TED Talks - Eric X Li - A tale of two political systems


Above is a talk by Eric X Li on the competition of two alternative political systems, Democracy and Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Erix presented a view that is contrary to the daily barrage of western narrative, bragging about how good and successful democracy is.

It is a short 17 minute video that compares the realities of two contrarian systems and how they performed, not rhetoric. The West have been pushing the democratic model as the model for all mankind and the model to solve human problems and the quality of life. The truth of practising democratic countries is far from it. Democratic system is not producing the results it claimed to be and in fact on a steep decline with failures everywhere, including the USA and European countries.

Listen with an open mind and judge for yourself based on realities and not beliefs and should be, could be, must be, or cannot be.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


@ dumb democrats

Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others....as Winston Churchill advises.

Everyone who has a few bucks to their name is wise to be skeptical of democracy---the ability of LOSERS to vote their grubby greedy hands into your wallet, and legally STEAL your stuff.

Democracy is also by the people, for the people. But the average "people" are mediocre shitheads who cannot get ahead wth their shallow and insignificant lives without raiding and pillaging the wealth of the "producers" in society. So there you have it: Mediocre people getting the fucked-up govt they deserve!

Which is why a BENIGN DICTATORSHIP like we have in Singapore (a "guided democracy", nudge-nudge-wink-wink) shits on every other cuntry....or as some of my bros in finance put it: "Singapore is THE BEST run COMMUNIST cuntry, bar none!"

On Democracy:

“You’re talking about Rwanda or Bangladesh, or Cambodia, or the Philippines. They’ve got democracy ... But have you got a civilized life to lead? People want economic development first and foremost. The leaders may talk something else. You take a poll of any people. What is it they want? The right to write an editorial as you like? They want homes, medicine, jobs, schools.”
— Lee Kuan Yew, The Man and His Ideas, 1997

aka "fuck democracy, we'll do it MY WAY!" 💊ðŸ’ēðŸ’ēðŸ’ēðŸĪŸ

On social engineering:

“I am often accused of interfering in the private lives of citizens. Yes, if I did not, had I not done that, we wouldn’t be here today. And I say without the slightest remorse, that we wouldn’t be here, we would not have made economic progress, if we had not intervened on very personal matters – who your neighbor is, how you live, the noise you make, how you spit, or what language you use. We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think.” — Lee Kuan Yew speaking to Straits Times newspaper, 1987

aka "Fuck you and your 'wishes'. I will tell you how to live...what you can do and what you can't. I own your ass!" ðŸĪŸðŸĪ“👍👍

The New Paradigms (no one fucking knows!)

Software is eating the world. Everything is being DISRUPTED...i.e. if you're not just slightly into tech, as a user, a learner and AN INVESTOR, you're going to be so FUCKED that eventually you and your irrelevant skills and world view will follow you to EXTINCTION like the dinosaur you are. ⚰️☠️ðŸĪŠ

The Future Is Faster Than You Think: How Converging Technologies Are Transforming Business, Industries, and Our Lives Recommended new book by Peter Diamandis (X Prize guy) and Steve Kotler (neuroscientist & writer)

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Tech is going to lead even more. Tech companies are going to make SO MUCH MONEY, but also because of the speed and cut-throat competition, there will be EPIC FAILURE as well.

Tech is going to SEVERELY DISRUPT POLITICS until present stuck-in-the-past-thinking governments and the shitheads who are voted in by MEDIOCRE/ LOSER voters are going to pengsan and are essentially ill-prepared for the eventual shit-hitting-the-fan disruption. Huge dislocations and shifts in society will occur, and most people will not like it, but the Geeks will definitely RULE and inherit The Earth.

There are societies which are socially engineered, magnificently tech-savvy, have lots of cash, up to the minute with "nation building" and massive infrastructure projects (cos they're RICH and can afford to INVEST in the future). 2 such societies come immediately to mind: China, and Singapore.

You better thank your lucky stars you live in the more kick-arse one of the two mentioned above. china might be bigger than Singapore, but as a Singaporean I can take advantage of the small size, fantastic business environment and the fact that it is SO DARN EASY to get things done. Plus if you make money Singapore has lower tax than China. ðŸ’ēðŸ’ē💊👍

Many more years of Majullah....but if the losers take over...MATILAH in a very short time!

