You Decide: Is It Prosecution or Persecution? - Part 1/2

Li Sheng-Wu wrote in his recent Facebook post:

"Apparently the court has rendered judgement on my case today, and fined me $15,000 for a comment made to my friends on Facebook. I disagree with the judgement, and worry that it will reinforce the PAP's tendency to suppress ordinary political speech. In response to three words in a private Facebook post, the government has wasted three years of civil servants' time.

In a kind of cruel irony, the AGC has spent long hours lecturing me about my grandfather's values. The AGC is supposed to be an apolitical agency, even though the current attorney general was my uncle's personal lawyer.

As I was arranging my bookshelf the other day, I came across a gift from my childhood. (photo attached) Those were better times, before my uncle bullied his siblings and tore the family apart."

The prosecution or persecution of Li Sheng-Wu may backfire one day.

The whole process, taken in the period of three long years, has finally come to result in a foregone conclusion. It may altogether look leegally alright in the mind of legal interpretation, but it really looks ugly in the hearts of perception.

Commoners who are not well-versed in the legality of such an issue will tend to perceive this as:

1. The big bullying the small,

2. The elder bullying the younger,

3. The strong bullying the weak and

4. The powerful bullying the weak.

Whichever way you choose, one cannot run away from the fact that the government is led by Li Sheng-Wu's own blood uncle and the Attorney General happens, not by coincidence but by choice, to be Sheng-Wu's uncle's personal lawyer for a long period of time.

These facts remain true in the Court of Law as well as in the Court of Public Opinions and in the Eyes of Public Perception. And these facts are of paramount importance when we put two and two together - what can be seen and what cannot be seen.

In my humble opinion, the fine of $15,000 is an excessive overkill that will disqualify Sheng-Wu forever from taking part in the Singapore's General Elections. Thereby, consequently it destroys his political career if he ever wished to embark on that road to take on his cousins who may decide to carry on the Dynastic Rule one day in the not too distant future.

Whether the judge's decision is an overkill or not, fair or unfair, the fact remains that the impact of the judge's decision destroys forever a young man's potential for the highest political office, that may one day be calling the shots for the entire nation, a position even an ordinary judge himself/herself would not dare to dream of?

Whether the judge's decision
was by coincidence or by design, whether his hands were tied or his mental faculty skewed, whether there was a long hidden hand behind the scenes manipulating the outcome or not, nobody is the wiser. We can only imagine and assume.

Nobody can honestly point a finger to anybody unless somebody is willing to come out as a whistleblower to clear the air of doubts. Moreover, in the scheme of things, somebody may use a knuckle-duster to determine the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the toothpaste.

            Under the sinister twilight nothing can be seen clearly. An apparition can be mistakenly                         perceived as a human bean and a dark-skin human bean can be wrongly perceived as a ghost.

Therefore, Sheng-Wu's predicament may be mistakenly portrayed as a legal issue and the legality of the issue may be wrongly seen as a relentless persecution. Whichever the case may be, we the commoners in the street must go by the common logic, which is the basis for the Common Laws.

It is the man in the street who judges, not the grey-hair learned of many years sitting in an enclosed office to decide. That's Common Law!

In this Internet Age, it is the Court of Public Opinions that upholds the Common Law because it serves as the Mother of all streets where commoners gather in the billions. It is the International Court of Justice for the Common Human Beans.

That was my humble perception which I have to get out of my chest for whatever it is worth, in order to close the LOOP.

What have you perceived? You decide.

~ The LOOP - 30 July 2020.

PS. Posted on behalf of LOOP

PAP has started to create good jobs for Singaporeans

While Singaporeans are losing jobs, many new jobs have been created for PAP MPs as political office holders! What an irony!

The PAP’s GE manifesto of Your Jobs, Your lives, Your Future sounds more like a parody! Seriously, you think you have a brighter future and economic security under this bunch of incompetents?

Let’s see how many real and good paying jobs they are able to create between now and the next GE!

Lim Tean

The above is from an article by Lim Tean in TRE.

I think Lim Tean has missed out the 37 political jobs paying millions in Parliament, and the nearly a million dollar jobs for 5 mayors that have been created after the GE. These are damn good jobs. Hope they will create a few more so that more Singaporeans can get these good jobs.

A mayor’s minimum annual salary is $660,000. To this salary, we should add the allowance of a member of parliament which is $192,500 per annum. The monthly salary of a mayor is, therefore, a minimum of about $71,000. And the mayor's salary is lower than the 37 officer holders in Parliament.

Getting one of these jobs is like striking Toto every month. Jiat buay leow.

Happy Hari Raya to our Malay and Muslim friends. And congrats to several of our Muslim friends for getting the million dollar jobs created by the PAP. These jobs are great reasons for a big Hari Raya celebration and open house.

PS. Why I called these as jobs. Because they are just like jobs in organisations that come  with career development, regular promotions, annual performance appraisals, annual bonuses and performance bonuses just like what employees are expected to have. Anyone in these jobs can look forward to a long career, and looking for annual increments, oops, promotions in lieu, and a life long career. Used to have pensions as well, paying in the millions. Not sure if this is too much and eventually curtailed.

This is the premier premier civil service. The elites of the elitist service of the country where only the very best are recruited, went through several rounds of gruelling interviews before they are selected.


Skills upgrading Singapore style

Covid19 - The Americans politicising everything

LOOP said...

China should withhold any vaccines from well-known existing Pariah countries that tried to label other countries as "Pariah".

Anounce to the whole world that Pariah countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and USA will not be given any vaccines that China has invented. This is intellectual property.

China must start an International Official Authority to register all Intellectual Properties as the supreme authority on all forms of intellectual properties. All those intellectual properties registered in the USA will not be recognized by China as legal.

July 28, 2020 10:54 am

With the cocky and belligerent Americans politicising everything, calling countries as enemies, bullying countries by unilateral economic and political sanctions, threats etc etc, and with the Americans and its five eyes countries openly calling China their enemy, it is only natural and expected that China must reciprocate in kind, tit for tat and treat these countries as enemies. They want to screw China, want to fix China, it is about time China screw and fix them altogether in the same breath.

If China is successful in being among the earliest to come up with the vaccine for Covid19, China could make a motherhood statement that its vaccine will be given to every country, everyone who needs it will get it. But because of the limitation of time and production processes, initially there would not be enough vaccine for everyone at one go.

China would thus have to prioritise on who to get the vaccine first and who next and who will be the last in the queue. The Chinese people would naturally get it first, their national product. But to be kind, China's allies like Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela and the Philippines would be among the top of the list.  Next in line would be countries that signed up with the BRI, all those with good relations with China, especially the Central Asian and African countries.

The last on China's list to get the vaccine would be China's enemies, countries that openly declared China as enemy. Number one from the bottom of the list must be the USA followed closely by the five eyes countries. Slightly above this group of enemies would be the American cronies and lapdogs, and countries that banned the use of Huawei's 5G equipment. Then there would be those that sat on the fence blowing hot and cold at China whenever the Americans attacked China.

Actually the most favoured nations of China are very easy to identify. So are the enemies of China and American cronies and lackeys that always took the side of the Americans against China. Who are the friends of China and who are enemies of China are very clear. Who are playing double headed snakes are also very clear, telling China we are friends but screwing China from the back are also very clear.

