F1 - Good riddance

The 2020 Formula One night race in Singapore is reportedly going to be cancelled by organisers, racing publication GPFans reported on June 11, 2020.

This news circulated online comes even before organisers of Singapore's race has made any definitive announcement.

So, pending official confirmation, the last definitive word from the authorities here was that discussions were still being held and the F1 night race could still take place with some conditions attached, but it was difficult to tell what will happen.

Just read the above from mothership.sg.  I hope no silly buggers will cry father and cry mother that this is a big loss. This event should never have started here. It has cost the public so much nuisance, inconvenience and money, in the tune of a few hundred millions. Just because it is OPM does not mean that money should be thrown away so easily and freely.

Hope this will be the end of the story for F1 in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Remember Ngiam Tong Dow, now silenced?

NTD: My favourite topic – I’m on public record – is the Formula 1 (F1). We’re paying the Englishmen to stage the F1 night race here. Why should we use taxpayers’ money to pay for these races? I have asked this question publicly, but MOF has never addressed it.

Interviewer: Doesn’t F1 put Singapore on the world map, just like how the F1 race in Sepang showcases Malaysia too?

NTD: What does it mean by putting a country on the world map? I was born in a generation where every cent counts, so I believe we should spend our money wisely, and not on frivolities. Sometimes, I think our present Cabinet spends money on frivolities, and staging the F1 is my “favourite” example.

SSO said...

F1 is a rich men game/sports. Only millionaires and their spoilt brats would rejoice in such expensive sports.

Ministers who used taxpayers' money to fatten their own bank accounts and make themselves millionaires/billionaires should have a moral decency and obligation not to glorify such a nice-to-have big-time gambling sports.

Only a few childish and spoilt sons/daughters of rich and powerful men and women, and addicted gamblers go for such wasteful and dangerous sports, and causing untold misery to the majority of Singaporeans.

In fact, it has become a great deplorable nuisance to the people at large already. It's no more glorious or beneficial.

It is not too late for the leaders to realise their mistakes and wise up.


Anonymous said...

F1 to be cancelled. WHY? The event is a sure money spinner for Singapore government. Sad.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now which silly boys and girls said that F1 would put Singapore into the world map to gain more publicity? By now anyone who needs to know Singapore already knows where we are and what we are.

Anyone that does not know about Singapore is not worth knowing. These are the hillbillies and the villagers that do not need to know where Singapore is. They would not have the money to come here. And for them to know Singapore is inconsequential, immaterial, waste of time and waste of money.

I hope no more silly boys and girls would go to Parliament to ask for more millions of dollars to throw away so that some hillbillies and villagers would get to know Singapore.

Anonymous said...

F1 is definitely good for Singapore. More tourists therefore more money for the country.

Anonymous said...


How does F1 benefit Singaporeans?

We pay millions of dollars just to watch ang mohs drive fast cars.

What skills and technology do Singaporeans acquire in return?
Absolutely nothing!!

Virgo 49 said...


No chance for our spoilt rich man and his equally spoilt son who can skive in National Slavery as Research Prof for what's soil diseases to sit at the VVVVIP lounge slippy their wines and looking from their enclosed air con glass cages at the nusiance Zoooom zooooom pang pang like soup up 1200cc engines pretending to be 3000cc super powers.

Only for these parasites who sucked more than their shares and have millions in starvations.

They knew World tourists majority lining up food charity queues and airlines all not flying.

Revenure? Waste of tax payers monies just for their ego and Prestige.

That's they are the builders of this Great NATION.

Anonymous said...

1000% good riddance to F1.

Anonymous said...

1st get rid of F1.

2nd get rid of PAP that wasted our money on F1.

Anonymous said...