Trump is God sent...but what is God's agenda?

Even before Trump was elected I have said it before, Trump was God sent. And now not only his supporters are saying so, Trump, the Chosen One has said so himself. This is the best proof that he is the real thing. There will be more evidence if one wants to find them to fit one's belief.  And here are some examples quoted from Yahoo News that confirmed Trump is the One.

'In November, Rick Perry, the US secretary of energy, described Mr Trump as the “chosen one” and said he had told the president that he was picked by God to rule.

Nikki Haley, the former US ambassador to the UN, followed Mr Perry with similar comments and claimed Mr Trump’s election showed “everything happens for a reason”.

“I think God sometimes places people for lessons and sometimes places people for change,” Ms Haley said.

“And you can look at everything that has happened [in Mr Trump’s presidency], and I think we are seeing a lot of changes, and I think we are gaining a lot of lessons.”
Sarah Sanders, the former White House press secretary, has also claimed God “wanted Donald Trump to become president”....

In August, Mr Trump promoted a claim that Jewish people in Israel love him as if he is the “King of Israel” and like he is “the second coming of God”.'

I think by now many believers would have believed without any doubt that Trump is the One sent by God to lead the USA. What they did not know is the intent of God. Why did God sent a conman to lead the most powerful and evil country in the world? Is God sending Trump to save America, to make America great again so that Americans could go around the world starting wars and killing innocent people, causing great suffering to people of countries the American govt unilaterally imposed economic sanctions on them? Would God allow these mischiefs and crimes against humanity continue to go on as before?

While the believers' one track mind believe that when God sent Trump to be the President of the USA, it must be good for the USA, none would ever think that God has a contrary plan, sending Trump to destroy this evil Empire for good. The time has come when God said enough is enough and the evil Empire must be destroyed and the evil Americans must pay for their sins and crimes against humanity.

Trump as President of the USA is an act of God. It is unstoppable and the USA would be destroyed and the evil Americans be brought down on their knees to plead for forgiveness for their evilness.

Yes, Trump is the Chosen One, sent by God to end this evil Regime for the good of humankind. This is the message for the new year 2020.


She’s practically asking for it? Do Singaporeans subscribe to rape myths?

'In 2017, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reported 32,559 rape cases, amounting to nearly 90 a day across the whole of India. This was 30.7 per cent more than the cases reported in 2012.

This and other cases have dubiously propelled the capital city New Delhi as the “rape capital” of the world.'


The above is quoted from a report in CNA on the rape situation in India. After the notorious rape, beating and killing of an Indian undergraduate, it was reported that the situation is barely changed, or the same after 7 years on the road back to normal. India has since earned the reputation of being the Rape City of the world. 


This rape problem is a result of the mindset, that the girls deserve it, ask for it. With such an attitude among the men, even those in authority, the rape victims often ended as victims a second time in the hands of the police and authority for asking to be raped. The rape victims are to be blamed. The men rapists often got away scot free.


With the presence of several million foreigners here and many hundreds of thousands from the Rape City country, is Singapore also asking for it? The rare incidents of rape in Singapore is thus a strange phenomenon with their overwhelming presence. Is because the foreigners changed and became less rapists, or is it because rape is under reported? No one should try to shout that Singapore is turning into another rapist country as the crime data did not say so. The most prevalent crimes are the perverts taking underskirt pictures of women with their mobile phones.


The rape statistics in Singapore is saying that Singapore is still one of the safest place to live and rape is not a common problem. I have offered a possible reason in my past postings that Singapore has stumbled into a secret formula to stop rapists from their basic wild instinct. It is Newater, or shit water. This water is not available in other countries, not in Rape City country, only in Singapore. The clever statisticians and researchers may be able to put up a report with the finding in the correlation between drinking shit water and low rape cases. The more they drink the lower the desire for rape. This could turn not only into a new scientific discovery but also very good advertisement for Newater.


There is no other good reason to explain this extraordinary phenomenon that potential rapists have turned into law abiding decent men. A leopard does not change its spot, or does it? Or could there be other reasons, like Geylang or the huge presence of willing partners?


Paid millions to talk about cats and dogs in Parliament

Anonymous said...
MP to raise issue of cats not being allowed in HDB flats


December 24, 2019 8:29 pm
AnonymousSome bloggers have expressed their unhappiness with highly paid millionaires in Parliament talking about dogs and cats and not about people,   the lives of our citizens. If they talked about people, they would talk about foreigners, about how difficult is their lives, how they are struggling to live in this expensive city but never about how the pathetic Singaporeans are trying to make ends meet when made jobless by the foreigners.  Oops, cannot say this, this is fake news. No Singaporeans are made jobless by foreigners. Foreigners are here to create jobs for Singaporeans. Anyone claiming that Singaporeans lost their jobs to foreigners must prove that this is allegation or else can be taken to task under POFMA. How to prove, cannot right?
Nevermind, what is important is anything but Singaporeans. Dogs and cats also deserved to be mentioned in Parliament. That is how important their lives are to our millionaires in Parliament. What other nonsense, oops, important matters are they discussing in Parliament, using their precious time paid by the people?
And yes, anyone who said that talking about dogs and cats are not important, wasting money and time, you must be able to prove it. And don't expect them to talk about CECA, about piracy in our longkangs, not about CPF and cost of living. But they would greatly talk about how to help the people with more taxes and with bringing in more foreigners to create jobs for Singaporeans.
How many Singaporeans would want to elect MPs and Ministers to talk about dogs and cats in Parliament?
And don't think dogs and cats are not important. Many people needs dogs and cats to destress, to make their lives more meaningful, to live better as human beans. The cost of keeping a dog or cat could be more than keeping a child.

Native Sarawak Dancers - Final instalment


MOE 'long standing practice' must be good, sacred, cannot anyhow change

When this issues was first surfaced by Gilbert Goh, MOE held on to its “long standing practice” reasoning. To any layman, such an action by MOE was unkind and indefensible with no sense of empathy for the poor PSLE girl whose original result slip was withheld because her parents owed a fee of $156.

Why didn’t Minister Ong Ye Kung immediately step in to save his ministry the embarrassment?
Instead, MOE issued a strong statement later, saying that “MOE’s consideration stems from the underlying principle that notwithstanding the fact that the cost of education is almost entirely publicly funded, we should still play our part in paying a small fee, and it is not right to ignore that obligation, however small it is.”

