 4,000 confirmed infections daily. Praise must also be given to the King of Kings (of Hades?).

The Stabilization Phase has become the Escalation Phase instead. How is it called the Stabilization Phase is terribly baffling, when cases of infections and deaths keep increasing?

Lies, more lies and statistics seem to be the modus operandi to some highly intelligent people. To them black can be white, and white can be black too. It is so simple. Just manipulate the data and convert them in percentages and then make comparison between apples and oranges, and then tell the world those are the "hard evidence" that Living with COVID-19 is working very well.

If that is not enough, create something called the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) and extend the scheme to many highly infected high-risk countries and import more infected people in, so that new COVID-19 Variants can easily spread to the community and proliferate until the daily infections hit 10,000 cases? And deaths hit 100 per day? Another brilliant idea, brilliant experiment with the lives of others!

Clap! Clap! Clap!
What a wonderful achievement!



The Return Of Taiwan To Motherland China Is Inevitable

The return of Taiwan to the Motherland, China, is inevitable. It is not and never will be negotiable. The KMT knows it very well. The DPP knows it too. The USA is very well aware of this but is intent on being belligerent and confrontational.

Tsai Yin-wen, the Japanese in disguise, and her gang of Japanese descendents in her pseudo political party DPP, have a hidden secret agenda to secede Taiwan for the evil Japanese Expansionist Regime in Tokyo.

They think China is sleeping and does not know that they are actually of Japanese origin and are bent on either to secede Taiwan to Japan or to destroy it entirely.

That's the main reason why Xi Jinping is so adamant to reunite Taiwan during his Presidency. No more passing the bucket to the next leader of China. A peaceful reunion is the best for everyone but it seems impossible because of Foreign Interference. Therefore, retaking Taiwan by force, economic or military, or both, has become a necessity than a choice. China therefore has to prepare for war, with the USA and its allies, in order to retake Taiwan. This is also inevitable.

Instigated and hurried on by the Western Powers and Japan, the incorrigible Tsai Yin-wen is playing with fire like the evil Whites and her Japanese Masters. Their evil intent is to destroy Taiwan before China could take it back. That's why she said that Taiwan will fight until the last drop of blood.

Total destruction of Taiwan so that China will have a hard time to rebuild it, even if it falls into China's hands. It is a self scotched earth scheme to deprive China of the fruits of her labour. This is the same as the Japanese concepts of
kamakasi and harakiri.

These Japanese descendents, same as their ancestors, are very aggressive, wicked and evil people living under the cloaks of a gentle and refined culture. They are the worst species of half-humans on Earth. Never trust them one bit. You trust them at your own peril.

China, must therefore be prepared for a quick and decisive victory in the retaking of Taiwan. Limit the number of casualties and physical destructions as much as possible. This can only be done by eliminating Taiwan's present political leadership and its military headquarters at the onset of China's military operations. Raids and assassinations at specific targets and guerrilla tactics must be used extensively prior to the main decisive battle, to cripple and weaken the will of the people and military commanders to resist.

Nevertheless, no matter what, China must be prepared for an all-out war in the Asia-Pacific. Only then can there be peace.

If you want peace, be prepared for war!

SSO - 20-10-2021.

P/S: A scorched earth policy is to burn down or destroy everything that can and may be useful to the enemy before withdrawal of own forces from the occupied territory, e.g. weaoons, vehicles, logistic supplies, installations, communications facilities, water resources, bridges, ports and infrastructures. To some horrendous half-humans, like the Japanese, they even killed themselves and their own people so that they cannot be utilised by the enemy forces.


Covid19 - How objective and scientific is the granting of VTL?

 Other destinations currently at Level 4 include Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

 The CDC advisory comes as Singapore began welcoming more fully vaccinated travellers on Tuesday, after extending its vaccinated travel lane scheme to eight more countries.

Fully vaccinated travellers from Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States will be able to enter Singapore without having to serve quarantine.

