Fox News and low IQ Fox News viewers according to Rupert Murdoch


'I started Fox News to get rich.  When we got sued, our lawyers made it very clear we are not journalists. We are entertainers...We wrap lies as opinion and that formula retains viewers and it's very profitable.'

'We created a fake story that "Biden stole the elections" to keep our low IQ viewers returning everyday. It worked.'


Anonymous said...

Seems like those are not direct quote from Rupert Murdoch:


Virgo49 said...

Foxy news channel a load of Trash if you are one of the viewers than you are also deemed to be their beloved low IQ viewers that that Rupert the Bear loved.

The stupid Americunts will always covered their stupid arses by quoting their First what's Equally Stupid Amendment of Free Speech when they are POFMA under Sinkieland laws or sued.

That's why they will never be ever to have any reconciliations amongst their stupid beans and will never ever able to compete and overtake China in any endeavours.

Anonymous said...

'Low IQ viewers', very apt description. And they always came back for more sensational news. In the same nest is Sky News Australia, also owned by Murdoch. Who believes MSM nowadays?

Little wonder SPH is unloading it's States Times. It is a liability nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Ya, 'States Times' even with it's monopolistic status for decades is not able to survive.

Virgo49 said...

Because many of the Low IQ subscribers decided NOT to subscribe anymore.

Their Journalists can asked when transfered to the New Entity will our Freedoms to report be curbed by those who deemed to donate more to their Entity and would in a way pressure them to write what they wanted and thus they be muzzled in their reports.

Have they asked even now at present whether they been muzzled by those who wanted them to report what they want to prograte and whether they are reporting their true conscience journalism truths?

Even their quick tempered CEO when asked some pointed hard questions already lost his cool in waving and telling off the person who questioned him.

What's sort of CEO is this that even sank our local shipping line with so much built up supports and an advantage in our strategic Port.

Jonah sank every organisation he goes. Yet he had a short temper and an unsmiling look worse than LowRan Wong and Orr Yew Tang.

Virgo49 said...

Frankly as one of their subscriber in NOT only paying full rates for their hard copy papers as through vendors and NOT them.

Also paying another full charge of electronic news from the Tablet as also a subscriber, they are not customers service oriented organisation.

Very rigid on their terms and also going everything to the book like a Government Agency.

Once I was a subscriber of their Hard copy plus electronic news on a monthly payment that must be GIRO on a credit card basis.

What happened to those without any credit and charge card? They cannnot subscribe at all?

One fine day my this Credit card that was supposed to be on GIRO monthly payment of the subscription was compromised and the bank suggested cancellation and void it for safety reasons.

So they unable to cut my payment as the card is cancelled.

I told them that I would reassigned another credit card for payment. They insisted that I must have my signature verified by my Bank for the new card payment.

I told them that as long as they able to deduct the monthly subscription fees why must the bank verified that the card is mine and needed to verify my signature.

They should know the many times the Bank always reject due to irregular signatures which actually the Banks themsleves are too strict on this and had pissed off many customers.

They insisted that I must do it to have my new card valid for payment.

I got fed up and cancelled all the subscription and have the third party vendor send us the hard copies and I pay them monthly.

The SPH accounts department do not even able to have us making payments by cheque or even internet banking. Insisted that all subscriptions must be on Credit Card GIRO payment.

So you see their customers services already made their subscribers see RED.

So how are they going to atrract new subscribers this way?

Anonymous said...

People in UK, Australia and India are busy digging deep holes in the ground as the BBC, Sky News Australia and Indian news sites warned of a 21 ton rocket, that sent up the Chinese Core Module pf their Space Station, comes crashing back to earth, out of control, on May, 10th.

This must be the only one of thousands of rockets sending up satellites from earth, returning and going to hit someone on earth. One of more than six billion people will get hit!

Strange that it must be a Chinese rocket. All other rockets that went up were all under 'controlled landing' and none burned up during reentry. What has all the talk about space debris burning up upon entering earth's atmosphere and now only this big Chinese rocket will not.

We must thank the BBC, Sky News Australia and the Indians for bringing this sensational news to our knowledge. They open our eyes wider to their sinister agenda.

Virgo49 said...

Breaking news

17 people injured as Police Van crashed with Lorry.

I had already posted earlier that they must not allow the Indian National contractors to let them drive their lorries on the roads.

They not say I see them no up most are kopi licenses from their home towns.

I ever saw them driving thru NO Entry Roads.

Just bullshits by LTA that lesser accidents after what's recommended by them.

Now maybe they will wake up after their own policemen kena injured.

Virgo49 said...

Also must take note that above 2500 tons Sinkieland needed class 4 or class 4A license to drive these heavy load lorries.

These Indian National may have only class 3 kopi licenses from their homeland.

And you allowed them to drive.

Drivers must local Sinkies. They also want to save on this.

Virgo49 said...

As long as they allowed the Indian Nationals contractors companies to let their Indians employees to drive their lorries the accidents will never ever end.

Poor Sinkies those suay suay ones that happened to be in the ways will be just too bad accident statistics to their lists.


Anonymous said...

Latest news reported the Chinese rocket that sent up the Chinese Space Station Core Module splashed into the Indian Ocean near the Maldives. None of the more than six billion earth inhabitants were hurt.

The Brits, Australians and Indians can now safely exit from their underground burrows.

What is their MSM next spin I wonder?

Anonymous said...

They would claim millions of Indian fish died of shock and asking China for compensation.

Anonymous said...

OMG, animal rights group would now bring the case of the Indian fish that died of shock to the Animal Court of Justice (actually should be the Kangaroo Court of Justice) for compensation.

In this case, maybe the BBC or Sky News Australia or WION of India could take the lead by spreading the news widely to garner support.

Anonymous said...

Old man Rupert is the scum of all scums.Absolutely no integrity.Same for all the news people who work him. His TV hosts are the most obnoxious, qarrelsome
bunch who thrive on fake news and lies. Just watch their sycophantic support for Trump and toxic lies about China. Lately even pushing for Oz to go to war on China.

Anonymous said...

When that Skylab spent rocket returned, they cheered as presenting a spectacular lightshow. But when it's China's, the West media pitched it as coming armeggadeon.

NASA even chided China as irresponsible when a hugh chunk of their own debris fell on someone's backyard while China's into the Indian Ocean