Covid19 - Big disaster to some, big profit to others

Covid-19 has proved to be the greatest humanitarian and economic disaster of the century. A reported 2.7 million people have already died from the pathogen. Its recession is estimated to be twice as deep as that associated with the 2008 crash. Ultimately, the only way out of the pandemic is to vaccinate the world. Yet there has been an alarming outbreak of a “my country first” approach to vaccine allocation. In February, the US announced that it would not donate any doses to poor countries until it had a plentiful supply. Fewer than 10 days later, India cracked down on vaccine exports. theguardian.com

Below comments also from theguardian.com.

The arrival of Covid-19 vaccines promises a return to more normal life – and has created a global market worth tens of billions of dollars in annual sales for some pharmaceutical companies.

Among the biggest winners will be Moderna and Pfizer....

Pfizer, which splits costs and profit margins equally with BioNTech, expects $15bn in 2021 sales based on current deals. The final number could be twice as high, as Pfizer says it can potentially deliver 2bn doses this year. Barclays analyst Carter Gould is predicting sales of $21.5bn in 2021, $8.6bn next year and $1.95bn in 2023, on the assumption that the jab is given as a one-off shot....

Moderna has said it expects 2021 sales of $18.4bn. Barclays analyst Gena Wang forecasts sales of $19.6bn, $12.2bn in 2022, and $11.4bn in 2023, assuming recurring vaccinations....

 J&J, The company aims to deliver at least 1bn doses this year, which would generate $10bn

Analysts at SVB Leerink are forecasting sales of $1.9bn this year and $3bn in 2022. The 2021 figure could be far higher if AstraZeneca achieves its ambitious target of 3bn doses

The above explain what this pandemic is all about, big suffering for many countries, probably millions would die. On the other hand, a few companies were well placed and supported by the American and British govts to reap humongous profits arising from the tragedy of others.  And not only they are not sharing the rights to make the vaccines for others to make them cheaper and easily available, they are forcing govts not to use other vaccines from China and Russia. They just refused to approve them for use in their allied countries and their crony countries.  All have been pressured not to use China and Russia vaccines. This is how they control and monopolise the use and sale of the vaccines.

Only countries outside their influence and control could break this iron grip to get cheaper and readily available vaccines from Russia and China. 

Now who is the devil that is reaping the poor as well as rich nations out of this pandemic? One might question whether this is all pre planned. Moderna was a new company, set up 10 years ago and did not make a cent of profit until this pandemic. It was as if it was set up in anticipation of the pandemic and now laughing all the way to the bank for years to come as long as the pandemic continues. And you may also wonder why the rush to reopen their economies to let the infection grows and grows.

The whole pandemic is looking so unnatural and so sinister...all for money and profits. Another unending war for profits.

PS.  Making patents for Covid virus is illegal. Virus has only one major use, to cause sickness and diseases like the current pandemic.  Why would people make virus patents? To make money by spreading virus and then sell antidotes which they also have patents for them. This is the same modus operandi for computer viruses and anti virus softwares.

Why did Bill Gates own so many patents of virus secretly? What is his intent for owning virus patents? To save the world?


Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB and all

The best joke is that all these so called immunity vaccines are so fakes.

Now they simply just blamed on the flimsy excuses that those who are fully vaccinated and still got injected are those mutated variants other viruses.

You needed further third or more booster doses for my still hungry kitties.

Bill Gates pretended to be an Angel with his innocent scholary looks is the Biggest Evil Devil.

That's why even his wife of twenty seven years knowing his evil deeds divorced him.

Better now dwell on his ill- gotten wealth and atone for his sins.

So better be not a part of him and be dragged into the deeper twenty levels of HELL.

Virgo49 said...

Now the Safest and Non sales talks vaccines are still China's.

Yet, all the stupid cronies vassals are still under the UAssA Balls not to publicise and use them.

How many millions of their own citizens been vaccinated and no adverse news of them dying.

But the UAssA and their Western and even stupid eastern natives cronies will still demonize and said they are unsafe without much data and what's not.

The weakling slavery nations of the World are just too intimated and scared even to breathe a word of discontent.

Anonymous said...

Some WHO experts are now telling the world that China's vaccines are low in effectiveness. That is why they can never be approved. If that is the case, Chinese in China, vaccinated with their own vaccines should be suffering massive infections like India. Why are they not?

Conspiracy theory aside, the use of the term 'herd immunity' is a boost for big Pharmas because with that narrative, countries would be rushing to order more of their vaccines to make their people immune. Russia and China would be left out, because we are beginning to see that some experts of the WHO have sold their soul to the evil empire.

As Jeffrey Sachs pointed out, whenever a topic of discussion on any subject on Western MSM is broach, the opening line of the discussion by the Moderator always sinisterly starts with the first salvo by the Moderator that will touch on China or Russia on human rights, genocide and breaking rules, before going to the topic at hand. Channel News America is following in the same footstep.

Anonymous said...

The West keep on bragging their vaccines are 95% effective and Russian and Chinese vaccines are not effective.

Only time will tell and what is happening in India is a good example of how ineffective is their vaccines. Don't have to wait for long before they fall flat on their faces.

Anonymous said...

With money cannot finish, why is Bill Gate in the business of vaccines?

In the big meeting held just before the outbreak in Wuhan, Bill Gate was in the company of all the American intelligence and military chiefs, simulating an outbreak in a wet market in Wuhan. Just how coincidental can this be.