More than 2,400 people from these countries have been issued travel passes to enter Singapore as of Oct 13, with about 40 per cent of the passes issued to travellers from the United Kingdom.

Singapore launched its first two vaccinated travel lanes with Brunei and Germany last month. Its travel lane with South Korea will open in Nov 15.

South Korea is among countries with a “high level of COVID-19” currently at Level 3. Others in the same category include Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and Vietnam.

The travel advisory for India is at Level 2, indicating a “moderate level” of COVID-19. Unvaccinated individuals at risk of severe illness are advised to avoid non-essential travel to these places.

Among the Level 1 destinations identified by the CDC are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand. of these countries, Brunei, UK were classified as Level 4 countries, ie high risk. US is likely to be Level 3/4, South Korea is Level 3.


The above is quoted from CNA. To open up and welcome foreigners into this tightly packed city state is a risk that would eventually fall upon the population. So we would believe that very serious thoughts must be considered to grant certain countries this privilege. What would be the criteria? Infection rate, Level of risk, level of vaccination or business and political consideration?

The first two countries granted VTL status were Brunei and Gemany.  South Korea is the third. Subsequently 8 more were added, ie Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherland, Spain, the US and UK.

What is strange is that countries in Level 1, very safe, like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand are not in the VTL. Also, India is also in Level 2, safer than Level 3/4, is also not in the VTL list.

Question, the VTL is granted because it is safer or because of other reasons? From the approved list it is clearly confusing and unconvincing that it was done objectively and based on scientific evidence.

What do you think?

Why are we letting in high risk visitors from Level 3 and Level 4 countries?

Logic of imbeciles?

PS. Did the MTF think people from high risk countries, or countries not in the approved VTL list could just go to these VTL countries, spend a fortnight there and fly straight to this silly little island to spread their virus? Possible?

Put the People’s Health First

China can’t look to Singapore for a way to live with Covid-19, health economist says

- There has been little public sign of support in China for a Singapore-style approach.
- the city state failed to contain cases when it eased restrictions
- the key to opening up is whether all countries have got transmission under control

Singapore’s “experiment” to live with the coronavirus – and its subsequent spike in infections – might not be a useful model for China as it considers whether to reopen its borders, a Chinese health researcher has said.

“This safety net protecting the health of 1.4 billion people did not come easily. We can’t let it go just like that,” Li Ling, from Peking University’s National School of Development, was quoted as saying by mainland news website Guancha.cn on Wednesday.

Restrictions in Singapore were reimposed in late September after cases surged and hospitals came under pressure. The restrictions, originally set to expire on Monday, will continue until November 21, Singaporean officials said on Wednesday after a record 3,994 cases were reported on Tuesday.

Li said Singapore’s strategy had failed to contain the number of cases and if similar conditions occurred in China, a country of 1.4 billion, “it would not be just a matter of 3,000 daily new cases”.

The key to China reopening was whether infections and new variants were under control in other countries.

“As long as one country cannot control the virus, no country can eliminate the threat of infection,” she said. 



Taiwan - Cool and sensible advice from Alexander Mercouris for Taiwan


Taiwan Crisis Intensifies, Taiwan President Tsai Defies China, War Fears Grow

This is a 58 min video from the presenter on the Taiwan crisis and how the USA is playing with fire on a promise that they could not deliver, like writing blank cheque with their mouth and unable to cash. He quoted American military analyst report that the Americans would never ever be able to defend and would not defend Taiwan except stirring shit and giving the Taiwanese separatist movement false hope and confidence, leading them to a path of self destruction.

In the last part of the presentation he gave some very practical and sensible analysis and recommendations to the Taiwanese on what is best for them.

Christian Le Miere - Pretentious white men tell white lies

 Commentary: A pity China can’t seem to ditch its wolf warrior diplomacy

Despite recent exhortations from President Xi to tone down their language, China’s wolf warriors are here to stay. Their effects are not all positive, says Christian Le Miere.  CNA

Is this Christian Le Miere cockeye or drunk? Didn't he know what is happening in the world and what the Americans are doing to China, practically daily, nonstop attacking China with fabricated lies that resulted in this Wolf Warrior Diplomacy from China? 

