Our extremely expensive primary school education

'Defending the practice of withholding original results slips due to fee arrears as one that is “long-standing”, MOE responded the next day and said that the student can still progress to secondary school using the photocopy of the results slip.
Asserting that the issue was “not about recovering the money,” MOE explained that the funding for each primary school student amounts to about S$12,000 each year and that students are expected to co-pay S$13 of miscellaneous fees every month.'

The above comments were posted in theindependent.sg in an article about the withholding of PSLE result slip from a 12 year old girl because her parents owe the MOE $156 in school fees. For the moment just ignore the plight of the poor little innocent victim, a result of either poor or irresponsible parents. I had a discussion with a teacher and his response was that it did not affect the little girl at all. This is a typical unthinking civil servant's reaction when their policies and actions are being challenged. Really, the little girl is so innocent and naive, gong gong, did not know what happened and would not be affected. OK, put this aside as well.

Just look at the quoted cost of educating a primary school kid, $12,000 a year or $1,000 a month. In a class of 40, the cost would be $40,000 a month! Holy Ghost, is this true? The cost of educating 40 students is $480,000 a year.

This is how expensive the Singapore primary education is. I would not bother to dispute or find out in details how this number is derived, true or fake, it really does not matter. What matters is that it is so expensive. And many of these expensively educated children will end up as food delivery boys and girls, taxi or Grab drivers or doing part time jobs, not good enough to be employed full time. And they need to be replaced by fakes or cheats from half past six education systems of third world countries.

Why waste so much money producing duds and useless graduates? If one would to include the cost of secondary education, colleges and universities, the amount to educate one Singaporean student is phenomenon. Probably the highest in the world.

I thought after paying so much for their education, they should be useful and be put to good use, not as food delivery boys and girls. Or at least they should be able to recover the cost of their education. But to end up as delivery boys and girls or worse, how could one justify such a huge investment to educate a child in Singapore? How much does it cost to educate a fake or cheat from third world half baked education system?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Hi uncle RB good morning

Please check again the figures in your post.

Anyway as I had said many many times before SG is a.....No Money No Talk and You Die Your Business society!

Sg is like that liao!


Anonymous said...

Wat does tis prove bout Sinkieland education system? It shows the an overly expensive failed education system to the world. Look at China , definitely it doesn't require so much monies but their students right now top the PISA score in the world. There r many reasons for an overly expensive edu system in this little red dot. Also, the edu sys once u graduated it become obsolete as many with experience from other outside world come in to grab locals jobs as most males will go to NS, ladies will go to work & gain some experience but some r replaced once they r pregnant. So in Sinkieland its that "wats wrong with collecting more monies?" motto applies since the old man times, some say boh bian lio it's like dat la.

Anonymous said...

Cast a photo copy vote.

Anonymous said...

People may mistake result of exam

As fake!!(without original cert.)

Mind blogging of all ministries!education.

Anonymous said...

Singapore already has gone this far

,but sadly ,off course.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Anon 8:47am. Got my figures wrong. Corrected. Apologies.

Anonymous said...

The morale of all this is,is good to

Teach the younger generation not to

Give real result to non deliveries promises.(eg.people vote for a caring gov.)

imho said...

Gov is full of heartless civil serpents.
So what if they are highly paid and educated.
Without the heart, its just a zombie.
Its a zombie state.
Thats why the world must have wealth tax.
To make the rich entitled class learn how to share.
To prevent them from becoming a zombie.

Anonymous said...

Cheap education means poor quality students. The more expensive the education the better the quality of education.

Cheap is no good, expensive is good.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If the parents are at fault, go after the parents. Why go after an innocent little child?

Spare the child from the shame and stigma of having poor or irresponsible parents.

The child needs protection and tender loving care. Remember Benjamin Lim?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget additional cost to parents when tuition is needed.

Our extremely expensive education needs private tuition or else cannot work or not good enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi uncle rb948am

You are 1o8% correct!

Go after the parents! Not the innocent little child!

There is still LOVE ❤️❤️❤️ in this world!


Anonymous said...

Be Kind To Others, always!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

The cost per student in Australia is >$15k per year.

