Covid19 - No mask festivals in India -Kumbh Mela 2021


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Opinion | Tale of Two Indias – Where Kumbh is Allowed, Jamaat Event Maligned | The Quint


Virgo49 said...

Just asking for troubles and short cut to HELL

What's to do about it?

The STUPIDITY of human beans and their stubbornness and superstitions.

No cure, no cure.

Anonymous said...

It is OK. India can export all the variants to Singapore. CECA says that Indian are always welcome to come to this little red dot.

SSO said...

Stupidly has NO CURE!

That is the outward expression of their inner stupidity, plus stubbornness like an ass.

When stupidity is combined with stubbornness, they become idiots.

The Coronavirus must be having a field day of great feasting upon the idiots' blood and cells!

Just imagine how many other people those thousands of idiots have spread the coronavirus to!

Official reports from the Indian Health Authorities said the daily average is now more than 350,000 per day.

Multiply that 10 times, it is more likely to be the real numbers. More than 3,000,000 a day!

Exponentially, it will be 30 million a day in 30 days' time

And if not stopped, the whole population of 1.3 billion will be infected within 3 months!

Not a single soul will be spared!

And at least 10% of those infected idiots will go to neighbouring countries and spread their brands of COVID to other countries.

Singapore will not escape, that's for sure. Because idiots and idiots come together, they become imbeciles!

Anonymous said...

Sso u think some dudes needed to be sodomized jialat jialat to their senses?

SSO said...

Evolution At Work.

They are going to die by the millions.

They asked for it. They deserve to die.

This is called Divine Intervention or Evolution - natural balance of the ecology through voluntary attrition.

The weak will exterminate themselves, leaving only the better species to survive in this world.

SSO said...

"Sodomize" them is being too lenient.

They should have been sacked long ago.

The recent musical chair exercise was the result of internal squabbling. They can't agree with one another as to whose instructions to follow.

There are too many Indian Chieftains but no one wants to be Indians.

Even Empress Dowager also wants to have a say.

All the imbeciles must be sacked, for the betterment of Singapore and Singaporeans.

SSO said...

India Latest Covid Report:

A record 3,689 Covid-19 deaths were reported in India on Sunday, just 24 hours after the country recorded more than 400,000 Covid-19 cases in a single day for the first time.

Crematoriums keeping burning dead bodies throughout the nights, round the clock, without respite.

Anonymous said...

Modi would soon be out of work. They can import him here to be the PM. He has good experience in handling Covid19.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Modi will come to Singapore and become a Super Foreign Talent and apply for citizenship. He will not be safe in India after his failure to handle this Indian pandemic, so Singapore will be a safe country for him.

Anonymous said...

Modi may have to run road. Just the right time to become the front runner to take over the PM's post, since they are still looking for a seat warmer. But will Modi give up his seat when it gets warm, that is the question. By then Red Dot no longer needs to report how many imported COVID19 cases from India. It will be uncountable.

SSO said...

When/If Modi comes to Singapore, he would be sent to Tan Ah Seng Hospital and a nurse there will transmit the Covid-Singapore to him. And he will die, just like the 88-year old woman who has unfortunately died there. Admitted there for other ailments but died of Covid given to her by the staff. Otherwise, she could have lived to be 100 years old.

Now Tan Ah Seng Hospital has four wards completely locked-down. Just from one single case. It spreads throughout the whole hospital. What about those thousands of visitors everyday? If only 10% of those daily visitors have been infected, how many thousands are being infected in the community now? Unimaginable!

One arrogant misstep. One careless mistake. One case of infection. That's all the coronavirus needs to make the whole hospital becomes the talk of the town - becomes world famous. If I were the Chief Honcho, I resign immediately. No face to see my Boss. I let my Boss down. I let Singaporeans down. Only decent thing to do is to take full responsibility and resign.

Still keep importing infected foreigners to occupy our hotels in order to give them business some more? This is a sure way to get the whole country into a big mess again. This is called "backside too itchy."

Penny wise, pound foolish!

From stupidity become idiots. From idiots become imbeciles. All because of impatience to open up the economy to make a few fast bucks!

Playing with invisible virus is worse than playing with fire!

Anonymous said...

Photos of the Tianhe module launch and its fuel burn-off were compared with what appeared to be a mass outdoor cremation in India, and captioned "China lighting a fire versus India lighting a fire".


