20th and 21st Century gangsters

 Many people are familiar with the tactics of gangsterism. They took control of an area by telling the people that they were there to protect them. And the people must pay protection money.  And to make things real, that the peace and security of the area was threatened, they would disguised themselves as intruders and troublemakers, came in to disturb the peace, threaten the people, mess up their peaceful life.

The they would tell the people, see, you need our protection. If not, there would be trouble. The sheep, the people would have to quietly comply as they have no means to tell the gangsters to go away even if they knew that the gangsters were  the real trouble makers, the threat to their safety and security.

This is the same tactic that the Americans and Anglo Saxon thugs are using today. Everywhere they go they would tell the people that for their security, they would be there to protect them. If not they would stir up trouble for them to justify their presence and protection. China is a threat despite being the most peaceful country in the world, Russia is a threat despite being the next most peaceful country in the world. North Korea is a threat despite being isolated by the Anglo Saxon thugs and not allowed to leave their land without being threatened with harm.

Instead of admitting that they are the gangsters of the world, they arrogantly and misleading told the international community that they were the policemen of the world and freely going around beating anyone they called enemy, like the way they bashed up and killed the blacks in their homeland.  They are the real thugs dressed as policemen.

Now out of the blue they passed a memorandum to protect illegal fishing all over the world. In another words they are telling the whole world that they are to police all the oceans of the world, with the right to punish and arrest any fishing vessels that they claimed to have violated their American made rules of law that no one has a part in its making or know what the hell these rules of law were. They wrote the rules, they arrest and persecute anyone they liked, they are the judge and executor.

Australia now also announced that they are going to protect the Pacific Islands, from who? Who would be giving trouble to the islanders? China is the trouble maker, because China wants to trade and build infrastructure for the islanders. These are crimes according to the AngloSaxon thugs. Without consulting the Pacific islanders, without their consent, the Australian unilaterally told the islanders that they are the policemen, aka gangsters, there to protect them. And the Pacific islanders have no rights to object or to say no to these thugs.  When the thugs say they are here to protect the islanders, they are actually saying they are there to control them, they own the islanders. Obey or shall be punished. What freedom of choice, independent countries, right to choose who they want to trade or be friends with?

The Pacific islanders and the people of the world must accept and obey the American rules of law, Made in America and by the AngloSaxon thugs with no need for the approval of the people of the world, not the rules or laws from the UN.

What else is new?

Covid19 - A vaccine it is not


Any rational thinking person would be thinking what this so called vaccine is or is not. This nurse put it succinctly in a short summary to tell the doubters and believers what it is not. Wake up and stop becoming the victim of mass indoctrination through the use of main stream media. 

Do yourself a favour and watch this 1.44 min clip.


G7 - A white men's club to rule the world

US eyes Russia, China at G7 summit amid woes at home

Picture credit to Global Times

The coloured people would never have a chance to be member of this white supremacy club. Their agenda has always been to rule the world, to be the masters of the coloured people. When would the coloured people understand this basic rule, that when the white men came a calling, appearing to be very nice and armed with gifts, they are up to no good, or for the moment they needed the assistance of a particular coloured people state. Once the usefulness of the coloured state is not there, they would be treated like dirt, non white people.

It is good that Russia and China are leading the rest of the world, the coloured people, to stand up to the white men and break their hegemony and control over the coloured people of the world. Russia was also kicked out of the white men's club as they are considered not so white.

The coloured people of the world must not be manipulated to go against each other by the white men. The coloured people of the world must be united as they are the majority of the people of the world and deserve more and better, not to be exploited and divided by the white men for the benefits of the white men, a small minority coming out from Europe. Let them go home to Europe, where they belong.


God Biden says - there is going to be a second pandemic

US president has said there’s going to be a second pandemic and that the country needs more money to prepare...without going into detail about what this new wave might entail.  RT

The Americans have been playing God for so long, warning the whole world about this threat and that threat, about who is going to attack who, who is the good guy, who is the bad guy. Now God Biden is proclaiming that a second pandemic is coming and the US needs more money to prepare for it. 

How did Biden know? Either he is God, he is senile, or someone must have whispered in his ears. Then how did this someone know?  Is this someone a God? Or Biden, like George Bush Junior, was talking to God or God talked to him? The more certain this someone or Biden is, the more dangerous it becomes. When man plays God and plans for pandemic to happen, you better be warned.

Evil men with evil schemes planning to destroy mankind. So far no other men have tried to play God to warn others of pandemic. Only white men do this kind of things, only white men from the White House would do this kind of things. Only white savages can think of reducing the world's population by half.

When would such evil men be punished by the real God?

Comments in RT

Durandus von Meissen
Watch this President target fixed-income seniors and the disabled or retired living on meager Social Security income, while pouring billions of dollars of profits into Pfizer and Moderna vaccine made mandatory once, and future again. How does this President KNOW another pandemic is on the way? Well, because they are already developing vaccines for it.

Is Biden and the Pentagon planning to release more Anthrax (again) ... Of course they'll say the Russians did it.

Of course the senile sick depraved corrupt leader of the unfree world (residing in the White house drenched with blood of innocent women and children the US/UK has killed in foreign lands) , would have foreknowledge of a pandemic!! Afterall the evil sick US Empire of Lies, mass murder and torture is the only criminal nation attacking the world with bioweapons!! Didn’t the evil US Empire of Lies, UK, and NATO vassals establish 30 labs of Bioweapons of mass destruction manufacturing lethal military grade bioweapons (Anthrax, Ebola, Bat Covid - aka Covid 19, Tuberculosis etc) to used them against Russia, Donbass /Luhansk, China and surrounding Regions? This was confirmed by current US undersecretary Victoria Nuland when questioned by Congress in March 2022. US even refused to attend UNSC and UNODA and BWC meeting in April 2022 to answer for its criminality of using bioweapons against innocent civilians around the world!! What about the monkey pox outbreak from US Bioweapons lab in Nigeria Abuja in May 2022 of which the individual infected flew to UK and it appeared there? The collective west is evil, sick, deranged and hypocritical. They are the Terrorists on the world stage, Now terrorising the world with deadly bioweapons created in Ukraine and unleashed through 800 US Military bases and 400 nefarious Biolabs in 49 countries in all continents of the world. Russia has proven this beyond doubt in May 2022. The collective west is absolutely and totally evil and a BIG SHAME to humanity!


French writer debunks US/West claim of slave labour and genocide in Xinjiang

    Maxime Vivas A French writer and journalist has published a book debunking US/West fake news about slave labour and genocide of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. In his latest book 'Rambling of Anti-China Forces in France,' he wrote how he was under serious threats for speaking the truth.

Since the end of the Second World War in 1945 America has never ceased its sinister plot to bring about a unipolar world under American rule and hegemony. Only two countries, Russia and China are a stumbling block to US wild ambition of world domination. If Russia and China succumbed to US/West aggression then all other non-white countries big or small will be enslaved by the diabolical white supremacist control of the US and its minion partners the West Europeans. 

US  always make use of its minion allies as pawns and proxies as its front line fighters and it will sacrifise them when it sees fit. US plotted the long drawn out Ukraine war to weaken Russia and with thousands of vile sanctions against Russia it hopes Russia will capitulate in defeat. 

However, the evil empire is hoping that with the downfall of  Russia, it will make it easier and simpler for it to take down China. If the US could not defeat China in the Korean War 70 years ago in the 1950s when China was a very weak country with no military hardware and modern weapons to speak of how can the US hope to win a war against a China  which is now not only well armed with the latest and most modern weapons but also has powerful nuclear teeth.

Nevertheless US and its Western allies will try to weaken China via trade wars, sanctions and vile propaganda to demonize China and subvert China with public demonstrations, riots and turmoils to engineer a colour revolution or umbrella revolution to topple the Chinese government. All these diabolical plans are not going to succeed and will blow it into the evil Americans face.

Maxime Vivas has revealed in quite detail how the US is making use of  many different bodies of NGOs which are not NGOs at all but agencies created, supported and funded by CIA and the Pentagon to infiltrate into other targeted victimized foreign countries political parties, foreign affairs department,  military organisations, police force, civil service and educational bodies like schools, colleges and universities and thus with these evil plans to bring down governments by subterfuge through color revolutions and so to eventually instal corrupted pro US dictatorships.

