PAP so blessed with so many clever politicians

It was reported in thenewpaper on 19 Dec that another brilliant PAP Senior Parliamentary Secretary was smart enough to thwart a scam attempt against him. A scammer passing himself as CIMB group chief executive Zafrul Aziz, went through the standard Nigerian scam formula offering million dollar proposal to Amrin Amin without knowing that in the latter's position he would have know Zafrul personally and maybe even good friends. The scammer must have an IQ of 10 to want to pull off this sophisticated scam. And as expected, our brilliant Senior Parliamentary Secretary saw through the ruse and gave a cheeky reply by giving the scammer his email as zafrul_nigerian_s-cam@idiot.com.  This is better than my reply to such scammers offering me multi million dollar proposals to send me a $1,000 to prove that they were real and sincere in their proposals.

Amrin made his conversation public to educate the daft Singaporeans not to fall for such very difficult to detect scams as many have been reported to have lost milllions despite the daily announcement about such scams. Daft Singaporeans are difficult to teach and are renowned to be suffering from the Stupidity Has No Cure disease. Hopefully more clever politicians will step forward to teach the daft Singaporeans on how they are able to tell a scam from the real thing and how to tackle such attempts.

As for Singaporeans that have no money to be scammed, there is nothing to worry about as long as they are not daft enough to go and borrow money to give to the scammer. I think this episode should deserve a front page treatment so that more daft Singaporeans are aware of such silly scams and not to be cheated. But as the old Chinese saying goes, 姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩, ie let the willing or gullible be hooked.

My Christmas wish, all daft Singaporeans would be as smart as our politicians. But this unfortunately cannot be or else every one of them would want to be politicians and want to be paid millions.


Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, so SMART meh?

Even the foolish knew that Nigeria don't play play.

Even you have tele calls with Ni Hou and Parcels from DHL or what's Express don't waste time, straightaway switched off.

Even you received mails of what's free presents of phones just simply deleted.

Asked to send monies for redemption or customs duties, all bullshits.

Even the most gulliable and greedy and foolish will respond to these scams.

Wonder why the DHL and many courier services don't put a stop to these nonsense using their Logo and Company's Names?

One time I responded an email with Fuxck You Dead and that Nigerian Bastard got heat up and gave me another reply with foul words.

Better than this Evil Serpent clever response.


Anonymous said...

All I Wan For Christmas is (Smart) u.
In actual fact , majority of Sinkies are : All I wan For Christmas is monies...heng hong huat ah!

Anonymous said...


No need to wish!

Singaporeans already very very very very very very very very smart!

Not to worry..... the masses will DIE DIE die die die die die die vote for pap one under ANY ALL conditions!

Many many many many many many many many predicted pap 75% with 100% seats. Opposition parties ZERO seat!

Pap is very very very very very very very very confident achieving that.

This is Sg! This is Sg!


Anonymous said...

The 70% Singaporeans who keep voting for the old fart's party ...
Are they also victims of a scam?

Anonymous said...

If you want more money, stop voting for the political party that keeps taking your money away.
So simple.

Anonymous said...

Hey man u r rite, never vote a party tat always suck away ur monies, by vto u r doing ur part lah ho sey boh.

Anonymous said...

They r not so called being scammed, but majority were all conned ( scam & con r different matter, scam can be detected earlier if u bother to check whereas con it takes some times & wits to uncover at much later years).

Anonymous said...


They use 3 C's everytime!

They will first try to convince the masses.

If failed, they will try to confuse the masses.

If again failed, they will con the masses!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Uncle Redbean for this fantastic highlight, this smart MP should be rewarded for bringing his experience to teach Singaporeans the tricks used by devious scammers. Good job we have such kind and intelligent MPs in Singapore. Phew...... if not for this MP's advice I might also be conned. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkies are supposed to be one of the most highly electrocuted beans and yet they can still fall into scams.

The biggest losers are the Ones with so much cash that whether legally or illegally obtained that they lose in the scams of investments by their greed.

Investments scams are the big timers.

So sometimes it's payback for them in their scrooge lives scorning and side lining their poorer beans to be scammed of their undeserving WEALTH.

Karma knocks when you fully unaware of it.

Anonymous said...

"Are they also victims of a scam ?"

No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

When THEY lose money to investment scams;
- it's not THEIR money
- it's taxpayers' money, our money

Anonymous said...

That's why CeePeeFxx always changing goal post , its ConPeopleFun lah.

Anonymous said...

