Lesson For Singapore: Clusters of the Indian Covid-19 Varients Spread Across UK

The latest British update on the Indian variants has revealed that officials from Public Health England are seriously concerned on three new variants.

Scientists have been assessing three closely related variants first detected in India and since found in the UK because they have mutations that help the virus to evade the body’s immune responses and be more transmissible due to their spike protein mutations.

All three of the variants – known as B16171, B16172 and B16173 – have been under investigation in the UK.

According to internal documents, the assessment of the ongoing risk to public health from B16172 is “high”.

One of the India variants – B16172 – has been upgraded to a "Variant of Concern" for broader communications.

48 clusters of the Indian Variant B16172 have been identified, including those linked to secondary schools and religious gatherings, with evidence of community transmissions.

Dr Deepti Gurdasani, a clinical epidemiologist and senior lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, said the variant was “increasing very rapidly” and that “at the current doubling rate it could easily become dominant by the end of May or early June”.

15 cases of B16172 Variant were found in one London Care Home where residents had their second doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in the week prior to the outbreak. Some were hospitalised.

It comes as public health officials revealed that the B16172 has been found in Northern Ireland for the first time, with seven confirmed cases.

“While preventive measures – including travel restrictions – are very important, the assessment is that these will delay rather than permanently prevent the spread of variants already detected elsewhere on these islands,” said the Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland, Dr Michael McBride.

“The most effective way to stop variants developing or spreading is to keep pushing down infection rates and transmission of the virus in our community,” he added.

Cases of the India variants have risen dramatically in recent weeks in the UK. The main cause of the rise is probably the B16172 Variant from India.

Prof Ravi Gupta of the University of Cambridge, who researches variant mutations, said he believed all the India variants should be designated Variants of Concern “given we can’t afford to be wrong”.

Prof Christina Pagel, the Director, Clinical Operational Research Unit, at University College London, said:

“Clearly this variant has escaped into the community and is spreading quickly. It highlights the fundamental weakness of the Red List Travel System in that we just don’t know where the next dangerous variant is coming from. This should prompt a complete overhaul of our travel policy for the summer.”



Anonymous said...

There're the unique Indian viruses.

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore welcoming the virus like welcoming the foreign talents?

Anonymous said...

Every day Red Dot reported so many imported virus from India. How to be safe?

Now, even the Singapore/Hongkong travel bubble is in doubt. And Malaysia is having big problems with the virus as well. Those waiting for the 'bubbles' better temper their hopes.

The Indian variant has spread far and wide beyond India. Banning Indians still leave lots of loopholes for the virus to enter. Remember, the virus is invisible and so tiny, you do not know where it is hiding. Can they look for it in places besides humans?

Anonymous said...

We strongly urge India to be responsible and ban its own citizens from travel to other countries to arrest the global spread of the highly contagious Indian COVID-19 variant viruses.

Anonymous said...

Closing the stable doors after the horses have bolted is of little use. The rich in India have already left in privately arranged planes and some are already spreading the virus worldwide. Banning Indians from leaving India is an exercise in futility.

Anonymous said...

Let's observe and protect human rights, freedom to travel. Let Indians and Americans travel freely between the two countries. These are the two biggest democracies in the world and they must set an example to the world what democracy and freedom is all about.

Do not be like that authoritarian state called Australia. How can they ban their citizens from returning from India? How cruel are they. Is it because their citizens in India are blacks, not white Australians?

Anonymous said...

The spread of the Indian COVID19 in UK is a gift from India lah! UK should be thankful for the gift from it's former colony in appreciation of their White Masters.

Anonymous said...

Australia banning it's own citizens from returning home not human rights abuse meh? This shows how hypocritical they can be? They lie through their noses, and fart through their dirty mouths. The most racist country on earth, all descendants of ex convicts from the equally decadent country on earth, the fallen British Empire.

SSO said...

Just because a few have escaped detection, it does not mean that we must behave like an ostrich and let the float gates be unguarded and opened to allow more contagious diseases to invade our country.

Our leaders' primary duty or responsibility is to their citizens first, not to the foreign invaders and scavengers.

Anonymous said...

You talking about imbecile irresponsibility?

Virgo49 said...

I had said earlier. Just have a cleaner worker in the Airports to contact the Virus and from there he or she will be the super spreader when the families are affected.

One case reported yesterday.

She was tested positive and sent to SengKang Hospital.

We cannot afford to close our borders indefinitely as we needed to open up as a country who needed to make monies.

