President Putin of Russia warns "A nuclear attack on Russia or its allies demands swift and instant response"















I had earlier on 28th April, 2021, posted an article, "The US and its Western allies new gunboat  policy against China will be their nemesis and end of mankind " warned that America and its Western allies are building up their forces to force a showdown against China in Taiwan , Diaoyu-dao and the South China Sea. They are really desperate and are throwing caution to the winds. They tried to test Russia in  the Ukraine and quickly turned tail when Putin massed over one hundred and twenty thousand armed forces at the Ukraine border and ready to attack. Having failed to take on Russia the Evil Empire and its cronies now think they can take on China. Of course China is ready to entertain them and despatch them to eighteen hells and nine heavens. 

Below I reproduce part of the article of 28th April, 2021 for quick reference:

Now they are wishfully trying to use the Gunboat Policy on China again. Their gunboats during the Opium Wars 1830s to 1860s and in the Boxer Rebellion 1900 managed to cause great national disaster to China and the Chinese people and caused China to lay prostrate for over a century unable to fight back until the rise of the Chinese Communist Party headed by Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and his  heroic compatriotrs who managed to defeat the British, American and Japanese imperialism during the Second World War in 1937 to 1945.

Now the desperate West headedby the US is driving the war clouds over China again. However, today's People's Republic of China is not to be trivialised  as they who try to do so are courting  their own downfall and destruction.

There is a similar repeat of their past pattern of aggressions against China. America and many  of these European countries  are combining their arm forces to provoke China. Not a single day, week or month past without their provocations. Now they are testing China's grit and patience to the limit with their military naval and air force encroaching very close to China's shores and airspace. China should not treat these provocations lightly as it would embolden them to interprete wrongly as China's cowardice and cause them to make sudden surprise attacks on China.

China must take counter actions immediately and give the US and its Western European allies their own medicine. China should not be afraid to arm Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico with nuclear weapons. China should station nuclear submarines by the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean of America, in the Atlantic Ocean close to western Europe, in the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and in the North Sea of England and not be afraid to let them know what China is doing. China should reserve the right to blockade the British and the European warships in the Indian Ocean and in the Straits of Malacca. China's nuclear missiles in nearby Pakistan or Iran should be directed and aimed at US military base in Diego Garcia.  It is definitely going to be an all out nuclear war. China should not hold any delusion of the US and its allies diabolical intentions against China and stop thinking that a peace can be negotiated with the US and the West. The United States and its white European allies are toxic and dangerous and to think that they can be trusted is to delude yourself that  you can  hug a tiger or a lion safely without consequence.


Wednesday, 28th April, 2021

The United States and UK are implacable diabolical enemies of the free world. They have driven the world to such grim and dangerous situations that President Putin has seen a grave urgency to issue to them a no nonsense warning to behave, retract and pull back all their evil actions before it is too late.


Monday, 3rd May, 2021


Virgo49 said...

Good Afternoon Southernglory1

Sadly to say Putin the Russian is now the only vocal guy who dared confront the Americunts and their cronies in open direct straight verbal attacks.

Sadly to say. China is still like a half dead man alike Biden who seemed to be lost in their dreamland.

Xi is too passive and soft towards the Americunts and seemed like beholden to them.

See his slow boh chiap attitude even when so many are daily demonizing him and China.

Hello Wake Up President Xi and show your Vigour as the Strong Man of China like Putin.

He even insulted Biden in front of all the World's Leaders without any fears.

See even Dotard Trump when meeting him won't dared to look into Putin's eyes even though he is so much shorter than them.

Xi looked so meek meeting Dotard Trump and seemed to be like a Secretary to him.

Hello don't disgrace yourself and China for been too gentlemen to these scoundrels.

They needed rascals like Putin to tame them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The sailing of QE II aircraft carrier and a flotilla of warship is a very hostile act, an act of war. It is very dangerous and can strike deep into China with the press of a button. China must treat this act very seriously and not allowed the warships to get withing firing range.

If they cross this red line, China must be ready to sink them. There is no room to play safe, no time to react once they are within range to release their missiles and aircraft against China. Too near for comfort.