Anonymous said...

But silly Singapore leeders are turning Singapore into India. India is our role model.
So Matilah Singapura, who do you think Singapore would be like in another 10 or 20 or 30 years?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 947@ 947

OK, let's parse the FACTS.

The only people who are against CECA are motivated by their own lack of ability to COMPETE with "better, stronger, faster, cheaper".

In other words, what they thought was their safe little world got subjected to the rude and brutal shock of DISRUPTION.

The market, economic and financial figure would suggest that having an open-border talent, labour and capital policy has BENEFITTED the commonwealth of Singapore and Singaporeans.

Using the *negative emotions* of people are a POOR METRIC in seeking the FACTUAL CONSEQUENCES of any policy/ path of action.

Progress moves everything forward. Just because someone cannot KEEP UP doesn't mean that progress itself is the problem. The problem lies solely with those who refuse to accept personal responsibility and PAY ATTENTION to the changes in the landscape, and adjust themselves accordingly.

The nature of disruption (ala "Creative Destruction" ala Schumpeter) is that now it occurs VERY RAPIDLY. So everyone needs to be quick on their feet, and have enough "reserves" so that they can negotiate the rapid changes more effectively.

Disruption has afforded a more FLAT playing field where barriers to entry have been severely diminished. Anyone with tech savvy can start their enterprise with a smart phone and a computer. Very soon, you won't even need a computer---you can make your millions with just your phone (aided by AI, Cloud computing etc etc...which is all on your phone)

So what will singapore be in the future:

If all goes well...like we are now...it will ROCK HARDER and be MORE AWESOME than it is now.

Of course there are threats and "Black Swans" which no doubt occur...but if we keep going, we'll ROCK THE FUCKING PLANET! 😂ðŸĪŸ

Anonymous said...


RB glad you're back from Kuching safe and sound. The last time I was in West Malaysia in the 80's. Took my dad to visit the place Jessulton (Kota Kinabura)we stayed during WW2 when the fucking Japanese occupied all SE Asian.

Yes excellent vid and TED a very creditable platform. Came across Eric X Li earlier and everyone should watch it.

Between "two alternative political systems, Democracy and Socialism with Chinese characteristics". I'll pick Socialism with Chinese characteristics.


Anonymous said...

Democracy is Dictatorship,
Dictatorship is Democracy

Everywhere there is Democracy.
Everywhere there is Dictatorship.

Within Democracy, there is Dictatorship.
Within Dictatorship, there is Democracy.

Therefore, Democracy is also Dictatorship, and Dictatorship is also Democracy.

USA is not a democratic country at all, because it has been and still is being ruled by a Dictatorship, called the Deep State. Whichever political party - Demorats or Reptilicans - got elected to form the government, it is still tightly controlled by the Deep State, through the President. And the US President is known as THE Commander-in-Chief.

This designation alone clearly tells the whole world loudly that the US of A is a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP!

All the Bullshits the US of A has been and still trying to spread about Democracy, Freedom, Human Rights and Civil Liberties are pure propaganda to con the young and innocent. Nothing else.

Irrespective of whatever system of government adopted, the basic requirements must be met. These basic and fundamental requirements for the benefits of the People, not rulers, are:

1. Development.
2. Progress.
3. Security.
4. Happiness.

No matter how much a country can achieve in GDP or how much ministers and Civil Servants are paid, the bottom line is that the people must develope their education and skills, progress in their financial independence and and time freedom, feeling safe and secure, and mostly happy most of the time.

If any government failed to provide those four fundamental necessities, then it has failed its people and country. So, how best the system may seem to be, it is totally a waste of time.

Anonymous said...


Yesterday Came across this chap Bill Brown (American) 31-yrs in China in the 80s before Xi Jinping become President of China. After watching both sections, I'm convinced given the choices, today I'll pick "Socialism with Chinese characteristics". BTW in the early 90's I sponsored the Vice Mayor one of the four largest cities in China to Singapore. The Mayor didn't wanna formal process and I kept a copy of his passport.

Promise worth the time below vids. It's about Xi Jinping and his (Prof Bill Brown) stayed in Xiamen China for 31 years. He mentioned Xin Jinping honesty uncorrupted low ranking official in Xiamen.

