Genocide of Muslims on Hari Raya

Gaza City bombed by the Israelis. Photo credit to CNA.
 Muslims in the region celebrate Hari Raya in a muted fashion amidst the Covid19 pandemic. They try their best to make the best of this important day in their lives. 

In contrast, the Muslims in the Middle East, in Palestinian land are being killed by the indiscriminate bombings of the Israelis and with the Americans and the West turning a blind eye to the killings, offering nothing but empty words and forbidding any country to interfere and stop the genocide.

Killings of the Muslims are second nature to the Whites. They have been doing it for centuries but always putting on a pretense as peace maker, the white gods that will keep the Muslims and Arabs alive, at least not all will be killed while the Israelis were let loose to grab more of their land and killing them at will with American and western weapons of destruction.

While the real killings of the Muslims go on and on, the AngloSaxon whites put on a grand show by dragging the spineless UN into a debate on the false allegation of genocide and discrimination of Muslims in Xinjiang. The white haters of Muslims, the white killers of Muslims are putting a show to protect Muslims in Xinjiang that do not need their crocodile tears while on the other hand they were supporting the Israelis in the killings of more Muslim Palestinians and Arabs in Palestinian land.

How hypocritical and silly can this be? Why would the UN be dragged by the nose into a witch hunt by the AngloSaxon whites when the whole world, the whole Muslim and Arab world know that it was a farce, a political game to demonise and smear China? This so called debate was actually a sideshow initiated by the US, UK and Germany, with little support from the UN. The UN has its own organisation overseeing human rights violation and the US is not a member of this organisation. Trump pulled out when the organisation saw through his American ruse and would not go along with the ruthless and baseless American attacks on countries they deemed as enemies.

How many silly countries would join this farcical UN effort to waste time and resources on a white lie while the Muslims, Palestinians and Arabs are dying right before their eyes, killed by the Israelis using AngloSaxon weapons and backed and protected by the Americans and AngloSaxons with impunity?

Can the UN stand up and look at the world squarely and be respected for its role in the AngloSaxon ploy about Xinjiang and the cold hard truth of genocide of Muslims, Palestinians and Arabs in Palestinian land, playing on the TV screens daily in the living rooms of the people of the world?

How could the world live in peace with the massacre going on right before them? How could the Muslims celebrate this important day while fellow Muslim Palestinians and Arabs are dying by the merciless bombings of the Israelis, unable to defend themselves with the disproportionate distribution of weapons of mass killings in favour of the Israelis?


Anonymous said...

The Biden administration has stonewalled efforts in the U.N. Security Council to call for a halt to the escalating violence between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants, leaving the United States politically isolated just as it seeks to refurbish its multilateral credentials.

In recent days, the United States has on at least three occasions refused to engage in negotiations initiated by Norway and Tunisia aimed at adopting a Security Council statement criticizing Israel’s evictions and demolitions of Palestinian properties in occupied East Jerusalem. The U.S. stance has effectively rendered the 15-nation council mute, as all statements from the body must be supported by consensus.

Anonymous said...

UNITED NATIONS: The UN Security Council held another emergency meeting on Wednesday (May 12) on worsening hostilities between Israel and Palestinians, again without agreeing on a joint statement due to opposition from the United States, Israel's key ally, diplomats said.

According to several sources, 14 of the 15 members of the Council were in favour of adopting a joint declaration aimed at reducing tension.

However, the United States saw the Security Council meeting as a sufficient show of concern, diplomats told AFP on condition of anonymity, and did not think a statement would "help de-escalate" the situation.

Anonymous said...

There can be no peace in Jerusalem. That mosque is a place of contention between three religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Two is a crowd in contention, three is a disaster in the making.

I would venture to say that many Muslims would rather be in Xinjiang or anywhere in China than in the Middle East. There are about 30,000 mosque in China and does that indicate anything sinister about the Chinese Government crackdown on Islam?

Muslims have to think outside the propaganda of the West? Enough is enough I say to them!

Anonymous said...

'Lynchings' on streets of Israel: Mob drag 'Arab man' out of his car and beat him after he 'tried to ram them' - as violent far-right protests break out in cities across the country

The clip shows a man being forcibly removed from his car and beaten by a crowd until he lost consciousness

The attack, aired by public broadcaster Kan, took place on the seafront promenade of Bat Yam, near Tel Aviv

Police and emergency services did not arrive on the scene until 15 minutes later, as the victim lay motionless

Those in the crowd justified the attack by saying the man was an Arab who had tried to ram those nationalists

'The victim of the lynching is seriously injured but stable,' Tel Aviv's Ichilov hospital said in Wednesday night



Virgo49 said...

