Warning: American fruits and foodstuffs for export to Asia and Africa are intentionally tainted with Coronavirus , so avoid buying and consuming them now for your safety and security.

   American fruits and foodstuffs for export to Asia and Africa are intentionally tainted with the Coronavirus.

     The United States is dissatisfied and  not happy to see the failure of its first attempt to wipe out the population of China with its Fort Detrick biolaboratory genetically engineered coronavirus. It is determined to decimate the Chinese population and destroy the Chinese economy the second time with the bioweapon of the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Its inherent evil and wicked instinct to kill and destroy non-white people especially the Chinese knew no bounds.

The United States and some of its strong European allies are exporting to Asia and Africa , fruits and foodstuffs tainted with the coronavirus. It seems the wicked white Americans have not learnt their lesson of Karma or Retribution.

Singaporeans and all ASEAN countrymen must for their own safety and security  immediately stop buying and consuming fruits like apples, oranges, plumbs, avocado,nuts and  food products like beef, ham, Cod fish, salmon, lobsters, crabs and chickens from the United States and Europe. Being wicked and evil they intentionally transport and shipped these products in trucks and containers which were previously used to store the dead bodies of Coronavirus patients and their personal belongings because of their freezing facilities.

Below I reproduce a message sent to my Whats-app group by a concerned netizen.

"Europe and the United States use refrigerated trucks to transport the remains of patients with coronavirus, and then use this batch of refrigerated trucks to export seafood and beef. This batch of seafood and beef is exported to the Chinese seafood market, making the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic spread again in China."

"Meat factories in the United States, Europe and Brazil have resumed work earlier, and many workers believe that they are infected with the virus and do not know it. If they continue to rework , it is easy to infect the food and export the virus to other countries. The cases in Hong Kong and Beijing have no records of outbound travel , but they are all employees who handed meat. The transmission is likely to come from meat and its packaging, because low temperature cannot kill the virus.

The meat trucks in the United States have been requisitioned to store the dead bodies of COVID-19 because of their freezing facilities. "

It is strongly recommended that we do not buy frozen meat and seafood as well as fruits and nuts from the United States and Europe or Brazil until such time when the Covid-19 is officially declared over and safe.

The United States is absolutely bankrupt and it is trying to abscond with the many trillions of dollars that it owes to China via China's purchase of its treasury bonds by creating havoc with the COVID-19 pandemic and playing with the shameful and disgraceful blamegame of blaming China for its irresponsible and incompetent mishandling of its infection with COVID-19.

It seems the evil empire is not satisfied until it is struck with a deeper Karma with no salvation till its own demise comes to fruition. Let the wicked Americans and white men learn the lesson in the hard way that if you insist on perpetually doing evil things to other people and countries, the evil things that you do will come back to haunt you in more ways than one.

Latest CGTN news report this morning: Over 1500 employees in a German meat factory are infected with the Coronavirus just in one day, yesterday.  NB: You can expect many times more are infected with the virus in the USA and Brazil but not reported. So better play safe and do not eat foodstuffs and fruits from the US, Europe and Brazil.


Monday, 22nd June, 2020


Anonymous said...

What about Brazilian beef? Can eat or not?

SSO said...

India's figures must read with two handfuls of salt. Thousands of cases in the thousands of villages are either not reported or not reflected. Testing is also extremely limited due to severe lack of appropriate test kits, insufficient test centres and expertise, and cost.

Anonymous said...

It's better to go vegetarian & avoid Westerners fruits, soya, nuts, meat & poultry, read the label on country sources carefully before u purchase them in the grocery or supermarkets, be safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

People killing each other has been around for thousands of years and will not change in near future. This is part of nature. Otherwise too many people is bad for earth.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anonymous 11.10am

Please read the article with some intelligence before you comment. Your question is just superfluous. For the sake of your careless eyes I don't mind to guide you to read the fourth paragraph from the bottom upwards where you can find the answer to your question.

Keen Observer

Anonymous said...

Forgive tat dude who understands nothing about History. Probably another deranged nuts or another smart alec making his or her own judgement.

Anonymous said...

Wah! wah! wah!

Fear! Fear! Fear!

Like that Very very very very very very very very Siong leh!

Unknown said...

Best You assist Mother Nature by committing harakiri and not let others carry the guilt or burden of killing another human being .

Unknown said...

It's fake news or not?

Unknown said...

u go first. I wont have any guilt haha

johan said...

Please verify this and stop causing unnecessary fear On others.

johan said...

Oh I forgot this is a blogger. No wonder.

Anonymous said...

With the main media selling and telling fake news, blogs are more reliable. At least you don't assume blindly that main media are telling truths. In blogs you need to have a brain and to use it to decide what is truth and what is fake.

Keep believing in the main media if that is what you choose to believe in.

Anonymous said...

johan, you want to ask NYT, WSJ, Fox News etc etc and Trump and Pompeo to verify what they said about Covid19 originated from China?

Anonymous said...

Lol. Hope they don't taint it with Mad Beef Disease

Anonymous said...

This is serious accusation and as far as I am aware of, there is no evidence of proof that food in general has been tainted intentionally with virus. If you have back up data and reports, I would love to see it to believe it.
Thank you and please check your sources, not once, twice, but till you are satisfied before posting something in that nature.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Trump, Pompeo, Navarro, Bolton and many gangsters in the White House have been making all kinds of wild allegations and accusation against China on Covid19 and about Huawei. Did you ask them to check their sources?

Did you ask the Americans about their accusation of Saddam Hussein and his WMD?

Anonymous said...

When the Americans made wild allegations, all the silly Asians will believe. No need to check, no need to prove, no need to thinking. Coz silly Asians cannot think.