Covid19 - The Americans don't get it...all talks but not a fart

The Americans still think they are in control of the world, able to start wars anywhere, anytime, able to sanction countries, attack and destroy countries as they wished. This final attack on China, yes, likely to be the last before they cooked themselves and be buried alive, is not working either. After the trade war failed, they launched the most sinister and abominable virus war against China and it came back straight into their face.  Instead of killing millions of Chinese and crippling the Chinese economy and China's rise, Covid19 is crippling the American economy and drags the American economy further down into the drain. Millions of Americans are sick, millions will have to die by the end of this Pandemic.

A second part of this virus war is for the Americans to reap immense monetary rewards in their control of the vaccines. This too is proving to be elusive.  All their plans and backup plans turned astray. They wanted to control and monopolise the vaccine market but failed miserably.  They could not even have enough for themselves.  They wanted India to play a major role in producing cheaper vaccines but this too failed when India is inflicted with the most serious catastrophe in human history with people dying all over the country, in and outside hospitals, in the cars, on the roads, in the slums. 

See, no matter how and what the Americans are scheming, God has his own plans. It is in HIS PLAN. Get it?

Read the Bloomberg report below.

NEW YORK (BLOOMBERG) - The world is fast becoming ever more reliant on China for vaccines, with India's raging virus outbreak stifling its ability to deliver on supply deals, even as the US tries to position itself as a champion of wider access.

Over the past few weeks, leaders of some of the globe's most populous nations have sought more shots from China despite concerns about their effectiveness. Demand is expected to rise even further if the World Health Organisation, as expected, authorises vaccines from China's Sinovac Biotech and Sinopharm Group, allowing developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to access them through Covax, the global vaccination effort.

"China has become not just the largest exporter," said Yanzhong Huang, a China specialist and senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations. "In many countries it has become the only option."

China's reliability as a vaccine supplier is increasing its geopolitical clout at a time when the US and the EU have been slow confronting the global pandemic as Covid hot spots rage out of control in India, Brazil and elsewhere.

Compounding the difficulties, India's crisis has dried up vaccine supplies and prompted many countries to turn toward China. Amid this backdrop, the US, for months preoccupied with its domestic vaccination push, has come under intense criticism for hoarding shots at the expense of a global response.

President Joe Biden made it clear this week that the US intends to start playing a more active role. On Wednesday, the US threw its weight behind a movement to waive patents on Covid-19 vaccines to allow other countries to manufacture them. He's vowing that the US will become an "arsenal for fighting Covid-19" globally as outbreaks elsewhere in the world risk spawning dangerous variants that could prolong the crisis. The administration's efforts so far include plans to give away 60 million doses of AstraZeneca's shot and to ramp up production of doses made by Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

In the meantime, countries from Uruguay to Senegal to Indonesia have few places to turn to apart from Beijing - and China is making the most of it.

The country has already shipped out about 240 million doses, more than all other nations combined, and has committed to providing another 500 million, according to Airfinity, a science information and analytics company. India, the world's third-biggest supplier after China and the European Union, had exported 67 million doses to nearly 100 countries until the devastating Covid-19 outbreak prompted it to halt most deliveries in recent weeks.

The WHO is weighing data on Chinese vaccines before a decision on clearance, which is expected in days or weeks. Access to the shots will provide a boost to the WHO-backed Covax effort, which relied heavily on the Serum Institute of India before the clampdown on exports. (Latest, WHO has finally approved Sinopharm's vaccine for Covax).

PS. WHO should not be an accomplice of the American plan to corner the vaccine market and crime against humanity by not approving and making Chinese vaccines available to the rest of the world. Many people are dying for every day of delay to approve the Chinese vaccines. 

More than 10 countries are now licenced to produce Chinese vaccines while the Americans are still talking and bragging but doing nothing.


Anonymous said...

Right, there were many plans made by the USA to bring China down. Hong Kong was not successful. Then they turned to Xinjiang, which is failing as well. They are now sabotaging the BRI along it's entire route. They do not want poor countries to progress and wants to keep them poor and ignorant.

I came across this video on Youtube posted by 'BRIX Sweden - The Final Demise of the China Debt Trap Narrative' putting the issue to rest about the USA and the West trying to demonise China for setting debt traps for participating countries. It backfired badly on the IMF and World Bank instead, who were really the perpetrators of the debt trap themselves. Now they are resorting to subterfuge by creating unrest among the countries taking part in the BRI project.

