Paid millions to talk about cats and dogs in Parliament

Anonymous said...
MP to raise issue of cats not being allowed in HDB flats


December 24, 2019 8:29 pm
AnonymousSome bloggers have expressed their unhappiness with highly paid millionaires in Parliament talking about dogs and cats and not about people,   the lives of our citizens. If they talked about people, they would talk about foreigners, about how difficult is their lives, how they are struggling to live in this expensive city but never about how the pathetic Singaporeans are trying to make ends meet when made jobless by the foreigners.  Oops, cannot say this, this is fake news. No Singaporeans are made jobless by foreigners. Foreigners are here to create jobs for Singaporeans. Anyone claiming that Singaporeans lost their jobs to foreigners must prove that this is allegation or else can be taken to task under POFMA. How to prove, cannot right?
Nevermind, what is important is anything but Singaporeans. Dogs and cats also deserved to be mentioned in Parliament. That is how important their lives are to our millionaires in Parliament. What other nonsense, oops, important matters are they discussing in Parliament, using their precious time paid by the people?
And yes, anyone who said that talking about dogs and cats are not important, wasting money and time, you must be able to prove it. And don't expect them to talk about CECA, about piracy in our longkangs, not about CPF and cost of living. But they would greatly talk about how to help the people with more taxes and with bringing in more foreigners to create jobs for Singaporeans.
How many Singaporeans would want to elect MPs and Ministers to talk about dogs and cats in Parliament?
And don't think dogs and cats are not important. Many people needs dogs and cats to destress, to make their lives more meaningful, to live better as human beans. The cost of keeping a dog or cat could be more than keeping a child.


Anonymous said...

Many people needs dogs and cats to destress, to make their lives more meaningful, to live better as human beans.

Uncle RB, u are right.

Many people, or rather Sinkies, need dogs and cats, or rather PAP MPs who fight for dogs and cats, more than opposition MPs in Parliament.

That's why the Sinkie opposition candidates, eg those from Chee Soon Juan's SDP, can even lose the election to these PAP MPs.

I bet if PAP put a dog or cat for election, PAP will still win. LOL

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans need to vote Opposition so that we will have a voice in parliament.

Just vote OPPO.

Anonymous said...

I bet if PAP put a dog or cat for election, PAP will still win.
9:31 am


I think should be if a dog or cat with PAP logo stand for election, it will win against a dog or cat with opposition logo.

Animal fight animal then got fair mah. PAP should have a seat for animals only so as to prove that PAP can still win, whether it is human bean or animal.

Anonymous said...

Just vote OPPO.
9:33 am

Too bad lah, u r only 30% of voters lah.

Like that how to win?

Cannot win, how to have Opposition as your voice in Parliament?

jjgg said...

Hands up.. all those who think that our MPs are competent enough to discuss issues other than dogs n cats

Anonymous said...

I bet if PAP put a dog or cat for election, PAP will still win.
9:31 am

That's why smart Sinkies don't fight PAP in election.

TCB used to be very smart when he was PAP MP.

Now he has become stupid to want to fight PAP. I bet he will sure kena sabo to lose again.

2011 PE - TCB lost due to kena sabo by 4 corner fight due to TJS also qualified.

2017 PE - TCB not even eligible due to kena sabo by Malay only candidate.

2020 GE - TCB lost due to kena sabo by .......? What will be the new trick?

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, dogs and cats, the four legged kind, are more important than humans.

Kick a dog or cat and you face more severe punishment than if you kick a human bean. And unless that human bean makes a report, no punishment is expected. Ya, I agree that the law really works in mysterious ways in Sinkieland.

In the north they shout 'Malaysia Boleh'. In Sinkieland we will one day shout 'Red Dot also can one'!

Anonymous said...

Never mind.
Anyhow just vote Oppo good enough liao.

Anonymous said...

Dogs bark and cats meow in only one sound bite. They never change or go out of tune. Like a broken record!

Oops, what an I talking about?

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone good morning!

Pap knows. They have smelly smelly at least two thirds of the masses very very very very very very very very happy with them so much so that they will die die die die die die die die vote for them regardless of anything!

This is a fact that is very very very very very very very very difficult to U-turn and change

This is Sg. Sg is like that liao!

Opposition parties any chances at next GE? Anyway I must salute them!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

《 2020 GE - TCB lost due to kena sabo by .......? What will be the new trick? 》

In 2020:
HSK die of stroke
LHL die of cancer
LHY run road to France

Anonymous said...

@ 10.13am
"Opposition parties any chances at next GE?"

