New World Order - No more time wasting summits with the Americans and enemies


'Putin should refuse Biden’s offer of a summit: Americans will bring only political theatrics & threats, nothing will be achieved
25 Apr, 2021 RT 

By Glenn Diesen, Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway, and an editor at the Russia in Global Affairs journal.

The response of the media and pundit class to a possible summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden shows that a meeting between the two leaders is premature and Moscow should step back.'

This call by Glenn Diesen is timely and appropriate. No more nonsense and time wasting meetings with the Americans if the agenda is nothing but disguised troublemaking ruse using human rights and democracy to meddle with Russian domestic affairs and to smear and attack Russia.  What is the point of a summit when it is meant to be an attack on the domestic affairs of Russia?

Russian and China should put an end to this American nonsense. If the Americans want to meet and talk, let's talk about how to improve relations, improve trade and improve the world. Why go to a meeting to allow the Americans to take potshots at your domestic affairs? Why waste time with trouble makers up to no good.

No more useless and provocative summits with the Americans. Period. 

Russia and China must set the agenda that would bring benefits to both countries, not attend a summit to be lectured by the trouble making, conniving and evil Americans and ended up achieving nothing good.

US relations with Russia and China must start with a new page. Countries that regard China and Russia as enemies should be treated as enemies.  No more grey areas. Countries that spent their time looking for trouble, looking for a fight, must be met with the same viciousness and be attacked when they attacked. The new world order shall be either friends or enemies. No more trading or talking with enemies and allowing them to meddle with your internal affairs and finding faults to smear and demonise you.  The troublemakers must be met with a fist in their face.




Anonymous said...

Biden is hoping against hope for a summit with Putin, after calling Putin a 'killer' and imposing further sanctions on Russia and interfering with the Nord Stream 2 project and Ukraine. The USA is trying to project an image of being in a position of strength going into a summit with Putin, just like in Alaska where they failed miserably.

In fact, from the visitations of Blinken in various meetings with various allies, the assumption is that the summit between Biden and Putin is a done deal. Far from it. Putin has not deem it fit to respond to the USA nonsense. Putin should know that any agreement that comes out of any meeting is just papers fit for wiping dog poo. The USA can unilaterally tear them up at their whims and fancies. No, Russia and China have seen enough of the USA tactics over the years. And so does many other countries, even allies.

The USA has lost it's last little bit of credibility in the eyes of the world. Only those that are worse than the blind, and refused to see, will still follow their nonsense. The USA and the West propaganda machine has lost it's teeth and decaying as the days go by, with more and more countering appearing on social media. China is stepping up it's own counterpunch.

Various very reliable narratives can be found on Youtube, by knowledgeable Whites themselves, no less. Two of which I love to listen to are Alexander Mercouris and Jeffrey Sachs, among many others like Richard Wolff and Cyrus Janssen

Anonymous said...

Not to forget the contributions of George Galloway.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 10.04

UAssA pretended to be Angels and encroached into Countries that they deemed to have an interests in their resources to be exploited.

Then they will stirred shits amongst the politicians in these countries to create chaos and anarchy.

From there they will supported their lackeys into powers then had a control over them.

There be perpetual chaos in these silly countries that falls into their evil deeds and they will exploit fully to their advantage and interests till they are no longer valuable to them. Then they will leave them high and dry to fend for themselves.

So they are still trying to brow beat Russia and China they are still number one and superior to them and must not interferes in what's they doing now their evil deeds to those unfortunate as marked by them countries.

Still behaving as Mafia Chief One and no one should stop and touch them.

So in any socalled Summits they have nothing to negotiate except to beat brow the others into submissions.

Russia's Putin is not going to have that old man Biden do that to him. He can in front of so many World's Leaders even blow him for been silly in his senile behaviours of even not knowing when to wear and when to take out his mask.

Whereas China's Xi been a fine gentleman would not want to shame him as such and more congenial in listening what's his and their silly negotiations.

So like Dotard Trump and North Korea's Kim two summits, NOTHING will come out of them.

The Americunts only wanted to show off to the World who's the BOSS and will at every last minute had a flimsy reason or excuse to throw away all wasted and time consuming negotiations.

But in Putin's case he will always show them his Mantra BOSSINI to Ameicunts BOSS only ideology.

President Xi is just too polite to just smile and in his heart knew that the BOSS and BOSSINI outfits are now all dead that lost to Uniqlo and H&M.


Anonymous said...

After exploiting and stealing their resources, they create regime change when the leaders do not tow the line or are not whom they prefer. They then armed rebels and terrorist that they created, to cause chaos and they will then come in as 'angels' to help the Government on the pretext of fighting terrorism. Of course the condition is that they remain or are allowed to set up a military base. That is how they have managed to have so many military bases all over the world.

