Covid19 - You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!

 The silly and evil Americans are braying for the truth in the origin of the Covid19 pandemic. And they stupidly think, so convenient, that the virus came from a leak in Wuhan Lab.

They have several facts that they knew, even before the outbreak in Wuhan. They knew it was coming when Trump said he was going to send a present for China. Fauci also hinted about it.  Bill Gates and the American intelligence and military were preparing for exactly such a pandemic, starting from a wet market in Wuhan, months before it started. And the military games when American soldiers were in Wuhan a month just before the outbreak, with several of them found sick and quickly bungled home.

Yes, the Americans knew about the origin of this pandemic in Wuhan long before it started and by all means would want to make it as if it was a leak from Wuhan Lab, which was given the Covid19 virus by Fauci, with funding to conduct gain of function research in the Wuhan Lab.

These are factual and the Americans are relying on them to want to fix China and put the blame on China.

There are several facts that the Americans knew but did not want to acknowledge, did not want to talk about, of the origin of this pandemic. Several prominent Americans, including governors had came out in the open to say that they had been infected by Covid19 months before Wuhan, in America homeland. 

The numerous deaths in a village around Fort Detrick months before Wuhan, were wrongly classified as common flu or deaths caused by vaping. The head of CDC had admitted that those deads could be caused by covid19, but wrongly diagnosed as something else.

The closing down of Fort Detrick for cleansing then, because of a leak that the Americans did not want to talk about was becoming more suspicious.  Why so afraid of letting WHO to investigate the facility like they are demanding to investigate Wuhan Lab?

Why not investigate the soldiers that went to Wuhan, their sickness etc? How could Covid19 infect American soldiers in their warships in the Pacific Ocean, with no contact with Wuhan, far far away from Wuhan, before the virus was detected in Wuhan?

And many European countries have come up with evidence that Covid19 were already spreading in their countries long before Wuhan. 

All these damning evidence and facts could point to one source, the origin of the pandemic, Fort Detrick, USA. Why not conduct the investigation to prove to the world that there is nothing to hide, be transparent and come clean? By ignoring the evidence of the source of Covid19 coming from the USA and selectively choosing facts that came much later, after happening in Wuhan, to prove the origin of the virus from Wuhan, is pure mischief.

The truth is obvious. When finally confirmed and exposed, the evil scheming Americans would have no where to hide. But hiding is the last thing on their mind.  They are exceptional, American Exceptionalism means they could tell lies, invade countries, conduct massacres and genocides and look straight into the eyes of the world as if nothing has happened.

These lies about leak from Wuhan Lab, when it was most likely planted by the Americans, a very vicious and evil act, would likely to end up like the WMD lies in Iraq. No consequences. The liars would get away with murders and destruction of Iraq and many other countries, and the death of millions of people worldwide because of this intentional leak of Covid19 bioweapon in Wuhan, in the wet market, and wanting to pin the blame on Wuhan Lab as the source of the leak.

Fauci is now the devil exposed and would be buried alive. Before that happened, Fauci should just spill the beans and tell the truth, tell the world that it all started in Fort Detrick. It was all planned to decimate the Chinese people but the plan failed and everything got out of control. The finger pointing at China was just a diversion to deflect the attention from coming back to the true origin of the virus, ie Fort Detrick, USA. 

What are you waiting for, Fauci? There is nothing to hide anymore. Keep lying you would still be killed as the villain. Why not expose all the evil men and women and drag them along and not be crucified alone?

Evil Americans would be severely punished by heaven for this crime against humanity. This is the bridge too far and all hell will break loose to destroy this evil Empire.

The evil white Anglo-Saxon Americans & the Europeans are confident:Their plans to decimate the non-white populations in Asia, Africa and Latin America seem to be working.

Monday, 31st May,2021.

 At last the evil White Race, the Europeans and the Anglo-Saxon White Americans seem to be quite happy and satisfied that their plans to decimate the populations of non-white populations in Asia, Africa and Latin America through their biological Labs created and engineered Coronavirus pandemic seem to be working as planned. This American engineered Coronavirus of Fort Detrick, North Carolina is only the latest deadly addition to their evil designs to genocide the non-white peoples or the non-white races in this world through their toxic fertilisers, chemical germicides and insecticides as well as fluid or liquid medicines mixed with  cumulative toxic elements manuafactured by the gigantic pharmaceutical and chemical companies of America and Europe mainly England, Germany, France and Holland. But ironically the Coronavirus seem to obey the Mightier One above and return with a vengeance to destroy the senseless and evil  white men in Europe and the Anglo-Saxon white Americans in the United States and Canada.

Below is  the story written by Southernglory1 on 29th April, 2016, telling on how the Evil Empire in conjunction with its Western European countries planned to carry out their diabolical evil designs.

The Horrendous Plans of the Anglo-Saxon  Americans, The Europeans and the Jewish Zionism to decimate the non-white populations of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

                              The Horrendous Plans of the Anglo-Saxon Americans, the Europeans and the Jewish Zionism headed by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Illuminatis.

Previously I had written on how the West  (  The Europeans' )  foreign
policy and blue print for conquests and world domination was based on their
Doctrine of Christian Discovery and subsequently over the years expanded by
White Americans into the more evil Doctrines of American Manifest Destiny and
the monstrous  American Exceptionalism. I will not delve into these
doctrines in detail . Briefly white men inclusive
of White Americans claim their God has given them the divine right to take
and conquer non-Christian lands and to kill all the natives of these lands
if they refused to be converted to their faith. American Manifest Destiny
deprives all native Americans of their rights and title to their lands and
properties and claims Americans have the right to expand its  frontiers
both on land and sea without limits. American Exceptionalism empowers White
Americans  -  USA  to assassinate foreign leaders who don't toe the
American line and to carry out regime change. 

But now an even more horrendous Anglo-Saxon American and American Jewish Zionism
policy is in the offing.  This satanic group is headed by the
Rothschilds,the Rockefellers, the Illuminatis and well known American
bankers in the Citi Bank , J.P Morgan , Well Fargo Bank ,Bank of America
and the Free Masons. They are working in collusion with the rogues and
scoundrels in the US government, the CIA, The Pentagon, Congress, The
Senate and the House of Representatives as well as the billionaires in the high tec industries of the internet.

Why is this group so frightening and scary?  They say the world is  now
overpopulated  with Seven Billion people and there will not be enough
resources to serve everyone. They asserted that the world population should
be reduced come what may  to just about one and a half billion people.
They argued that majority of the world's population is found in Asia, Africa and Latin America and it is time to find ways and means to reduce the number of these non-white or coloured people. They have decided that it is only  through a combination of
methods but largely through wars that  the Asian  and African population
can be reduced drastically. For the wars to accomplish its results they
must be fought in Asia and Africa and they always have plans for perennial
wars in Asia and Africa.

Their strategic new plans call for  (1) impoverishment of Asian, African and Latin American
countries (2) Clinically and genetically manipulated changes of fluid or liquid medicine as well as the  DNA of rice
seeds so that the  growing of rice will result in infertility of  rice
eaters. (3) Control of  pharmaceutical products for Asia, Africa and Latin America
designed to a slow but long process of poisoning Asians, Africans and ingenous native Latin Americans
resulting in sickness like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, infertility and
other related diseases. ( 4  )  Chemical fertilizers that poisoned food
crops and the soil cumulatively over a long period,  ( 5 )  Insecticides
that poisoned the food crops and the soil like DDT.  ( 6) Wars of

The impoverishment of Asians, Africans and Latin or South Americans are carried out  through two
distinct direct but related methods. One is to attack and weaken the
financial and economic structure and well being  of the countries of the
three continents. The other is to create instability and destability of the
Asian, African and Latin American countries by provoking hostilities and wars among the
countries in the three  continents.

In the financial and economic front the attack is frontal through the
manipulation of the American Petrol Dollar as a standard of international
exchange. Every country which wants to buy or sell products to America or trade round the world must
use the Petrol Dollar to trade. There is a clear disadvantage to Asian, Latin American and
African countries because US is always manipulating the currency to its
advantage at whatever circumstances  it determines. US rogue bankers and
stock brokers will always cheat and swindle unsuspecting Asians, Latin Americans and
Africans by selling them toxic financial products like mini-bonds . Be wary, 
of European and American private bankers who will use the billions of
dollars entrusted to them for sound investments by the  Asians, Latin Americans and
Africans but instead they will always misuse it  to deal with endless
trading in derivatives and hedge funds which  is nothing but pure gambling. In such cases either
win or lose the bankers will always first award themselves by the millions
or billions as service charges. Derivative trading and hedge funds is nothing but a super
casino which together with the Petrol Dollar and the financial toxic
products are a form of American financial terrorism  on unsuspecting Asians, Latin Americans
and Africans. These financial loses will result in the decline and
weakening of  the Asian, Latin American and African economies and will ultimately deal a fatal blow to
human survival.