Below is reproduced Global Times reporter , Liu Xin's  interview with Mr. Maxime Vivas on his views about US/West rumor- mongering campaign against the Xinjiang region and their anti-China campaign as a whole.

Impressed by freedom of Xinjiang youth, French writer keeps publishing to unmask anti-China propaganda
Defending simple truth

A view of Urumqi, capital of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Photo: VCGEditor's Note:
Maxime Vivas (Vivas) is a French writer and journalist, who wrote a book titled Ouïghours, pour en finir avec les fake news (Uygurs, to put an end to the fake news) based on his two visits to Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2016 and 2018.

Recently, his new book Les Divagations des Antichinois en France (The ramblings of anti-China forces in France) has been published in which he wrote about how he was under attack and threats for insisting on speaking the truth.

The Global Times (GT) reporter Liu Xin interviewed the French writer on his views on the West's rumor-mongering campaign against the Xinjiang region and their anti-China campaign as a whole.

People in Urumqi celebrate the Eid al-Adha.Photo: cnsphotoGT: You recently published a new book titled Les Divagations des Antichinois en France (The ramblings of anti-China forces in France). Could you introduce the background of publishing the book?

Vivas: In July 2021, my friend Jean-Pierre Page and I published a collective book, in which we brought together 17 prestigious intellectuals from five continents. The book is called La Chine sans oeillères (China without blinders). It shows that China was not alone and it had friends everywhere who are capable of denouncing the widespread lies in media.

Shortly after, a huge report of 654 pages, titled Les opérations d'influences chinoises, un moment machiavelien (Chinese influence operations, a Machiavellian moment) was made by the Strategic Research Institute of the Military School (IRSEM), whose sole target was China.

In addition to the many repetitions, errors, even lies, we find serious contradictions throughout the pages. And then, I was intrigued by the presence of an "associate researcher" in the IRSEM - a senior officer of the US army. Moreover, one of the writers of the IRSEM report had worked for NATO until 2019.

With my friends Jean-Pierre Page and Aymeric Monville, we then decided to write a book in response to this report and we titled it The ramblings of the Anti-China forces in France.

GT: In the book, you mentioned the IRSEM report referred your name for 54 times and attacked you. You also unveiled the attacks and lies that some Western media made against you. What kind of pressure have you gone through in recent years? Why do you keep on speaking truth?

Vivas: We had indeed noticed that in its October 2021 French version, this IRSEM report mentioned my name for 54 times (61 times in its English version) and displayed eight photos of me. This seems to say, "Wanted dead or live," and it is a little dangerous at a time when passions lead to violence against me.

A photo in which I can be seen demonstrating in Venezuela to support Hugo Chavez was included in the report and every word the IRSEM "researchers" chose to wrote besides seems to alert the Pentagon that I am with the "red" shirts. The image is taken from the "Mélenchon."

It must be remembered that the US wanted the fall of the Bolivarian president and they were working for it. Suddenly, the IRSEM reported to NATO and the Pentagon about the friendly behavior of a Frenchman toward a country that Barak Obama had designated as a threat to the national security of the US.

The researchers had investigated me going back to the 1960s. They had found things insignificant in the eyes of a French reader: I had been a union activist, I was the host of a cultural program in a Toulouse radio, administrator of an information site, Le Grands Soir, Jean-Luc Mélenchon had written prefaces for two of my books.

Nothing that defies the law or makes me an "extremist." But the report was published simultaneously in French and in English and for a NATO or Pentagon reader, the proof was made through me that diabolical China had diabolical support in France.

Because for the Americans, my portrait in the IRSEM report is not a peaceful, law-abiding militant, but of an enemy. This report is an act of allegiance to the military forces of the US.

There have been physical threats, threats of lawsuits and slander campaigns toward me. There was also the provisional arrest and the appearance in court of my youngest son - a plot probably used as a means of pressure against me.

Maxime Vivas Photo: Courtesy of Vivas
GT: Like you said, in Western countries and the US, some politicians and forces are keen on making various attacks against China. For example, former US secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the Australian think tank Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). How do you think about them?

Vivas: Here is what Pompeo said in front of students at Texas A&M University on April 15, 2019 when discussing his experience as director of the CIA - "We lied, we cheated, we stole." And he added "It was as if we had been fully trained for this."

What's remarkable is that he said it while laughing, like someone who pranks a friend. As for his student audiences, they laughed too.

There wasn't a single person in that hall of A&M that day who wasn't immoral. Pompeo's lecture was filmed and the video was broadcast on the internet all over the world, as if the whole world could admire Pompeo and the CIA for what he said.

On April 15, 2019, at Texas A&M University, laughing students overheard a laughing former CIA director talking about how dishonest he had been. On April 15, 2019, at this university, there were samples of the US' yesterday, today and tomorrow - they together rejoiced in the lies and the lies inevitably had consequences on the lives of brave people living in countries that the US declares as "enemy countries."

The ASPI is a think tank that I unmasked in my book "Uygurs, to put an end to fake news." The name of ASPI appears 60 times in the IRSEM report. It is a source which they often cite without looking for what it is - unforgivable fault for researchers.

In February 2020, an Australian senator accused ASPI of receiving nearly $450,000 from the US State Department. ASPI protested that "The true figure is less than half that amount."

ASPI is subsidized by the Australian government and is connected to the American defense, armaments and intelligence complex. It is an enthusiastic supporter of almost everything of the US. It is hostile to China and has become the anti-China organization

GT: You also mentioned in your new book that aside from Western politicians, the media and scholars are acting McCarthyism. The media was also influenced by Machiavellianism. Could you give a further explanation?

Vivas: The IRSEM report quoted me 54 times and displayed eight photos of me. Isn't that Senator McCarthy's method? Isn't this an incitement to a witch hunt at a time when passions lead to violence? The blacklist compiled by Senator McCarthy in the US included hundreds of names of people suspected of communist sympathizers: Actors, writers, musicians, dancers, and so on. These innocent people were persecuted, lost their jobs, had to flee the country. The most famous of them is Charlie Chaplin.

When I was writing my book on the Uygurs, I told myself that I would have a hard time finding a publisher and if the book were published, the fire of criticism would not be against the book but against me.

This is exactly what happened. The "Silk Road" publisher, who published my book, is the 10th publisher I have approached. The others didn't want it - even though I offered the manuscript to them - the title and the theme were enough for them to refuse.

And as soon as the book was published, I and my editor were the targets of an incredible "Vivas bashing." With this book and those that followed, my publishers, out of caution, advised me not to make dedications in bookstores or book fairs.

A harvester picks cotton in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang region. Photo: VCG
GT: In your book, you have unmasked the World Uyghur Congress (WUC), the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and organizations like Human Rights Watch (HRW) on how they made and spread lies of "one million Uygurs being detained" and "genocide" against China. Could you share more about your researches about NED?

Vivas: I demonstrate that the NED, the WUC and HRW are organizations that serve the CIA. I'm not saying that because I believe it. I say it because I know it. I demonstrate it. We could also add Reporters Without Borders to the list - it caused considerable damage to China at the time of the 2008 Olympics.

The fable of "one million Uygurs imprisoned" horrified the French people. Sometimes the number was said to be three million. There was also rumor of "forced organ harvesting from Uygurs."

But such fake news is losing ground and the visit to Xinjiang region by the UN Human rights chief Michèle Bachelet will also help accelerate this trend.

To write a book on Reporters Without Borders in 1997, I investigated and learned that funding for NED is made by the US Congress as part of the money given to the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

The NED is not an NGO. A former CIA agent specializing in Latin America, Philip Agee, revealed in an interview with Canadian journalist Jonah Gindin on March 22, 2005, that the NED is one of the many front organizations the CIA uses to intervene in internal affairs of countries.

The NED allocates funds to organizations which are agitated in China's Hong Kong, and in the Xizang and Xinjiang autonomous regions.

Founded in 2004, based in Munich, Germany, the WUC presents itself as a humanitarian organization for the defense of human rights. Several of its leaders live in the US, but campaigns for separating the Xinjiang region from China.

Several WUC leaders held senior positions at Radio Free Asia (RFA) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, news agencies created by the CIA. Since its inception, the WUC has been generously funded by the NED.

The US dollars donated by the NED between 2016 and 2019 to the WUC and other organizations intervening in Xinjiang are earmarked for actions that look like intrusions into the internal affairs of a sovereign country for hostile purposes.

