If Only The US, UK, Canada and Australia Could Behave Normally Like New Zealand, The Human Race Is Bound To Be More Progressive And Peaceful

A few months ago, New Zealand's Trade Minister, Damien O’Connor, urged Australia to show more “respect” to Beijing.

Last month, Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta expressed unease about the Five Eyes alliance — comprised of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand — for moving beyond its objective of intelligence-sharing.

Recently, under undue and uncalled-for pressures from the US and other Five Eyes members, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, tried to reassure the other Five Eyes members that New Zealand shares their concerns on China, but she made it clear that New Zealand would continue to chart its own course and not feel obliged to make joint statements.

“I’m often asked which lane are we swimming in — we swim in New Zealand’s lane,” she said.

Unlike the trouble-makers US, UK, Canada and Australia, New Zealand has not in interfered in the internal affairs of China, nor being jealous of China's expanding influence in the Asia-Pacific region. This is only a natural decency that all peace-loving nations should abide in.

In contrast, Australia's active and aggressive interferences in China's internal affairs on Hong Kong issues and the need to investigate the origins of COVID-19 has understandably incurred China's response to stop Australia from dumping excessive wine and barley into China.

Likewise, the US, UK and Canada have been actively creating obstacles, road-blocks, lies and animosity against China and the Chinese race on all fronts - from politics to technology, from finance to culture, from science to sports, etc.

Our human world can be a much better and more peaceful place to live in if only the US, UK, Canada and Australia can learn from New Zealand.



Anonymous said...

The USA and UK have been going around the world spreading poison against Russia and China. They are ruled by vile people with toxic agendas.

If any country does not follow their dictates they will said that that country has sold it's soul to China. They are forcing New Zealand to change their stance towards China. Likewise they are forcing Germany to distance itself from Russia by threatening to sanction Germany if it did not cancel the Nord Stream 2 project. Freedom of choice? What about those countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and India? Have these countries not likewise sold their souls to the devil?

Even world bodies are not let off. The WHO, just because they praised China for controlling well the COVID19 is accused to be bought over by China. Any website reporting positive news about China is accused of being bought over by China. What about the uncountable websites spouting the propaganda of the USA. Are they not being bought over by the USA? Hypocrites galore!

It seems that the USA, UK and the West have the prerogative to decide for the world what is right and what is wrong. This habit is and must come to an end soon. The USA and the UK needs to wake the fxxk up

Anonymous said...

If the media of the world refuse to report their wild allegations, they would only be talking to themselves. Unfortunately they have many cronies that would report their accusations as if they are true and the stupid would blindly read and believe in them.

This is how they brainwash the unthinking masses and pseudo intellects.

Virgo49 said...

Good morning All and tks to ABC for his marvelous contribution.

New Zealand Lady PM is a very wise Leader.

She had lots of humility for all. Very attentive to even a simple question as asked by a nameless reporter.

Listened and answered to all and sundry even trivial questions.

New Zealanders frankly are not the same as the Convicts Aussies who parroted their UAssA masters to pressurise them to follow their war mongering paths on China.

New Zealanders are so proud of their "ALL BLACKS" rugby team.

PM Arden had mind of her own to protect New Zealand image and her Sovereignty and Survival policies.

Unlike that mindless stupid Canadian Boy PM who are been manipulated and now in deep shits with China.

Remember it's a Aussie Convict descendent who went over to NZ and killed so many innocent Muslims in their mosques.

NZ too trusting of their own whites do not check and know his evil deeds to put a wedge on NZ as killer of Muslims.

Now they are pressuring NZ to follow their foot steps to contain China.

Just because they are all ex Common Wealth Colonies.

Maybe Sinkies Land will do as told.

So high respects to the NZ Lady PM.

My daughter loved to hike and spend months in NZ rather than in Aussies Racists Land.


Virgo49 said...

Today's Shits or Straits Times had one of their Resident so called Global Affairs Correspondent on an article of

"Return of the British to Asia?"

Wow still dreamt of their past glorious the Empire that never sleeps stupid ideology?

Better hello stupid Brits put yourselves to sleep and save your embarrassment as the Beggar of the East to the International Community.

Your own country in deep shits with your itchy backsides withdrawal of member of the European Union.

You are gonna be the Beggar of the World soon title and you still wants to brag your glorious return to Asia?

Just because you have a QEII aircraft carrier that can only carried eight fighter planes to be escorted even by so many other nationalities escorts vesssls to protect you from been sunk by the China's sub torpedo before even reaching the Straits of Malacca.

You want to reclaim your past looting thieving and piracy deeds of returning to Asia as their Masters.

Look yourself in the mirrors that soon even Scotland and the rest will be deserting your United Kingdom soon and you be left alone to beg for alms.

Let alone wants to return to Asia as their Masters.

With just a useless clumsy slow moving Aircraft carrier that can only have eight fighter planes in board?

China with just a push of their buttons can easily sink her and her fighter planes into the watery graves of the oceans.

Still in illusions of their past hideous glories.

Stupidity really No Cures

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

An aircraft carrier without proper air cover, no air superiority, is like swimming naked in the sea and waiting to be screwed.

SSO said...

UK is heading for direct military confrontation with China. No doubt. It has gathered 14 other nations together just like before the Opium War.

This time round, China must take the opportunity readily presented by UK to take her sweet revenge.

Wack the shit out of the 15 nations and impose indemnity upon them for 100 years.

Don't miss this chance, President Xi Jinping.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree with you. The Brits are offering their backside to China thinking China would not dare to shaft it in.

China must do it.

Virgo49 said...

Wow with all these threatening news QEII better turn tail and reverses engine and sailed back quietly to your home base at the English Channel or else you be doomed.

Better now go back in one piece before that stupid Dotard Trump Junior who never combes his unkempt hair comes and pick all the pieces for the scrap yards.


Virgo49 said...

Hello one comb costs few cts also as PeeAyam cannot afford meh?

Somemore your salary paid in pounds. ££££ not Indon Rupiahs

Anonymous said...

At least 1 dead in reported Israeli strike on ‘civilian plastic warehouse’ in Syria’s Latakia
Explosions could be heard in the Syrian coastal cities of Latakia and Tartus, where Russian forces are based, as air defenses reportedly responded to Israeli missiles striking further inland, the state news agency SANA has said.
May 5, 2021 00:28

Why Syria or Russia allowed the Israelis to hit them and dare not hit back? If they dare not hit back, Israel will be embolden to keep hitting at them.