It would really be nice to see this day when China calls the shot in distributing its Weapon of Peace to its friends first and enemies last, without fear or favour but according to the above rules. The Americans are very edgy at the moment, so are the five eyes, knowing that they have dug a big hole to bury themselves in.

I must say thank God, it is happening and good riddance. Xi would not pick up any calls from Trump. Wang Yi would also not pick up any calls from the evil lump of fat.


Are Australia and US claims to their occupied lands seized from the natives legal and lawful?

MELBOURNE: Australia has joined the United States in stating that China's claims in the South China Sea do not comply with international law in a declaration likely to anger China and put more strain on their deteriorating relations.

The United States this month rejected China's claims to offshore resources in most of the South China Sea, drawing criticism from China which said the US position raised tension in the region.

Australia, in a declaration filed at the United Nations in New York on Friday (Jul 24), said it too rejected China’s maritime claims around contested islands in the South China Sea as being inconsistent with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

"Australia rejects China's claim to 'historic rights' or 'maritime rights and interests' as established in the 'long course of historical practice' in the South China Sea," it said.  Reuters

In the above article, as usual, the white men in US and Australia are claiming that China's claim to South China Sea's islands as unlawful. What about the white men's claim to the land in North America, now called USA, and the continent of Australia, seized from the natives of both lands? Are they lawful, are they legal?

What international laws allowed the white men to seize the land in North America and Australia from the natives?  The South China Sea's islands are uninhabited when China found them. There was the law of finders keepers on no man's land.  The continent of North America and Australia have their own native inhabitants, not no man's land. On what basis are the white Americans and Australians claiming these lands as theirs from the natives of these lands?

White men's art - A visual treat

Great works of white men - Less you forget, less you did not know, less it was not told, less you think these were fake news. This is a visual treat on how creative and artistic the white men can be. And with the recent killings of George Floyd and Ahmaud and fellow blacks in the hands of their police men, anyone of a clear mind and conscience would not think of asking these white murderers to be the policemen of the world. White cruelty against the blacks and the coloured people is in their bones and is not going away.


White man's law or outlaws in land seizure - White lies or white hypocrisy?

With China throwing its weight around in the South China Sea, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rightly declared this month that the country’s aggressive claims to offshore resources in the area were “completely unlawful.” The message aligned the United States with international law in one of the world’s most critical waterways and showed support for the smaller coastal states threatened by Chinese bullying. NYT

The above NYT comment appears that the Americans are taking a high moral and legal ground to challenge China's claim to the islands in the South China Sea. On the same matter, on what legal basis did the Americans have to claim the island of Guam, Diego Garcia and many islands in the Pacific Ocean? To push the issue further, on what basis did the white Americans claimed the continent of North America as theirs? On what basis did the Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders claimed the lands they are occupying today as theirs? 

What laws justified their legal rights to these lands? Law of Conquest? Or is it based on the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, made in the Vatican and claimed to be a law from heaven? Are these legal in any way? God said the non Christian natives are sub humans and have no rights to their lands and the white men, Christians, have the right to seize their land and to butcher them, to genocide them?

Yes, on what basis did the white men claimed the land of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as theirs? Where is the legal basis?

Oh, they found it.  The white men found these lands and claimed as theirs!

Covid19 - Vaccine, China's Weapon of Peace

SINGAPORE: Singapore is "quite proactively" in discussion with vaccine developers, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions to make sure it can have "early access" to future COVID-19 vaccines, said Health Minister Gan Kim Yong on Friday (Jul 24).  CNA

Singapore is snooping around to find its way into the most favoured nations to be among the first to receive this vaccine when ready. Being the friends of every country, being friends of the USA and China, Singapore is in the best position to benefit from such a strategic relationship with the two superpowers.  China would love to share its vaccine with Singapore. And the USA, no need to say anything. Singapore is the favourite country, the number one friend of the USA in Asia. If the USA is able to produce a reliable and effective vaccine, Singapore would be the first to be given this vaccine.  Thanks to the years of cultivating good relations with the Americans and inviting the Americans to be the policeman of South East Asia and offering Changi for their warships to be a menace in the region.

Today, out of 4 countries in the world that are in the final stages of mass trial of the vaccine, 3 are Chinese and one is British.  None of the great American companies are even near to Stage 2 trial, meaning they are at least 9 months to a year before these 4 companies, optimistically, could be even longer.

What would China do when its vaccine is ready for the masses? China would definitely have its own most favoured nations list, with its friends and allies on top with top priority to be given the vaccine. The most hostile and belligerent USA would definitely be at the bottom of China's list of favoured nations. And the 6 countries of the five eye nations would also be lumped together with the Americans as the last to be given the vaccine. They can only hope that the Oxford vaccine passes through at the same time as China's 3 vaccines. If not, they would only be spectators watching China distributing its vaccine to its friends first.

China would be damn stupid to offer its vaccine to the Americans and five eyes countries and American cronies first. The Americans have launched an undeclared war with its allies against China. This hostile act cannot be ignored by China. The Covid19 vaccine will be China's Weapon of Peace, to be shared with friendly countries around the world. Only when the rest of the world have been given their share of this vaccine would the unfriendly countries be considered. And this would probably take years as the production process may not have the capacity to produce so many doses of the vaccine so quickly.

Being friends of China has its privileges.  Being enemies of China, hostile and unfriendly to China, taking sides with the Americans against China's interest, would have to wait. Tan Ku Ku.

Covid19 vaccine will be like the BRI, China's Weapons of Peace. While the warmongering evil Empire is racing to build more deadly nuclear weapons and biological weapons for wars, inciting wars, China is racing ahead in developing vaccine to save the world.

PS. Rich Americans need not worry about not having their vaccine. The lawless Americans would send their soldiers to hijack supplies meant for other countries just like the way they hijacked medical equipment for France, Germany and Brazil and other countries. They would behave like bandits and robbers to get their hands on vaccine they needed for their rich and powerful. Blacks can wait.

Thank God they are not going to have their own vaccine or they would keep it only to themselves. America First, remember that.


Tyranny of the Evil American Empire - To hell with the tyranny of the evil Americans!

The Evil American Empire, led by a bunch of liars, crooks and blood thirsty trouble makers are accusing China of all kinds of things, China is aggressive, expansionist, bully etc etc when the truth is that the Evil Americans are the worse and vicious beasts in oppressing and suppressing the people of the world, in wars and destruction, and killings of the innocents in the millions.

Among the cruel and wicked deeds of the evil Americans include economic sanctions and isolation of countries for 50 or more years to impoverish the people of these countries.

Then they are overt and covert wars, terrorism and threats against countries all over the world. The worse victims of American tyranny and cruelties are the middle eastern states, the African and Latin American states, Iran, North Korea and Cuba. The people of these countries have been suffering from poverty because of the tyranny and bullying of the Evil Empire.

The evil Americans spread lies, fabricated lies and use threats against these countries and forced the rest the of the world not to trade with these countries. The innocent people of these countries have suffered for decades because of the evil Americans.

The Americans have thousands of military bases and chemical and biological labs around the world to threaten and intimidate countries to obeisance.

The evil Americans are everywhere supporting terrorist organisations and ratcheting tensions to start wars and destruction.