This is playing dangerously with fire. Third World War is on the card.

Anonymous said...

You can bet the American aircraft carriers would also come along, a new 8 nation invasion of China. China cannot afford to be on the defensive.

China must be on the offensive and strike first. China has all the reason to do so under such provocations. The old wounds of the Opium War is being reignited. The Brits are offering themselves to the Chinese in a very provocative ways. If China does not hit, they will sneer at China and tell the world China is a paper tiger.

Yes, they are provoking China to a fight in a chicken game.

This is a test on the mettle of Xi.

Virgo49 said...

QE II still ambling along at the Indian Oceans?

That's why I said only stupid countries have these what's frightening Aircraft carriers that needed so many escorts just to protect it from sinking into her watery graves.

Just carried only eight to ten fighter jets.

All sink together before they can even reached their half destination.

China awaiting when she reaches the Straits of Singapore her subs will just give her a torpedo present as a Brand New Carrier on her watery graves.

Then can become scrap irons for the Taiwanese.


Anonymous said...

The American nuclear subs would be lurking under the sea with their nuclear warheads.

Virgo49 said...

Also will be blown sky high by the Chinese subs.


Virgo49 said...

These White Barbarians are only frighten of those who are also barbarians like them.

That's why Putin always put on a show of how frightening and manly he is with his showing of his muscles and judo gears and swimming in the snowy rivers.

The Whites have no respects for those book worms Scholarly looks.

Xi and Suga sugar can only show their flabby beer stomachs.

Might must be met with might with these barbarians.


Anonymous said...

China can table a motion in the UN telling the UN how dangerous the sailing of a flotilla of warships into Chinese waters and China would have to stop them from harming China. China would take defensive actions to the point of sinking the warships if they crossed the red line.

China must not allow the warships to get too near to China and this is an ultimatum for the British warships. Come at your own risk. China would not accept the risk of having these warships within firing range of China.

Queen of Hearts said...

Under such strong provocation, if Xi Jingping does not respond strongly and clearly, he would look like a sitting dead duck, unable to speak or move.

Wake up, Xi Jingping. Do something.


southernglory1 said...

Mr. Virgo 49
Ref: 12:06pm

Mr. Virgo 49

May be we can look at President Xi from this angle. He may appear to be soft. But remember he is well schooled in Sun Zhi Pin Fa and is playing political Tai Chi with the damned US and its allies. We must recollect that during the almost one whole year Hong Kong riots in 2019, engineered by the US, Uk and the West, most Chinese clamoured for taking instant actions to quell the riots. But President Xi and his government let the riots run its course and when they were certain who were running and funding the riots and who the Chinese traitors were the Chinese Peoples' Congress passed the law and all the culprits and traitors were eventually caught in the net.

Similarly President Xi and China may be giving the evil empire and UK enough ropes to hang themselves and when the time is ripe China's actions will be so swift and instant that the satanic Americans and their allies may not know what hit them. China is just observing the Chinese dictum, "Don't beat the grass to scare away the snake." Don't "Ta chow qing ser". Hopefully China playing the Chinese political chess 'Wei Chi' or 'Go Go' with the evil empire will be just as effective.

Monday, 3rd May 2021

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What would Putin do if he were put in such a situation?

When the Americans wanted to sail two warships into the Black Sea, Putin responded immediately by ordering to seal off the Black Sea.

Virgo49 said...

Yes Sir Southernglory1.

China may be playing the drunken swordsman with the Americunts.

Turning and rambling and going round circles with them.

Then at a later stage the Dragon that plucked the Eagles Eyes

The Blind Eagles be flying aimlessly.


Anonymous said...

Southernglory 1.39

I concur with your thinking. Xi is not as dumb as we think. Hong Kong is a good example.

Virgo49 said...

Farking Americunts just printed monies without any sureties and guarantees and import all the luxury cancer foods to eat full full like duds then instead of concentrating doing some good kept looking for fights.

Why can't they just stop their war mongering never ending stupidity deeds?

Worse than those austic children.

SSO said...

Yes, I agree that Xi Jinping is not as dumb as some people may think.