According to the video by BRIX Sweden, it revealed that among the terms set by the IMF and World Bank on aid to countries in trouble, was the condition that the aid cannot be used for infrastructure developments, the most important criteria for countries to progress. Not only that, the debt over the years, as in the case of Brazil and Argentina, gets larger and larger through monetary manipulation by the West despite multifold payments already made. The West had made use of forced devaluation of the debtor's currencies against the US$, thereby increasing the loan. This is nothing more than monetary slavery.

China's loan on the other hand had all been channeled to infrastructure developments in those countries that they extended to. China wants these countries to progress like itself. That is the big difference between loans from China and the IMF and World Bank. This revelation practically killed the much propagandised China BRI debt trap narrative.

It was a long discussion, but I would expect more views so that this will help to educate the world, instead of being held to foolishness by Western propaganda.

Anonymous said...

It is noticeable that the Biden Administration is not talking about the spread in infections and death, but only on how many they have vaccinated. The infection and death toll have been rising unnoticed.

All the time it is the big news outside the US, Ukraine, Russia, China and most of all the South China Sea. Now it is also focused on the Middle East. All these are distractions that steered the world away from their own failings at home.

Anonymous said...

The West are like a man hanging on a noose they put it on him and struggling, swinging wildly trying to break free and to breath.

When the time is up, God willing, the man aka the West will expire on the noose they tied themselves.

That is the just ending for all evil doers. There is no escape from heavenly justice.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they are even forbidding allies to turn to Chinese vaccines and that shows the vile and evil nature of the Whites. It is natural progression that such evilness will evolved into even more cruel and barbaric acts going forward.

Anonymous said...

China's Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine was found highly effective in real world study, yet it hasn't been approved in Singapore even till today - underscores the servient relationship of the ruling elites to U.S. interests.

Anonymous said...

Red Dot is an ally of the USA right? Allies are forbidden to use Chinese vaccines!

Anonymous said...


India is not the world's top producer of COVID19 vaccines now. But India is now among the top producer of anti-China propaganda. Just watch their channels on Youtube. I suspect this is all to divert attention away from their escalating problems at home which is all boast with little action or result. Let them be if it makes them feel good amidst all the misery.

SSO said...

COVID-19 Pandemic Exposes The Various Types Of World Leaders Naked For All To See

The Wise leaders prevent dangers from going to their country's shore.

However, they are all gone and here no more!

The not-as-wise but still courageous leaders fight dangers right at the door.

They will not let their citizens suffer an inch more.

The mediocre leaders tell their citizens to try to avoid dangers as they go about their chore.

They themselves hide in ivory-towers and increase their annual bonuses and taxes even more.

The lazy leaders, lazy to use common sense, usually depend on "experts' advice" to keep their score, because they are afraid to make mistakes and fall.

They tell their citizens to "wear masks only when you are sick", when dangers are lurking in every corner, hall and mall.

The idiotic leaders take unnecessary risks and boast to the world that they are good at making unpopular decisions that endanger one and all.

When countries the world over are locking down, they keep shops and schools open and expose the shoppers, customers, parents, children, teachers and staff to potential dangers without qualms, and yet still talk tall.

Finally, the imbecile leaders takes the cake from all.

They always try to act smart and court dangers by emphasising on the economy just to make a few dollars more!

Salamat Hari Raya!

SSO - 13 May 2021

I always remember May 13, 1969 - Prophet Mohammed's Birthday - The fateful day Singapore was having racial riots spread down from Malaysia. A state of emergency was imposed and the SAF took over control of all internal security responsibilities, as the Police was overwhelmed with too much activities to handle.

There were rioting, fighting and killing everywhere. Hospitals were overloaded with casualties.

If there was no SAF, the situation would have gone out of control and Malaysian troops would have come down to occupy and take over control of Singapore, barely 4 years after independence.

Virgo49 said...


The Pioneer Leaders like GKS are smart and street wise and had foresight to forsee what's are the adverse dangers that will likely to happen in the future.

That's why they planned their policies very carefully and before implementating them will even have at least a picture of what's adverse reactions or effects if these plans are put into operations.

Unlike the Present Lot of Daft Trails and Errors Lot of Leaders who simply implement them and then tried to fine tuned the adverse reactions where their own citizens had suffered some deaths and injuries and then either still stupidly carried on or simply abondoned the plans or policies all together.

They have no foresight of what's the adverse effects or results will happen on their plans until been implemented and then tried to fine tuned or abandoned all together.

Let's get back to our times where as what's you said the SAF quelled the Racial Riots of 1969.

At that time, they were aware of the fragility of such Racial Riots as the Mats are still very sore of Singapore's breakaway from them.