The crimes of the evil Americans against humanity are so plentiful that it would need a whole library to fill them, but the western media refused to talk about them or write about them, instead painting the evil Americans as angels.

The intimidation and threats of force by the evil Americans have cowed the rest of the world into submission. No country dares to speak up or stand up against the tyranny of the evil Americans.

Only HE can stop the evil Americans from more killings and destruction, to free the world from the oppression and suppression of the evil Americans. HE has sent in the virus to destroy the evil Americans for the good of the people of the world.

The tyranny of the evil Americans must be put to an end for world peace and prosperity. Their cruelty and defiance against goodness and righteousness are being brought to bear by the ONE above. The Covid19 virus is the nemesis of the evil American Empire.

To hell with the American tyranny and evil Empire.

The silence about immigration in Singapore...about foreigners taking over this country

Professor Seah calls it a “fraught issue that deserves closer study,” and adds that it is one that divides Singaporeans, with those in favor of it saying immigration keeps costs low, attracts international business, which ends with more jobs for citizens. Those in favor of immigration have said that fewer migrants would mean increased prices, as well as less competitive companies.

However, those opposed to an overly large migrant community argue that immigrants end up in competition with locals for jobs, that the quotas for work permit and S Pass holders are too generous, and that no levies or quotas are imposed on Employment Pass holders....

Professor Seah writes, “But even this endeavour has not yielded conclusive findings. To be sure, many empirical studies done internationally have found immigration to have only small and insignificant effects on wages and employment of native workers.” from theindependent.sg

This is a generalisation that is being washed over by not wanting to face the truth. Everyone responsible for this mess is looking away. Immigration in other countries made up only a small percentage of their population. In Singapore, immigrants made up more than 50 percent of the population and is displacing the local population and would soon become the majority of the population if it is not already the case. Is this what daft Singaporeans want, to be displaced by foreigners in their own country?  Singaporeans not only deserve to lose their jobs, but also their country.

The crux of the matter is in this statement:

More research, he says is needed in Singapore. “Empirically, what do we know about the labour market impact of immigration in Singapore? Not much. One reason for this is the lack of high-quality peer-reviewed Singapore-based empirical research addressing this, owing possibly to the lack of publicly available data.”

The scarcity of data is part of the problem, as this leads to speculation from both sides concerning the effects of immigration, as well as brings about uncertainty and insecurity among people.

Undoubtedly, there are benefits and costs to immigration, and it brings about changes in any country’s economy.  But in order to determine the extent of these changes, “a comprehensive assessment would need to consider all these effects and to assess how different groups in society are impacted by immigration – both in the short and in the long run,” he writes, saying that how we presently comprehend the situation is “woefully inadequate.”

The professor also calls this troubling, as it prevents Singaporeans “from knowing exactly what the trade-offs associated with immigration are and to improve upon public decision-making.”

Additionally, the lack of research puts Singapore at risk of policies being implemented for the good of certain lobbying groups, and not the nation as a whole.

“More data and research on the impact of immigration in Singapore will serve to enlighten the public debate and allow more effective immigration policies to be designed,” writes Professor Seah. —/TISG

The whole article in theindependent.sg is about a deliberate act not to want to know the bad consequences of extreme immigration problems in the Singapore case. No one wants to talk about it. It is not that we don't have the people, the academics to do a proper study on this. There is a fear, a perception that the serious problems of immigration is best not to be spoken. So there is an eerie silence in the academia about this and also in Parliament.  Any MP that treasures his big MP allowance and the privileges of differential access to money, to make millions, knows very well to stay out of the immigration quagmire Singapore has intentionally walked into.

This short sighted and irresponsible behaviour of those that could stop this reckless immigration policy by putting their selfish interest first than the interest of Singaporeans would lead to the marginalisation of the original Singaporeans in Singapore.  This is an unforgiveable crime that the future generations of Singaporeans would have to live with at their expense. But because of the good of a minority that is benefitting from this crime against Singaporeans it is allowed to happen.

Lack of data, lack of research, lack of fund, NOT in Singapore. It is a deliberate act not to whisper a word about it. Talking about irresponsibility and integrity, talking about the good of Singaporeans?

This is a case of the Emperor has no clothes and no one is willing to step forward to point this out. The Singaporean masses will pay for it, heavily in their future well being.  It is pawning away their future, their country and home to be taken over by foreigners without putting up a fight, but resigned to their fate of losing their own country.

Cabinet Reshuffling - Old Wine In New Bottle

The announcement of the reshuffling of the cabinet yesterday by PM Lee Hsien Loong was an anti-climax, a great disappointment.

Though several lucky individuals have strike lottery jackpots and will soon join the Multi-Millionaires Pyramid Club, on the whole the insignificant significant event did not produce any orgasm whatsoever.

Many had expected it to be a big fanfare to usher in the 4-G leadership with an Oomph, setting in motion the gears and wheels of succession, to strengthen public confidence in the future leadership of the PAP and Singapore.

Alas! It was not to be. It was just a normal cleaning up and re-arrangement of the same musical chairs, with a few new colorful smaller chairs added in and a few old chairs sent to the junk yard.

It is quite clear that there was a crisis of confidence in the 4-G leadership - a loss of trust in their competence and capabilities even by the Power Supremo himself.

It is quite clear that PM Lee Hsien Loong has intended to stay on to hold the reins "until the economy has recovered", a situation similar to what the previous PM, Mr Goh Chok Tong had responded (he had like to stay on as PM until 2007 until the economy recovered), before being elbowed out to make way for DPM Lee Hsien Loong in 2004 at that time.

GE2020 had appeared to many voters as a referendum for the acceptance or rejection of the 4-G Leadership, and in particular the leadership of the PM-Designate DPM Heng Swee Keat.

There are several key factors that run counter to the wisdom of choosing Mr Heng to lead Singapore into an unknown, uncertain and unstable future due the devastations caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The following are four of the key factors :

1. Mr Heng clearly has a speech problem in delivering speeches both in the Parliament and in public. This could be the residue of the side-effects that followed the stroke he had suffered not too long ago. For a PM to have such a problem does not enhance Singapore's image and standing internationally.

2. Mr Heng does not inspire confidence in the masses. This has been displayed by the pathetically marginal 53.41% of votes he has managed to garner in his East Coast GRC, despite running against a weaker team from the Workers' Party, led by a young woman. If not because of the predominance of the beholden new citizens mainly derived from the CECA-imported Indians residing in East Coast GRC, I think Mr Heng could have easily lost the race to Nicole Seah. In 2011, when Mr Heng first contested under the umbrella of Minister Mah Bow Tan in Tampines GRC, PAP lost 11.29% of votes, scoring only 57.22%.

3. The way Finance Minister Heng spent money in his 4-budgets Budget, dishing out more than $90 billion of hard-earned taxpayers' money so freely like water, not only left some in awe but many taxpayers in serious worries. The big chunks of that huge sum of taxpayers' money went to huge organizations like SIA and foreign banks like Citibak, but only a meagre sum has been distributed to those who are really struggling to survive in this unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic. Not only that, Heng's freebies have not bought him much popularity nor effective enough to check the free reign of the COVID-19 Pandemic, that still inflict 400 to 500 victims per day relentlessly.

