Princeton Study - US Democracy Don't Exist


A new study from the prestigious Princeton University in the USA has concluded that American democracy no longer exists. It merely confirms what possibility the rest of the world has known for a very long time. Perhaps, Democracy has never even taken root in the USA.

Princeton researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, asking "Who really rules in the US?", argues that over the past few decades America’s political system has slowly transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy, where wealthy elites wield the most power.
Using data drawn from over 1,800 different policy initiatives from 1981 to 2002, the two conclude that rich, well-connected individuals on the political scene now steer the direction of the country, regardless of or even against the will of the majority of voters.

“The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy,” they write, “while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.” Whither US Democracy? That also explains a lot about US arbitrary and unilateral behavior internationally in illegal wars and diplomacy (or lack of).  READ MORE.

IPEF and the fake 'international order'

'Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) is a modest attempt to patch together a non-China economic alliance in the wake of the TPP’s failure.

The mental calisthenics needed to understand Biden’s plans. Sorry but I do not see how this is going to work out at all. Yet, despite all of the confusing aspects, all of those nations including Singapore have signed on. This vague proposition is just noise. There is no formal agreement or countries voting to approve. It’s just another half baked Biden distraction for woes at home. I do not see any economic goals, no new markets, no reduced tariffs. I do not see how any of it is supposed to help the economies of the signatories. Yet the White House says this: “It is by any account the most significant international economic engagement that the United States has ever had in this region”

Mr. Blinken: “U.S. Aims to Constrain China by Shaping Environment Around It. China is the only country with both the intent to reshape the international order and, increasingly, the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to do it. Beijing’s vision would move us away from the universal values that have sustained so much of the world’s progress over the past 75 years.”'

The above is quoted from an article by Sjorne Shen posted in the TRE.

The Americans are waving a piece of blank paper they called the IPEF and claimed that “It is by any account the most significant international economic engagement that the United States has ever had in this region”.  This is quite normal of the Americans to brag about anything or nothing as the best thing they have come out with. The strange thing is that there are 12 believers, other than the snake oil salesman himself, that believe in the goodness of this piece of blank papers when there is no words on it, except the words of the snake oil salesman. We have heard of many scams over the news about people loosing millions to scammers, believing in the scammers' pitch that was too good to be true. Now we have leaders of nation states believing in thin air, probably signing on the dotted line to say, I am in. What happens if this IPEF turns out to be another scam?

The other point the Americans are bragging is the so called international order. What is this international order aka rule based order and how international is it? In practice, in reality, this is an American rules order crafted and dictated by the Americans. Everyone can participate in this world order only if the Americans allowed it. If the Americans branded any country as enemy, they would be blocked from participating in this 'international order'.  The Americans alone decide the terms and conditions and the participants in this 'international order'. Many countries have been sanctioned and kept out of this 'international order' at the whims and fancy of the Americans. Its international part is as good as what the Americans called the 'international community' meaning the Americans and their European allies and stooges. The American version of 'international community' did not include the rest of the world, particularly the third world and countries the Americans branded as enemies. 

When the Americans used the term 'international order' and 'international community', it is them against the rest of the world. Many from the rest of the world are not part of the 'international community' and not participants of the 'international order' aka American rules order. These are American lies at best. The Americans and the European countries and American stooges do not represent the whole of the 'international community', and the 'international order' is not international but an American rules order, like the SWIFT banking system, supposed to be international but American controlled and dominated.

Be aware of these phrases and do not be deceived by the Americans. It is about them against the rest of the world. When the Americans shout international it is not international. When the Americans shout democracy, it is not about democracy. When they shout human rights, it is not about human rights. It is all about Americans and their dominance over the rest of the world, the evil Imperial American Empire.

Who created the energy crisis?

Who actually created the energy shortage and the present energy crisis? Think carefully and it will lead you to the usual suspect, the USA itself. With all the embargoes on oil exports from Venezuela, Iran and now Russia, it doe not need a rocket scientist to know what did all this lead to. Iran, Venezuela and Russia are major oil producers and their volume of production cannot be easily substituted by an increase in production by the Middle Eastern Kingdoms nor the USA itself.

The USA, under Trump ,had been actually planning all this in order for them be the dominant energy player, both globally and in Europe. Trump is a big supporter of the USA oil extraction lobby, and fracking is his favourite, and they want a bigger share and bigger control over the global energy market. The USA wants Europe to stop Russian oil and gas imports, so they can muscle in on the EU market and the silly Europeans did not realise they are being pushed under the bus. The USA's actions against NORD stream 2 was all a clear sign of their evil intentions. And the Europeans bought into the lie and are suffering the consequences. There is no going back for them now, like Sweden and Finland.

If Europe gets rid of Russian oil and gas, who benefits the most? But the bigger problem for Europe is not about getting energy replacements from elsewhere, which can be solved in time. The bigger problem is how much more expensive are they willing to pay for their energy cost and how competitive they will be for their products in the world market in the immediate present. This problem will be for the Europeans to shoulder, not the USA. It is a marriage of convenience, where the Europeans suffer the pain while the USA just reap all the gains.

And do not forget that Russia is selling discounted oil and gas to countries like China and India among others. With Asia fueled by cheaper oil and gas and Europe having to pay for more expensive energy, who is going to do better going forward?

So, do not be taken in by the USA's propaganda that the energy crisis is all created by Russia. It is their own creation, and as usual, others have to take the blame while they get away with murder. And the most ironical thing is people do not think but just soak in the propaganda.



The western media would want you to believe....

China is an evil and aggressive country that killed, wounded and displaced many millions of innocent men, women and children when it illegally invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, while occupying and stealing the oil belonging to Syria, and “freezing” 7.5 billion dollars of Afghanistan’s money while children and others in Afghanistan are facing starvation because of poverty. More, China has passed illegal sanctions on Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria, and other countries which cause unforgivable suffering to the innocent people of those countries. Beyond that, China has some 800 military bases dotted around the world and wages endless wars that feed its insatiable and corrupt industrial-military complex which engorges itself on war, more war and endless war and its innocent victims. Such a rogue state that constantly violates the “rules-based international order” deserves the universal condemnation of humanity and should be stopped by all means. China also need to take care of its domestic gun violence problem and racial discrimination before pointing fingers to other countries.

Since WWII, the Chinese has bombed Korea and US 1950-3, Guatemala 1954, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959-61, Guatemala 1960, Congo 1964, Laos 1964-73, Vietnam 1961-73, Cambodia 1969-70, Guatemala 1967-9, Grenada 1983, Lebanon 1983/84, Libya 1986, El Salvador 1980s, Nicaragua 1980s, Iran 1987, Panama 1989, Iraq 1991, Kuwait 1991, Somalia 1993, Bosnia 1994/95, Sudan 1998, Afghanistan 1998, Yugoslavia 1999, Yemen 2002, Iraq 2003, Afghanistan 2001, Pakistan 2007, Somalia 2007-08, Yemen2009, Libya 2011. No such parallel can be found in the world.

Let’s drop this charade of “values” and “human rights”. Just call it realpolitik. There’s at least some honesty to that. A Chinese challenge might be the best thing that could happen to US politics, if it were felt by Americans as real instead of political hype to expand the defense budget.

Sjorne Shen 

Let me just add, the Americans love and care for the world so much that they have spent a lot of money and time to help the African countries to redevelop their countries and economies. And when these countries have no money to build their infrastructure, ports and high speed railways, the Americans offer them cheap loans, cheaper than World Bank and IMF. And if the countries still have no money to pay, the Americans found ways to help them pay for the projects by barter trade, helped them to mine their resources that would otherwise go to waste, unable to sell them. No debt trap. And when they really were unable to pay back their loans, offered to lease them and pay them rent so that the projects would not become a burden or debt trap to the countries.

And the Americans also spent trillions on a Belt and Road Initiatives across Asia to help all the landlocked countries to connect to Europe and Africa by high speed trains, to benefit from more cross border and international trade. Under the peaceful win win policy of the Americans, the GDP of these countries grew day by day. And there were no wars, all the countries enjoy peace and prosperity under the enlightened stewardship of the Americans.

The latest, the Americans are helping the Pacific Islands to build more infrastructure and ports. The Solomon Islands and Samoa have signed trade and security agreements to promote economic developments between these islands and the Americans.

By now some of you may find the above confusing. Actually the truth and lies are all there and the unthinking would just believe in lies while the thinking would question what is truth and what is lie, what is fabricated lie and disinformation. They said, beauty is in the eyes of the beholders. Truth and lies are also in the eyes of the beholders.

