Barbaric US continues to interfere in China's Taiwan affairs .

      On May 1st, 2021, the International Society for the Liberation of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and Diego Garcia had demanded that US get out of these territories which they had illegally occupied by force through fraud and subterfuge. Since the US has not left the territories concerned and grant independence to the natives of these territories then Russia and China must table a motion in the United Nations Organisation  to force imperial US to get out of the territories. The United Nations Organisation must repeatedly insist that imperial US leave the territories to allow the natives to have freedom of independence and not to stubbornly and illegally holding the natives of the four territories under US bondage and slavery.

However, instead of doing the right thing of releasing the natives of the American occupied territories from slavery and bondage, the Evil Empire is intensely interfering in China and Russia's internal affairs to divert and distract attention of the world's main concern of US imperialism and that it must grant freedom and independence to its occupied territories as soon as possible.

The Evil Empire is interfering in Russia's internal affairs and stoking trouble in the Ukraine. 

The Evil Empire has never stopped interfering in China's internal affairs. It is still interfering in the as yet unfinished Chinese Civil War between Mainland Chinese and Taiwan Chinese. It is stoking trouble in the straits between mainland China and Taiwan. It is still supporting and funding the Chinese Taiwanese traitors to go against fellow mainland Chinese. The Taiwanese Chinese traitors actually have no power at all for the the Evil Empire is holding Taiwan as a puppet state. It is the American Institute in Taiwan that rules Taiwan with an iron grip and the most powerful person in Taiwan is not the Taiwan puppet president but the head of the American Institute in Taiwan which dictates all anti China policies that emanate from Washington and CIA.

In 1911 Doctor Sun Yat Sen established the Republic of China after overthrowing the decadent Ching Dynasty. But China was still beset  with problems of warlords, the ex-generals of the Ching Dynasty, who carved out fiefdoms in the provinces in which they formerly commanded. 

Between 1916 and 1923 Dr, Sun and his KMT asked the Western powers including US and Japan for help. But none of them was willing to help the Republic of China. Their reason was that they saw no benefit to them in a strong united China where they had to give up their extra-territorial rights in the concessions in the ports and territories they occupied as well as having to surrender their special financial and trading priviledges and their prerogatives to collect excise duties, custom duties and taxes. Under such circumstance the foreign  powers continued to enrich themselves at the expense of the Chinese people and country while it continued to greatly impoverish China as before.

Unfortunately Dr. Sun Yat Sen died in 1925 and he was succeeded as president by his former army general Chiang Kai Shek, a useless and brainless imbecile who ran the country with nepotism and cronism as if it is his own private family domain.

In the meantime the warlords in the provinces were causing untold misery and suffering to the people while at the same time  fighting among themselves to establish a new dynasty or to overthrow Chiang Kai Shek. 

Under such choas and great disorders some great Chinese heroes and patriots appeared hoping to salvage China from sliding into further disaster. Thus the Chinese Communist Party was soon founded on 23rd July, 1921 by selfless patriots like Professor Li Dazhao, Professor Chen Tu-Hsiu, Mao Tse-tung, Chou En Lai and many more others.

The founding of the Communist Party of China was timely as it was soon to be the only saving star of the Chinese people and nation in its life and death struggle against Japanese invasion from 1931 to 1945.

There was a power struggle between the useless KMT of Chiang Kai-Shek and the CCP of Mao Tse-tung. Mao suggested to Chiang that the KMT and the CCP should unite and join forces to resist and fight the Japanese aggression and invasion.  The KMT under Chiang refused to unite with CCP to fight the common enemy the Japanese invaders. Instead Chiang and his KMT turned traitors and they always attacked the CCP armies instead of fighting the Japanese. The treacherous United States supported Chiang and his KMT and was in disdain of Mao and his CCP. America was using Chiang and the KMT to suppress Mao and the CCP. However, MAO and the CCP had most of the support of the Chinese people especially the peasants and the proletariat or working class people. 

Chiang's government was corrupted to the core. He and his family and relatives as well as his cronies were enriching themselves with pomp and glorious living while the country burnt under Japanese invasion. Mao and the CCP with strong support from the people fought and strongly resisted the Japanese with guerilla warfares. 

Chairman Mao and his comrades in arms with the selfless support of the Chinese people had to fight on two fronts against the Jap invaders as well as against Chinese traitors in Chiang and his KMT.  In this bitter struggle millions of Chinese were butchered and massacred by the evil Japs. Also thousands of Chinese were rounded up by Chiang Kai Shek for being communists, suspected left wings or communist sympathisers or socialists as guided by his American masters. 

The Chinese Civil War between the KMT and the CCP continued fiercely from 1946 to mid 1949. Chiang's KMT was strongly supported by America with the latest weapons and airforce bombers and air support. On the other hand Mao and the CCP had no external support but had to fight on their own. The Chinese communist leaders were all all visionary fighters with clear ideological goals and strategic system in guiding their battles forward to victory. On October 1st, 1949, Chairman Mao proclaimed the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China in Tiananmen Square 

In their defeat the Chiang cliques of rogues and scoundrels were quickly whizzed by the Americans to flee to Taiwan on American ships and planes. In 1950 the Evil Empire started the Korean War and China was again forced to fight the Americans in Korea as the Americans carried out  air attacks on Chinese territory across the Yalu River. In the meantime US stationed its Seventh Fleet  with two aircraft carriers across the Taiwan Straits to prevent Chairman Mao and the CCP from taking the Chinese island of Taiwan. If the United States had not interfered in the Chinese civil war, Taiwan would long have been reunited with the Chinese mainland as one united people and one Chinese nation and  country.