 Now that Minister Ong is going to review this issue, can we conclude that the “long standing practice” is wrong in principle in the first place?

Similarly, when Minister defended the granting of $238 million for scholarships and tuition grants to foreign students, I have argued that such decade-old practice of providing taxpayers’ money to educate foreign students is wrong in principle and should be terminated immediately. It seems clear that he didn’t agree when he ordered the issue of a POFMA Correction Directive to Lim Tean to correct his posting to reflect that MOE is spending more than the $167m for grants and bursaries to Singapore students....

Kok Ming Cheang

The above article of Kok Ming Cheang posted in TRE takes the position that things that are not right or good must be changed. And the outdated victimising of 12 year olds is now being exposed and aired very negatively and no one I know so far has anything good to say about it. But from the officialdom, the first reaction was not to do the thinking but to defend fiercely this policy like any unthinking civil servant would do. How can they accept the criticism in the first place? All govt policies are carefully thought out by the most brilliant civil servants and must be good, especially when it has been in practice for decades. So defend they did and got to look more silly and evil by the days.

Ong Ye Kung must have many earfuls and finds it unbearable and unreasonable under any circumstances to explain this away.  So decades old policies can be bad and should be reviewed and then scrapped. Sorry for the unthinking civil servants that stood up to defend the undefendable and now would have to swallow their arrogance and non thinking mindset, defend first at all cost.

Actually I have a different take. Decades long policies, long standing practices, must be good, cannot be bad and must be defended or else look silly.  The punishment of a 12 year old child was not meant to be. It was meant to punish the parents. The little glitch is that this is not explain to the little child who, if he/she has a little intellect and a bit sensitive, would have felt it quite badly.

It is so easy to remedy this. Get all the school principals to explain this in the morning assembly, tell the children, affected or not affected, that this policy is only to punish the irresponsible parents, not the innocent children of the irresponsible parents. And also produce more media material for the press, TV and social media that this is the real reason. No one should look unkindly at the affected children of irresponsible parents. See QED. And the long standing policy can stay. No fake news.

The same applies to the annual $238m tuition fees and grants for foreigners. This is also decades long standing policy and must be good. To stop this generosity would be a slap on the face of silly civil servants that approved this policy and also an admission that so many billions of public money have been wrongly spent. This case has better merits to defend like mad, and quoting that it is decades long policy would make good sense in every sense.

In conclusion, good policies that have been implemented for decades must be kept, die die must not change. If not, some people will look very silly for the unkind policy to 12 years old, and in the case of using OPM to give to foreigners would, yes, look damn stupid and irresponsible.

So, what do you think? Civil servants always make good policies and such policies should be defended at all cost if they are long standing, or, civil servants can be very silly and stupid and unkind in making stupid policies?

PS. Just think of all the good long standing policies that would have to be scrapped, eg high HDB prices, high water prices, high school and tuition fees equal good quality education, CPF money retention and shifting goal posts, more foreigners as new citizens, CECA already more than 10 years, must be damn bloody good, millionaire ministers, millionaire civil servants and CEOs of GLCs .....


Paid to produce western propaganda, or too daft to know the difference?

There are thousands of ASEAN citizens who have been exposed to endless repeated toxic western propaganda especially US mass media and their minds have been so poisoned and possessed by the evil west/US that they have lost their independence of mind and thinking. When CIA feed them with fake and rotten lies about China, Russia, Iran or North Korea they take it as truth. Worst still many of ASEAN political leaders and ministers have drunk too much of western/US cocktail concoctions of lies and fake news that they are leading their countries on the wrong side to support US and the west against other Asian countries. These brainless unthinking leaders need to be removed through a revolution.

Pro-Asean citizen SG


Singapore unable to guard its longkangs

We have the most powerful armed forces in the region, the most powerful air force, the most power navy, but we cannot protect our islands from being invaded and occupied by 2m foreigners. Actually we invited them, oops, not we, the govt invited them to occupy our little piece of rock, so short of land even for our Singaporeans to live comfortably and cheaply. We are running out of space and the severe consequence is that we have to pay sky high prices for our homes, even to the tune of millions for 99 year lease govt flats. And some desperadoes are insisting that we should build a nuclear plant in the island to provide for the additional power for more people. And the govt is not stopping this silliness and wanted to invite more foreigners here, to raise property prices and prices of everything.

Now, where am I? Oh, our most powerful armed forces, paid with a very huge budget to protect and defend our islands from being invaded by foreigners. See the irony? No? You are forgiven because self claimed super talents, aka unthinking idiots, also cannot see the irony.

Now the latest, no, I am not talking about protecting our private and personal data, I am talking about protecting our little longkangs. This we also failed miserably. Despite having the most powerful navy, with submarines and state of the art warships, we cannot keep our longkangs safe. OK, if you still did not get it, the longkangs are our little teeny weeny Strait of Singapore, squeezed between our islands and Indonesian island,not more than 10km wide and 50km long, that's all.

It has been reported that this year alone, before the year 2019 is out, there were 29 pirate attacks on ships in our supposedly very safe and well protected and patrolled strait. Is was our responsibility to protect them in our territorial waters. This is more than 2 cases a month. We are one of the biggest ports of call, thousands of ships have to pass through our strategic strait and we cannot keep it safe. And the pirates are not highly armed military forces but kuching kurap robbers armed with knives and parangs. And our sophisticated multi million dollars navy could not deal with them.

How are they going to defend our islands under an attack by a military force if they could not fend off attacks by little pirates? Actually this is a non issue. We do not need to protect islands from foreign invaders. We invited them in, we welcomed them to occupy our little piece of rock, to steal our jobs, to steal our lunches, to replace us and our children.

What do you think?


USA a rogue state & CIA a terrorist organisation : PART Three

     USA   a rogue state and CIA a terrorist organisation  PART  THREE

The  United States and its Western allies are imperialist plunderers and robbers of the earth. Their leaders and politicians are well known cheaters, liars, murderers, killers and charlatans. The United States is the most destabilising force in the world . US is a world gangster, a barbaric terrorist state and is the only country  that creates wars and destructions causing  deaths and sufferings all over the world.