Creating wars , instability and destability is the bench mark of American
foreign policy which derive from their doctrines of the American Manifest
Destiny  and American Exceptionalism. The Americans will always sow
suspicion , descension and create instability and hostility among the Asian, South American
and African countries. It will then carry out endless propaganda of
misinformation and disinformation with a lot of  lies, half truths and
insinuations carried to a crescendo before it starts the wars among the
unsuspecting Asian, Latin American and African countries. The Americans are the masters of
sheding blood behind the scenes. They have succeeded in making the Arabs in
the Middle East going after each others throats. The Americans will just
reap the harvest and enrich themselves by selling obsolete weapons to the
warring factions and at the same time test their new weapons in attacking
the factions which do not toe the American line. America is trying to
create the same scenario in Asia. It is trying to create civil and
international  wars among the Asian countries like divided Koreas, divided
China - Mainland China and Taiwan, foment wars between Japan and China,
between India and Pakistan, between India and China and between China and
the Viets and Pinoys. In this way the Anglo-Saxon Americans,the  Europeans and American Jewish
Zionism  led by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Illuminatis, Freemasons and
other big American bankers as well as the rogues in the American government
inclusive of the President, Senate, Congress , CIA and the Pentagon will
have succeeded to see how Asians will have died by the billions in a great
nuclear wars among the Asians. This will definitely decimate Asian
populations by the billions and fit into the ruthless plans of the evil Anglo-Saxon Americans, the
Europeans and American Jewish Zionism headed by the Rothschilds, the
Rockefellers, the Illuminatis and the rogue and scoundrels of the American

The American pivot towards Asia especially in the East China Sea and the
South China Sea is just a cover for American covert and overt plans for
wars and destruction among Asians .  In the aftermath of these wars America
hope to seize the opportunity to dominate and control both the East China
Sea and the South China Sea and together the rich oil and other mineral
resources under the sea bed  and to dominate the whole of Asia under
American hegemony. It will be a hopeless dream for America for under such
scenario there is no guarantee that Russia and China will not carry out
full scale nuclear attack on America and thus resulting in not only mutual
destruction but ultimate total destruction of the entire humanity on earth.

A desperate bankrupt America must not be allowed to destroy the world under
whatever guise and pretext.


Friday, 29th April, 2016

Can Singapore bar Singaporeans from returning to Singapore?


 On 22 May 2021, Assistant Professor of Law BENJAMIN JOSHUA ONG wrote in Today Online that it is Unconstitutional not to allow SG citizens & PR to enter SG.

He wrote:

Under Article 13(1) of the Constitution, Singapore citizens have an absolute right to enter Singapore, no matter where in the world they are travelling from.

It would be unconstitutional to deny Singapore citizens entry into Singapore for any reason.

Further, under section 9(1A) of the Immigration Act, it would be unlawful for the Government to bar a Singapore PR with a valid re-entry permit from entering Singapore (except on the narrow grounds of public security).


The answer from the above in an article posted in TRE is definitely yes, but on grounds of public security.

Singapore has finally barred Singaporeans from returning from high risk countries unless they have proof of a pre departure Covid19 test. This will be effective only on Sunday 30 May. For now until this early Sunday morning, Singaporeans and PRs can still come back with no conditions or requirement for such a test.  The reason given, in case the situation is bad and the Singaporeans did not have time to get the Covid19 test and thus unable to return, is a valid explanation. The flaw is that after their return, they should be tested immediately and put under SHN. Were this done.

And now the change, two questions, why so late? Second question, is Singapore going to let Singaporeans stayed out of Singapore in a pandemic if they could not get tested, when the test is not available etc, etc? 

I think the original position is right except the follow up was bad. Now this new requirement is bad as it overlooked the valid concerns of the first.

Yes, Singaporeans should be barred from returning if there is a public security risk. In the current case, if proper safety procedures are in place to isolate the returning Singaporeans from becoming a public security risk, why not put the procedure in place to bring home our Singaporeans?

Singaporeans should not be allowed to return if they become a public security risk, not to return to infect or put the rest of the Singaporeans at risk when the risk cannot be managed or isolated. As a country we cannot simply and conveniently abandon our citizens by simply laying out some rules and that's it. Let me quote MOH in thenewpaper, 'it did not want to make it difficult for them to return home, should they be caught unprepared by rapidly deteriorating pandemic conditions abroad'. The change should apply when taking a test is possible. In many places, including South Asia, taking a test is not an issue, caveat, beware of fake certificates, the new requirement should apply.

What do you think?


Xinjiang - the dreams and aspirations of the young people of Xinjiang


This 1 hr 20min documentary is about the changing lives, dreams and aspirations of the young people of Xinjiang. They are the new adventurers and would chart the future of what life would be like for the people of Xinjiang in the future. The young are breaking into new grounds from their traditional and conservative parents. Quite touching stories of ordinary blue collar workers, to craftsmen, entrepreneurs and young people daring to change, to venture into the cities, to leave their beloved and serene and beautiful green fields, to become city dwellers.

A good introduction to Xinjiang that many in the West would not see, would not know.

Canadian genocide - Remains of 215 children found at former indigenous school site in Canada

The remains of 215 children, some as young as three years old, were found at the site of a former residential school for indigenous children.

The children were students at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia that closed in 1978, according to the Tk'emlúps te Secwépemc Nation, which said the remains were found with the help of a ground penetrating radar specialist.

"We had a knowing in our community that we were able to verify," Tk'emlúps te Secwépemc Chief Rosanne Casimir said in a statement. "At this time, we have more questions than answers."

Canada's residential school system, which forcibly separated indigenous children from their families, constituted "cultural genocide," a six-year investigation into the now-defunct system found in 2015.

The report documented horrific physical abuse, rape, malnutrition and other atrocities suffered by many of the 150,000 children who attended the schools, typically run by Christian churches on behalf of Ottawa from the 1840s to the 1990s.

It found more than 4,100 children died while attending residential school. The deaths of the 215 children buried in the grounds of what was once Canada's largest residential school are believed to not have been included in that figure and appear to have been undocumented until the discovery. 


PS. I have another 2 pieces from Anonymous and one from Queen of Hearts to post in the following week.


When the Chinese is no longer the majority - A hypothetical but possible scenario

 Today Hsien Loong has the power and pleasure of planning who would be the next PM and when he would be handling over the premiership to his successor. All this is possible because of the Chinese majority that provided the electoral base for him to call the shot.

Hypothetically, should one day the Chinese is no longer the majority, don't say it would not happen, would Hsien Loong, assuming he is the PM, still be calling the shot? Or would he be the first to be removed from power? And the new power of the day, whoever that person may be, would be the one planning the next PM.  And if the Chinese were not the majority, that PM would likely not be Chinese, would he be saying, that Singapore is not ready for a Chinese PM? Or an easier excuse, since so many PMs have been of Chinese origin, time for the non Chinese to be PM for a while.

And who would likely to be named the 4G candidates waiting to be the PM? Not one of the present 4 would likely be considered. The reason, just like the foreign HRs and CEOs picked their staff to fill new vacancies when they are in control, no proper qualification, no relevant experience, not innovative, not imaginative, no international exposure, in other words, not suitable. Period.

Singapore should wait and anticipate the day when the Chinese are no longer the majority in this island and imagine what life would be like then. What would be the opportunities for them in employment, in the govt service, in the uniformed services, in the private sector, especially when the island is flooded with foreigners, called talents, when the open leg policy becomes lobang pichar, not pichar lobang, everything can come in, all kinds of fake degrees and no degrees also can?

What would be the chances of our exam smart, straight A idiots that cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is fake be like? Would they all ended up as super talented or super qualified Grab drivers or food delivery boys and girls?

Would the Chinese majority ever think of such a day, would they bother to think, or would they think everything will be fine, it would not happen?  And Hsien Loong would be the PM forever and would be the one to decide who would be the next PM? Would his template and criteria for the next PM still be used by the next PM, especially when he is no longer around, and when the Chinese is no longer the majority?

What do you think?