4. DPM Heng does not seem to command the total and full respect and loyalty of the other PAP MPs and Ministers, including the PM himself. For example:

When asked whether the 4-G leaders had reviewed their plans about backing DPM Heng Swee Kiat, PM Lee Hsien Loong swiftly tai-chee (deflected) the question to Trade & Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing (ex-Army Chief). Mr Chan was taken aback but, after composing himself, he gave this unconvincing deflective reply:

"We are entirely focused on helping the country in overcoming the economic challenges and saving the jobs at this point of time. We have no plans to do otherwise and we have no plans, no discussions on any change in plan."

Mr Chan was implying that they are too busy to discuss the important leadership succession issue at this juncture. What Mr Chan did not reveal was that there had been a soul searching deep into the nights during the post-mortem conducted after the election. Can anyone believe that there was no discussions on the performance of the various constituencies and their respective leaderships?

Agonisingly, they could not find any soul left! All the souls are gone. So, the only choice left is for them to wait until the 'All Souls Day' to try and search for them again.

Whatever it may be, the game of musical chairs have been played once again; leadership transition has been put on hold; and daft Singaporeans have to LIVE WITH the consequences of choice, with open eyes, in the next five years suffering in silence till the bulls shit on their heads or keep whining until the cows come home.

By SSO - 26 July 2020.

PS. Posted on behalf of SSO.


SCMP - Trump’s America has become an unstoppable, out-of-control bully

Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.

Listen to the screams of panic-stricken passengers, children's voices among them, crying in terror and calling out prayers, as an Iranian airliner is intercepted and harassed by US warplanes over Syrian air space just the other day.

Passengers were left bruised and bloodied after the pilot of the civilian aircraft suddenly changed altitude to avoid a collision with one of the F-15 jets, although the US claimed it kept a safe distance and was only protecting its military base below.

There's nothing that Iran " already debilitated by US-led sanctions and ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic " can do about it, except complain to a United Nations that is powerless to confront the world's biggest bully as it gets more belligerent.

This is the new world order as US President Donald Trump, facing the growing prospect of a drubbing in an election he is desperate to win at all costs, seeks to distract voters from blaming him for the social and economic carnage wrought by the pandemic and his own abject failure to contain it.

On the home front, his administration has sparked a potential constitutional crisis by sending federal forces to crack down on anti-racism protests in cities that don't want that kind of interference upending the separation of powers between state and national governments.

To those who would argue that protest violence justifies federal intervention and media reports have misrepresented demonstrations as being entirely peaceful, that's exactly what happened in Hong Kong, remember, and yet the same US government painted every attempt by authorities here to restore order as "repression". How do you like them apples?

And now, in addition to cutting off Hong Kong's nose to spite Beijing with punitive acts that only serve to hurt the city, China's weakest link, the Trump administration has gone into overdrive to ostracise and stigmatise Beijing as the ultimate bogeyman. Washington's escalating and reckless provocation seriously risks triggering a military confrontation that could prove catastrophic for the whole world, but there is no power on the planet to counter its hegemony and aggression.

While openly coercing America's cronies and lobbying other nations to gang up against China, Trump's thuggish top diplomat Mike Pompeo made an unhinged rant of a speech this week that was beyond appalling in its ignorance and Sinophobia.

"The truth is that our policies, and those of other free nations, resurrected China's failing economy, only to see Beijing bite the international hands that fed it," he said. "We must also engage and empower the Chinese people " a dynamic, freedom-loving people who are completely distinct from the Chinese Communist Party." Really.

The most eloquent and fitting response to this nonsense came from former diplomat and veteran China hand Robert Daly, who told US News & World Report magazine: "China is not a land of innocent captives and evil master trolls. US-China relations are not a children's story. In China, the United States faces something far more formidable than Secretary Pompeo suggests: China is a vast, complex, wealthy, ambitious, aggrieved nation ...

"In confronting China, we're not dealing with a wholly good people who have been 'imprisoned' or 'enslaved' by a purely malign party. Chinese are often frustrated by a government (that) ignores their wishes, moves too slowly or moves in the wrong direction, but the available evidence is that, as citizens of the PRC, most Chinese people feel proud and enabled, not constrained."

All that's left to say to Pompeo and his master is what Boston lawyer Joseph Welch once famously told anti-Communist witch-hunter Joseph McCarthy during one of his Salem trials-style hearings: "Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

Yonden Lhatoo is the chief news editor at the Post

This article originally appeared on the South China Morning Post (www.scmp.com), the leading news media reporting on China and Asia.

Copyright (c) 2020. South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd. All rights reserved.

PS. Above post is reproduced here in full.  It is an article worth reading to see the madness and viciousness of the Americans in their lies in pursuit of American supremacy, to control the world as they like it, as their empire. I will remove this post if SCMP has objection to my reproducing it here without their consent.

Covid19 -Travellers to high Covid19 infection countries serve stay home notices

SINGAPORE: Travellers entering Singapore after 11.59pm on Sunday (Jul 19) with travel history to Victoria in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong within the last 14 days, including transit passengers, will have to serve their stay-home notices at dedicated facilities rather than their own home, announced National Development Minister Lawrence Wong on Friday.

They will also need to take a COVID-19 test before ending their stay-home notice, in line with current requirements....

Mr Wong emphasised that this was “not something new”, as the Government has “repeatedly emphasised our border measures are not static”, adding that the taskforce is “constantly reviewing, updating” border measures based on their assessments of the viral situation around the world.

“We really need to remain vigilant both at our borders, in terms of the measures we have in place at our borders, as well as within our community to continue to ensure that we control the infection and control the spread of the virus within our community,” he said.

Above is from CNA.

Are the measures on Victoria, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong additions to an already existing list of countries that have serious Covid19 infection like the USA, India and Brazil. Are people from these countries, and people been to these high risk countries, also subject to the same restriction or more severe restriction?

China cannot report 14 new Covid19 cases daily

BEIJING: China reported 14 new COVID-19 cases for Tuesday (Jul 21), up from 11 cases a day earlier, the health commission said on Wednesday.

Of the new infections, nine were in the far western region of Xinjiang, according to a statement by the National Health Commission. The other five were imported cases.

The above report by Reuters is unacceptable, humiliating to Trump and his gangsters in the White House. When the Americans are reporting 70,000 or 80,000 cases a day, how can China make this kind of report, 14 cases! This cannot be, this must be fake news. China is hiding something. China please be transparent.

Yes, China must be transparent and report as many cases as the Americans. Only then would the Americans say the Chinese are telling the truth. Never mind if the Americans were lying, under reporting, under testing when the daily cases in the USA could be in several hundred thousands daily.  The Americans always tell lies as truth. China always tells truth but reported as lies by the Americans. Remember Saddam Hussein and his WMD? The idiot Colin Powell went to the UN and wave a pack of washing powder to accuse Saddam Hussein of having chemical weapons, using chemical weapons, as the truth. And 911, another big lie used to invade Afghanistan and to kill Osama Bin Laden.

China, please tell the truth that the Americans want to hear. If China does not know what the Americans want to hear, or what to report, ask the professional fat liar called Pompeo. He is an expert in telling lies as truth.

Oh, are countries still banning Chinese from travelling to their countries when the daily cases have dropped to single digit as some of the cases in China are imported? What about countries banning the Americans from travelling to their countries since Americans are having nearly 100,000 cases daily? 