Thus, the sponsor asks the beneficiaries to raise awareness among the Chinese public and opinion leaders, to organize training seminars, to engage in global advocacy in favor of the Uygur separatists, to lobby for this at the UN and in the European Parliament, to effectively involve other human rights NGOs, the international community, and the media, and to publish reports that will serve as documentary purpose.

In France, all the demonstrations organized "in defense of the Uygurs martyred because of their religion" are distinguished by their profusion of "Eastern Turkestan" flags. This is thus the proof that the claim is not the free practice of a religion, but the "independence of Xinjiang."

I am surprised that the observers did not notice these flags and I am sorry that personalities and elected officials lend themselves by showing in the street in operations that are in favor of the separatists of China.

Recently, the Ukrainian crisis has attracted a lot of attention. Many people have also mentioned the US instigated color revolutions in Arab countries and Ukraine and NED is behind these events.

If we want to push the analysis further, we quickly see that Ukraine leaders are a pawn of the US. The objective is not for the Ukrainian army to win the war but to weaken Russia in order to isolate the real potential target - China.

GT: You have visited China's Xinjiang region. Are there anything that impressed you? What are the reasons the US and Western media are making and spreading rumors about the region?

Vivas: I went to Xinjiang in 2016 and 2018. Of all the things that impressed me in Xinjiang, one is forever etched in my memory. We were visiting a sports complex and while we were in a hallway, I was attracted by music coming from a room with its door only half closed. Curious, I pushed the door and found myself in a gym. I saw young dancers in leotards, standing at the barre and throwing one leg over their heads, in music, and without caring about the stranger who had just entered. Our hosts had not planned to show us this, which did not seem important to them. However, in my eyes, you could understand a lot about today's Xinjiang.

And I told myself that, if the authorities let the fanatics win, if the fight against the "three evil forces" (extremism, separatism, terrorism) failed, if the madness of an Islamic caliphate prevailed in the region, the young Uygurs, their mothers and tomorrow their daughters would do without music and dance forever.

They would hide their bodies. No man would ever venture into a room where they would be confined to each other, buried in long clothes, made to be slaves to men, and mothers at 13.

The US has launched a global propaganda to try to curb China's advance. The Belt and Road Initiative worries them a lot. The US is on the decline. See how it decides to trade with whom and punishes those who disobey it.

China is making spectacular progress, but it still has many steps to climb to achieve what it calls "a moderately prosperous society."

Tomorrow, when the Xinjiang region will have been far away from any risk of becoming a theocracy; when the US will have failed in the region as it had failed in Xizang, as it has just failed in Hong Kong and as it failed for more than 60 years in Cuba, the White House will launch another campaign of fake news. Just know it and be prepared for it. In the meantime, China continues its forward march which benefits all its people."
End of interview:
USA / West is using their fake democracy and human rights as a disguise to subjugate and
control all non-white countries again. Do not be taken in by their deceit . Non-white countries must unite in solidarity to destroy the evil United States and its vile allies to prevent them from dominating the world once more under their curse and hegemony.
Monday, 27th June, 2022

Quote from dud Boris Johnson

The West needs to keep arming Ukraine instead of seeking a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told French President Emmanuel Macron, according to Downing Street. Any attempt to resolve the conflict peacefully will lead to global instability, he said at a meeting on the sidelines of the G7 Summit on Sunday.  RT


John Smythe
Can you please send four men in white coats and a net to take this moron away.

Looks like Boris has been drinking soda water again.

Just nuke London!

For the people in power war means profit. For the people in the front line war means death.

British Pig need to die !

UK's Johnson's idea is a clear indication that NATO is in control of Ukraine peace talk with Russia not Ukraine itself, therefore this is proof that NATO is adding fuel to fire of Ukraine's war with Russia

antoni monti
In other words these euro clown jesters know they are looking like losers... because they are...and now they can't save face unless they start ww3 with Russia. .. what are they on?.... what happens to all the Colombian merchandise they confiscate?

CHOGM - Commonwealth HOG Meeting

 It is looking like no one wanted to miss this HOG Meeting in Rwanda. This is like falling in love with your rapist. All the countries attending the CHOGM were former colonies of the British Pirates Empire. They were all invaded, their people massacred, their land colonised, looted and plundered, their pride and freedom as an independent people violated and became subjects of the pirates that ruled them as subhuman beans, a lower class of people to serve the pirate kings and queens of the Pirate Empire.

The HOG Meeting is as good as saying they have forgotten the rape and killings and have forgiven, and not even wanting to ask for compensation for the crimes against their countries and peoples. And they still acknowledge the pirate Queen as the head of this so called Commonwealth of Nations when the only thing common is that their wealth are all shared by the pirate Queen and the pirate state that invaded and ruled them for hundreds of years. 

Why is this still happening in the 21st Century? Is it because white men are too smart, or coloured people are plain stupid?

When would these former slave countries to the pirates Empire wake up and demand that they should be compensated for the lost of lives and wealth, freedom and dignity of being human beans with equal rights? The resources and labour stolen from these countries over a few hundred years were immense and of a proportion that would take hundreds of years for the Brits to repay. What about compensation for loss of lives, lost of freedom, lost of dignity to live and rule themselves as free people?

Yes, when would these nation states stand up and demand from the Brits for what they owe them for centuries of robbery, butchery and abuses? One Indian intellectual once said that India would only want a token compensation of one pound. What lunacy, after losing hundreds of trillions of pounds and being ruled and raped for hundreds of years, to ask for one pound in return?

The African countries, Middle eastern countries, Asian and American countries, the Carribeans and Pacific Islands, must sit together without the pirate Queen, to work out a plan for compensation and reparation to their nations and people and deliver it to Buckingham Palace and Downing Street, to tell the pirates that they have not forgotten the humiliation and rape of their countries. How much are their pride and dignity worth?

What HOG Meeting, to do what, when the rapes, massacres and humiliation and plunders were simply forgotten? It is no wonder that Asians and Africans, or coloured people, are easy to rule and deceive by the white men. They have little pride and little knowledge of history and the suffering of their forefathers. Just throw them a penny and they would roll on the floor with gladness and gratitude.

The HOGs went to this meeting to make their invaders and murderers feel great, that the pirates need not feel guilty about their evil past, all forgiven. Nothing good can come out from such a frivolous meeting. The CHOGM should have been disbanded and sent to the grave yard of history as a notorious bad dream long ago.

PS. The Brits are really smart to call this the Commonwealth HOG Meeting. But the HOGs did not have a clue why it is called a HOG Meeting.


Sino India Border - India's position based on official secret Indian govt papers


'In a 42-minute interview to Karan Thapar for The Wire, based on his recent book ‘Nehru, Tibet and China’, published during the dark days of the pandemic and which hasn’t got the attention it deserves, Mr. Bhasin discusses in great detail, first, India’s stand and Nehru’s multiple mistakes on the western border and, then, separately, India’s stand and mistakes on the eastern border.'   The Wire

The video explained the root cause of the Sino Indian Border probems using facts and official Indian documents.  All scholars interested in this issue would be enlightened by what is being presented and would look at the problems from a well informed perspective, minus all the emotions, prejudices and disinformation.

Be educated by Indian scholars, Karan Thapar and Avtar Singh Bhasin

The discussion in the video was conducted honestly by two rational and objective Indian scholars in a clear and distinct manner. The facts presented simply said that the border issues could easily be settled in India's favour. China was willing to do so and had offered the favourable solution to India many times during Nehru and Zhou Enlai's time.

India has been stuck by the past positions Nehru took without wanting to acknowledge the geographical and historical facts and has since been held prisoners of Nehru's obstinacy. All Indians must view this to understand the truths from the Indian side and free themselves from deep seated false perceptions and emotions of the border issues. Only when the Indians are brave enough to face the truths, that they are the ones that are complicating the problem, only when Indians are honest to themselves and free themselves from the past and misconceptions, the border can easily be resolved in India's favour.

China was willing to concede many points to India. Would India rise to the occasion, be rational and wise, to settle the border problems once and for all instead of being trapped by their own misrepresentation and public opinions, by facing the truths?  India cannot continue to live in their own lies to hate China for all the wrong reasons.

The truths hurt, but it is time to face them squarely like a man.


Ban big dogs in HDB flats. No big dogs allowed in the island

 I just saw a video clip of a maid walking peacefully in a residential estate with two little children. They stopped outside a house and looking inside innocently.