When they managed to set foot in a country, no peace will prevail. It will always be trouble politically designed, so that they will remain there perpetually to help destroy the country. Do not be naive to believe they are leaving Afghanistan. They needed troops to counter Russia and China. They will return to Afghanistan soon enough, because of terrorism, which they will create for a purpose.

Anonymous said...

Some see the USA withdrawal from Afghanistan as a face saving gesture, knowing that defeat at the hands of the Taliban is a matter of time. The USA would not want to suffer another humiliation in the mode of Vietnam. That would make it three times unlucky - Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. How could the greatest military power in the world be defeated yet again?

Virgo49 said...

The UAssA had those stupid countries beared the expenses of having their war mongering Gangsters in their countries on the pretext of protecting them.

These stupid countries does not realised that they created fears to let them stationed their gangsters there on their Hideous agenda just to contain their bitter main perceived enemies of China and Russia.

Same time been colonised by them as their vassals.

Feeding their Gangsters to control them and also be slaves to them.

Real imbeciles

Anonymous said...

Why Biden Won't Be Able to Replicate China’s Infrastructure Miracle

In March, U.S. President Joe Biden announced a plan to invest more than $2 trillion in repairing and building new infrastructure in the United States, invoking a foreign-policy challenge — “global competition with China.”

But there is already much skepticism about the financial feasibility of Biden’s proposal, as the dilemma of how to pay for such investments prevails.

China’s per capita income is just about one seventh that of the United States, and its fiscal and financial systems are far less sophisticated. Yet, it has still been able to find the resources to transform its economic landscape.

China’s solution lies in a poorly understood phenomenon: the government’s success in tapping the hidden value of land that became available for development as China transitioned from a socialist- to a market-driven economy. In the pre-reform socialist era, land in China had limited commercial value since both ownership and usage rights belonged to the state. A robust market for residential and commercial property only began to emerge in the late 1990s when the government privatized housing and launched auctions of land parcels for commercial use.

This led to a surge in the price of land-based assets as markets sought to establish their real commercial value. Those who nominally owned plots—households, firms, and local governments—suddenly found themselves blessed with assets that were appreciating rapidly. The Chinese Residential Land Price Indexes suggests the average value of land increased eightfold between 2004 and the end of 2017.

Increasing land prices also gave regional and municipal governments the opportunity to establish so-called local government financing vehicles (LGFVs) to raise funds and invest in infrastructure. Formally state-owned enterprises, LGFVs could use the land assets that had initially been granted by their parent governments as collateral to take out loans or issue new bonds. That got them the cash to build everything from power grids to subway systems.

Elsewhere in the world, robust property markets have typically already existed for decades if not centuries. That means most governments cannot count on the type of windfall that fell into the laps of China’s leadership’s current generation with market reforms.

For Biden, that means if he cannot raise taxes, he will have to pay for much of the new spending with debt. In that case, Biden would be borrowing not against tangible assets but against the creditworthiness of the U.S. Treasury Department.

Relying on the almost-bulletproof reliability of U.S. Treasury bills might be as good a trick as China’s land-financing one was. But unless the U.S. dollar remains the de facto global reserve currency, it too has an expiration date.

Virgo49 said...

Foxy News now making fun and demonizing China for her Rocket Debris that gonna return to Earth soon. Their own debris returning to Earth no one demonizing them and it's their rights?

They demonizing China and also brought up the subject of Wuhan Virus still blaming China for the spread of the COVID virus.

China should not keep quiet or is it there some truths that they are the One that started the spread?

Think maybe so. If not she should raise a hue and cry to nail America as the main culprit for the spread.

Are they so gentlemen to the Core that the whole world of the UAssA cronies are demonizing them and they just kept mum?

Think must be some guilt conscious that they are behaving as so.

Anonymous said...

Given that Australian hawks keep hyping or hinting that Australia will assist the US military and participate in war once a military conflict breaks out in the Taiwan Straits, and the Australian media outlets have been actively promoting the sentiment, China may make a plan to impose retaliatory punishment against Australia once it militarily interferes in the cross-Straits situation.

The plan will include long-range strikes on the military facilities and relevant key facilities on Australian soil if it really sends its troops to China's offshore areas and combats against the PLA.

In addition to making the plan, China will also reveal this plan through non-official channels to deter the extreme forces of Australia and prevent them from taking the risk and committing irresponsible actions.

China will not take the initiative to pick a fight with faraway Australia, but Australian hawks must be clear-minded. If they are bold enough to coordinate with the US to militarily interfere in the Taiwan question and send troops to the Taiwan Straits to wage war with the PLA, they must know what disasters they would cause to their country.

China has a strong production capability, including producing additional long-range missiles with conventional warheads that target military objectives in Australia when the situation becomes highly tense.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans would stir some shit, fabricate some lies and all their crony media would publish them.

What we can do is to ignore their shit. Don't give them the space to spread their shit. Just don't repeat them.