So, IMO, Singapore is doing well in that area (of course lah. PAP damn good with budgeting money. You may not like them, but as far as govts go, they are GREAT with the money)

What's more, Australian public school system is TOTALLY FUCKED...having rapidly declined over the years.

Whereas Singapore school system produces some of THE BRIGHTEST most DILIGENT kids in the world....for LESS money!

KNN, govt is saving money leh. Complain for what lah?

In Singapore, the kids are getting SMARTER, but the PARENTS are remaining STUPID. Therefore why not spend some public money getting the parents to be "not so stupid"....oh, maybe because the govt believes "stupidity has no cure!" 😂🤪

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ cheapskate "gimme free lah" chow kah-type of Singaporean:

USA Education cost per students

See lah, Singapore still very good VALUE. USA public schools...full of drugs, guns and disrespectful little fuck-stains who'll grow up and put the cuntry in greater debt and stay fat and dumb most of their lives, as the USA continues its slow decline into the sewer of history.

at least in Singapore, our kids have a GREAT FUTURE ahead of them...unless they follow the bad ideas of the "old fucks".

Anonymous said...

In spite of that hefty cost, the system tells you that teaching less results in learning more. How does that come about? Then I realise that they want parents to do some of the teacher's work at home, plus parents need to fork out extra money for private tuition, which is nothing cheap to speak of.

From the comments of some teachers, I also realise that teachers are also complaining of their heavy workload outside of the classroom. Most of the time it has been meeting, meeting and more meetings. That seems also to be the norm in other jobs as well. Even table and toilet cleaners have weekly meetings.

Lower level civil servants have to go for constant retraining, with some telling me they just attend for attendance sake, to get away from the job, just to doze off during such courses. Some tell me it is an exercise in futility. You see the logic of thinking out of the system nowadays?

Anonymous said...

The whole system has been geared towards the total submission of the majority to the reign and rule of PAP's Paper Generals and Parachute-Jumper Get-Rich-Quick Instant Millionaire Elites.

Actually, $12,000 a year per student does not include text books, school uniforms, school bags, shoes, daily transport fares, daily pocket money, medical and dental expenses and tuition fees.

The Elites' children are white horses. Most of them get scholarships, grants or awards. Their millionaire parents can afford to pay for their education, yet their children grabbed the scholarships and deprived the less endowed of the opportunities.

They turned the aim of providing scholarships for the poor to for the rich and powerful.

(Lee Hsien Loong himself got two scholarships - the President Scholarship and the SAF Top Overseas Scholarship.)

On top of that compare how much the PAP government spends on a foreigner to study in Singapore free of charge, on Singapore Scholarships using Singapore Taxpayers' money.

One foreign student is given the free lodging, daily pocket money, free school fees, free tuition and mentoring, transportation allowance, free medical and insurance, free air tickets both ways. They study from secondary three to Pre-University, and thereafter, if they achieved good results at A-level, they are again given scholarships.

Each foreigners' child on free-loading study in Singapore easily costs Singapre Taxpayers more than $25,000 to $30,000 per year.

That means, for every free-loader, using Singapore Taxpayers' money, PAP government can easily provide free education for two Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Comparisons of education cost in different countries, like all other things, is all the result of supply and demand factors. When demand drops, education cost will also fall. Some private universities in US and UK are feeling the pinch of the drop in Chinese student enrolments, with some even closing shop.

Similarly, you cannot compare housing cost between, say Malaysia and Singapore. Houses are so relatively cheaper in Malaysia, but in Singapore it is nothing but cheap. But Singapore's housing cost cannot be compared to Japan or Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

Rb that is closed to half a billion a year just for primary and if assuming secondary is double then one billion for secondary or 1.5 billion for 12 years education a year or 18 billion for 12 years to train delivery or taxi drivers

Anonymous said...

lf a minister or shall l say a monster costs multi-million Sin Dollars just to fart through his or her mouth. And a metal bench from a bis stop that sells probably around $5(five) as scrap, costs $5k(five thousands) to construct, do we have choice not to believe in anything the Sin Rulers say? Not to forget the Assurance of lntegrity of Sin Cabinet Members, from DPM Heng Swee Keat.
l got the lmpression that maybe the Value of the Sin Dollar has turned banana, not worth much nowadays. Due to its low value, all things in Sin shall be inflated and claim to cost much more than normal. The People have no choice, but force to accept whatever.
do not doubt the High Costs of Things in Sin.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1210pm

...but you also know..the masses continue to die die die die die die die die vote for pap.......wWh??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What's more, Australian public school system is TOTALLY FUCKED...having rapidly declined over the years.