Two parts GCTN:

Full Frame: China's Transformation, Interview with Prof. Bill Brown (part 1)
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hQoDE0PqEs

Full Frame: China's Transformation, Interview with Prof. Bill Brown (part 2)
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_yHJBtmLBU


Anonymous said...

The then wise old man of Sinkieland once told the Westerners Americuns tat their demoncratic system is non Universal & China system of dynastic governance has never changed before. He concluded that there is not yet an Universal system of Government to govern a nation in this whole planet, perhaps the most suited form of governance is Realistic Pragmatism come with some consultative socialist approaches might be suitable for human beans & probably the world united & be governed by a UN, by then it would take years for many countries to tear down their borders & humans be no war & passing thru each country seamlessly。

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


The fundamental point everyone is missing, including Eric Li is that

Politics is DOWNSTREAM from CULTURE. i.e. whatever political system you end up with depends on one factor: your cuntry's culture.

Socialism with chinese Characteristics, in the wording of the phrase, takes into account the "Chinese-ness" (aka "cultural adjustments") made with a broader socialist framework.

We can reasonably conclude that such a system will ONLY WORK in China, because of the culture.

Similarly our "benign dictatorship" will only work in Singapore.

So it is not a case of whether such systems are "better" or "worse" than western democracies (which themselves have variations according to each cuntry's culture...for e.g.in the USA there is free speech and guns, but in the UK and Australia there are no guns and and free speech is clearly BOUNDED by laws), but rather what systems "work" when implemented in that society.

Western democracy is messy and always failing. But people living in western democracies for the most part have PRETTY SWEET LIVES, even though their political systems are fucked. Life in 1st world democracies is still "the best" anyone can hope for in the PRESENT (forget about the future: we live right here in the present).

These are the point missed by Eric Li who of course is trying to sell the world that the Chinese system is "better".

It is "better" for China, no question. But for the rest of the world, it clearly won't work because it goes against the CULTURES of western democracies.

Similarly, the west should shut the fuck up when it comes to telling China what system to adopt, or Singapore for that matter. Our systems work...FOR US, which at the end of the day is what COUNTS the most.

Anonymous said...


Both systems FUCKED UP .... for large numbers of people in them. But also FUCKING GOOD --- also for large groups of people in them.

Actually this applies to ALL FUCKING SYSTEMS devised by humans.

The more important question is --- are YOU part of the FUCKED UP .... or are YOU part of the FUCKING GOOD?!?!?!

Different strokes for different folks.

You are also not a plant or a tree. If the system you're born into doesn't suit you ... and if you cannot change it .... THEN JUST FUCK OFF TO ANOTHER PLACE THAT HAS A SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR YOU!!!!!

Simply KPKB-ing just makes you a PATHETIC PARASITE --- cannot thrive without killing your host, but unable to move or survive to leave your current host for a better host.


Anonymous said...

Democracy in Singapore.

Is it democracy with PAP characteristics
Is it democracy with Indian characteristics?

Anonymous said...

PAP = Indian

PAP = People's Ah-Neh Party

jjgg said...

Oi braggart..only you can tcss is it.. go start your own blog n crow all u want.. in the meantime exercise some consideration for all who has similar rights to this space as u

Anonymous said...

Democracy Is In Crisis - Part 1

The dictatorial approach of the present US President is loud and clear for the US citizens and world audience to see. Under the thinly veiled White Supremacist German Descendant Donald John Trump, a silently self-declared Emperor of the American Empire, Democracy and Democratic proceedings and procedures are too slow and cumbersome, a white wash and a waste of time and patience.

Trump has fired the US Attorney General, FBI Director, CIA Chief, HSA Chief, Director NSA, Chairman of Federal Reserve, Secretary of State, Chief of Armed Forces, Chief of US Strategic and Nuclear Forces, and almost every key and important top appointments in the US Government, Intelligence, Security and Military Organizations.

He did all that in order to protect himself from investigations. He even tried to prosecute the axed-FBI Director and his defeated political opponents. He described the media as the “Enemy of the People!” and trafficked in blatant racism and xenophobia. He misused military troops the US diplomatic corp for political ends. He has no qualms in spreading fraudulent theories about voter fraud to undermine his political foes, and he lied with impunity and abundance.