Then a black dog rushed out, wagging its tail, looking friendly, and dashed towards the smaller child. It then started to devour the child while the maid tried to ward it off. The owner charged out to restrain the dog but in vain. A passer by took a board to hit the dog. But it refused to let go and continued devouring the child, with its tail wagging.

By the time they separated the dog, the child was lifeless.

This dog attacked the child like it was a plaything, a doll. It was so horrifying and painful to watch.


Xinjiang - A picture is worth a thousand words

 A picture is worth a thousand words. Let the photographs of Xinjiang tell the true story of the place and its people, the Muslim minorities of China. No amount of silly and mischievous American lies can dispute what the photos are saying. If need confirmation, just make a trip to Xinjiang to face the truth.

'Maxime Vivas (Vivas) is a French writer and journalist, who wrote a book titled Ouïghours, pour en finir avec les fake news (Uygurs, to put an end to the fake news) based on his two visits to Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2016 and 2018. 

Recently, his new book Les Divagations des Antichinois en France (The ramblings of anti-China forces in France) has been published in which he wrote about.' Global Times

This is Urumqi, capital city Xinjiang.  How many Muslim cities around the world are as well developed and modern as Urumqi, in the middle of the Gobi desert?  All the photos are from Global Times.

Are these Muslim minorities in Xinjiang unhappy? Scrutinise their faces to see if they are faking or real. The treacherous Americans are lying to the world that these Muslim minorities are victims of genocides.  The evil Americans can fabricate their lies. The picture above will tell the truth.

The Americans are claiming that the Xinjiang minorities are working like slaves in the cotton fields of Xinjiang, like the black African slaves that worked in American cotton fields.

The slaves of Xinjiang cotton fields are the machines, modern cotton picking machines operated by skilled workers. This is the new realities that the Americans would not want to see and were very angry when UN chief of Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet visited Xinjiang to get a first hand view of the truth. And the American gangsters have organised a hate team to discredit her and forcing her to resign. Look carefully at the so called slaves of Xinjiang cotton fields, it is a huge cotton picking machine. Not the same as the African slaves of American cotton fields.

I rest my case.

Below are a few pics of LA, USA. Credit to Google. These are definitely slums compare to the modern skyscrapers of Urumqi.


Table tennis - Training a world champion


She is only 5 years old but already knows what she wants to be and willing to work for it. Her perseverence and dedication to become a world champion is beyond that of children or adults. The determination is written all over this little 5 year old's face.

This is true grit.

How much to buy up all the condominiums and private apartments in Singapore?

Resident households in condominiums and private apartments Singapore 2012-2021
Published by R. Hirschmann, Feb 23, 2022

In 2021, the number of resident households living in condominiums and private apartments in Singapore was approximately 229 thousand. Condominiums and private apartments are private residential units in Singapore and not under the management of the Housing Development Board. The majority of Singapore residents live in public housing under the purview of the Housing Development Board, known locally as HDB flats.

In 2021, there were around 332.98 thousand condominiums and private apartment units in Singapore. Condominiums and private apartment units are not under the purview of the Housing Development Board.

The above statistics published by R. Hirschmann could allow a simple extrapolation of how much is needed to buy up all the private apartments in Singapore, assuming that there is no restriction or limitations in a free market situation. Before going into that, there are just about 1m HDB flats on top of the private apartments and landed properties. And of the HDB flats, 80% were occupied by residents ie citizens plus PRs. Quoting from HDB, 'With more than 1 million flats spread across 24 towns and 3 estates, the Singapore brand of public housing is uniquely different. The flats spell home for over 80% of Singapore's resident population, of which, about 90% own their home.'

What is unknown from the above data is the number of Singaporeans living in private apartments. It only states that 229,000 resident households lived in private apartments but no breakdown on the number of citizens versus PRs. How many of the 333,000 private apartments are occupied by Singaporeans?

Let's come back to the question of how much would it cost to buy up all the private apartments in Singapore. Assuming the average price of a private apartment is $1m, total value would be $330b. If average price is $2m, the total value of 330,000 units would be $660b.

What is $660b to a big country like China or India? China has a reserves of US$3 trillion. Theoretically, China or India could buy up all the private apartments in Singapore if they have the intention to do it. Can you imagine what would that mean in a free market Singapore where everything can be bought on a willing buyer willing seller basis?

What is $660b? Any takers?  Actually Elon Musk or Bill Gates could do it if they are interested, as good as buying up Singapore. It is so cheap, so affordable.


Reckless and irresponsible pharmas wanting to vaccinate infants with questionable mRNA vaccines

 The pharmas are desperate to milk as much as they could from this questionable mRNA vaccine. There are still many big and serious questions that are waiting for answers from the pharmas but they are still pushing and with the conspiracy of American lawmakers, have got approval to vaccinate infants from 6 months old. And everyone in the medical profession knows that children have very good natural immunity from diseases, including covid19. The fatality rate of children are very low compares to adults. Why the persistence and desperation to get infants vaccinated?

The USA is at the moment the only country that approved the vaccination of infants with mRNA vaccines. Who else or which country would follow the Americans to jab their infants with mRNA vaccines? Would the Americans make it compulsory for children to be vaccinated, making it a stronger case for the unthinking and lazy to just follow the lead. If the Americans do it, it must be safe, it must be the right thing to do. Really? After all the lies and hoaxes and misinformation about the efficacy and effectiveness of the mRNA vaccines, how many are still foolishly believing in the liars?

The pharmas are trying to squeeze as much money as they could from an ineffective vaccine that is losing its gold plating shine and would soon be thrown into the waste bins for good. If they could they would coerce more silly govts to impose compulsory boosters to get more mileage for the last few billions they could squeeze before the curtain falls.

Pharmas and govts are dictating who to be vaccinated, not doctors?

Below is part of an article posted in TRE titled 'Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data'

'In a Court of Law, the evidence contained in this Big Pharma confidential report (coupled with the data on deaths and adverse events compiled by the national authorities in the EU, UK and US) is irrefutable: because it is their data and their estimates and not ours.

Bear in mind: it’s data which is based on reported and recorded cases, which constitute a small percentage of the actual number of vaccine related deaths and adverse events.

This is a de facto Mea Culpa on the part of Pfizer. #Yes it is a Killer Vaccine

Pfizer was fully aware that the mRNA vaccine which it is marketing Worldwide would result in a wave of mortality and morbidity. This is tantamount to a crime against humanity on the part of Big Pharma.

Pfizer knew from the outset that it was a killer vaccine.

It is also a Mea Culpa and Treason on the part of corrupt national governments Worldwide which are being threatened and bribed by Big Pharma.'

Click here to read the complete Pfizer report.

Source: GlobalResearch

Did they say they want to ask the pharmas to provide their own data? After all the data they had hidden and now forced to vomit out by the court?  would the pharmas provide the real data or doctored data?


Singaporeans learning to scavenge for food like third world poor

Commentary: Living in Singapore doesn't have to be so expensive when you're a freegan

When so many things we need, including food, can be gotten for free, there is little else we absolutely need to spend money on, says freegan writer Daniel Tay.


In this file photo taken before the pandemic, volunteers sort out rescued fruits and vegetables before giving them out for free to the public. (Photo: Fann Sim)

SINGAPORE: With the cost of food and petrol increasing on a weekly basis, every conversation with friends is sure to touch on inflation.

Sometimes I am shy to admit I have not felt it at all, because my expenses have not increased in the past five years.

Yet life has only gotten more abundant. At home, our fridge is full of fresh vegetables and fruits, sourced from food rescues where we collect “ugly” but edible produce from shopkeepers.

Our cupboards are full of canned food and condiments, gathered from cafes and restaurants that have shut down. CNA

Everything in Singapore, the life of Singaporeans, is returning to square one, like in the 50s, and 60s. In those days, China was a dirt poor country, not enough food to eat, no private cars but bicycles as the normal form of transportation. Old dilapidated buildings etc etc, everything resembling a typical poor third world country. 

Today, China is about everything a rich and prosperous country can ask for, good infrastructure, people well clothed and well fed, well educated, good jobs, living in high rise buildings anytime better than our HDB flats. Cars everywhere, new cars, electric cars, driverless cars, high speed trains, high living and travelling around the world, old folks can retire early to enjoy life.

