COVID-19 On The March In Singapore Again?

A girl student from Victoria Junior College (that has many foreign students on scholarship paid by Singaporeans' money) has been infected by COVID-19 virus, possibly the latest variant from India. As a result, 103 people have to be quarantined - 95 students and 8 staff.

What about those people who took the same buses or MRT trains with her, while she was infectious but not showing symptoms?

What about the places she has visited? How many people at those places have been infected by her?

Also, Changi Airport has discovered 3 more workers/staff got infected by COVID-19 Indian variant.

Are these isolated cases? Or, they are the tip of the iceberg?

The situation in Singapore has cause for concern because there is still very limited efforts spent to test everyone. Unless everyone is tested, there is no way to know the extent of the spread of the latest India Variant of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Singapore.

And we do not have the full picture as to how many people have been infected everyday.

Therefore, it is better to avoid going out as much as possible, especially to crowded places, crowded buses and trains, and drinking and eating joints.

The highly contagious India virus is probably in the air, everywhere. No one is the wiser.

No expert can tell for sure where and when the virus is going to attack you.

Precautions are better than cures.



Anonymous said...

At the rate the highly infectious and deadly Indian variant is allowed to spread in the island, soon we will be like India,

When would the imbeciles stop travel to and from India? If this is still going on, when it explodes here, we will know why and who did it.

Virgo49 said...

I had alreday envisioned that one fine day many of the workers in the Air Terminals would be the Super Supreaders that would bring the whole country on her knees.

They still had SMART cunning reportings every day to con Sinkies.

Each day they would simply reported one to ten or even twenty imported cases. These are the positive ones as discovered by them. But they did not tell you that they are admitting few hundreds to thousands per day the still undiscovered ones into Sinkieland.

Just imagine that now we had 12,801 ones in on SHNs in Sinkieland.

To those who are still sleeping and boh chap aiya only ten to twenty imported cases but they do NOT realise that there are 12801 still NOT confirmed positive cases in our midst.

Just imagine each day hundreds if not a thousand passed thru our Air Terminals in contact with our Security and ICA personnel and also using the toilets in which our uncles and aunties are the ones cleaning them.

Sure in those 12801 ones many are positive carriers and the virus are every Where in all these premises.

Sure some even how well covered they are will also be in contact with these air borne virus.

One fine day sure kena and they went back to the community and their families to lo and behold spread them.

Even now our Grab Drivers also kena.

One case have to test and ring fenced thousands and test them.

How time consuming and costs consuming.

Well our Great 4G Leaders are smart as most Sinkies said and are paid in millions should know how to contain these happenings.

Virgo49 said...

The Worse is that these are the B bombers variants from beloved INDIA.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Among the 10 new community cases announced on Sunday (May 9) was a Grab driver. That suggests unknown number of passengers may now be afflicted with the coronavirus and spreading onward to their families and friends at large.

Daily reports of imported COVID-19 cases in Singapore over the past few months have ranged from 10 to 50, and yet nothing was done to stop the inflow of people, especially from South Asia, as preventive measures to eliminate risks of infecting the community.

Today's ST headline: "S'pore raises its defences amid more Covid-19 cases at home, in region" glaringly shows the foolish reactive policy action - "shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted."

Very exasperated with those paid $million of taxpayers' money.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are like the proverbial frog being boiled to death without knowing what is happening.

Anonymous said...

One of those those paid $million in taxpayers' money had said: "Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of the benefit of hindsight."

Very hard to foresee meh?

Virgo49 said...

Then at least you must have the FORESIGHT without the luxury of hindsight or backside.

Clear eyed said...

They have not shut the stable door, it's still open. Citizens and PRs from all over the world, including India, are allowed to come here without need to be tested for Covid-19. And foreign workers in industries such as construction, marine, processing and domestic maids are allowed in.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When would Singapore put a ban on travel to India with immediate effect until the situation improves?

Such an order would at least stop more going there to bring in more dangerous variants to infect more Singaporeans.

Those Singaporeans and PRs already there, on returning must be quarantined for at least 3 weeks to be sure they are free from the infection.