The US avowed objective is for world domination by whatever means and at whatever cost. It has always refused to follow any international rules and conform with any acceptable norms of human conduct.  It does not accept any concept of fair play and is always trying to develop more sophisticated and effective espionage to subvert, sabotage and destroy other countries which it dislikes.

The United States is the world's most unprecedented rogue state in history and excels in its cruelty and unconscionable barbaric aggressive wars. CIA the murderous arm of USA is a terrorist organisation of the first magnitude. It indulges in all kinds of evil doings and wicked deeds and constantly plots against mankind and other countries. It operates schools for the training of all assassins in all kinds of torture , psychology in helping would be assassins attuned to relish in carrying out torture, lessons in making bombs, blackmail and execution. Some of the world's most notorious terrorist organisations initiated, funded and trained by CIA are the Taliban, the Mojaheedin, Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Uyghur terrorist organisation ETIM of the Chinese province of Xinjiang. All assassins, murderers and killers trained by CIA will always be protected by CIA as they are considered American allies whose clandestine jobs are supposed to help to cater to US security.

CIA assassinations are carried out for the sole motive of regime change. Killings are most brutal and widespread when not only all opposition party members who are adversed to US dictates but also large numbers of citizenries which can number into hundreds of thousands can be hunted down and killed for suspicion by CIA for being communists, socialists or leftists. Some examples are the brutal overthrow of President Sukarno of Indonesia in 1963 and President Salvador Allende of Chile in 1973. In the case of President Sukarno of Indonesia not less than three million Indonesians and in President Salvador Allende's Chile many thousands were killed by CIA and its puppet regimes. CIA's puppet regime in Indonesia was the tyrannical dictator Suharto and in Chile the murderer tyrant Augusto Pinochet.

The Evil Empire, the white Americans of USA have given themselves the license to kill non-whites and non Christian just as their predecessors have given themselves the right to kill for many centuries base on divine authority under their toxic militant religious doctrine and ideology, " The Doctrine of
christian Discovery. " The present and modern rights to kill by white men led by the United States is the extension and continuation of the divine rights to kill by white invaders of the "Doctrine of Christian Discovery" era. The white Christian invaders have since the last few hundred years killed hundreds of millions of natives all over the world especially in both North, South and Central Americas as well as in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

US considers every nook and corner on earth as vital to its interests and security. What about other countries interests and security? Of course blatant bully USA doesn't care a hood. It has always assume the right to interfere and intervene in other countries internal affairs when it sees something is not going right in US interests. It is always illegally using extraterritorial power to bully others base on the extension of its own laws and the imperialistic long arm of its domestic laws. US has interfered in the Chinese and the Korean civil wars which technically have not ended. The evil empire is still holding on to Taiwan under a proxy puppet lackey regime and to South Korea as a colony. Some other examples of US interference in the internal affairs of other countries are in the Philippines, between the leftist HUK and President Marcos 1945 - 1953, South Africa, 1960s - 1980s where US supported apartheid and was responsible for the capture  and imprisonment of Nelson Mendela , Bolivia 1964 to present, Honduras and Nicaragua 1979  - 1990s, Colombia 1990s to present , Venezuela 2001 to present, East Timor, where CIA helped Suharto of Indonesia to gain control of East Timor 1975 - 1999 and Diego Garcia where in 1965 US and UK forced thousands of Diego Garcians out of the island and evicted them illegally and forcibly in the most brutal and inhuman way to Mauritius and Seychelles to make way for a gigantic US military base.

In all these US interventions the CIA had no qualms in mass killings of thousands of innocent citizens which it brushed off as unfortunate collateral incidents so long as it secures US permanent interests and influence in the regions.

In addition to murders, killings, assassinations and brutal military invasions the United States has been using illegal financial, monetary,  economic and cyber terrorism against other countries to weaken and destabilise their countries so as to bring them under US control. US illegal trade and commerce, banking and financial sanctions are weaponise tools to impoverish and destabilise countries so that US can have a basis to instigate and foment internal opposition and demonstrations to bring down governments for regime change.

Further the Evil Empire has for years been using NGOs - Non Government Organisations such as the NED  - National Endowment for Democracy, CPJ - Committee to protect Journalists, and Rappier - a US media front as covert agencies to subvert and sabotage governments that US target for regime change. All these US NGOs are actually US fifth columns and lackeys and they work as CIA secret agents and espionage officers under the guise of diplomats in US embassies overseas so that if things go wrong and the CIA agents are caught they will then be covered under the protection clause of diplomats immunity from arrest and charges. Rappier is a US media front affiliated to CNN and it represents foreign interests and conspires with foreign intelligence agencies funded  by Soros and NED of the US government. CPJ is founded and funded by US corporate foundations for the purpose of promoting US interests overseas. The CPJ does this by protecting fronts like Rappier under the guise of "Press Freedom" from the repercussions of engagging in US government funded subversion.

Fronts like Rappier serves as a propaganda sword while the CPJ exists as a shield to block efforts by targeted nations to defend themselves.

Thus it can be seen the United States has  very well coordinated plans among all its interrelated spy and espionage agencies working closely with US embassies overseas to subvert and sabotage foreign governments targeted for destruction and regime change.

 It is advisable for all non-western or non-white countries to take heed and be alert not to allow any US NGOs to operate in their countries especially in strategic departments like the military, foreign office, the police department, education departments like the universities and institutes of international and higher studies. These are places where US find easy fertile grounds for carrying out its toxic propaganda and subversion.

Hopefully the world must wish and hope that all the wicked deeds and plots of the evil empire will rebounce on itself in natural response and reaction to Karma philosophy.

On this Christmas Day, the 25th of December, the barbaric and savage white European and white American Christians have reasons to celebrate because they have for centuries benefitted from the religion base on the teachings of Jesus and have abrasively been abusing the religion of Christianity to justify their brutal aggressions and conquests and the killings and genocide of all natives and other peoples on earth. Yes, their bible says, "Thou shall not kill and commit murders." But they went on a rampage of killings and assassinations for centuries and the practice is still going on unchecked in this modern times. Look at how they are now killing millions of Arab muslims in the Middle East and the natives in Latin America. Non-Christians around the world should not be celebrating Christmas lesss they will appear to  be complicit in the brutal and sinful crimes of the whitemen.