But Xi has acted ever so timidly in front of both Trump and Putin.

May be that is his style of "A Sick Cat Eats Mouse"?

southernglory1 said...

Re: SSO : 10:25pm

Mr. SSo

President Xi is a civilize Chinese leader. It is not his trait to strut like a hooligan, a rogue,a hoodlum or a ruffian as reflected in all US and the Western wild and savage leaders. But President Xi is made of sterner stuff and solid mettle in mind, soul and spirit. He has the full support of all Chinese people who find in him a great leader with the tenacity and strategic fighting spirit of the first echelon leaders of Chairman Mao and his comrades in arms. Remember unlike President Jiang Cher Ming and President Hu Jing-Tao, he was not afraid to confront the highly corrupted tigers and put them in prison. He is careful and proactive in thinking and planning to take on the evil diabolical Americans and the West. Endowed and fortified with Sun Chi Ping Fa stratagems he may yet lead China to overcome the American menace. He will only resort to war as a last resort and will win decisive victories when China is forced to fight.


ABC said...

If Only The US, UK, Canada and Australia Could Behave Normally Like New Zealand, The Human Race Is Bound To Be More Progressive And Peaceful

A few months ago, New Zealand's Trade Minister, Damien O’Connor, urged Australia to show more “respect” to Beijing.

Last month, Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta expressed unease about the Five Eyes alliance — comprised of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand — for moving beyond its objective of intelligence-sharing.

Recently, under undue and uncalled-for pressures from the US and other Five Eyes members, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, tried to reassure the other Five Eyes members that New Zealand shares their concerns on China, but she made it clear that New Zealand would continue to chart its own course and not feel obliged to make joint statements.

“I’m often asked which lane are we swimming in — we swim in New Zealand’s lane,” she said.

Unlike the trouble-makers US, UK, Canada and Australia, New Zealand has not in interfered in the internal affairs of China, nor being jealous of China's expanding influence in the Asia-Pacific region. This is only a natural decency that all peace-loving nations should abide in.

In contrast, Australia's active and aggressive interferences in China's internal affairs on Hong Kong issues and the need to investigate the origins of COVID-19 has understandably incurred China's response to stop Australia from dumping excessive wine and barley into China.

Likewise, the US, UK and Canada have been actively creating obstacles, road-blocks, lies and animosity against China and the Chinese race on all fronts - from politics to technology, from finance to culture, from science to sports, etc.

Our human world can be a much better and more peaceful place to live in if only the US, UK, Canada and Australia can learn from New Zealand.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Australia is only a cheapskate little brat wanting to act like a man and thinking it is a player in the big game. In reality it is a very small cuntry with 22m people, smaller than Malaysia and a dwarf compare to Indonesia or the Philippines.

One day they would be scrambling back to Europe when people of the region cannot tolerate its arrogance and stand up to fight for the rights of the aborigines to their country.

They have no rights to be in Australia. The land does not belong to them. They stole it by force from the original owners.

Virgo49 said...

The Indonesians are waiting to take over their land of milk and honey.

Be aware as the Indons are looking for greener pastures for her people.


Anonymous said...

All these countries, the UK, Australia, Canada and USA have one thing in common. They have committed genocides against the Natives of lands that they now occupy. The British were the earlier occupier of North America before passing the loot to the USA.

All have blood on their hands. All are thieves and murderers. They would not want their dirty deeds dug up and not forgotten by the rest of the world. What they are doing is digging their own graves. If men cannot do anything, heaven will.

Anonymous said...

Know your enemy, but keep your plans secret. This way you have no fear of them, but they will fear you instead. So they are prodding!

What is all that known knowns, known unknowns, unknown unknowns?

Anonymous said...

The West was talking about China moving missiles all around the country inside thousands of miles of tunnels that they built. China is also suspected to have a huge underwater submarine base on the shores of Hainan Island. All these are hidden from spy satellites snooping above.

China's fishermen have on many occasions fished out spying and monitoring equipment from the South China Sea and close to China's shore and they know who is responsible. This has been going on for a long time already.

Anonymous said...

Xi Jinping is one who speaks softly but carries a big stick.