SSO said...

I am baffled as to why The Straits Times has time and again exposes itself to be quick in fishing for opportunities to demonize China.

Why such a persistent unquenchable urge and determination to paint a bad picture about China?

What has China done to the editors and owners of the Straits Times to have incurred such animosity from The Straits Times?

Or, is there a deliberate campaign launched by the leadership in Singapore to paint China black and dark for cultural, political or racial reasons?

Or, for personal vendetta?

Something is uncannily going wryly wrong.

The above comment is a response to:

Anonymous @ May 02, 2021 11:09 pm

"Photos of the Tianhe module launch and its fuel burn-off were compared with what appeared to be a mass outdoor cremation in India, and captioned "China lighting a fire versus India lighting a fire".


Anonymous said...

anon 11.09pm. That pic was deleted after encountering public backlash in.. CHINA, which proves the nation can differentiate what is acceptable unlike the hate and animosity from Indian media like WION, the Print and Gravitas and their trolls.(They still call it the Wuhan virus even though what is ravaging India now is a totally new local strain)

But ST still sees fit to report the story considering we have a substantial Indian minority here. For what purpose?

There are many articles and pics that spreading lies and demonising China on the Western MSMs and still on their websites, don't see ST report some of that? Perhaps ST is toning down their hate speech to play up their so called " civilised" societies and people?

Has this to do with the South Asian opinion writers and editorial staff that now seem to be increasing in their employ?

Anonymous said...

They have not learnt from the Terrex Incident. Wanting to be kick in the ass one more time. Or were they coerced by someone or country to demonise China? And they have no choice but to do it?

Virgo49 said...

All under the Balls of the Really "DARK State"

South Asian Dark States that already infiltrated and control Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Not only Straits Times still using the term 'Wuhan Virus'. Channel News America, whenever they discuss or talk about the COVID19, they never fail to remind those watching that the name 'Wuhan' must be mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I think the Straits Times and Channel News Asia have been infiltrated or bought by certain powers, either from the US, UK or India.

Anonymous said...

China must monitor and take appropriate actions when opportune times arrive.

Chinese must wake up and be united and rise up against those who demonize the Chinese people and Motherland.

There are some traitors among the Chinese. These traitors must be exposed in due course.

Anonymous said...


Anon 9.46.

As Lee Kuan Yew said when asked about religious tolerance and whether he thinks religious radicalisation has come to Singapore, he said that he does not have to think but that he has already seen it all.

So it is with the States Times and Channel News America. They have already sold their soul to the West.

Anonymous said...

It is ofcos not surprising that some reckon SG borders must be kept open to keep the economy going and mitigation of increased covid cases lies with increasing local restrictions. The trade-off between the economy and pandemic management is all over the world albeit with Singaporean characteristics in that this involves borders and foreign labour. Again not surprising given our dependence on trade and investment.

However to favour local restrictions over closing borders does reflect yet another thing that is not surprising - that domestic demand (hence push to economic growth) from consumption has always been too small to change the dynamics of the trade-offs. 

Now the one thing yours truly will argue against this, is our economic partners may close their borders to Singapore and for longer if we are seen to be a conduit for the troubles in India given our apparent dependence on Indian FWs and FTs. As an international hub, that is not exactly where we wanna be.

So this additional angle to the simple open border / increase local restriction equation needs to be considered. The other thing that will be rather uncomfortable is that perhaps SG has grown overly dependent on labour from India - that should raise serious questions about economic risk management which may have been overlooked in the perpetual dash to "catch every wave".

As our economy can never be allowed to be overly dependent on a single sector, so the same goes with foreign labour given its very large proportion of the overall workforce.

Anonymous said...

India has so many talents but leading the country into a national disaster. And Singapore is waiting to bring these talents to help Singapore and help Singaporeans.

India has the most successful Indian diaspora. What are they doing to help India during this difficult time?

Anonymous said...

After a concerning call with his mother in New Delhi about the gravity of the Covid-19 crisis in India, Priyank Lathwal said he felt an urgent need to help.

Lathwal, a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, quickly launched a fund and has, along with Shyamli Badgaiyan, a Harvard Business School student, helped unite 30 Indian and South Asian student groups from across the U.S. to drum up support.

It took a graduate student to feel strong enough to want to help. What happens to all the Indian billionaires and millionaires? All too rich and too busy to want to help their motherland?