In addition, the US under Trump, has undemocratically imposed economic, trade, technology, science, medical and financial sanctions on many countries unilaterally. It also launch led a trade war with China and other countries. It arbitrarily and unlawfully arrest and detained (kidnapped is the right word) foreign nationals through CIA covert operations and allied countries such as Canada, Australia and UK. Through its hideously effective evil CIA operations, it conducts assassinations, murders, kidnapping and regime change in various countries and topple their governments in order to errect pro-US puppet governments in those countries. Through its sheer military might, it coerced and intimidated many small countries to allow its more than 1000 military bases to be located in their land around the world.

So, how can the US be your champion for Democracy? Democracy is almost non-existent or already under siege in the US!

But not just in the United States, Democracy is actually in a worldwide crisis because it is untenable.

Democracy has already been destroyed in Turkey, Egypt, Venezuela, Thailand and Russia, and it is now being undermined in Poland, Hungary and the Philippines.

Chancellor Angela Merkel, the bulwark of the West, is on her way out in Germany. Emmanuel Macron, France’s centrist president, is battling record-low approval ratings. And in Britain, even after Boris Johnson took over from Theresa May, the ruling Conservative party is tearing itself apart over Brexit, making more likely an election that could bring to power a Labour Party led by an anti-Semitic neo-Marxist leader.

What is going on? How did we go from hopes of an “end of history” in the 1990s to fears of an “end of democracy” today? Impracticality.

Anonymous said...

Democracy Is In Crisis - Part 2

What is going on? How did we go from hopes of an “end of history” in the 1990s to fears of an “end of democracy” today?

The impracticality of Democracy has brought about two intersecting crises: an economic crisis and a refugees crisis.

The economic crisis is brought about by the Information Revolution, which, like the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, is transforming society beyond any recognition. The Industrial Revolution created immense fortunes for the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Carnegies, Goulds and other “robber barons” but also great misery for millions of ordinary people who had to leave the countryside to live in grimy cities and work in back-breaking low-pay factories. The result was what Benjamin Disraeli described as “two nations” — the “rich and the poor” — “between whom there is no intercourse and no sympathy; who are as ignorant of each other’s habits, thoughts, and feelings, as if they were dwellers in different zones, or inhabitants of different planets.” The arrogant rich despise the pathetic poor. The cowardly poor hate the rich. The twine shall never meet.

The growing inequality and social dislocation of the Industrial Era gave rise to radical new ideologies such as Marxism, Fascism and Anarchism at the very time that new technologies — principally printing presses that made it possible to produce cheap newspapers and magazines, followed by radio and movies — gave radical ideologues access to a mass audience for the first time. As T.E. Lawrence said: “The printing press is the greatest weapon in the armory of the modern commander.”

The Information Revolution is just as destabilizing. It is creating vast fortunes for the Gateses, Bezoses, Jobses and Zuckerbergs while impoverishing billions of blue-collar workers and those less endowed. Economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman found that wealth inequality, after falling from 1929 to 1978, has been rising ever since “almost entirely due to the rise of the top 0.1% wealth share, from 7% in 1979 to 27% in 2018 — a level higher than that in 1929.”

Meanwhile, the US has lost more than 6 million factory jobs since 2000, and the manual labor that remains is generally lower-paying and less secure than in the past.

These trends are driven mainly by automation and artificial intelligence. It is easy to put the blame on supposedly greedy elites such as international bankers, trade partners that are supposedly ripping everybody off, and immigrants who are supposedly stealing jobs and creating crimes. Conveniently enough, the nostrums pushed by autocratic populists exacerbate the very problems they claim to be addressing, deepening the crisis that gives them the excuse to rule.

Anonymous said...

Being a braggart is better than being a whiner!


Winners TCSS.

Losers KPKB.


Anonymous said...

Democracy Is In Crisis - Part 3

In the US, Trump-supporting counties have done worse under Trump than counties where the majority voted for Hillary Clinton. At the same time, globally, the US-supporting countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and India, are doing worse than the non-US-Supporting countries.

Xenophobia is an easy sell at the moment because we are in the midst of the largest refugee crisis in history. According to the United Nations, the number of displaced people in the world has grown from 33.9 million in 1997 to 85.6 million in 2019. This mass migration has been sparked by conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Sudan, Libya, Ukraine and other countries — and by crime and poverty in countries such as Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Europe saw an influx of almost 1.5 million migrants in 2015-2018. This migration created the conditions for the passage of Brexit and led to a wave of illiberalism across the continent, even in countries such as Hungary and Poland world aren’t seeing any influx of newcomers.