It is a crime against Singaporeans at this stage of the game to let Singaporeans and PRs to visit India and return.

Virgo49 said...


Total ban even own citizens or PRs just do it like that Morrison guy.

What's for 21 days SHN when that person is still positive and liable to spread to the community.

Whats for earn that $3000$ hotel stay when the community can be infected.

Want to earn also must think of the consequences.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As a country we cannot turn away our citizens. Not sure about PRs.

To avoid having to turn away our citizens, they could simply ban Singaporeans going there.

Anonymous said...

Instead of banning, they are trying to create travel bubbles to encourage Singaporeans to travel.

Instead of banning own citizens from coming back, why not just ban foreigners. That would be the most logical thing to do.

Morrison cares so much about human rights in Xinjiang, but bans own citizens from returning to Australia. What does this tell you about this hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

Now the 4G left only three candidates for PM, if further deteriorating of Covid19 positions, all these candidates may be blamed. Very good strategy, another batches of 4G or 5G leaders would appears to takeover. Who would benefit most?should be Singaporeans right, no threat of losing PM, only delaying successions plan.lol.

Anonymous said...

I take umbrage for allowing Singaporeans and PRs to visit India now.

SSO said...

The Four Types Of Leaders

The wise prevents dangers from coming to our shore.

The brave fights dangers right at the door.

The commoner avoids dangers as they go about the chore.

The imbecile courts dangers to earn just a few dollars more!

SSO - 10 May 2021.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon

If the citizens chose to go to India as their Motherland as they still missed their Motherland and wanted to come back again to adopted Sinkieland just for Sanctuary why cannnot ban them from returning?

Why allowed them to have the Best of Both World to jeopodise the lives of local Singaporeans.

If this Directive is to br given to them and they insisted to disobey than why pampered them their whims and wishes?

Just ban them from returning.

To be fair to all local born Singaporeans.

If the same is to China then it be the same.

China, I can vouch that they will do the same if their citizens insisted to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE: All workers in Changi Airport’s operating terminals will be tested for COVID-19 in a special testing operation from Sunday (May 9), said the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and Changi Airport Group (CAG).

About 9,000 workers from Terminal 1, Terminal 3 and Jewel Changi Airport will undergo these tests. Terminal 2 is not operating.

So many people to be tested, so much work, cost and inconvenience would be unnecessary if the imbeciles would only do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

A report on the incident was lodged and investigations are ongoing, police said on Monday.

All people in Singapore aged six and above are required to wear a mask when outside their homes, according to Ministry of Health guidelines.

They may remove their mask while engaging in outdoor or strenuous exercise, including brisk walking or walking up hilly terrain, but must put it back on after exercising.

Those walking at a normal pace are required to wear a mask.
Source: CNA/dv(ac)

Brisk walking exempted from wearing mask? Brisk walking a strenuous exercise?

Virgo49 said...

Aiya Anon

All these are just gasa butas the blind following the blind in their scrambling just for self consolations.

The WHO and also the Rest are just guess works to comfort themselves that they are doing something.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is not so innocent as merely guesswork. The whole pandemic and use of vaccines are so politicised that they have compromised the well being and lives of millions of people around the world.

Because of the white policising the pandemic, it would not go away so quickly and many would have to suffer and die unnecessarily.

This is white men's crime against humanity. They have blood in their hands. Instead of saving lives using medical science to tackle the issue, they are playing politics to gain influence and control and make profits while sacrificing lives of the innocents.

Got so many vaccines but not allowed to be used but forcing people to pay for expensive useless vaccines...and still not available even if people wanted to buy.

This is criminal! The whites must be condemned for this cruelty against civilisation.

LIPS said...

Breaking: Deadly And Rare Fungal Infection After Covid Infection

A growing number of current and recovered COVID-19 patients in India are contracting a deadly and rare fungal infection, doctors told AFP Monday as the vast nation battles to contain a massive outbreak of virus cases.

On Monday, India reported 370,000 coronavirus infections, bringing the total to 22.7 million cases, with more than 3,700 new deaths.