The Lame Duck U.N and all the supposed Members countries of the World simply paid lips services to all these brutalities.

They are accomplices to the Massacre of the Palestinas and had also blood on their souls.

The Arab Nations and their League of Arab Nations should be united and once and for all combined their Forces to get rid of Isreal togther.

The West and the Whites and their Biggest Evil God Father the Americunts been supporting them with their Arsenals to kill the civilians and children and they should be united together calling for the Russians and Chinese Aids to fight evenly with the Israelis.

Both also China and Russia should intervine instead of just empty talks and condemnations.

Anonymous said...

Compare Uygur Muslims joyously celebrating Eid al-Fit in Xinjiang versus Palestinian Muslims undergoing genocide in Jerusalem

LIPS said...

Israel is the Hooligan in the Middle East. It spells TROUBLE from the very first day it was born.

Like the Satan or Antichrist, the Arch-enemy of God, Israel will continue to create troubles in the Middle East. It cannot rest unless and until all Islamic countries are under her direct or indirect control/influence.

It will be the cause of the Third World War - a Nuclear War!

Anonymous said...

US got UK and Germany to convene a UN conference on alleged genocide of Ughurs on Xinjiang in China.
US is the only country to block an urgent UN conference on the Israel-Palestinian conflict knowing their beneficiary has nowhere to hide. Rule based order indeed.

Anonymous said...

‘Israel has a right to defend itself,’ Biden tells Netanyahu, as Blinken calls Palestinian leader Abbas to condemn rocket attacks.

Palestinians and Arab Muslims have no right to defend themselves?

Anonymous said...

But gentlemen, in this round the Palestinians started it with rockets shooting into Israel civilian targets some days ago. Of course it may be argued that even prior to this, historically Israel annexed Gaza by gunpoint from Arabs. However for this round, when everything was relatively stable Palestinians started the attack. So Israel fire back. Just like kids playing a meaningless game.

Anonymous said...

You sure you know what you are talking about? Before the Palestinians attacked the Israelis, what happened that provoked this?

Ramadan is their holiest day, why Israelis soldiers entered the mosque to attack and arrest Palestinians, causing many to be wounded?

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon 12.14

The Palestinians would NOT choose they Holiest Day after Ramadan that is after their month long fastings when they are still weak to fight the Israelis.

Must have been provoked and attacked by the Israelis first.

Also, the Farking Israelis are no gentlemen in War in the Real Sense of International Conduct of Humanity.

Gentlemen would never take advantage to attack and bully another when they are weak after their own religious fastings and also celebrating their joyous New Year.

They shown No respect to the Muslims of the Whole World.

Anyway, they are barbaric Jews with their Christian Crusade with their Chief Mafia White, the UAssA to conquer and control the World, so Whats you expect their hideous conduct?

They are Cowards Gangsters that provoked and attack another during their Holiest Day where even some other countries or even the Arabs who fought amongst themselves called a Truce.

So, the Arab and Muslims World should return them the favour on the Christmas Day to come.

Anyway, the Farking Israelis even though they deemed themselves unbeatable there with their superior arsenals as supplied by their Chief Gangster are also living in Fears in their lives.

So also no peace on their minds.

What's the Farking Use as Conqueror?

Virgo49 said...

Just to add:

That's the Main Reason why China does not go around and create Wars like the Farking Americunts just for the sake of creating wars to in a way just to steal and plunder their assets and created so much sufferings and turmoil to the people there.

For they always believe that even though you might have conquered and defeat them but there be a long time of resistance from the very people that you had conquered and they will perpetually give you no peace.

So you still have to deal with the aftemaths and shits around you and that will kept you insane with no full concentration to develop your economy and country.

So White Gangsters, wise up and learn from China to have peace and harmony and happiness

Not TORTURE on your minds daily how to deal with your never ending fighting problems.

Ten wasted years of your wars genes in Afghanistan and What's the Hell you gained?

Sending your Men and Women just to die in your never ending creation of Wars and Mischiefs.? ??


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The West latest fake UN debate about Xinjiang, just like the fake Hague Tribunal on South China Sea, was attended by 17 Western and American crony countries. The only Muslim country attended was Turkey, a Nato member.

UN has nearly 200 members and the overwhelming majority, including all the Muslim countries, boycotted the event knowing that it was all a big white lie.

Dunno where are they going to hide their faces after claiming that they represent the international community when the international community stayed as far away from them as possible, not wanted to be seen with the devils and butchers of Muslims and Arabs and the hapless Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

John Pilger: Israel is The WATCHDOG of The US & UK in The Middle East, Keeps Region Unstable!
May 13, 2021