Wednesday, 25th December, 2019.

So this is Christmas, and what have you done?

Merry Christmas everyone.

Sarawak native dancers and blowpipe hunter


Hong Kong turning into Riot City

HONG KONG: More than 1,000 people in Hong Kong rallied peacefully in support of China's ethnic Uighurs on Sunday (Dec 22), waving Uighur flags and posters in the city's financial district, marking the latest demonstration in over six months of anti-government unrest.

Dozens of police marched across a public square overlooking Hong Kong's harbour to face off with protesters who hurled glass bottles and rocks at them.  CNA

The above is the latest protest and riot in Hong Kong. These unthinking, selfish and simple minded kids think demonstration and rioting is fun. After running out of steam from their democrazy and independence movement, getting no where, there are grabbing on anything that the Americans want them to do. They would grab any excuses to go rioting in the streets.

This time, the most anti Muslim country, the country that has been killing Muslims by the thousands daily for decades, has put up the pretence of protecting Muslims in Xinjiang, China. They have forgotten their farcical supports for the terrorist Muslim groups that ended up with the attack on American soil in 911. To the evil Americans, creating trouble and setting other countries in flame are their main objective, to have wars and instability in other people's homeland, not in American soil.

The silly Hong Kong youth could not understand that the Americans are using them to destroy their homeland, their own country China. They think revolution is a tea party. They did not know that the next step is bloodshed, their blood would spill on the streets of Hong Kong.

Once Beijing decided enough is enough and take the final course of action, many of these kids would be crying, some would not as they would be wrapped up in black plastic bags. As Hong Kong deteriorates into a mindless Riot City, the consequences are expected. It would be the time for the Hongkongers to disappear, to flee or be forced out of their homes and country. This diseased generation of Hong Kong people would no longer be accepted and tolerated in China as they are purely destructive and anti China and anti mainland Chinese. They have no place in China and have to be removed or destroyed. Reeducation camps would be useless to this rootless, prideless and shameful people.

Hongkongers are smart and practical people?


CECA backlash surfacing

Harder Truths:
Ah, one of the man joys of using IT companies full of FT.
Either it was intentional or the system is so badly designed and / or managed by FT that no one can stop this from happening.
Usually the people looking after these things also don’t give a sh*t.
I am just waiting for news that $G banks have also been f**ked up. It is a sure thing that sooner or later this will happen when FT are involved. I hope the 70% get their reward when the bank says someone in China or South Asia emptied their account and nothing can be done – sorry about that.

u get what u pay for:
good lah..go invite in more ceca IT ‘experts’from indiapore to sinkingpore with love!

No Awareness Training?:
Singapore GLC and government organisation must already have security awareness and training program put in place. Singaporean workers are well equipped with knowledge not to open/click any unknown or suspicious email/links. Is phishing the truth or ST logistics excuse to cover it’s weak system security. Or it could the work of insider threat such as IT outsourced CECA workers .

Straight "A"s Marlboro Tan:
The party against people imported so many CECA FT claiming to be talents

The above comments are in TRE in an article about the leaks in Mindef and SAF.  It is a common human behaviour that a few can be a rarity or novelty. When a few become a glut, pervasive and worse, when the lunch and welfare of Singaporeans are gravely affected, the novelty element is off and the over presence would become a pain in the arse and repulsive. This is exactly what is happening to the CECA Indians and their dominance and monopoly in the highly sensitive and dangerous IT industry and system. They are practically given a free hand, a free play to take over this industry, with no control, no qualifications or reservations on the grounds of national security.

The Americans are paranoid of losing their privacy and sensitive data to Huawei when using Huawei equipment. In Stupidity has no Cure country, no one cares, no one thinks it is important to safeguard and protect our data and sensitive information and madly opened their legs to CECA Indians to take control of our IT industry and systems both in the private sector and govt ministries.

These idiots trust them, believe that they would do no mischief or harm to our industries, businesses and govt ministries. It is ok. perfectly ok, to lower our trousers and no need to guard our backs in the presence of so many foreigners controlling our IT systems.

I am wondering when would the whole thing explode and everything is gone with the click of a button? Yes, it would be so easy when foreigners are in charge and in control of our IT systems. It is a miracle that it has not happen yet. Maybe Newater helps, with the drinking of Newater, the foreigners too filled their brains with shit and would not do anything silly, would not take advantage of their privilege positions in easy access to all our IT systems.

Pray, please pray very hard that it would not happen to us. Forget about Murphy's Law. It would not happen to us because we have the most clever rulers ruling over us.  Everything is under their control.

With so many foreigners in charge and in control of so many strategic facilities, we are so vulnerable. But who cares?


Be As Good As We Would

Be As Good As We Would

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
Ugliness is in the mind of the perceiver.
One man's meat is another's poison.
One man's pleasure is another's fearful prison.

One person's wealth derives from others' toil.
The food you eat comes from the Earth's soil.
One person's life derives from parents' hardship.
The efforts of your walk comes from the labour of your hip.

The blood-suckers, like mosquitoes, don't just suck blood,
They also spread diseases like malaria and dengue fever.
The ugly women do not think themselves ugly nor dud.
It's your own mind that harbours ugliness, whatsoever.

If your mind is pure, by nature or determined training,
You only perceive as pure and beautiful in everything.
Even the ugliest of the ugly appears beautiful in your mind.
So, be positive, generous, compassionate and kind.

Observe the children, see how innocent they are,
To the innocent children, their minds are still pure,
And everything to them is just simply wonderful!
They have neither the concept of ugly nor beautiful!

Be like an adult in your behaviour and thinking,
But be like children in your perception and living.
Like this, you will be very happy and successful,
And you will be open-minded and always grateful.

Those are what the wise have thought us to do,
And I can say I am as guilty as you, too.
Though no one is perfect in this imperfect world,
Still we can strive to make it as good as we would.

FOG -- 22 December, 2019.

Sarawak native dancers display the wealth and beauty of their culture


China reminding the US of their genocide of native Americans

"Have they forgotten? The two-century long American history is tainted with the blood and tears of native Indians, who were originally masters of the continent."

