The White Barbaric Supremacists Have No Right To Talk About Human Rights

New Zealand and Australia, Canada, France, Portugal, Spain, UK and USA - these criminal countries that invaded, killed, murdered, massacred, enslaved, robbed, stolen and scorched-earth the natives and their land by the millions for the last 500 years - simply have no rights to speak about human rights to China, or any other countries.

They have been the biggest human rights violators throughout the last five centuries, until today.

The White New Zealand government is still oppressing, suppressing, subjugating and dehumanizing the Maoris, the original owners of all the lands and natural resources of New Zealand and surrounding islands.

The White Australian government is still very actively and inherently oppressing, suppressing, subjugating and dehumanizing the Aboriginals of Australia, the original owners of all the lands and natural resources of Australia, Tasmania and surrounding islands for more than 50,000 years.

Likewise, the White Canadian government is still prolonging the total oppression, subjugation and dehumanization of the natives of Canada, who are actually the rightful owners of Canada and Alaska.

The White Governments of Portugal and Spain, together with USA, are still controlling by proxy the original natives of all Latin American countries.

France, UK and USA, and ironically also include Israel, are still actively exercising control, intimidation, oppression suppression and subjugation of the Middle Eastern nations and the countries of the African continent through political inference, economic sanctions and military interventions at will.

The evil USA, in cahoots the devilish UK, is continuing to commit crimes against humanity on a daily basis, without respite - under all sorts of false pretexts and pretences.

How can the White Barbarians of these countries have any right to talk about human rights, let alone trying to teach others how to suck eggs?

China, or any other country, must not allow herself to be hoodwinked by these criminals against humanity to dictate terms about mutual benefits and mutual relationships.

(Liberal and Independent Press Societies)


Anonymous said...

Israel has been erected for the sole purpose of creating conflicts and imbalance in the Arab World. This was the Grand Anti-Islam Master Plan created by the White Christian Movement of the Western Powers, to ensure that the Muslims are always divided and can never unite as a single force to challenge the Western Powers.

The US, being an off-shoot and an appendage of the British Empire, has automatically been drawn in to support the Jews against the Muslim World.

The only way the Muslims can rise up to set themselves free of the stranglehold from the Western Powers is to be united. They should set aside their sectarian differences and focus directly on one God, one Prophet and One Religion.

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon 6.48

The U.N.Security Council is a Bullshits Organisation which only paid lips services to those countries that are been bullied and victimised and attacks.

All the years NO Real Actions against the Agressors who openly attacked and killed innocent civilians and children of those weaker countries especially the Arabs and the Palestinians.

Also Permanent Members like China and Russia, especially the Chinese should played their Roles as Arbitraors or Defenders should be more proactive to take military inteventions into their disputes instead of just condemning them the Agressors the Israelis and their Gangsters.

China must not be quiet and took them as Not my Business to intervene if they wanted to be an Abratorair World Leader where the smaller and weak countries will look up to them.

Dont still have their ideas if not interfering in Others Affairs.

This is NOT just in interfering in Others Affairs.

It's about saving innocent weak civilian lifes of Women and children which are been killed by the merciless Military.

Virgo49 said...

This Pandemic is an eye opener to the World that they always thought that the Americunts are the most brillant and intelligent people.

In fact, they are just hillbillies as worse as than in Rural India.

Now their CDC in order to inventise their stupid asses to be vaccinated as they are many kepala batu idoits just like that ang moh in MRT who defiled wearing a mask here and also those high and mighty Soverign Indians who thought that now they had the numbers and also the Papies had a soft spot behaved as though they already own Sinkieland.

Now the old man Biden allowed no wearing of masks in the open as advised by their CDC.

Hello, Sinkieland, your Big Bro had done so. How's about the same in Sinkieland?

Thought you are following the orders and directives from your Master the UAssA?

The chow ang moh will have to go Scott free as Biden said it's not necesssary.

Actually as what's I had posted so many times, these so called Authorities are just fumbling and tumbling on all these gasa buta protocols.

They do not actually knew what the virus hits them and just have some gasa butas guildlines to console themselves.