Or Chinese are banned but diseased Americans are welcome, never mind if they bring in their Covid19 virus to spread around?

It is so painful to hear China only had 14 cases. It is so unbelieveable. It must be a lie. Only Americans tell the truth even if they under test and under report their infected cases. Just believe that the lying Americans, from top liar Trump, a congenital liar, to professional liar Pompeo as the truth tellers.


Unity and solidarity among Asians is vital for the survival of all Non-White people

1.     White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted."
2.     White men try to rule all non-white people and countries by division, pitting tribes against tribes, countries against countries, religion against religion and when they are all weakened the white imperialists will attack them one by one with full force of their military might.
3.      White men's war against Islam started long ago on 2nd November, 1917, with the Balfour Declaration that England and the United States would establish a Zionist Jewish state in Palestine at the expense of the Arab muslims.   

 Unity and solidarity among Asians especially among the Arabs, the Indians, Chinese and Japanese is
vital to the survival of all non-white people in Asia, Africa, Central America, South America and Australia since the white supremacists in the US, UK and the West have openly uncovered their evil plot and scheme to eventually destroy and decimate the non-white populations in all the aforementioned continents. The Anglo-Saxons and the Deep State in the Neo-cons Jewish Zionist Rothschilds Illuminati Cabal are the powers behind Washington, London, Paris and the West in deciding all the evil decisions and evil deeds against all non-white people all over the world. At present the Jewish Zionists and the Neo-cons have hijacked all the leadership in all the vital departments in the United States administration and they are making all the draconian policies and decisions that will destroy all non-white people and countries and by their sinister evil acts they will plunge the world into destruction of a nuclear Third World War.

The white supremacists, industrialists and big pharma companies have tried to decimate the populations of Africa, Asia and Latin America with genetically modified insecticides, germicides, fertilisers and drugs and medicines. The Americans have successfully carried out their draconian system of genetically engineered Coronavirus in their biological lab in Fort Detrick in North Carolina to target non-white races all over the world though however through their miscalculation it backfired and attacked the whites too.

   For thousands of years the great civilizations of Egypt, Arabia, Persia ( Iran ) India and China lived by and large in peace other than the  sporadic insignificant local strives and fighting among the tribes of Egypt, Arabia and Persia. But for India and China there was always peace and never was there any wars and fighting between them. In fact China went out of the way to import and adopt Buddhism from India.

The whole peaceful scenario changed with the advent of the Evil White Race in Asia in the Middle East, India and China in the fall of the 17th Century to the present. The Evil White Races from Europe which invaded Africa, Asia, the Middle East, North America, South America, Australia and New Zealand were from Spain, Portugal, Holland, England, France, Belgium, Russia and Germany.

Before the Evil White Race went out to plunder Europe was a very poor continent with very few natural resources. Their lives were very miserable and pathetic. But after the invasion of the Mongols they were fired with imaginations of the rich civilization of China especially with stories and reports by the Italian spy Marco Polo. The endless stories of the wealth, glory and splendour in  China was the catalyst that sparked the European Renaissance and more important their Reformation .

Genghis Khan in his invasion of Europe and Russia in the 13th Century,  had brought with him thousands of Chinese artisans, scientists, engineers and technocrats to help him in building the technical and engineering support for his conquests. For the first time European kings and rulers never feel safe in their fortified castles. They were easily attacked and destroyed by Chinese guns and cannons.

In the aftermath of the Mongol conquests the Evil White Race learnt and copied many of the Chinese scientific and technological inventions. They learnt to make gun powder, guns and cannons, the mariner compass, paper making, printing especially block printing and many other technical gadgets.

Then from the 15th Century and armed with guns and cannons the Evil White Race set out on their voyages of conquest. They created companies in partnership with their kings, prince and rulers. Every company equipped their voyages with guns and cannons which terrorised the lands they set on and invaded. Then in every land they invaded they built fortified forts in towns and cities to maintain their rule. Then armed with their militant religious doctrine and policy they claimed their Christian God gave them the divine power and right to conquer other non-Christian lands and to have the full domineering control over all non-white people. Wherever the white men went they wantonly killed the natives by the millions without remorse as they claimed their God and their lord Jesus Christ would always bear the burden of their sinful evil deeds. Armed with this same demonic principle and policy they set out to invade India, China and the Arab lands of the Middle-East.

India was attacked and invaded by the British East India Company in the 1760s. The British invasion happened during the decadence of the Indian Mughul Empire whose military was greatly weakened. The British invasion faced no strong opposition from the Indians and it soon established many towns and fortresses especially in Bombay, Madras and Calcutta. Under very brutal and rigid British military rule the Indians suffered tremendously. The many different Indian tribes were not united in their resistance to British imperial rule as the British had sown seeds of hatred, suspicion, hostility,enmity and dissensions among these diverse tribes and local chiefs or rulers. Many times they revolted against the British but as the Indians were not united they were easily and violently put down by the might of the British army. In all the British white imperial army slaughtered many millions of Indians mercilessly.

As the supreme ruler of India, England secured full control of India's economy - industries, trade, commerce, agriculture, banking and finance. England exploited India to the full and all the wealth and resources of India were appropriated and sent to England. India was a great producer of cotton but the Indians were not allowed to have cotton and textile industries. All the cotton was sent to England to feed the hundreds of textile mills there to be manuafactured into textiles and then reexported to India with tremendous profits. In the 1830s to 1930s large swathe of agricultural lands planted with rice and other food crops were forced by imperial decree to change to planting poppies for the production of opium which was illegally exported to China at very huge profits. Opium was then forbidden by the Chinese government and so the trade was illegal. However, the British then imposed the Opium Wars on China in the 1830s and 1850s to continue their illicit opium trade.

But in 1857 - 1858 the Indians revolted and fought a very fierce and bloody war against the British. The Indian rebellion was brutally put down by the vastly superior weaponery of the British forces. The failure of the revolt was also largely due to the seeds of division, hatred, suspicion and atagonism planted among the various Indian tribes,  kings, prince and rulers by the ruling British. In short the British adopted a policy of divide and rule.

Being very secured in India the British was looking for imperial territorial expansion into China. In the 1830s to 1930s China was weak and in decadence. All the European imperial powers were coveting for a part of China to conquer.   Imperial zarist Russia was stealing Chinese territories in Siberia. Japan took away Chinese territories in the island of Sakhalin north of Hokkaido, Liu Chiu Dao ( Japan renamed it as Okinawa ) and Taiwan. France took large parts of South-eastern China in Indo-China. In the meantime in 1912 to 1915 England illegally acquired large swathes of Chinese lands in Tawang and in Auk Sai Chin just along the border north of India as well as large tracts of Chinese lands in Yunnan to British ruled Burma ( now called Myannmar ).

England under its officer General MccMahon  arbitrarily drew the boundary line separating China and British ruled India and called it the McMahon Line. This political boundary line, the McMahon has always been objected by China. England and China had agreed to negotiate for a final settlement. But as negotiations were going on it was interrupted by the First world War and the Second World War. At the end of the Second World War England intentionally dragged its feet and gave independence to India in 1947 before settling the border question with China. So the present quarrel and dispute over the boundary between China and India was due to the historical baggage left over by the evil British imperialist. The British imperialist was wicked in refusing to settle the China - British India boundary prior to giving India independence. It was evil white British imperialist wicked intention to plant the future seeds of dissension, suspicion, hostility, quarrel and even wars between independent India and China. Thus the present India - China border dispute has its roots in British imperialism.

