Covid-19: Why India's 2nd Wave is Devastatingly Significant!

Rajeshwari Devi, 58, died on 25 April after waiting for two days to get uninterrupted oxygen, an ambulance and admission into a Covid-19 hospital in India. She gasping for breath while waiting for medical attention but it was too late by the time help arrived.

Her Story:

She was taken to a hospital emergency room on 16 April after her oxygen saturation level dropped. Her CT scan showed that she had developed severe pneumonia.

Tragically ironic, without her Covid report, the hospital refused to admit her. As a result, she spent 36 hours in the Emergency Room on oxygen support in the northern Indian district of Robertsganj. The hospital staff there told her family they were running out of oxygen and she needed to be moved to a bigger hospital but there was no ambulance or any promise of a bed.

The desperate family took her in their car to another hospital, where a bed had become available after the intervention of a politician. She had no oxygen support in the car - she died minutes before she could be admitted to the second hospital.

Heartbreaking stories such as this are numerous as the much anticipated new Covid waves rampage across the Indian subcontinent of 1.3 billion population.

Official data shows that these recent waves of Covid infections are more infectious and deadlier, although India's "officially" reported death rate from the virus is deliberately low.

India's healthcare system is crumbling amid the surge in cases - doctors say it's hard for them to "see the light at the end of the tunnel this time".

The rise in recent case numbers has been exponential!

From June 2020, India recorded 35,000 cases daily average.

By March 2021, the cases rose sharply to 89,800 daily average.

Yesterday, April 30, there was more than 350,000 cases confirmed. Deaths were reported as more than 30,000 daily average!

New Delhi, the capital of India, has run out of hospital beds, oxygen, respirators, medicine, doctors, nurses, mortuary spaces, and CREMATION CENTRES!

Main causes?

1. Incompetent and inefficient Indian Central Government led by PM Modi and his BJP party of cunning political "mobsters".

2. Total disregard of COVID-19 health measures and deliberate "disbelief" of the existence of COVID-19 Pandemic by many State governors and ruling politicians.

3. Huge crowds, majority not wearing masks with no social-distancing, were encouraged at many BJP election rallies.

4. Sports events continue to attract huge crowded gatherings, for the sake of profits and money-making opportunities.

5. After one long year, outskirts of cities and villages were still not augmented into India's Healthcare System and were not being prepared for any mass outbreak of the COVID-19 situation in India.

6. Poor hygiene is normally being practiced throughout India.

7. Religious superstitions dominate the behaviour and habits of the majority of the people in India.

8. Lack of medical and scientific knowledge and refusal to heed medical and scientific advices by local, state and central governments.

9. Money-minded business people and politicians are more interested in personal gains than the health of the people.

10. Karma, Retribution or God's Will!

Lesson Learnt

As expected, Covid cases in Singapore are on the rise again, both imported and community infections due to the open-arms approach.

Obviously, Singapore is catching up fast to join the bandwagon of India because of the love affair between the two countries' governments and also because
of the close and strong ties of certain Singapore's new citizens with India's population.

If the present lack-of-urgency, lack-of-concern, and irresponsible ways of certain gungho millionaires continue unchecked, Singaporeans are guaranteed to be in for another ride on the high waves of India's devastating Covid spreads without fail.

SSO - 1 May 2021


Anonymous said...

Australians Returning From India Could Face 5 Years in Jail - Bloomberg

Virgo49 said...

These are the disasters that they bought upon themsleves.

So as the saying goes You reaped what's you sowed.

So now it's Heavens Will to punish as one Anon said the more evils you are the more your human beans will die

Yet, the stupid natives still praised them sky high that they are one of the World's most talented people.

What's stupidity?

Next Many also Evil Countries that their human beans still cannot disclipned to control their decadent and luxurious lifestyles will also be the next victims to be called to HELL.

And those who also thought of filling their coffers and thought that their human beans lives are just collateral damages will also be in line to be recalled to HELL.

Just one tiny infections on one single soul can caused so much havoc to the community.

Sinkieland is going to be One.

No eyes see.

Anonymous said...

They cannot say no to India, so now ordinary Singaporeans are under increased threat from the virus and inconvenienced by the extra measures. They should be held responsible for the current situation.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Will Restrict Travel From India Starting Tuesday - WSJ

The Biden administration will restrict travel from India beginning Tuesday the White House said Friday, as concerns mount over a record surge in coronavirus cases there.

“On the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the administration will restrict travel from India,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. “The policy will be implemented in light of extraordinarily high Covid-19 caseloads and multiple variants circulating in India.”

Anonymous said...

it's every country for itself !!!

Anonymous said...

Everyday when I read the update on imported cases, I can't believe the govt did nothing except the report always stated all cases are imported as if its then OK. Can't believe how stupid the govt is

Queen of Hearts said...

Leaders with self-conceited stupidity, calculated short-sightedness, fly-by-night quick-fix and shot-gun mentality are the main culprits and causes of resurgence of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Whoever talks about mitigating risks is talking cock.

How do you mitigate risks when you don't even know what and where the risks are?