She said that starting from the 19th century, the U.S. army occupied millions of square kilometers of land and grabbed countless natural resources by expelling and slaughtering native Indians through the Westward Expansion. Apart from that, the U.S. also conducted forced assimilation of native Americans, killing, expelling and persecuting them and denying them their due civil rights.

"Today, they only account for 2.09 percent of the total U.S. population. They are facing numerous difficulties, including backward infrastructure in reservations, shortage of water and electricity, lack of Internet access, unemployment, poverty, diseases and poor living conditions. In front of all these shocking facts, can the U.S. politicians feign ignorance? Where is their conscience?"

While in China, the country implements the system of ethnic regional autonomy, upholds ethnic equality and unity, respects and protects freedom of religious belief, protects normal religious activities and safeguards religious groups, religious venues, and believers' rights in accordance with law, she said.

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/regional/2019/12/05/china-reminds-us-to-learn-lessons-from-911-terror-attacks#8hZwszcWwObXd8WZ.99
China and the rest of the world have all been smeared and victimised by the white Americans for crimes against humanity, violation of human rights etc etc when the truth is the other way round. The Americans, especially the white Americans, are the most vicious and monstrous killers of other ethnic people and violation of their human rights from the days they wiped out the native Americans to the present and daily slaughtering of Middle eastern people, the Arabs and the Muslims. And for attacking the rest of the world, everyone forgot that the Americans are the thiefs that are shouting thiefs.

Recently the Americans passed two laws, one about human rights in Hong Kong and another about the human rights of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. This time the hypocrisy has gone too far and China has hit back by reminding the Americans of their crimes against the naive Americans. The world must take the cue from China to condemn the Americans like how China exposed the criminal farce of Boeing 737 Max, a killer machine that the Americans sold to the rest of the world resulting in two major air crashes and many more to come if China did not stand up to stop the conniving and evil Americans.

The rest of the world must point the fingers back at the Americans and exposed their hypocrisy and wickedness, hang them up on the laundry poles for the people of this generation to see. China must also follow the Americans in enacting laws to protect the rights of the native Americans to their land seized by the white Americans and claims for reparation for crimes against humanity, the genocide of more than 100m native Americans and the protection of their human rights.  

Bring the issue to the UN, revive the claims and charges of the native Americans and many natives of the rest of the world against the Americans, especially the Arabs and Muslims and the Africans and Latin Americans. The starving people of North Korea, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia and more are victims of American crimes of trade sanctions and embargoes.

The Americans must face their crimes and pay for their crimes against the people of the world.  Do not allow the Americans to point the fingers at everyone as if they are the innocent angels. They are the real devils and all the wars and troubles in the world today and yesterday are the works of the American devils.

China is right to remind the Americans of 911. All their evil acts in support of terror would come back to them in more 911s and worse case scenarios.

The West have been using this tactic of smearing China and other countries of their past. They have even repeatedly made use of Asian media to smear North Korea using antique pictures of hungry children to justify their accusation that North Koreans are still suffering from famine and undernourishment. The Americans must be paying a lot to the producers of such propaganda material to lie and con and influence the thinkings of the rest of the world.

It is only appropriate that the rest of the world return the same favour. But they need a big budget to pay silly and greedy and unthinking producers to write and produce documentaries about the crimes against humanity of the Americans all over the world.


PAP so blessed with so many clever politicians

It was reported in thenewpaper on 19 Dec that another brilliant PAP Senior Parliamentary Secretary was smart enough to thwart a scam attempt against him. A scammer passing himself as CIMB group chief executive Zafrul Aziz, went through the standard Nigerian scam formula offering million dollar proposal to Amrin Amin without knowing that in the latter's position he would have know Zafrul personally and maybe even good friends. The scammer must have an IQ of 10 to want to pull off this sophisticated scam. And as expected, our brilliant Senior Parliamentary Secretary saw through the ruse and gave a cheeky reply by giving the scammer his email as zafrul_nigerian_s-cam@idiot.com.  This is better than my reply to such scammers offering me multi million dollar proposals to send me a $1,000 to prove that they were real and sincere in their proposals.

Amrin made his conversation public to educate the daft Singaporeans not to fall for such very difficult to detect scams as many have been reported to have lost milllions despite the daily announcement about such scams. Daft Singaporeans are difficult to teach and are renowned to be suffering from the Stupidity Has No Cure disease. Hopefully more clever politicians will step forward to teach the daft Singaporeans on how they are able to tell a scam from the real thing and how to tackle such attempts.

As for Singaporeans that have no money to be scammed, there is nothing to worry about as long as they are not daft enough to go and borrow money to give to the scammer. I think this episode should deserve a front page treatment so that more daft Singaporeans are aware of such silly scams and not to be cheated. But as the old Chinese saying goes, 姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩, ie let the willing or gullible be hooked.

My Christmas wish, all daft Singaporeans would be as smart as our politicians. But this unfortunately cannot be or else every one of them would want to be politicians and want to be paid millions.


China US Trade Deals - Fake success and victory

'Though investors were relieved to see Sunday's threatened tariffs removed, US stock markets didn't appear to like the deal much.

Trade economist Mary Lovely said the deal could only be viewed as a "partial win" which "didn't move the needle very much."

The gains do not compensate for the damage to US farmers and businesses, she told reporters.

"President Trump is desperately trying to get back to where the economy was 18 months ago," before taking this "unilateral, brute force approach," Lovely said.'

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/china-us-phase-one-trade-deal-agreement-tariffs-12183174
The news of the closing of the first phase of trade negotiation between China and the US did not move the market much though Trump and his merry men claimed victory, that they have scored a big success. Trump's comments in the above news said it all. The US economy is not what it was before the trade war. The farmers would never get back to what they did in sales to China. What the Americans got to pay for all the Trump meddling was more tariffs and taxes to pay for their goods from China.

It is a case of burning down a house and trying to rebuild a new one, a smaller one that would not be better than before and claiming victory and success. This is the gist of Trump folly. To him it is all just a game, you win some, you lose some, but claiming success and victory all the while when the American people at large and the farmers are the real losers.

Trump will continue to lie to the American people that he has made America greater again. What he has done is to make the average Americans poorer by have to pay more for their purchases and consumption of daily necessities. The dumb Americans, like daft Singaporeans, believe him.


