Covid19 - The whole truth on where it started


This 4 min video only scratches the surface of the issue. There is a longer 35 min version that gave even more details of the American evil and wicked plot to kill the Chinese people using Covid19 and also explained in chronological order the events that took place months before Wuhan.

With so much evidence pointing to the Americans as the culprit in this pandemic, why is the WHO or the UN not initiating an investigation into the role of the Americans in starting this pandemic? It would be so easy to prove that the virus started way before Wuhan in Italy, Spain and the USA. Confirming this would be easy and kill the dirty lie spread by the Americans that it started in Wuhan. Why WHO is not doing this but desperately wanting to prove it started in Wuhan?

The second point is to prove that the virus were spreading in the USA before Wuhan and killing the Americans. This too would be easy and would confirm that the Americans knew about it and were hiding the truth from the world. Again, no one seems to bother, not WHO anyway.

The third point is to point out that the virus originated from Fort Detrick. This would be difficult as the Americans would not allow the investigation or even if willing, would have wiped away all evidence pointing to their guilt. But this should not rule out investigating what had happened in Fort Detrick.

The circumstantial evidence were all there, from their early knowledge of a virus hitting Wuhan before even it happened, from the warning to Israel and EU about this virus, from their preparation, like the simulation exercise involving Bill Gates and the similarity in the facts, that the virus would start in a wet market in Wuhan, the sick American soldiers in Wuhan that were quickly flown back home, leaving no trace of their sickness etc etc. If WHO and the world want to know the truth, why not pursuing these leads?

The world needs to know the whole truth and bring the criminals to justice. Hundreds of millions of people have been infected and millions have died because of this evil plot.

WHO and the UN must be responsible and start the investigation and not allow the criminals to get away.  Worse, allowing the criminals to accuse innocent China of the crime. The truth must surface and this can only happen if WHO and the UN have the guts to conduct the investigation at the source.

There is an elephant in the room. The devil is standing on the roof accusing others for what he had done, starting this pandemic.


Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB and All

All the Organisations of the so called fake International Community are under the Balls of the UAssaA and their cronies.

WHO dared raise a whimper against them?

For so many donkey years these Mafias and their henchmen were controlling and bullying the Rest of the weak nations into submissions.

So all been ALREADY broke down and just turned their blind eyes to their actriocites.

Now only China may be the One to dare defy them.

But the Chinese do not want to be a nit bickering nation and just simply kept quiet.

Hoping that the Truths will reveal by itself.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the Americans or the West talked about International Community they are talking about the 5 eyes and the West and a few crony countries. Added together, not more than 50 countries.

There are about 210 countries in the world. China told them not to bluff in Alaska, that they don't represent the International Community, only themselves. They are not fit to represent the International Community, stop the white lie.

SSO said...

The UN and WHO have been filled with either US nominated, recommended, or supported staff and heavily financed officially and unofficially by the US Government as well as the CIA. In fact, many of the UN staff are CIA operatives and some of the UN top officials are likely on the payroll of the CIA.

Therefore, by not taking the rightful actions to expose the culprit, the UN and WHO are actually complicit in this evil scheme.

Anonymous said...

On a separate note, the blinking Blinken, still half asleep, is telling the world that China is becoming more assertive. What does he expect? The USA and the West, including some Asian toads of the USA, are still expecting China to remain weak, be humble and let them slap and humiliate as in the past?

A century of humiliation has ended and China will no longer tolerate the USA nor the West dictating to China.

Anonymous said...

Has Singapore's embassy in India been afflicted by several COVID-19 cases?

According to Indian media The Hindu, "a significant number of foreign diplomats in the national capital have been hit by COVID-19’s deadly second wave. The situation was brought to light on Saturday evening with the Embassy of the Philippines reaching out to the volunteers of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC) seeking oxygen cylinders.

The health crisis in the diplomatic enclave has spread to several foreign missions including the New Zealand High Commission which sought help from the IYC publicly on Sunday morning.

Embassies of Singapore and Vietnam too had several cases , it has been learnt. Similarly, there have been cases in other embassies too in Delhi. The situation is bad and so some embassies have resorted to helping themselves with oxygen from whoever can give them, one diplomat said on condition of anonymity."

Anonymous said...

The timeline of events all fits into the fact that the virus came from Fort Detrick.