11.25am u be careful lar. I don't want to see u kena sodomized by tuakee leh

Anonymous said...

Haha Pappies themselves are masters of this game. If not how to explain why one of the most educated people of a first world highly digitalised country continue to vote for them election after election to be sucked dry?

Anonymous said...


Majority of younger Sinkies are well on their way to financial security or financial freedom, and living the lifestyle they want.

Especially those in their 20s & 30s & 40s who have benefited most from the BIG pay increases from 2013-2019.

Even with a modest savings of 15% of their take-home pay, they can comfortably retire by 60 to 65. The trend these days is for some to save 50% or more of their take-home pay & retire or semi-retire by 35 or 40.

This constitutes the majority of SG voters .... and is why PAPies will win big in March 2020 GE.

It's only those older generations in their 50s, 60s, 70s etc that are SUAY .... becoz most of their prime working lives especially from 1992-2012 ... the local salaries were very much depressed.

It's only those older people who have higher self-control & greater wisdom that overcome the lower salaries to achieve financial freedom, and not being a burden to their children.

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 146pm

You are very very confident that pap will win big at next GE?

What is your prediction?

70%? 75%? 80%? or >80%?

What say you?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Ancient Wisdom

>> 姜太公钓鱼,愿者上钩, ie let the willing or gullible be hooked. <<

I agree. That's how we learn, either from direct experience or from the mistakes of others. But learning is a choice. Some people just don't make that choice.

What to do? Nothing. Enjoy the free show of "self sabotage"they put on!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 217pm

MUCH BIGGER than Oppo can liao! LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 230pm

You are not alone!

Many many many many many many many many people predicted pap 75% with 100% seats!


Anonymous said...

That PAP MP is so clever to boast that he thwarted a scam. But, 70% clever Sinkies still fell for so many scams for so many decades, like GST scam purporting to help the poor, CPF scams to hold on to citizen's retirement funds longer and longer, HDB scam promoting the mantra that flat prices will keep increasing in value with upgrading etc etc.

Hey, it is not only PAP clever MPs who can thwart scams. 30% not so clever opposition Sinkie voters also saw through so many scams, but unfortunately have to suffer collateral damage caused by the 70%, even though they voted opposition.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What Is The Meaning Of Clever?

A clever person travels the shortest path, employs the least resources and utilizes the least amount of time, to accomplish what he has set out to do.

A clever political party is one that got itself elected and seized the power to rule and stays in power.

A clever politician is one who gets elected and entered the Parliament as a representative of the people, and ensures that he/she stays in the Parliament to represent the people.

A stupid political party is one that pursued for years, working like a circus, going round in circles, but unable to get elected to any position of power at all, nor matter how hard it has tried.

A stupid politician is one who talked a lot for years, getting sued again and again, but is still unable to CON-vince and IN-fluence the voters to give him/her sufficient votes to put him/her in the Parliament to represent them.

So, what is the meaning of "CLEVER"?

Clever means to be able to accomplish what you set out to accomplish in the shortest time, using the least resources along the path of least resistance.

Clever means avoiding obstacles, disasters and distractions at all times.

Clever means exploiting all situations to your advantage, yet never set self-limitations to screw-up oneself.

Self-imposed limitations such as one is not ready or not able to form the government is self-degradation and self-defeating, unless one is contented with playing second fiddle - which also means you lose your credibility voluntarily (thereby, you screw-up yourself in the court of public opinions, in the mind's eyes of your potential voters).

In short, CLEVER means intelligence and wisdom, plus practical fruitful actions to achieve your goals.

Anonymous said...

In summary, kiang teoh hoh mai kay kiang ( or can be clever but don't act clever).

Anonymous said...

Very true.


Anonymous said...

// ..In short, CLEVER means intelligence and wisdom, plus practical fruitful actions to achieve your goals.//

Just another interpretation, clever also means work less and gain bountiful or heng ong huat ah. Juz like the 8yr kid youtuber who earned US20+millions from home (highest paid Youtuber better than any politicians in the world !)

Anonymous said...

Hi 434pm

No need to talk so much lah!

Very very very very simple!

Clever = Max output ÷ Min input!


Anonymous said...

Wow: PSLE Maths question:
Ans: 10millions!

With a very small input u gonna get a lot a lot output! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

It will be 80% lar. If not for the 2% gst increase it will be 90%

Anonymous said...

U say or what

Anonymous said...

"8yr kid youtuber who earned US20+millions from home (highest paid Youtuber better than any politicians in the world !"