What about Singapore? Gradually and increasingly Singapore is returning to the days of pre independence, no job or no good jobs, become security guards, food deliverers, do part time odd jobs, driving 'pah hong chia' for a living, homes have to share with foreigners, private kitchens and toilets now become public toilets or shared toilets and common kitchens, and now scavenging for food. 

Though there is no shame to be poor, no shame to scavenge for leftovers discarded food, but why are these happenings to Singaporeans? Do we need to start scavenging classes for Singaporeans and hire third world experts to teach Singaporeans how to find food and discarded items and toys from rubbish dumps? A lot of them are here working with Work Permits. They can be elevated to become experts and foreign talents and be paid more and issued with Employment Passes. Experience, expert in food scavenging in rubbish dumps. No degree never mind. 

Not only can look for leftovers, can collect drink cans and bottles to sell for a bit of cash too. The rubbish dumps used to be a gold mine for pioneering generation Singaporeans in the early 1940s and 50s. Are they returning to the good old days, just to reminisce the good old times, for old times sake? By the way, many are returning to become hawkers and farmers. Our parents were farmers and hawkers, sent us to universities to become professionals, not to become graduate farmers and hawkers...and taxi drivers.

Are Singaporeans progressing or degressing? Sure, there are the super rich like in the past. But are the lives of average Singaporeans, the working class, improving? More and more Singaporeans are also losing their homes and have to live in rented flats.... and depending of govt handouts.


Americans losing the plot, the narrative and the initiative

 For the last few centuries, the initiative in global affairs was with the West. They wrote the narrative and charting the course of history in their interests. What was right or wrong was decided by them. What was good or bad was also decided by them. What was right was right to them and could be very wrong to the rest of the world.  Likewise, what was good to them could be very bad to the rest of the world. The enemies of the West could be the friends of the rest of the world, but would be branded as enemies by the western narratives.

As time goes on, the arrogant, aloof and conceited West, led by the Americans in the last few decades, began to lose touch with the rest of the world. Their primary narrative and agenda were to destabilise the world with chaos and constant warfare. The only language they know is violence and the only initiative is war. The only narrative is to create enemies to be demonised for the unthinking to hate and to fear.

The Ukraine War is a turning point when Russia took the initiative to attack an American running dog. This used to be the work of the Americans, launching wars against other countries, and Russia or China would be on the defensive, trying to help the victims of American aggression and invasion. Now the Americans are trying to help Ukraine, defending and afraid to counter attack.

On the economic front China is writing the agenda with the BRI. This monumental initiative in 2013 threw the Americans off guard and did not know how to respond until now. The only reaction from the Americans was to stir shit, disinformation and mistrust by hyping on debt trap. This proof ineffective as the participating countries could see the merits of the BRI and the nonsensical debt trap that was an obvious lie. 

Failing to frighten the participating countries, the Americans finally came out with a half baked infrastructure development plan, basically all words without any concrete plan and no money to fund the project. This is the best the Americans could do for the moment, words but nothing to show, trying to play catch up with China. Now China said run and the Americans would have to run along.

China's latest initiative is in the Pacific Islands offering infrastructure development and security development. The Americans have forgotten about these islands, treating them as non existence. Now they are panicking and trying to outdo China with a few handouts to please the islanders. China is raising the stakes and the Americans and the AngloSaxon countries would have to follow with more and better offers or be out of the game. The only card they are left to play is war, the threat of invasion to threaten the islanders.

In Africa it is a gone case for the Americans and the West. China has been actively investing in Africa for several decades while the Americans and the West wrote off the continent.  They had robbed and looted whatever they could from Africa and did not see anything worthy in the African countries. Now they are worried of the inroads made by China but unable to do anything. No political will, no money and no time as they are too involved in all the wars all over the world. 

China has won over the friendship of the African countries with generous aids and economic and infrastructure development for all to see. China did not go into Africa like the white men, invade and conquer, massacre and loot and enslaved the Africans, taking everything, all the resources, treasures and land for free. China paid for everything and even offer aids and technological assistance to the Africans, tangible assets to promote developments in the African countries, without wars and strife, no killings of the Africans, no bullying of the Africans, no slavery, no interference and threat to their domestic affairs, and no regime change.

The Chinese genuine effort to help the African countries and promotion of economic development and trade is an agenda that the Americans and the West have never really done through the centuries of colonisation. Now they are left in the rear mirror of China's high speed economic trains.

China's narrative and initiative are all about trade and economic cooperation, and infrastructure development. This is a win win game that the Americans did not know how to play. The developing countries have wisen up to the abuses and oppression of the white men and have welcomed China as their new partner for growth and prosperity for their people and countries.

American and European circus on show

Thankfully, no one can now surpass the USA in COVID19 infections and death. Otherwise the USA will nuke them, LOL. Ironically, I do not think any country would want to surpass them in that department. Let them be number one in this case, unhindered.

China has lately been accused of building a secret naval base in Cambodia. How is that one base, even if it is true, going to surpass the USA's almost a thousand military bases all around the world? But the USA is still going all out to create hysteria by stirring up the dogs to bark as loud as they can about the issue. Even the Indians are joining in the chorus of the barking ensemble.

The USA thinks that by having the sole naval power to blockade the sea routes through the Straits of Malacca, in times of conflict, they can strangle China's energy supply and trade through the Straits, and wants to make sure China has no way to counter that. That is probably the reason for their fear of a Chinese naval base in Cambodia that could give China a base for their naval vessels to be close to the Straits.

That thinking is no longer a paramount strategic move today, as China has already built a land route via the BRI and is well served by Russia in the energy sector. The USA had already demonised the BRI project for obvious reasons. Cheaper Oil, gas and coal from Russia has been a bonus for China in the aftermath of the Ukraine War. That is why the USA and the West are adamant that China must condemn Russia's liberation of Eastern Ukraine, in order to pry apart the ties between Russia and China. It will not work going forward, because the vile and nefarious attitude of the USA and the West towards both of them, is totally without redemption, and has been revealed as an open book for both countries to consider.

Another plan that the EU is planning to put up in the aftermath of the energy shortage is the talk that they are desperately going back to coal. That is another wrong assumption and futile move, as the EU depends for 47% of it's solid fuel (coal) from Russia. In any case they have already cut off Russian coal imports, and there is not way back. Sure, they are at liberty to import more coal from the USA and Australia among others, but again begs the question, at what cost? In terms of price, nothing can compete with Russian energy for the EU. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The lying and posturing are not going to override the truth when the shit hits the fan.

So, watch the circus unfolding in the EU and hope the clowns can put on more entertaining shows to entertain the world. Nancy Pelosi would love that.



Singapore needs a new growth narrative to Cloud Nine

 The last two decades have been a time of open leg policy to boost the GDP with more heads to increase consumption. Yes, it is all but a consumption economy, blowing the balloon with hot air. Everyone knows that this cannot go on and on and the strain on the balloon is showing. With no real gain in productivity and technology, the only certainty is for the balloon to go bang.

Relying just on consumption of everything is so elementary and so fragile. The current inflation crisis is waking up all the drunkards just like the Fukushima nuclear disaster that stopped the snake oil sellers to throw in the towel on a nuclear powered Singapore.  We are totally dependent on food, energy, water and all the basic needs from external sources and supplies. The bigger the population the bigger the stress if the supplies are cut. We are stretching every inch of our land and water/sea to produce food and energy. 

The present crisis is still in its infancy and still manageable. If it is prolonged, another 6 months or a couple of years, our reserves would not hold up and the pressure would become unbearable for the paycheck to paycheck families.

Singapore needs more than just a consumption and rentier economy to go forward, to stay in the first world, with enough real growth to be sustainable, to be able to feed the millionaires and their million dollar salaries. The West have priced themselves out of the competition. Singapore is closely behind with the high compensation packages and it needs a new miracle to keep the balloon inflated. Applying low productivity and low technology formula for growth just cannot match the demands for a high income employee economy.

Maybe Singapore should revive its meritocracy policy, called it meritocracy 2.0. This time Singapore really need to employ the really talented to drive the economy. Put the best and most talented men and women in the right places to boot start the economy into top gear. No more joking. 