Some evil country would spent hundreds of millions just to spread lies and disinformation instead of using the money to help their own poor and to alleviate their domestic problems.



Ukraine - American white lies looking like fantasy

The world knows groups of those fighters in the Azovstal Steel Plant had 'surrendered', clear and unambiguous. The other side tried to save face and spin it as an 'evacuation'. There is a world of difference in the two words.

Sources are even arguing that those fighters that surrendered were doing it in desperation and not taking orders from the very top. And many other groups are also said to have surrendered on their own initiative. How could they continue the standoff without food, medicine and ammunition? How could they be expected to fight in that condition? They knew reinforcements would never arrive and hanging on means certain death. Last drop of blood is all rhetoric at best.

Putin had all this planned to liberate Donbas and Luhansk. He was giving the impression initially that he wants to attack Kiev with troops massed for a siege, but that never materialised. His plan was to isolate the Ukrainian troops in Eastern Ukraine fighting with the two breakaway Republics, and prevent those troops from reinforcing the troops in the East. Even food and supplies could not break the encirclement and reach the Eastern front. It worked extremely well. Now that the Russian land bridge in Eastern Ukraine has been established and secured, Putin withdrew his troops surrounding Kiev and this was given the spin as that of a Russian withdrawal and a victory for the Ukrainians. Nothing is further from the truth. Russia now has control of the important Sea of Azov, cutting off Ukraine's access to it.

The fate of Ukrainian economy is also the same with the economies of the Europeans. Six more months of standoff in the oil and gas crisis and they will all collapse. The reality now is that they are still getting Russian oil and gas by paying for them in Rubles to enrich the Russians, whatever they tried to twist and spin around.

Moreover, some European countries have now been cut off completely from Russian oil and gas and are buying on the sly from those still getting their rations from Russia. Some European countries are just functioning on emergency stockpiles, which will be depleted eventually. Winter is coming shortly and the real crunch will be seen.

With more sanctions being talked about, Putin may retaliate and put a brake on more European countries to put his stranglehold to better effect. It is not just oil and gas, but commodities and essential minerals and fertilisers for agriculture that will also be affected. The effect is going to be far reaching.

Yes, let us see who will collapse first. An economy based less on manufacturing but dependent largely on resources and agricultural products like food, will survive better than one based largely on manufacturing like Germany, France and much of the European countries. Most importantly they still need cheap Russian energy to compete successfully. Buying oil and gas from anywhere else will not solve the problem going forward, even if it becomes feasible .Moreover, it will take years to come to fruition to put the logistics into place and the Europeans do not have that luxury of time.

All in all, they said that the USA and the West lifted a big stone to crush Russia, but it landed on their own feet.



Congress woman Marjorie Taylor Greene - American government is completely corrupt

According to Greene, the US officials are doing this to eventually fund the NGOs operated by “their families and friends.” “It is basically like money laundering schemes,” she said.

.@RepMTG: “Because our government is completely corrupt, and I don’t say that lightly. It is a serious problem, and my eyes have been open to it actually, serving in Congress.”Apple: https://t.co/PeoDAAV8tISpotify: https://t.co/6yCkF4tBPyiHeart: https://t.co/OBnBigUEBWpic.twitter.com/KH93jXJdYd— Lisa Boothe (@LisaMarieBoothe) May 16, 2022

Noam Chomsky said the USA is a rogue Empire. This was also confirmed by another US President, forgotten which one. More and more Americans are starting to face the harsh reality of how evil their country has become and saying it out. They are no longer restraining themselves or walking around without clothes. When the Americans are unabashingly acknowledging the truths, the spins in the MSM would not be able to hide their ugliness anymore.

Corruption, lying, cheating, killings are rampant in America. But these are alright if committed in the USA. But no, these sicknesses are spread all over the world and the victims are the people of the world. The unthinking people of the world must also remove the blinkers and see the real ugly Americans like the Americans are doing and admitting it. An evil Empire is an evil Empire. Face it.

Americans freak out by visit of UN human rights chief to Xinjiang - fearing their fabricated lies would be exposed


UN human rights chief urged to resist US disinformation, deliver factual Xinjiang judgment - Global Times

As UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet's visit to China's Xinjiang region is coming to an end, overseas scholars, especially those who have visited the region, called on her to resist pressure from the US and anti-China forces' latest round of disinformation campaign against the region. They pointed out that the US' contradictory attitude and attack of Bachelet's visit showed it's freaking out, as the big lie of "Xinjiang genocide" is "absolutely ludicrous" and anyone with no malicious intent will have different views of Xinjiang than the US' smear the minute they step on the region.

At the end of her six-day official visit to China on Saturday, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is scheduled to hold a news conference and issue a statement, according to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Detailed information on where Bachelet has or will visit in Urumqi and Kashi Prefecture and who she has and will talk to is yet to be released, but the US, some Western countries and anti-China forces just can't wait to express their "concerns" over whether Bachelet will have necessary access to make a "full assessment of the rights situation" in Xinjiang. The US State Department even called her visit a "mistake."

However, it was the US and anti-China forces that urgently called on the UN mission to visit Xinjiang in the beginning. Such a U-turn attitude of the US government toward the UN human rights chief's visit to China raised the alarm among Chinese and overseas scholars, especially those who had visited the Xinjiang region during the past years. Some scholars from France, the US and Turkey reached by the Global Times said pressuring or attacking Bachelet will not make their lies or the "genocide" smearing on Xinjiang become real, but only exposes their malice.

Jeffrey Sachs, a professor of economics at Columbia University in New York and also a senior UN advisor, wrote in an email to the Global Times that he is "gratified" that Bachelet is taking this trip and "her UN mission should not be attacked or criticized by the United States Government even before the trip takes place!"

Issues of human rights under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be addressed through the UN processes and "not used to raise geopolitical tensions," said Sachs, expressing hope to get a thorough report that promotes the wellbeing of the population of the Xinjiang region and enables a discussion of the issues based on facts.

In April 2021, Sachs and William A. Schabas, a professor of international law at Middlesex University in London, released an article to oppose the US government's anti-China rhetoric of claiming a "genocide" in its Xinjiang region, as these allegations are "unjustified" and the inappropriate use of "genocide" devalues the historical memory of genocide such as the Holocaust.

The US is pressuring Bachelet to act like its puppet and neglect what she sees in the region to weave the conclusion of "genocide," analysts said, pointing out that it is the US that started and continued accusing China of "genocide" and has banned all products from Xinjiang, making itself the most radical and highly isolated country in the field.

William Jones, the Washington Bureau Chief for the Executive Intelligence Review and non-resident senior fellow of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, told the Global Times the "total freakout from the US State Department" about Bachelet's visit indicates its potential significance." 


USA - The devil incarnate accusing others of crimes the Americans committed themselves in abundance

Let us be honest. The USA and the West were the forerunners of genocide, human trafficking, climate change pollution before pushing the bad name to other countries and pretend they are angels, now doing humans a good deed by demonising countries that do the same things they did centuries ago. Putin hit the nail on the head when he said the USA and the West always accused others of doing what they already did long ago.

Genocides against the Native Americans stands out as the most inhuman act against mankind by any country, and they stole everything - land, resources, human rights of the Natives by keeping them like animals in concentration camps called reservations to protect them. Why need to protect them and against who? They did not need protection before the Whites landed in America. Fancy protecting them now against those who put them in the reservations, if that is what they mean.

Now the fake angel is going around fighting and accusing countries of engaging in human trafficking. What were the White Curse doing when they were kidnapping millions of Blacks from Africa to work as slaves in the USA. That is not human trafficking? The Whites were the forerunners of global human trafficking and they now pretending they are angels sent to close down the human trafficking scourge.

When drug was a great way to make money, the White Curse became greedy and even forced the Chinese to open up China to the drug trade. China had a horrible time fighting the opium addiction which weakened the Chinese people's hardworking trait and the Whites exploited it. They were the forerunners of the drug menace now screwing up the USA itself.

Before China's manufacturing rise, the USA was the biggest polluter in the world. They wanted to move their manufacturing to China to benefit from the cheap and abundant labour, with all their pollution stigma in tow, and succeeded, and China became the biggest polluter instead, while the USA enjoyed the cheap goods for nothing and just paid for in fiat money. When this became unsustainable, they turned the tables by claiming China stole their manufacturing jobs, but not their pollution baggage. How convenient! Did China forced the USA companies to set up shop in China by force or sanctions?