Should he, if he is not drunk, and a well informed political observer, be writing,  'A pity US can’t seem to ditch its hostile, belligerent and irresponsible behaviour against China?' When would the lying, cheating, bullying, warmongering murderous American savages stop their primitive behaviour to live in peace with the rest of the world?

The people that committed the worse genocide in human history accusing China of genocide without any evidence and with no one in the world believing in this lie, accusing China of bullying when they are bullying China and other smaller countries all over the world, accusing China of lying when they lied and lied and lied to invade countries? Can these lying Americans be trusted?

What do you think? This man is sensible or another white biased supremacist that cannot see any wrong in white men and their reckless, provocative and gangster behavior?  American and AngloSaxon rogue behaviours are all positive? The provocation are slight, to protect countries from? China going to invade other countries, conduct regime change, support terrorist organisations and NGOs to destabilise countries? Really? In many instances the American provocation and incitement of hate could result in open war. The virus attack in Wuhan, the provocations in the South China Sea, the fabricated lies about Xinjiang, supporting unrest in Hong Kong, violation of China's rights and security by selling arms to Taiwan, passing a law to defend Taiwan against China's effort to reunite Taiwan with the mother land are all aggressive and unfriendly acts of war.

And many stupid media think it fits to publish this kind of white rubbish. What was the intent and motive to promote and sell white men's lies and hostile agenda?


Covid19 - VTL, How likely are the chances of false or error reports in the virus test?

LONDON: A COVID-19 testing laboratory in central England has been suspended over concern that it has been incorrectly giving negative PCR test results to people who are infected, the UK Health Security Agency (UKSHA) said on Friday (Oct 15).

NHS Test and Trace launched an investigation into a lab in Wolverhampton after reports of people getting negative PCR test results after testing positive on rapid lateral flow devices (LFDs).

UKSHA said that an estimated 43,000 people may have been given incorrect negative PCR test results, mainly in South West England, possibly underestimating the number of people with coronavirus between Sep 8 and Oct 12.  

The above is reported in CNA. Can you imagine, one of the most advanced country in Europe, the United Kingdom, damn high quality medical standard, could give error test results, estimated 43,000 people that were positive but tested as negative? What are the implications of these test results? VTL, what is VTL, Vaccinated Travel Lane for entry into Singapore. How many of the 43,000 have entered Singapore and how many people were directly been exposed to them and infected by them?

If this could happen to the United Kingdom, listen carefully, the United Kingdom, not any third world countries when errors, cheating, fakings are the norm. If this is supposed to be a genuine mistake in the UK, how many times more would there be from third world countries or even the USA? 

How many things can go wrong with the VTL, genuine mistakes, fake mistakes, mistakes due to bribery, cheating etc etc? How safe is it to open VTL or how risky it is to have such arrangements?

Our imbeciles still think the rest of the world are like Singapore, a piece of medical paper is likely to be genuine when printed on very good quality papers. They still have not learnt from all the fake academic degrees that have flooded into this island and causing so many of our PMETs to lose their jobs. Now, how many of those coming through the VTL scheme were using fake medical certificates or genuine certificates that were from genuine mistakes or intentional mistakes? 

Would Singapore be willing and foolish suckers? This is no joking matters as the lives of many Singaporeans are at stakes.

PS.  Who are the biggest peddlers of the idea of living with the virus? Ans: Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

What are these two famous for? Ans: Empty heads.

COVID-19: Singapore Has Become A Pariah Country In The Hearts And Minds Of The United States of America

It is so very unfortunate that just a few months ago, Singapore has been praised skyrocketing high for being one of the most effective countries in managing the COVID-19 Pandemic in the world and now being shun by the United States of America. That was during Minister Gan Kim Yong's watch at the Ministry of Health. The present pathetic and sorrowful state of affairs in the management of the COVID-19 Pandemic cannot and must not be attributed to him.