The virus is Coronavirus invisible to the naked eyes. It is stealthy, hardy and survives on any surface up to three days. It easily spreads through the air and confined spaces. It floats and flies with the air streams of air conditioners. Most importantly, in many cases, it is asymptomatic and therefore not detectable until it is TOO LATE!

The only way to stop the spread of this disease is to nip it at the starting point, i.e. at the point of entry.

Don't even give it a chance to enter your country or your people's bodies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It always starts with 1 case. And if complacent and negligent, 1 case can become 1m or 30m.

Do not underestimate that 1 case only.

The problems in the West will never end as they are very eager to reopen their economy, to unlock lockdowns.

Remember, it only takes 1 case to turn into a wild fire.

Anonymous said...

The one biggest reason is the poor transportation network in India that prevented oxygen from teaching hospitals. India keeps touting that they have produced enough oxygen, even more than needed, but getting them to hospitals is a big problem.

However, if locally produced oxygen cannot be delivered to hospitals, what is the point of other countries sending oxygen to India? They will likely face the same problem of getting them to hospitals. India's railway system is obsolete and slow. How many military helicopters can do the job of carrying thousands of cylinders of oxygen and delivering them all over the country's thousands of hospitals?

I think the Government is still not serious about the situation, paying only lip service. Just take the boast that they will vaccinate those 18 years and above announced days ago, prompting millions of Indians to register, but then they came out with the news that they do not have enough vaccines. All such boasting is adding to confusion and disappointment.

Another problem is that in rural India, people are not caring much about the virus, with some brushing it aside as false, refusing vaccination or wearing masks.

Then there are some politicians talking about why the lockdown in some States are only from 6 pm to next morning, while people are allowed free movement during the day. The most ridiculous answer made me really cringe, when he said that since the virus came from bats that are only active during the night, so the virus is also only active at night, hence the lockdown only at night. How preposterous! Are Indian politicians educated even under the Indian education system? I can vouch that the main reason is that those politicians needed to hold rallies during the day and lockdown is out of the question. Getting elected is more important that saving lived.

India under the present half past six Government is not going to be able to control the virus. The world is in serious trouble with rich Indians, who may be infected, helping to spread the various mutated virus more widely.

Anonymous said...

The mantras of the first generation leader was nick the buds first before its growed into a branch. However, this seem to be forgotten by the 3G and 4G leaderships who are still importing peoples outside Sg and many of them are still not vacinated.

SSO said...

The US government has called upon (not advise) All US citizens who are in India to leave India immediately.

This is like war is imminent!

Could the US be planning to neutralise the spread of the Indian Coronavirus by using nuclear bombs to flatten India completely?

Anonymous said...

Over estimate their ability and put money first than the life of people and afraid super talent will not come so you see

Anonymous said...

Is it true?
The only way to stop the spread of Covid-19 from India to Singaporeans is to vote out the PAP government?

Clear eyed said...

Australia bans its citizens from returning home from India. Singapore welcomes Indian new citizens and PRs to come here without need for them to even take pre-departure tests for Covid 19 before flying here.

Anonymous said...

No, the USA is not going to nuclearise India. Far from that.

Firstly India is the bitch of the USA, with the vice President a half Indian, that the Continental Indians are so proud of. Secondly, the USA needs India to counter China, so getting rid of India is counter productive and silly. Thirdly, India is a member of the QUAD. For a QUAD member to annihilate another QUAD member will certainly put pressure on Japan and set them thinking - are we next? Japan already tasted USA viciousness in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Virgo49 said...

Now LHL can called on Singaporeans to be alert and fight the community's spreads together to avoid a second CB chee bxx.

In the first place who caused these unnecessary infections?

Cat crying after makan the rats?

Anonymous said...

It was unnecessary. People with a bit of grey matter knows that India's infection rate is not transparent. And India had the audacity to call China's COVID10 figures fake! Now who is fake?

Anyway, how could the best paid Government in the world just turn a blind eye to all the warning signs that many oldies here on this blog have been saying - stop the Indians before it is too late. If another CB is needed, the Government is fully responsible. Hopefully not!

Anonymous said...

They promote themselves as a team, so if things go wrong, there's no individual accountability.

Anonymous said...

Indian pride - they never ask for aid, all's gifts and donations are in return of favour

In the last 16 years, India has refused foreign aid after the Uttarakhand floods in 2013, the Kashmir earthquake in 2005, and Kashmir floods in 2014.

As recently as August 2018, in the aftermath of the Kerala floods, when the state government said the UAE had offered Rs 700 crore as flood relief, the Centre had ruled out any international aid and had made it clear that it would meet the state’s requirements for relief and rehabilitation through “domestic efforts”.

So far, more than 20 countries have come forward to help India — from neighbours to major powers. Among the countries that are sending support are the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Bhutan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Italy and the UAE.

There was an indication of this shift last year when India decided to accept contributions from abroad, “irrespective of nationalities”, to the newly established PM-CARES fund.

New Delhi, however, doesn’t acknowledge the change in approach, with sources pointing out that these are not donations or aid . They say India has not made an “appeal” for help, and that these are procurement decisions. “If some governments or private entities want to donate as a gift, we accept it with gratitude, ” a source said.