The 8 yo earns US$28 million this year, $22 million last year. $20 million was the year before. Though he is the highest earner but is not the best.

The best is a 5 yo who earns US$18 million last year.

But most of the planning, strategy and works have been done by their parents. So these kids do not fall into the definition of CLEVER. It is their parents who are CLEVER.

Anonymous said...

Max Output + Min Input does not equate to Clever.

Max Output can mean Nuclear Holocaust.
Min Input is pressing of the Red Button.
That leads to Total Annihilation of the Human Race.
That is not Wisdom.

Anonymous said...

More examples of Max Output + Min Input does not equate to Clever:

Min Input - one single computer virus, leads to Max Output - your who company's computer system breaks down

Min Input - one single bacteria goes from your food into your tummy, leads to Max Output - watery shits come out of your asshole many times a day.

Min Input of one wrong word to defame somebody in power, leads to Max Output of being sued until pants dropped. Go and as Dr Chee Soon Juan whether it's correct or wrong.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, ultimately is Kiang teo hoh mai kay kiang la ho boh?

Anonymous said...

Not really true leh, there r many kids with parents strategized from behind but couldn't make it leh.
Ultimately, may be the merits of these kids plus some marketing speaking skills to convince potential viewers or buyers.

Anonymous said...

U r rite, everything there is two side of the story.
Clever may not equate to wisdom here.

Anonymous said...

Not say me say wan lah, still there r many primary school kids does not know the answer.

Anonymous said...

Clever does not mean that the person is wise, intelligent yes, wise (maybe not), look at the banning of e scooters after many accidents is it clever or wise or silly?

Anonymous said...

6.20pm anon, u crazy lar if not mad

Anonymous said...

Who is the bigger scammer than the Nigerians?

Anonymous said...

The Papaloongia Island.

Anonymous said...

Believe It Or Not Series - Singapore Tales, Story 1

A sister at his neck, a child at his leg

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A short moment after consultation began, Grandmaster Chew was able to tell what was bothering him. “Your luck has not been smooth sailing and whatever businesses that you have are facing obstacles. You have pains in your neck and also in your left leg when you walk. Despite seeing many doctors, you have not experienced any significant relief. Is that correct?”

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Grandmaster explained, “My heavenly eye revealed that there is a spirit of a teenage girl following behind you, clawing at your neck, as well as a black child tugging at your left leg. Did your mother lose a child before you are born? Also, there is an unborn child around you. It seems like the teenage girl is your sister and the black child is your son.”

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Anonymous said...

Malaysian Anti-Fake News Law, A Draconian Law, Scrapped!

Malaysia has scrapped the Anti-Fake News Act - a law criminalising fake news - on the second attempt after the Senate passed it.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohamed Hanipa Maidin said the repeal was in accordance with the government's commitment to abolish draconian laws and ensure the media has the freedom to "check and balance" the administration.

Across the Causeway, Singapore Ministers have so eagerly and enthusiastically applied the newly passed law called POFMA, without blinking an eyelid.

Singapore's electorate is so powerless that even opposition political parties are afraid to speak up for the people.

So far, out of eleven Oppo parties, only SDP, PPP and PSP have dare to address the issue. However, Netizens are up in pens to complain of the unfairness and wrong application of the dreaded new law POFMA.

The NGOs are also very meek and quiet. Don't know why?

The Singapore's Ambassador to UK has defended her government's stand about POFMA but her arguments still have not deflected the serious concerns of many quarters and did not address the geniune complaints satisfactorily.

Cetis parabus, the new law POFMA is more equal. In fact, it seems to be above the Constitution, extra-constitutional.

How can the voters allow and encourage such draconism to go on and on?

Anonymous said...

"Clever does not mean that the person is wise, intelligent yes, wise (maybe not), look at the banning of e scooters after many accidents is it clever or wise or silly?"

Smart = Intelligence + Cunning.

Clever = Intelligence + Wisdom + Right Actions.

Therefore, the eScooter case falls under neither smart nor clever. It falls under stupidity has no cure (caused by too easy million dollars salary, which can provide too much strong herbal foods, that in turn, caused stupidity or stroke in the brain.).

Anonymous said...

PAP Minister works extra hours to help Singaporean Ivan Chiang


- sarcasm
- POFMA or not ah?

Anonymous said...

Believe It Or Not Series - Singapore Tales, Story 2

PAP Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong sets up a $10 million fund to help elderly cardboard collectors