Oppo has no chance in next GE unless;
- LHL dies of cancer next year
- HSK dies of stroke next year

Anonymous said...

Pap knows. They have smelly smelly at least two thirds of the masses .... die die die vote for them regardless of anything!
10:13 am

PAP smelly smelly like dog or cat still can win meh?

Anonymous said...

The Daft Sinkies do not mind to be led by their noses.
Most are proud to have Aristocratic, Talented and Brilliant Leeders taking charge of them.
are most happy with the Pied Piper and shall stay with him.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.00am
"If LHL and HSK can die, they would have died already lah."

Lee Kuan Yew die already.
Why can't LHL and HSK die in 2020?

Sooner or later they will die.
So why can't they die next year?

Anonymous said...

Hi 1055am

Hahaha Hahahahahaha.....

May be the masses like the smell?

Hahaha Hahahahahaha....

Anonymous said...

11 28am

LKY very poor thing you know.
Die until cannot rise up from the dead anymore.

What about LHL?
- after he die, can he be better than LKY and rise up from the dead?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, how to prove our cases when the official info & data are not made publicly for some cases ? We may say correct, but they say incorrect. And when they say correct, but those disagree, will say incorrect ! So, how to prove ?

Anonymous said...

"We may say correct, but they say incorrect. And when they say correct, but those disagree, will say incorrect ! So, how to prove ?"

This is the job of the Opposition.
Vote them into parliament.
And the Oppo will ask these questions in parliament.

Anonymous said...

'Government, even in its best state, is a necessary evil, in its worst state an intolerable one'

Thomas Paine

Anonymous said...

RB it could be there is no problem about sinkies hence nothing to talk about. Since dogs and cats got problem so need to bring up in parliament

Anonymous said...

Something interesting....

They said 'Cats have 9 lifes'!

It is printed on a popular battery.......


Anonymous said...

Simply put,
the Sin Rulers
treat the People worse than dog, cat and other animals.

Fuck the Pappies.

Anonymous said...

Woa so many cats and dogs..
So they dig Pits and Poops on it, and then Poops and Pits & cycle repeated, it's so hard to solve like the unsolve maths problem Collanz Conjecture it juz so on n on, u all must be so fortunate that somboli took leave juz to solve tat..

Anonymous said...

Simply put - vote Oppo!

Can be government or not doesn't matter!

Win or loose doesn't matter either!

How many percent PAP wins also doesn't matter!

Chee Soon Juan, TCB, WP, SPP etc, whoever among them can win does matter!

Anonymous said...

Hi 401pm

For 2020 GE assuming that all listen to you and vote opposition parties, we will have the Sg Harapan?

Who would be the new PM?

Anonymous said...

《Who would be the new PM?》

Anybody except Lee Hsien Loong and Li Hongyi

Anonymous said...

New Year Resolution, VTO & next PM is Dr Tan Cheng Bock (aka TCB), ah long meet his nemesis & be like his buddy Jib san being sue under pants down...let's hope this 0.0000001% probability might turn out true..ha ha.ha..

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Break stupid laws and fuck the govt

If your dog doesn't make noise or bite people, go ahead lah, have as many as you like.

If your dogs and cats don't shit, piss or vomit all over the place pissing off everyone...go ahead do as you suka suka like.

My late aunty used to have 20-30 cats in her HDB...for YEARS.

In one of the first houses I shared with others...those big ones in the old Seletar Airbase, we had a total of 7 dogs and 5 cats. We checked the animals, they were not a problem for the neighbours, nobody kachau.

If you are not disturbing anyone, you can essentially do as you please. If you are inconsiderate and irresponsible, then your "freedom" to suka suka your way thru life will eventually be STOPPED by govt force.

In life, play the long and smart game. (It's a game)😜🀟

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

PS Owning animals is wonderful, I prefer animals to humansπŸ»πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

Anonymous said...

Matilar I hope with your incest character u do not abuse the female dog or bitch. Control yourself lar otherwise I have to report u to SPCA.

Anonymous said...

"Four legs good. Two legs bad."

Approved by PAP (Petty And Pathetic), the lost party without the Father around. That's why keep reminding the public non-stop about the Father. Even circulate propaganda in Facebook and main news media. Really pathetic!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Four legs delicious! Good....good for eating by two legs. 😜

Virgo 49 said...

Daft Sinkies are home kept pets leashed by the PAP.

Or Cananry Birds in their bricks and mortar pigeon holes.

So smug and arrogrant thinking they are SMART beans