Greetings from Kuching

Good morning. I have been here since yesterday afternoon.

Kuching is like another Malaysian town, very like JB, people, roads and architecture of buildings. One thing I was told, very few Indians here. Likely the Sri Vijaya Empire reached only Malaya and Singapore and did not go further east. But these few days the town is flooded with Indians, from India, Sri Lankan, West Malaysia and Singapore. The hotels are full of them, including Japanese and mainland Chinese.

We had a casual stroll along the main river bank of Kuching. Looks more like a larger and longer Esplanade of the 1960s/70s but with more people and activities. Several pop bands were performing, pasar malam and food stalls, cafes and the locals passing away their leisure time with families and children.

This morning went to the stadium to take a look and did a bit of warm up. Tomorrow would be busy and unable to post. Would be at the stadium in the morning to prepare for the 100m  at 1pm. If qualified for finals, would run again at 3pm.

Would be here until Sunday. You people enjoy yourself. Hope Southglory would post in my absence.

Oh, Kuching is only 1 and a half hour away. Met a young lady with her little daughter going home to visit the grandmother for the weekend. So near in time and so convenient.



Virgo 49 said...

All the Best Mr RB.

Been to EMayalsia long time ago.

Nice retreat.


Anonymous said...

Best thing about Kuching.

No PAP Ministers or PAP grassroot hypocrites around.

imho said...

everywhere also ah tiong or ah neh.
cos they are 1/3 of the world population.
like it or not.
sure will see them everywhere.