But China managed to settle the boundary issues peacefully with fourteen out of sixteen countries which have disputed boundary problems with China. Only Japan and India have yet to negotiate a peaceful settlement with China on the border dispute.  China, India and Japan are all Asian nations and it is imperative that they should unite against aggressions by Western Imperialist hegemonists especially the United States and England. The Western imperialists especially the Anglo-Saxon United States and the British have always thought of Asians as inferior race to be dominated by the white race in peace or in war. To achieve this evil objective they are using their traditional loathsome and wicked means of sowing suspicion, dissension, enmity, hatred and quarrels among the Asians so that they can continue to lord over the Asians even in peace time by way of being domineering in political, economic, banking and financial control over all Asians and non-white people. India and China  and Japan knowing the evil ways of the white race must negotiate a peaceful settlement of their borders in a give and take spirit. Though India and China are not to be blamed for the border problem as it was the result of British imperialism yet future generations should not have to bear the suffering of this problem if the present Indian and Chinese governments do not have the wisdom to have a give and take spirit to accommodate each other for a final peaceful settlement.  To successfully achieve that both India and China need to let go their false pride and egos which is the actual stumbling block to a final settlement. Also India and China must realise England, the United States and the West will always try to put a damper to their negotiation for a peaceful settlement so that a divided India and China will allow them to exploit the two countries forever. India, China and Japan can be sure that the white race in the United States and England strongly believe in white supremacist policy and will forever harbour ill-will towards Asians hoping that Asians will always be divided so that they can dominate and lord over Asians forever.

If only the Indians, Chinese and Japanese have solidarity then the 21st Century will belong to Asia and the the Asians will have a bright future which will have positive prospect for the rest of all undevelope countries in Africa, Central America and South America.


Saturday, 25th July,2020

The Blame Game - The Game Of Political Irresponsibility


Playing the blame game is a reflection of self-guilt and the lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. It suggests the inability to act for the welfare of the common good. It degrades your political conviction, commitment and action. In other words, it is basically a game of your political irresponsibility!

It is human nature to blame someone when things go wrong. Sometimes, you blame correctly. Sometimes, you blame wrongly. But most of the time, you seldom or never will blame your good selves.

Actually, this blame game has been with us since God created man. God blamed Adam for eating the God Forsaken Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge (GFFFK). Adam blamed his Eve for influencing him to eat the GFFFK. Eve in turn blamed the Serpent for instigating her to eat that GFFFK. The cunning Serpent blamed God for creating the Tree that produced the GFFFK and for purposely labeling its fruits as "Forbidden". Taking the cue from the Serpent, Adam and Eve blamed God for creating the Serpent, the Tree of Knowledge and themselves. In addition, Eve also blamed God for his lack of foresight, carelessness and total negligence by putting them near the two highly dangerous creations of His. God got so angry with Eve that he cursed all women to be afraid of serpents and to suffer the pain of childbirth forever.

From the illustration, who was at fault? Actually, all were at fault and all were not at fault. It depends on who you are and how you perceive and interprete things. It depends on your up-bringing and how you were taught. It also depends on many other factors, e.g. cultural background, historical precedence and personal belief.

Singaporeans are also good in the blame game, without exception.

Blaming the Majority Voters

In the last 4 to 5 years, some people kept blaming the 69.9% who gave the PAP a super majority mandate in GE2015, mainly due to the passing of the 1st Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew..

Prior to GE2015, some people blamed the majority voters who "voted" to return the PAP again and again without fail.

For next 5 years, some people are bound to blame the 61% of voters who supported the PAP again. In fact, it has already started the moment the results for GE2020 were announced!

Maybe, you have been blaming the wrong people, barking up the wrong tree? That's why it won't work? Maybe you should be blaming someone else?

Blame Someone Else

1. Blame that someone who masterminded the whole political system?

2. Blame that someone masterminded the whole election process?

3. Blame that someone who wield so much power that a climate of subtle fear of being "sodomize" or sued has existed to deter anyone from speaking out?

4. Blame that someone who keep shifting the the goal posts of the number of constituencies and candidates?

5. Blame that someone who kept increasing the candidacy deposits.

6. Blame that someone who engineered the Group Representation Constituencies?

7. Blame that someone who engineered the redrawing of constituencies boundaries?

8. Blame that someone who took away your right to vote if you chose not to vote or absented yourself from voting? And also penalized you with a fine if you want to be reinstated into the eligible voters register. The right to vote must be a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution. The choice to vote should also be a fundamental right. No government people or organization should deny any citizen these fundamental rights to vote and to choose not to vote.

9. Blame that someone who monopolized the use of the People's Association and its grassroots organizations for his own selfish political aim and objectives?

10. Blame that someone who monopolized the trade unions and mobilised them for own political interests?

11. Blame that someone who made use of taxpayers' money as carrots to dangle in front of voters just before the elections were called in order to entice and "bribe" them for own political gains?

12. Blame that someone who engineered the whole legal system that is "subordinated to" the Ministry for Law and also "subordinated by" the Parliament?

13. Blame that someone who engineered the whole educational system to discourage students from political awareness, from participation in political activism and political activities?

Maybe, blaming that someone else is counter-productive? How about blaming yourself for a change?

Blaming Your Good Self

1. Blame yourself for not cultivating an inquisitive mind with discernment and political awareness?

2. Blame yourself for not supporting the Opposition/Alternative Parties enough, wholeheartedly, actively?

3. Blame yourself for not influencing others to support the Opposition/Alternative Parties?

4. Blame yourself for not participating actively and strongly as Opposition activists, moral, financial and Logistics sipporters, and backers?

5. Blame yourself for not coming out to be counted - to stand for elections?

6. Blame yourself for being Kiasu and kiasi to offend the PAP in order to safeguard your businesses and livelihood?

7. Blame yourself for being too greedy for the carrots thrown at you, for that chicken wings dished out to you to buy your hearts just in time for the GE?

8. Blame yourself for having kpkb one way but voted the other way?

9. Blame yourself for behaving like a well-trained obedient dog, oops sorry, I mean obedient soldier?

10. Blame yourself for not thinking for your children's future and future generations?

11. Blame yourself for not speaking out when it is your duty and responsibility to do so inside and outside Parliament?

12. Blame yourself for not protesting when needed but prefer to suffer in silence as a coward would be?

13. Blame yourself for thinking that it is none of your business to meddle with the political equation, and the status quo, because you were having a good time making money and enjoying life?


Every citizen has the individual as well as collective responsibility to ensure that there is fair play in the country's political system. Why? Because the political system curves out the political leaders who will govern the country and these leaders' decisions directly influence your life and livelihood. Not only to you. But also to your loved ones and to your future generations.

The state of affairs in Singapore's political culture today is a direct result of the political irresponsibility of most Singaporeans - those in power, those with power and those without power alike.

It's time to do a thorough and deep soul-searching. It's time to take responsibility. It is time to stop blaming others but yourselves. This game of political irresponsibility must stop!