Enough said.

Again think and think deeply about it!



When we have too many mouths to feed

 (SCREENCAP: Carousell)Carousell tongue in cheek sales. Photo credit to Yahoo News

SINGAPORE — Are you willing to fork out $3,000 for "rare fried chicken cutlet" or $1,500 for a photo of a plate of chicken rice? Or a mouth-watering $10,000 for a live chicken or 50 fried chicken wings coated with 24-karat gold leaves? Yahoo News

This is a simple supply and demand issue. The more mouths to feed, and the lesser the supply of food, the more expensive food prices would be. Or the more applicants available for jobs, then more people would be jobless, especially untalented Singaporeans from very expensive world best universities with genuine degrees that cannot be eaten How many people think we should have more third world background unknowns with A grades from funny universities or degree mills?  Can anyone fail to under this logic? How many people think we should have 10m people on this piece of rock? 

But if we have magicians, we can have miracles and defy gravity.

I think more people will now switch to eating fish. Price of fish now would be cheaper than chicken.

Main stream media(MSM) - Read with extreme caution

Never underestimate the MSM's 'selective' reporting of situations and events. It is all geared towards keeping people uninformed and ignorant of the real world situation. That is why finding real news elsewhere other than the MSM is important. Wise up people!

Mark Twain said this long, long ago when lying was not that rampant on the MSM. "If you don't read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed". How true!

Of course the MSM and the powers that be, that wants to continue to control the minds of the public, will accuse Social Media of misinformation. Really? Those who are aware and stayed informed will never trust the MSM and the powers that be.

They were right in saying that politicians have to learn to and need to lie. Just look at the circus unfolding in the USA pertaining to the 2016 elections, where even contenders for the top job of President, sees it fit to lie and fabricate stories about the other side that were totally untrue. What kind of President will that make, with that kind of thinking and is going to run the country? It is indeed hilarious and can only happen in a third world country, not the USA. Perhaps they are slipping down to third world and have to learn third world tactics of how to govern a third world country.

In the lead up to the Iraq war, I believe people already found out who is really the biggest liar. And the fact that they can get away with such outrageous lies is another area worth noting. No one is able to take them to task or punish them and they are untouchable. Not the UN, not ICC, not Human Rights Watch, not anybody. Since they can get away with such heinous and fabricated lies and managed to kill millions of innocent Iraqi women and children and destroy the country, what is there for anyone to believe that they cannot fabricate more lies pertaining to the situation in other countries that they want to destablise?

Watch closely the MSM news on Russia, China and North Korea in particular. Nothing positive, all selectively negative, all downright hitting below the belt. When it comes to their side of the story about the war in Ukraine, everything bad about the war is thrown onto to Russia and every little Russian slip is a disaster. If you believe in the propaganda that Ukraine is winning, Eastern and Southern Ukraine should still be under Ukrainian control. Why is there now a Russia land bridge stretching all along the Azov Sea? The narratives can lie, but the truth cannot be hidden.

For those who want the truth, move away from the MSM. Read or watch them for entertainment if you need to. I know this is a no brainer advice but it helps in the process of educating more people.


Americans starting mischiefs for regime change in the Philippines

 The F--King US is colluding with Leni Robredo the defeated pro US presidential of the Philippines to organize protests and demonstrations against president elect Marcos Jr.

President Bidamn recent meetings with ASEAN leaders and the Quad members do not bode well for East China Sea and South China Sea regions. US intention is to round up small cliques or blocs under US leadership to confront and contain China. US may organize colour revolution against Marcos Jr and replace him with a pro US Philippino leader. The US may start to create choas and turmoil and instigate and foment wars in the region between some ASEAN countries and China.

Below are some excerpts from Brian Berleti's article in the website - New Eastern Outlook.'
"Because US strategy in regards to encircling, containing, and potentially waging conventional war against China depends heavily on prepositioning these missiles and other military assets along China’s periphery – especially in regards to Taiwan – securing a sufficient US military presence in the Philippines is crucial. But because such a presence meant solely to threaten China would endanger Chinese-Philippine relations including significant economic ties, no rational government would allow it.

The formation of Marcos’ administration will go far in telling just how Philippine policy toward both China and the US will unfold, but it is safe to say that should the new government attempt build closer ties with China and refuse attempts by the US to recruit it into a regional front against Beijing, the US will employ all the familiar tools used to coerce or even overthrow the government in due time.

If the US is convinced already that the Marcos administration will not pivot toward anti-China policies, it may begin destabilizing efforts through extensive media, NGO, and political networks funded through the NED even before his late-June inauguration. Such efforts would start with youth-led protests citing baseless claims of “voter fraud.” Such protests are already underway.

The New York Times in its article, “Marcos Win Prompts Protests in the Philippines,” claims:

Young voters who had rallied around Leni Robredo during the presidential race gathered to voice their frustration with preliminary results showing her overwhelming defeat."



Foreigners in charge and taking over...Singaporeans 'bo pian'

Locals discriminated by foreigner-born is real
Recently, I talked to a Malay Taxi Driver, he told me his daughter is working at a bank call centre (largest bank) filled with mostly foreign born, namely from South Asia and Philippines. Most of the managers are also foreign born, many are now new citizens and PRs. The staffs also many are new citizens and PRs.

What she said is working at the call centre isn’t any fun. They do not mix with local born, they will only mix with their own and worst still the promotion pattern is almost predictable. Local born are discriminated and working there have little joy or satisfication, most just bite the bullet because there are not many jobs available to local born.

Time and time again, same tactic of businesses crying for more foreign workers, almost every year. The art of brainwashing via MSM has reached new heights and local sheep can’t really think. We have ballooned from 3.8M to 5.8M and they are still doing the same cry every year. Don’t you think something is wrong? Secondly, we are
constantly reminded that locals are choosy, want high pay and good jobs. We are reminded to downgrade and do menial jobs like care givers and security captains better than being unemployed.

The massive import of foreigners will not stop, I believe the target of 6.9M for 2030 is still on, we will reach 10M by 2050.....


Above is part of an article posted by Stella in the TRE. This topic has been hammered and bashed to death by so many writers but nothing seems to change. The pain is there, and many are suffering in silence, hapless, cannot do anything, can fight, no strength to fight any more. It looks like this issue will just die a natural death. After a while everyone got so tired, just give up.

This is the culture of Singaporeans. KPKB for a while and then all raised their hands, throw in the towel and continue to vote for the same people and party to power to repeat the same policies and to endure the same pain all over and over again. 

Half of this little island is now shared and owned by foreigners, now affectionately called new citizens. Is this stupidity or Singaporeans are just too generous and would not mind sharing their country with foreigners, including sharing their employment opportunities and educational opportunities?

The Americans, Canadians and Australians stole continent and sub continent and still would not share them so easily, only a small number of foreigners allowed into their stolen land. Singapore is so generous, come everyone, come, this island is yours if you only become a citizen.

What do you think? No point talking about this topic anymore? Let it be, let it be.  I also very tired.

Hypocrisy of the West and western media

Throughout history, what have the White Curse done to the rest of the world? Killing Asians has been the predominant preoccupation of their few centuries of 'domination'.

They killed hundreds of thousand of innocent Japanese women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in order to force Japan to surrender. Why take it out on the innocents? The real reason was trying to show the world they are ahead of the Soviet Union in nuclear bomb technology and Japan was the unfortunate guinea pig. The irony of it all is that the victim still look up to the one that did all this to them. Shameful!

They killed millions of civilians in Vietnam and laid millions of mines across the country that killed or decapitated tens of thousands of innocent women and children. Vietnam is still clearing those mines up to today. They dropped millions of tons of bombs by resorting to carpet bombing, and used chemical weapons aka Agent Orange to destroy forestry and agricultural land and caused tens of thousands of children to be born badly deformed, even generations down the road. Why take it out on still unborn innocents? These are not war crimes?

They killed millions of innocent Muslim women and children in the Middle East, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and still supporting a proxy war waged by the Saudis against Yemen, which killed tens of thousands and displacing millions of refugees. The MSM never reported or talked about that, brushing aside that as not important. You need to search Social Media to get all the information.