When would mainland Chinese start to hate Hongkongers

The violent protest in Hong Kong continues unabated after more than 6 months of continuous mass protests and the beating up of mainland Chinese. The protest is not only about China taking over to rule Hong Kong. Deep inside the psyche of the Hongkongers is the hate against China, anything Chinese and against mainland Chinese. They have been brought up as subjects of the British Empire, read English literature, history and culture and think they are different from mainland Chinese. They are emotionally and psychologically more British than Chinese.

The last 20 years of One Country Two System did not change anything as the educational institutions were dominated by pro British teachers and lecturers teaching them Hong Kong is not a part of China and their loyalty is to the Queen of England. And the govt administration, including the civil servants and the judiciary systems are infested with foreigners ruling in the interest of the British Empire.

The Hongkongers hate China and Chinese and do not regard themselves as Chinese, or at the a big majority of the Hongkongers are from their participation in the mass protest. This cannot be taken lightly and would need at least a couple generation of reeducation to change the mindset of the Hongkongers. The Hongkongers of today, from as young as secondary schools, are already imbued with the hate China and hate Chinese mentality. It would need a major purging to change this mindset.

It is very surprising that despite the numerous violence encounters when mainland Chinese were attacked on sight, mainland shops and businesses being burned and looted, there is still no anti Hongkonger calls in mainland China. The mainland Chinese, 1.4b of them, have been reticent about the vulgarity, violence and stupidity of the Hongkongers against them. This hate China and hate Chinese movement has also expressed itself in many western cities and institutions of higher learnings.

I used the word stupidity to describe this low thinking mindset and behaviour of the Hongkongers is from the fact that a mere 5m of them have the gumption and thoughtlessness in hating and beating up 1.4b mainland Chinese. When the mainland Chinese decide that enough is enough and no more of the Hongkongers' nonsense and start to attack them on sight, there would be no place to hide and no place to run for the Hongkongers. This is like a few little boys running around trying to beat adults on sight. They would be trampled to bits and pieces.

If the Hongkongers do not rethink and stop their silliness, it is a matter of time when the mainland Chinese would turn to attack them on sight, in China, in Hong Kong and in all the cities around the world.


The Devil’s in the Details

The Devil’s in the Details

Both the law and power
are at your discretion.
Using both is no crime
Except for your obsession.
I write poems all the time –
an open confession.

Depending upon the time of day,
My inspirations ebb and flow.
The challenge of law’s a delight
To think about justice for the lay.
From an innocent child starting to grow
To a retiree who can laze, ponder and write.

At dawn, when it's still dark and unclear,
You’ll find me jogging with torch light lit.
At dusk, when the day's near its end,
You'll find me writing without hope nor fear.
At night, sitting in mediation is my habit,
Except during holiday and week-end.

The devil you cannot blame,
My muse you cannot thank,
When neither glory nor fame
Appears in my memory bank.
Yet my efforts are less lame
If our collective mind is not blank.

FOG - 16 December, 2019.

Genocide did not happen in America?

The Nobel Peace Laureate defended Myanmar’s military crackdown against the Rohingya in August 2017. She told the UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) her government was faced with an “internal conflict” and the military was called in to carry out a “clearance operation”.

Clearance operation or otherwise, she represented the military at ICJ whose operation that August had led to some 740,000 Rohingya fleeing neighbouring Bangladesh.

She said there was no genocide as alleged by the mostly Muslim Gambia lawyers who have brought the case to ICJ. It is said that ICJ will take a few years to come to a decision.

In any event, “Geno” means race or tribe and “cide” means to kill or exterminate. It is thus an extermination of a tribe or race like the Holocaust or the Tutsi slaughter. So, does the Rohingya qualify? Is it really an internal conflict?

The above are written by Michael Han in a post in the TRE in praising the Aung Sang Suu Kyi for her defence of her govt in their treatment of the Rohingyas. The West, masterminded by the Americans, are desperately trying to bring her govt down for not wanting to be the colony of the American Empire. After pushing her for a Nobel Prize, the Americans were disappointed that being a nationalist, she would think first for the good of her country and not the good of the American Empire. Now the Americans want to remove her from her office.

What is glaring in the above comment by Michael Han is the statement on genocide. Genocide is the wiping out or termination of a race or tribe. The Holocaust did not wipe out the Jews. The Tutsi slaughter too did not wipe out the Tutsi though came near to its definition with 800,000 Tutsi death in 100 days.

There is only one incident that befitted this definition of genocide, the wiping out of a race or a tribe. This was conducted by the white Europeans against the native Americans that occupied North America, their homeland. There were more than a 100m of them alive but now gone. Many tribes totally disappeared forever from the surface of the earth. That was genocide of continental scale. But the Americans and the Europeans would not want to mention it, not want to be reminded of it. The Asians, and Africans, fed by a diet of western media that would not want to report about this crime against humanity, would not  know. Even if they know, they would not want to speak about it as it is politically incorrect to talk about the crimes of 'white angels' they so admired and adored as the saviour of humankind, the protectors of human rights.

So, to many people, there is no genocide in North America. They did not know, did not want to know, but happily aping the Americans and the West to accuse other Asian and African countries of genocide. And if you remind them of this genocide, they would utter in shock disbelief, where got? And if shown the facts, they would get angry as it is against their belief, white people are angels, cannot be devils, cannot be that evil. They chose to believe in their belief, like believing in a religion.

Stupidity has no cure among the Asians and Africans. Your education is futile if one cannot tell truth from lies, cannot accept facts and chooses to accept facts selectively to appease one's belief.


POFMA - You Will Never Be Fair

POFMA - You Will Never Be Fair

Water here and water there,
Surrounded by water everywhere;
Yet not a single drop to spare.

POFMA here and POFMA there,
PORMA, PORMA everywhere;
Yet not a single heart to spare.

Correction Order here and Correction Order there,
Correction makes bare, "false" makes good;
Someone somehow shot her own foot.

POFMA, POFMA, what are you?
Are you a vicious weapon new,
To serve not the majority but a few?

You make fake so real
And real so fake
Looks like confusion is our fate?

POFMA, POFMA, who are you?
Are you a notorious few who knew
But hide the facts in order to confuse?

Fair is foul and foul is fair,
No matter what, nothing is fair!
POFMA, POFMA, as long as you're there!