On Monday (18 Oct), the US Centre for Diseases Control (CDC) has raised to the highest risks alert, Level 4, for Singapore - warning all US citizens and residents not to visit Singapore.

The US CDC said:

"Because of the current situation in Singapore, even fully vaccinated travellers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants!"

The US Department of State issued a similar notice on Monday, urging people not to travel to Singapore due to COVID-19.

This must be a devastating blow to the newbie, gangho, dare devil Health Minister for his grand idea of implementing the "Living (Suffering and Dying) With COVID-19" by opening up the floodgates to allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to enter Singapore to spread the COVID-19 coronavirus freely, easily and extensively as long as he/she carries a Vaccination Certificate (VC). And at the same time unfairly and unreasonably discriminated against own citizens who are not vaccinated.

Whether the VC is fake or real nobody is the wiser because no human being is able to verify with certainty within a short span of time.

Moreover, children below 12 years old, whether infected or not, need not carry a VC but still can enter Singapore as long as they are brought in by an adult with a VC.

Singapore launched its first two Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) with Brunei and Germany last month.

A VTL with South Korea will open on 15 Nov 2021. South Korea is presently uner category of Level 3 in the

Eight more VTLs have been extended to countries including Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, UK and USA.

The US has a system of travel alert for travellers to destinations with health problems. The alert symptom has 4 levels. Level 4 being the highest risks destinations and level 1 is for lower risks destinations.

As identified by the US CDC:

Current Level 4 (highest level risks) destinations are Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand and UK.

Current Level 3 (high level risks) destinations are South Korea, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam.

Current Level 2 (moderate level risks) destinations are India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Unvaccinated individuals at risk of severe illness are advised to avoid non-essential travel to these places.

Current Level 1 (low level risks) destinations are China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand.

It must be noted that out of the first batch of 2,400 VTL places taken up, 40% of them are from the UK, which is among the highest level risks countries.


Birds of the same feathers fly together.

1. Travellers from countries that are of moderate or low risks will probably avoid Singapore as their travel destinations.

2. Travellers from countries that are of high and highest risks will visit Singapore, if and when necessary.

The bottom line is: How many more countries will declare Singapore as a Pariah Destination to avoid at all costs?


P/S: The Riau Islands, Indonesia, have also cancelled the Travel Bubble arrangements with Singapore because of the recent spikes in COVID-19 infections in Singapore.

Impossible for US to Have Military Superiority In China’s Coastal Areas

The Financial Times (FT) quoted on Saturday several sources saying that "the Chinese military launched a rocket that carried a hypersonic glide vehicle" in August and judged it to be a "nuclear-capable hypersonic missile." According to the FT article, the missile "flew through low-orbit space" and could help China "negate" US missile defense systems which are designed to target the fixed parabolic trajectory of a ballistic missile. The progress of the Chinese military has "caught US intelligence by surprise," the report said.

If the FT report is to be believed, it means that there is a key new member in China's nuclear deterrence system, which is a new blow to the US' mentality of strategic superiority over China.

It is meaningless to discuss the credibility of the FT report. But it is important to note the unstoppable trend that China is narrowing the gap with the US in some key military technologies as China is continuously developing its economic and technological strength. China doesn't need to engage in an "arms race" with the US - it is capable of weakening the US' overall advantages over China by developing military power at its own pace.

In the long term, the comparison between the military powers of China and the US will be in the following paradigm:The US' overall military advantage will be maintained, while its air force and navy have higher quality and its global deployment and projection capabilities will be unmatched by China's. Meanwhile, China won't have any will to globally challenge the US' dominant position in military sphere, and the US shouldn't worry about losing its military hegemony.

However, China's military buildup will focus on the Taiwan Straits and the South China Sea. It is inevitable that China will take an upper hand over the US military strength in these areas thanks to the geographical proximity and the continuous increase of China's input. Chinese society has not only strong expectations for this, but also strong determination and corresponding ability to realize this reversal. The US' conventional military superiority around the world will not translate into a guarantee of superiority in these regions.