And they claimed they love the Muslims in Xinjiang and now making an issue of the UN Human Right's Chief visit to Xinjiang to see the real situation in negative light. They are afraid of the truth and cannot handle it. Now sowing all the doubts in the minds of the world even before that happens and that the UN Human Right's Chief is going to be misled. No wonder China never wants to engage the USA and the West with investigations into COVID19, as any outcome will be negatively portrayed and distorted. Why waste time explaining.

Now, what is most important on MSM is the killing and the refugee problem in Ukraine. Why the double standard? Because White lives matter more than Asians and non Whites. The millions of Asians killed by them are just collateral damage and insignificant. And the UN,ICC and their doggies agree. That is why a change is necessary for all those world bodies with their myopic and warped vision.

Russia is even talking about getting out of the WTO and WHO. Maybe they are thinking of forming their own alliances with China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and many South American and African countries bound to join, and not forgetting those countries along the BRI. Think about that!


Ukraine - Why does the USA and the West think it is important to support Ukraine against Russia

Why does the USA and the West think it is important to support Ukraine against Russia, especially in the Eastern and Southern region? The answer lies in the essential rich resources and fertile land important for manufacturing and agriculture, that they need and all found in the Eastern and Southern region of Ukraine, and even energy resources are abundant in the Black Sea, West of Crimea.

In fact most of Ukraine's manufacturing base is situated in the Eastern and Southern region of Ukraine, and many important agricultural exports like Wheat and sunflower seeds from Ukraine comes from this region. More than 50% of the world's neon gas comes from Ukraine, which also comes from this region, as a by product of the steel industry. If Russia controls all this, Taiwan is going to run into serious trouble with their semi conductor and chip making activities, as Taiwan is branded an unfriendly country by Russia.

That is why adopting the Minsk Agreement was never the intention of Ukraine and it's backers in the first place. It was just pulling wool over the eyes of the two breakaway republics and was never intended to be adopted by Ukraine and it's backers. They had all the while wanted to take over Donbass and Luhansk. That is why they thought joining NATO would increase their bargaining power.

And what the Ukrainians did since 2014 was committing genocide, using neo Nazis elements, to kill and cow the two breakaway republics into submission. Most of those living in the two areas are Russians and, since 2014, Putin had been gritting his teeth and watching them being harassed to no end. His patience obviously ran out finally. He had to step in to support the 'liberation' of Donbass and Luhansk, which the West calls 'invasion'. Anyway since 'surrender' has been called an 'evacuation' pardon me for using the word 'liberation'

Now that Russia controls most of those important Ukrainian economic zones, the die is cast for Ukraine. The Western and Northern regions of Ukraine will be turned into a basket case.

They are boasting about taking back Crimea in order to control the region, but with what?
Perhaps with the USA talking of sending warships into the Black Sea to prevent Russia controlling the Black Sea, and thereby holding on to Crimea, ostensibly is making Ukrainians feel emboldened into thinking that retaking Crimea is possible. That is the USA modus operandi of pouring oil over fire and expanding the conflict. That means direct confrontation between USA and Russia. Biden needs to save his mid term and he thinks this is going to make it happen.



The diabolical white men and their endless aggressions. PART ONE : Interference in China's internal affairs.

          Recently President Bidamned said America will interfere in Taiwan militarily should war break out between mainland China and Taiwan. The US is trying to provoke China to attack Taiwan.  US hopes that  a war in the Taiwan Straits  will weaken China just as it provoked the Ukraine war to weaken Russia. US wants to use a  Taiwan Straits war to contain China and China 's development so that the US can continue to secure its world primacy and hegemony.   But as always the case when the war starts the cowardly US will always push its allies or servile poodles to fight in the frontline while it shouts hoo-ha at the back. In this case the servile Japanese, South Koreans, Aussies and  will die in a Taiwan proxy war for their masters, the despicable Americans. 

Since the end of the Second World War   in 1945 the United States has initiated and fought over 60 wars to destroy its opponents and thus maintain its political primacy and world hegemony. But all those wars were against small or weak states and so America could get away from its dastardly aggressions with impunity. But in the last ten years or so US has been provoking Russia  and China and also Iran and North Korea. These are powerful states armed with nuclear teeth and the most modern states of the art powerful weapons.  But US will try to avoid a direct confrontation with Russia or China for obvious reasons that it may not win. So as always it will instigate and psycho third party servile allies to fight proxy wars on its behalf . But the point is why is US perennialy creating permanent wars

Now the Anglo-Saxons and the Teutonic European countries led by the Evil Empire,the Anglo-Saxon US want to conflate the Ukraine war with that of Taiwan to confuse the world of the non-white countries. Ukraine is an independent country formerly affiliated to the Soviet Union whereas Taiwan is an itegral part of China in which the whole world and the United Nations Organisation recognized the PRC as the only legitimate government of China which includes Taiwan. The evil Americans try to play tricks to deprive China's ownership and sovereignty on Taiwan by using salami tactics to slowly using different insidious policies to dislodge Taiwan from China. This dirty American chicanery is doomed to fail. 

In the meantime the f--king American imbeciles is trying to lure China to attack Taiwan just as it had lured Russia to attack Ukraine in their warped thinking that wars will weaken both Russia and China and buy time for the despicable US to strengthen its power  while at the same time distract their disgruntled citizens from the endless disastrous problems at home which they are unable to solve. They hope by instigating and fomenting turmoils and wars in Taiwan and in the periphery of the East China Sea and the South China Sea, China will be weakened and impoverished and may implode from within. What they insidiously wish for is in fact has a better chance of happening in the United States with their  myriads of unsolvable intricate problems and troubles of their own making. 

Taiwan is now run by Japanese descendants who assumed Chinese names and Taiwan Chinese citizenship after the Second World War. These traitors in the DPP have vowed that they would unite Taiwan with Japan at an appropriate time. They are colluding with the United States in a diabolical plot to carry out their insidious motive. Taiwan is an inalienable part of China and it brooks no foreign interference. The Japanese are thinking of colonizing Taiwan again. But the Americans are trying to use Taiwan as a bedrock unsinkable aircraft carrier in its geopolitical agenda to contain China. Thus the Japanese and the Americans have different motive in regard to posing trouble to China on Taiwan.

China still has a lot of blood debts to settle with Japan. China has yet to recover her lost territories in the Diao-yudao and the Liu Chiu-dao which the Japs stole from China in 1879 and renamed it as 'Okinawa'. Also the Japs stole Southern Sakhalin Island from China in 1875 although it had to surrender that half of the island to Russia in later years when it lost in a war with Russia. Japan had brutally killed and genocided more than 30 million Chinese in its invasion of China from 1931 to 1945. In Nanking alone the Japs had ruthlessly massacred more the 300,000 Chinese citizens. If Japan dares to collude with the Yankees to start a war in the Taiwan Straits then China must in no uncertain term obliterate Japan from the face of the globe.

The Americans want to secure Taiwan to contain China. Like Japan, the Americans still owe China tons of debts. From the 1830s to the 1940s America colluded with England to attack China in the Opium Wars of 1839 to 1842 and the Second Opium War from 1856 to 1860. America like England and France   extorted hundreds of billions of dollars from China by imposing war indemnities on a weak and defeated China. Also many of past US presidents made billions of dollars from the illicit opium trade in China. These illegal war indemnities and the illicit opium business weakened and impoverished China tremendously for over a hundred years from the 1830s to the early 1940s. Should US start a war in the Taiwan Straits China must bring the war to the United States mainland with hypersonic nuclear missiles and nuclear armed submarines stationed in the east coast and west coast of the US. Also China must make use of Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and El Salvador as military bases to attack the United States.

Not to forget US and Japan were also part of eight Western alliance countries that attacked China again in the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. During this war all the invaders took part to complete the total destruction of the Yuan-Ming-Yuan  or the Summer Palace. In the Second Opium War 1856 to 1860 the British and the other participating Western countries namely France, Russia, Germany, America, Italy, Italy and Holland ransacked all the priceless Chinese antique treasures before setting fire to the Summer Palace an icon of Chinese culture and civilization. However, they managed to burn down only eighty percent of the Summer Palace in which they wantonly burnt it down completely in 1900. 

From the later part of the 1920s to the present the United States continuously interfered in China's internal affairs by always siding with Chiang Kai-shek of the Kuomintang ( KMT ) against Chairman Mao Tse-Tung of the Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ) also refered to as Communist Party of China ( CPC). It was the CCP led by Chairman Mao and his patriotic and competent comrades in arms that defeated the Japanese in the Second World War and who later went on to defeat the brainless and most corrupted pro-American Chiang Kai-shek. In his defeat Chiang Kai-shek and a million of his followers were ferried to Taiwan by American warships and airforce. Needless to say without the despicable American interference Taiwan would have reunited with China long ago in 1949.