Just as the technological advances of the Industrial Revolution made it easy for Karl Marx to propagate his “Communist Manifesto,” so the Information Revolution has given these populists the perfect medium for getting their message out. The rise of social media and cable television allows them to spread propaganda free of mainstream media fact-checking, which they cynically denigrate as “fake news.”

History suggests that economic upheavals such as the Industrial and Information revolutions eventually play themselves out and leave the entire world better off. Refugee crises also abate sooner or later. But a lot can happen in the meantime.

The crisis of the Old World Order in Europe produced nearly 80 years of often bloody conflict between democracy and its foes from 1914 to 1991. The present crises are going to bring down whatever semblance of democracy that is left in the "free" world. (If you believe there is such a thing as "free" world.)

Yet young Hongkongers have been brain-washed by the US and UK to stage deadly protests for six months in a row, to demand for Democracy and Freedom from China. What a joke!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If what you say is true, it is not boasting. It is stating FACT

Another one from my childhood hero (still my hero), the chap cheng banana:

Bruce Lee

Anonymous said...

Matilar please do not smear Bruce lee unless u wanted to be sodomized


Anonymous said...

Born-idiots' brains are so smaller, even smaller than a pea, is limited to only two concepts: Winner and Loser.

They can only talk cock and sing along.

They don't have the capability to comprehend wider and deeper scopes of thoughts.

Please excuse them and respect their rights to sing along.


Anonymous said...

MOE (Ministry of Experiments) screwed up again! This time for shifting responsibility. Instead of taking responsibility, it shaked off its sole responsibility to blame the schools that come under the sole command and control of MOE.

The secondary schools principals are given the LEEway to select text books under certain guidelines given by MOE, rightly they still have to be counter-checked and approved by MOE before such school-selected books are released to the innocent and powerless students (under 17 years old), is it not so?

Aa it happened, last year, a Social Studies textbook "Complete Guide to GCE O-Level Social Studies Volume 1", which defined SES as a factor "that shapes a person's identity", was criticised for its description of people of "Lower Socio-Economic Status. MOE was quick to shirk its responsibility by point out that the book was selected by the school and not in the MOE's list.

Last Saturday, a Facebook group called 'Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family' criticised the book, "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time", which contains several swear words and vulgarities.

The group said that the book uses "foul and blasphemous language", and claimed it "breaks Singapore's racial and religious harmony laws".

It added: “Do parents need to inspect every single (school's) material and sit inside every classroom to ensure our children are free from unacceptable immoral indoctrination and corruption?”

In 2015, the book made headlines after it was withdrawn from a Florida school's summer reading list following complaints from United State's parents about swearing.

Yet, four years later MOE can approve the teacher's selection of this book? And now trying to cover its own ass, as usual?

Better to rename MOE to MOU (Ministry of Uneducated).

Anonymous said...

Comparing China with Singapore ?
The Latter probably cannot last longer than 40 Year from now.
It could end earlier

Anonymous said...

Stop cursing my country and focus your energy making more money.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Western democracy is messy and always failing. But people living in western democracies for the most part have PRETTY SWEET LIVES, even though their political systems are fucked. Life in 1st world democracies is still "the best" anyone can hope for in the PRESENT (forget about the future: we live right here in the present).

This statement by Matilah is conventional thinking, the same as thinking that the Hongkongers are really smart and pragmatic. The wealth and success of Hong Kong are mainly due to political developments with the West closing down on China, with Hong Kong acting as nothing but a conduit for trade to flow, a middle man. Middleman does not need any special academic discipline to survive.

The wealth and good life of the West is not due to democracy but colonialism and imperialism, the robbing and looting and control and oppression of the colonies. The wealth they looted and carted back to Europe, the taking over of a continent in North America, in Australia and NZ for free, were the foundation that they built on. It is their first pot of gold and they flourished. Without this pot of gold, they were pirates, bandits and warring mobs.