For a start, the top jobs in banking and IT industries must be filled by the best from India, as they are the best in banking, finance and IT. If the Indians can convinced the Americans and the West to let them be CEOs of their top corporations, they must be really good. We can bring them in to head all our GLCs and we will have world beaters. Similarly the legal industry, including the judges, should also be Indians as Indians are the best in laws and legal matters. The civil services should also be staffed by the Indians, they are the best civil servants trained and brought up by the British colonial system in the finest British tradition. Many archetype Indians have risen in the past to be top civil servants. This is proven, with good track records, and many living examples are still around. Indians made the best civil servants. And don't forget the foreign ministry. Indians made very good diplomats. They are naturally talented in diplomacy. And our neighbours are more comfortable dealing with Indian ministers.

Indians are also natural politicians. More Indians should be made ministers and prime ministers to raise the standard of our political leadership. They are really good in politics. Then not only Singapore can punch above its weight. Singapore can also punch China and the USA.

Indians are also very good soldiers and policemen. They were very well regarded and complimented by the British lords for fighting for the British Empire in Europe, Africa and also in China. They are also the best policemen in keeping peace in the British colonies. 

Education is a very important ministry. Who are the best teachers and professors? I think Indians are the best, highly educated, talented and eloquent. More Indian professors and teachers should be recruited to teach and educate our young, to be the best they could be, like the Indian professionals and super talents now in our midst. The Indians graduates are the most sought after talents in the West and also in Singapore. It is only logical to have them to teach our in our schools and universities, to raise the level of education of our students, graduates and post graduates.

Indians are also very good doctors. And you know where to get them. 

Indians also have very good command of the languages and they should run the media industry, to be editors, journalists, reporters and media presenters. We need the best to be in this field.

Singapore must seriously put the best talents in the right positions, based on meritocracy. Only then can Singapore move away from a consumption driven economy. And talents are not determined by a piece of paper. If a talented person with no degrees, or with a fake degree from the degree mills, can convince or con our super talents that he is a talent, then he should be hired for the top jobs. It is not easy to make our super talents think highly of another person. And having no degree super talents to run big organisations is nothing new. Many billionaire CEOs did not have degrees but have hundreds of PhDs working for them. This fundamental shift to look for real talents, not necessarily with straight As or from the best universities, would be a dramatic and innovative change in our policy on meritocracy.

Singapore needs to think differently to go to cloud nine, to remain in the first world. And meritocracy is the only way to go. Singapore must import all the world's best talents to be exceptional and to be able to pay everyone million dollar salaries. Those with only a piece of paper to show but with no talents to prove should make way for the true talents. Meritocracy is about real talents, survival skills in the real world, not straight As.

'Put the right people in the right places for an enterprise to flourish and not just Generals!'  Lim Tean 

Now you are thinking.

Thoughts of a mediocre mind

The evil American Empire said: No country is allowed to surpass the Empire in anything

The USA stance of not allowing any country to do better than them is already apparent in their treatment of Japan, Germany and France decades ago. These latter three are all spineless countries that have now even lost their will to fight back and just follow like obedient dogs.

Now, China is the current target. Biden already spelt out his agenda when he said that he will not allow China to overtake the USA during his watch. But China is not going to let them walk all over and strangle it's progress. China had long been expecting this to happen, and placed priority on upgrading it's military deterrence and forging closer relations with Russia years ago. For all this, the USA and the West is hysterical.

When the USA and the West tried to put China out of contention, the Chinese have become even more determined to overcome that and be self reliant. When the Anglo Saxon clique refused to allow China into their space station program, the Chinese went ahead to put up their own space station without their help. When they denied China access to space exploration expertise, China developed it's own space program which saw them going to the moon and landing a space probe on Mars. China now makes it's own jet engines, rockets, hypersonic missiles, super computers, a leader in AI and is able to construct it's own aircraft carriers.

In the field of communication technology, China is now well into using 5G and going into 6G, while the USA and the West are still struggling with setting up enough base stations for 5G. Now they think that they can strangle China in the Chip Making sector, indicating that they probably still underestimated China's capabilities.

The USA still depends on China in many areas, like cheap consumer goods, a skilled manufacturing base for many USA companies, supply chain cohesiveness and a big market for USA manufactured products in China itself. Sure there are other places to site those manufacturing activities, but can they find the skilled labour, scale of production capabilities that are able to support the same mass output in order to capitalise on 'economies of scale' and a ready market already inside China.

India better watch closely, as they should, in time, rise to compete globally, and if the USA is still able to retain it's US$ hegemony, which is most unlikely, it will be the next target for the USA. Already India is targeted for not condemning Russia in Ukraine and doing more trade with Russia in Rupees.

The USA stance of not allowing any country to do better than them is already apparent in their treatment of Japan, Germany and France decades ago. These latter three are all spineless countries that have now even lost their will to fight back and just follow like obedient dogs.

Now, China is the current target. Biden already spelt out his agenda when he said that he will not allow China to overtake the USA during his watch. But China is not going to let them walk all over and strangle it's progress. China had long been expecting this to happen, and placed priority on upgrading it's military deterrence and forging closer relations with Russia years ago. For all this, the USA and the West is hysterical.

When the USA and the West tried to put China out of contention, the Chinese have become even more determined to overcome that and be self reliant. When the Anglo Saxon clique refused to allow China into their space station program, the Chinese went ahead to put up their own space station without their help. When they denied China access to space exploration expertise, China developed it's own space program which saw them going to the moon and landing a space probe on Mars. China now makes it's own jet engines, rockets, hypersonic missiles, super computers, a leader in AI and is able to construct it's own aircraft carriers.

In the field of communication technology, China is now well into using 5G and going into 6G, while the USA and the West are still struggling with setting up enough base stations for 5G. Now they think that they can strangle China in the Chip Making sector, indicating that they probably still underestimated China's capabilities.

The USA still depends on China in many areas, like cheap consumer goods, a skilled manufacturing base for many USA companies, supply chain cohesiveness and a big market for USA manufactured products in China itself. Sure there are other places to site those manufacturing activities, but can they find the skilled labour, scale of production capabilities that are able to support the same mass output in order to capitalise on 'economies of scale' and a ready market already inside China.

India better watch closely, as they should, in time, rise to compete globally, and if the USA is still able to retain it's US$ hegemony, which is most unlikely, it will be the next target for the USA. Already India is targeted for not condemning Russia in Ukraine and doing more trade with Russia in Rupees. 



Breaking News - Larger wildlife, oops dogs of mixed breed allowed in HDB estates

 This is about the most dangerous and irresponsible decision ever made by the govt. We have wildlife on two legs infesting HDB estates, the safe sanctuary of working class Singaporeans. Now we have 4 legs wildlife being allowed to join in the fray.

Wildlife are wildlife and their animal instinct cannot be eradicated completely no matter how well trained they are. You need only 1 percent of error and the victims of wildlife would suffer immeasurable pain and agony for their whole life. When the safety of our little children and old folks, even adults are concerned, there cannot be any compromise. Who is going to be responsible should a little child or an adult be killed by a wildlife, or be disfigured by the attack from a wildlife? 

Can anyone recall the vicious attack of a peacock on a poor little girl and disfigured her for life? Can you imagine the pain the poor child had to go through, or that of the parents and grandparents, to see a beautiful little girl suffering that kind of agony when it needed not happen at all, but because of a wildlife?

And now with this regulation, wildlife are going to be everywhere in HDB estates and you would not know when their animal instinct would take over them and hell breaks loose. Wildlife have extrasensory abilities. They can sense thing that normal human beans cannot. They could attack when least expected. What do you think dogs howl in the middle of the night...for no reason?

Do not take safety from harm from wildlife for granted. When an innocent, normally well behaved wildlife turns wild and attacks a human bean, it has its reason that we cannot explain.

Please, for goodness sake, for the safety of our children, including adults, withdraw this dangerous regulation immediately. The safety of human beans, especially children, cannot be compromised just because a few would want to enjoy the company of wildlife.

Singapore is a very safe place and does not need to keep large wildlife for protection. Many years ago, a Brit told me he was retiring to Rhodesia. And the first thing he would do was to buy two large dobermans for protection against the African natives. In Singapore, it is the Singaporeans that need to be protect from the wildlife, two legs or four legs. Do not endanger the lives and safety of Singaporeans, young and old, for something so frivolous, good to have but not necessary, that may come with pain and suffering for others.

I want to put this on record that whoever approved this regulation has/have been warned of the consequences. No amount of apologies would be enough to allay the pain and suffering of the victims and their families.