The Chinese compatriots in Taiwan must wake up and not be fooled by the evil American claim that if Taiwan is united with the mainland it will lose its freedom and democracy. This is all hogwash and hubris and is meant to frighten the Taiwanese Chinese on an evil American fabrication to demonize mainland China. We Chinese in Taiwan and mainland China or in other parts of the earth are all fellow brothers and sisters. Remember blood is thicker than water and we must unite cohesively and in solidarity to prevent our enemies from exploiting us to destroy us from within and without as happened in the past when China was divided and dismembered with large swathes of Chinese lands lost to England, France, Russia, Germany and Japan and with millions of Chinese brutally tortured with endless atrocities besides the millions genocided by the invaders - the Western powers and Japan. They had caused China and the Chinese a century of shame and humiliation with lost of self-respect and dignity. We Chinese wherever we may be must make sure this horrible episode must never happen again to we Chinese people. So we have to be united for unity is strength and with strength we Chinese will have the power to destroy our enemies wherever they come from.

The evil Americans may instigate and incite the Chinese compatriots in Taiwan to fight with mainland China under lots of false promises. What do they care if Chinese begin to kill fellow Chinese. To them it is a spectacular sight to see so long as US can continue to hold sway over China and the Chinese people and maintain its hegemony of every country in this earthly world. The American government just reiterated that it doesn't care if Ukraine win or lost the Ukraine war against Russia so long as it achieved its motive of weakening and impoverishing Russia. Further it now claims it is not a party to the Ukraine conflict and is thus not responsible for Ukraine's defeat. This is a shameless betrayal of the Ukranians. This is a lesson the Chinese compatrioots in Taiwan must beware. The diabolical American capabilities for doing evil knows no bounds.

Hope the evil Americans and the Japanese will wake up to their senses and stop instigating and fomenting wars all over the world which will result in the total and complete destruction of mankind. The evil Americans must get rid of their false political egos especially the political elites and the warmongering  billionaire tycoons  entrenched in the Wall Street Rothschild Illuminati Cabal  and in the Pentagon Military Industrial Complex.



Ukraine - A tragedy... the demise of a nation state

There was once a state called Ukraine in the centre of Europe in 2022. Though corruption was rampant, it was well endowed with rich soil and natural resources. Ukraine was not only the warehouse of grains for Europe and the world, it was also home to many engineers and scientists, a major industrial hub for building aircraft, ships and submarines.

By 2023, this nation state would likely be no more. In the hands of a clown called Volodymyr Zelensky and his team of comedians, they refused to fulfill the Minsk Agreement to give greater autonomy to the eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, engaged in racial cleansing of Russian speaking Ukrainians that led to the invasion by Russia to protect the people in these regions.

In a war that lasted no more than 6 months, the eastern region of Ukraine was occupied by Russia while the western region was occupied by Nato and Poland. A new iron wall was erected that virtually divided up Ukraine like Germany was after WW2. Most of Ukraine was destroyed and many Ukrainians had left the country for good, as refugees. Ukraine was no more, its name erased from the register of nation states in the UN.

This is the tragic story of a country wrongly handed to a bunch of comedians and clowns that did not know what they were doing and allowing foreign powers to turn their country into a war zone with absolutely no benefits to the people of Ukraine. And with the so called military aid that the clowns were demanding daily to sustain a futile war that they could not win, and with the foreign powers happily dumping everything they got and billing Ukraine with whatever they want, basically a blank cheque for them to fill in the numbers, Ukraine was as good as bankrupt till kingdom comes. The debt was so huge that Ukraine would never be able to repay for a thousand years. It is good riddance and a mercy that Ukraine did not exist anymore and no Ukrainians would need to repay that fictitious and outrageous debt incurred by the bunch of clowns that committed treason against the people of Ukraine as if it was just a comedy show, so surreal, but real in every sense of the word.

Ukraine is a story no more. There is no more Ukrainians on earth, only ex Ukrainians scattered all over the world. Thanks to the clowns and traitors of Ukraine. How could this happen to a country, to be destroyed so easily and so quickly, is beyond anyone's imagination.

The fate of Ukraine could be the fate of many countries in a world dominated by a rogue Empire that is behaving like a predator, everyday scheming to grab countries to be parts and pieces of the Empire. All it needs is a clown or a few clowns to be willing puppets of the Empire, to be dictated by the Empire to become another Ukraine.

Diaoyu Island - The truth by German director Christie Ribby


*The United States suddenly announced the largest iron evidence of the ownership of the Diaoyu Islands!*

The world was in an uproar, and the American "The Truth about the Diaoyu Islands" made the Japanese media collectively speechless. Be sure to invite patriotic compatriots to see!

From the perspective of a Westerner, Hollywood director Libby said a fair word to the world: the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

For this truth, most Japanese mainstream media chose to collectively aphasia, and only a few media published a briefing.

Libi did not shoot "The Truth about Diaoyu Islands" for money or to speak for the Chinese government, but out of the artist's due conscience and a responsible attitude towards history.

There is an old saying in China: "The truth cannot be fake." It means that no matter how much you cover it up or how clever you are, you can't cover up the truth. The same is true for the issue of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands.

The documentary "The Truth about the Diaoyu Islands", shot by German-born Hollywood director Christie Ribby, has premiered in the United States and China one after another, drawing attention from the outside world.

This 40-minute documentary, through detailed historical materials, comprehensively sorts out the ins and outs of the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands, and expounds the fact that "the Diaoyu Islands have belonged to China since ancient times".

The film also recorded the crimes committed by Japan during the war of aggression against China, including the Nanjing Massacre, and the 731 Unit used Chinese to conduct bacteria experiments.

It also used a narration to call on the Japanese government to face up to history, apologize to the Chinese people for war crimes, and recognize that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

The film also criticized the United States for ignoring China's legitimate demands to take back the Diaoyu Islands when the "San Francisco Peace Treaty" was signed in 1951.

In order not to be considered "paid publicity", Ribby, 76, raised $500,000 to shoot the historical documentary independently.
In order to strive for truth, he consulted a large number of historical materials with the rigor unique to the Germans, "libraries, archives, the Internet... Wherever you can find data, go there".

The film uses a lot of persuasive photo and video data, some of which are from the archives of the National Archives of the United States, as well as historical materials purchased from the film studio.

In addition, he also went to China's Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and other places to shoot on-site to testify the content of the film.

In order to clarify the context of Sino-Japanese relations, Ribi even expanded his research horizon to the naval battle of Baijiangkou on the Korean Peninsula between Japan and the Tang Dynasty in 663 AD.

As for the reason for filming "The Truth about Diaoyu Islands", Ribby said: "As a German living in the United States, I feel very sad to see that the Western media always distort the coverage of China.

Especially on the Diaoyu Islands issue, no real information can be found through the Western media, which is related to the overall prejudice of the Western media against China. "I feel that I should do something to make up for the lack of Western media on the Diaoyu Islands issue. This is the original intention of my creation of "The Diaoyu Islands". "

Another important reason for making the film, Ribby said, was that he had been indignant that Japan had not apologized to China for its aggressive behavior.

He said: "Germany also did terrible things during World War II, but we will repent. In 1970, the then Federal German Chancellor Brandt went to the Polish Jewish Martyrdom Monument to kneel and apologize, which had a very positive impact on the Germans.

I am personally very grateful for what Brandt has done, otherwise we will be cursed by the tragic memory of the past, which has always been there.


Diaoyu Island - The truth ...contd


Sadly, Japan has not changed. So many people ask me, why doesn't Japan apologize like you Germans? I don't know, so I hope they can face up and seriously reflect on this history. "The Truth about the Diaoyu Islands" was the first to premiere in Los Angeles, and the response was enthusiastic.

Many American viewers said after watching the film that on the issue of the Diaoyu Islands, American newspapers, news agencies, TV stations and other media have almost the same tone. "The Truth about the Diaoyu Islands" exposes Americans to fresh voices and gives people a different perspective on history.

In recent years, in order to take China's Diaoyu Islands as their own, some Japanese politicians have tried their best, from issuing postage stamps with the Diaoyu Islands, "relocating" some national household registrations to the island, and building lighthouses on the island; to staged "nationalization", farce, revision of textbook compilation guidelines, production of related promotional videos, and the establishment of a special website, etc., in order to achieve the purpose of confusing the audio-visual with the real.

