International Society For The Liberation of Natives In America, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and Diego Garcia.

      It's time on this May Day or International Labour Day on this 1st of May, for the free world to take concrete action to liberate the Native Americans the indigenous natives of America, the Mexican Americans, the Hawaiians, Guam Islanders, Puerto Ricans and the Diego Garcians from the evil white Anglo-Saxon American  yoke of slavery and  bondage. Let's help the natives to claim back their lands which have been theirs since the millenials of time to establish  their own rightful place as respectable independent countries. The White Americans of the United States who are the savage plunderers and invaders of the native American land should have no problem with that since they have always claimed to be the champion of freedom, human rights and democracy. Should they be opposed to this noble cause they will expose themselves as mere hypocrites and charlatans who make use of the slogan 'freedom, human rights and democracy' as their propaganda political tool kits to subvert other countries into submission to their toxic control and hegemony. If they are sincere and true to their utterance of freedom, human rights and democracy then they must release the natives from US bondage and help them to achieve as independent states failing which their constant harp of 'freedom, human rights and democracy' is nothing but hollow drum barrels. Also it is only right they restore back to Mexico the states of Texas, California, Nebraska, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado which they stole from Mexico from 1840s to 1890s.

In view of the gravity of the issues whereby the natives as mentioned above are still being held in bondage and slavery by the United States,  we the free world must do something to set them free and help them to establish themselves as free independent states. We must start an organisation whereby all countries which love freedom, genuine democracy and human rights must help to to agitate and advocate strongly for securing the independence of the free states for all the natives as mentioned above. Perhaps the organisation can be named as 'International  Society For The Liberation of Natives In America, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and Diego Garcia.' 

The United Nations Organisation and some important countries like Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia should spearhead in taking the lead to organize this important noble task which is long overdue. Every freedom loving person and country in the world must chip in to help this noble organisation with funds and military aids to help set the abovementioned natives free from the United States bondage and slavery. Once this organisation is established I Southernglory1 and I am sure all netizens in the free world will gladly donate funds for the noble cause to get rid of the U.S. imperialism,  bully, dictatorship and world hegemony.


Saturday, May 1st, 2021.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the evil white Americans had occupied Cuba's port city of Guantanamo in 1903 by subterfuge through fraud and military coercion and so it is important on this May Day for the free world to help Cuba also to get rid of the evil empire from Guantanamo, Cuba.

Anonymous said...

The Mexicans would be happy to hear that. As they say, they are not illegal immigrants crossing the border in the land that the Whites stole from them.

Anonymous said...

On this May Day, 1st of May, 2021, we the free world will tell the evil warmongering U.S. in no uncertain terms that we are determined to destroy the Anglo-Saxon white American empire so that the world may live in security, peace and harmony.

God must damned the evil white race and save the world from destruction.

Anonymous said...

Why is the MSM not making an issue of the squalid conditions at the detention centres along the USA border with Mexico? It is a human rights issue, clear and simple. Why are the poodles so quiet and not barking at all?

That the USA tried very hard to hide it tells us that they are not transparent in doing what they profess to uphold. Their hypocrisy is so apparent, yet all they are talking about is Xinjiang Muslims being mistreated by China in the MSM. The world need to wake up to the propaganda of the West.

China is striking back. China produced several videos of USA human rights abuses and violations in March 2021. Do visit those videos on Youtube by 'Difference Frames the World'. This channel is countering Western propaganda, step by step, a move in the right direction for China. It does look like China's move is telling the USA that the gloves are off after Alaska.

Anonymous said...

The evil empire has since the end of the Second World War subjected by force and military coercion many countries all over the world to semi-colonial status by establishing US military bases in their countries to intimidate their people and citizens.It is of paramount importance that all countries throughout the world must cooperate and take strong concerted actions persistently and ceaselessly to drive the Americans out of these military bases and set their countries completely free from evil white American domination and hegemony.

It is time the United Nations Organisation must act and Russia and China must take the lead to table motions to condemn the diabolical United States and see that the evil white Anglo-Saxons U.S. is driven out of all its military bases worldwide and thus set the American occupied countries free.

George Illaneuvaz - a Hawaiian patriot

SSO said...

In the name of human rights and democracy, WE, the Free World, must also help the original Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians be liberated from the hands and controls of the Evil White Supremacists in those stolen lands/countries.

This should be a co-ordinated global effort, starting small and soft but must grow to a force that can be reckoned with throughout the world.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, most of the countries of the world are toadying up to the evil empire. They dared not say anything to invite regime change or face sanctions, cooked up in devious ways and means to punish them. Keeping quiet by coercion is the order of the day.

Never would the USA expect Russia, China, Iran and North Korea among others to stand up for the rest of the world to counter the imperial war machine. Hopefully a new era of global peace fairness and sensibility will ensue.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi George Illaneuvaz, welcome to the blog.

Hawaii should be an independent nation state. What on earth are the Americans there and become its rulers?

Hawaii, like Guam, Diego Garcia, and several Japanese Islands, a weapon store for the Americans. And as such, in a nuclear war, they would be first to be targeted for destruction.

Hawaii must break free from the Americans and remove all the nuclear weapons in the islands.

Anonymous said...

Not to forget Australia. First used as a penal colony by the Brits. They stole the whole Australia Island from the Aborigines.

Virgo49 said...

Anyone saw the video of the Americunts President the Greatest Power on Earth been humiliated by Putin on their Zoom Conference?

That old Senile and Febble World Number One Greatest President wearing a mask alone on his table and looking so sheepishly and foolishly with his eyes darting here and there not knowing that every one in that ZOOM conference is laughing at his overboard stupidlty.

When Dotard Trump is laughing at anyone wearing a mask, this New President goes over board wearing the masks at the wrong place and at the wrong timings just to encourage his too late stubborn Americunts who had already died by the millions now to wear their masks seriously.

What's a joke been humiliated by Putin without him even know that he is insulating him for all the world to see and laugh.

UAssA already degenerated into this low class status and still wants to boast that they are numbered One and would not allowed China to surpass them.

Virgo49 said...

Here the humiliations video.

Watch and make it your day.



Virgo49 said...

Aiyo sorry no superimposed English subtitles.

Have one from Mr Redbean with the subtitles.