China must be constantly be on high alert against the barbaric god damned United States.

      The savage and barbaric United States has always been looking at China's peaceful rise in growing  strength and prosperity with jaundiced eyes. It has stated arrogantly in its bellicose Wolfowitz Doctrine that America will never allow any country to become as rich and powerful as the United States and if it sees any country showing any sign of growing to become either as a global or regional power capable of challenging US supremacy then America must of nature in following the Darwinian Doctrine take this power down by force of military means. So America wants to play the power of God to decide which country or countries can or cannot be allowed to exist. This is a most unprecedented arrogance, bigotry and bellicosity. Base on this preposterous illicit and illogical doctrine it shows clearly it cannot coexist with Russia or China both of which are targeted to be taken down. US is indeed ruled by mentally sick and deranged political rulers who are extremely crazy and mad with unsound mind and this has always post a danger to this world. Therefore China and Russia must be constantly on the high alert every second or minute of the year as the desperate savage Americans may at any time spring a sudden preemptive nuclear attack on both  of them. In truth the barbaric savage Anglo-SaxonAmericans and England together with their Western allies have been planning for decades to take down Russia and China. Wherefore the logic of surrounding Russia and China with hundreds of military bases. US surrounds China with over 400 military bases stationed in Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Okinawa, Japan and South Korea , all equipped with nuclear tipped missiles facing China. But it turns around and tells the world that China is assertive, aggressive and expansionist and must be contained. The world must be blind to see China which has never conquer any other country and which has no military bases overseas is assertive and aggressive. The barbaric Americans expect the non-white countries to believe in its demonization of China. They think  the non-white countries are naive and stupid and thus treat them with contempt. But at last the non-white countries are waking up to the evils and misdeeds of the US  and will no longer believe in theAmerican lies and propaganda. 

The United States one of the most wicked and evil Western countries ever has since the beginning of its independence in 1776 been doing a lot of evil bad things in this world by brutally attacking and invading other coutries with attenuating genocide and massacre of native populations in the lands they forcefully occupied. The US is untrustworthy and unreliable and it is not ashamed to tell the world that cheating, telling lies, stealing, expansionism via invasion  and killing is the embodiment of its national diabolical philosophy. The teachings and instructions  of these ultra multifarious doctrines are important courses in the curriculum for recruits and military personnels in CIA and the Pentagon. Military officers and soldiers are taught to kill without any sense of guilt, remorse or repentance and to dismiss the hundreds of thousands of civilians who died through  the indiscriminate attack of their bombers, drones or the volleys of their cannons as collateral damages.

The Evil Empire has turned an otherwise beautiful and peaceful world upside down in tumultuous pandemonium, fear and danger through its vile ambition of trying to  bring the whole world under its total dictatorial control and hegemony. It has institutionalized an evil drastic militant doctrine that rules out any possibility of co-existance with any other provincial or global powers.

The United States is the offspring of its satanic forbears the Anglo-Saxon British imperial empire. Thus it is not surprising the US has inherited all the evil draconian traits and inherent murderers' behaviour of expansionist and colonial Britain. 

US broke off from England and achieved independence from England in 1776. Even before independence and as part of imperial England it had spearheaded the wanton invasion, destruction and brutal killingsof native American indigenous populations.

It must be remembered that following the expansionist path of  Spain and Portugal, two other evil white European powers, England sanctified with its evil Doctrine of Christian Discovery charged into the new world to attack and conquer the whole of North America and after a long struggle with France for dominance in which it evolved victorious.

Throughout the 242 years of its existence the United States has been successful and victorious in all its attacks and aggressive expansionist wars on hundreds of native American states and other  foreign countries in Latin America, Hawaii and across the Pacific Oceans. The United States has been carriied away so far by the success and victory of all its past invasions and that leads them to dangerous thinking they too can score easy victory over Russia and China. They must know the success and victories of their expansionism and victories  in the past were over small and weak countries. They are too conceited to think they can achieve similar success if they were to attack Russia or China.

Therefore after the Second World War they instantly carried out proactive future plans to take down Russia and China and other provincial powers like Iran or North Korea which they consider will post a challenge and an obstacle to US ambition for world dominance and hegemony.

To gear to its goal for world domination the US then promulgamated a bellicose doctrine to warn and stop any other power from arising to post a challenge to US supremacy on the world stage for hegemony. The imbecile US is so drunk with its power that it has the effrontery and the blindness and stupidity to tell two great historical countries Russia and China to fall in line and follow its dictates.

Here is US, a 242 year old cancerous outgrowth of Anglo-Saxon British imperialist  trying to browbeat Russia and China into submission to its dictates and control. The US ingrates must know China is a vast ancient Chinese civilization of more than 5,000 years and is the only last known ancient civilization to survive to this day. All the other ancient civilizations of Egypt, Babylon ( modern Iraq ) Persia , Indus, Athens, the Mayas, Azstec and Incas Civilizations of Latin America have long disappeared under western barbaric attacks and invasions.

Intense Western European imperial aggressions and expansions took place 500 years ago under the militant Doctrine of Christian Discovery under which doctrine Spain, Portugal, England, France, Russia Holland, Germany, Italy and Belgium went  on a raging rampage to travel vast distances overseas to conquer and steal other non-christian lands whereby they also carried out atrocities of killing and genocide to decimate the native populations. 

Then after its inpendence the US immediately institutionalized a new expansionist doctrine, "The Doctrine of America's Manifest Destiny." Under this doctrine US will follow the footpath of  imperial Britain, France ,Spain and Portugal to build its own empire. Its first objective was to complete the total destruction and genocide of all the native Americans. Having erased the native Americans from America the evil empire then proceeded to attack and invade Mexico from 1840s to 1890s resulting in the US occupation of seven Mexican states or provinces such as  Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and California a combine territory of over 1.65 million square miles.

The US was a partner in crime with the Britain against China in the criminal Opium Wars 1839 to 1856. From the 1930s to the present it has never stopped interfering  in China's internal affairs and in the as yet unfinished Chinese Civil War. In the early 1950s US often nefariously  ferried Chiang Kai-Shek's Kuomintang troops  into China's southern provinces of Yunnan and Kwangsi to create turmoil and counterrevolution. In 1950 US started the Korean War hoping to make use of Korean territory as a jumping board for the Kuomintang army to attack and retake the Chinese mainland for the Americans. In both cases US failed miserably though it persists and continues to create trouble for China endlessly. 

US also tried to create trouble for Russia. CIA clandestinely organized and supported some pro-American Russians to overthrow President Putin. It also tried to stir up troubles in Russia's backyard. It tried to recruit Belarus and Georgia into US - NATO camp but failed after Russia took strong action to foil the attempts. In 2014 US initiated a military coup in Ukraine to overthrow the pro Russia president and installed a pro American puppet hoping to recruit Ukraine into NATO. Russia took action to forestall US diabolical plan and then annexed Crimea, the southern province of Ukraine. In both cases the cowardly US dared not confront headon against Russia.  Thus all US evil plots against Russia failed badly.

Having failed in its plots against Russia, the evil empire then tries to undermine China with issues concerning Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Diaoyu Dao and the South China Sea which are China's internal matters of no concern to US or others. It also started a hybrid warfare against China. First it started a trade war against China. This is followed by crazy illicit illilateral actions in which it arm twisted its allies and other countries to ban Chinese high tech companies like Huawei, ZTE, Tik Tok and others on various trump up illogical charges. Then it tries to provoke China by sailing its naval ships and flying its jet bombers close to China's coast line thinking it will intimidate China and the Chinese people. Of course China will not be intimidated. The Chinese are noble civilize people who do not want to fight or have war with the evil empire. But the Chinese people are also not afraid of war if it is imposed on them and they will fight bravely with conviction to defeat the evil American aggressor and warmonger.