Experts said the actual number of cases and fatalities could be much higher.

Mucormycosis, dubbed “black fungus” by doctors in India, is usually most aggressive in patients whose immune systems are weakened by other infections.

Medical experts said they had seen a rise in cases in India in recent weeks, while the health ministry on Sunday released an advisory on how to treat the infection.

“The cases of mucormycosis infection in Covid-19 patients post-recovery is nearly four to five times than those reported before the pandemic,” Ahmedabad-based infectious diseases specialist Atul Patel, a member of the state’s COVID-19 taskforce, told AFP.

In the western state of Maharashtra, home to India’s financial hub Mumbai, up to 300 cases have been detected, said Khusrav Bajan, a consultant at Mumbai’s P.D. Hinduja National Hospital and a member of the state’s COVID-19 Task Force.

At least another 300 cases have been reported so far in four cities in Gujarat, including its largest Ahmedabad, according to data from state-run hospitals.

The western state ordered government hospitals to set up separate treatment wards for patients infected with “black fungus” amid the rise in cases.

“Mucormycosis — if uncared for — may turn fatal,” the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), the scientific agency leading the government’s response, said in a treatment chart released on Twitter.

COVID-19 sufferers are more susceptible to contracting the fungal infection. This includes those with uncontrolled diabetes, those who used steroids during their virus treatment, and those who had prolonged stays in hospital ICUs, the ICMR added.

Treatment involves surgically removing all dead and infected tissue and administering a course of anti-fungal therapy.

But Yogesh Dabholkar, an ear, nose and throat specialist at Mumbai’s DY Patil Hospital, told AFP that the drugs used to treat those infected with the fungus are very expensive.

One of the treatment drugs was also running short in government hospitals due to the sudden spike, he added.

“The mortality rate is very high… Even the few that recover, only recover with extensive and aggressive surgery,” Bajan said.

“This is a fast-moving infection. It can grow within two weeks… It’s a Catch-22, coming out of a virus and getting into a fungal infection. It’s really bad.”

Hope Singapore has not imported the black fungus disease from India yet.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi LIPS, good article. Will post it as a main article tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

India is now the de facto poison spitting black mamba against China in Asia. All their news sites have nothing but vitriol against China with frivolous accusations, fake news and breast beating. God is punishing them and they still do not know it!

The second wave is a serious warning from heaven. A third wave will make this second wave a walk in the park. Now we are only seeing reports of the aftermath of what is happening in Urban India. The catastrophe unfolding in Rural India is out of the coverage of the Indian MSM. It is ugly.

Anonymous said...

When people are dying all over the place...
When the rich are running away...
When the air is filled with the stench of death...
When the people are crying for help but help is no where to be seen...

This is hell on earth.

What the world is seeing or hearing are the desperate calls for help by those who could afford some help. The rural Indians just take it as it comes, all left to nature, in the hands of God, no need to cry, no need to panic. If a person dies, just bury and lives go on. No need to report, no one cares.

Anonymous said...

The World Health Organization on Monday announced that B.1.617, the coronavirus variant first identified in India, is of global concern.

Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead of WHO's coronavirus response, said that there is "some available information to suggest some increased transmissibility of B.1.617," and more research is needed to determine whether COVID-19 vaccines are as effective against this variant. There are three other variants of global concern: the strains first detected in Britain, South Africa, and Brazil.

B.1.617 was first detected in India in October. The country is now experiencing a devastating COVID-19 outbreak, with hundreds of thousands of new cases reported every day.

This is the variant that has arrived in Singapore. Thank you very much, imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE: The large clusters and “rapid transmission” of the B16172 COVID-19 variant first detected in India are “concerning”, as it suggests that infections of this strain can spread “quickly and widely”, said Health Minister Gan Kim Yong in Parliament on Tuesday (May 11).


Virgo49 said...

Listened and see LowRan Wong's speech and you can feel the blaming game as though on the Singaporeans themselves instead of who's who's the originators of all these happenings.

One laspse and you have widespread infections.

Who is the one responsible for all these unnecessary laspse?