From the perspective of a Westerner, Ribi said a fair word to the world: the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. For this truth, most Japanese mainstream media chose to collectively aphasia, and only a few media published a briefing.
Some Japanese threw out "conspiracy theories" and questioned that Libi received money from Chinese people. As for collecting money, Ribby has already clarified.

Those who question Ribi may not understand that for a good artist, conscience and responsibility are more important than money.
Libi did not shoot "The Truth about Diaoyu Islands" for money or to speak for the Chinese government, but out of the artist's due conscience and a responsible attitude towards history.

In fact, there are many conscientious artists, historians, and writers like Libi, including the late professor of Kyoto University, Kiyo Inoue, and professor of Yokohama National University, Tadashi Murata.

They are not afraid of power and have the courage to tell the truth about the Diaoyu Islands. With a responsible attitude towards history, they spoke out what they should say as historians. This rigorous academic spirit deserves respect and learning from the world.

Even foreigners have fished for us. As a Chinese, it is not even more obligatory!

_When you finish reading this article, I hope you can spread it out, spread some positive messages, and make the world a little more loving.



Ukraine - Joe Biden admits that it is the USA against Russia

 President Joe Biden has cast the Ukraine war as part of a US-led struggle pitting democracy against authoritarianism.
The US Congress this week approved a US$40 billion (38 billion euro) aid package, including funds to enhance Ukraine's armoured vehicle fleet and air defence system. CNA

Russia's most senior lawmaker on Saturday accused Washington of coordinating military operations in Ukraine, which he said amounted to direct US involvement in military action against Russia.

"Washington is essentially coordinating and developing military operations, thereby directly participating in military actions against our country," Vyacheslav Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel....

However, the United States and its NATO allies have repeatedly said they will not take part in fighting themselves, in order to avoid becoming parties to the conflict. CNA

The lying and cheating Americans speaking in fork tongue, denying that they were not fighting the Russians but all their actions showed that they are directly involved in the fighting, with their generals, their paid mercenaries, contractors, and with their weapons and money in the tune of US$40b! The total amount involved would be more than US$100b by now.

And the Americans think the Russians and the rest of the world are fools believing in their lies. Zelensky is just an actor, the highest paid actor in this war, not even a proxy war. There are so many American generals caught and now POWs facing charges of war crimes in Moscow.

The most evil Empire, with all the white savages, all armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction, with biochemical weapons banned by the UN, still strutting around like it has nothing to do with them. The real fighting in Ukraine is being fought by the American trained and funded neo Nazis and their American instructors and commanders. The sinking of Russian warships were done by the Americans, not by the Ukrainians.

And the evil Americans are desperately trying to throw all the shit at the Russians, ordering the American controlled ICC to fabricate evidence to accuse the Russians of war crimes when they know that all the hard evidence, material and scientists and generals are in the hands of the Russians. It only needs a couple of them to squeal and everything would be exposed. All their fabricated lies and evidence would mean nothing once the Russians have all the confessions of the generals and scientists and the thousands of human mice ie children used as test animals for their heinous experiments to terminate the Russians and other coloured people of the world.

Putin has executed the greatest military strategy to ambush the evil men and women in Mariupol and all the evidence to commit the Americans of war crimes, the Crime of the Century, conducted in the underground fortress of Azovstal steel plant. This time the American savages would not be able to get away so easily. The media of the world would be invited to witness the confessions of the evil American and Nato generals and scientists and all the biochemical weapons and documents seized by the Russians, and the thousands of children subjected to biochemical abuses by the evil Americans.

The final chapter to nail the Americans and the Europeans for the perverted crimes against humanity is being written in Moscow with the aid of American/Nato generals and scientists prisoners of war.


Covid19 - KKH planning to study long Covid problem in children

For the first time, KKH to study whether long COVID is a problem in children in Singapore 

SINGAPORE: Some studies overseas have put the prevalence of long COVID in children at anywhere from 4 to nearly 60 per cent of those who became infected with the virus.

But in Singapore, such a study — which would help to better manage children here who have had COVID-19 — has not been done yet.

That is about to change. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) is planning to embark on a study to determine whether long COVID is indeed a problem in young children and teenagers in Singapore....

“We do know that long COVID might potentially be a problem in children,” said KKH consultant Li Jiahui, who specialises in paediatric infectious disease. Hence the coming study will be “important”, she noted....

The study comes in the wake of the Omicron wave having seen children contract COVID-19 at the highest rate among all age groups in Singapore. For example, between December and February, around 27,000 children aged five to 11 were infected with the virus....

Above is from an article in the CNA by  Derrick A Paulo  and Chan Luo Er 

I must commend our forward looking, pro active approach for taking this unprecedented step to do studies on long Covid effects in children. Yes, must nip the problem in the bud. They have finally stop relying on the Americans to feed them with all the data or selected data now that Pfizer has been ordered by the American courts to produce all the data that they refused to show to their own Americans and the world. Better late than never, and it is good to do our own study. I hope this plan, still a plan, not sure when it would be put to action, would materialise one day. Maybe already started.

And there are very good reasons to do our own studies. Because what could affect the Americans may not be applicable to us Asians and we need accurate representation of long Covid in children in Singapore. This is brilliant! I could never had thought of this. Here is the report in CNA.

'Most of the studies of long COVID in children are from the West, she noted. And their findings “may not be entirely applicable to our context” and may not give an “accurate representation” of long COVID in children in Singapore.

For one thing, Asian children may show particular symptoms differently. “Secondly, the symptoms may be partly attributable to various factors such as lockdowns, social restrictions, safe management measures, which differ from country to country,” she cited.'

Let's wait for the plan and study and the results. I think it would be good for the children of Singapore. At least we need not have to rely on foreigners' second hand reports or what foreigners thought fit to show us, what they wanted to show us and not knowing what they did not want to show us.

This is good, surely.

Can Singapore just do it instead of planning to do it?


USA vs China - What are they offering to the world?

The Americans has a US$1 trillion budget for defence and espionage against countries they labelled as enemies. How many countries have a national budget of US$300b or below? Singapore's national budget is just about there, US$300b. And the Americans are spending more than 3 times that on its military and the offensive arm of covert agencies out there doing nothing but supporting, funding and training insurgents and terrorist organisations to incite, agitate and destabilise countries as and when the Americans decided to do so.

Americans contribution or involvement in international affairs can be summed up in a few areas, selling arms, supporting wars, fighting wars, forming international gangs aka military and political alliances, and inciting and provoking wars, destabilising countries by interfering in their domestic affairs under the pretext of championing human rights, democracy and freedom using NED and NGOs.  Other major activities of the Americans are threatening countries with wars or economic sanctions.

These activities briefly summed up what the Americans are doing around the world, destabilising the world under the guise of maintaining peace, to feed its military industrial complex which is the largest component of the American economy. Without wars, perpetual wars and instability around the world, the American economy would ground to a halt with all its major industries involved in the manufacturing of arms going bankrupt.  Everyday, with the complicity of American and western media, the Americans have been promoting itself as a peaceful and peace loving country but actually the biggest trouble maker in the world, the biggest warmonger, the biggest arms seller, the one that is directly involved in all the wars on every corner of the earth...but pointing a finger at China as the trouble maker, an aggressive country with expansionist plan to conquer the world, but not involved in any wars for the last 40 years. China is the monster that the Americans have created to frighten the rest of the world.

On the other hand China's military budget is only a fraction of the American's, about US$300b, mainly to build up a strong defence force to protect its own territorial integrity and national interests, defensive in nature. China's main contribution to the international community, China's main activity or engagement with the rest of the world is trade and assisting the world in infrastructure development. These contributions can be backed up by the world's economic statistics produced by the IMF and World Bank and other international economic organisations that clearly confirmed that China is the top trading partners of more than 140 countries, more than the Americans' 20.

China's next biggest contribution to the world is the multi trillion dollar massive infrastructure project stretching across Asia and Africa, in the Bridge and Road Initiative Project involving more than 100 countries. But as usual, such a huge economic project has been labelled by the Americans, that has nothing good to say, as a Chinese expansionist plan to conquer the world.  Where are the guns and the bullets?