Keep large wildlife out of HDB estates. Do not endanger the safety and lives of Singaporeans by your decision. It cannot be 'for the good of Singaporeans' to allow large wildlife in HDB estates. The selfish and frivolous interest of a minority is not good enough to endanger the safety of the majority of Singaporeans. In fact all big and ferocious dogs that were bred to attack must not be allowed in the island. When a supposingly harmless peacock can inflict so much damage and pain, the damage and suffering from a big wildlife is unimaginable.

Be responsible.

PS. I have just seen a video clip of a friendly domesticated dog devouring a child like a plaything.

Be warned.

I would like to put up the video but it was too painful and horrifying to watch.

West can’t believe nor accept China’s progress by Ismail Bashmori

Published on: Sunday, July 04, 2021
By: Ismail Bashmori

China’s space station: From no flush toilets to building its own space station within 40 years.
AS an Egyptian, I have been studying China intensely for the past year — its government, society, history, and transformation.

I’ve spoken to hundreds of Chinese and China-haters and heard everything they had to say. By now I’ve learned roughly as much about China as anyone can learn without knowing the language or living in the country, and I’ve reached my conclusion. China attracts a lot of haters, know-nothings and armchair experts.

The truth is that China is the greatest country on the face of the earth. It makes all other countries look insignificant and contemptible. It is the most brilliant, most industrious, most ambitious, most educated, meritocratic and technocratic, most modern, sophisticated, and civilised, and best-governed by far.

It is the first nonwhite, non-Western country to reach this status since the 1600s. The determination of this country is indescribable. Supernatural. There is no force that can stop it from accomplishing anything it wants to do.

Forty years ago a flush toilet in China was a luxury. Today it has its own Space Station. This is a tiny example of China’s capabilities.

It doesn’t matter who we are. Egyptians, Syrians, Pakistanis, Indians, Africans, even Americans. Next to the Chinese, we are pathetic. We can’t do what they do. We would have a mountain, an Everest of changes to make, and we would whine and bicker and fail at every one of them. China’s story since the 1980s has been one of an almost divine metamorphosis.

Next to China the entire Western world from Alaska to New Zealand has stagnated. Next to China the entire developing world from Brazil to Madagascar has progressed only at a crawl.

China is the mother of all gargantuan bullet trains. Every day it manages to create something new and astonishing. And unlike the United States, unlike the British Empire, unlike the French, Dutch, Germans, Spanish, Portuguese or any other Western nation that had its turn at being a superpower in the past four centuries, China doesn’t need to run anybody over or take something from somebody else, to rise majestically.

China is also standing up to the West all by herself. The West can’t believe their four-hundred-year-old global supremacy is being challenged. They hoped that the more China developed, the more it would submit to their influence, interests, and leadership. That didn’t happen. So now they will do anything possible, short of a nuclear war, to make China end.

Their goal is to destroy this country. That’s why, although the United States has killed several million people and turned several regions of the earth into hellscapes.

China is the worst fear of our planet’s Western masters. They want you to despise and dread a country that’s done nothing to you, that hasn’t invaded anyone, bombed or sanctioned anyone, that hasn’t overthrown any foreign government, or used its military on anything since 1979.

China is the only major country in the nonwhite developing world, to stand up to the West. To look it in the eye when challenged or threatened.

The Global South are simply Western puppets who submitted long ago. Even the most powerful ones. Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India.

The 1500s—1000s BC were Egypt’s time. Antiquity belonged to the Greeks and Romans. The 1700s belonged to France, and the 1800s to Britain. From 1945 to the present, the world has been under American overlordship. And they call it the Pax Americana but there isn’t much Pax in it.

There’s plenty of Pax if you’re in Europe or Australia. But the Middle East? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and Yemen in the past 20 years. Latin America? They’ve destroyed that part of the world beyond any hope of recovery. Africa? It’s only been spared because of disinterest. The US sees Africa as nothing. The whole West does.

But in the twenty-first century, we are witnessing the rise of China. We are decades away from China becoming the greatest power on earth. This will be China’s time, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Attack China all you want, curse her and monger rumours and hysteria — but the truth is that none of your accusations are backed up by evidence. The Western press is under the thumb of Western governments that want to stay on top of the world for eternity. And the truth is that China is not affected by the noise and maneuvers of her enemies.

For her first thirty years, from 1949 to 1979, China was basically blockaded and isolated economically and politically by the West. It didn’t even have a seat in the UN General Assembly. And it was dirt-poor in those days, barely a speck of the global economy, a tiny fraction of Japan’s or Germany’s GDP — not even able to prevent famine. And it still didn’t submit to pressure or take any orders. Why on earth would it do that now?

China will be the next global power. There’s nothing that can be done about that. The first stage is that its economy only needs to grow at 4.7 percent per year to become the world’s largest by 2035. That means the usual, historical bare-minimum of 6 percent is already overkill. The US can build as many bases as it wants, slap as many sanctions as it wants, recognise whatever bogus genocides it wants. That’s what it’s been doing all along. Has any of it made a difference? China can adapt to any situation. It took China a mere ten years to go from being barred by the US Congress from participating in the “International” Space Station, to building its own Space Station from zero.

See, the US has an $800-billion war budget, 800 military bases, 13,000 aircraft, 500 warships, 6,000 nukes — but it doesn’t have what China has: invincible national resolve. It takes the US about 5 years to renovate a bridge, and it takes China 43 hours. There’s simply no competing with that.

China doesn’t need to be a military superpower or empire. That was never part of the plan. US troops, God bless their souls, will continue sitting in their bases, scratching their balls, costing their government $800 billion a year to do nothing. Meanwhile, China will continue to actually develop.

That’s the part of the equation that America totally missed, because it has barely developed since Reagan’s day. China is a better place to live today than at any time in its previous 5,000 years; Americans saw their highest standard of living in the 1960s and those days will never come back.

So yes, China will be the next global power, and the Chinese are vastly superior to us in every way. This is a fact that everyone can attack but that nobody can change, like the theory of evolution.

Look at you silly buggers, talking about China like it’s going to be the next Nazi Germany. Even many Middle Easterners I know fit in this foolish category. Did you notice when the US invaded or overthrew the governments of 20 countries in the past 32 years (my lifetime)? Did you even know? You think just because you’re ready to forget all that because of Beyoncé and Game of Thrones and Snapchat and other US cultural exports, it didn’t happen.

The US is feeding me terror-bytes about Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen Square, Great Leap Forward! I don’t see any dead bodies, I can’t show you one invasion or one example of Chinese regime change, I can’t even find Hong Kong on a map or tell you one factual detail about Tiananmen Square, but the US State Department and all its media are telling me CHINA BAD!

Aren’t you at least curious to see what a world with a nonwhite, non-Western leader might look like, after 400 years? Because God knows that leader won’t be us. It won’t be Brazil or Africa, or the Middle East or India or Indonesia or Nigeria or Pakistan. We’re a mess.

China was a mess too. But we remain a mess many decades after we achieved independence, and the Chinese went their own way, disentangled their mess and created their destiny. We’re not made of what the Chinese are made of.

I see China as hope. Hope that a colonised, brutalised, primitive and humiliated country, can rise above its past — refuse to be weak any longer — rebuild itself from nothing, with iron resolve, and become too strong to be overrun by the West again!

Hope that a nonwhite, non-Western country can look deep within itself and find its own solutions to its problems — proving that (foolishly) trusting the West to guide us isn’t necessary! Proof that if we can do what the Chinese did, there will be no limits for us.

Imagine a world where the US, France, Britain, Australia, are no more important than Uzbekistan or Paraguay.

A world where the World Court might be headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the World Bank in New Delhi, the United Nations in Jakarta, the IMF in Cairo.

A world liberated from the US banking system and the dollar as its reserve currency, so that Washington can no longer tell 200 other countries who they can and can’t trade with.

A world where an American can be tried for war crimes at the Hague, not just an Iraqi or Liberian or Serb.

A world where we don’t hear about a non-Western-made vaccine and grunt to ourselves, Oh, it must be poison. A world where we don’t have to immigrate to the same countries that turned ours into hellholes, to work as sales clerks or taxi drivers, or even if we’re brilliantly employed — to drain our brains from our homelands in the best of cases, and use them to reinforce Western riches and supremacy in exchange for a fat paycheck, instead of using them to make our own countries semi-habitable.