Must have migrant workers to build the BTO and MRT?

Cannot lay off for a period or are these really priority ?

Wow, can disciplined till the outbreaks pass over?

Die die must open borders to make monies.

Have widespread infections again and whole country in lock downs for longer periods will be worse.

Penny wise pound foolish.

Anonymous said...

Prostitutes need to open leg indefinitely to make money at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Singapore would not have suffered the current COVID-19 flareup, inconveniencing all Singaporeans, if the ruling PAP 4G elites had taken early action to ban travelers from India when there were already many anxious calls from citizens to curb the many imported COVID-19 cases reported daily.

India undergoes second Coronavirus wave, Singapore also hit by second wave faithfully in tandem.

Anonymous said...

India broke their own record with more than 414,000 infections and more than 3,900 deaths the last 24 hours.

I really fail to understand why, with all the aid pouring in, there is still a shortage of oxygen at hospitals, while reports are circulating that there is now a black market flourishing in oxygen supply, despite claims that they are producing more than enough for local consumption. This shows India is so corrupt a country that this could be allowed to happen.

Anonymous said...

Many are worried that the emergency supplies such as oxygen concentrators, ventilators that the world delivered to India won't be used to save poor Indian patients, instead they are to meet the needs of the rich people in the country.

Anonymous said...

One among four new coronavirus cases in the community Friday at noon (May 7) is an advanced age double-dosed fully-vaccinated Singaporean of 88 (eighty-eight) years who is working as a cleaner for survival at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Anonymous said...


Queen of Hearts said...

There are old people who died because of having been infected by the Covid-19 transmitted to them by irresponsible foreigner nurses working in the hospitals and clinics.

However, their statistics have been simply brushed aside as due to other causes, such as pre-existing medical conditions of heart problems and strokes.

Such attributions are not only irresponsible but also criminal.

Manipulating facts in order to show a lower death rate to the public, so as not to cause an alarm, is itself extremely alarming. Such cowardly and deceptive actions are very common in many countries. And especially so done by those in authority who called themselves "experts".

Experts in lying and deceiving, probably?

In our world, it is very common for some humans to become inhuman when political interests overwhelm moral and ethical values, or legal rights.

Anonymous said...

TODAY had also confirmed with the hotels by calling their booking hotlines as a prospective guest, and was told by Grand Park Orchard, Grand Park City Hall and Park Hotel Clarke Quay that no bookings could be made as the hotels were told at the end of last month that they would be activated as quarantine and SHN facilities.

Park Hotel Alexandra’s booking hotline appeared to be unreachable.

The remaining hotel that TODAY identified is Mandarin Orchard, under Meritus Hotels and Resorts.

When TODAY called its booking hotline as a potential customer, a staff member said that the hotel was informed earlier in the week about its conversion into a stay-home notice and quarantine facility.


Anonymous said...

Looks like we need more talent to achieve herd immunity!

Anonymous said...

The Americans and the West have been lying all the time. Their covid cases were passed off as colds and vaping. And those that died after vaccination were simply brushed off as unrelated, not linked. So not due to the vaccines.

How long are they going to hide the truth? AstraZenega is killing a lot of people and many countries have banned its use. The cases for Pfizer and Moderna are also hidden and not reported.

They can lie and lie. The truth would kill them for lying to their own people. Unfortunately the stupid that also helped them to lie would also help them to kill their own people.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Singaporeans and PRs can still go to India and return?

Anyone can confirm this?

Today's report, construction workers and those involved in key projects etc can still come in!

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, they said effective from what's date what's date. So many PRs from India imported cases still allowed in and they will said oh before the shut out dates.

How can you allowed that? Shut out must be immediate meh!

Matland gonna be the second most infectious country after India now. 4498 cases and they allowed their bumis still to have their what's bazaars and festive gatherings just because special grants for their own religious celebrations.

As for their past CNY so many restrictions even for families house visits.

This is gonna be their next Second Indian Disasters.

Those countries that have soft spots for their favoured netizens will have to pay their prices.

Their ICU alreday going to run out of spaces soon and they still taking it easy.

Forget about what's Green Lanes ane Travel Bubbles.

All these gonna be burst soon.

Virgo49 said...

See Sinkiekand. So strict on our own and so generous on their what's favoured PRs.

Somemore kena blamed and scolded for all these clusters.

Not cooperate lah! What's not.

Black cat stole and eat and white cat kena blamed and punish.

That's lives in Sinkiekand