And Trump and all his evil men are trying to bite on this and insisting that the virus started in Wuhan, very likely according to their script. They planted the virus in Wuhan and wanted to prove that this was the case. Unfortunately the situation is so dynamic that it was very difficult to arrest the situation. Unless one of the Aemrican soldiers that were there owned up.

In the case of Bill Gate, he was deeply involved and waiting to make more billions with his virus patents and antidotes. The simulation exercise was a very serious affair and there must be something concrete that they were working on and planning, something very sinister.

Bill Gate is looking anything but innocent.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Bill Gates is strongly against sharing the vaccine with others shows how much interest he holds in his investments. Saving lives is not his forte, despite his claim that he is donating the bulk of his fortune to charity.

I think Gates is walking back his intention to donate the bulk of his fortune to charity. With his forthcoming divorce, we do not know how much of his wealth is going to his wife and what will become of his Foundation. This man has a crooked mind of his own. Just thinking!

Anonymous said...

The highly secretive meeting was likely to brief them of their evil plan in planting the virus in a wet market in Wuhan and anticipating the virus to spread across China, killing millions of Chinese and with possible break outs to the rest of the world.

They were preparing for a virus pandemic.

It happened, but not according to their plan. They did not expect China to be able to contain it. From then on everything went out of control.

They forgot about their own backyard, thinking the incident in Fort Detrick was over. Very likely they tested the virus on a small village, killing a few people, got it contained but somehow infected the staff in Fort Detrick.

They closed it down, cleaned the facility and thought all was well. Then they launched the attack in Wuhan.

Ask Bill Gate what he really knows, what were said in the secretive meeting.

Anonymous said...

No forget big profits also to Sheng Siong, NTUC supermarts ..

Anonymous said...

I think the dude now wanted to enjoy life in his last lapse of life with young blondes with large melons cause his wife aged liao

Anonymous said...

He already enjoyed that in Jeffrey Epstein's little island paradise with underaged girls. Oh well, now that Epstein's paradise is gone, his fertile mind must be working overtime on alternatives, with divorce one of them.

SSO said...

The last straw to his wife could probably be finding out his evil scheme in planting the Covid virus around the world to reduce world population.

Anonymous said...

Only the Americans can live with killing people to make money, as a business.

They are committed to endless wars. Now a new option, endless pandemic, both involving endless human tragedy.

SSO said...

The US was formed as a result of killing and murdering other people. The White Men killed, massacred, murdered milions upon millions of the original natives who owned the land.

After robbing and stealing the native's lands, they then fought among themselves to see which White Men group would control everything Today, that White Men group is also controlling the world and subjugating every other country to its will.

SSO said...

Lesson For Singapore: Clusters of the Indian Covid-19 Varients Spread Across UK

The latest British update on the Indian variants has revealed that officials from Public Health England are seriously concerned on three new variants.

Scientists have been assessing three closely related variants first detected in India and since found in the UK because they have mutations that help the virus to evade the body’s immune responses and be more transmissible due to their spike protein mutations.

All three of the variants – known as B16171, B16172 and B16173 – have been under investigation in the UK.

According to internal documents, the assessment of the ongoing risk to public health from B16172 is “high”.

One of the India variants – B16172 – has been upgraded to a "Variant of Concern" for broader communications.

48 clusters of the Indian Variant B16172 have been identified, including those linked to secondary schools and religious gatherings, with evidence of community transmissions.

Dr Deepti Gurdasani, a clinical epidemiologist and senior lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, said the variant was “increasing very rapidly” and that “at the current doubling rate it could easily become dominant by the end of May or early June”.

15 cases of B16172 Variant were found in one London Care Home where residents had their second doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in the week prior to the outbreak. Some were hospitalised.

It comes as public health officials revealed that the B16172 has been found in Northern Ireland for the first time, with seven confirmed cases.

“While preventive measures – including travel restrictions – are very important, the assessment is that these will delay rather than permanently prevent the spread of variants already detected elsewhere on these islands,” said the Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland, Dr Michael McBride.

“The most effective way to stop variants developing or spreading is to keep pushing down infection rates and transmission of the virus in our community,” he added.

Cases of the India variants have risen dramatically in recent weeks in the UK. The main cause of the rise is probably the B16172 Variant from India.

Prof Ravi Gupta of the University of Cambridge, who researches variant mutations, said he believed all the India variants should be designated Variants of Concern “given we can’t afford to be wrong”.

Prof Christina Pagel, the Director, Clinical Operational Research Unit, at University College London, said:

“Clearly this variant has escaped into the community and is spreading quickly. It highlights the fundamental weakness of the Red List Travel System in that we just don’t know where the next dangerous variant is coming from. This should prompt a complete overhaul of our travel policy for the summer.”

What about Singapore?

Are we still stubbornly stuck to the "take all-comers" open-door and open-legs policy?

A penny wise, pound foolish approach?

A suicidal tendency like a cancerous cell that devours its host body until it is dead?

This cancerous mentality must stop immediately, for the safety of all residents in Singapore, both locals and foreigners, for the long-term good of our nation.

Our economy cannot be safe until our people are safe from the COVID-19 Invasions from other spreader-countries like India, Brazil, South Africa, UK and USA.

Please wake up!

SSO - 7 May 2021.