Wishing all Singaporeans a bright and progressive future!


SSO - 25 July 2020.

Postedon behalf of SSO

Gupta Clan owns 16 private properties in Singapore

In thenewpaper it was reported that the family of Guptas owned 16 private properties in district 10, 3 units in Lush on Holland Hill, 12 units at YGK Gardens in Belmont Road and 1 unit in Holland Road. This was reported because the Gupta family was involved in a crime probe in USA and Australia. But that is besides the point. 

What is important is that such rich people should be welcomed in Singapore and we can sell a lot of private properties to them. If one clan or family can buy up 16 choiced properties, imagine how many properties could be bought if 1,000 such families are allowed to migrate here, or 100,000 such families, meaning 16,000 or 1.6m properties could be sold to them. The whole of Paya Lebar and Tanjong Pagar would not be enough. Our property developers would be so busy building more properties and more foreign workers can be brought in to contribute more to worker's levy. Singapore could reclaim more forested or unused land to build more properties to sell to such high net worth people. No need to waste land to build more shopping centres or hawker centres or factories. Just build high end condos to sell will do.

I think if our luck is good, we can sell the whole island away too. Isn't this a nice thought, building more and more properties to be sold to foreigners/PRs and making more money?  Singapore Inc would be really rich and the two sovereign funds would have a lot of money to invest, to buy up the whole world.

What do you think?


Pompeo - the modern day Frankenstein

Pompeo or Pompee, this big lump of lard is the most evil man in the Trump Administration. He is the modern day Franskenstein, the butcher, the number one trouble maker. He is going everywhere to bully countries and wanting to start a war. He deserves to be roasted in the oven and served to the hyenas.

He proudly claimed in Congress that he lied, he cheated and he stole!

'Predatory Loan' versus Colonialism and Imperialism

The Americans have been waving the flag of predatory lending and debt traps to attack China's investment and infrastructure building in the BRI Project. Predatory loans or lending as defined by Investopedia is 'Predatory lending imposes unfair, deceptive, or abusive loan terms on a borrower.' And many states, including those states that joined the BRI, have their own anti-predatory lending laws.' How valid is this American allegation or white lie on debt trap and predatory lending against China?

Most of the countries that have infrastructure building agreements with China are poor countries, many victims of western Imperialism and Colonialism.  The white men came, robbed them of their wealth and left them to do with whatever that was left of their countries, or not to do and live or die in perpetual poverty. Nearly a hundred years after the white imperialists and colonialists have left the colonised countries, many of these countries are still struggling to make ends meet and need money, technology to rebuild their economies, infrastructure and countries. The countries that should be doing this, for free, should be the former invaders, the imperialists and colonial masters that enriched themselves from the loots of these countries. But no, they would not do anything. They would not even provide loans with strings attached unless these countries could pay back.

This is an impossible dream to these poor countries. Who could they turn to for money and technology? Who could provide them with cheap loans to rebuild their infrastructure, to raise the standard of living of their people and to revive their economies? Not the West, not the white men, not the imperialists and colonial masters.

China was also a victim of the white scourge, having been invaded by the white men through wars, and nearly colonised. China had to pay war reparations and indemnities that resulted in bankrupting the whole country. The whites came, started a war, invaded and semi colonised China and made China pay for their war expenses and damages and compensation for their war effort.  This is the rule of the white imperialists and colonialists.

China has recovered from the ravages of white imperialism and colonialism and has extended a helping hand to the poor countries of the world, the victims of white imperialists and colonialists. China would help them with cheap loans and the technology to rebuild their countries. What is so wrong and so bad about these? China did not invade these countries, did not march in with guns and point at their heads to sign these infrastructure rebuilding projects. China went in to offer what China could do at a price they agreed, cheaper than the loans the white men would offer at high interest rates and strings attached.

The leaders of these countries have limited choices. Continue to live in their underdeveloped countries forever, with no money, no technology, they could not rebuild themselves. China offers them hope and they could negotiate on what they want, what they need, at a mutually agreeable price and terms. They have no money, but some have resources and raw material for exchange. Some could rent out their land and become rentiers like Djibouti. Whatever, the final terms of repayment are signed after tough negotiations and bargaining and agreed by both parties. These countries would have to work out the sums, what they could afford to have from their lists of wants and what they could afford to pay from their resources or national income. Period.

China and these countries signed economic, trade and infrastructure agreements on the basis of equality with both sides putting their negotiators to work out the deals. Unlike the days of imperialism and colonialism when the white men just marched in and took everything, yes everything, with their guns. Any resistance or objection would lead to massacres and mass imprisonment.

How bad and how false were the white men's allegations and lies about debt traps and predatory lending? These, when compared to imperialism and colonialism, were like being invited to a free party with food and booze. Imperialism and colonialism were banditry, daylight robbery, peppered with killings, massacres and slavery of the natives. Now the evil white men are calling a business contract signed by two willing partners, negotiated without duress, as bad, as cheating, as unfair.

Who were the unfair cheats? Who were the robbers, the murderers, the rapists of countries and nations? Who impoverished these countries, robbed them of their national wealth and now crying crocodile tears to want to defend them and their wealth, if any was still left for them?

Stop the white lies and repent and cough out whatever you robbed from these poor countries. Go and rebuild these countries for free! Yes, you owed it to them. You white invaders and warmongers also owe it to China, to repay the war debt, war reparation, war compensation and indemnities paid for invading China and other countries. This debt must be repaid one day, with interest for more than 150 years, and the amount marked to present value.

This is the white debt the West, the imperialists and colonial masters owed to the rest of the world. Stop your hypocrisy and start paying back in kind and in kindness. Stop your wars of destruction, stop killing the Muslims and Arabs NOW. Stop all your abusive sanctions against other countries and let them move out of poverty. And stop spreading more white lies.

America is not a democracy but a dictatorship run by gangsters and warmongers, by liars and cheats. There is no equality and human rights as preached by white men speaking in fork tongues. Equal rights and human rights are only for the white men, not for the blacks, not for the Latinos, Asians and coloured people. Stop the lies, stop the deceit. Look at the mirror, peel off your masks of white supremacy and white dominance.

No one is going to believe in your white lies and hypocrisies anymore. See the real devil in you, the white men, the trouble makers, the murderers, the devils in disguise!


The new Singapore heading towards oblivion

The Situation Surrounding Foreign Talents

The foreign talent program started since 1980s have imported more than 3M foreigners into Singapore and converted about 1.5M largely from Malaysia, India and regional neighbours. The government has further endorsed their foreign talent program by using a new Singapore from Indonesia to sing our NDP. Whether the new Singaporean served NS or not, this is beside the point, the govt’s underlying intent is quite clear, the foreign talent program will continue and they will import and convert. I believe Singapore population will breach 6M before 2025 and heading towards 6.9M. As you can see, Hyflux’s was told to prepare for 8M.

My uncle had worked in MNC for 40 years and recently moved to a SME funded private venture and govt. More than 50% of the workforce are foreigners, a large portion are new Singaporeans or PRs. The management all non-local bornt. The issue is that they mostly do not hire Singaporeans, they hire foreigners. In one example, they hired someone from NTU engineering, they chose a Vietnamese scholar funded by govt and already a new citizen. So the whole company from middle to high management are mostly foreign bornt foreigners or PRs or new citizens.