Not an Indian Variant? What's not an Indian Variant when they are so irresponsible to defile all Sciences recommendations and create these variants.

Also they made hue and cry even by the PeeAyam just to wayang just because of a Chinkee Ah Seng who loses his cool on an Indian woman not seeing her obeying all proctcols whereas he and the rest are so inconvenienced by doing so all the while that he got so angry and abused and kicked her.

Wow pained their beloved God children and had the full force of the agencies investigating.

Whereas not a whimper be raised if this incident were to happen to a Sinkie Chinkee.

They are now following the Whites and the Americunts in pampering their chosen and beloved ones.

Own they discriminated and punished.

Wow better be in Matland and be under the balls of the Mats rather than be under your traitous kind.

Anonymous said...

“Because, first it will be the expat Indians. Then, it will come to Singaporean Indians. And anyway, not everyone can distinguish between foreign-born Indians and Singapore-born Indians... If we go down this route, eventually all Indians can be a target of hate, the so-called “outgroup”,” he said.

Anonymous said...

Covid-19: Tight border controls could lead to higher unemployment, job losses, says Lawrence Wong https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/tight-border-controls-could-lead-higher-unemployment-job-losses-lawrence-wong

Virgo49 said...

Wow one shot three charges.

If this happened to Chinkee Sinkie will the same be meted also?

How about that Indian National who insulted our Chinkee kena Screw Guard?

Just move on?

These incidents happened because all these cases the supposed wrong parties are in the first place the most kwa lan and the most agressive parties

See now they wanted to order that the most broke the traffic rules cyclists to cycle in a single row.

Who are these most kwa lan cyclists that always caused affrays with the motoroists? Chow uncivilised high brow barbarians ang mohs

See in the MRT train incident of that chow ang moh who do not to wear a mask!

All the trouble makers are the Papies special people who in the first place caused all the troubles.

So how can they want to blame our local Chinkees?

They must in the first place investigate who are the actual trouble makers!

Virgo49 said...

Chinkee local Sinkies are the most sai suay and Traitous lots.

For the sake of their gaji butas 17K monthly MP allowance like that Ting Pei Ling they will just wayang asked this bullshits question in parliament.

Instead if asking what is the Real happening to all these incidents they simply added salt, vinegar and fire to further harm their own local Chinkees.

Virgo49 said...

That's their usual excuses to con the daft Sinkies.

Anyway Sinkies are already so daft that it makes no difference.

Virgo49 said...

See how they defenced that Indian National who insulted our old uncle kena screw backside pain guard.

If you buggers kept doxing that High Class Expat that we allowed in under the CECA agreement, we will come down full force on you.

No wonder they all behaved so high and mighty and even declared themselves as untroubables of soverigns

Anonymous said...

Why're they so quick to classify the incident as a racist hate crime? The offending guy could be angry with just anybody who don't wear a mask.

Unlike in the USA, the blacks attack the Asians for no reason other than race.

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon.

You think that guy makan nothing better to do just like those brainless black apes in the UAssA looks for fights and bullying?

It's because now they knew that their stupid wrong policies are troubling the Sinkies and they do not want to admit them and quick actions to blame on the Sinkies and nipped them before things go bad further down the roads.

So they have to kill chicken to frighten the rest.

Poor this guy, if all do not want to put a word for him will be the worst scapegoat to be slaughter.

Mark my words.

Put Chinkees Sinkies into remote and disquiet mode.

Virgo49 said...

All these Chinkees Sinkies Papies MPs, have they ever touch their hearts and feel any guilts conscious of aligning their own kind

Think most already sold their souls to the Devils and the 17K allownces.

Virgo49 said...

Should be magalining their own.

Sorry for the error

Virgo49 said...

Had been following the CNN segment of Liz Cheney, the Courageous Republicans Leader of the their GOP who dared to say Truths against her own party and that Dotard Trump.

Is there any Liz Cheney or Lick CBee in the PAP MPs back benchers or even Ministers who dared American Liz Cheney's path to dare tell his or her own Party and Admin that their policies are WRONG?