The BRI Projects stand to bring benefits to hundreds of countries especially those landlocked countries in Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. For the last few centuries, economic development and growth have been confined to maritime cities and countries along the maritime trade routes.  Landlock countries without direct access to seaports were economically disadvantaged and marginalised, unable to trade with the rest of the world like maritime countries and cities. China's BRI is a major strategic shift to connect the landlocked countries with the rest of the world, introducing a new dimension in international connectivity and trade. Hundreds of millions of people and countries stand to benefit from this China initiative that could not become a reality without a massive commitment in funds and resources made possible by the political will of a country like China.

The Americans have no answer to this Chinese initiative and could only eye from a distance with green envy and to poke its fingers in every corner hoping to scuttle the Project with sinister narratives like debt traps, China not doing it for altruistic reasons and Chinese expansionist ambition.

Where is America when the world, especially the developing countries in Asia and Africa, and also those in Latin America need a leader to help them in their economic development, funding and support? Oh, the Americans are very busy fighting wars in the Middle East and Africa and inciting and provoking for more new wars in other parts of Asia, Europe and Latin America, imposing sanctions on millions of people around the world, causing economic hardship, sufferings and poverty to innocent people, and death and destruction in countries they are engaged in warfare.

The footprints of the Americans around the world is instability, insurgencies, interfering in other countries' domestic affairs, and wars and destruction and regime change and military alliances. On the contrary, China's footprints are trade, infrastructure development, investments and economic cooperation, no signing of military pacts and ganging up to fight this country or that country. 

Wherever China goes, there is economic development and trade, no bullets, no deaths!

Wherever you find Americans, it is war, instability, economic sanctions, fears, threats of war, fighting, bombings, destruction, insurgency and terrorism.

Who is contributing positively to the good of human civilisation? Who is spreading hate, creating animosities and inciting and fighting wars and killing people around the world, finding faults and excuses to attack other countries? Who is the irresponsible trouble maker and warmonger?

How many millions of people have the Americans killed and maimed in the last 40 years?

How many people have the Chinese killed in the same period, without engaging in a single war?

Who is the real devil, the number one terrorist country in the world? Which country is everyday trying to pick a fight with another country, stirring shit everywhere? The Americans spent a trillion dollar annually just to fabricate lies, incite wars and fighting wars and killing innocent people.

Hw many silly people still believe in the white savages as peace loving people, to police the world as responsible people? Who would want the international gangster to be provide peace and stability? Just look at Ukraine and Europe and Taiwan and the latest, Soloman Islands. Who is behind the war and tension?

The unthinking believers of white savages


We always thought humans have brains and can differentiate good from evil. Alas, there are those who just follow meekly and blindly what the USA and the West drum into their brains, that what the USA and the West consider as evil must be evil. Even animals knows when to avoid predators, when they sense their presence and knows such predators only purpose is to annihilate them.

And we have thus now landed the world into endless conflicts, divided into camps, forced to take sides and became proxies to fight wars on behalf of the evil curse unleashed by the Anglo Saxon Whites. Countries have to fight wars as proxies for the USA and the West, on their soil, all to help the USA maintain their superpower status while they suffer the devastation of war and carry the debts of borrowing to rebuild their country after the war has ended.

Some countries inevitably become victims of debt traps engineered by the West for rebuilding. Had there been no wars or devastation, there is little need for them to have to borrow up to their eyeballs for reconstruction? And who finally benefits from all this?

Of all the wars fought in history, none has been fought on mainland USA, save for the civil wars, which the rest of the world is not a part of. Thus the USA was able to maintain and retain it's high ground of giving aids and loans with long strings attached through the IMF and World Bank to countries destroyed by their proxy wars. Who finally suffers from all this?

Now Ukraine is going through the motion of being destroyed in a proxy war for the USA and might even pull NATO into the quagmire. We should dig deeper to understand why the USA is doing all this. One reason that many could clearly see was the USA eyeing the energy market in Europe. They had been going through the motions to derail NORD Stream 2 since the start and the EU had been dragged over the coals to suffer for the agenda of the USA. The other reason is that by creating antagonism against Russia to no end, Russia becomes the bogeyman for NATO, thus allowing the USA to remain in Europe to dictate to the colonies they control. Even Germany, the most powerful member of EU, is now an obedient puppy catering to the interest and dictates of the USA. 



Savages versus the Civilised - How they manage their threats and problems

 Between savages and civilisation there is a world of a difference, no matter how they lied, praised themselves and smeared and demonised others. The rest of the world can see with their eyes wide open. They are no longer the ignorant natives of the past, albeit some are still wearing blinkers and could not or chose not to see the devil as they are.

The savagery of colonialism has been carved in stone but disguised and doctored in the history books of the colonialists as a matter of fact, nothing to cry about, no savagery, no massacres, no genocides. The colonised have been schooled and fed with the fake truths manufactured by colonial masters to the point of worshipping the colonial masters till today, still believing that the ex colonial masters, the real savages, are the civilised and saviour of humankind. They just cannot see through the thin veneer of lies and plastics. 

The latest, the hordes of Asean leaders are happily paying their way to the White House, the heart of the savages, to be lectured on how to make enemies, told who are their enemies, and how to make wars, and of course to buy more weapons to defend themselves against a perceived enemy as defined by the number one terrorist nation of the world, the USA. They have forgotten that these savages committed genocides, massacres, invasion of countries, assassination of leaders, cheating, lying and are engaging in endless wars, and would be telling them to fight more wars these savages would be creating for them.

The savages have wars and killings in their DNAs, but because of stolen wealth, dressed in smart suits, dined with fine cutlery and feast with the finest wine and delicacies, looking very well and very civilised. Even when they killed, massacred, bomb the daylight out of poor defenceless people, no one could see any evil or any wrong in what they were doing, or they simply turned to look the other way.

When the savages encountered problems, or imagined threats, or fabricated threats, their only solution is violence. They would resort to war or throwing obstacles at the self declared enemies or throwing  whatever in their path to cripple, maim or kill them. They did these even to fair competition. They never think of playing fair or compete to be better than the competitors. If they were allowed to apply these devious means in the Olympics, they would have crippled or poisoned every competitor to prevent them from competing in the race. This is how outrageous the savages are.

In the case of the Covid pandemic, the savages resorted to casting slurs and lies to smear and blame others, blame China, used vulgarities and spread disinformation. By now, the whole world is very clear where is the source of the Covid19 virus but not muttering a word about it. China, the first victim of the virus, simply responded to the pandemic in the civilised way. Identified the virus, shared its genome, developed the vaccines, and trying to control its spread to its people and the people of the world, without blaming anyone for it. The evidence is all out there. The virus has been stopped from spreading in China. The savages are angry and did not want to accept this and wanted China to remove all preventive measures to help to spread the virus across China which would end up spreading across the world.

The savages went on a witchhunt, spreading lies, let the virus spread while laughing and ridiculing China and blaming China for the virus without any proof or evidence. This is how savages behaved, and they behaved exactly as how savages would.

Another example of savage versus civilised competition is trade and economic development. China is rapidly industrialising, manufacturing goods and services for the world, becoming the biggest trade partners for 140 countries in the world. It sells good and useful goods and services to benefit the people of the world by being cheaper and more efficient. And instead of being grateful and thankful for the service provided by China, to improve the lives of their people, the savages called this a threat to their dominance and control of the world. 

Instead of bettering themselves to be as competitive as China, the savages started all kinds of wars, including trade wars, to cripple the productive power of China to the extent of hurting their own people with high tariffs, and hostile policies including blocking education of tertiary students. Savages only believe in wars, not fair competition.

With production and manufacturing facilities in top gear, China needs raw materials, oil, resources from all over the world to feed its factories. The savages threaten to choke off the supply route of China especially the choke point of the Straits of Malacca. This is a real threat of using force to cut off supplies to China especially oil and raw material.  China's response to this existential threat is not to fight force with force. There are civilised ways to overcome threats and challenges without the use of force. China simply find alternative trade routes, build ports and railways to by pass the choke point. Could the savages think like civilised people, to compete fairly without resorting to force and war?

The BRI is also another option to bypass the choke points as well as being more efficient and cost effective, with shorter travelling time by land and a shorter journey between Europe and Asia. This is also a big boon to all the landlock countries that have no access to sea ports. The BRI is a massive solution that would facilitate trade with more efficient transport modes and would benefit many countries along the road and rail network.

The response of the savages is expected. Instead of providing a better alternative, they started to demonise and spread lies about the BRI, about debt traps that were non existence, about non transparency, about all kinds of fictitious lies, and even threaten to attack the projects with terrorism.