Here comes some illustrations of the issues at the company. The Vietnamese new Singaporean was made head of design and paid near $10,000 a month was tasked to design new product. After two years, nothing was produced. The Indian PR a manager doesn’t much skills, wasting a lot of money buying materials in excess, there is something fishy there but no one cares. The Pinoy supervisor speaks very well but slacks at work most of the time and he hires his friends. The company was taking a lot of orders but could not deliver as this whole bunch of people were not really working, they are not focused and did not care if the company collapsed. So the investors and govt sent a team to investigate why the company was losing money, they sent another team of foreigners which are in totally different field. So this team without the expertise was smoked by the new Singaporean management. And till nothing had improved, they laid off people to save cost, largely local bornt Singaporeans.

My uncle said this has been the new normal in most companies, even the MNC he was working. Same issue, they import all kind of foreigners and the foreign population has increased to more than 50%. When this happens, they hire mainly foreigners or foreign bornt Singaporeans. As they have good jobs and pay, they convert to PRs or Singaporeans. Most of these foreigners are from third world, they are ill equipped with knowledge and skills, of course they are some good ones but rarely the case. This explains why the quality of work in Singapore companies has deteriorated to such extent. And if you call into Singapore call centres, you can probably tell the difference since they are manned by foreigners from India, Philippines or even some remote countries.

I believe this foreign talent branding is a cover to import third world foreigners and convert them to GDP growth and votes. Remember a third world Uptron Diploma not recognised in Singapore and the school had shut down was making $53000 a month and owning two condos. I had found so many foreigners who are having good jobs with either non existent schools or inferior qualifications. The question is why NTU, NUS and local degree holders were asked to retrain to be security guards or do low level menial jobs while these third world inferior work force are given good jobs?

The import of third world foreigners will never stop, the numbers will continue to grow, PR base will grow, PR is grouped as locals because having a big pool of PR will neutralise the exponential growth of local PMETs replaced by foreigners or unable to land jobs. The discrimination at work force is now becoming a norm and I had seen new Singaporeans fighting local bornt online and defending PAP. Some are getting very aggressive since their heads swelled due to the praises the govt heaped on them, they really believe they are talents and above locals. Of course they call these fighting as xenophobia but this is expected. If this has happened to other countries, people would have rebelled and walked on the streets.

Some foreigners are understanding the issue of non local bornt, even changed their names or remove their nationality from facebook profiles to pretend they are locals. We had a politician changing his Indonesian name to sound like local in recent election. We also had Internet Brigade has been promoting that Malaysians look and sound the same like locals. Yes. This is why more than 2M are in Singapore and 1M has converted to new Singaporeans.

The conclusion is there isn’t enough jobs for so many, this is why we are seeing many local PMETs plying PHV or self employed trades, forced out of their trades relatively young as 30s. This whole foreign talent scheme is just a camouflage, there is not much value except they brought massive people that fed GDP growth and the declining vote base of PAP. Foreigners are served local lunches and their forefathers did not toil and sweat like locals. Singapore workforce productivity and quality are in decline because of these massive third world semi skilled or unskilled labour, it is quite clear as things are failing more frequently than back in 1980s or 1990s. Looking at the floods, you know why floods are not once in 50 years but regularly now. The friction between locals and foreigners will grow exponential as more and more locals are discriminated, cannot find meaningful work or forced to retire prematurely from their career at young age.

As much as I will say, this scheme since 1980s will not stop, it will continue and the situation will get worst. Singaporeans need to mentally prepare to bite the dust since you voted for them.

DuGu QiuBai

The above article is posted in TRE. As a pioneer generation Singaporean, it is so painful to read what is happening to the Singapore we helped to build and now to be given away to foreigners in a silver platter. This is the new reality in Singapore.  The future of the original Singaporeans is bleak. This is what you voted for. At the rate it is going, it is too late for change. Now another 5 new years to increase the damage. Stupidity has no cure Singaporeans deserve this fate they bestowed on their children.

No body knows what is happening? Any MP raise this in Parliament or they are complicit to this state of affair?  Who is responsible for this shit?  The daft Singaporeans of course.

I have shouted until my voice is hoarse, lost my voice. Vote them out!  Alas, it is too late.


Covid19 - 4 vaccines on final stage trial, 3 are Chinese. Disgraceful Americans have none, NONE!

BRASILIA: A Chinese-made vaccine against COVID-19 entered the final stage of testing on Tuesday (Jul 21) in Brazil, where volunteers received the first doses of what officials hope will be a game-changer in the pandemic.

The vaccine, developed by private Chinese pharmaceutical firm Sinovac, became the third in the world to enter Phase 3 clinical trials, or large-scale testing on humans - the last step before regulatory approval.

Around 9,000 health workers across six Brazilian states will receive the vaccine, known as CoronaVac, in two doses over the next three months under the study....

Brazil is also helping carry out Phase 3 testing of another experimental vaccine, developed by Oxford University and pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca....

Another vaccine, developed by state-owned Chinese company Sinopharm, also entered Phase 3 trials this month in the United Arab Emirates.

Studies published Monday in British medical journal The Lancet found two vaccine candidates were safe and produced an immune response in Phase 2 trials: The Oxford vaccine and another Chinese-made vaccine, developed by pharmaceutical firm CanSino Biologics together with the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology....AFP/CNA

In another AFP report, WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump expressed a willingness on Tuesday (Jul 21) to work with China or other countries to bring a successful coronavirus vaccine to the United States, despite rising tensions between Beijing and Washington.

Trump forgot that after all his wild allegations and attacks against China, would China still want to work with him or the Americans when the Americans have no clue about how to develop a Covid19 vaccine and still struggling to get their hands on this virus? Very likely China is going to tell this scoundrel of a liar to go to hell. You want to work with China or want to steal China's vaccine formula? Aren't Trump been accusing China of stealing American vaccine secret formula, like 5G when the Americans did not have any of these formula?

Now Trump wants to work with China when the Americans have nothing to contribute? Remember the space station project, banning China from participation, now China is going to ban the Americans from the Chinese Space Station. No Americans allowed in China Space Station. 

And China would work with Brazil and UAE but NEVER with the Americans to finalise this Covid19 vaccine. And the Americans would be the last to be sold the vaccine.  3 Chinese companies out of 4 in the world are in the final stages of successfully creating this vaccine. No American companies is anywhere near them.

China would not work with the Americans on the vaccine. Go and fumble and mess around with the Covid19 virus yourself and let the virus eats up the American population the way it is designed to do so, and with fumbling idiotic Trump making it easier for the virus to kill more Americans.

How come USA got no 5G, got not vaccine on final trial and still dare to accuse China of stealing their 5G technology and Covid19 data?  Stop lying you silly Americans. There is nothing to steal from you. You have nothing worth stealing. No body believes in your lies anymore. You are lying once too often. And that big piece of fat called Pompeo even confessed that he lied, he cheated, and he stole.  How to believe in the American liars? Your lying is a sign of incompetence, trying to cover up your inadequacy, no 5G, no vaccine but pretending that you have. LIARS!

It is the Americans that are trying to steal Chinese 5G technology and Covid19 vaccine formula. Period.