Now the evil empire tries to create hostilities in the Taiwan Strait. Being a coward it tries to gather its poodles Japan, South Korea and Australia to be in the front line against China. America is making attempts to lure China out to fight. Its diabolical plan is to provoke China to the extreme hoping China will fire the first shot so as to give the evil empire and its poodles an excuse to jointly attack China. In this scenario America is hoping China and Japan will destroy each other while at the same time the treacherous Japanese also long for US and China to fight and destroy each other too. But China knows the evil inner thinking of both the Japs and the Americans desire for the Chinese in both Mainland China and Taiwan to rekindle the civil war and thus to  kill each other as fellow Chinese so as to destroy the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. President Xi Jinping and his comrade leaders in the CCP are exercising extremely great patience and selfcontrol because they say Chinese should not kill Chinese except the treacherous Chinese traitors who are American and Japanese running dogs. Only the leadership in Taiwan is hijacked by traitors who are actually of Japanese descent couched under false Chinese names and who managed to hookwink and brainwash the Taiwanese Chinese people under the fake and false banner of pseudo democracy and human rights to agree to secede from China to be independent. These traitors in Taiwan are testing China's patience and are playing a dangerous game with fire by using all kinds of tricks to intimidate the Taiwanese Chinese compatriots to support their agenda of secession from China. These Taiwanese Chinese traitors don't seem to know they are being used as pawns and manipulated by the evil Americans for their own agenda of stopping the rise of the Chinese people and nation under the disguise of helping the Taiwanese Chinese to fight for freedom and democracy. The Taiwanese Chinese must know Chinese people in America have always been despised and illtreated by the white Americans who frequently bullied them and subjected them to beatings, lynchings, killings and genocide. 

The evil empire and its Western allies have failed miserably in trying to destabilise China through its plots of using traitors and separatists in Hong Kong and Xinjiang to create orange or umbrella revolutions so as to split China asunder. Now they try to undermine China with massive continuous evil propaganda to demonize China with endless fake and false make up charges and accusations to galvanize world opinion against China so as to provide a false basis for them to confront China whenever they choose to do so. But this is not going to work as the whole non-white world knows the inherent evil of the US and the West in all their diabolical plots not only against China but also against almost all non-white countries. Also almost 98 percent of the Chinese people in China and around the world strongly support the government of the Peoples Republic of China under the Chinese Communist Party led by President Xi Jinping.

Recently US tried to destroy China and the Chinese people by secretly bringing the Covid - 19 virus to Wuhan in late 2019. The Evil Empire wanted to decimate the whole Chinese population in China with its Fort Detrick engineered biological coronavirus. However, it failed when the competent Chinese government took instant drastic actions to stop the American virus in its track. But the satanic Americans are soon to reap what it sowed for the coronavirus or Covid - 19 of Fort Detrick returned home to the United States to roost and destroyed over 600,000 American lives. God has eyes and the evil Americans are facing Karma now.

The desperate god-damned United States can plan and plot all the evil actions against China and other countries but it is certainly going to fail. Instead of looking after its home and internal affairs to take care of its own people it indulges in aggressions, invasions, killings, assassinations and murders of other countries and their leaders. Millions of Americans are living in extreme poverty especially the Black and other coloured Americans are dependent on food handouts daily and hundreds of thousands of Americans have no roof over their heads and are living in slumps in roadside tents make of canvas or discarded cardboards. Meanwhile the American politicians, the one percent extremely rich elites and the ten percent middle class all white racial supremasist live in glory and splendour.

It is the one percent white American elites the rulers of the Evil Empire who are the real evils behind all the wars, the turmoils and troubles in all parts and corners of the world. They are in control of over 98 percent of the wealth and riches in America. They run Wall Street , all the big banks, business conglomerates, real estates and insurance, huge industries and high tecs and the Pentagon Industrial Complex. They create permanent wars to keep the Pentagon Industrial Complex humming non-stop so as to generate billions or trillions of dollars in profits. 

The American elitist rulers are so evil and diabolical in their thinking and actions that all their evil deeds will eventually come home to roost and destroy them too. They cannot hope to start wars with Russia, China, Iran or North Korea witout lethal repercussions on themselves. Taking on Russia or China now is courting their own nemesis.  In fact the United States is now a God damned barbaric state without any hope of rescue. The sad thing is that the death of this satanic America will result in the unfortunate collateral destruction of many other countries and perhaps the end of mankind due to uncontrollable massive nuclear exchange.


Friday, 28th May, 2021


US no longer trusted


 This 8 minute clips explains why the lying Americans are no longer trusted around the world. And they got the cheek to keep blabbing if China can be trusted. Liars pointed at others calling others liars. Thiefs calling thiefs. 

You can't do that all the time. Now that the American power is waning, the rejection of the lying and cheating American bully is getting prominence. It is now easier to turn down the Americans, ignore the Americans.

No one trusted the Americans anyone! Not even the Americans themselves. They know that they are a nation of liars, especially in the top political circus.

Now China is stepping up to be the power broker, deal maker, as a trusted neutral middle man.

Why Dictatorial Leaders Cling Onto The Throne Of Power

A capitalist model inevitably leads to crony capitalism. This crony capitalism in turn leads to chronic dictatorship, when too much power is vested in one man (or one woman, who is usually the wife or concubine of the man in power and she exercises her power in the shadows).

History is filled with such greedy dictators who never fail to make the lives of the citizens miserable and suffering, because of the continuous and persistent sucking of money, energy and resources from the masses in one form or another, in one way or another.

When the same power-greedy people or their descendants sit on the Throne of Power for too long, they, by hook or by crook, are bound to prolong their stay on Power. They will, without fail, cling unto the Throne of Power like a bull dog tenaciously biting someone's flesh and refusing to let go until it iis knocked off by force.

With such power-hungry and power-greedy dictators ruling the country, the people are bound to suffer tremendous economic hardship, torturing pains and mysterious deaths.

Most of these power-hungry and power-greedy dictators perpetuate their reign through raw and direct ruthless methods.

However, there are some who are more cunning. They manipulate the laws and the Constitution to benefit themselves, their families and their cronies, to buy loyalty and obedience, and to sustain and prolong their stay on the Seat of Power.

The longer a corrupted dictator stays in power, the more skeletons he will collect and hide in his cupboard, cabinet, closet and an enormous iron safe deep in the fortress of CompliCity, with layer after layer and ring-fence after ring-fence of complex rules and regulations to allay and dispel the notion of conflicts of interests due to the three most common, gullible and unforgivable misdeeds called CNC (Corruption, Nepotism and Cronyism) that every ruthless dictator, weak or strong, succumbed to.

The more skeletons he has, the more he is afraid to lose his power and be overthrown, because he knows fully well that the masses will go after his blood and his neck when his karma catches up with him to make him falls from grace.

As such, he keeps perpetuating this reign by putting up false flags, to give him grounds for excuses, in order to cling onto the Throne of Power.

He will keep giving the false impression that he will be stepping down soon. However, he will not give a time frame as to when he will be stepping down, making the people guessing all the time.

As the public's expectation gets stronger, he will make an anti-climax move to disappoint their expectation by giving an excuse that he has to carry on ruling in and for the interests of the country (but actually in his own interests).

In the final analysis, all dictators are corrupt to a certain degree. Some extremely and rampantly corrupt and ruthless. Some subtly and indirectly corrupt and cunning.

Don't you think so?


National Assets Must Be Owned By The Citizens Collectively, Not By An Individual Public or Private Entity, Legally Or Not

From whatever information gathered, the painted pictures about the ownership, responsibility, reporting, accountability and transparency of GIC and TH are very troublesome and worrisome.

Troublesome in that it is very difficult and problematic for any concerned member of the public to secure reliable detailed information and important reports from the two entities for a close and thorough scrutiny.

Worrisome because national and public assets have been transferred and privatised, and therefore the public has lost ownership, control and say over the national and public assets held by the two entities.

It seems to look like the legality of the two entities have been specially curved out to avoid and prevent scrutiny by and from the real stakeholders of state assets, i.e. the citizens.

My gut feelings tell me that something is not right.

If Singapore is taken over by a rogue government, or a foreign government by proxies, then all our National Reserves and National Assets will be in serious dangers and jeopardy.

The laws governing these two entities must be changed to give back power to the People instead of to an individual heading a ministry, such as the Minister for Finance, or exclusively to a small group of individuals, such as a board of directors with personalities solely affiliated or associated with a specific political grouping.

As I envisage, the present arrangements can be easily sabotaged or manipulated if the individual and group concerned have hidden agendas and are determined to pursue them in their own selfish interests, whatever they may be.

Think deeper.


New Bird Flu Outbreak In 46 Countries Already

Scientists are warning the world that while we are immersed in our individual and collective efforts to tackle the furious spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, there exists concurrently an explosion in another deadly disease that could pose a threat to public health globally.

The H5N8, a subtype of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAIV), has been discovered many years ago, but during 2020 a series of emerging and ongoing H5N8 outbreaks in avian populations across dozens of countries have led to the death and slaughter of millions of birds worldwide.

The affected geographic regions have been expanding continuously, and at least 46 countries have reported highly pathogenic H5N8 AIV outbreaks already.