FOG - 16 Dec 2019

I just have to post this beautiful poem in the main column. Thank you Frog Outside Glass

USA - A Rogue State & CIA A Terrorist Organistion: PART TWO

     CIA is the terrorist arm of the United States. Criminal acts and atrocities carry out by CIA include narcotic and drug smuggling and trading, kidnapping, murders, killings and assassinations. Since the end of the Second World War in 1945, CIA has carried out myriads of criminal acts of terrorism involving assassinations, regime change or overthrowing of states which do not listen or obey US dictates, organising and instigating turmoil, riots and public disorders, arson and destruction of public properties.

CIA assassinations of heads of foreign governments and other dignitaries are carried out with the motive to topple governments for regime change. Murders most foul were carried out by CIA secret agents in cahoot with local US lackeys and army turncoats under the direct command of US president.

There are too many countless assassinations to narrate but suffice here to describe only a few of them. Under the order of the US president, CIA would prepare lists of foreign personnels to be assassinated  Very often CIA has no qualms in killing tens or hundreds of other innocent lives though when only one victim is targeted for CIA just callously brushed it aside as collateral or incidental death.

One of the earliest victims assassinated by CIA was a Korean opposition leader Kim Koo. He was murdered in 1949.

CIA made several attempts to assassinate China's Premier Zhou En Lai in the 1950s. In 1954 Premier Zhou was going to Banlong, Indonesia to attend the Afro-Asian Conference whereby all presidents and Prime Ministers of Africa and Asia were scheduled to meet. The plane in Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport in which Premier Zhou was supposed to fly to Banlong was planted with a timing device bomb. The plane exploded in mid-flight. Fortunately at the last minute Premier Zhou changed flight and took another plane and so he survived. Hong Kong was then under the dictatorship of the British colonial government, a strong ally of United States. CIA had colluded with the British to plant the bomb.

In the 1950s and early 1960s CIA made several assassination attempts on President Sukarno of Indonesia whom the United States accused of being a leftist or socialist and of having too close a relationship with Russia and China. So far all these attempts failed. But however, in 1963 CIA managed to infiltrate into Sukarno's military establishment and staged a military coup in which General Suharto put President Sukarno under house arrest. The coup culminated in Suharto's military and secret police arresting and killing of over three million Indonesians whom CIA suspected of being communists or leftist socialists or communist sympathisers. Lists of names of those targeted victims were provided by the United States embassy via CIA.  One of those killed as ordered by CIA was Dr. Subanrio the foreign minister of President Sukarno.

In 1961 President Patrice Lumumba the democratically elected president of the Republic of Congo  was assassinated by CIA  agents who fired at his plane with missiles while it was preparing to land at the airport. The assassination was ordered by President Eisenhower because Lumumba was considered a leftist socialist. Lumumba had very strong public support and so CIA could not immediately install its man. Thus the Republic of Congo was plunged into choas and turmoil for many years.

From 1959 to 1969 CIA carried out several assassination attempts on Prince Norodom Sihanouk leader of Cambodia for refusing to let America use the territory of Cambodia in its war on Vietnam. However, in 1970 due to to the treachery of Lon Nol , a senior general in Sihanouk's army, Sihanouk was overthrown and CIA installed Lon Nol as a US puppet president. Prince Sihanouk escaped the assassination and sought refuge in  Beijing. 

In 1954, CIA overthrew the democratically elected president Jacob Arbenz of Guatemala in Central America in a military coup. Arbenz wanted to nationalize the Rockefeller owned  United Fruit Company which illegally occupied thousands of hectares of Guatemala's land and in which Allen Dulles the then United Secretary of State Allen Dulles was a partner. Arbenz was overthrown by CIA-backed generals who then ruled Guatemala as right wing dictators whose blood thirsty policies resulted in the killing of over a hundred thousand Guatemalans in the next few decades.Rockefeller and Allen Dulles had deprived the impoverished Guatemalans of their lands. The poor Guatemalans were then forced to work for the United Fruit Company with very meager pay. It must be remembered that this same company had in the 1890s occupied most of the fertile land and valleys in Hawaii resulting in Hawaiian resistance which culminated in the slaughter of over three hundred thousand Hawaiians and the lost of Hawaiian sovereignty and independence to the United States.

In Brazil in 1964, a CIA - backed coup overthrew the elected government of Joao Goulart. He was replaced by a CIA-backed junta which ruled Brazil for over 20 years. It was the most blood thirsty coup in the history of Brazil. General Castelo Bianco the head of the junta created Latin America's first death squad and secret police with the full knowledge and backing of CIA. Thousands of Brazillians mostly indigenous natives who were opposed to the junta were hunted down as communists or socialists and then tortured and killed after long gruelling interrogation. The death Squads and secret police of the junta were all trained by CIA .

In Chile, in 1973 CIA carried out one of the most brutal military coup against President Allende Salvador and replaced him with a murderous traitor General Augusto Pinochet. Allende was overthrown because he nationalised the copper mining industries and the International Telephone - ITT owned by US huge global corporations. Pinochet carried out a reign of terror through the death squad and secret police, all trained and supported by CIA. 
Thousands of Chileans and Allende's supporters were rounded up, tortured and shot. Hundreds of leftist Chileans escaped the brutal CIA supported massacre and went to Sweden. The Swedish prime minister Olof Palme gave asylum to many leftist socialist Chileans. This greatly offended CIA. Olof  Palme was labelled a socialist and in 1986 he and his wife were shot by CIA agents in a street in Central Stockholm.  

In the 1960s, CIA inspired and fomented political turmoil in Bolivia. Then in 1971 a CIA - backed military coup overthrew leftist president Juan Torres. In the next two years CIA-backed dictator Hugo Banzer arrested over two thousand political opponents without trial, had them tortured and then executed.

However, in 2005, Evo Morales a native indigenous Bolivian won the presidential election. He carried out a series of reforms and nationalised many foreign control companies mainly controlled by US corporations. His reforms benefitted the majority native Bolivians and he was successfully elected to the presidency four times from 2005 to 2019. However, he and his government was overthrown by a CIA-backed military coup in October 2019, led by a pro-America Jewish ethnic general. Morales and many of his ministers had to flee for their lives and sought refuge in Mexico in which they were given asylum.