Whereas Singapore school system produces some of THE BRIGHTEST most DILIGENT kids in the world....for LESS money!

Matilah, how come our students are the brightest and most diligent but you need so many foreigners here to take over most of the top jobs and our brightest and most diligent become daft and lazy?

Virgo 49 said...

Singapore Kids gonna be the NEW NEW POOR or beaggars vargants of the Future.

With their prime lives doing free lance, part time, ad.hoc and free time or no time jobs.

The blind and imbecile present group of leaders won't be breathing to see them in these dire straits.

Many Singaporeans parents still think that their children have bright future with their arrogant only asset of speaking better Eng Kok and nothing else.

Today's Unmarried sinkes are the only wise ones with no heart's paining sights to see their children as such.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

You can make up any answer to that question lah. Reasons don't matter. The fact that it is happening does. And the fact that it is beneficial also means that it's the right call!

Anyhow...on a different subject:

see how overly sensitive China people are? Aiyoh, please lah, the world is not "against you"... lighten the fuck up, China 🤓


imho said...

High score so what?
Are the kids happy? Not at all.
Everyday tuition tuition until siao.
In the end, CEOs are still angmos or ahnehs.

Anonymous said...

@imho 117pm

At least better than low score!

At least not unhappy!

At least got money to tution!

At least can be Dy CEO!

No choice! Sg is like that. Everyone Sama Sama!

Please remember that 69.9% voted for it!


Anonymous said...

Good point. MOE better come up with the details of that $12,000. Otherwise, we assume $10,000 goes to MOE big-shots and $2,000 goes to real teachers. This is still $80,000 a year, can pay for a few teachers for each class of 40.

Anonymous said...

What If Whole Singapore Is On Fire?

This morning, at 6 am, the Singapore Civil Defence Force has alerted to a fire at Tuas Crescent.

It took about 130 Fire-fighters and 34 Emergency Vehicles to put out the fire after 6 hours.

The blazing fire started at a building with industrial waste - such as recycled oil and solvents - and the flames spread along nearby drains. The area affected was about the size of one football field, according to SCDF.

"During the firefighting operations, there were multiple explosions from metal drums storing flammable industrial liquids," SCDF said.

Unifine Star Petrochemical, a toxic industrial waste collector, is the company located at that building.

so much efforts and resources are required to put out one single fire in one single building! How much more efforts and resources will be required in a war where Singapore is bombarded with all sorts of bombs from the air and from long-range ground artillery weapons and missiles?

What about the idea floating around, as test balloons, to build a NUCLEAR Power plant in Singapore? (An indication of the suicidal tendency of some cancerous cells working very hard in someone's brain?)

Anonymous said...

Australia - Endlessly Burnt By Bush Fires For Murdering The Bushmen?

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Ferry services were halted, fire alarms triggered and Sydney's famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House disappeared from view in a thick, smoky haze this week.

These were the effects of winds that merged a number of bushfires into a single gigantic blaze north of Australia's largest city.

The bushfires grew to become one huge mega fire, burning over 3,000 square km (1,158 square miles) of land.

(Click https://tmsnrt.rs/2RGeK9S to see an interactive graphic)

This dwarfs California's largest blaze on record. In total, active fires in New South Wales state have burned over 20,000 square km (7,722 square miles) this year.

Smoke and flying ash have covered Sydney for most of the past week, turning the daytime sky orange, obscuring visibility and prompting commuters to wear breathing masks.

Firefighters believe it will take weeks to subdue the inferno, while air quality index readings in some parts of Sydney on Tuesday were 11 times the threshold considered hazardous.