If leaders ignore this worrisome trend, and do not monitor and contain the spread of this new H5N8 avian flu virus, the World may have a double health pandemic at hand.

While the most vulnerable animals to H5N8 virus are birds, humans have also been infected by this virus recently.

An outbreak of the avian flu in Russia in December 2020 jumped to poultry workers in a farm in southern Russia – representing the first time the H5N8 virus has been found in humans.

While that was a first for H5N8, it certainly wasn't a first for clades and subclades related to H5N8, nor for avian flu viruses in general.

There is now a total of 862 confirmed cases of human infection with the Avian flu, including 455 deaths. These cases are from 17 countries, spreading across Europe, Eurasia, Middle-East, Africa, America, Asia and elsewhere.

Point to note, 76% of the H5N8 cases are from Egypt and Indonesia.

In most of the recent outbreaks, a clade of H5N8 called 2.3.4 has become the dominant infector worldwide.

This shows that the H5N8 virus has a propensity for rapid global spread in migratory birds.

At the same time, this virus also display evidence of constant evolution, genetically re-assorting themselves with parts of other Avian viruses.

Though the Covid-19 Pandemic has seen a big reduction in the Type A and Type B common flu, however, in over the same time frame, a number of highly pathogenic H5Ny AIVs, including H5N1, H5N2, H5N5, and H5N8 subtypes, have been spreading across the whole world.

These viruses show particular cell-binding adaptations that could pose greater risks for human transmission, including potentially human-to-human transmissibility.

Therefore, it is imperative that we must be now take responsibility, instead of taking umbrage, to keep a very close watch on this H5N8 Variant and ensure that they do not spread among our community.

Queen of Hearts

Allow PRs to buy landed properties? Instant 'huat ah' for Singaporeans


Indian PR:

My family lives in Sg for many years.
Yet,I am not allowed to buy FREEHOLD LANDED PROPERTY.

This is strange and I don’t understand the reason.

We live like singaporeans.
Go to hawkers,my kids go to neighbourhood schools and we do our part for our local community like helping out in neighbourhood events and charities.

You see,we are normal people,ordinary working class who work hard and save some money.
We intend to let our kids go and serve NS as they take Sg as their motherland.
Reason we want to buy Landed house is we want to live as one big family after our kids get married,at least till their own kids grow older....

So,I still waiting for opportunities.
Hope I don’t miss my chance before rich foreigners snap these freehold houses up.

This is a comment posted in TRE.

If Singapore wants property prices to go sky high, it should relax the rulings against PRs buying landed properties. I can guarantee landed property prices would shoot to the sky. The prices of small landed properties would hit $10m or $20m.  Singaporeans can sell, become millionaires and downgrade to HDB flats and no need to work. The downgrading would also push HDB prices to above $1m, making HDB flat owners also very rich, asset rich. Some can cash out and migrate to JB, Batam and Bintang. Cannot go to western countries unless they don't mind being victims of hate Asian crimes.

In the long run, all the private properties would be owned by PRs and Singaporeans would only live in million dollar HDB flats. No chance to buy private properties as their income could not afford it. 

Would this be nice? The PRs are begging to buy your landed properties. They are very nice people. Think the imbeciles are salivating at this suggestion.


Criticisms of Government’s Rules In Travel are NOT Confused With Obligations Under CECA


The majority of us, Singaporeans, are not confused. Only a few are confused with obligations under CECA.

Those who are naively confused or deliberately confused are those who tell others not to be confused.

It is very clear that some of the government rules, regulations, instructions, directions and policies are closely linked to or in consideration of the CECA, or deliberately avoided/excluded the CECA, e.g. the Fair Consideration Framework for hiring and firing.

Please take note that the Supreme and Ultimate OBLIGATION in any country's government is to its own citizens, especially their livelihood and survival. This is to be First and Foremost. No deviation. No question asked. No doubt whatsoever.

The government's primary responsibility is to ensure that citizens are gainfully and decently employed, with dignity, and fairly-well paid according to the standard and cost of living in that country!

The second-most Supreme and Unquestionable OBLIGATION of any government is to ensure that foreigners do not come into the country to deprive its citizens of their jobs, by replacing them entirely or partially, or by displacing them to lower jobs, or to other organisations! Foreign talents must support, supplement or complement the local citizens' jobs and responsibility. Not to replace or displace them. It is the same as a foreign power coming in to replace or displace the government. Either instance, the government is weak and incompetent.

Moreover, there is no such a thing as "absolute" obligations that have to be obediently obeyed like a soldier taking orders from his general.

Singapore is a sovereign and independent country. She is not an appendage or a colony of India. Her government is not obliged to OBEY any trade agreement strictly to the letter. An agreement is not an order. Therefore, the government is naturally, constitutionally, legally and politically expected to exercise good and independent judgement for the benefit of its citizens without fear, favour or ill-will. Being afraid to offend the other party of the agreement, for whatever reasons, is showing fear. If the government is showing fear to a foreign power, than it is a very weak and incompetent government.

In addition, there is a clause at the very end of the CECA documents that it can be terminated by simply giving a six months notice. No additional clause with tiny letters added. That means any obligation that is not in favour of, or not in good faith with, the interests of any group of our citizens, or our livelihoods, can be terminated, or changed, by giving six months notice.

India, on the other hand, through and via the legally-weaponised CECA stealthy long-range missile, is precisely taking responsibility and exercising her supreme and ultimate OBLIGATION TO HER CITIZENS - to ensure that her nationals are gainfully and decently employed, with dignity and well-paying jobs that they cannot get in their own country!

In conclusion, when talking about OBLIGATIONS to any trade agreement, or any other agreement with a foreign power, the government's primary, supreme, unquestionable, ultimate OBLIGATION IS TO ITS CITIZENS FIRST and FOREMOST!

Think again.


Chinese Tech ahead of Americans



Now, would the loser Americans lie again that China has stolen their technology? The Americans made 21 attempts to land on Mars and only succeeded on the 22nd attempt.

China made one attempt and succeeded.  So, China stole the American technology again?

The backward loser USA would slip further behind China in everything and every way just like Qing China missing out on the Industrial Revolution in Europe, now the USA is missing out on the 4th Industrial Revolution in AI.

It is also very fishy when the Americans are so desperate to ask China for the data China got from its Mars probe Zhurong.  Didn't the Americans made the first landing and have tried 22 times and collected enough data of Mars? Two possibility, they wanted to find faults with Chinese data and then accused China of whatever shit that came to their fancy. Or, they did not have real data from Mars.  What they had probably fakes. So they wanted the real stuff from China.

Like the moon landings, they had a lot of data from the moon but very desperate to demand that China shared its data with them. And this is despite the law they passed not to cooperate with China, not to share data with China.

What are the Americans up to? Afraid that China would prove that they were bluffing and lying all these years?


Wildlife - The price to pay when they grew in numbers

Singapore – For one man, what started as a typical exercise session along Upper Boon Keng Road with friends became a painful encounter with a wild animal.

On May 13, a 77-year-old man was exercising near Kallang River when around 20 otters emerged, reported the Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News.

Upon seeing the otters, the man was glued on the spot. “I seldom saw them all out in a group, so I stood still and waited for them to leave,” he noted.

However, one of the adult otters went up to him and bit his left calf, causing him to cry out in pain, reported Shin Min....

He added that he exercised every morning over the 10 years he had been living in the area.

“The otters started appearing about two to three years ago and used to move around in smaller groups of three or four.”

However, the wild animals started appearing in larger groups over the last year, and they’re physically bigger, the man said.

The above is from theindependent.com. When they are small in numbers, they looked so cute, so nice, so friendly, so harmless, even afraid of man.

When the number increases, and when they are hungry, or started to be possessive, guarding their newly acquired territory, they will show you who they really are, what they really are....wildlife.

What is the moral of the story? It is ok to have a lot of them, if you don't mind being bitten or even driven out of their territory. 

PS. A typical dumb Singaporean.

Israelis genocide of Palestinians - the end of White supremacy

 The decades and centuries of white men bullying the Muslims and Arabs have come to an end.  Thanks to the attack and killings of Palestinians in their homeland, now practically a concentration camp imposed by the Israelis and with the blessing of all the white men countries. 