The cases of COVID19 much earlier in 2019 blamed on E-cigarettes, the stern refusal to allow a doctor to investigate further the cause of death of those in Mid 2019, the infected athletes sent to the Military games in October 2019, all not in good health and performed badly, the huge sums of money channeled into producing a coronavirus vaccine way before the outbreak in Wuhan (how do they know there was going to be an outbreak even before Wuhan), the recall of the USA virus expert suddenly from Wuhan, and the outbreak in Wuhan just soon after the US Military games athletes left China.

That they took down this website because it is revealing the truth says it all. The truth hurts.

The irony is that the USA will get away with this crime, just as they got away with 911 being an inside job.

Anonymous said...

How come so many countries got E cigarettes and vaping but no one suffered from the flu that the Americans claimed to have hit those living around Fort Detrick?

And how come no more new cases of flu from vaping in the USA?

Who is lying and spreading fake news?

Anonymous said...

And the USA got the audacity and cheek to accuse China, Russia and Iran of spreading propaganda. As the Chinese in Alaska pointed out, in cyberattacks on others the USA is the top dog. In spying on others, the USA is also in pole position. They even spied on allies and sold rigged encryption machines to them so they can know what they are talking about. In propaganda, the USA is also the top dog.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.50. The US and it's crony allies have been piling lies about China daIly. When China respond to them, China is accused of engaging in 'wolf diplomacy' and bullying. You just have to fathom their self righteousness and hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

These are websites that have to be downloaded and propagated and, if deleted, be reloaded online to inform and educate the world.

As examples, many 911 documentaries have already been removed discreetly for giving too realistic analysis of how they carried out the inside job and why the secrecy and immediate removal of the debris from the site. All evidence were immediately destroyed. Right after the event, videos and photos were forcibly seized from publication. Why?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In 911, all the golds in the bank vaults were stolen and no one is asking. Who took the gold bars?

Anonymous said...

Many important and incriminating documents in important Government offices in Building 7 were also destroyed for good.

They killed three birds with one stone. They destroyed incriminating documents. They stole the gold. And they had a reason to start the war in Iraq, claiming WMD and Saddam's support for terrorism. On terrorism that they themselves created and carried out on the twin towers plus one.

Virgo49 said...

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Now all talked like crying and begging for them to stop.

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Anonymous said...

Australia banning Australians returning from India with threats of jail and $66,000 fine was easy. They are Indian Australians, not white Australians.

Very Angry Citizen said...

As India's healthcare system crumbles, so is PM Modi's political empire crumbling.

As deaths from Covid in India keep increasing, the power of the ruling BJP party keeps decreasing.

The commoners of India, the majority of India's voters, have put the blame of the havoc caused by the coronavirus squarely upon the shoulders of PM Modi and his political party, the ruling BJP, for their lack of concern and lack of genuine actions to lighten the sufferings of the people and for not minimizing the death tolls.

Modi and his BJP have been seen as being more interested in holding elections instead of care for the health and lives of the voters.

The PAP was also doing the same thing last July.

Over the last few months, the PAP has also let the guards down by persistently and relentlessly importing COVID-19 infected patients into Singapore recklessly, without heeding the cries of the people to stop importing COVID-19 diseased persons into the country.

The PAP is solely to be blamed for the recent upsurge and spreading of the COVID-19 infections in the community and at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

The PAP cannot shirk its responsibility and try to shift the blame to the people by telling the people to work with the PAP government.

The people have been working with the PAP government for the last one year. It is the PAP government that has not been working with the people.

It is the PAP government that has let its guards down by opening up the borders to court troubles and invite invisible foreigners-carried viruses into the country to spread among the local people.

When is the arrogant PAP leadership going to take responsibility?

Virgo49 said...

Chinese gangsters sayings
"Chwee kong lam pars song"

Now can point fingers to the masses and said have to bear all the inconveniences again to avoid another CB.

Chow CB. Whose faults are these?

Anonymous said...

Embassies of *Singapore* and *Vietnam* too had several cases, it has been learnt. Similarly, there have been cases in other embassies too in Delhi. The situation is bad and so some embassies have resorted to helping themselves with oxygen from whoever can give them, one diplomat said on condition of anonymity.


SSO said...

The PAP only claims credits, even upon credits due to others, but never ever claim responsibility for the wrongs it has done.

Virgo49 said...

Poor Sinkies lining up five to six hours just for a stupid test.

Who caused all these inconveniences?

All because of their stupid bravado acts.

Sinkies are the most foolish dafts to be played monkeys by them.