When I hear that China has built its own Space Station, landed a rover on Mars, ended extreme poverty, built the Earth’s biggest city, dam, telescope, 5G network, highway, air purifier, or whatever the heck it is that will come tomorrow — I feel the same pride as if I were Chinese.

It’s not happening for all of us, but it’s happening for one of us and that’s a start. There’s got to be such a thing as developing-country nationalism — a common nationalism for all the countries that were colonised and plundered, and remain economically and politically captured by their ex-rulers.

A nationalism for the Global South. We are too divided, too brainwashed, too fooled and weak — most of us still worship the countries that destroyed us, are non-Western on the outside and Western on the inside, are hating and fearing and buying all the lies about the only one of us that’s made it, and are leaving our countries in droves to let them burn while we “make a better life for ourselves” in the West.

Do you want to live on a Western-dominated Earth for another 400 years? If you do, keep doing what you’re doing. But I don’t!

You know what’ll happen for all of us if America’s sick wishes come true and its global thuggery does make China collapse? Nothing. Eternal repetition of the status quo. More enslavement, hijacking of our resources and weak corrupt governments, neo-colonialism, invasion, regime change, sanctions, MISERY.

Haven’t we already seen this? Libya, Cuba, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Belarus, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, the Soviet Union. Rest in peace. Even FRANCE and JAPAN for God’s sake. What does the United States do when any other country says NO, or simply becomes too powerful, too good at honest competition?

Japan was a Western-style democracy crawling with US troops, with a US-authored pacifist constitution and almost no military and an extremely pro-US government and populace, and it STILL got crushed when it looked like it would become the #1 economy in the 80s.

I remember 10–15 years ago when China was still relatively poor and impotent, and Bush and Obama would talk about China as sweetly as swans. Obama happily had dinner with Xi Jinping in late 2015, called China a crucial partner of the United States, and said the US welcomed China’s rise; it was all horseshit. Today Biden, who was there with Obama in late 2015 as Vice-President, angrily rebukes a reporter who merely said that Biden and Xi were old friends.

America has taken off its mask.

China made it, it wasn’t supposed to make it, so now it must die. What a difference 5 years can make. China went from “crucial partner” to “number one threat.”

We should be helping and supporting China to keep climbing to the top, and giving her some serious solidarity as she withstands the new Cold War of Western imperialism. It’s been a long 400 years. China is the first non-Western country to even come close to reaching a status of ultimate global importance. She is akin to the the first member of an impoverished family to go to university. That is our family of nations.

And when China gets to the top, believe me, it won’t be a repeat of the French, British, or American Empire. Not a single developing country on earth will be worse-off because of China becoming #1. There will be something good in this for all of us, so let’s wake up.

- Ismail Bashmori is an Egyptian China watcher

Western lies are now a joke...no one in the world would believe a word they said except for the sillies and unthinking

I could not subdue my laughter at the extent of how dishonest those people in Washington and Brussels are, and inventing lies far from reality. Perhaps they are hoping nobody is aware of their lies and paying much attention.

Ursula von der Leyen could not be lying more openly through her teeth by declaring that Ukraine joining the EU is a dream for them to enjoy. What planet is she living on? Even Hedge Funds are now betting heavily against the EU countries' economy improving going forward. A bad dream or a nightmare would be more appropriate for Ukraine. Right now the EU countries are facing a nightmare themselves this coming winter.

Germany and some other EU countries were thinking of building up their stockpiles of gas and oil from Russia for the winter, before they completely ban imports of Russian oil and gas, and then with those reserves they can claim how successful they have been getting rid of Russian oil and gas. Man can propose, but it is God that disposes.

Now Russia has reduced the flow of gas to Europe, in particular Germany and they are panicking and this is undoubtedly putting a brake on their stockpiling. Significantly there was really a disruption in the Nord Steam 1 pipeline due to a faulty component made by Siemens, that had to be sent to Canada for repairs. Now, it looks like Canada is holding Russia hostage, on the surface at least, by refusing to return the component based on the argument that the sanctions forbid them from doing so. That posture is unwittingly doing more damage to Germany and the EU than Russia. Putin will just sit out and wait and just putting the ball in Canada's court. You see, this is the consequence of not thinking through the consequences and creating more problems for themselves by their own arrogance. Inevitably it is also creating friction between Canada and Germany indirectly. They have no plausible reasons to blame Russia for the gas cut. It is hilarious claiming that the West is united when it is already showing signs of cracking and falling apart.

Another really hilarious drama unfolding must be Biden's upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia. There are factions in Washington creating hysteria against the visit on the grounds that Biden is bowing to a Dictator by begging him to produce more oil. Anybody could see that this was the real reason for the trip. Now Biden is trying to wriggle his way out by saying that meeting the Saudi Prince is not the important thing, but what he is going to talk to him about is more important. Can you understand the fallacy of that argument?

Not meeting the Saudi Prince face to face, can Biden talk to him, after the Prince refused to answer his phone calls twice? So, is meeting him not more important than what they want to talk to him about? Sure there are important issues to be trashed out, like asking for more oil and coercing the Prince from selling oil to China in Yuan. Biden is now caught between a rock and a hard place and is trying to wriggle his way out. They are now trying desperately to avoid shooting their own foot for what whey did earlier, and even lifting some sanctions on Iran and Venezuela, which is not going to help. Iran and Venezuela know this is only temporary relief by the West and sanctions will be re-imposed once the energy situation stabilised with their help. They are not that foolish. After all now large and small oil producers are reaping in the harvest and laughing their way to the bank, so why would the Middle Eastern producers want to kill the goose that lay the golden eggs.



New World Order to replace the White Men's World Order

The UN, WHO, IMF, World Bank, WTO etc etc were all designed for the white men to rule the world in their interests and under their dictate. The G7, used to be G8, is a white men's club. The non whites would not be admitted no matter how rich or successful they are. Japan is classified as whites by the white men, all ex colonial powers. The US has made it clear, this world belongs to the white men. They are the masters of the world. No country is allowed to be better than them, to supercede them and be more successful than them. Any country attempting to do so would be put down by all means, unethical, slimy, cheating, lying, covert and overt subversions including wars of aggression. That is the white men's world order and white men's rule of law.

Many non white countries are now stronger, richer and more successful than white countries but still being kept outside of the white men's door. On the other hand, many bankrupt white men countries are still members of their exclusive white men's club, pretending to be rich and powerful. The number of rich and successful non white countries now outnumbered the white men's club and would not accept the white men's rule of law and white men's World Order.

The Ukraine crisis, the reckless weaponisation of the US dollar, the weaponisation of the international banking system, SWIFT, criminal acts of robbing nations' savings in bank deposits, daylight robbery of funds and assets of individuals, unjustified unilateral sanctions etc etc have reached a breaking point. A New World Order is taking shape to detach and replace the white men's World Order.

A new G8 has been formed with members like Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Iran, Mexico and Turkey to show the way as the new rich non white countries taking centrestage in world affairs.  The process of dedollarisation is moving quickly to sweep aside the American dollar hegemony. An alternative international banking system, CIPS, is already in place to replace the SWIFT system.

The AIIB, New Development Bank or BRICS Bank would increasingly replace the World Bank and IMF.

The American controlled UN would soon have a parallel world body for countries that are tired of living under the oppression and coercion of the Americans and the West. It would be a world body where every country is equal and no one country would dominate, bully and dictate to other members. The world would be divided between the white men countries and the non white countries. The white men can no longer deceive the world by using international world bodies to oppress countries they victimised and demonised as enemies in the name of the international community.

The world will have two parallel systems and organisations, the white men's World Order and the New World Order of the non white countries. Small countries would have better choices to be free to decide what is best for their people when no big powers can dominate and control the world for its own interests and agenda. Non white countries need not have to wait outside the doors of white men's organisations, waiting dismissively to be invited in for good behaviour, ie, to be willing lapdogs and lackeys of white men countries. They would take the place of the white men in new international organisations to decide and do what is necessary for their own good, to be equals among equals, not subordinated to white men.

It is happening. A more just and equitable World Order. The non white countries must set the agenda and narrative for the world, not the few white countries. A New World Order would mean the non white countries can breathe easier, live with more respect and dignity, and have a real chance of living better.

Thanks for the reset. Thanks to Covid19. Thanks to Ukraine. Thanks to Putin and Xi for standing up to the world's number one menace, the USA and the West. The non white countries must not miss this opportunity to work for the New World Order. This is the second chance given to them to make it happen.