This recent genocide against the Palestinians is the last straw for the Muslim and Arab world.  No longer would they continue to live under the lies and deceits of white imperialists that pretend to be their defenders but actually in cahoot with the Israelis to dominate and decimate the Palestinians and to steal their land by force, exactly like the White Americans that stole the continent of North America and Canada and decimated the natives of that land. Don't forget Australia and New Zealand and Hawaii and many other lands that once belonged to the natives.

The hilarious and stupid pretext of supporting the Muslims in Xinjiang, fabricated by the AngloSaxon tribes as discrimination and genocide by the Chinese govt, met with a stony silence from the Muslim and Arab world. Not a single Muslim and Arab country believe in these white men's lies. The fake UN conference was again boycotted by all the Muslim and Arab countries except for Turkey whose attendance and agenda were suspicious.

The ruthless attack and massacre of the Palestinians was the last nail into the coffin of white lies. Enough is enough. The Muslims and Arabs were given another painful treat to white men's cruelty against their Muslim and Arab brothers and sisters, with not an inkling of compassion and empathy from the white men, no respect to their rights as human beans, no human rights, no freedom, but oppression and extermination in their very homeland.  And this act of horror and execution is supported by practically every white country in North America and Europe and their allies and cronies. The Americans voted against a UN move to stop the killings and resupply more weapons to the Israelis to kill more Palestinians, Muslims and Arabs.

What more do the Americans need to do to expose their evil and racial hatred for the Muslims and Arabs? What more do the white men countries need to do to unmask their hatred and agenda to subdue and oppress the Muslims and Arabs forever, in the name of their hegemony and white supremacy, in the name of democracy and human rights of course? The crimes against the Muslims and Arabs must be paid one day.

It would be so sad and a misfortune if the Muslim and Arab countries still did not wake up from their delusion that the white men are their friends. Some would still do, still believing in the white gods. But the majority have made up their mind. This is the end of white supremacy and white imperialism against the Muslims and Arabs. 

The Americans and Europeans have just severe all ties with the Muslim and Arab world in the clearest sign of condemnation of the Palestinians in their homeland. There is no turning back for the Americans and the West for their continuing support of the Israelis in the butchering of the Palestinians civilians, women and children without mercy and with the Jews arrogantly defying the world to stop the massacre. They would only stopped at their own pleasure, with the Americans stopping any country from interfering and trying to stop the massacre.

How bad can the Americans and the rest of the white men countries be to the Muslims and Arabs? How much longer are the Muslims and Arabs willing to be deceived by the white men in the oppression and massacre of their people? This is the final chapter of believing in white lies.

Thanks to the belligerent and ruthless Jews, thanks to the Americans and white countries for not wanting to stop this massacre of the Palestinians, the divide between the white men and the Muslims/Arabs would no longer be blur as before.

The enemies of the Muslims and Arabs have identified themselves by closing ranks with the Israelis to massacre the Palestinians, in one voice. This is loud and clear to all Muslims and Arabs. No more deceits, no more white lies.The Muslims and Arabs have suffered enough and should suffer no more in the hands of white men and their lies.

A new chapter of history is unfolding.  The Americans and white men would no longer rule over the Muslims and Arabs with their white lies.

And thanks to the Russians and the Chinese, the Muslims and Arabs can turn to them for justice and freedom from the oppression of the white men. This is a golden opportunity for the Muslims and Arabs to say no to the white men, to stand up and fight to be free and dignified people, not to be ruled again by the white men and Israel.  The Russians and Chinese are on their side.

PS. From RT news.

The first statement issued by the UNSC on the latest flareup of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not contain any condemnations of the acts of violence, though.

A previous draft reportedly said that “Security Council members condemned all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror, as well as acts of provocation, incitement and destruction." It also voiced concerns about “tensions and violence in east Jerusalem” and called on both sides to respect “the historic status quo at the holy sites."

According to AFP, the passages were removed since earlier drafts were blocked by the US delegation that received a praise from Israel on Saturday. Tel Aviv lauded Washington for “its continued support for Israel and its right to defend its citizens.”

Israel also placed full blame for the conflict on the Hamas militants in Gaza and said that it expects the international community to “condemn and disarm Hamas, and ensure Gaza’s rehabilitation while preventing the diversion of funds and weapons to terrorism.”

Previously, the US also reportedly blocked a French draft demanding an immediate halt to hostilities and unimpeded distribution of humanitarian aid in Gaza as the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians was raging on.


CECA failing Singapore? Read Philip Yeo's comment


This comment by Philip Yeo said it all about the fumbling and bumbling of the controversial so called foreign talent policies of Singapore in the last 2 decades. Every silly cow and cheat and fake can come in under this policy. And worse, the marginalisation of Singapore's very own PMETs and replaced by questionable foreigners with fake or dubious degrees, qualifications and skills.

Why is this policy still allowed to go on when the smell has reached sky heaven?

Philip Yeo was one of the key architects of Singapore's phenomenon growth in the 70s and 80s and must be shaking his head at what is happening in Singapore now, with more than a million cheap foreigners and fakes and barely any real growth in the GDP to talk abo


World's number one terrorist supporting world's number two terrorist calling Hamas a terrorist organisation


Listen to this white supremacist video, the USA, the world's number one terrorist, supporting the world's number two terrorist nation, Israel, and condemning Hamas as a terrorist organisation.

Who took away the land of the Palestinians, put them into a concentration camp called Gaza and continuing to seize their land in the West bank? The whole piece of land called Israel, together with Gaza and the West Bank were the land of the Palestinians. 

Which terrorist group took the Palestinian land from the Palestinians, and now forced the Palestinians into small pockets of corners of their homeland and took the Palestinian land to be their new country called Israel?

The Hamas are freedom fighters fighting for their people and country, for a right to live in their homeland taken away from them by force.

The Hypocrisy of the USA and Israel is so stunning, so unbelieveable. They robbed the Palestinians of their home, their land, their country and now called the Palestinians terrorists.

How can the world allow this to happen to the Palestinians. They have a right to their homeland. If the Israelis were to return the land to the Palestinians, the Palestinians would not have to fight for their freedom and their homeland.

It may be too much to ask for, for terrorist Israel and terrorist USA to return the whole piece of land to the Palestinians. But at least the Palestinians should have half of the land returned to them.

The evil British that started this tragedy are keeping quiet, not going to tell the world what they had done wrong to the Palestinians and still supporting terrorist Israel to occupy Palestinians land and killing Palestinians. 

And what is the Arab world doing about it? What are the Arab and Muslim countries going to do to help their Palestinian brothers and sisters to return to their homeland, to be free from the terrorists in the USA and Israel in oppressing and condemning them to poverty and death by indiscriminate bombings and wars of genocide?

Who are the real terrorists? Americans, Israelis or the Palestinians? Get out of Palestinian land, they have the right to live freely, the right to return to their homeland to live as respectable human beans.

Hear the cries of the Palestinians, the victims of terrorism from America and Israel, the victims of genocide.

Listen to the evil men and women crying for Israel, the greatest democracy in the Middle East taking 200 rocket attacks. Never mind that Israel has taken the homeland of the Palestinians. Nevermind that Israel has killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians over the years and keeping them as prisoners in their homeland. A democratic country can take the land of other people, kill them, commit genocide, because it is a democratic country?

What is the right thing to do for the Palestinians? Do the Palestinians have rights to fight for the land the Israelis stole from them? It is so disturbing to see these white supremacists belittling the rights of the Palestinians, Muslims and Arabs without blinking an eye, thinking that they were doing the right thing.

These white men stole the land from native Americans, committed genocide against them, in the same way the Israelis stole the land from the Palestinians and committed genocide against them. The native Americans were decimated by the white men, the Palestinians are about to be decimated by the Israelis, supported by the white men. See how prosperous and peaceful America and Israel are? What native Americans, Red Indians? What's that? What Palestinians? What's that?

What freedom, what human rights, what democracy? Anyone bother to ask the Palestinians, the Muslims and the Arabs?

This is the 21st Century, and the people of the world are still listening to this kind of white lies and white shit and not doing anything about it?

This genocide against the Palestinians shows who are against the Palestinians, the Muslims and the Arabs and who are the defenders of the Palestinians, the Muslims and the Arabs. For decades, there was no single powerful nation that could stand up to the bullying and oppression of the white men against the poor Palestinians. Now China not only standing up for Chinese but also for the oppressed people of the world against the world's number one and number two terrorist nations.

Where are the crocodile tears of the AngloSaxon liars that claimed to be defending genocides against the Muslims?