In the immediate aftermath of the coup there were mass public protests and demonstrations against the coup in support of Morales. CIA-backed troops and helicopter gun ships hovered over the sky and shot thousands of demonstrators indiscriminately. The United States and CIA is guilty of the massacre of native Bolivians. Bolivia has now fallen under the rule of the white minority Spanish descendants which constitute only about thirty percent of the population.

In Venezuela CIA made several attempts to assassinate Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela from 2002 when he was first elected president. A coup and an attempt to kill Chavez failed in 2002. CIA constantly sponsored mercenaries in attempts to pull off coups against the Venezuelan government. Hugo Chavez was targeted for assassination because he nationalised the oil industry and refused to give in to US dictates and special interests and would not be cowed by US threats.

The list of CIA targeted foreign dignitaries and other high profile personnels for assassination goes on and on. Suffice here to just simply list below a few more of the targeted victims without having to go through a detail description of each case. They are as follows:

(1)Kim Il Sung Prime minister of DPRK, 1951.( 2.) Mohazmmed Mossadegh PM of Iran, 1953, (3) Gamal Abdul Nasser president of Egypt, 1957, (4.) General Abdul Kassem PM of Iraq 1960, (5) Jose Figures, president of Costa Rica 1950s to 1970s, a few attempts were made on his life. (6) Fidel Castro , President of Cuba 1960 to 1970.  Many attempts and plots on his life . (7) Charles de Gaule President of France 1965 - 1q966. Two attempts on his life for refusing to follow US dictates. (8) General Manuel Noriega President of Panama 1970 - 1981 (9) Michael Manley President of Jamaica 1976. (10) Muammar Gaddafi President of Libya 1980 to 1990 . Several attemptgs on his life. Finally killed  in 2011. (11) Ayatollah Khomeini President of Iran 1982. (12) Miguel d'Escoto Foreign Minister of Nicaragua 1983 . ( 13) Saddam Hussein President of Iraq 1991 to 2003. (14) Slobodon Milosevic 1999 , President of Yugoslavia .  (15) Che Guevara Cuban leader  1967. (16) General Ahmed Dlimi Moroccan army commander, 1983.

CIA schools for saboteurs and assassins use psychologists to induce servicemen who may not be naturally inclined to kill to do so under certain conditions. CIA also use convicted murderers who are released from military prisons to become assassins. The assassins attend courses to be trained on dehumanization of the enemy through special films showing enemies being killed and injured in violent ways to toughen their killing resolve.

Foreign leaders who are against the objectives of the United States foreign policies will definitely be targeted for assassination.

The question is will one day every other country be clamouring for the assassinations of the United States rogue and demonic terrorist leaders. The United States must be made to pay a price for its unprecedented evil permanent wars and brutal assassinations and killings of foreign world leaders and their citizens.


Monday, 16th December, 2019

POFMA, who is spreading fake news

'In the media statement, the SDP is being accused of using the false and misleading statements to “stoke fear and anxiety among local PMETs”.
“Given the current uncertain economic climate, it is understandable that some Singaporeans feel anxious about employment prospects and retrenchments,” the statement said.
“This makes it all the more critical that public debate on the important issue of jobs is based on accurate facts, and not distortions or falsehoods.
“These false and misleading statements by the SDP have a singular objective – to stoke fear and anxiety among local PMETs. It is important to set the facts straight so that Singaporeans are not misled.”...

One of the Facebook posts includes a graphical illustration depicting plunging local PMET (professionals, managers, executives and technicians) employment.
MOM said the illustration is false. According to its Comprehensive Labour Force Survey, local PMETs employment has risen steadily, from 1.17 million in 2015 to 1.30 million in 2019.
As a proportion of the total local workforce, the local PMET share has also increased from 54 per cent in 2015 to 58 per cent in 2019....

Another falsehood that MOM took issue with concerns a statement in the online article which said, “The SDP’s proposal comes amidst a rising proportion of Singaporean PMETs getting retrenched.”
MOM said that there is no rising trend of local PMET retrenchments. The number of local PMETs retrenched in 2018 was, in fact, the lowest since 2014. Local PMETs retrenched, as a proportion of all local PMET employees, has also declined since 2015.'

The above is quoted from YahooNews. The first paragraph is the govt statement accusing SDP of spreading fake news about local PMETS employment falling and unemployment increasing.

The next two paragraphs show the two points the govt is offended. One, local PMET share of employment has increased. Two Local PMET retrenchment or unemployment is falling.

So who is telling the truth, who is spreading fake news? The devil is in the details. Notice that the above arguments referred to 'locals' not Singaporeans. Was SDP referring to Singaporean PMETs or local PMETs? With the influx of foreigners, with many becoming PRs and classified as locals, ie as good as Singaporeans, a few hundred thousands of PRs are here fully employed to justify the statistics that local PMETs are fully employed. The next devil is the new citizens. How many are new citizens or have become new citizens in the last 10 or 20 years? True blue Singaporeans do not regard them as truly Singaporeans as many of them did not serve NS and are fair weather economic migrants. Period. They are here because the weather is fine and would scoot when things turn bad. They are here because of good jobs that pay well, good currency exchange rates, and easy to get by with fake and funny degrees and resumes.

SDP and Singaporeans should be discussing about the fate of Singaporeans, not new citizens and PRs under this big and blur and ambiguous thing called locals. The statistics should be about Singaporeans, the people that called this island our country, our home, the guys sacrificed their lives and precious years to perform NS and Reservist duties to safeguard this country. The PRs and new citizens, did they. Shit, why am I even talking about PRs that are not even citizens? 

Lets redefine the statistics, talked about true blue Singaporeans, not ambiguous term like 
'locals', then we would get a better feel of the pain and suffering of Singaporeans. The govt is voted into power by Singaporeans to serve the interest of Singaporeans, not 'locals' that are not Singaporeans.

Below is a comment in TRE on the seriousness of so many migrants coming to take over the country.

John Richards:
The liberal immigration policy of the PAP, which includes the large influx of foreign talents through various schemes like the CECA, can be likened to a non violent process of ethnic cleansing. Singaporeans you’re being overrun and your PAP leaders are happily playing the fiddle like Emperor Nero did while Rome was being burnt down.
Are you woke yet?