The Evil Empire intervention in China's internal affairs never stops. China will give the US enough ropes to hang themselves and so the story will continue in subsequent articles.


Wednesday, 12th May, 2021


Anonymous said...

If the barbaric US crosses the red line in Taiwan, China will fight and the East China Sea and the Taiwan Straits will be the graveyard for US armies and navies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Xi must emulate how Putin dealt with the trouble makers. Be tough and be ready to pull the trigger. The AngloSaxon rogues only respect people who dare to kick their ass.

China must start to draw a 4,000km perimeter defence line to forbid aircraft carriers and warships to enter to be in a position to strike at China.

Having an enemy aircraft carrier within this perimeter is bad enough. To allow 2 or more aircraft carriers inside this line is highly dangerous, it is an act of war, a potential to destroy China in minutes.

This cannot be allowed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans were prepared to go to war with the Soviet Union when they attempted to place nuclear missiles in Cuba, within close striking range of US homeland.

Having more than 2 aircraft carriers, now they are planning to have 4 to 6 aircraft carriers in the SC Sea at the same time, is a hostile act, similar to placing missiles on Cuba.

This is a red line that must not be crossed.

Anonymous said...

The evil empire has indoctrinated the local Chinese Taiwanese with poisonous propaganda to fight for separation from China. US has fed the Chinese Taiwanese with lots of evil ideas and this has emboldened traitors like Chai Ing-wen the brainless unwanted spinster and her cohort of rogue traitors to try to cross the red line. She and her gang of scoundrels who sell their souls and spirits to the barbaric Americans for personal gains should be arrested and condemned by all Chinese people and sentenced to death.

Anonymous said...

The bitch Chai Ing-wen and her gang of treacherous American running dogs are not Chinese but descendants of Japanese criminals who invaded Taiwan in 1905. They all actually have Japanese names and are all secretly working for the eventual comeback of the Japanese hoodlums. They should be arrested, tortured and killed together with their families.

A cultured Singapore Chinese gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Barbaric US had failed to try its luck in Ukraine in face of Putin's fierce pushback. So it thinks it can do better against China in agitating Taiwan to fight for independence. It is provoking China in many vile ways and means to lure China out to fight. China does not want to fight because the Chinese leaders in mainland China have always stated openly that hopefully Chinese will not have to kill fellow Chinese again because of demonic white American provocation and instigation. But if barbaric US starts hostilities across the Taiwan Straits, China will make sure the waters in the East China Sea and South China Sea will become cesspools of death for the American armies and navies.

Long live the Chinese Civilization and long live the Communist Party of China.
Death to the white barbaric Americans.

A proud overseas Chinese. Chinese the world over must unite in solidarity to support China.

Zhang Chiang Long
Vancouver, Canada

Anonymous said...

Taiwan independence is a red line that no one can cross. China will go to war even with the Americans if needed.

Once Taiwan makes a wrong move, China will move in by force.

Anonymous said...

Russia and China must make sure all future wars must be fought in the mainland of the United States, Canada and Japan.

Anonymous said...

In 1940 the US lured Japan to attack Pearl Harbour to provide an excuse for America to counter attack and destroy Japan which was then viewed as a rising power threatening American supremacy in the Pacific Ocean and the Far East.

Now barbaric America is trying to use the same tactic to lure China out to fight thinking it can destroy China in the same manner. The US cannot be more wrong in its calculation, for a war with China this time will see the miserable demise of America.

Death to Anglo-Saxon white American supremacists.

Anonymous said...

The US warmongers and its Western rogue allies are criminals who try to use Taiwan as a spring board to attack China. If they dare to start a war with China, then China will have to destroy mainland America with hypersonic nuclear armed missilles.

Also large numbers of Chinese nuclear armed submarines prowling the whole year round along the American Pacific and Atlantic coastline are ready to finish of barbaric America when the war starts.

A warning to barbaric America and its rogue alliance; don't take Chinese gentleness and peaceful nature for granted.

Anonymous said...

China and the Chinese people have been bullied, trampled, humiliated, suppressed and oppressed for over a hundred years by the barbaric Western powers and Japan. This has to stop now. Should these Western and Japanese warmongers try to show their bellicosity again then the table must turn and China must let them suffer and taste their own bitter medicine.

A proud Singaporean Chinese.

Virgo49 said...

Right Proud Singaporean Chinese

Not only the PRCs of China that are humiliated, likewise the Chinese in so many in other countries also been bullied and humiliated.

Even in Sinkieland, it's the same by their traitous lots who had sold their souls to the Devils and the wealth and status quo that they are enjoying kept them just mum and pretended that All is well.

Chinese been tolerant people and do not usually looked for any retailations against others even when provoked are been looked upon as Sick Cats.

That's why the Farking Whites and Others always like to pick on them which they taught can be easily bullied.

The worse is that the Chinese own kind instead of protecting their own also chose to go with the other parties and persecuted their own.

This is the most Sia Suay behaviours of them. For their own wealth and status quo they will just kept mum and blind to all these happenings in their midst.

That's the ways of lives Chinkee Sinkies lived in Sinkieland