Covid19 moving freely in Singapore


Above is a CNA table dated 15 May showing where the Covid19 virus have been in Singapore in the months of April and May. And the places they visited only surfaced after contact tracing and followup interviews. When the virus were there visiting, it had all the time to fraternalise and socialise with the people that also happened to be there. This is assimilation, integration and sharing the Singapore way. Very friendly, very nice, very generous.

How widespread are the virus now in Singapore? How many are out there not detected and still spreading? Is the virus under controlled or out of control? 

Is the govt taken too much risk by allowing travel to and from highly infected countries in the name of the economy, cannot help it lah? Is it worth it now with so many cases in the airport terminals, in the hospitals and in the community, with so many people having to be swapped, SHNs etc etc?

Is Singapore on the path to a bigger outbreak?

What do you think?

Covid19 - India is not as bad as the USA


 Numerically speaking, India is not such a basket case as far as infection is concerned. The USA has a population of about 330m and an infection of 33m.  This is just about 10% of the population.

India has a population of 1.3b and an infection of 26m giving an infection of only 2%. 

Even in terms of death, USA has about 600,000 death compares to India's nearly 300,000 death. So what is the problem with India compares to the USA? Perhaps it is because the death were not managed properly, not disposed off orderly, and over a short span of time, giving the impression that there were a lot of death.

OK, India may be under counting, not transparent. So what is new? The Americans are also under counting and not transparent and were miscounted as dying from flu not from Covid19.

Looks like the problem in India is a management problem with the Modi govt not handling the situation well and also because of a shortage of hospital beds and equipment and a shortage of oxygen. The people are dying because of mismanagement, because of lack of oxygen, not necessary and could not have died.

So India, no need to cry father, cry mother.  The USA is many times more serious than India. They are just good at cleaning up their shit unlike India, where even ambulances are short and no big containers to keep the dead bodies.  

Modi should wake up and start to do something about the situation, help the people to take care of the dead bodies and make sure oxygen is available to those that needed them.

What do you think?  Numbers don't lie.


COVID-19 Pandemic: Latest Wave Of Infections Is Due To The Stubborn Foolhardy Open-Leg Policy


"Singapore reported 30 new community COVID-19 cases as of noon on Friday (May 21), said the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Twenty-two of the community infections are linked to previous cases, while eight are currently unlinked. Among them, 17 cases had already been placed on quarantine earlier, said the ministry."

What the report did not tell us are:

Fact 1: 30 cases, out of which 22 are community infections.

Deduction 1: That means that 8 cases are imported infections. This means that some airport staff, immigration officers, nurses doing the COVID-19 swaps, airport helpers, airport police, eating places and shops in the airports, taxi drivers, hotel staff and travel guides may have already been infected.

Conclusion: Infected persons are still being imported into the country in order to give the COVID-19 coronavirus (probably the B1617 series from India and other South Asian states) a chance to spread in Singapore and create more sufferings for Singaporeans? This must not be allowed to go on indefinitely. It has been going on for far too long already. It must be stopped immediately.

Fact 2: 22 community cases, 17 have been placed on quarantine earlier.

Deduction 2: That means 5 of the infected were not quarantined and left free to roam, to spread the disease in the wider community.

Conclusion: This means the present safety measures are truly inadequate and needs urgent fine-tunning immediately. No more dragging the feet.

Fact 3: 22 community cases, out of which 8 are not linked to any existing clusters.

Deduction 3: That means the 8 unlinked cases are not connected to any existing clusters and, therefore, they could have formed new clusters in other places that the present faulty detection system is not able to detect.

Conclusion: A reactive, wait and see monitoring system can never nip the virus in its track. The best it has been doing is to chase after blue-ass flies.


It is high time, the supreme authority of the land comes down to earth and use more practical and more effective common sense, instead of listening to the faulty advice of the so-called experts, who are no experts in this COVID-19 Pandemic whatsoever. They are merely making educated guesses at best.


Plan for S'pore quarantine hub to ease Aussie log jam


Couple months ago, Aussie media were saying the Morrison government was working on an ambitious plan that would establish Singapore as a quarantine gateway, holiday destination and potential vaccination hub for returning Australians, international students and business travellers.

The deal would help clear the log jam of approximately 40,000 Australians stranded overseas, boost tourism to Australia from Singaporean nationals – and third countries down the track – and kick-start the multibillion-dollar market for international students at Australian universities, which has been smashed by border closures.

Multiple Morrison government sources, who asked not to be named so they could discuss details of the proposal, told The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age Trade Minister Dan Tehan and Government Services Minister Stuart Robert were driving the plan and leading behind-the-scenes policy work.

Under the plan, Singaporean nationals who have had their vaccination would be able to travel to Australia for work, study or holidays without having to complete two weeks’ hotel quarantine.

It could also be possible for people from third countries to enter Australia via Singapore after completing two weeks’ quarantine in the city-state.

The use of Singapore to bring Australians home and to restart tourism and business travel would significantly ease pressure on the states’ hotel quarantine systems and the federal government’s Howard Springs facility.

For Singapore, the proposal would bring in revenue for its hotel operators and the broader tourism sector, as well as ensuring it maintained its status as regional hub for flights. 


PS. The above concept is not the same as air bubble where citizens of both countries can travel to the other country under a quid pro quo arrangement. The planned concept is to turn Singapore into a leper quarantine colony. Every leper, covid infected person, can come here and get quarantined before certified free to proceed to Australia. If more covid infected persons are here, all the way from the airlines, airport, buses/taxis they took to the quarantine centres, plus the air, would be infected with Covid virus. 

Is this what we want? Is this safe? Is Singapore going to risk the island being infected for a few dollars?


Genocide, discrimination and slavery of the Palestinians

 The plight of the Palestinians, since the British and Americans carved out their land for the European Jews in 1948, is worse than genocide. Their land were stolen from them, they were under lockdown in their own country, now left only in small pockets and a stretch called Gaza Strip, the rest occupied by the aggressive Jewish intruders/invaders. They are like prisoners in their own land, cannot communicate or trade with the rest of the world. Their lives are like living hell.

Where were the Americans and AngloSaxon do gooders coming to their aid, telling the whole world about their tragic existence and wanting to free them from being interned as slaves, unemployed, unable to feed themselves, in their own homeland?

Not only the Americans and the AngloSaxons did not come to defend them, both were party to their enslavement by the Jews.

Hypocrisy is to lame a term to describe the evil Americans, the Brits and other white countries in condemning the Palestinians to their concentration camp which was their homeland.

Listen to this 13 min video on how sad is the life of the Palestinians, under the domination and control of the white men and the Jews. 

Where are the bleeding hearts Americans and Brits and white men that were crying day and night about 'genocide and child labour' in Xinjiang? If there is a God, these evil and hypocritical white men must be condemned to the sea of fire.

When are the evil white men going to save the Palestinians, the Muslims, the Arabs they have abandoned to generations of oppression, aggression, poverty and genocide?

Watch Krystall Ball, the female presenter, trying to explain the historical events and Palestinian rights to their land and how she was brushed off by the Indian American Saagar Enjeti who tried to wriggle away by saying it was too complicated so no need to understand. You can see that she was offended by his nonchalance as it does not affect him and he simple did not care, did not want to know, did not bother to know, too complicated. He looked so bored, so uninterested in the rights of the Palestinians.


Israel's Iron Dome defence - A modern day miracle of the Chosen Race


How effective is Israel's Iron Dome anti missile/rocket defence system? If we are to believe what is being printed by the western media, it is as good as 90% effective, ie Israel claimed to have shot down 90% of the rockets launched by Hamas. How believeable is this claim?

Look at the numbers, Hamas claimed to have launched more than 3,000 rockets into Israel. Some sources said 4,000 rockets were fired.  Ok, plus and minus, about 3,000 is about just right. If Israel's claim of shooting down 90% of the rockets it would mean about 2,700 rockets intercepted. It would also mean that Israel fired at least 3,000 missiles. It could not be that every missile would hit its target.

Question, does Israel have 3,000 missiles to fire and how much does each missile cost? Assuming each missile costs US$100K, 3,000 missiles will cost the Israelis US$300m! If the price is double, it would mean US$600m!

Does Israel carry 3,000 missiles in its inventory and all ready to fire?

The next question, under normal operation, it would be considered very successful if the hit rate is 50%. Assuming that this was the case, a very generous hit rate, it would mean 1,500 rockets got through. Assuming 50% of these rockets hit their targets, it would mean 750 targets destroyed or damaged. 