No matter how they disguised themselves, no matter how well dressed and how well tailored are their suits, savages are savages and can be judged by their savage behaviour. Violence, lies, cheating, wars, sanctions, threats are their way of life. They love wars and destruction and like to thump their chests as brave savages, and also form gangs and fabricate lies to raise tension and incite wars.

Do not judge a savage by what he said but by what he does. Action speaks louder. Action is the truth.

The Asean leaders listened to the savages in the White House talking about wars and how to make enemies with their top trading partners, and probably with more offers of arms sales, like Coast Guards patrol boats. Do not be conned by the savages. Watch their alcohol and beware of intoxicating drugs offered by the savages.

Fortunately the Asean leaders are not daft and would not be drugged to do the bidding of Biden and his savages. Go in peace and return in peace.


Ukraine - Zelensky is a British citizen!!!


Zelensky & SBU given 🇬🇧 Passports & Russia blocks German Gas Payment🔥 - Inside Russia Report

Representatives of Zelensky's office received British citizenship, Kiva said. "President Zelensky's office and their families received British citizenship as a guarantee of their security from (British Prime Minister) Boris Johnson ," Kiva wrote on his Telegram channel. : https://ria.ru/20220428/ukraina-17858... Zelensky's wife and children have already received British citizenship. A number of employees of the General Staff of Ukraine and the SBU are in the process of receiving theirs: https://www.9111.ru/questions/7777777...

The President of Ukraine is a British citizen! Can you believe that? A country's president is the citizen of another country? Think about it, say the PMs of Singapore or Malaysia are citizens of another country? Possible? Acceptable? 

This thing can only happen in a fake country, a fake regime in Ukraine. Zelensky knows that his time in Ukraine is limited and his acting role as the fake President of Ukraine would come to an end soon. So, for the safety of himself and his families, he is all prepared to run away, to Britain, with all the wealth that he is being paid for acting his role as the President of a fake country.

What would the Ukrainians think of this? Or they are not thinking, no longer thinking, that their so called President is actually an actor, a citizen of another country, doing all he can to destroy Ukraine under the instruction of the USA. Zelensky would play the role as long as he could, but all the time knowing that he must run sooner or later.

The Ukrainians are so dumb, unbelieveable, tobelieve in a traitor as a President, asking them to die while he is safe and would flee the country at any moment.

Zelensky would be the hot favourite for the Oscar this year.

Monkeypox - Vaccines galore - A new American discovery to make more money

The US health authorities have signed a deal for $119 million in vaccine doses against the monkeypox virus, after a Massachusetts man was diagnosed with the rare but potentially serious illness earlier this week.

The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) – a government agency devoted to combating pandemics and bioterrorism – signed the multi-million-dollar contract with Danish pharma firm Bavarian Nordic on Wednesday, the company announced in a statement.

The $119 million deal is one in a series of contract options which could ultimately reach a total value of $299 million if exercised, in exchange for around 13 million freeze-dried doses of the Jynneos vaccine. It was originally created for smallpox, but was approved for use against monkeypox by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2019, just months before the first cases of Covid-19 were detected in China.  RT

Anyone that is closely monitoring the Americans and their secretive deals with pharma companies would have been alerted by the appearance of monkeypox in Europe and the US and the haste to acquire more vaccines. This is quite similar to the haste to acquire Covid19 vaccines and eventually shafting it down the throats of Americans and silly countries to make billions in a short time.

It is increasingly clear why there is a surge in interest in acquiring virus patents and vaccines by the opportunists to make quick bucks at the expense of hundreds of millions of people around the world. Raise the alarm, be on high alert that some devious and mischievous pattern developing. The Americans seem to have stumbled into a great discovery, the combination of virus and vaccines is as good a business as conducting wars.

The world must be prepared for more infectious diseases and more demands and compulsory mandates for vaccinations. The revelation of the hundreds of American biolabs all over the world and the preponderance of them in a single state in Ukraine, 46 biolabs, and the notorious findings by the Russians of thousands of children held captive in these labs as laboratory mice for testing of virus and biochemicals, when put together, can be very frightening.

Bill Gates was warning the world about smallpox epidemic in 2021 as if he knew it was coming. And likely he has all the vaccines patented or at least the viruses. He is like omniprescient.  He can foretell the future. Another interesting point is that monkeypox originated from Africa where there are many wild monkeys. How to explain that monkeypox  is appearing in USA, Europe and Australia, mainly white men countries, no monkeys, or at least no African monkeys, but not spreading in Africa?

Putting all the pieces together, a picture is evolving and is a clear and present danger to all humankind. It is an existential threat that somehow all kinds of plagues and deadly diseases are reappearing one after another. Were these lab creations, lab accidents or intentional spreading of such viruses and pathogens for some monstrous agenda other than just making money?
The whole world must be on high alert, brace up for more manmade viruses and infections spreading not in dirty third world countries but in clean and well kept developed countries, in bars, theatres, restaurants, stadiums, churches, places of worship etc etc. The new infections and viruses like clean places. 
Heard of biolabs or bioweapon labs? What are they for, why so many over the world and who owns them?

What do you think?


China came up tops in submarine warfare in the South China Sea

 Without gloating, with no admission from the Americans, the facts are staring down at the Americans. China has proven to be superior to the Americans in submarine warfare. How so?

China has about 100 submarines while the Americans have 70. China's submarines are concentrated in the East and South China Seas. This is like the hornet's nest for Chinese submarines. The American submarines are spread thinly all over the world, in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and the polar seas.

Another important aspect is the role of the submarines. They are attack ships and one of their main roles is to shadow aircraft carriers. The American submarines would be tracking and shadowing Chinese aircraft carriers and Russian warships as well. The Chinese submarines would be the tails of every American aircraft carrier and warship in the East and South China Seas.

How would these activities foretell who is more superior than the other? The Americans have been bragging about the superiority of their submarines vis a vis the Chinese and the Russians.  Chinese submarines are noisy and easily detectable. Chinese submarine technology are inferior to the Americans. How then could a Chinese submarine popped up in the middle of an American wargame without being detected until it surfaced? The Americans were busy playing their wargame or sleeping?

The Chinese submarine surfaced by its own to prove to the Americans what it could do. It is another story if a submarine is forced to surface by an adversary warship or warplane. Every time an American aircraft carrier or warship enters the Chinese seas, you can bet the submarines would be there to meet them and to track them, with missiles ready to fire at them. Similarly, when the Liaoning or Shangdong aircraft carriers are in the East and South China Seas, the American submarines would be there tracking them. Both the Chinese and Americans would not let the aircraft carriers out of sight in case they turned mischievous.

In anti submarine warfare, both sides would be hunting the submarines and when detected, the submarines would be forced to surface or risk being hit by depth charges. There are certain rulings that both sides would abide by when detected and have to surface. So far no Chinese submarines were detected and forced to surface. And there are so many of them shadowing the American aircraft carriers in the Chinese seas. Recently, two American nuclear submarines were detected by Chinese warships and forced to surface in the South China Sea.

These incidents say that either the American submarines were noisy enough to be detected, or the Chinese anti submarine technology is superior enough to find them. And the fact is that relatively there were much fewer American submarines in the Chinese seas than the Chinese. And there were many more opportunities for the Americans to detect Chinese submarines tailing them but unable to do so.

The Chinese anti submarine warfare and technology thus have proven that they are superior to the Americans, definitely not inferior to the Americans. If one still has doubt, just recall the accident of USS Connecticut. This is the best the Americans have, the most expensive and the most sophisticated. The Americans claimed that it was so blind that it slammed into an undersea mountain. And the South China Sea was totally devoid of Chinese ships, not even a single Chinese fishing boat was around to see this monster floating and limping its way to Guam! Everyone would know that the whole of the South China Sea is filled with Chinese fishing boats and naval ships.

The truth is that the Chinese were tracking the USS Connecticut and could position a small drone submarine in its path without being detected by the Connecticut. And the Connecticut smashed into it and ended up with a bashed nose and had to float to the surface. The Chinese naval ships then escorted it half way to Guam. This incident was so embarrassing to the Americans that they had to lie about a blind super sub hitting a mountain in the South China Sea. They have berthed the Connecticut in Guam and now trying to fit a pair of spectacles for this super sub before letting it out in the ocean again. And the damage was so bad that it would take years before it is sea worthy to be mischievous again. Think it would not dare to appear in the South China Sea again.