At least four people have died and more than 680 homes have been destroyed across eastern Australia in these wildfires since the start of November, earlier than the usual start of the summer bushfire season.

Bushfires are common in Australia during the Southern Hemisphere summer, which begins in December, but a three-year drought exacerbated by a warming climate has left much of the continent tinder-dry, laying the ground for the premature onset.

Authorities have also blamed strong winds and suspected arson for the catastrophic damage.

The arid conditions are also hurting the agricultural sector, one of Australia's main economic drivers, and have sparked widespread protests calling for the government to take stronger action on climate policies.

(Reporting by Jonathan Barrett, Simon Scarr and Colin Packham; Editing by Karishma Singh and Sam Holmes)

Anonymous said...

<< But to end up as delivery boys and girls or worse, how could one justify such a huge investment to educate a child in Singapore? >>
- redbean

But to end up as a useless PAP Minister ... how could one justify such a huge investment to educate a child in Singapore?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all you Sheeple

As I've been saying... it's happening very soon


Anonymous said...


To end up as a self-deceiving sycophantic yes-man minister for the money, without consciousness and conscionable ethical standards. A big time hypocrite!

Latest Deception From CECA Deceiving Country: said...

19 minutes ago

Violent demonstrations in several north-eastern states have left at least 20 injured.

India's parliament has approved a controversial citizenship bill that offers amnesty to non-Muslim illegal immigrants from three neighbouring countries.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) passed the upper house of parliament by 125 votes to 105. It had already cleared the lower house.

The parliamentary approval came amid growing protests against the bill in several north-eastern states.

Critics say it is discriminatory.

But the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) says the bill will give sanctuary to people fleeing religious persecution.

The legislation is now set to be signed into law.

What are critics saying?

Those protesting against the bill say it is part of the BJP's agenda to marginalise Muslims and violates India's secular principles.

"Muslims are already being persecuted. This will make them more vulnerable," a participant at a protest against the bill in Delhi told the BBC.

More than 700 eminent Indian personalities, including jurists, lawyers, academics and actors, have signed a statement "categorically" condemning the bill.

It says that the government seems "intent on causing huge upheavals within Indian society".

Many others have questioned why it only refers to non-Muslim migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, when minorities from other neighbouring countries were also being persecuted.

Angry protesters set fire to copies of India's controversial citizenship bill.

Tamil film superstar-turned-politician Kamal Haasan asked why the same courtesy was not being extended to Sri Lankan migrants from minority communities.

In parliament as well, a number of opposition parties and politicians have raised similar concerns.

Prominent Muslim MP Asaddudin Owaisi said it was "worse than Hitler's laws and a conspiracy to make Muslims stateless".

The leader of the main opposition Congress party, Rahul Gandhi, said anyone supporting the bill was "destroying India's foundation".

And a leading regional politician Akhilesh Yadav called it a "divisive plot to divert attention" from the failures of the government.

But BJP leaders, including home minister Amit Shah, say the bill is not against Muslims. (Obviously, he is lying through his nose.)

"The Muslims of this country don't have to worry about anything. But should the Muslims of Pakistan be made citizens? Should Muslims from Bangladesh and Afghanistan and the rest of the world also be given citizenship? The country cannot run like this. The citizenship will be given only to persecuted religious minorities only from these three countries," Mr Shah said in parliament.

Why are there protests in the north-east?

Meanwhile in the north-east, violent protests have taken place because people fear that they will be "overrun" by illegal non-Muslim migrants from neighbouring Bangladesh.

The army has been sent into the state of Tripura, and the chief minister of Assam was stranded at the airport for several hours.

Violent anti-migrant protests in the same region meant that the bill could not be enacted in the upper house when it was tabled ahead of general elections earlier this year.

The protests are particularly vocal in Assam, which in August saw two million residents left off a citizens' register.

Anonymous said...


Smart sinkies (most on this blog don't qualify) are learning or training to be in high demand jobs & industries.


Demand for these jobs are so high that sinkies alone can't meet the demand .... hence all the foreigners. In fact for many local companies/MNCs they operate remote or virtual departments where all or part of the jobs are done by people overseas in Asean or India or China.

Anonymous said...

Talk cock king.