What is the true picture of the success raid of the Hamas rockets and how much damage did they do to Israel? And how many rockets were really intercepted successfully? Israel reported only 12 casualties. This means that either the rockets were all duds or blanks, or the chosen race are protected by God and nothing can kill them. This is a real miracle.  3,000 to 4,000 rockets could only killed 12 people of the chosen race!

Can you imagine what the sky would look like with a few hundred rockets flying at one time and equal number of anti rocket missiles flying at them? The picture above at most showed about 30 anti rocket missiles in the sky. The rockets coming in were too small and no smoke trail and thus difficult to see.

How successful was the Hamas rocket attack on Israel?

The moral of this genocide on the Palestinians is that no country must be allowed to possess overwhelming military superiority, especially in weapons and fire power. Countries like Israel and the USA think with their fire power, they can kill and destroy their enemies without themselves being destroyed.  That is the main reason why the Americans would not allow North Korea, Iran or any of their enemy nations to have nuclear weapons while they want to have all the nuclear weapons to destroy their enemies. It is also the same thinking in the Israelis, everyday thinking of destroying the neighbouring Arab countries when the latter became stronger, and also wanting to destroy Iran's nuclear sites.

All because they are more superior in military and think they can hit others, others cannot hit back. If they are not militarily stronger than the Arabs, they would not dare to think of attacking others. Now they are calling the shots, when to stop killing the Palestinians and no country can stop them from doing so with the Americans and the West backing them up. The Arab countries and Iran must acquire more military weapons if they want peace and not be victims of American/Israeli strikes and genocides.


Singapore: A COVID-19 Halfway House In The Making

After one and a half years of economic downturns, and after spending more than $100 billion of hard-earned taxpayers' money in the Reserve, the world-best super talents of Singapore are desperate, very desperate.

They are now in the process of turning the tiny island of Singapore into a "Lepers Island", where all potential lepers are sent to, for quarantine, until they are proven "cleaned", before they are allowed to proceed forth towards their destinations. A COVID-19 Halfway House of sorts.

It's all about the economy. It is all about money. Money is more important than preventing, protecting, preserving and saving their own citizens' lives, their own citizens' children and their own citizens' children's future.

If the economy tanks, no amount of safety measures implemented against the COVID-19 coronavirus for the safety and health of the country men, women and children can save them from the ultimate misery and suffering.

If the economy fails, thousands of jobs will be lost, foreign talents will desert, foreign investments will escape, and even some local talents and leaders will abscond. The suffering will be immense.

If the economy collapses, the whole country collapses. It becomes a failed state. It becomes a shame, a disgrace, a laughing stock and horrendous experience for the elites as well as the majority or the commoners through no faults of theirs. The suffering will be unimaginable.

There are some fake leaders who always talk about reviving the economy while the COVID-19 Pandemic is still in existence, still in progress, still marching on and still rampaging. But the beauty of it all is that they don't even have a single clue as to how to go about doing it, how to revive the economy while the COVID-19 is still very much alive. How to have the cake and eat it, so to speak.

There are some fake leaders who are quick to parrot other leaders' use of the phrase "coming back stronger" but how do you come back stronger when you don't even know how to come back in the first place?

So, the best they can do is to grab at any straw that floats towards them. In other words, they will seize any opportunity that may accidentally or incidentally comes across their paths.

So, now that some countries like Australia and Japan are presenting the idea of using Singapore as a Covid Quarantine Station (CQR) for foreigners who wish the visit their countries, the desperate world-best super talents quickly seize the opportunity, and so Singapore is now on its way to become the first (or the only) world-best COVID-19 Halfway House!

Fact is stranger than fiction.


Leaders Are Born, Not Made


The handling of this Pandemic by the 4G leeders has gone from bad to worse.

Singapore now ranks number 2, behind UK in terms of number of infected with the B1617 series per million population.

Their stubborn refusal to take action early, when they could have easily done, reflects very badly on their leedersheep (meaning leeder and sheep).

No one can claim that because there is no hindsight that's why he cannot perform competently and decisively at the early stage.

A good leader uses foresight, not hindsight, because in any situation, there is no such thing as 100% information at hand. Usually, a good leader makes his decision based on 60% to 70% information available, which is the best one can get in all situations, if you are lucky.

Those who want to make use of hindsight to make good decisive decisions are not leaders, but followers. Such people are reactive, not proactive. Such people cannot become leaders, no matter how well they have been propped up and how high they have been promoted to. No matter what background they may come from, also.

True leaders are proactive, not reactive.

Diamonds are diamonds. They will never crack under extreme pressure.

Glass are always glass. No matter how you treat it, under high pressure they will still crack miserably.

So, those glass materials put up on display as diamonds can be easily seen through, and exposed, the moment they crack! In this Pandemic, sad to say, most of the displayed glass materials have cracked!



John Pilger Interview: Israel is a LYING MACHINE, Palestine Has The Right to Resist!


Listen John Pilger exposing the evil Empire and their lies and hypocrisies about the Palestinian genocide, the psywar of Xinjiang genocide and genocides against the native aborigines, native Americans etc etc.

Listen to him saying who is the greatest threat to world peace and risking WW3.

This 28 min video is stuff that you would not see or hear in MSM and publications of their crony countries. Hear the truth as it is and calling a spade a spade.

John Pilger is a rare gem in the fight for justice and fairness in this world dominated by the evil Empire and its equally evil allies and cronies.

The AngloSaxon devils are launching a campaign about fabricated and outrageous claims of genocide in Xinjiang, even dragging UN into their evil scheme. No difference from the white lies about WMD in Iraq. They have no conscience, no shame. They simply tell white lies with eyes open wide.

Now there is a genocide right before their eyes, right before the world, and what did these white devils do? Did they protest and condemn the genocide?

No, they supported the Israelis in this genocide. Against who? Against Muslim of course, Palestinian Muslims. Aren't they the supporters of Muslims in Xinjiang? These hypocrites, evil creatures, would meet their nemesis one day and be victims of their own genocide.

The Muslims of the world have seen their evilness and lies for centuries and are waiting to get even with them, one day, for sure. But what are they doing about it? Israel is behaving like it is the most powerful country in the world and no country can rein it in. It would defy the world. It even said it would kill Hamas all over the world.

What if the Muslims would to go against every Israelis in their country, taking them down? Unfortunately the Muslims around the world are so divided and would let the Hamas and Palestinians die in this genocide, not doing anything except some lip service and words of sympathy.

The Palestinians would go the way of the native Americans, the Red Indians, genocided to extinction by the evil men of the Empire.

Covid-19: No Such Thing As Singapore Variant, All New Variants Are Exported From India To Singapore!


The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) has refuted news reports in India claiming of a "Singapore variant" of the coronavirus that causes Covid-19.

MOH said that there is no truth whatsoever in the assertions found within the news reports in India.

“There is no ‘Singapore variant’,” MOH said in a statement issued on Tuesday night (18 May 2021).

The ministry was referring to two reports published in India on 18 May 2021.

The first was in 'Hindustan' , an English-language news daily, with the headline "Coronavirus Variant Found in Singapore Can Be India's 3rd Wave, Extremely Dangerous For Kids, warns Arvind Kejriwal".

The other falsehood was publicised on NDTV, titled “Stop Singapore Flights: Arvind Kejriwal To Centre Over New Covid Strain”.

New Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on 18 May has warned of a new strain of the coronavirus found in Singapore and said that it can result in India's third wave of infections.

The virus, Kejriwal said, is extremely dangerous for children and he asked the central government led by India's prime minister Narendra Modi to immediately halt air services with Singapore and prioritise vaccination drive for children.

"The new form of coronavirus in Singapore is said to be very dangerous for children. It could reach Delhi in the form of a third wave. My appeal to the Central government:

1. Cancel all air services with Singapore with immediate effect.

2. Work on vaccine alternatives for children on a priority basis," the Delhi Chief Minister posted on Twitter in Hindi.

He is from Aam Admi Party, which is a rival of Mr Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party.

In its response, MOH said: “The strain that is prevalent in many of the Covid-19 cases in recent weeks is the B1617.2 variant, which originated in India.

“Phylogenetic testing has shown this B1617.2 variant to be associated with several clusters in Singapore.”


It is very clear that this new B1.6172 Variant has originated in India and has been transferred, exported, transmitted, distributed, conveyed, or carried in persons to Singapore. It is not the other way around.

Those who said there is a new Variant from Singapore going to India are spreading falsehood.

Such lies must be stopped!

Queen of Hearts