The US is very concerned about China's nuclear development. There should be no doubt that China has no plans to build a nuclear force of the same size as that of the US. In other words, China has no intention of launching a "nuclear arms race" with the US. However, China will certainly improve the quality of its nuclear deterrence to ensure that the US completely eliminates the idea of nuclear blackmail against China at any critical moment and its idea of using nuclear forces to make up for the weakness that US' conventional forces cannot crush China.

Greater survivability and penetration ability of Chinese nuclear missiles is clearly being accelerated through a variety of new missiles. Such development will ensure that neither country's nuclear forces will be used as a tool to solve regional problems. This would ensure that the damage to peace, if any, would be limited and that the region would not see a deadly collision between major powers.

The US is constantly releasing rumors that China is strengthening its nuclear strategic tools, which is believed to pave the way for public opinion in the US to further increase its military expenditure from a high starting point. But no matter how much military spending the US increases and how much new equipment it procures, it is impossible for the US to continue enjoy overwhelming military superiority in China's coastal areas. 



FICA - Singapore will not be influenced by any foreign powers to do their biddings

 The passing of the FICA is Singapore's message that it would not tolerate foreign influence in its policy decision making process. Singapore will make its policies according to its national interest. Foreign influence and interference are when Singapore has to make policies that it did not want to. When Singapore makes policies willingly, in collaboration with foreign powers, it is not being influenced or interfered, it is 'voluntary', this is the key difference. I like, so I do, see, free from foreign interference. Singapore is an independent country and has its right to do as it likes. 

Some may ask, were there any kind of 'discussion' with foreigners before a major decision affecting foreign countries is made, and if this constitutes foreign interference or influence? I don't know. It depends on who you asked.

What about policies like cannot use Chinese vaccines? Got foreign interference or influence or not?

What about CECA and the big influx of Indians into Singapore? This one I think sure no. Because the CECA is good for Singapore, and the influx of Indians is good for Singapore, creating jobs for Singapore, including helping to recruit foreigners to replace daft Singaporeans with unsuitable skills and useless degrees. They also buy a lot of properties to sustain the high property prices. Very good for Singapore.

What about allowing Americans to use Changi Naval Base? This one sure no pressure from Americans. They are our best friends and we want them to be here.

What about not using Huawei's best 5G technology in the world, and chose more backward 5G technology from the West? I think this one depends on the people that decided what to use. If they said Huawei not good, West 5G good, then so be it. Oh, Huawei's 5G could eavesdrop on your communication, the American said so, but got no proof, just said only. Americans don't lie, always tell the truth.

What about the badmouthing of China in the media? Oops, no, just republishing articles from western media, it is a commercial decision. Nothing to do with the govt. Singapore does not badmouth China because China is our biggest trading partner, with deep historical and cultural roots. The few clowns that badmouthed China in the South China Sea dispute did it in their own personal capacity.

Any more questions?

Concerns of Singaporeans

 A brief survey over the last few months shows that Singaporeans are very concerned about the following (not in any order):

1. CECA, including job losses/displacements, fake qualifications, racism, FTA, social problems, etc

2. Covid-19, including Delta version, which vaccine? to vaccinate or not? re-infections, death, mental problems, lockdowns, etc.

3. MTF, including performance, confusing policies, social restrictions, hospital or home recovery, reopening of borders, government assistance, etc.

4. The Elected President, Ministers’ & Town Council Managers’ high salaries, performance (esp. in parliament), government secrets, etc.

4. CPF withdrawal, high cost but depreciating HDB value, etc.

5. Performance of opposition parties, esp. WP’s performance in parliament, their ability to cooperate and solve problems within the law/system, etc.

However, there is scant attention on closing of TOC and TRE (tentatively set for next Feb), or the leadership succession plan?

Are Singaporeans not concerned about having a public forum to voice their unhappiness?

What about the uncertainty that Singapore faces, in not having a clear leadership succession plan?