21st AMA Medal tally

A few more events of go before the end of the game. Now 15 Gold, 12 Silver and 14 Bronze. One last gold came from 10km Walk contributed by Uncle Kor, our 87 year old veteran and also a bronze from Yusoff from the same event.  Some pics to celebrate.

87 year old uncle Kor and his gold medal in10km walk
A pic with Indonesia's ex Olympian

One for the girls album, with Hong Kong and Indian girls
Athletes from other countries
The fabulous W40 4x400m ladies gold winner
Showing the Singapore flag

Captain Jason and his gold medal for hurdles

The gold relay teams for men M50 and women W40. Both teams won gold for 4x100m and 4x400m

This is our happy hour corner where we unwind every evening, like our private club. We took the whole floor of suites and this is our privilege to use this room with free food, wine, beer and drinks.
We had a sumptious dinner at this restaurant to end our visit to Kuching. This is only half of the team present. Some had gone back, some enjoying somewhere else.

PS. Would like to post the two exciting videos of the M50 and W40 4x400m relays but unable to do so as they exceeded the time limit of blogspot. Both beat their rivals by a big margin with every runner running at their best.


Anonymous said...

Free food, wine, beer and drinks! Who said "Nothing is for free in this world; even the air we breath is not free!"?

33 medals, an improvement over the last count of 28. Hope more to be added.

Congratulations, well done! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


Hahaha! Obviously you've never done business as a livelihood before. Whatever complimentary services & products have already been factored into the revenue & costs lah.

Including "freebies" lowers the profit margins (%), but if the quantum (amount) of profits is large enough then of course it's justifiable from a business X factor, quality of service, potential repeat customer, word of mouth advertising angle.

Anonymous said...
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