The Indian government is asking all foreign governments and agencies to donate to the Indian Red Cross Society, after which an Empowered Group will take a call on how to send them forward, sources said.

Sources also point out that these gifts and donations from foreign governments have been coming as a return of favour for the emergency medical supplies — from hydroxychloroquine to vaccines — that India sent them. India sent about 6.5 crore vaccines to more than 80 countries.

Virgo49 said...

Dying Man still wants to savour his Pride

Chinese saying Whole body already dead but the CB mouth still talks and boasts.

That's in their genes.

World's biggest production of vaccines but only vaccinated 2 percent of her POP and now even run out of stocks

What's a joke.

Their workers worked One hour and sleep five hours.

How to beat the Chinese can worked 25 hours non stop.

Virgo49 said...

Our Great Leader can spoke so loud. Don't made the mistakes other countries made.

They opened up too fast. They let their guards down.

Sinkies Land not opened too fast with her Air Terminals meh?

One ICA officer can caused a cluster of nearly ten by contacting the virus in the airport.

Was learnt from others mistakes

Now Don't know how many already sneaked in to Sinkies Land waiting to spread their wings.

Good luck Sinkies

Anonymous said...

India was supposed to help the USA to counter China's vaccine diplomacy. So they sent vaccines or should I say sell their vaccines to many countries, and now they are short themselves. What India did was not humanitarian but to counter China. Did the USA help them in any big way now?

The Indians deserved the contemptuous treatment at the hands of the USA and other members of the QUAD. They still do not know that they had been fooled and are suffering the consequences.

Anonymous said...

The USA is famous for using others to fight their proxy wars. Asking India to counter China's vaccine diplomacy and reaping the benefit from the dampening of the use of the Chinese vaccines, while waiting to throw India under the bus for any consequences.

The irony is that there are many poodles still making the same mistake as India.

Anonymous said...

The Sinkie poodles and bananas western oriented, western educated and western indoctrinated all their lives. How not to support their White Master Race?

Anonymous said...

India brought this COVID19 crisis upon themselves by listening to the USA to counter China's vaccine diplomacy by exporting vaccines like no tomorrow. Now they are disastrously short of vaccines to even start their vaccination drive for those 18 years and above.

This is really tragic and unnecessary if they had not followed doggedly the USA's bad advice. Who benefits and who suffers now? China's vaccine diplomacy countered by India. USA reaps all the benefits. India thrown under the bus.

Anonymous said...

India's Hindu nationalist BJP govt has one main objective- pandering to the Hindu majority to reap political capital. As early as March, Indian scientists were alerting the govt about a new double COVID variant that could pose real harm, but the govt proceeded to allow election rallies and Hindu festival the Kumpf Mela where millions gathered without adhering to safe distancing and rules, even though the cases were on the ascent.

Having declared to the world they have won the COVID battle when cases decreased to 11,000 daily (for China, a fraction of that would have been declared exponential and implement lockdown), they exported vaccines to compete with China when the latter already stated it wasn't about contest but for the social good of the world. Bragging that they were helping the world with vaccines, now they are appealing the world for all the help they can get, oxygen concentrators, respirators, PPEs, vaccines etc.

India built more Hindu temples than hospitals under the BJP and when even the Health minister recommended drinking cow piss to cure COVID, you know the country's healthcare system is fucked.

Instead of coming to their senses, Indian trolls, likely funded by the BJP, have been swarming the social media like Twitter and FB blaming responsibility on China with diatribes and hatespeech.

So do Indians deserve the Karma? No, its the govt's and their political allies' faults and majority of those who suffered and died are the poor .down and out and had nothing to do with the politics on display and should be helped by the rest of the world.

Virgo49 said...

Yes, its Real Cruel when Politicians are just biased towards their own and their religions without protecting equal rights for the others that are different to them.

Supporting their own Hindus against the Moslems in their own country and same time as hypocrites can supported and cried fouls for their Masters the Uigurs Moslems that are deemed to be persecuted and sufferings in China.

What's a farce and joke.

Anonymous said...

It is Karma. During China floods earlier this year, pro Indian websites, like WION and Gravitas were passing sinister comments hoping that dams like the 'Three Gorges' would collapse. Later, a little warning from heaven caused a glacier collapse that demolished a dam in the Himalayas. That warning was obviously not heeded and they continue to attack China. Now a disaster has happened.

The world has not seen the worst yet. Infections are exploding in rural India. The death toll is estimated to be ten times the official figures, which today stands at slightly more than 200,000. Unrealistic, when you look at the deaths in ambulances, homes and the rural areas and the queues at crematoriums!

A country wide lockdown is on the cards, but too little too late. Elections are over and rallies are no more, so a lockdown seems imminent, looking at the disaster unfolding. India cannot control the virus without enough vaccines, credible oxygen distribution measures, hospital beds and sensible leadership. It is now all chaos and patch and pray and talking and still bragging.

Virgo49 said...

Even set fire to their hospitals just to rid of the messy too much work om hand.

After all it's their traditional natural cremations.

Anonymous said...

Wah, doing cremation inside hospitals now.

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore trying to outdo India?