So the flaunting of the democracy flag, of human rights, freedom and liberty were all hogwash. They thrived and became rich because they were against democracy, freedom, liberty and human rights. What they preached is not what they believed or what they do, even today in the Middle East, in Africa and Latin America and many parts of Asia. Freedom and democracy are for themselves, not the people they oppressed, their victims. Killing them is call war collaterals.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

One day I might meet up with you and slap your face so hard you'll actually thank me for waking you up.

WHERE THE FUCK did I ever say that democracy is the reason the west is rich and successful?

You are a real cunt, man, purposely misrepresenting my point of view.

Yes, agreed..imperialism, institutionalised racism, colonialism gave the now democratic western states a BRILLIANT HEAD START. The yellow and brown skins were doing the same, but confined these activities to their own kind.

The Mat Salehs simply "did it better" cos they not only subjugated their own "lower-classes", but went GLOBAL and began CONQUERING other nations and their peoples. This is how to make money, and they sure as shit made A LOT of money!

Just to be clear: I am no "fan" of democracy. Having lived in an over-taxed welfare state for 2/3rd of my life, I can tell you...democracy means the LOSERS get a "free ride" from the legalised theft of private property of those who "own their own stuff".

The ONLY type of democracy which has a hope of being successful (and it is), is MARKET DEMOCRACY where people vote with their MONEY for stuff they voluntarily CHOOSE, and ignore the stuff they think as "shit".

ONE DOLLAR, ONE VOTE. One billion dollars, one billion votes It doesn't get more just or fair than that. You can only vote with what you are able to PRODUCE. 👍👍

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, whatever the West promotes, it is only for their benefits. When they cannot compete, they would turn against it. Borderless world, free movement of people, up to a point before they blocked them. The high cost of living would make the West uncompetitive against the rest of the world. Look at what they are doing to China and Huawei.

Today the catchphrase is disruption as if it is a blessing to save the world. Disruption is only good for those who can benefit from it. Many will fall behind, become the fallen. Think carefully before you crow blindly about disruptive technologies. Humans don't need to live under the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest.

Of course the disruptive technology would revolutionise the whole world and lift everything to the next level. Inefficiency and outdated tech would be pushed aside. But it cannot be a wild wild west kind of thing, and allowing Singaporeans to be pushed out of Singapore.

This stupid thinking that you are no good, go somewhere else is the thinking of fools, shortsighted, irresponsible and selfish, arrogance and thinking that they are really good. When you have to compete against 6b people in the world, you have no chance to survive.

Get that into your thick skull.

imho said...

Any system is still a con.
To con the sheep to vote or support them.
After getting into power, do as being told by deep state.
All over the world, the top 10pct screwing the 90pct.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

JC, yes, saw the documentary on Prof Brown. He is one of the rare specimen from the West that would take the trouble to live in a society to know what life is, the real stuff.

Unfortunately, many, the majority of the westerners, are racists, anti Chinese, anti coloured people. Their actions are all based on their racist and superiority concept, that they are here to rule the world, to rule over the coloured people.

Superficially they acted very nice, and on a personal basis, when they got to know you, they can be genuinely nice, individually. As a mob, they are what they are, an exceptional race, they think, no equals.

Anonymous said...

so long as he stays above others with his cleverness,
he treats all others as inferior and shit.
Soon, as he gets older, he may become wiser and it shall never be too late for him to realise his smugness.
At least, he shall have time to regret and die in remorse.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, he needs to be slapped to wake him up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 2 fuckers talking big

Come at me bro!

At least I dun twist people's words and misrepresent their position.

>> At least, he shall have time to regret and die in remorse. <<
Nah, that will never happen. I'm an amoral, pragmatic person. Dying is not a choice. Allowing yourself to feel like a spineless pussy is. ðŸĪĄðŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

You maybe incapable of sympathy and empathy. However,
You cannot be without feeling since You are born sentient.
lt is as good as a guarantee that You shall soon be wiser as You age further.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

At this age he is talking thru his nose, aloof and adopting a you die your business attitude cause you can't make it, a loser, you think he will ever be wise?

Anonymous said...

He only needs to realize his smugness was not wise.
Not that he becomes wise like a man with great wisdom.
Do wish he and his likes age gracefully though. Not like Li Cunt Shing and Li Con You.

Anonymous said...


"Both systems FUCKED UP" Yes agree!
But, my opinion I'll rather take "Socialism with Chinese characteristics"