So GKS is smart to have at that time a joint Police and SAF combined exercise and operations called IS Combined Ops.

This is rotated among operationally infantry units with the SPF in combined Riots Operations.

The SAF soldiers had their Units of Riots Command just like the Americunts National Guards.

The SPF just simply complement their Operations.

This Combined Operations brought down any Riotings and any disturbances down in an instant.

Unlike the last disgraceful handling of our SOP against the Little India Riots.

Where the bad memory still hangs and lost the confidence of our citizens.

Where the Indians in India still smirks at our stupidlty.

So our past lot of Leaders are in their dream land mode that these type of riots and disturbances will never happen during their watch and will be caught with their pants down if they still do not revive the old tested Combined Ops of the IS plans.

Anonymous said...

Indian variant? No problem! Sinovac can produce vaccines against variant in just 10 weeks

Amid global concerns over the variant found in India that appears to be of high infectiousness and transmissibility, Chinese vaccine manufacturers will be able to produce suitable vaccines against the variant in about 10 weeks.

Chinese manufacturer Sinovac, whose COVID-19 vaccine is being used in more than 30 countries, said it is studying different mutations and an updated vaccine suitable for these mutations could be produced in just 10 weeks after the company cultivates the mutated strain successfully.

After getting the mutant strain, manufacturers only need to replace the seed virus in the fermenter, without making any adjustment in other procedures.

Sinovac has been using its vaccine on a large scale in Brazil, Chile and in areas where it has found mutated strains, and has seen good protection against the virus.

Though proven effective, the Sinovac vaccine is still not being utilized in certain countries allied with the U.S. as they take their cue from American dictates.

Anonymous said...

Watch this new video on Youtube by 'Difference Frames the World - US$300 million every year to smear China from 2022 to 2026'

Virgo49 said...

YouTube Different Frames had various interesting Counter Video against the Evil Empires and their cronies.

So all should watch their excellent English Language China's Getting sick of the Western propogandas videos and watch these to know the Real Truths of the Evil White Empire

Anonymous said...

COVID-19 Singapore community cases are increasingly being detected. I am sure there are many more that were never detected or undetectable because of the half-hearted way the authorities are going about to detect the infection spread.

Isolated testing here and there as and when there are clusters formed is too little too late.

When are the big brains going to wake up their brains to know that there is no way to get a complete and full picture of the overall Covid situation in Singapore unless and until everyone is accounted for and earnestly tested.

Virgo49 said...

They have news in the afternoon but will said will only be reported only in the night.

Why? All these secrecies?

Now they just reported Choa Chu Kang student tested positive and home learning for this school.

Why only now?

Anonymous said...

Right Virgo about 'Difference Frames The World' being an upcoming counter to Western Propaganda.

In fact, according to Cyrus Janssen, there is now a concerted effort being put into motion among Western business people, who wanted to do business with China, coming out to counter the negative narratives of the West. There is apparently quite a few of them now actively trying to counter the flagrant lies of the Western MSM and the USA propaganda machine.

Notable among them is BRIX Sweden taking the lead in outlining the benefits accruing to the countries taking part in the BRI project.

Anonymous said...

The evil Americans are willing to cough out US$300m to conduct smear campaign against China instead of using the money for its own poor people.

That said a lot about how evil these white bastards are and all the lies they are promoting in the media with the other AngloSaxon white supremacists.

Silly people still want to believe in white lies churned out from the US$300m propaganda machine?

Anonymous said...

The propaganda machine believe this will still work in the age of the internet. But there are now so many sources rising to counter those lies. There is a battle going round in cyberspace between the USA propaganda machine, it's paid poodles and anti-China faction, against the people who know the truth and have been to China to see for themselves the real situation. They obviously cannot tolerate the continued fake propaganda being churned out by the evil empire.

Many of these doing the countering are Caucasians, mind you, who will undoubtedly be called traitors and being bought over by the Chinese. Not true. These are people who are living or have lived in China, with some doing business in China and wants to continue to do business in China. They have got together, just recently, for the purpose of countering those lies which they found to be totally baseless.

The fact that the USA is putting aside US$300 million over five years to fund a smear campaign against China shows that the countering by the above people have hit a raw nerve and they are stepping up the smear campaign.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed deceptive in your article to state th the usa plant and started the "virus war". I used to think in such way too but after analysing all sources, I believe the virus was an accident of nature. There is not enough evidence to suggest that it was a lab leak in Wuhan, or an American attempt to create havoc on China.